Otome Game Review – Hiiro no Kakera 3 Soukoku no Kusabi

Alternative Titles: 蒼黒の楔 緋色の欠片 3

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 07.08.08

Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/soukoku/

Platform: PS2, PSP, DS

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, moar teenage angst

Plot Summary: Nope it’s not over yet people – BITCH TAMAKI IS BACK XD  After the sealing of the Onikirimaru, all’s good and a year has passed with Tamaki and co but then Otomate thought’d it’d be funny to drop some more shit bombs on the group so people start disappearing and Logos and the gov. paranormal faction dudes pop back in to rape the world.

Before readin this, I suggest  you guys go check out the post I did on the first game (or google for one that’s actually decent XD) cuz a lotta shit aint gonna make no sense if you don’t read up the original story line.  Well least I was goin “WOT DEM FOO” cuz i couldn’t rmb anything from HnK 1 lol.

So one day, the group notice that they’re the only ones around and when they start lookin around the place to find people, they get attacked by the black shit (Utsuro) and Tamaki finds an amnesiac child in the woods called Rin (but more abt him in his own route).  Shortly after, Kiyono and Ashiya (the gov  paranormal faction dudes – GPF) come along too and explain wot der hellz goin on.  This has apparently happened before once and was caused by a pair of mirrors, one of darkness and the other of light (summin of the like).  The 4 bosses of Logos were all killed by someone called Nill (?) and the GPF suspect that he’s come ere to release the mirrors and if this keeps up, all the people in the world’ll vanish too.  They know where Nill is, just that they Tamaki to break this barrier they put up.

Tamaki agrees so they head towards Logos’s old hideout, the ol’ black mansion.  Breaking the seal, Tamaki and co head inside and find Nill, some giant black guy who reveals that he wants the mirrors’ power to wipe mankind off the face of earth.  Nill about to kill em all but out pops Aria and usin her magic neutralisin power, Nill’s forced to retreat and everyone gets out fine.

Aria tells em that she actually couldn’t neutralise Nill’s power, he was too strong n she was just bluffin yo and that it seems time in this village has stopped – it’s night time everywhere else in jp or woteva but it’s still day ere.  Later on, Suguru takes Tamaki out to the forest and lets her in on a secret: “I got the light mirror”.  Turns out the Oomi family has been assigned to guard the mirrors since forever and they’re the only ones who know about it among the guardians and Oomi decides to entrust Tamaki with it.

The next day, Tamaki heads out to do some investigatin, meets some pissed kami and is rescued by another myserious stranger called Kether (similarly with Rin, more spoilers abt him in his own route) and he joins their ranks.  Ashiya calls for reinforcements and the GPF send in their own ANBU, led by an Itsuse Shin. They all go to the mansion ready to kick ass but the ANBU dudes betray em and lock em all in – the government have figured that Tamaki and co are too much trouble wot with all the shit they raised the year b4 and seeing as they aren’t really human (cuz they all got god blood in em), has given orders to kill em all.  Itsuse’s got the dark mirror, not Nill and he wants Tamaki’s one too but in comes Ashiya and Kiyono to save the day and they take everyone to a hideout further away.

Ashiya gives a quick rundown of the TM story and how the mirror is connected:

1. The first kami comes down and turns himself into a sword

2. The gods mass rape each other with the sword,

3.  Problem pushed onto random bystander TM who seals the OM with her blood and makes contracts with her protecters.

4. The kami take away everything from the first Onizaki so enraged, he starts nuking the world.

5. The protectors beg the TM to let em use the sword to vanquish the Oni so the TM releases the OM and the Oni is sealed with the sword in the end.

Tamaki and co. know this much but Ashiya tells em that in the the GPF records, when the event occured 1000 years ago, there was no “Oni”, just the mirror and the kami who struck a contract with it.  The same thing happened back then, the mirror imprisons living beings in a separate universe of eternal darkness by unleashing the utsuro to bring em there and  then sucks the life force out of the kidnapped people to amplify the contractee’s power.  Itsuse wants both mirrors cuz u need both to form a contract and he wants to kill all kami so similarly, the only way to stop this is to become the new contractee and cancel the utsuro crap.  This raises another question: Who the fuck is the current contractee and why was he not destroyed by the OM 1000 years ago?  Ashiya theorises that though the OM was used on the guy back then, he was unable to be killed which is why he was sealed with the OM and a year ago, the OM seal was broken; though they resealed the OM, they didn’t know that the breaking of the OM seal also set the contractee free thus he’s been slowly awakening over the past year and has fully awakened now.

Itsuse comes knocking at the door minutes later – turns out Ashiya was withe GPF from the start and pretended to side with Tamaki onli to cofirm that she had the second mirror.  Kiyono creates a diversion and the routes split ere.

