Otome Game Review – Starry Sky in Autumn Portable

Alternative Titles:
Starry☆Sky ~in Autumn~Portable

Company: honeybee

Release Date: 22.12.10

Official Site:http://www.honeybee-cd.com/autumn-p/

Platform: PC, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, stars, teacher x student, even more happy 4somes

Plot Summary: Wait for it…YES IT’S OUR DARLING TSUKIKO!!!  like omg.  Back for the 3rd installment of the Starry Sky series, our dear heroine has once again achieved another level in in her whore stat – not only has she ditched her osananajimi from the spring game, she’s done the same to her archery homies from summer and guess wot, is now targeting her TEACHERS.  Oh Tsukiko you XD

Mizushima Iku

OH LAWD YUSA KOUJI EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE OTOME GAME RAPIST lol.   i thought i’d like him cuz he seemed to have a ‘dark side’ or shiet, least one that’s different from his normal flirty playboy self so I thought he’d be interesting but guess wot?


All he was, was a giant fucking shithole of whiny wangst.  Yes, he’s one of those fuck annoying emofag characters who spends all his emo time making life a giant suck for other people just cuz “IT HURTS SOOOOOO MUCH and cuz “OH IM BLEEEEEEDING INSIDE SO I GOTTA MAKE OTHER PEOPLE BLEED TOO”.  So suffice to say, I felt like cutting myself the entire route cuz he wudnt stop cutting himself and wudnt stop bleeding all over me- thank fuck there was a skip function ==”.  *ahem* His overwhelming emoness aside, he’s 21 and come for some teaching intern thingy.

Aside from being emo, Mizushima is also like a  woman on her fucking PERIOD. Throughout the game, he experiences 3 main immense emotional fluctuations which can be very much likened to a woman and her menstrual cycle:

1. At the beginning of the game, Mizushima’s man period is over so like ur average woman (whom I will assume for simplicity’s sake, is a rather nice lady), he’s an alright guy and expresses this through excessive flirting with Tsukiko.  He continually makes passes at Tsukiko but it’s all words and pretty harmless for the most part.  I am happy with this Mizushima.

2. In the middle of the game, Mizushima is nearing his man period so like ur average woman, he’s affected by wot is known as PMS. Needless to say, he becomes a rapist and goes all yaranaika on Tsukiko, rambling nonstop about how he wants to deflower her and does all age rapey stuff to her, pushing her down onto beds and getting all rough with her.  Tsukiko sees his asshole playboy side and somehow they end up playing lovers cuz Tsukiko wants to show that love ain’t a silly game. Like with most PMSing women, Mizushima is now a hateful bitch so I am not happy.

3. Nearing the end of the game, Mizushima is having his man period and like a good number of women, he suffers from depression.  On top of being completely bitchy, he now emofags constantly  and has wangsty monologues about how he didn’t get to fuck his twin sister before she died (no man im srs – THINK YOSUGA NO SORA).  Being filled with all that PAIN AND AGONY OH NO he drowned himself in his work and started screaming about said PAIN AND AGONY OH NO and all that senseless screeching slashed up the insides of his throat so later on, he could no longer produce another song of wangst from his BLEEDING HEART and soon his band members couldn’t take his whiny shiet and kicked him outta the band.  But it’s ok cuz apparently, Tsukiko gets really turned on by Mizushima spraying his smelly period blood all over her and after some more bs where she almost gets raped by some random student thanks to him, he gives her a giant sloppy PAIN FILLED confession and rapes her in the nurses office WHILE IMAGINING TSUKIKO IS HIS DEAD TWIN SIS.  Like WHO THE FUCK talks about their dead siblings during foreplay??


He gets together with Tsukiko and fast forward like 5 yrs or summin.  They move in together, get married and after having more wet dreams about his FUCKING SISTER, he sez some sick shit to Tsukiko like “YOU REMIND ME OF MY SISTER YUI HNNNNNNG” and rapes her again.  Oh my fucking god.  What.  the.  fuck.

