Otome Game Review – Natsuzora no Monologue

Alternative Titles: 夏空のモノローグ

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 29.07.10

Official Site:


Platform: PS2

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, time loop, mystery

Plot Summary: oh yeah we got ourselves dem time loopz >w<  In a nutshell, our amnesiac heroine Oogawa Aoi suddenly finds herself trapped in a time loop where the 29th of July repeats endlessly and from then on, she tries to find out just wot der fack is goin on.  Course, with the help of 6 guys lol.


There’s some weirdass monument called “Tsuri” (Tree?) in the heroine’s town that magically appeared 30 years ago.  The heroine’s in some kinda “science club”  with all the eligible dudes and on the last day of their club, 29th of July, the buchou decides to experiment with the Tsuri by blastin out some justin bieber tunes on it and lo and behold, everyone gets high and started seeing pretty colours and lights around the thing.  However, everyone soon sobers up, the disco lights are gone, and nothing has happened.

Yeah right.

To her utter wtf, when Aoi wakes up the next day, it’s still the 29th.  At first, she thinks she dreamed about the day before but after going to school, she sees that everyone acts the same and after she awakens once more to same day with everything reverted back as it was the day before (e.g the money she spent is now back, the stuff she bought is gone etc), she realises that she’s trapped in a fuckin time loop.  BUT fear not, cuz turns out she ain’t the only one stuck in this predicament – all her group members have realised too n after finding out that they’re all in this shiet together, they begin trying to advance to the 30th.

Kaga Haru

The cute kouhai.  He’s obsessively in love with the heroine and spends all his time professing his undying love for her and having some retarded mousou about his and her life together in the future lol.  The heroine thinks he’s joking so brushes him off good naturedly for the most part to which our poor Kagaharu responds to by runnin off cryin or some retarded craep like dat.

Nothing really happens, storywise or relationshipwise for the first half cept for silly random events to uh “get to the 30th” till Aoi one day walks into the art room just after someone leaves and finds a painting of a woman so sexy that it propels her to find out who the painter is – presumably the person who just left.  She comes back the next day a couple of mins before to catch the artist but when she walks in, no one is there.  That and the painting is different today – the fut that means someone who’s aware of the loop must’ve drawn it.

Kagaharu notices she’s acting weird but she don’t wanna tell so she sez it’s a “woman’s” problem lol and Kagaharu promptly bursts into tears, thinking that she’s got herself a manz xD  Aoi’s still hellbent on finding out who’s drawing so she kips in the art room and waits for the guy and horrry shit wot is dis? Tis Kagaharu now who wudve guessed lol.  That’s that and she later gets a dream about being plunged in darkness and awakens scared shitless.

From then on, Aoi starts to fall for Kagaharu and begins to get all flustered whenever she talks to him.  The other group members theorise that she’s being so awkward cuz Kagaharu did THAT to her and lmao cue in raging from the whole club.  Upon finding out that she’s in love with him, she spends an entire day trying to confess to him but fails continually and just manages to freak out a poor Kagaharu who thinks she’s permanently gone to lala land or summin but she mans up in the end and manages to go “ORE NO ONNA NI NAREEEEEEEEEEEEEE” XD

….and then HE thinks it’s a joke lolololol.  EPIC FAIL. facepalm.jpg

Next day, the buchou tells em that he’s figured out a way to stop the loop.  When the Tsuri came into existence 3 decades ago, signal waves were detected and when Baby was played by the buchou, signal waves were sent out as well.  The buchou concludes that these signal waves are wot is triggering this loop and thus in order to stop it, they have to send out some signal ballz to it and he’s gonna have it all figured out by next week.  Now isn’t this…anticlimatic ==”

Aoi’s all depressed cuz she’s been lovin this time loop and more shit is rained on her when she finds out that after summer, Kagaharu is goin outta the country cuz of his pro art skills.  Aoi emoes till the day before the loop ends where she finally works up the courage to grab Kagaharu out and good timing cuz he’s got summin to tell her too.  He takes her to the park in which his drawing his set and tells her about how he always had dem skillz for drawing.  He got into an accident before which messed up his right hand so he couldn’t draw anymore so he forced himself to learn to use his left hand to draw.  He was gonna give up cuz it was piss shit hard and he couldn’t get anything as good as his rite hand but he met a girl who told him his art was beautiful and so he found the strength to continue – “Sempai, that girl in the picture?  It’s you.”

Aoi asks whether there’s anything she can do for him and he asks that he become her model.  While drawing her, we get this flashback of his past of how his parents never had time for him so he desperately drew to get their attention and he got prizes and shiet but after an unfortunate incident, he fucked up his hand and to everyone around, he no longer had any worth until he met Aoi.  She told him his stuff was god and that he shouldn’t trash it and if he din’t want his art, give it her to her cuz “They’re beautiful”.

