Cuz Pixiv is awesome – mi-k

Cuz mi-k is awesome.  Just look at dat.



Sorry Kazama, but due to mi-k, Souji managed to beat you as well. Love the art as its sort of a mix between kazuki and the anime art. It’s drawing style is kazuki and its shiny like the anime. … Not that it really matters.


Okita x Rasetsu Okita ?

( ● ´ ー ` ● ) cute

(*´Д`)ハァハァ lol

Some reason, I really like this picture

Does he have a red eye or something?

Okita x Saitou

SHIZU-CHAN!! キタ━━━ヽ(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ━━━!!

Valshe in reality has black hair so...

And Finally

mi-k@pixiv –

11 Responses to “Cuz Pixiv is awesome – mi-k”

  1. ^^ good stuff *drool*

  2. Zizi Says:

    cool! thanks!

  3. domshiki Says:


  4. cleru Says:

    hotnezz galore~

  5. First seeing all of the Saitou and Souji pictures, then suddenly Red and Blue… and Souji again… XDD That was fun.

  6. i need to take tips from this person to draw hot men! *watches on pixiv

  7. Haruhi Says:

    I believe Zerochan, and danbooru are as good as pixiv

  8. wah… i wish i could do what cuz pixiv does.

  9. The last Souji pic. *dies*
    I demand a Souji dakimakura. <3

    *drools over Shizu-chan next*

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