Haruki Naoshi

Oh yeah it’s ma Kishio Daisuke >;D  Lol no, for once, no yandere rapist vibes were given off by this character though DAT ORANGE HAIR kept having me thinking “aw fuck it’s Makoto from Sweet Pool ;)”.  So Naoshi is our chibi sensei, typical Kishio Daisuke character, bright, energetic hotblooded kid who keeps getting pranked by his students cuz he acts like an idiot 24/7 but is oh so adorable whilst doing so >w<  Sadly like Mizushima, he has a giant emo story as well though thankfully it doesn’t come with Mizushima’s huge Penis Menstrual Syndrome shiet. Oh and to top it all off, he’s a COMPUTER GEEK XD

The first half of his part is mostly just him being a nice idiot with his class, doing stuff that emphasises wot a great teacher he is and that he’s all for his students with him protecting Tsukiko from rapist Mizushima (nay, call the FUCKING COPS on Mizushima if u wanna help Tsukiko) blablabla more boring cute stuff.

Later on, Tsukiko notices that Naoshi gets all depressed whenever they talk about love and shiet and after a while, he tells her it’s cuz of an unrequited love his bff had which got him hospitalised – the idiot hopped out in front of a speeding car to push the girl outta harms way and wham, he’s now a vegetable.  I think.  Summin like dat.  Anyway, this made Naoshi all fearful and bs abt love cuz he can’t understand why people are such blind dumb turds when it comes to love especially wen it’s one sided cuz it only gives em a lot of shiet to go through.  With her usual air of extreme naivety and idiocy, Tsukiko spouts shit about how love is some magical fairy tale thing etc so Naoshi finds his lost testicles and decides to see his friend.

When they get to the hospital, the chick his friend liked is loafing around in the reception and sez that she’s been ere since like, forever.  She’d go visit Naoshi’s bff had she be blessed with the balls to but u kno, women have vaginas so she’s  too much of a pussy to do anything.  Thankfully though, just the night before, Tsukiko helped Naoshi regrow his nuts so the guy goes “Here have mine” and *poof*, the chick becomes a man and now has the magical balls to go see the bff.

…^okay, that was just terrible writing XD

So after that, Naoshi falls for Tsukiko and srsly lol at how obvious and dense this guy is, so much that he’s even able to piss dumbass Tsukiko off (u kno, our queen of retard) and she ends up going “BEETCH STFU I LOVE YOU” :@:@:@:@ and they end up goin out.

lmao the camera makes Naoshi look like some pervert otaku at comiket

OMFG words cannot express how fucking adorkable this couple is.  Ok never mind scratch that – Naoshi just made it DORKY without the adorable.  He takes Tsukiko out to some flower field for a date and then he makes a freaking flower wreath and puts it on her head.  Ok I don’t know about you guys but I did that when I was 5.  And how old is Naoshi?


lmao and he goes: 「あ、えっと。。。、 ちょっと子どもっぽ過ぎたか?」


LOL Oh right, Tsukiko’s a 5 year old too XD

omg and he’s a doutei who’s never even had his first kiss before.  Oh Naoshi.

Then all the happy stuff dissipates when Naoshi suddenly breaks up with Tsukiko.  Turns out their “ZOMG KINDAN KOI” has been discovered (TOOK THE SCHOOL LONG ENOUGH) and Naoshi dint want Tsukiko to feel guilty so just dumped her like that.  So they decide to put off their relationship till she graduates and blablabla they hook up afterwards.  Or they go get married.  wtf der shitty ending.

OR we can forget the happy endings and go for some memory flashback one or woteva.  I actually liked this one a hell lot more cuz it actually goes into Naoshi and his BFF’s relationship and shows how Naoshi changed from a lifeless 優等生 into the fun kid he is now thanks to his friend.  He doesn’t get back together with Tsukiko after the graduation and all the time he’s killing himself over how he didn’t “take the moment” and prays that he can get one more chance with her.  Guess wot?  She comes back to teach at his school =D

Hoshizuki Kotarou

They always say, save the best for the last and DAAAAAAMN is Hoshizuki one SEXY MAN BEAST >;D Dat hair…Dat scarf…DAT VOICE AFUSFOISADFHSIDHFSDFSAKFHSDKF.  i was never that big a fan of Ishida Akira but after this, fuck i’m his XD  Hoshizuki is the school nurse and instead of being all doctor like, he’s a giant lazy shit; he does nutin cept sleep and slack and make Tsukiko do all his work  but it’s ok cuz he’s got one fiiiine ass lol. Though he acts all “woteva zzzz…” and makes fun of how Tsukiko fails as a girl, he’s a real nice guy who’s always first to pick up on whenever summin is wrong with Tsukiko and always drinks her tea regardless of how shitty it tastes.  Ugh like with the above two, he has some stupid sob story as well ==