He confesses to her again and without further ado, they finish the picture and return to the clubroom where the buchou has finished cracking the code to nullify the time loop and the loop will end tonight.  Instead of bein a clingy possessive gf, Aoi sez dat she’ll wait for Kagaharu to come back after 5 years and the two of em start baaawing their eyes out before having a giant makeout fest.


Sawanoi Sousuke

The crazyass buchou who got all their asses into this time loop shiet.  Lol as Aoi puts it, if he STFUs, then he’d be the perfect guy, a genius and good looking (uh wtf i beg to differ) but sadly, such is not the case and he can’t keep his damn trap shut or do anything half normal.  Obsessed with shoujo manga and the Tsuri, he’s a giant goddamn drama queen who can make watchin paint dry a fuckin episode of Gossip Girl and like Mahiro from HnK, he’s gotta say everything in a “GIGAAAA DRIIIL BREAAAAKEEEEEER” fashion.  Cept that Mahiro gave me GAR Kamina vibes and Sawanoi just irritates the shiet outta me ==

Similarly with Kagharu’s route, jack shit happens for the first half of the route cuz it was mostly wasted on doing random stupid ‘missions’ that onli serve to vex me as I became increasingly impatient that the plot was not furthered.  After we’re done with all the dumb shiet, buchou suddenly asks her out cuz she’s his “理想的な人物” or some bs like that – onli not as a gf and as an assistant lol and he starts doing some crazyass ero breathy whispers into Aoi’s ears until she’s all jelly in his hands and has no choice but to submit to his hentai advances XD

Like with Kagaharu, the minute everyone catches wind of Aoi “going out” with buchou, they start mass ass raping Sawanoi lol and totally doesn’t help when the two spend a night in his room or summin doing research and don’t reply to any texts sent cuz they were “too into wot we were doing”.  Sawanoi tells em that there was a theory some years ago that the Tsuri is actually a time machine with the whole signal crap coming from and to it.  Aoi has the same dream about being in darkness that night.

One day, Aoi stumbles upon Sawanoi’s secret hideout which is a an abandoned research faculty on the Tsuri.  He continues with his q39798rhaosd  boring babbles on the Tsuri being a time machine but bottom line is, the Tsuri holds some highly concentrated levels of energy, enough to rival that of the sun’s (ok i have no fucking idea wot i’m saying anymore BUT ALONG THE LINES OF THAT HOPEFULLY) which gives it the power to fuck up time.  Turns out buchou’s dad was the lead researcher in this but after 20 years of no progress, ppl lost interest so he got hit by a car and died lolololwot and after that, buchou has been trying to get the Tsuri working to go back in time to save his pops.

Blablabla more random shiet along the way until Sawanoi finally composes a tune in which to activate the Tsuri but  going bak in time to save his dadday wud fuck up the future; he wud have never made this club and wud never have met Aoi then. Aoi dont kno wot to do cuz she doesnt want to lose Sawanoi but tells him it’s alright anyway.

The night he’s gonna hop back in time, Aoi stays with him and tells him she’s gonna go with him.  There he suddenly has a moment of realisation and gives an extremely half assed confession which had me going “WHERE THE FUCK DID THIS ALL COME FROM” before they go back 10 yrs ago and just miss kiddy buchou and his dad.

Sawanoi disappears to save his dad, leaving Aoi and his kiddy self who comforts the crying heroine before his older self comes back and tells her that he couldn’t save his father cuz he dint have the balls to forget about everyone.  He starts crying and they warp back to the present.


Next day, he’s sobered up and has a giant “WOT IS THIS THING YOU CALL LOVE” moment with Aoi who ain’t bothered to sit through his stupid mumbo jumbo so she snogs him and we get this totally balls cg of THEIR FUCKING FEET.  WTF ARE U PLAYING AT OTOMATE.  Buchou then rubs it in everyone’s faces that he got Aoi and the end.  No fucking epilogue either.

Shinohara Ryouta

The other kouhai.  Unlike Kagaharu, he’s sullen, moody and is a jerkass who likes stepping on Kagaharu and Aoi to the extent that she thinks that he’s a snotty lil brat who’s hating on her for no reason lol.  Really, he just can’t  be honest and is afraid of being lonely and getting close to people.  He spends all his time reading BL novels and blasting out his earphones to Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers.  Ah children these days XD

shinohara host version lol

Ok so fastforward after all that pointless shiet in the beginning and ere we get to some nakayoshi plan crap where the buchou is desperate for Aoi to become bff with Shinohara and after some coaxing, the kid gives in and plays along with her.  They start trotting off everywhere just the two of em and they go to the beach where he reveals that as a kid, he’s watched a lil beached whale die on shore (wtf??).  Aoi again, gets the  dream about being alone and in the dark.

