Otome Game Review – Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayorihime Denshou

Alternative Titles: ヒイロノカケラ 新玉依姫伝承

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 01.10.09

Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/                                                                                                                            hiironokakera/

Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, futuristic, moar HnK, PIGTAILS

Plot Summary: One wud think that Otomate’d be done milkin the HnK series no, wot with 3 games and a fandisk but apparently not cuz we got this lol.  Thank fuck it’s a completely different settin cuz i was gettin pretty bored with Tamaki so this time we got ourselves a Fujimori Saya  who’s happily living out her high school life.

Till shit hits the fan and the whole Tamayori bs comes for her ass xD

I advise u read a summary of the first game beforehand or the Tamayorihime (TM) stuff mite be a bit confusing but i’ll try to make it comprehensible anyway xD

Our heroine Saya, has always had the power to hallucinate at will see spirits dat normal ppl can’t and cuz of dat, she’s been locked in a research facility, JSEI, after her parents died.  Her guardian, Honami made her promise to never tell anyone about her power several years later, she’s finally let out n ere we go as she starts her life as a regular student.

Onizaki Touma

lol his name had me hearing Index chirping 「トウマ~トウマ~」 everytime I saw him XD  Eh if you thought Takuma from HnK 1 was cold in the beginnin, w8 till u see this asshole – TERRIBLE u kno, wot with how he trashtalks Saya and calls her a “freak of nature” but he’s just a giant TSUNTSUNTSUNTSUNdere and u kno, das how they work ;)   Transfer student.

Shortly after Touma transfers in,  a series of killings then occur within the city and one night when returning home, Saya walks in on Touma with a katana,  a dead bod next to him.  She’s all “WTF WENT DOWN ERE” and Touma starts rage swinging his sword but when Saya touches his arm, his sword immediately disintegrates and he leaves after realising dat Saya is “special”

Anyway, like in the earlier games, Saya meets her protector bishies and finds out about the TM crap.  There’s an old seal in the city that suppresses a monster that has to be protected by the Tamayorihime, a person who has exceptionally high spiritual powers who can communicate and see the KAMI – spirits.  JSEI is the name of the government paranormal faction that deals with all the TM crap and they want to keep the seal intact which takes the TM sacrificing herself as well as other ppl crap like dat.  The other group called 天意百道, kinda like the Church, wants Saya to crack open the seal and revive the monster.  The TM is a bloodline, meaning that Saya’s mom was the previous TM and she died trying and failing to fortify the seal for good.

To fuck things up a lil more, the Church already has a TM called Otoha and Saya’s guardian, Honami, is head of JSEI and actually wants to use the seal and kami powah to take over the world or summin. Plus, there are these 2 Suwabe twins who keep hopping in around to fuck around with Saya.  Hooray!

Blablabla, Saya and co decide to stop the Church and Honami by permanently fixing the seal so they try to jack into the underground lair where the seal is but they get jumped by Otoha and her cronies who try to set Saya on fire.  Course Touma takes the hit, becomes crispy bacon and they gotta run.

Back at their hideout, Touma’s been out for a whole day but heals fast and right on schedule, Saya has a timely epiphany with all dat “KAY IMMAH GROW SOME BALLS NOW AND BE SLIGHTLY LESS USELESS” so all her protector bishies level up ie everyone gets toxic radiation hair and start emitting light from their bodies ew wot freaks xD  Turns out the seal has been partly broken by TM#2 Otoha already the world’s becoming filled with rapist KAMI so now Saya ain’t needed.

