Proof that Japanese Otaku are amaz… a little off ④ – El Shaddai



-You sure that enough armour?-

-No problem. Everything’s fine-


(though i do find Lucifer slightly. No wait, he IS hot…)


Okay, El Shaddai is the newest boom on Nico and 2chan. To tell the truth, it’s simply some 3D action game coming out on the Xbox & PS3 in 2011. El Shaddai is hebrew for ‘God Almightly’ and the game is about some guy called Enock who with the aid of the angel Lucifer, has to save the world by defeating fallen angels. Something like that (go on IGN for more).

The Lucifer ver of the trailer was realeased and soon japanese otaku’s started making video’s out of it. Thats why its so popular. Not the plot, the characters (though i actually like Lucifer with his umbrella) but the commercial. Even Ignition, the company, says that they created the video with the thought of it being made into fan-made MAD’s. So as you might have guessed, this post is on the fan-made MAD’s based upon El Shaddai.



The following videos are in order of reaching 1 million views on nico (though i skipped some cause i dont want this post to be full of video’s):

1) そんな恋愛サーキュレーションで大丈夫か?

-You sure you’re okay with that kind of Rennai Circulation?-

Uhh, Enock rennai. Lucifer is gay for Enoch…


-Are you okay with Ageha Armour?-

Well, my favourite… Though I guess Rennai is good as well but… Lucifer is gay for Enoch again.


-Enock Bonbaiye-

(what the hell does that mean?)

0:45 *wink!*

You know, this was the  first video in Nicovid Harajuku (Nicovid regulary changes vers. was β or X or 7 before. Something like Window 98, XP, 7) to reach a million views.  How sad is that? I mean, the first one to reach a mill views wasn’t vocaloid, idol master, music, dance but El Shaddai MAD. wow.

Oh Yeah, Lucifer isn’t gay!!

4)そんなBad Apple!!で大丈夫か?

-You sure you’re okay with that kind of Bad Apple!!?’

The favourite MAD for the voice actor of Lucifer (Takeuchi Ryouta – not really sure what else he did) or at least that’s what he said on twitter. Well, I admit that it’s skill. At least the last part.




-World’s End El Shaddai-

This is basically adding pictures to a sound MAD based on a vocaloid song ‘World’s End Dancehall‘. Lucifer is just awesome!!


-Pantynock & Luciking-


lol. well, um, nice boat!!


-Overflowing El Shaddai

… No comment

4) ローリンシャダイ


Ouch! Well, trace of this (miku again – Rolling Girl). I like Lucifer ver better but its not on youtube so this is the nico link. Also, nico link of putting both together.


… Please don’t ask me what these Vid’s are supposed to be about


-Drawing an El Shaddai PV in freedom-

… Don’t ask. I beg you, don’t ask.


-Today’s Luci-mura san-

Parody of El Shaddai: Combining El Shaddai + Kyou no Nekomura-san



See how the jokes been regularly used?

Seriously, Lucifer is one of the few characters that looks hot holding an umbrella and thats saying something!


Well… Don’t ask me why I did this post. I only got into El Shaddai recently and while I used to find it annoying that all the rankings were filled with MAD’s, now I don’t really mind. They’re actually REALLY good. Seriously.

Uhhh, the fandom. BL Shaddai is actually quite popular. More like, even in the trailer, Lucifer is given off gay vibes for Enock. As i was looking for pics for this post, I found a couple… A LOT of people already putting up previews for Enock x Lucifer doujins. … wow. Remember, the game isn’t even out yet. Shows how extreme some people are… I think that they had a El Shaddai only Doujin fair and although the original wasn’t out and they only had 2 days left to get doujin circles to apply, the MAD’s had so much of an effect that 94 spaces filled forcing the organisors to have a El Shaddai ONLY floor. =.= The organisors on their Q & A:



‘You sure you’re okay with only 2 days until the circle entering deadline?’

‘No problem. Everything’s fine’

Well, on the day, all the pamphlets + entering tickets were sold out; some circles sold every copy and the queue went from the venue to the station. They already have a second event planned on 12th Feb 2011. (_´ω`)Not sure what to say to that.

You know, I just realized that you won’t get the sound MAD’s unless you understand japanese… Apologize that the post is practically all video’s. I was planning to have more but then decided not to as I doubt anyone would actually watch all of them. … STILL! I THINK THAT YOU WILL MISS OUT A LOT OF LIFE IF YOU DON’T WATCH PANTY + STOCKING PARODY!! That one’s just… hilarious.

P.S. (?) – Oh yeah, 9th of November is Enock Day. 1 1 0 9 = い い の っく = Enock

6 Responses to “Proof that Japanese Otaku are amaz… a little off ④ – El Shaddai”

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhh is tht a gumi banner i c?
    finally posted i c

    • There I was celebrating that someone actually liked my post on El Shaddai and commented on it. Wow, turns like the comment has nothing to do with the post. =.=
      lol, well, i guess i made a bad choice of topic.
      nope the one that we’re currently using isn’t gumi. some original art by a pixiv artist.

  2. Rita Says:


    XDD The Japanese otaku are amazing on levels that probably should not be comprehended or acknowledged by most of the human race.

  3. hairband Says:

    Last pic made me think of a combo between Zoro and Franky.

    …Yeah don’t ask. xD

    I lol @ the pic w/ China and Taiwan though. The multiple references are gold. =D

  4. hairband Says:

    Oh and so does Enoch. His whole char just makes me lol.

    Like… Why the blonde hair and the Greek facial features? (Not that there’s anything wrong with looking Greek.) It’s just so randomly 80’s.

    I dunno. Maybe it’s just me.

  5. Heinsia Says:

    I saw many pics of El Shaddai in pixiv recently and was wondering about its popularity too.
    For El Shaddai to be this popular while the game isn’t even out yet, I guess this can only happen in Japan xD

    Lucifer is hot~

    I like that Pantynock and luciking vid, wish they did the whole transformation scene xDD The “Drawing an El Shaddai PV in freedom” is so weird lol

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