Onizaki Takuma

Damn I was surprised by how much…nicer Takuma has become.  Well I guess that’s to be expected cuz unlike the first game, EVERYONE likes Tamaki now but it’s still a lil odd to see Takuma continually try to half confess to Tamaki (but lol, Tamaki’s still an otome heroine so she’s  dumb brick and keep unintetionally shooting him down XD).  He’s still very much the same, our giant bukiyou main hero ;)

So like I said, Kiyono creates a diversion and with everyone else buying them time, Ryou, Takuma and Mitsuru GTFO with Tamaki and Tamaki uses the mirror to warp em to the other universe with all the captured people.

They all flip out when they wake up and while running amok like fucking retards, they bump into the villagers who all try to burn Tamaki at stake or summin cuz Itsuse told em that she’s gonna sacrifice em all for the OM – “I mean WHY ELSE would you people be trapped ere aite?”.  Tamaki still swears that she’s gonna save em all and they leave..

Everyone’s crazy pissed at the villagers and start flippin some more, with Takkuma nearly gettin into a death match with Ryou had Tamaki no stepped in.  Wantin to apologise for losing his shit, Takuma takes Tamaki to his “secret place” (teehee XD) in the forest, somewhere that feels nostalgic to the both of em, and he tells her summin like “Screw all this Tamayori shit, fuck the mirrors and to hell with the end of the world – all I know is, I’m not letting go of you.  Even if the world’s against us, even if we’re pulled apart and separated, I’ll go to the ends of the fucking universe to get you back, just wait for me.  Cuz I’m not letting go of you.  Ever.”  Gah ain’t Takuma sweet >w<

Happy moment cut short when they return and Itsuse is there.  Ryou and Takuma manage to team attack and take the mirror but Itsuse’s ANBU have got Mitsuru and threatens to gut her.  Ryou suicide bombs Itsuse to buy time for Tamaki – “This woman is mine.  I ain’t letting you shits touch her. *turns to Tamaki* You opened my eyes, saved me from the lonliness a year ago, and taught me what it means to have nakama.  At least let me do this to repay part of what you gave me.”.  Havin’ no choice, Tamaki uses the mirrors to warp back to the real world before blackin out.

Tamaki wakes up with Takuma by her side.  They meet Rin who, after teaching Tamaki that to stop the mirror,  one must either kill the current contractee of become the new contractee and kill emselves, leaves.  Takuma tells her that Itsuse’s put some curse on her which saps her of her energy and will eventually kill her if not removed.  The only ways to remove it are to get Itsuse to lift it or to kill him and ere, overcome with the grief of abandoning everyone, Tamaki decides to strike up a contract with the mirror and then sacrifice herself.  Takuma screams that she’s bein a pussy and givin up and that everyone gave themselves up to protect her – “Hell I know cuz I’m fucking in love with you, I can’t stand losing you, nobody can – why can’t you understand that?!” – before he storms out himself.

Realisin she’s been a dumbass, Tamaki runs after Takuma and apologises to him.  He tells her that he’s gonna go himself to kill Itsuse and when she protests, he hugs her, thanks whoevers around that he was able to meet her and knocks Tamaki out.

Tamaki flips when she wakes up and goes to her magical lil trove of books to look for summin that can help em and finds an old text of the 1st TM and the first onizaki protector.  He fell in love with the TM but thinking that she didn’t love him back, didn’t say anything and only stayed by her side as a guardian.  One day, he caught wind of some kami wanting to kill her for the OM so he set out alone to kill em all but the TM stops him, having had a dream of him collapsing in an unknown forest.  He simply hopes that she’ll find a hubby etc and he sets out to kill the oni but gets owned and crawls back to Takuma’s “special place” and dies there with an image of the TM in his mind.

Tamaki wakes up the next day cured, thinks Takuma has won and warps to the dark world to find him in the “special place”.  However, it turns out Itsuse released the curse on purpose to lure Tamaki over with the other mirror and Takuma got his stolen.  Half dead, he begs her to GTFAway and that they’ve lost but Tamaki tells him to “MAN.THE.FUCK.UP” and through a makeout session, gives him some spiritual energy.

Itsuse finds em and Tamaki agrees to hand the mirror over if they don’t kill anyone but good timin yo, Kiyono and Ryou come in and KO Itsuse.  They realise that the contractee has completely awakened now and will start usin Giga Drain on everyone if they don’t gas him so Takuma and Tamaki confront the Oni.  Takuma bursts into SEED mode and guts the Oni who thanks em for finally releasin him.

In the epilogue, all’s well again and Takuma takes Tamaki out to a secluded part of the pretty autumn forest cuz “it has mood there” lol.  There they get a happy ending after he confesses to her again, telling her that his head becomes a mess when he thinks about her and he can’t think straight  – “…This means “I love you”, right?”