…cept by Touma ;)  SOMEHOW these two managed to connect during a potential apocalypse and Touma angsts about how he was so useless cudn’t protect anyone and that actually, his powers are so strong that he goes berserk all the time – when he was a child, killed both his parents. Saya tells him to STFU and stop wangsting cuz his power’s a good thing, it’s to “PROTECT ME!!! =D”.  Touma gets an instant attack of HNNNNNNNNNG and proceeds to crush the living daylights outta Saya through a PASSIONATE EMBRACE OH MAAIII XD

After dat, Saya and her bishies go off to shut this seal shit down once and fo all.   They’re stopped by the Suwabe twins who say that they’ve decided that Otoha is the true TM so Saya can GTFO.  Saya rages and beats the shit outta em so the twins realise dat naw man, SAYA’S THE REAL TM so they prostate prostrate themselves before her and reveal dat they’re actually guardians of the seal or summin wrenched out by Honami and yeah they hate being in human form so they’d like to be resealed back in thank you very much.  Anyway, they join Saya and give her some hot miko clothing.

Saya then stops Touma and tells him dat she’s gonna do this herself so he can GTFO and stop getting hurt.  Ere, Touma confesses to her dat he be LOVIN’ HER TONIGHT and dat he ain’t leavin her side EVER so she can STFU and just let him be with her.  They have a makeout session n their exchange of saliva makes Touma transam and he’s super powerful now lolxD

Touma and Saya proceed onwards and finally reach Otoha.  The seal has been broken and aside from opening a portal into the KAMI world, the monster is now riding Otoha’s ass.  Blablabla big boss battle and the two successfully reseal everything for good.

In the epilogue, all’s good, the Church and Otoha have faded from existence and Honami’s in jail or summin.  Saya’s just enjoying her happy school life with Touma now :)

Oomi Shinogu

Hoorayz no more pedophile Suguru xD  This time we got the osananajimi, serious and gentle and has a giant unlucky childhood friend vibe to him cuz he can’t get it past Saya’s thick skull that he’s been dying to get into her pants since fucking forever.  That and he’s a total Knight Templar Brother – touch Saya and be prepared to be ass raped 2837493287493 times and over.

Since Saya has no friends cept for Shinogu, the latter’s always thought of Saya as kinda “his” – he was her first and only friend since her days of being incarcerated in the JSEI research facility and they’ve always been together aite, so he’s understandably rather irked when these protector bishie keep barging their way into her life and crowding around her.

And he’s even more pissed when he realises he apparently can’t do shit.  They get attacked by KAMI once and all he could do was TELL Saya he was gonna protect her but they ended up needing Touma to step in and save the day.

Despite becoming stronger and shiet, Shinogu’s still pretty useless and all the other protectors keep getting closer and closer to Saya.  On the day the group decide to confront Otoha, Shinogu snaps, drags Saya into an alleyway and rapes her and confesses dat he’s always liked her since day 1 when he first met her during their kiddie days.  He doesn’t trust this protector bunch so suggests that the two of em go to Honami’s place but Saya turns him down and sez that she promised everyone else she’s gonna go for Otoha first.

Otoha’s been taken by JSEI however and the group only find Honami.  Honami reveals that he wants Saya just so her TM powers can power up the supercomputer in this city – OMOIKANE.  This computer is like the mother of all the tech ere, city depends on it and it controls the seal  blablabla and Honami wants to take control of it but needs the TM or summin like dat.

Saya refuses to go with Honami so the guy calls in his ANBU dudes to capture her.  Since all the other protectors are busy doing uh other shit (wasn’t paying attention LOL), it’s just Shinogu VS 238739473 so the guy gets overwhelmed.  Saya too is so fucking useless cuz her TM powers don’t activate even when Shinogu’s getting the shit beaten outta him  but in come the Suwabe twins to save their asses and even they’re likeHOLY FUCK STEP YOUR GAME UP AND BECOME THE TM ALREADY :@:@:@” ==

That night, Honami uses Otoha to power up OMOIKANE and he gains complete control over the seal.  Shinogu grabs Saya and forces her to run away with him.  Saya tells him to stop being a selfish dickwad, they gotta save the country which makes Shinogu snap again and he starts shrieking about it’s cuz Saya hates him, cuz he’s useless das why he she don’t wanna run away with him and dat regardless, wot’s most important is her and not this city TM shit yakyakyak

His angry tirade is interrupted by the ANBU dudes and Honami who’ve come to take Saya again but this time,  Saya DOES SOMETHING: SHE BLOCKS ONE HIT!!!!  OMFGWTFBBQ!!!  This gets Shinogu up and going, he levels up a few and wins for once and finally understands that Saya wants to save everyone so he goes along with her.  He apologises for being a dick and confesses that all he wanted was to have her all to himself but to his utmost surprise and mine, she plants a giant kiss on him and says she’ll always be with him.  whoooo Saya can do something!!!