Similarly with Naoshi, Hoshizuki’s around to tell Mizushima to GTFO wenever he’s perving on her so i was thinking “least ur not a rapist” and then lmao there’s a scene where Tsukiko’s chillin with Naoshi and Mizushima and all of a sudden, Hoshizuki pounces on our poor heroine, drags her to his infirmary and PUSHES HER DOWN ON THE BED or summin XD  Doubtless, i was then going “OH U GONNA GET RAPED BITCH” and Naoshi and Mizushima come barreling after like “HOSHIZUKI YOU BASTARD :@:@:@” and more lmao wen Hoshizuki just goes “…i knew it you have a fever.  ?? sup with you two?” XD  Tsukiko then asks him to hold her hand while she’s sleeping which he does for the entire time >w<

They all cosplay for the cultural festival and after commenting on wot fine rapebait he is, Tsukiko gets rejected by Hoshizuki who tells her not to like him cuz he ain’t going for a kid ever.  Tsukiko realises ere that she likes him but just tells Hoshizuki to stfu and stop being so full of himself lol.

Tsukiko spends the next part of the route suppressing her feelings for Hoshizuki who totally isn’t helping cuz he’s SO FRIKIN NICE.  She gets sick on some school trip and while she’s sleeping, Hoshizuki stays there by her side but gets horny half way through and starts ravagin her lips and then he falls asleep, she wakes up and she makes out with him lmao XD

Then back at school, she catches wind of Hoshizuki going for some matchmaking crap so she flips out and goes off after him but he tells her to GTFOutta his office cuz it’s none of her business.  Then Mizushima pops in and tells her about Hoshizuki’s past, that he was the one who took care of him and his twin sis cuz they were weak shits since birth.  Hoshizuki wanted to become a doctor cuz of them but the twin sis fell in love with him and being unable to return her feelings, Hoshizuki ran away from her before she could confess and then she died.  Since then, Hoshizuki’s been killing himself over this incident, thinking that if only he listened then she wudnt have had to die such a sucky death or summin and cuz of all the guilt, he stopped being a doctor and just became a school nurse and has this whole “I DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO LOVE” bs going on with him.

This don’t stop Tsukiko so she hunts Hoshizuki down and confesses, gets rejected but still she waits at the school gates for him to come back from his match making.  It starts to pour but fear  not cuz nice guy Mizushima is here to help you out – wait WTF?!  Why is Mizushima suddenly a nice guy ere and why the fuck is he helping Tsukiko and not Naoshi??!?! :@:@:@  Tch, anyway, he hands her his umbrella and she continues waiting and faints when Hoshizuki shows up.

She wakes up in her room where Hoshizuki tells her to stay away from him cuz any closer is gonna break his heart.  He likes her too but he doesn’t think he can make her happy cuz he’s a coward and he’s weak cuz of the dead twin sis thing but Tsukiko rapes grabs him from behind, tells him she’ll always be with him and all ends well with a mutual baaaawing session lol.

Fastforward a couple of years where they’re now living together, married and all that happy stuffand Tsukiko wakes up to *that* in her bed (DAAAAMN). They read the letter that the dead twin sis gave him which is just a lotta mushy crap like “be happy w/out me” blablabla and cue in the waterworks again

And the sad end where they don’t end up with each other has Tsukiko fainting in the rain as well but instead of confessing to each other, Hoshizuki is unable to get over Yui’s death and tells her that he don’t like her, he can’t make her happy and that she has to “forget about me”.  Tsukiko agrees cuz it’s crushing him and skip to graduation.  lmao when all the students are like “ONE LAST QUESTION BEFORE WE LEAVE FOR GOOD: ARE YOU A MAN OR A WOMAN SENSEI??~” XD  The last student is Tsukiko and we get a really regretful monologue from Hoshizuki lamenting that they never got together and how he still loves her and right on cue, Tsukiko tells him that she hasn’t forgotten about him and is still in love with him.  Still,he tells her to find a man who can make him happy and as she leaves, he’s left alone and cries.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

