Mahou no Kotoba – ポポポポ~ン!! (うぜぇ...


What did you expect? Something else? XD

I couldn’t really have a ‘pray for japan’ post because of the state my family is in with japanese relatives so I absolutely missed the occasion to do one. So now, I’m doing a ‘rambling’ post on one of the serious things that the japanese people are facing right now. I guess that I shouldnt really talk lightly about the earthquake or the tsunami so this is the best thing I can post right now. orz.

Now that Japan is in a terrible state, its not surprising that companies don’t really have enough time to produce new TV commercials. Still, better than keeping one thing on a loop right? Problem is that that is whats happening right now. AC commercials have been famous but the one right now is simply… annoying.

People in Japan have been told to reduce the use of electricity and that includes watching TV. To be honest, the japanese people in the affected areas have nothing better to do so it’s not surprising that they turn to the TV. But THIS! honestly now. This sucks. I’m on skype while writing this and I’ve been saying ‘POPOPOPO~~~NN’ over and over again to myself. That is sad.


Reason why I know this as well. … Cause people are uploading covers of it on nico. And not only normal people, the more popular singers are doing. Seriously, ‘J’ came back from 9 months of nothing and posted a cover of the song. Thats saying something.

– – – – Cover by ‘J’

I love his artistic flair.

– – – – cover by ‘??’

He even sang the parts of the backing vocals.

– – – – cover by ???

dunno who the last two are. … sorry.

There are more covers, problem is that few are on youtube. orz



(popularity of it on pixiv is ridiculous)

cant wait for the anime!!



Play on words. Supopon is a childish way of saying 'to be naked'

(cause we all love our eye candy)


Um, I'm sorry. This is a crossdressing shota. ... Yeah, its a guy T.T

(proves that this drives us mad)

this manga is utterly wtf

てめーはおれを怒らせた – you have angered me


Well, honestly, all I can say is that I hope they have better CM’s soon. It’s ridiculously annoying.

Although I’m sort of joking about it with the CM and all, the situation in Japan isnt funny at all as there’s triple danger, Earthquake, tsunami and now radiation. I’ve donated myself as well as my family for charity and all I can say is that I hope everyone at least takes some time to think about the people who have died in the last week. … …

(when the hell am i going to finish my game reviews… =.=)

and finally.


this is cute XD

4 Responses to “Mahou no Kotoba – ポポポポ~ン!! (うぜぇ...”

  1. ポポポポ………….ン =.=”
    no wonder. *sigh*
    i… have nothing more to say =.=”
    nothing. NOTHING. =.=” orz orz orz. like. orz OTL X’DD

  2. amysteriousgal Says:


    This is the Internet, after all. Apocalypse happening next door and people are uploading badly drawn animations.

    All the news has been on the nuclear stuff and on Libya, so we don’t know how the disaster relief is going. Hopefully, whichever groups are leading the action are coordinating better than in some other situations e.g. Sichuan.

  3. ……………………………..Nice parodies.

    I became scared after actually hearing ポポポポ~~~~ン. Then I searched on Pixiv, and, indeed. o_o Hm. At least I got a laugh out of Izaya and the ToA guys.
    I still give people props for making such… things. I suppose.

  4. kamiruxkamiru Says:

    it wasn’t only in CS channels but also in BS and digital. I saw it multiple times the lyrics are tattooed in my mind XD

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