Kutani Ryou

Since the sealing, Tamaki’s been makin him hang with all the other guardians cuz they’re nakama but cuz he’s Ryou, he acts like he can’t give a ballz and that he’s only doin it cuz his “master told him to” lol.  Really, he’s hell lonely and thinks he’s incompetent and damn it’s sad that whenever Tamaki comes to him for anything, though obviously pleased, he always tells her to sod off and go back to Takuma cuz he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her ^^;;

Like in Takuma’s route, he’s warped over and they find the villagers.  Tamaki ere apologises for all the TM shit she’s rained upon em which caused Ryou to go into rage mode cuz THEY should be apologisin to her for draggin her into the TM ballz and he runs off crazy pissed, wanting to rape Takuma cuz he won’t stop with his “save everyone” shit but stoppin cuz Tamaki steps in.  Ryou tells Tamaki that they’re all too softhearted which irks him but he’ll stick with her anyway – “You are my master, therefore I will follow you.  If you tell me to die, I will die, simple as that.  But don’t hide yourself from me.  Your fears, your worries, everything.  I can tell, you’re the one who wants to cry the most here, so cry.” *Hugs as Tamaki baaaaws*

Itsuse comes round again but this time, Takuma and Mitsuru flee with the mirror and Tamaki gets captured with Ryou.  They get saved by Kyono who was pretendin to be one of the ANBU but the villagers go one some berserk rampage lookin for Tamaki and the two are forced into the school.  Tamaki decides to go persaude the villagers which results in Ryou grabbin her and not lettin her go cuz the villagers are all nuts, they don’t deserve Tamaki’s time.  He lets go after Tamaki tells him that she ain’t goin anywhere, “I’m right here, by your side, and always will be.”

They manage to convince the villagers after Ryou screams that his dad was used as a sacrifice but still he’s fighting with Tamaki.  Rin appears and teaches Tamaki about the mirror before vanishing and Takuma and Mitsuru teleport back to help but Ryou just struts  off when they do.

Tamaki follows him and lol Ryou’s like “…You wanna get raped that bad?” and Tamaki just answers “Sure, I’m ok with it =D” XD    They arrive in some odd bamboo lookin forest and Ryou says that this is where his dad used to take him before he starts feeling useless and tells Tamaki to go back to Takuma.  Despite him trying to reject her (when did you become such a gentleman?!), she tells him “Daisuki da yo, Ryou” and snogs him.

Itsuse comes along again but Ryou rapes the guy before going on to the big boss battle with the Oni.  Ryou digivolves and wins by teabagging the Oni and they save the world.

Back at school nao, Tamaki’s just chillin with her homies when Ryou suddenly walks in and has some “MY WOMAN DON’T TOUCH COME WITH ME TONIGHT” speech which results in Tamaki going ‘THE FUCK WHY I GOTTA GO U SHIT” and Ryou just replies with a “YOU CAN’T REJECT ME BITCH, YOU’RE MY WOMAN” lol before draggin her off to the bamboo thing again that night and askin her out – “I’m not gonna force you, just reject me flat out if you don’t want me.  Go out with me.”

Atori Mahiro

” SUUUUUUPAAAAAA KUUUURRIIIIIISUUUTAAAARRUUUU PUUUUUNCHH” XD Ah don’t we all just love Mahiro?  Now he’s 19 and a ronin, having failed his uni entrance exams and is studyin along with Takuma, Tamaki and Ryou to get into uni next year.  Lol he hasn’t changed really, still the loud mouthed ‘sempai’ who can’t stop doing everything TTGL style.

When Kiyono causes a diversion, it’s Mahiro who grabs Tamaki and they run away with Yuuichi, Kether and Aria.  They don’t have time to warp cuz Itsuse catches up fast and everyone goes nuts when Tamaki takes a blow for Mahiro and Itsuse decides to retreat for the time being.

Tamaki and co decide not to warp and go back to the shrine where Mahiro emos about being unable to protect Tamaki to which our heroine responds to by pressing her tits against him and telling him to STFU and not to apologise for derpy shit like this.

Cue in Itsuse to cockblock as usual and Tamaki’s group are about to get an ass whoopin but all of a sudden, Kether busts out some badass pokemon moves and summons Nill – turns out he wants the mirror too and cuz Kether’s even more pumped up on steroids than the guardians or Itsuse, Tamaki’s forced to hand over her mirror and Kether warps em to the dark world.

Vier shows up and tells em that she’s been MIA for the past year cuz she’s been spyin on Logos and found out that Logos has been plagiarisin FMA and tryin to make Homunculi of their own, basically kinda the physical manifestation of raw energy and that’s what Nill is.  Logos has joined hands with the GPF which is why Nill attackin Itsuse was odd.  That night, Aria has nightmares of her parents and Vier leavin her and tells her never to leave her again.

Ashiya comes knockin on their door and tells em ” YARU NARA IMA SHIKA NEEEEEEEE” – if they wanna get the mirror back from Nill, they gotta do it nao.  They find Itsuse and Nill in some deathmatch and Itsuse thinks he can win cuz he’s got utsuru but Kether’s like “weak shit” and blows em up before runnin off to leave Tamaki and co to clean up the mess.