First off. WHAT. THE. FUCK.  No, not just cuz of Mizushima – WHY IS THIS GAME SO FUCKING EMO?!?!?  Why do all 3 characters have to have some giant wangst backstory??  It’s not even tragedy or anything, it’s just “where the fuck did this all come from” like hey i don’t rmb the previous 2 games being so chock full of “BAAAAW IT HUUUUUUUUURTS” or anything so it’s like honeybee’s tryna make up for lost wangst or summin.  It’s not so much the DEGREE of emo which admittedly isn’t a lot compared to other games *cough UTM cough Seizh* but WHY CAN’T THEY BE HAPPY??  lmao man, why are all adults ere made out to be poor tragic victims of life?  WOT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY HONEYBEE XDXD

Ok got that outta the way lol.

For characters, YES MA FAVE IS HOSHIZUKI.  Goddamnit SFASDFBSIFBAIFBASDFIASOFD he’s just so sexy and adorable asdpfsdf XDXD.  Naoshi was pretty cute but such a HUGE DORK and as for Mizushima, just…fuck him.  Up the hairy ass.   I can’t put this in any other way without this becoming a pointless raging tirade about wot a giant emofag he was so I’ll just leave it at that.  Similarly with the Summer game, Tsukiko’s actually pretty cute in this game and can man up and DO STUFF instead of sitting around like a dumb shoujo heroine all the time.  True, she’s still as dumb as a brick but that’s more endearing a trait than annoying so thumbs up Tsukiko =D

RITE IM A BRAINLESS RABID ITOU KANAKO FAN SO THE MUSIC GETS 293487234792/10 JUST CUZ SHE SANG IT STFU EVERYONE YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT XD  i loved Hishozuki’s voice srsly, Ishida Akira makes him oh so sexy ddhasbsaoifbasfasfas.  Same with Naoshi cuz Kishio Daisuke is one of ma faves and uh Mizushima…um good job to Yusa Kouji for making him sound like a rapist lol.

Art’s brill as usual.  Kazuaki ftw.

Ok the stories were just plain pathetic.  Everyone had some lameass sad backstory which was completely unnecessary and caused a lot of stupid drama in between.  Like Naoshi’s one in particular was stupid cuz I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about his vegetable friend or the  ball-less chick so it made his “afraid to fall in love” or woteva thing all the more stupid.  Mizushima just had a lot of wangst in his and all the happy endings felt so meh.  Points though, to the ends where they don’t get together cuz I like how bittersweet their monologues made it.

So yeah.  This one’s not as good as the Summer game but ain’t as infuriating as the Spring game (with the exception of Mizushima’s route).  Well I don’t have high expectations of the Starry Sky games so woteva I guess ^^;;  Skip out on Mizushima’s route n just play Naoshi and Hoshizuki’s stories if you’re for this game.  And the sad endings cuz they’re better than the good endings imao lol.

On a separate, completely random note, I was just rereading Mizushima’s part in the preview section and lmao thanks to my excessive usage of orange and red and bold fonts, all i saw was: PAIN AND AGONY OH NO, PERIOD, PMS, BLEEDING HEART, WHINY SHIET, SMELLY PERIOD BLOOD, PAIN FILLED, IMAGINING TSUKIKO IS HIS DEAD SIS, WHO THE FUCK XDXD

26 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Starry Sky in Autumn Portable”

  1. Aedasu Says:

    Iku’s goddamn creepy-ness. o-O; I’m scared of what his route is gonna be in after autumn lol every otome game needs a rapist. xD

  2. oh god tears are coming out from laughter

    Aside from being emo, Mizushima is also like a woman on her fucking PERIOD. Throughout the game, he experiences 3 main immense emotional fluctuations which can be very much likened to a woman and her menstrual cycle:

    Wow I never thought about it this way but now that I think about it, were honeybee’s writers having their PMS rage when they wrote his route or something ?

    and has wangsty monologues about how he didn’t get to fuck his twin sister before she died (no man im srs – THINK YOSUGA NO SORA).

