Nico Nico Daikaigi 2010-2011 Tour – FINAL 凹

Although I skipped blogging the autumn one, I wanted a little break from otome gaming so this is a post on the nico concert last saturday.  It’s already the third concert (all worth 1500 yen) that I’ve watched and all I can say, this was by far the best. And unlike before…. I RECORDED IT!!! so now I can watch it again. … sigh, what am I doing? I know I will regret using so much money on this in the future but … =.=

As usual the first hour is spent with the Nico Douga people telling of some new things happening so instead of posting video’s of them I’ll just summarise:

  • Nico is getting a movie in summer. Oh, and the title is called NICO THE MOVIE. how creative. oh, and its about serial killings. … With Sekihan as the main character portaraying an otaku detective in a very  L like manner. Other nico artists include Kettaro (another main chara as police), Hyakka Souran, Noaru, Nomiya Ayumi and Otouto no Ane. Can’t wait ( ̄ー ̄)(seriously)

Sekihan <3

  • Musical with Niiko (you might know as she’s the voice actor of Reborn in the Hitman Reborn anime) coming out. … Hilariously named NikoNiko Niiko. … is this supposed to be funny? More like it’s amazing that one can naturally have such a voice. =.=


... This is what Reborn's voice actress looks like. ... wow

  • Two new other musicals coming as well. One is based on the Kagamine Rin song ‘Kokoro’ by Trabolta about a robot getting a real heart. The other one is on the basketball manga ‘Dear Boys’ by Yagami Hiroki which is currently serializing in Monthly Shonen Magazine. … Not that interested in the latter but slightly with the former. I don’t really remember but I think Nico musicals have nico singers as actors right? Well, Dasoku and Pokota is in one. ….

Graphics by redjuice

  • Oh, there’s going to be a nico concert in … TAIWAN!! WHY!!! WHY!!! I WISH THEY WOULD COME TO HONG KONG!! ARGH!! Still, feel sorry that the participants might have to pay for their own way there.

That’s about it.

They gave previews of the previous nico musicals, Christmas Carol and Touhou Kenbunroku. Here’s the opening for the latter one. Not much but still:

So now, onto the real thing. Sorry about the Image quality… Did my best. And also in order to get the ‘bandicom’ logo to not get in the way, you can see my browser’s top bar… ごめんなさい

1. Sweet Devil – Hatsune Miku feat Rapbit + Taistuon

Was quite shocked that they started with Miku as the singer. Thankfully the main thing was the dancing. To tell the truth as this concert didnt have the Zombies I wasn’t really anticipating much for the dance part of it. … How wrong I was.

(I uploaded this vid. sorry about the bandicom logo + my browser appearing at the end… Seriously, why is youtube so hard to use or is it just me =.=)

2. Mozaic Roll – Deco*27 feat. marina

Mozaic Roll, Deco*27’s song that reached 3rd on yearly vocaloid rankings + marina from Girl’s Dead Monster of Angel Beats. Oh, and its the arrranged version thats in Deco*27’s album. What else do you need? Original GUMI PV with ‘Kushi’ cover.  NOT MARINA


3. Aimai Elegy – Deco*27 feat. marina

This is the song that marina covered for Deco a while back and as there’s no instrumental ver of this on nico, I guess marina is the only one who’s sang it. Kind of amazing how she managed to sing the whole song properly considering that it leaves you breathless after the first chorus. The original ver with marina singing.

4. Aikotoba – Deco*27 feat. marina

Uhh, another Deco song. Seems like it’s marina’s birthday on the seventh (lol, 2/7). So the audience sang happy birthday and as thanks to that she sings this. Well, that’s what they said at least.

5. dddawn – Rapbit + Taitsuon + Kettaro + Ariremu

Rap! … anything else? Well, it was really good. … … … orz

rapbit is the only one I know that looks good in green sunglasses...


6. Melancholic – Choucho

Have to say that her nico upload of this song is better mainly as it had effects on it. So I’ll post that one. The PV is cute as well. Tsundere ktkr

7. Color  – MARiA

Anime Freezing OP. Written by nico producer and sung by nico singer. What else do you need?