The group head to the mansion to find Nill who tells him that he ain’t really Nill, he’s Nill’s follower Markt.  The real Nill is Kether and starts beating the shit outta em cuz Tamaki refuses to join him but he leaves after seeing Mahiro’s resolve to protect Tamaki.

Heading back, Mahiro takes Tamaki out to the woods and tells her that when this shit’z all blown over, he’s gonna take her over the mountains with the winds and confesses to her HORRRY SHIT XDXD – “If you want it, I’ll give you my heart and body, everything.  I belong to you” <–WAH almost sounds like first time sex or summin yo wot XD

Aria then tells em that Logos has been doin FMA homunculi for ages, trying to reach the heights of gods and Aria is kinda one too – her neutralisin power is proof of that.  She has the power of god in her but no one has been able to fully awaken it so they made another one through countless sacrifice and shiet and that’s Kether, pretty much a man made god.  But Logos never thought abt wot Kether himself wud be like and when he was complete, he was a mass of rage and agony, pissed at how much pain Logos put him through with their experiments.  Aria met him once before through the giant test tube he was kept in and all he could do was beg her to kill him.

Intruder alert cuz then Markt comes back for the mirror (huh wot i thought he had both already?) but Takuma and Ryou show up so Markt buggers off.  They warp to the dark world (ok im ballz confused, when did they LEAVE the dark side?!)  where eveyrone’s there and Kether attacks and manages to take the mirror.  Last minute desperattion, Tamaki somehow becomes the new contractee through sheer willpower and that’s when Kether gives her one day to think over whether to join him or to be killed by him.  Tamaki decides to kill herself to end the shit but Mahiro snaps and drags her off to the mountains.

This was the place he was gonna show her, where he used to plan runnin away since he found out that he was to be the OM sacrifice.  Here Tamaki breaks down and sex that she don’t wanna die and wants to be with Mahiro who kisses her and tells her that there’s gotta be another way: USE THE OM.  Oh hellz yeah they go break the seal and head off to the mansion, with Mahiro telling Tamaki to marry him, have 3 kids and always be with him XD

There they find Kether who wants the mirror but Tamaki tells him to STFU and Mahiro starts hacking away with the OM.  Still, Mahiro gets knocked out to which Tamaki doesn’t respond lightly to and has a “OH NO YOU DIDN’T BITCH” moment before picking up the sword herself and charging in with Mahiro herself.  Kether decides to fuse together with Tamaki and become the new contractee through her but Mahiro goes trans am, fucks the bad guy and destroys the mirrors.

After that, they all go do the uni entrance exams and it’s the day the results are posted and Tamaki and Mahiro have both gotten into the same uni so nao, as Mahiro puts it, “IMMAH GONNA MAKE YOU THE HAPPIEST WOMAN IN THE WHOLE FUCKING UNIVERSE!!!!!” XD

Komura Yuuichi

Hellz yeah it’s ma Yuuichi <3  Unlike Mahiro, he’s graduated and gone on to uni cuz he’s a smartass but has come back cuz it’s got his break or summin.  Still the pretty, tennen fox dude as from the first game.

His path follows Mahiro’s one so when Tamaki gets hit coverin for Mahiro, Yuuchi goes batshit insane and starts mass raping the ANBU till they retreat and his body gives out.  He tells Tamaki that something in his is going nuts but it’s alrite, he’ll protect her all the same.

Fastforward to Kether revealing himself as Nill.  Kether starts smushin Mahiro’s head in and that’s when Yuuichi goes nuts again and it turns out that the first fox guardian guy has taken over and he starts wrecking Yuuichi’s body by flinging himself blindly at Kether and shiet.  Tamaki goes OH NOEZ and grabs Yuuchi’s hand and begs the fox guy to fuck off so he does and Kether retreats for the time bein.

Tamaki tries to go off after Kether herself but Yuuichi follows and they both go to the dark world.  There, the villagers find em and start their bitching abt the TM crap which leads to Yuuichi going whack and nearly killin em all but the two run and end up in an old house.  Yuuichi used to go ere when he was a child and Tamaki rmbs that she met a boy ere when she was younger.  Derpa derp obviously that was Yuuichi and he initially wanted to chase her out cuz he hated humans but then Tamaki grabbed his hand and went “TEEHEE ASOBOUUUUU”  and after doin fireworks, she had to leave but they promised to meet each other again n do fireworks.

Tamaki sneaks out later to talk to the villagers but Yuuichi comes along and the villagers start screamin that he’s a fuckin monster and shiet which pisses Tamaki off, alarming the villagers and one of em takes a shot at her with his pew pew lazzorz.  Tamaki’s alright but my lawd Yuuichi just blows his top, unleashes the fox dude and starts massacring everyone but Tamaki takes a bullet for him when the villagers fight back and she blacks out.