All’s goin well and shiet till a classmate of Shinohara’s comes and warns Aoi to stay the fuck away from the kid for her own sake.  Shinohara comes along and is alk “long time no see ma homie” but the kid tells Shinohara to GTFO and poor Shinohara is left wondering wot he did wrong.  He tells Aoi not to ask about it so she doesn’t but she’s a nosey bitch lol so she goes back to where the classmate met her the next day and he tells her the same thing.  Similarly, Shinohara walks in on em and Aoi’s like “AW SHIETTTT” but to her utter wtf, he goes “long time no see ma homie ” again, acts just like he did yesterday and doesn’t bring it up afterwards.

Aoi thinks nutin more of it but the next day, she continues to have the same conversations with Shinohara as she did before and he wtfs and starts avoiding her after she brings it up.  The next day, everything resets, he talks to her again but once Aoi tells him he”s doin the repeating shiet, he avoids her again.

Soooo she goes and looks for the guy hu warned her about Shinohara.  He and Shinohara used to be BFF and he always found the kid to be a nice guy, just a tad forgetful.  One day, Shinohara got into some accident and his memory became shiet but thing is, he’d never forget wot he’s learnt or that common knowledge manners etc  yet he forgets all else and his friend found it weird and asked him about it.  Turns out Shinohara has anterograde amnesia ie he retains the big stuff but can’t have memories of recent events or all that sentimental bs.  The bff couldn’t accept a friend who was unable to really rmb him and the stuff they did so he uh ‘unbecame’ friends with Shinohara.

Aoi then bumps into Shinohara who knows she asked and tells her that he never realised before as a kid that he had anterograde amnesia until ppl kept talking about stuff he did that he never knew and he cottoned on and figures that he must be forgettin all der shiet.  To cope with this, he keeps a lil diary thing with him and constantly writes stuff down (uh blatant rip off of Chihiro from Ef?? =.=*) to remind him of wots happened but the loop renders this method unusable as everything apart from the group resets so everything he’s written on the 29th disappears and he’s left onli with events that have occurred up till the 28th.  As if shiet wasn’t bad enough, the accident he got into worsened his condition so much that he prolly can’t rmb jack shit in a couple years time.    On the plus side though, if the loop never ends, he’ll never lose his memories and it’s actually making his memory btr.

Then Aoi goes and tries to give Shinohara some “unforgettable memories” (i swear i wasn’t the only one who thought dirty, Kagaharu did as well XD) and takes him out on a date.  She loses her list of “things to do on date” memo and becomes an utter trainwreck from then on and fucks up the date but no worries cuz Shinohara nicked the list, read it and decides to act on one of em – feeding her ice cream lol.  From then on, the two go on random dates to uh make his memory btr ^^;;

After one of dem dates, the two are on the beach where he asks why Aoi’s doin this and responds that it’s cuz it’s fun.  This leads to some safkjsfat8wifdbf adorable confession by the both of em who don’t even realise they confessed to each other till a minute later when both go “AW SHIET WOT I JUST SAY” and walk home embarrassed silly XD

Aoi thinks they gonna be all lovey dovey nao but Shinohara acts the same before and after a while, she realises that he lied about  the loop makin his memory btr, it’s shittifying his memory and wen she talks about the stuff they did, he just tells her that he only rmbs the nakayoshi plan.  She tells him that they confessed to each other but he can only apologise and reply that they should stop seeing each other.

Aoi starts emoing but gets some motivational speech and Shinohara’s diary.  This time, she reads the whole thing which goes like “Must not get close to ppl can’t rmb anything turns out they’re pretty nice can’t rmb anything can’t get close it hurts i don’t want to be alone i don’t want to be alone i can’t rmb anything why god” . Aoi then calls him out to the beach where she confesses to Shinohara, tells him to man the fuck up cuz “it don’t matter whether you rmb shiet or not, i’ll rmb it so stfu and 俺の物になれ!!!”. Lol I swear Aoi’s got more balls than anyone else in this game, first Kagaharu and now ShinoharaXD  Not to be overtaken by Aoi in terms of manliness, Shinohara then grabs her hand and frenches our heroine after thanking her for the “best fucking moment of ma life”

The day the loop is to end, the two go to the beach again where Shinohara reveals that his memory’s gotten a hell btr thanks to her and he talks abt the baby whale he found beached wen he was a kid.  He always assumed that it just died but now rmbs wot happened – the momma whale came back and rescued it. Like wtf wot has this stupid whale thing got to do with the story??  Anyhow, the two pledge their undying love for each other again and the end.  NO FUCKING EPILOGUE EITHER.

Asanami Kou

The teacher.  Lmao the official site lists him as 28 but he looks like my frikin dad – that’s wot ciggies do to you I guess.  He’s the chill, laidback sensei who spends his time taking drags and making Gundam in the club room, token oyaji character and is like Aoi’s…dad OH GROSS NO.  Lol that father daughter incestuous relationship can be overlooked by the fact that he can cook XD

His story’s about his lil bro and …money lol.  Everyone thinks he’s a great teacher and loves him and all so it comes as some giant SHOKKU when Aoi one day hears about how he’s gonna transfer to another school cuz some rich bimbo lady principal or woteva’s gonna pay him shitloads more.  Just prior to dat, Asanami tells Aoi that the club is disbanding at the end cuz he needs money or summin and when she gets to the club the next day, she hears Asanami talking all mushy gross with someone on the phone and gets all depressed over it till sensei calls her and asks her sup.  That night, Aoi dreams again about the blackness and being alone.

