Sigh, I want chocolate made by Naoi. … Wait by Otonashi. Argh, just give me chocolate  ̄\(-_-)/ ̄

Exactly one year ago, we started this blog. Feels longer though. …. Not really sure what I’m supposed to say so decided to decorate post with pics. … Extremely random okay?

Really?  Felt real short to me, din’t realise it was a year till u told me lol.

Thanks to everyone who comes by right now we have about 228,000 views. Which is quite amazing considering that until April last year, the amount of views we had was only 149. … Thats for 2 months. Now? Uhh, last month we had 40,000 views. ha..hahahah?

I know wot u mean man, this initially just started out as a random sillyass blog (ok totally still is on me part anyway lol) – least I expected it to be a complete waste of time and that we be droppin it in like a week or summin so imagine my complete WTF/delight/confusion  wen after a while ppl actually READ my tosh and most comments that these kind people dropped seemed to indicate that they LIKED said tosh o.O;;   I mean hell i’m not complainin or anything, just feelin an odd combination of disbelief, confusion and gratitude – THANK YOU XD

Um, I have no idea what else I’m actually supposed to write here. Mainly cause domshiki (=.=) is making me start this post. Gee, thanks. So uhh, the only hilarious thing that we really have is … what people search on google/yahoo/msn in order to get here.

Rite SUUUURE cuz everything is always me fault innit?  Global warming, world poverty, child trafficking etc, yeah I’m the evil mastermind behind all dat shiet happening in da world == Course you are. You think I have the brains for causing anything… Sigh, can we stop making me insult myself? Weren’t you the one who had the brite idea of doin dis? Yea, so what? nice idea right? (though I did leave everything up to you…(^▽^)) *ahem* ANYWAY so YEAH like wot sandeian said, the search terms ppl enter to get ere – like WTF?? XDXD

togainu no chi screwdriver … of all the different search options, was there a need to type this one first?

bleach gay porn

bleach gay

gay bleach

ichigo gay

gay ichigo

anime gay

gay anime

anime gay porn

gay anime porn

gay bleach porn

bleach porn wow, um until here, everything has the word GAY in it. … not that bleach porn is any different. Honestly, aren’t majority of Bleach CP fans for the gay CP’s? 

bl game sex

anime guys with white hair I understand this one! honestly. ACCELERATOR!!!! :) 

angel beats kanade  <- lolwut aren’t they the same person?? What the hell are you talking about?

andromon – … ? huh?

Okay so  this site is apparently a refuge for gay bleach porn and andromon xD … um, before people start getting the wrong idea of our blog, this is for OTOME GAMING as well okay? oh, and whats the point in forgetting this search term:

4 shiki

Thanks guys!! I guess this says that we … domshiki should start writing more posts on anime gay bleach ichigo porn. Sorry, I’m going to keep staying away from gay porn.

So yeah that’s it really.  It’s been a pretty awesome year for me, writin silly cuss filled bs posts and then having people shit bricks laughing over them and leaving some awfully kind comments behind.  In return, i’ll try to get off me ass and finish posts and games  faster though immah be pretty busy this year wot with schoolwork and shiet but yeah.


peace out >;D

… I leave to let domshiki to do this and what happens? *face palm kyon style*

… I am sorry for all readers who feel insulted in any way right now because of the retarded comments from the person above.

Anyway, same for me. Thanks guys for spending some time in reading this … uhh. thing thats supposed to be a post. orz. All I have to do is get on with typing posts up. … Finished Storm Lover yesterday and Kaeru Batake last christmas.. oh and Hakuouki fandisk last autumn. Sigh. Will try and things done … QUICKLY this year. … Though my exams are coming.  (´ー`)

well, yeah. uhh

peace out XD

10 Responses to “4 SHIKI – THANK YOU FOR ONE YEAR”

  1. XDDD
    every awesome post ends with a picture of GUMI XD… (or ranka)
    sooooo this is an awesome post >;D
    i totally forgot about ur 1st ani (even though u told me like, a trillion times alreay. orz.) so i apologize.
    anyway. well done and good luck for the yr to come lol ^^

  2. Serena-channn Says:

    Lovely, just lovely :D.
    Instead of searching for anime porn/gay-ness(……), i found this by Zettai Meikyuu Grimm, which made me love your posts–excellent!–so….umm….. Congratulations on 1 year! >v<"

  3. murazaki13 Says:


  4. Cloudy Says:

    Congrats on one year! I found you guys by searching for more otome game stuff. Didn’t know you were know for gay bleach porn lulz.

  5. amysteriousgal Says:

    Oh, look, an anniversary.

    …Well, thanks for the entertainment and pretty pictures. Dear me, if this blog didn’t exist, where would I go when I get bored? Somewhere else, presumably. The Internet is big. I’d be looking up nuclear excursions or browsing SCPs or something.

  6. Robin Says:

    Happy one year! Haha, I love the searchs they used to find 4shiki. xD

  7. Himawari Says:

    Only one year?! You guys haven’t been around long and yet so popular! I bet it’s because of you hilarious blog post!

    BLEACH GAY PORN. That is what I’ll type in from now on it get here! lol. that cracks me up! Well, congrats and I hope you guys keep this blog up! ^^

  8. LOLOLOL I didn’t even know there was Bleach gay stuff around here.
    Congratulations 1 year anniversary!

  9. zizi6631 Says:

    I’ve known this blog for 2-3 months now and I’ve had a great time reading your reviews. you’re great. keep up the good work. and good luck for the exams.

  10. sadakokoko Says:

    congrads! i got here while searching for a review of togainu no chi (no, i did not search for screw driver =__=’)

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