Unconscious, she has a dream of meeting shota Yuuichi who was crying in the old house cuz everyone kept givin him shit for not being human.  He asks Tamaki why she isn’t afraid and lol, she answers “Derp cuz ur a flippin crybaby” and tells him that she’s gonna be his friend so stop being a wuss.

Tamaki wakes up with her pet fox next to her.  Yuuichi’s gone so Tamaki runs off to find him, encountering Kether who gives her till tomoz to either join him or die.  Tamaki reaches the ol house where she finds Yuuichi as a white fox.  Yuuichi yaps at her to bugger off cuz he’s gonna lose control and kill er but Tamaki just replies that bein killed by him is alright with her cuz “I like you dumb bitch ;)”.  Yuuchi thanks her for accepting him and they sleep.

Next morn, everyone else shows up and takes em back to the shrine.  They discuss the battle shit and Yuuichi tells Tamaki thanks for all the shit she’s done for him, he ain’t lettin her go anymore and they start tonguing each other.  Aria cockblocks to hand em a sword used to kill Homunculi and they all set out to find Kether.

Big boss battle ere where Yuuichi gets owned but Tamaki heals him and they both take a stab with the sword, Yuuichi evolving and destroying the mirrors and Kether.  All’s good nao.

In the end, everyone plans a surprise for Yuuichi’s who’s all “derp hah?” and when they let him open his eyes, he sees pretty fireworks everywhere – “I promised we’d meet again and do fireworks together no? =D”.  Cue in a giant bear hug from Yuuichi

Inukai Shinji

Hoorayz, it’s Yuuichi’s uke *sniggers*  Sadly, there’s no homo scene of these two gettin it on in the showers this time round T.T  Eh if I remember correctly, I never really liked this guy cuz he’s just a girly wuss and for the most part in this game, he’s still kinda that.

Tamaki runs off with Shinji, Suguru and Rin this time round and after havin escaped Nill and Itsuse for the time being, they all research shit up and find out that while Suguru’s family was in charge of the light mirror, Itsuse’s family was in charge of the dark one.  They try to launch a pre emptive attack on Itsuse but the guy ain’t a dumb turd so he realises wot they doin and the group are gettin screwed over till Shinji busts out some cool wingardium leviosa shit, blows everyone up and runs.

This happens several times and after every time Shinji goes all dark Sasuke on us, he collapses and ends up severely weakened.  Tamaki starts questionin just wot the hell he’s doin and Suguru reveals that Shinji’s actually usin some forbidden Kotokura (rmb, he ain’t really Inukai, he’s from Mitsuru’s family) crap that converts his life energy into magic.  Tamaki srsly flips ere and hugs Shinji, tellin him to not so dumb shit again like dat but Shinji’s got some mad obsession with being powerful to protect her so he just thanks her for caring.

He then takes her to some place he used to play with everyone else wen they were kids where they slashed their names into a poor innocent tree and ere, he yaps on abt how he’ll do everythin to protect Tamaki even if it means dying which turns Tamaki on and the two have a giant slobbery makeout fest lol.

They all confront Itsuse who gives a giant sob story of how his family was killed by the kami and used for OM sacrifices etc but no one gives a shit cuz EVERYONE ERE has had shit taken away from them cuz of the OM so Itsuse becomes the new contractee and starts rapin the world with his wangst but Shinji uses avada kedrava on the dude and all is well.

Later on, everyone’s goin to uni or some stuff like that cept for Tamaki cuz she’s a lazy shit and doesn’t wake up till god knows when.  Shinji tells her to hop onto a bike and he uses his harry potter spells to give the bike some nitro and charges after the bus (lolwot).

Oomi Suguru

Um, EW, DO NOT WANT.  Like omg seriously, wtf is this shit.  gross.  I’ve never liked Suguru since the beginning cuz he was goddamned boring and i don’t like nice guys in games.  That and summin abt him just rubs me the wrong way.  Ew.

Yeah so as with the first game, i dint give BALLS about his route so I just put it on skip for the most part ie I din’t get too much outta it lol.  His thing is that he actually knew wot the hell was goin on way before, with Itsuse, Ashiya actually being their ally all along and he let this all happen cuz he’s actually trying to get both mirrors, become the new contractee and then kill himself to save the world.  Obviously that doesn’t happen cuz Tamaki just HAS to stop him by throwing herself at Suguru and all the while i was silently chanting “DIE DIE DIE” =.=”

Blablabla more random drama in btwn with Suguru confessin his love for Tamaki and then somehow Itsuse shows up and grabs the mirror, Suguru transams and beats the shit outta the guy.  Then we get to the best part of his route that totally doesn’t include him cuz in pops Ashiya who takes the mirror and becomes the new contractee, claimin that since Suguru ain’t gonna kill himself to save the world, he’s gonna become the contractee so that he’s gonna be the last person alive when the world gets raped by utsuro.  Kiyono runs in screamin some “ASHIYA SAN NOT LIKE DIS” but Ashiya just bashes her head in and proceeds onto whackin the livin daylights outta Suguru.