Still curious, she and Kagaharu start stalking sensei for a couple of days to find out just wot the hell he’s doing but lmao Asanami calls po po on em XD  FInally they make some progress and Aoi ends up on the roof of the hospital she was in right about when she got her amnesia and there she meets a lil kid.  The kid recognises her from a year ago n out comes Asanami with a nurse.  Aoi thinks back to dem rumours, thinks that this nurse is the bimbo who’s taking sensei away from her and tries to gtfo but Asanami stops her and explains that there’s no woman and that the mushy talk and flowers are for the kid ere who’s his lil bro Shou.  He needs mula for Shou’s treatment which is why he’s transferrin schools and he apologises for being a crappy teacher.

Aoi has a dream dat night about Asanami.   She remembers the previous year where she just lost her memories and Asanami was her HR teacher and helped her out 24/7.  He’d always stay till god knows when to tutor her and made her feel at peace whereas she’d be reserved and afraid with everyone else and she realises that she prolly started having a thing for him way back then.

Asanami requests that she become bff with Shou so Aoi goes over the next day but Shou doesn’t recognise her cuz of the time loop and he does wot Asanami did earlier and calls po po on her as well – Ah true brothers XD.  Still she doesn’t stop trying and the two manage to bond over gundam and being the sharp precocious kid he is, Shou quickly picks up on Aoi crushin on his aniki.  From then on, she goes to see the kid everyday.

Buchou then announces that he’s gonna stop the loop in a week.  Aoi’s happy cuz dat means time can move for Shou again and he can start healing but Asanami tells her that he’s never gonna heal, he’s gonna die in 2 years time so Shou is never gonna see his dream of going outside the hospital and naming a star.  Buchou suggests he activate the Tsuri in front of Shou so he’ll be conscious of the loop and after they do just that, Shou rmbs Aoi and wot happens every day that follows from thenon.  For the next 7 days, the Asanami bros and Aoi are one happy family and go out and mess around for kicks.

But u kno, life sucks so all good things must come to an end and this is no exception. As the end of the loop draws near, Asanami  laments that this time can’t continue and Aoi finds herself crying.  Asanami tells her it’s alright and thanks her for being with him and making Shou the happiest the kid’s ever been.   Asanami calls her later and once again thanks her for all she’s done for him and Shou.  Aoi quickly gets through sensei’s tough guy facade and tells him it’s alright to cry, it’s wot ppl do when they’re in pain.  Asanami slowly breaks down and starts cryin dem manly tears

Last night now and the club members all decide to bring Shou out to watch the stars before activating the Tsuri.  There, Shou tells his bro to grow some balls already so he does and in his usual fashion of being a useless ojisan lol, he asks Aoi to become his wife and make his two man family a 3 member one >w<  lmao Shou’s all “WTF YOU CALL DAT A PROPOSAL THE FUT WAS DAT SHIET” but Aoi accepts  and they’re soon all surrounded in the light of the now activated Tsuri.  The end =D

Kinose Kazuki

IT’S TOUMA FROM INDEX XDXD.  He’s apparently born looking like a rapist yakuza so everyone’s fuck scared of him but really, he’s just your bukiyou, awkward guy who’s real nice n reliable  and is a silly romantic  otome at heart rofl but can’t show it without making a pedo face at everyone (which he completely hates and wishes he was born looking like Cloud Strife).  It’s so obvious that he’s the main guy of the game, he’s there EVERY ROUTE to help Aoi outta shiet and goddamn Aoi she just doesn’t notice.  He’s been crushin on her real hard for ages so it’s pretty sad to watch him get his heart broken in every other route cuz he makes it pretty evident that it’s killing him but he’s a man about it and has that whole “Your happiness is my happiness” stance with Aoi T.T OH AND HE CAN COOK AIDGASIUDASKUBDUASBDAS

SKFNSDKFNSDKF SO NICE TO AOI just like wot you’d expect out of the main guy.  He teaches her how to cook, looks out for her 24/7 and lmao wen asked about how he’ll confess to the girl he likes, he looks straight at her and starts giving some fucking shoujo manga craep which makes the whole club ask how he can NOT be embarrassed to say that which ends up in a lol totally dere Kinose.   He also takes her to look at dem stars and while she’s looking at the stars and going “KIREIIIIIIIII”, he’s looking at her and going “So beautiful O///O” xD

The next major sign that Kinose = destined one is when Aoi has her recurring dream.  Whereas in all the other routes all she ever saw was darkness and woke up sweaty and shiet, this time, the darkness actually lifts and she finds herself in daylight in front of the Tsuri.  She’s seeing things from the POV of a god who’s taken on the form of a man.  The god has been alone his whole life till he found a human friend who understood him but seeing as they’re not of the same kind, he knows that one day he’ll have to part with his buddy.  Knowing beforehand did not dispell his fear of leaving his friend and becoming alone again and he began to fear “tomorrow” and thus prayed that tomorrow would never come.  Aoi understands his fear and the dream ends ere.