The group now go to stop OMOIKANE  but Honami’s a step ahead and fuses himself with OMOIKANE.  Insert a giant boss battle ere , course Shinogu and Saya win and they seal everything back.

The loss of OMOIKANE fucks up the city loads but it’s okay cuz Saya and Shinogu are together lol.  Shinogu’s still a giant ヘタレ who’s all ball-less and acts like a virgin dork – he’s gotta  place at least 2m btwn him and Saya or he’s gonna pass out from nervousness or summin FAIL.  Still, all’s good cuz Saya’s got the balls ere and if he’s not gonna come over, SHE IS and she grabs his arm and the end =D

Komura Rei

The kouhai.  He’s the chillaxing cheery kid who’s known Shinogu for ages and always goes at his own pace, bunking school when he feels like it, abusing his powers for kicks dat kinda thing xD   No matter how dire the situation, he’s always smiley but das cuz he really doesn’t give a fuck about the whole TM thing and finds it a giant pain in the ass.

Whereas everyone else uses their powers for TM purposes, Komura likes to use his to do woteva the fuck he likes, like sneaking outta classes and peeping into girl’s changing rooms lmao – he can do some pretty fire tricks and use genjitsu to confuse his enemies and make them think he’s there WHEN HE’S REALLY NOT wot a total badass!!

Once, when he’s out with Saya, Shinogu shows up and cuz Komura doesn’t want the stupid osananajimi to interrupt their alone time, he pulls Saya toward him and puts up some genjitsu so Shinogu wudn’t see em ;)

Similarly as in Shinogu’s route, the group go over to Otoha’s shrine to get to her before Honami does but again they’re too late and cuz Saya’s still an incompetent fool, she ends up needing to be saved by Komura who remarks that if she runs amok like this all the time, even he can’t protect her lol.

Turns out Komura been used by JSEI since he was  born and he’s imprisoned in this city so he wants to head outside.  To do that, he wants to destroy OMOIKANE to wipe his existence from the database so he can flee.  Saya don’t want him to go but just thanks him and he says that though he wants to leave, he might stay for the person he loves HINT HINT SAYA.

Anyway, the group go stop Honami and Komura slips off to get to OMOIKANE before everyone else does.  Saya soon catches up but to her utmost horror, OMOIKANE’s gained a mind of its own through all the KAMI killing it was used for to keep the seal intact blablabla and basically all the KAMI rage has manifested within it and OMOIKANE’s out for revenge – it wants to wipe out mankind.  To do that, it needs to power up with KAMI blood so it’s taken Komura and is killing him.  Seeing as Saya has KAMI blood in her too, OMOIKANE targets her and cuz Saya is STILL fucking useless, she can’t do anything and blacks out.

When she wakes up, she’s in some foresty place all alone.  She finds Komura’s who completely okay and says that they’re inside a fantasy world OMOIKANE created, the ideal world of KAMI – no humans.  Their bodies are still outside, dying but their minds will remain with OMOIKANE forever and Komura remarks that it wouldn’t be so bad being ere with his Saya sempai but Saya tells him to snap out of it, the Komura she knew would never want to be trapped in this sham of a world.

Komura regains his senses and figures that they gotta GTFO.  Since this world is just an illusion, he can combat it with his genjitsu and he stands closer to Saya to wake them up.  He tells her to close her eyes, that this’ll just take a second and when she does, he kisses her =D  She’s all OIFIOASDPFNASDFBASIFBASFBASDF but Komura just kisses her again before cheerfully announcing that now he’s gonna bring em back xD

They get back in one piece, destroy OMOIKANE and save the world after.