8. Netoge Haijin Sprechcor – Puriko + Saiya

Uhh, the topic of the song is basically people wasting their lives by playing online MMORG’s. … Kind of depressing. I guess this song isn’t really for only online gamers. Otome gamers are avoiding reality as well. (couldnt find a decent picture orz)

9. Komn Susser Tod – Yamaguchi Tarou

Seriously, I absolutely love Tarou. He is hilarious and has a nice voice. Sings Totoro in Sumarai speech, Shortened ver of Old Granfathers clock and others. … But singing in english doesn’t really appeal to me despite it being really good. Though the rest was nice I guess. It’s an original song written by Tarou and some reason has a german title.

Okay, this guy is popular for his ‘忙しい人のための’ series which basically is a abbreviated version of songs. I guess you wouldnt find it funny if its jap so this is one of his english ones. Beatles’ let it be for busy people.

10. Rain stops, good-bye – Umineko feat. Baguettes Ensemble

Old man… Old man… OLD MAN FTW. WHAT THE HELL! I am not surprised that this guy is a pro. This was just beautiful!! Simply epic. Best song until now. Seriously.

This is a jazz live ver of the song. … though I think he was better at the concert.

11. Endless – Hamar feat. Baguettes Ensemble

Hamar is the only singer I hadn’t heard of but seriously. She is good. First time hearing the song too. That’s about it for me.

12. Roshin Yuukai Meltdown piano ver. – Marashii

Just amazing. I don’t care if there aren’t any vocals. That doesn’t matter. It was simply amazing.

13. Yume, Tokidoki… – Usa x Marashii

Remember last concert I wrote how disappointed I was by Usa? Well, she was amazing today. … How many times am I going to use that word?

14. Packaged – Hatsune Miku Lat ver.

3D MIKU!! man, I was surprised when they said that Miku is participating in the concert. Guess a couple of people only bought the tickets online in order to see her. Still, I don’t really like Lat ver of her. Looks too young. ( ̄ー ̄)

15. Oshiete!! Mahou no Lyric – Hatsune Miku MMD ver.

… remember me saying I don’t really like Lat ver of Miku? .. I kind of detest the MMD version. =.= No reason. Oh and I don’t like this song either. (I should stop complaining)

16. Tengaku – Kagamine Rin MMD ver.

Same as above. Though all I can say that the movements for Miku were a little better than this one. Wish that a singer covered it. They’re much better (in my opinion)

17. Airman ga Taosenai – dance by TEAM BLACK STARZ

Who said that japanese people can’t dance?

18. celluloid – Sariya-jin

I noticed that most of the female singers (apart from Puriko) suit Ballad’s better so I’m happy Sariya-jin sang this. My comments are getting shorter and shorter…

19. Sandscraper – Denirou + Rapbit

RAPBIT!!! RAPBIT!!! … wish they put subtitles for his rap. … Couldn’t catch what he was saying. It’s shocking to think that Denirou is only 16 years old. … He looks at least 28.

20. ARiA – MARiA

The song in which MARiA debuted on nico. Amazing to think that she debuted as pro (did she?) one year after posting. Still, PV is amazing. … And obviously MARiA as well.

Her debut on nico:

21. Rolling Girl – Dasoku + Kettaro + Rap ver by Taitsuon

No reason but I think that the english ver is quite catchy. ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME!! … anyway. kind of disappointed that this is all Dasoku sang (he sang the day before at the other concert 凸) but man was I impressed that Dasoku… HE CAN ACTUALLY MOVE!! DASOKU + moving = impossible. Normally the other guy singing with him has to guide him around the stage like a child with their grandfather. … Still.

22. Audience wo Wakasu Teido no Nouryoku – Rapbit + Taitsuon + Ariremu

They did the same song for the last concert as well… Still. It’s great to have Ariremu’s original lyrics as well. Is it only me or do we have alot of rapping here?


23. Boku to Watashi to Nico Nico Douga

They sang this for the Autumn concert (just didnt blog it) but it was nice to hear it again.

24. Smiling

SMILING TOGETHER, WE’LL BE TOGETHER!! … never mind. Still a little high. So this seals the end of the tour. Shame really.


Overall thoughts:

Man, this was amazing. … Period.