Later on, the drama club gets Kinose to fill in for one of their sick members and he has to play the main character who’s in love with some chick.  Aoi decides to practice with him and after some mushy confession from his character, Kinose changes his last line from a final “i love you”  to “let me stay by your side to protect you” and apologises to Aoi. He later asks Aoi whether she likes anyone and says that he wants her to be happy with huever dat is.

Kinose then starts asking Aoi whether or not she remembers anything and Buchou then forces the two to go out with each other for 30 days to see if love has any effect on the loop herpa derp ==  He gives em these lil retarded love missions with rofl retarded scripts and being the big lovesick fools they are, they do everything and embarrass themselves silly xD

However, when Kinose hears that the 5th mission is to “know each other”, he refuses to participate and completely flips when Kagaharu makes a joke about it being cuz he has some secret hooker with him.  Aoi follows him, desperate to kno wots up and he takes her to the bus stop they always chill at.  There he sez that he met a girl back in his 3rd yr of junior high and fell in love with her at first sight, his first love nishishishishishi ;D Lol he confessed to her rite off the bat but got rejected cuz the girl sed she knew jack shiet about him.  Still, the girl suggested they start off as frnds and they started spending time together but since entering high school, he’s never met her again. Aoi gets crazy jealous ere, tells him to forget about the girl and is just about to confess to him but that all pisses Kinose off cuz she’s acting like she knows shit and he walks off.

They make up the next day though and wen walking home, it starts rainin so Kinose takes AOi to his ROOM TEEHEE.  While he’s gettin towels, she finds a photo of him and the girl holding hands and when Kinose catches her, he pushes her down on the bed but before he can do anything lol, Aoi asks him “…why am I in that photo?” There she realises that the girl he was talking about was her (took u long enough) but at the same time, not her cuz she lost all her previous memories and onli has those of a year ago.  She tells Kinose “I’m not the Aoi in the photo and she GTFOs

Kinose stops showing up for school so Aoi goes out to look for him and finds him sleeping at the bus stop.   Aoi  confesses to him but  he says that he can’t become her “special one” and tells her that he’s been trying to see her when she was hospitalised but was barred cuz the docs sed that Aoi din’t need any old crap to mess her up more.  He found her on the roof one day and when he talked about what they were, old Aoi started to cry and told him that she isn’t Aoi and that she won’t ever be again.  Kinose finishes by saying that he’s still in love with the old Aoi and leaves.

The 30 days of playing lovers ends and buchou meets up with Aoi.  He tells her that despite wot Kinose sez, he really does love the Aoi now, not because he’s forgotten about the old one but simply because he loves “You” – nothing else matters to him.  That and the reason for her amnesia is cuz of Kinose.  There are only two known times when the Tsuri activated cept for the loop rite now: When the Tsuri appeared 3 decades ago and a second time a year ago that involved her and Kinose.  He asked her to wait at the  Tsuri and Kinose was planning to ask old Aoi out again but before he got there, the Tsuri began glowing and when he got to the Tsuri, there old Aoi was, collapsed on the ground.  All her memories were gone and since then, Kinose has felt responsible and has been killing himself over it.

The next day, when buchou tells em that the loop’s gonna end tomoz, Kinose questions why nobody is against the loop stopping and says that he fears tomorrow and doesn’t want it to end and then he runs off, Aoi rite behind him.  He emoes abt how he doesn’t know how to deal with the next day anymore and Aoi ere tells him that he’s holding onto the past too much and needs to let go – “What you need isn’t the past, it’s the future”.  Kinose gets irked again and leaves for the bus stop again.

There he has some angsty monologue abt how hes a wuss and how he always hurting Aoi and reminisces the first time he met her and how they were both aiming for the same high school and uni.  They pinky promised to never forget about each other and in short, Kinose was just like an adorkable lil puppy who was always following Aoi around lol.  Kinda like Kagaharu with 2394872394 times more dere and stuttering and cute xD  After she lost her memories he resolved to put everything behind him but meeting her at the club again think that this was an opportunity to redeem himself for causing her to lose her memories by staying with her and watching over her while at the same time causing suffering to himself cuz he can’t treat her as his old Aoi anymore.

He wakes up, realisin he’s fallen asleep and when he sees that Aoi isn’t there this time, he crumbles and begins to cry. Aoi finds him some minutes later and tries to get him to be a man again but he just gets pissy and tells her to leave him alone, prompting a confession of love from her and a confession of his ‘sins’ from him.  Aoi just tells him that “If what you say is true, then yes, you took away my past.  But at the same time in doing so, you gave me the present I have now” and finally this works and Kinose glomps Aoi and apologises and confesses to her.