Seeing as OMOIKANE’s gone, Komura’s free to go so he leaves the city and Saya starts weeping over it but he comes back in one day LMAO and sez he’s done touring the world LOLOLOL xD  Saya’s raging so Komura glomps her and says he would’ve left for good but came back for her cuz he likes her :D

Atori Shun

OH. MY.  FUCKING.  GOD.  WHAT DID THEY DO TO MY MAHIRO?!?!?!  Yo man like seriously, WTF?!?!  Where’s ma oresama “GIGA DRILL BREAKEEEEER” screamo Mahiro?!  Omg…Atori sounds retarded too cuz his CV is the same as Mahiro’s and WE ALL KNOW MAHIRO IS A SCREAMO MIDGET AND NOT THIS THING.  just…WTF i dont even T.T

Atori.  Polite, calm, boring.

*ahem*  lol kay now dat my whining’s outta the way, let’s get on with this xD

Um…so yeah.  He’s got a sickly lil bro called Chihiro and the Church has offered to pay dem hospital bills and help his bro which is why Atori’s agreed to help em.  Apparently it’s Otoha’s TM powers that are helping his bro or summin of the like so when Atori went against the Church to help Saya, he’s scared shitless dat the Church are gonna go after his lil bro in retaliation.

And they do.  Atori runs to see his bro in the hospital only to find Otoha’s cronies there.  Biggest shock of all is when Chihiro starts raging at Atori and shrieks at him to fuck off, dat it’s Atori’s fault dat he’s so sick and that he dont need him, he’s going with Otoha and the Church.  This causes Atori to flip and he goes berserk in the hospital, destroying everything in sight.

Atori faints after that and when he wakes up, he starts emoing about how his bratty lil bro hates him and thinks he’s a monster etc but Saya tells him “BUT UR WINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL” and that there’s gotta be summin to explain Chihiro’s behaviour.

That night, Saya gets a phone call from Chihiro apologising and saying dat he’s fled from the Church and wants to meet her alone.  OBVIOUSLY this whole thing screams TRAP TRAP TRAP but cuz Saya’s a dumbass, she goes out anyway and almost gets taken by the Church had Atori not stepped in.  So yeah the Church tells Saya to go to them if she wants Chhiro back and the leave.

Saya thanks Atori for saving her and he in turn, thanks her for her motivational speech abt him not being a freak (haha das wot u think) and confesses that he’s always liked her since he first met her and insert snoogy woopy wips ;)

Anyway, the group decide to go save Chihiro of course and the brat gets fused with a shikigami which gives him powers.  He goes nuts, bringing out bazookas and shiet on his bro’s ass and i was hoping Atori wud bitchslap him but u kno, cuz the dude’s a sissy, he instead gives Chihiro the cooldown hug and Chihiro breaks down crying about how Atori was never there with him.

Now Chihiro’s outta the way, we still got the problem of the seal which has been broken and has fused with one of Otoha’s cronies, Mr Gay Hair.  There’s a boss battle blablabla, Atori beats his ass and reseals the shit.

After dat, Chihiro’s been rapidly recovering cuz his illness was caused by his body being especially weak to spiritual power – Atori and his powers have been weakening him but now that the seal crap is over and done with, everyone’s lost their powers and are regular kids again so Chihiro’s body no longer reacts negatively to Atori and co.  Atori then invites Saya TO HIS ROOM LOL and they live happily ever after.

Kutani Shirou

Same as with Atori Shun, just WOT THE FUCK WENT WRONG ERE?!?!  THIS IS WOT OTOMATE COMES UP WITH AFTER MY SEXY RYOU?!?  OH GOD.  *sigh* So yeah.  Kutani worships Saya as his princess and pretty much runs around the entire time chasing after her like some giant derpface – I guess the picture above explains much; he’s like a 5 year old with ADHD who’s been smoking way too much crack.  Hooray for drugs.