I have to say, was I pleasantly surprised with the extra guests. Couple of people I didn’t know, people who participated the day before, halyosy (who is pro and wrote Smiling) and …. *Drum roll*, WHITE SHIRT OF PERFUMEN!!! well at least thats what he’s called. Too bad he didn’t dance. For those of you who don’t know Perfumen (what a waste) watch this:

…. I recorded the whole thing and the only reason I’m not uploading is because the whole thing is about 11gb. … I wouldnt mind uploading but the thing is how? Any ideas? Finished typing this whole post last saturday. Didn’t post as I was planning to upload onto youtube but that will most likely get deleted because of copyright. sigh

26 Responses to “Nico Nico Daikaigi 2010-2011 Tour – FINAL 凹”

  1. 11 gb… wow! xDD;; Well, you can try using one of those freeware video compressors to convert it into a smaller size. Then, maybe use hjsplit to split the vids into smaller, upload-able parts.

  2. lerorin Says:

    Wow 11gb.. Must be epic! xD Hmm.. try using Any Video Converter. It’s free :D oh and what Hana-san said.. use hjsplit to split the video

  3. Rita Says:

    I love you SO FUCKING MUCH for this. 11gb, holy crap. XD

    • Rita Says:

      Oh right, just out of curiosity but would you be willing to share/upload the other parts if someone finds a way? XD I really do want to see the rest.

  4. hahaha….
    one of my vids on youtube got deleted. …
    hmmm. now what?

  5. sakurazaki Says:

    can i know on the Nico Nico Daikaigi FINAL 凹 01 – Sweet Devil 0:24 seconds there, can i know the 3 girl dancers name from left to right ? middle is it あぷりこっと* ?

    • orz. I don’t really follow 踊ってみた so I have no idea about who the dancers are. sorry =.=

      • sakurazaki Says:

        i just start following not so long ago so can’t recognize well. Thanks

    • lerorin Says:

      The left is ひな汰 (Hinata), middle is あぷりこっと* (Apricot*) and right is みぃり (Miiri)

  6. Yuriko Says:

    Shoot, that’s what marasy actually looks like? I HAVE SEEN THE FACE OF A PIANO GOD!

    I wish I could have been there. Any chances of an upload by this point?

  7. Potato Says:

    You could create a torrent and upload it that way ^o^
    torrents don’t have a size limit~

    please uplaod it~ >< im dying to see the concert xD

    • To tell the truth, I videoed the Taiwan concert as well. lol

      – Some vids in both concerts are weird coz my internet died on me during it. Also, I succeeded in trashing 2 vids for the FINAL concert thing. If you dont mind that then. …

      • Actually, before I do anything, I need to find out how the hell to make the files smaller as i kinda recorded them in somewhat decent quality (?) so all together one concert is about 13 GB. … orz

      • VEEE Says:


      • Potato Says:

        Yes please!! Upload all the concerts pweassee >w<

        Try compressing using WinRar
        Im pretty sure it should be able to reduce the file size quite a bit ^o^

        And it doesn't matter if its 13GB~
        ill still dl it xD

        Thanks ^w^

  8. oh god 11 gb. you can cut the video with video maker and then upload to mediafire/megaupload or via torrent.

    please… i beg you to upload the Aikotoba and Rolling girl part *_*


    managed to find a program that will convert the vids into something that isn’t too big. Playing around with quality right now.

    Sorry for taking so long. orz

  10. who is the dancer at 1:27 in Nico Nico Daikaigi FINAL 凹 01 – Sweet Devil? he’s so funny XD

  11. shahin Says:

    well i download it
    thank you
    but i really dont care if it is 11 g or 110 g
    more quallity is better no matter what
    also consider this .that my internet is craaaaaaaap.
    my download is about 30kbps in best condition.
    but i downloading a 40 g torrent (vocaloid discography)
    so .
    you already did great job to upload this
    but if you use torrent….
    i gonna die…then download that 11 g quality
    thank you any way
    you were life saver!!!!
    cause i didnt find it any where

  12. osxro Says:

    Hi there! This is a really old post but I happened to come across it when I got back into Utaite XD! Thank you so much for uploading this :-; , very much appreciated.

    Not sure if this is rude or not, but are you still willing to upload the Taiwan version? I’ve been searching for a way to get hold of it but it’s nowhere to be found, not even for purchase. :< If not, it's okay, already really appreciate this concert <333.

  13. Thank you so much Thank you so much Thank you so much
    you are my hero (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  14. Corn Says:

    I may seem late but thank. you. very. much. it’s amazing to find it here finally, thanks for your work.

    *another part of this daikaigi was shown today and another one is to be shown tomorrow, wonder if someone will be able to record

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