So the next nite is when the loop is gonna end.  All the other club members leave first to the Tsuri to give the two some time.  Kinose, in his usal fumbly dere fashion, asks Aoi out hu’s like “…aren’t we ALREADY going out??” and he’s like “OH YEAH DEEEEERP” xD  He then grabs her hands in his sweaty man ones lol and cue in giant makeout session.

They catch up with the rest to the Tsuri and everyone gives their thanks to the club etc before the Tsuri activates.  Engulfed in light, Aoi thanks Kinose and everyone too and then the two bid each other farewell:




Watamori Kaede

The hidden character.  He shows up in front of Aoi only, whenever and wherever he wants and talks to her as though he’s known her from way back.  The guy hints that he knows just wot the hell the Tsuri is but doesn’t tell and only comes up to have brief, seemingly idle conversations with Aoi.  He doesn’t really do anything in all the other routes so i din’t mention him till now ;)

After several random seemingly pointless encounters with Aoi, Kaede finally has a serious talk with Aoi and tells her that he’s been waiting ages for her so together they can stop the loop.  Course Aoi agrees and after bringing her to the Tsuri, she notices a strong sense of deja vu and Kaede starts some ramble about how they are actually in a much bigger time loop – right now it’s a one day loop but really at the same time, they’re inside a 1 year loop too.  When the day loop ends, time will flow again until the end of the year where it will loop back again to the start of the year.  Aoi’s just wtfucking like me and when she asks who the fuck is causing dis shiet, Kaede just smiles and sez “It’s you.  You took away tomorrow from the world”.  Aoi wtfucks some more more but Kaede says that she knows full well why she caused the loop – “cuz you fear tomorrow”.

That night, she has a dream but it ain’t the previous darkness ones.  This time, she sees a boy running through the woods.  He fears the future and being alone, wishing for tomorrow to not come and wishing for the end of the world but knowing that this isn’t possible, all he can do is run and hope desperately that he can physically run away from the future.

Kaede shows up a couple nights after and takes Aoi to Sawanoi’s secret lab and the lab’s been ere before the Tsuri showed up 30 years ago and its original focus was on the research of ‘miracles’.  In truth, Kaede was part of them and he created the Tsuri.  The future is made of up “possibilities” and he sez some weirdass sciencey shiet about manipulating that to create miracles – controlling time. The Tsuri was created with the aim of creating a loop because like Aoi, Kaede feared tomorrow but didn’t activate it though it triggered 3 decades later when Aoi showed up.  She’s apparently highly compatible with the tree in that she’s like Kaede, they both don’t want tomorrow to come so the Tsuri reacted to her.

He then talks about how they’re actually in 2 loops again, that they’re in the July 29th one right now but at the same time, they’re in a one year one and when the July 29th loop ends, they’ll be in the 1 year loop again and when the year ends, their memories will all be reset and they’ll live the same year again.  The ironic thing is that Aoi created the loop before her memories were lost cuz back then, she was all happy and wishing that this happy time will never end so the Tsuri activated but somehow her memories were lost and now she’s keeping the loop going out of fear and not happiness.  This year has been looping for ages now and Kaede says that most of the time, she doesn’t meet Asanami sensei thus she doesn’t join the club and she would’ve been left emoing through the year alone but whenever that happens, he’ll become her one friend.  The July 29th loop also doesn’t come into existence whenever she doesn’t join the club and she just loops straight through the year – it’s been over 3000 times already (ZOMG ENDLESS EIGHT DO NOT WANT) and whereas everyone else did the same thing, Aoi was the only one who ever did anything different.  Kaede also can’t stop the loop cuz it’s her loop and all he can do is manipulate probability to a certain extent.  Aoi wants to stop the loop and the solution is to get her satisfied with the present she has so that she’d want to move on.

So Kaede takes Aoi out to have fun to satisfy her blablabla and we find out about his past.  He was used as a guinea pig for the labs where as a child, they’d perform surgery and experiments on him but he realised one day that dem experiments made him like Suzumiya Haruhi in that he can get wot he wants through manipulating probability (to some xtent anyway).  The scientists found out, completely flipped and isolated him but u kno, Kaede’s probability powers meant that no room could hold him lol.  Still, dem scientists kept Kaede under heavy drugs and sedatives till he GTFO and became bff with Sawanoi’s dad (this all took place around 30 years ago rmb).  They bcame bff and shiet but Kaede was afraid that Sawanoi big wud leave him and all that fear caused the Tsuri to manifest cuz Kaede wanted their bff time to never end.  To stop the Tsuri from randomly activating cuz of Kaede’s presence, he sealed himself away for 30 years in the tree till Aoi showed up, triggered the Tsuri and woke him up.