I was totally hopin for Suguru to get killed ere really but life sucks and he and Tamaki go seal the mirrors with their power of love, leaving a mortally wounded human Ashiya dyin on the ground.  Tamaki and Suguru realise by now that Ashiya’s relaly a good guy cuz Kiyono gets up completely fine and yells at Ashiya for being a Big Damn Hero – the guy has apparently been livin for this moment his whole life, having found out about the mirrors when he was a kid and pretended to be the baddie in order to get his ass kicked, resulting in him saving the world cuz theres no contractee anymore and the mirrors are gone for good.  The cave they’re in starts collapsin so Ashiya tells em to blow out his brains and GTFO, Tamaki and Suguru leavin Kiyono to do the deed.

Kiyono’s left with a dying Ashiya in the cave.  He offers her half of his funky crackers as thanks for believing in him till the end even though he never told her shit which makes Kiyono baaaw her eyes out and she asks him whether it’s alright to confess and does that – 「好きです。大好きです。。。世界で一番。。。尊敬できて。。。一番愛しくて。。。」.  Ashiya tells her that he knew from the beginning, that he’s a smelly old man and that she deserves much better – “Perhaps we’ll meet again someday when I’m reborn as someone better.  Perhaps then, I can finally tell you that I love you.” – and Kiyono shoots him.

…And then we’re back to Suguru =.=”  A year has passed and he’s goin hikin with Tamaki to check out some place Kiyono told em about but really, that’s all just an excuse for Suguru to make a giant pedobear pass at Tamaki and invite her over to his hotsprings – DEAR GOD SUGURU HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!?


YES IT’S HATANO WATARU >w< Least there’s summin to keep me goin through 8 charas eh?  The guy who’s actually Nill, he’s even more emotionless than Yuuichi (ok fine Yuuichi’s just super tennen but still) and pretends he’s some poor guy who got trapped in the village – I have no idea why Tamaki bought his shit cuz his acting is pure ballz, everyone’s like “HE BAD SHIT NO TAKE IN” but Tamaki’s all “MOAR HOT GUY NAKAMA <3”.

He doesn’t tell everyone that he’s actually Nill and just decides to kidnap Tamaki and run off to the Logos mansion.  Tamaki’s like “wot the ballz man” when she wakes up and tries to run but out comes Kether and he shocks her brain dead by going “I. AM. NILL.”.  He tells her that he’s kidnapped her cuz he’s trying to protect her from Itsuse and the humans – “You are not even human, you need not feel obliged to protect such filth.”.  Tamaki sez that he’s a good guy cuz he’s never hurt her and this makes him lose control and have some weirdass asthma attack.

Markt later on lets Tamaki out cuz her presence messes Kether up.  Markt was Kether’s creator, loves him like a son and because he regrets makin him go through all his expertimentation shit, he now serves him and wishes the best for the guy.  Tamaki initially runs off but overhears Itsuse’s plan to attack Nill nao so she heads back to warn Kether.

Itsuse comes round with the Homunculus killin sword and tries to kill Kether cuz he knows Kether’s getting weakened under the influence of Tamaki.  Tamaki takes the blow but in come everyone else to the rescue and they all run.  Markt somehow betrays Kether cuz it turns out Kether dint kno Markt was a homunculus too and was his creator (i think, wasn’t really payin attention) so he screams at the guy to GTFO so Markt does and entrusts Kether to Tamaki.

Kether runs off to kill Itsuse and Tamaki tells him she loff him which is why she follows and it turns out Itsuse has just killed Markt and become the new contractee.  Tamaki’s fuck pissed and tries to peg Itsuse in the hairy ass but Kether just explodes, starts mass raging which worsens his health and everyone has to step in and hold the fort down while Tamaki grabs Kether to calm him down.

There in some random place, Kether starts musing over just wot this shit he’s feeling is, he’s not supposed to be human so he shudnt feel at all but Tamaki sez he’s human alright and kisses him when he starts cryin his eyes out over Markt’s death (really Tamaki, making a move on someone who’s just lost a loved one, terrible terrible XD).

Now that Kether’s sober, Tamaki drags his ass back into the fray where Kether has resolved not to kill all humans in the world, just this one mouldy nipplehead called Itsuse so big boss battle shiet where Kether wins and saves the world.

Weeks later, all’s fine and dandy but nutin has really progressed with Tamaki and Kether cuz the latter’s retarded and doesn’t get all this love crap.  He tells her that he’s gonna go back with Vier and Aria to reform a btr Logos and Tamaki begs him not to leave but he sez he’s gotta redeem himself, returns her feelings and promises he’ll come back for her.