After freaking the shit outta Saya during their first meeting by acting like a total hentai stalker, he reveals himself to be another protector, an ELITE one from JSEI apparently and soon barges his way into the group, much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone – mine included.  From then on, he just runs after Saya with his “HIME HIME!!!” bs 24/7 365 ==****

So yeah soon he rmb wot his sis was and stuff.  His sis ain’t really his sis, she’s actually some JSEI scientist who was in the field of combining KAMI blood with humans and das wot Kutani is.  Das why in the TM myth, where the TM was descended from the KAMI and has KAMI blood in her etc with the seal crap, the Kutani name is never mentioned with the other guardian familes (ie Onizaki, Oomi, Atori etc) – it was never a guardian family or anything to begin with.  His ‘sis’ was sent to keep an eye on him.

Rmbing all this made Kutani have a heroic BSOD and he gets all wangsty whiner loser and starts screaming about everyone was laughing at him all along with his HIME HIME crap when in reality he’s just some random experiment KAMI kid with false memories of his ‘sis’.  Yeah glad he noticed finally how everyone finds him to be a giant annoying buttfuck and Saya tries to comfort him but he runs off on em ==

Touma finds Kutani to beat the shit outta the dude and tells him to STFU and get his ass back to loving Saya.  He shows up in the middle of a fight to save her and rejoins em.

Just before going off to fight, Kutani confesses to Saya who starts crying from happiness and being the idiot he is, he’s all “OMFG DO U HATE ME SO MUCH DAT U BE WEEPING?!?!” and yeah i was like “GLAD U TOOK THE FUCKING HINT AND YES I DO HATE U” but Saya likes the stupid pineapple dope hair so they snog and all -_-

Blablablabla ere, they all go to fight and this time, they actually fight the Suwabe twins cuz they wanna use Saya as a sacrifice for the seal but she FINALLY levels up and the Suwabe twins stop cuz now she has the power to reseal shit without killing herself.

Everything’s good in the end and Kutani ends up with Saya.  Lol he’s such an idiotic DORK; he gets held back by the teachers and shiet cuz for his career choices, he put down “TO BE HIME’S HUSBAND :D:D:D”.  *sigh* Oh Kutani.

Inukai Hibiki

Woah man we got ourselves a rapist glasses character, voiced by SHINJI’s dude no less XD  Creeps the hell outta Saya cuz he’s always finding an excuse to approach her in a pedobear fashion lol.  Like most rapist glasses characters, he’s intellectual, a giant smug bastard and is too cool for everyone.

Like Touma, he’s pretty assholey to Saya in the beginning but takes it to another level.  He tells her that he HATES HER cuz she always has this helpless “OMG SAVE ME I’M A VICTIM I’M SO USELESS” look on her face and that really pisses him off – I’m with Hibiki on this.

Saya then asks him wot his power is and it’s even more badass than Komura’s one, it’s the power of words.  so yeah he tests it out on Saya by binding her body and being all creeper pedobear with her lmao xD  So yeah wot he says goes cept he can’t control free will.

Course he gets nicer and starts seeing Saya in a new light once he figures that she really is trying and not as doormatty as he thought.  He walks her to her home once and she invites him in for tea or summin and there, he notices that the room is void of anything cept for bare necessities and realises that she’s always been alone.  Saya tells him it’s alright but she starts crying and Inukai tells her not to make a face that screams “I WANNA BE COMFORTED” but wipes away her tears anyway and Saya thanks him and feels that he ain’t as rapisty as she previously thought.

So his story is dat Otoha is actually his lil sis and that she wants to open the portal between the KAMI world and human world to yank her mom’s spirit out or some crap like dat.  Otoha believes that JSEI killed off her mother but really, her mom was killed by the Church blablabla some stupid pointless drama no one cares.