Another thing holding Aoi back is her relationship with her mother who’s been devastated by her memory loss.  She goes out to buy cake and shiet for her mom but  hears her mother  talking to someone about putting her up for adoption so she runs off to the club room where Kaede is there for her.  Asanami later explains that it was the doctor’s suggestion to separate em so they wouldn’t hurt each other anymore soppy shit like dat.  Aoi goes home all touched and shiet and when she sees her mom, she calls her 「母さん」 for the first time since she lost her memories and they make up.

Last thing Aoi wants to do is get Kaede to meet buchou. Turns out Sawanoi”s already worked everything out like the genius he is and Kaede reveals that it isn’t over even if Aoi stops the July 29th loop – the world will loop back to the beginning of the year just once more but everyone will lose their current memories of the year as well. Woteva Aoi decides to go forward with it and they spend one last week all together with Kaede partying like there’s no tomorrow

On the last night, they all have one last celebration and Kaede goes out to take a stroll.  When he doesn’t come back, Aoi goes to look for him but Sawanoi sez that they’ll probably never see him again.  Thing is, Kaede created the Tsuri which came into existence 30 years ago yet he still retains the appearance of an 18 year old.  Why?  Cuz he became dormant for 30 years in the Tsuri and during that time, Sawanoi theorises that he became part of the Tsuri, which would explain why none of the loops affect him.  The reason he awoke from his slumber in the Tsuri anyway was cuz Aoi caused dem loops and really, he shouldn’t exist in this world cuz of the 30 years he’s been sleeping ie he should be 48 actually and that just fucks things up or summin but by creating loops, in a sense, time doesn’t really apply to him anymore so he can exist inside the loops.  However, Aoi’s going to end all these loops which means Kaede’s gonna have to return back to the Tsuri.

Aoi runs to see Kaede who admits that it’s all true but says that she has to wish for tomorrow anyway.  Aoi goes nuts and baaaws like mad but knows he’s rite and upon announcing that she wants the loop to end, the Tsuri activates and Kaede begins to fade away.  He hugs her, apologises for  getting her into this crap and thanks her again for pulling through and ending it all.  Before he leaves, he tells her that there’s one thing that he’s never told her over the thousands of times that time has reset:


And with that, he vanishes.

Aoi wakes up.  The year has already looped and she can’t remember anything about July 29th but it’s alright, everything’s turned out OK and she’s met Asanami and he’s brought her to the club so she still has her nakama.  Still, there’s summin wrong and she feels like she’s forgetting summin and that day, she suddenly gets an urge to go to the school rooftop and when she gets there, she sees someone standing, looking at the Tsuri.  Kaede turns around and comments on how it doesn’t feel like it’s the first time they met and Aoi suddenly finds herself baaawing her eyes out.  Turns out Kaede’s a 3rd year sempai who, like her, was found at the Tsuri a year ago with all his memories lost and he joins the club and together, everyone lives happily ever after.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion


Fave characters are Kinose, Shinohara and Kaede all the way.  Those three were just too cute lol.  Asanami was pretty cool too and so was Kagaharu and Sawanoi is the only guy I had a problem with.  In all the other routes, he was actually pretty damn awesome cuz he was always there to save the day and be a genius but in his own route, he was just a giant fucking retard ESPECIALLY WITH HIS SHITTY CONFESSION AND FEET CG :@:@:@ As for Aoi, she pissed me off a fair bit in the beginning because of how she kept playing the victim with her whole memory loss thing but damn she comes a long way through the game and matures beautifully into a strong heroine WHO HAS DEM BALLS.  So many balls.  So in the end, I like xD

AND HOLY FUCKAMOLY THE MUSIC.  omfg the music was epic, beautiful shiet, touched me stankin rotten heart and made me cry my balls off.  My lord best soundtrack in an otome game I’ve heard so far, never knew Otomate had a genius composer in their ranks but shit the music was beautiful *sheds a tear* lol.  Kinose all the way for fave voice cuz he’s fucking TOUMA >w<

The art was alright, kinda nice I guess but plain.  Sawanoi looks like a giant derp and Kagaharu,a girl.  That and sensei looked 2o yrs older than he really was xD  Didn’t really like any chara’s design in particular but i’ll go with Kaede cuz of his fluffy white hair ~

RAAAAAGE at the fact that there were no epilogues cept for Kaede though i guess it all made sense seeing as everything is reset after ending the July 29th loop BUT STILL ==  Kagaharu and Sawanoi’s paths were kinda meh and so was sensei’s.  Shinohara’s one would be brill HAD THEY NOT BLATANTLY RIPPED OFF EF (least that’s how i see it) but it was still pretty good cept for the wtf whale parts lololol.  Kaede’s one was pretty sweet too and focused more on Aoi herself and you cud really see how much she’s matured and all but best route is Kinose’s man, damn emotions running high everywhere.  There was some emoing goin on but it was justifiable and NOT LIKE THAT OF A CERTAIN RAPIST’S FROM A CERTAIN STARRY SKY IN AUTUMN GAME *hint MIZUFUCKINGSHIMA hint* and the whole route  was compelling and fun to go through =D