Aaaaaah finally down to the last one ^^  The kid Tamaki picks up early in the game who’s pretty useless and just tags along worshipping everyone – kinda like a dorky little brother so uh…yeah.  Least his story was alright I guess cuz he turns out to be – OHMAGAD! XD

Whilst runnin away with Suguru and Shinji, Rin goes missin goes Tamaki flips and goes lookin for the kid.  She finds him in a clearing having some epileptic fit abt being magically able to defend himself against the ANBU and proves his point when they get attacked and he starts spazzin out again and Itsuse’s men are suddenly KO-ed.

Cue in this stupid melodramatic scene from Rin who goes all “I AM YOUR FATHER THE ONI” and he rambles on about how the world was created by two gods in the beginning, Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu.  Tsukuyomi wanted some black shit world so he covered the world with crap with his mirror but then Amaterasu’s all “BAD BOOOYYY” so she lights up the world again etc some retarded mythological shit like that  and somehow, Rin as the Oni gets his hands on the mirror so he starts raping the world till TM sealed his fat ass.  Then he starts whinin like a lil baby and beggin Tamaki to kill him cuz there’s “NO POINT IN ME LIVING BAAAAAW WANGST WANGST” and that “EVERYBAAADDYY’S OUT TO KILL MEEEE” – YO MUTHAFUCKA MB IF YOU DIDN’T DECIDE TO FUCKING JIZZ ALL OVER EVERYONE 1000 YEARS AGO, NONE OF THIS SHIT WUD HAVE HAPPENED.  Gah stupid whiny brat.

So he starts weepin his eyes out while Tamaki tells him he’s gotta live but in come Itsuse and Ashiya cuz they’ve found out Rin’s the Oni but Rin goes berserk and kills everyone before runnin off and Tamaki chases after him.  She finds him in the small clearing that they first met and finds him in the form of an Oni.  The Oni tries to kill Tamaki to get the mirrors but she blablabla she confesses to the ew Rin, kisses him and that kiss magically destroys the Oni =.=”

Couple of days later or summin, everyone dresses Rin up in their clothes to find summin that fits him, more stupid shit and yakyakyak he and Tamaki go on their first date.  Yeah…right… Tamaki’s totally gonna get arrested for statutory rape going out with Rin -.-”

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

WHAT HAPPENED TO MY KAZUKI YONE?!?!?!  THE ART THE ART THE ART THE ART *raaaaaaaaaaaage*.  More abt dat l8erz.


Okay ma faves were originally Ryou and Yuuichi but damn Mahiro and Takuma have secured first place spots too cuz they were damn cute.  Suguru’s just down on ma shit pedo list, Shinji’s still a weird lil asshat, I was disappointed with Kether cuz I can’t see anything btwn him and Tamaki and I WANTED RIN TO STAY AN ONI.  HE LOOKS SO MUCH MORE BADASS THAT WAY BUT WHY THEY MAKE HIM A DERPY DORKY SHOTA EEEEEEEEEEEW DO NOT WANT.  Lol that aside, I din’t like Tamaki as much as I did back in the first game cuz though she was a terribly bitchy heroine, it was that bitchiness of hers that made her hilarious and refreshing as she spent the better part of HnK1 trashtalking everyone and being a total girl but cuz she’s bff with everyone and stuff now, there weren’t many opportunities for that bitch streak of hers to shine through and when it did, it wasn’t as bitchy anymore and Tamaki just kinda fell back into being ur standard shoujo otome game heroine.  Meh.  And who can forget Ashiya??  He’s prolly ma fave fave for this game cuz damn THAT SELF SACRIFICIN SARCASTIC ASSHOLE OYAJI GEEZER T.T

HnK music ftw – it’s Fujita Maiko can’t complain.  Lol still Mahiro for ma fave voice, nope not even Tomokazu Sugita or Hatano Wataru could top his top of the lung nutjob screaming *hats off to the CV who’ve I’ve never heard of in any other roles*


Last of all, the plot.  I thought I got most of the story down in HnK1 but now im just hella confused: WHO THE FUCK IS TAKUMA?!?!  Like HURRR DURRRR I thought they sed his ancestor was the Oni or woteva but now RIN’S the Oni so just WHO THE BALLZ IS TAKUMA?!?!  Why the Onizaki name?!  Ok admittedly I wasn’t too focused playin either game but some clarification wud be much appreciated if anyone knows thanks _(_ _)_  Oh and I’m pretty irked with how some magical mirror suddenly shows up outta nowhere with no prior hint that it even existed back in HnK 1 – totally obvious that Otomate’s just findin an excuse to milk the series some more.

So all in all this was ok.  It expanded on a lotta charas and its awesome to see some come back, the music wasn’t bad and there was much less wangsty teenage angst ere BUT the ew for Suguru just amplified by 293874398 times, Rin was wtf, the story was silly and OMFG THE ART.  *RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE*  Eh only play this if you really liked HnK 1 or you’ve already played the first game cuz this does give a fair amount of closure.