    CANNOT UNSEE Щ(・`ω´・Щ)

    • domshiki Says:

      no rly i was playin the game and abt halfway through Mizushima’s route i was wondering “WHY ARE U SUCH A BITCH WOTS WITH UR MOODSWINGS” and lol, then it hit me – PERIOD XD but yeah hes so freaking creepy wen he starts moaning about his dead twin sis and shiet…

  3. see!
    now theres a new ☆ I ☆ SHI ☆ DA ☆ fan!!
    man, i love ishida akira. i am so happy im not even bothering to play the starry sky games. oh! im planning to get the kazuaki art book whenever i see it next! hopefully by the end of my exams.

    now onto starry sky winter which is conveniently coming next spring. NAKAMURA SHUUICHI, SUZUMURA KENICHI!! oh and HIRAKAWA DAISUKE! was a fan of hirakawa since his role as ace in the alice series.

    • domshiki Says:

      haha too true, ishida akira got me ere with hoshizuki
      LUCKY BITCH U GETTIN ARTBK AAAAAAARGH if onli i cud get it ere T.T

      lol all i can say is, DAMN starry sky, got all dem great voice actors. nakamura yuuichi YES, ma tomoya from clannad <3

  4. ^^ Ishida Akira ^^ <3 <3 <3
    Is it just me, or do hot older brothers RELI appeal to me ^^
    with the scarf and all Hoshizuki can b kaito and his AHEMcuteshotloliedibleAHEM twins can b rin and len lol XD

    WTF is Mizushima doing?! salkdjgdgkjsdgkjsdksdf O.o
    i thought he was ok looking and didnt look like the nutheaded
    rapist type… and nao. SHIT dude SHIT
    Naoshi…hmmm? i wouldnt mind if he's a lil boi… but hes a teacher =.=
    too lil brain cells for a teacher. not even bothered.

    want ta c the art for the winter game ^^

  5. kaon Says:

    thank you¡¡¡

  6. hairband Says:

    I love how you actually put “giant emofag” as one of the tags.

  7. Hooray for the rape!

  8. ameanah Says:

    your right about the nurse being cute:)

  9. sera Says:


  10. Aria Says:

    D’awww, Naoshi is too adorable. <3 I love Dorkable guys. = w=b <3 But still, I hate that Iku. It doesn't help that his Voice is Yusa Kouji. o___o Roflmao, I wanted to skip through his route and just get to the ending. xDD (I kind of just went auto and listened. . . while multi-tasking. 8D;;)


  12. MinMai Says:

    Haha throughout the game I felt like punching mizushima in his pussy ass ovaries. I have ever whit eased such un manliness in my life.

  13. Lily Says:

    I LOVE HONEYBEEEEEEEEE >:]]]]]]]] Lol this review seriously had me LMFAO the ENTIRE time! I love youu! But I can’t really decide yet… which Starry Sky do you think is the best to play!??! (aka the one with the hottest guys lol) oh and are these available in english too or jsut japanese..??? Because I am dying to get one :D

    • domshiki Says:

      haha i still havent finished the winter game yet so out of spring, summer and autumn, i gota say i liked summer the best but i heard winter is the best game lol. hottest guy fo me is DEFFF kotarou atm <3
      sad as it is, i think starry sky's only out in japanese – most otome games don't get translated. the japanese isnt rly that hard in it though so if u have some basic knowledge, u shud be able to get through the game (LOL I MANAGED XD) ;P

  14. Yuki Says:

    OMG, there’s a skip function?!OMO *rage+flips table* I had such problems with the starry sky psp games and took such a long time cuz i couldn’t figure out the skip function… which is why i will ask here… how do you skip? cuz this game has a similar function with togainu no chi psp so i hope the skip function works for togainu no chi(i’m dying at having to keep pressing the buttons cuz i have no idea of how to skip…)

    I have to say Starry Sky is one awesome game~ Although my personal favourite would be In Spring and In Summer cuz of the characters in there.xDDD

    It’s sad that most otome games don’t get english trandlations but I’m glad Hakuouki actually got one.^^

    • Yuki Says:

      english translations*

    • domshiki Says:

      i think it was the R button?or L haha but if u press the up button, a submenu of sorts should drop down and I think u can choose to skip from there. sorry Im not too sure but its been ages _(_ _)_


  15. Oh, My Lord, everytime Haruki-sensei talks, it reminds me Makoto-chan fron Sweet Pool too!!!

  16. Emily Says:

    Does anyone else see Yoh in the third picture down in Hoshizuki’s route overview? Creepy…

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