Wrapping things up, this game, on a whole, was damn good, dem highlights being the awesome music and time looping premise as well as the likable cast of characters.  Alone, the charas prolly wouldn’t have been anything special but there was a really fun atmosphere created wenever they were interacting together and it was pretty fun to watch all their silly antics.   Though the game was good, I was actually a tad disappointed cuz my main reason for playing this game was cuz i read that it’s pretty sad and made a lotta ppl baaaaw but I didn’t see anything that was particularly heart wrenching and though I did get a tad teary, that was from being moved by the music and not cuz of anything sad lol.  Oh wellz.  Can’t have everything I guess xD

15 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Natsuzora no Monologue”

  1. Some reason all i can see is Haruhi and Endless Eight.
    … … …
    was this actually tragedy? I mean, isn’t that why you wanted to play it?

    congratulations for going through so many routes :) seems tiring.
    all i can say is: … the heroine is so plain =.=

    • domshiki Says:

      i THOUGHT it’d be tragedy and stuff but it isn’t really cuz all ends well == that and their problems weren’t really heartwrenching enough to make me cry lol.

      I SWEAR IT’S TIRING. the first half esp cuz it was all pointless mission crap and the fact that me ps2 emu lagged the shiet outta me for the OP and would crash whenever it felt like it but after u get past that, the game is pretty damn good. and lol i get wot u mean – im left going “…uh the fut??” wenever the characters all go “UR SO BOOTIFUL AOI”

  2. Thanks for the great review! (Read 2/6s of it..Shino-kun’s and Sensei’s)
    I’m looking forward to finishing the rest now esp Kinose and Kaede.

    Gotta agree with you on the OST: It’s absolutely beautiful*sigh*

    Shinohara’s route (the bawwww route) totally worked for me because I never watched EF so it had me crying streams of tears and sniffles almost breakdown at the diary and the first part of the confession scene. Loved it!! ((A bit off-topic: I was relieved from getting to cry lots without heart-wrench. I got terrible heart pain from playing CZ but didn’t cry enough. If it’s heart-wrenching setsunai-ness you’re looking for=Clock Zero alltheway)) BTW, the whale part was sweet!XD –Oh yeah, I thought Shino-kun had retrograde amnesia (can make the memories but can’t recall them). DUH coz wiki doesn’t explain it clear enough..– the whale part was an indicator that he’s regained some ability to recall his memories and may get better in the future. sore hontou ni yokatta!!XD

    Sensei route= I keep thinking of him as an ossan.^^; When Aoi was invited into the family, as a “yome” I just thought “Shou-kun’s yome dayo ne?” 28 vs 16 that’s just GEHHH=[]=!! Shou-kun no houga suki noni!! How could they be brothers in the first place?

    This game is totally missing out on the epilogues, especially since CZ’s epilogues were awesome and even had short after stories as omake.

    • domshiki Says:

      the game was good but i still can’t see where the crying part comes in cuz i dunno, it just made me go “aaaw poor guy” but that’s it lol. and naw im pretty sure it’s anterograde im no doc but oh wellz woteva xD lmao the whale part was sweet? how? i just found it like wtf ==

      as for sensei, he was actually pretty cool despite his whole ossan thing and yes shou is completely adorable – precocious lil bastard. same ere im just raging that there ain’t dem good epilogues :@:@:@:@:@

  3. koyaaloe Says:

    …damn. I’m tempted to play.

  4. kaon Says:

    thanks you¡¡¡

  5. Zizi Says:

    It was real fun reading your review. thanx!

  6. Cloudy Says:

    LAWL DAT FEET CG. Otomate totally got you man. Anyway Shinotara wouldn’t look as old without that stupid wrinkle right under his eye. Anyway thanks for the review as always.

  7. ameanah Says:

    hay has anyone played heart no kuni no Alice?

    • Yeah, Ive played it… Well, at least 4 routes. There are too many characters to get through and as its turn-based it takes a LONG time for even one route to finish. … =.=

  8. Coke Says:

    hey sandeian could you try and do a review on Starry Sky in Winter Portable ? C:

  9. I have so much rage for this game now that I’ve finally
    played it. That ending was BALLLS I SAY BALLSSS, fking otomate and
    their trolling ( ಠ益ಠ )

  10. does anybody think that they’d do a psp port for this? i mean it doesn’t seem to hit it as big as the others but come on otomate release your money-grubbing urges and porttttttt plzzzzzzzz (does not own ps2 and cannot run the emu cuz my laptop be suck T-T)

    • domshiki Says:

      mb they will? otomate has been porting a lotta their stuff to psp lately havent they? keep ur fingers crossed i guess xD

  11. Cezart158 Says:

    Do you know where I can listen to the soundtrack? Cuz that seems like the most interesting part XD I can’t deal with all this time loop crap lmao! I’ve been burned enough watching Madoka Magica and ITS freaking time loop :P

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