17 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Hiiro no Kakera 3 Soukoku no Kusabi”

  1. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH THE ‘I AM YOUR FATHER’ LINE!! do you like it that much?
    and thanks, um, you succeeded in confusing me more on what the plot is supposed to be about. so the world becomes fucked up… and then what?
    well, never mind – no wonder the 3rd game isnt as popular as other games. cant wait for the fourth one. HnK in a futuristic world! :)

    Ah, i remember you buying the artbook for this game without knowing it wasn’t kazuki yone art! That was hilarious. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

    • domshiki Says:

      lol u think im not confused?? magical mirror comes out, some guy strikes a contract with it and that’s apparently the oni. sealed the oni with the OM lbut they broke the seal last year, resealed the OM and forgot all about the oni. thing is, SUGURU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ALL OF THIS CUZ HE GUARDS ONE OF THE MIRRORS BUT HE’S LIKE “OH DERP! I *FORGOT* XD”


      • Ohhh~! You mean the quiet, mukuchi, ends-up-having-some-illness type for Atori? Hmmm, didn’t know you didn’t like those ones?
        I know what you mean about the Kutani one though in my case I would hate having to go for the Inukai one… !Σ(▼□▼メ)

      • domshiki Says:

        HAVE YOU HEARD THE ATORI DUDE’S VOICE!?! ITS THE SAME CV FOR MAHIRO BUT ITS SO GROSS SIAUTG9AS87FHSADG9F7ADSGFODSAYGFOSADIGF^$^%$^&*((*&** and his hair’s a giant DERPmess man like WOT DER FACK. kutani’s just an annoying “HIME HIME” guy and dude, inukai guy is totally awesome – havent played his route yet but DAAAAAAAAMN ;)

  2. Nyasshii Says:

    Hahahaha. You and the ‘i am your father’ jokes!! I enjoy your review the most cause it’s really funny. And thanks for the game review :D

  3. Laelyn Says:

    I love reading your reviews on otome games and this latest entry of yours is no exception. xD It’s quite a pity that Kazuki Yone is not doing the art for this 3rd installment of HnK and also Hanaoni.. :<

    Anyway, have you tried or started playing Hakuouki Zuisouroku? I'm looking forward to your review on that one! :3

    • Um, to tell the truth I’ve finished both the Yuugiroku and the Zuisouroku in about 3 days after it was released…
      Just have to write them both up. (not that theres much of a plot)

  4. Wait, wha- the art isn’t Kazuki Yone!??! FFFFFF AUTOPASS /shotshot

    Anyway, love the review, funny as :DD

    btw not to sound like a troll or anything, but do you use an emulator to play games, or actually on a PS2/PSP?

    • domshiki Says:

      haha thanks man ;)

      yeah totally sucks dat it aint kazuki yone and seems like she’s kinda mia or summin regardin wot she’s gonna do next

      lol if onli ma shitty laptop cud run emulators – ps2 games are still outta reach for me but im good with a psp and ds =D

  5. Rita Says:

    I’m laughing my head off here. Out of all possible video game reviews of any genre I can imagine, this is probably the LAST thing I’d imagine reading out of an otome game review. I love you. Although I think my roommate is pissed I woke her up with my stifled laughing.

    Aside from your wonderful form of ranting, I have to agree with you that the game was a bit confusing XD Although, the mirror DOES get mentioned once in passing back in the original game on someone’s route. God knows which. XD That’s the problem with the HnK games though, they’re really text heavy so little details tend to get lost somewhere along the way.

    I liked the art. I mean, given the fact that it was drawn by someone else I give them major props for managing to fool me for a while.

  6. the_Panda Says:

    God, I love your reviews XD keep up the good work!

    And really,this was all Ike!?! oAo Why yone drop this??
    Oh well..
    But dammnn, Ike did one beast of a job copying yone’s style. Props, man, props. XD

    Wish I could play these games but my japanese is shit. “OTL
    I sooooooo want to play that new game coming out that Ike did the art for- Armen Noir. T_T

  7. lostpride Says:

    Hi, I was just wondering, do you know anything about the Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou? And do you think you’d do any reviews for it? I think it’s the newest game in the series. I’m trying to find some info about it because it seems interesting. ^^

    Anyway, thanks for doing all these reviews for BL and otome games :D

    • domshiki Says:

      yeah i be workin on it but i havent had much progress cuz i’ve been a tad busy lately ^^;; it is pretty interesting though and i’ll try to finish it…sometime…soon…XD

      • More like, we are both quite busy.
        Still, I am hoping to … I mean, I will DEFINITELY post something next week. …

        I hope. Sigh.

  8. DarkLina Says:

    how do I start Kether way? I try and try and nothing

  9. […] Otome Game Review – Hiiro no Kakera 3 Soukoku no … – Nov 07, 2010 · I’m laughing my head off here. Out of all possible video game reviews of any genre I can imagine, this is probably the LAST thing I’d imagine reading …… […]

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