Valentines Day … リア充爆発しろ!!

… hmmm, nothing much to say really.

Well, what do I have to say? Valentines = day some guy called St. Valentines got executed = somehow called day of lovers = made into a day where people give out chocolates to who they like (mainly because of some jap company using the day as an excuse to get money). Well, it’s nice to have such a day I guess. … For those who actually have someone on mind that is.

*warning* quite long post and sorry for those who don’t understand jap, image + manga + vid. … enjoy




MAMI-SANNNN~~ How could you!! (T.T)


Wish they'd come out in the anime. I want a Index S3!!

... If only she had better taste in men


Just finished watching... Now to get on to watch higurashi



(≧∇≦)/ Now if only Kamui was here ’cause that △ is simply cute



What a nice guy Dotachin is XD


(Persona 3) If Aragaki and Hamuko married... (+ kid)

kid's called Hamutaro. lol.

Had a Miku x Mikuo manga which was pretty cute but the post is going to be too long so maybe some other time.



1. Koi no ABO! (Gintama ver.)

People on nico who have similar voices to the original cast sing the Johny’s song. What could be better!! ZURA~!! AISHITEIRU!! KEKKON SHITEKURE!

2. Nemureru Mori no Valentine (Persona 3 ver.)

Simply cute. ARAGAKI~~~

3. Sweet Devil (Tokimemo 3 ver.)

Same artist as the one above. Seriously, I wonder whether Niina is lucky or not when you watch the ending.

4. Hakuouki Valentine Chocolate (SSL ver.)

Those who don’t understand Jap. … SORRY. Will translate later.



For those who Valentines Day doesn’t matter to them. … Or they don’t get to take part. orz

lol, people on 2chan

Thanks! Well. What a long post. Think this as a valentines present ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆

8 Responses to “Valentines Day … リア充爆発しろ!!”

  1. domshiki Says:

    Happy valentines =D

  2. kaon Says:

    happy valentine^^

  3. Happy Valentine’s/Single’s Awareness Day~~ I will look forward to your future posts!

    *A* Mami!! Vesperia…

  4. Happy!! Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    I wonder if you’re gonna post a white day one.

  5. ^^ hapi valentines :)

  6. Rita Says:


    That last comic made my day.

    Although, I have to ask, who's the artist for the very first picture?

  7. Happy belated Valentine’s Day!
    The SSL choco vid really made my day <3

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