Anyway, cuz of that, Hibiki wants to save Otoha from the Church and to stop her from being an idiot.  Saya tells him to chill, dat she gonna be with him and is about to confess or summin but Hibiki has a “SCREW THE WORDS” moment and after telling her to “reject me now if you don’t want this“, he pulls her in for a giant snog ;D

While Saya’s caught off guard, Hibiki binds her with his magic words cuz he wants to deal with the sealing crap + Otoha alone and not put Saya in danger.  Obviously this doesn’t hold Saya for long cuz she IS the TM, no matter how pathetic or useless so breaks outta it and runs after Hibiki.  He’s like “FUCK WOMAN GO HOME” but Saya yaks on abt how she ain’t letting him go alone, she’s with him so Hibiki gives in, swears to protect her with his life and is about to kiss her again but lmao the other protectors all start cockblocking just for kicks xD  While Saya’s like SUDFIOASDBFIOSADFOISDFSD, Hibiki’s totally alright with PDA, tells Saya to stop with the “Inukai sempai” bs and to “call me Hibiki >;D”

The group then go to the sealing place where they find that Otoha’s sacrificed herself to bring her moth back who’s now riding her body.  Inukai mommy is some crazy beetch who’s always wanted to be the TM and is totally enjoying Otoha’s hot young bod while not giving a shit about how her daughter’s now DEAD and she then plans on killing everyone or summin.  Saya and Hibiki own her ass, manage to bring Otoha back and finish the sealing shit.

Lol Hibiki, in his ending, he’s all possessive lovey dovey with her, telling her that he gets real jealous and shiet easy SO BE PREPARED and then after some makeoutu session at his place, he’s like “Stay the night” and Saya’s like “YES MAKE ME MINE” or summin xD  Woah man Hibiki u getting some action tonite  xD

And kay yeah his extra bunkasai event was so cute unlike everyone else’s xD  Hibiki joins a competition to get Saya the prize without even thinking to see wtf it’s all about.  Turns out it’s a “CUTEST COUPLE” competition LOL so he’s gotta pair up with Saya and try to appeal to the audience xD  Saya’s like ADFUASODIFBIS abt it but Hibiki’s just like “I don’t care let’s just get it over with” and this pisses her off so when she’s asked to relay her thoughts about Hibiki to the crowd, she’s like “I DON’T GET HIM HE’S A MAJOR AHOLE ONE MO, THEN NICE AND THEN SO COLD THE NEXT T.T”.  Hibiki in turn, starts trashtalking her the whole way through till the end where he’s like “She’s a total pussy, always getting help from a buhmillion other dudes…WHEN SHE SHOULD ONLY BE THINKING ABOUT ME ;)” rofl Hibiki.  They don’t win in the end and Shinogu n Ryou come into rage but Hibiki just grabs Saya’s hands and runs away with her xD

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Started this game in 2010 October and now it’s 2011 April – LOL took me half a year to finish this xD

OMG HIBIKI YES xDxD  So. freaking. cute.  Same for Touma, dat fucking tsuntsuntsundere bastard.  Shinogu and Komura were alright too but omfg wtf was Kutani.  Atori din’t turn out to be so bad in the end, just boring but HOLY HELL KUTANI WOT. As for Saya, she had me doing this a hell lot to me PSP cuz she was SO FUCKING USELESS rite till the end but i forgive her cuz who can hate someone who tries so hard and is so freaKing adorable?  Dem pigtails, dat shy personality; combined with the fact that SHE CAN COOK :)  Be my girlfriend now please _(_ _)_ Oh and lol who can forget the awesome Suwabe twins?

It’s a shame the OP and ED weren’t sang by Fujita Maiko from the previous HnK but I still liked the OP though the rest of the music was pretty bland.  I guess a good job pat on the back for Kutani, Atori and Hibiki’s VAs cuz they sounded so different from their HnK1 characters ^^;;

It’s a real shame the art’s not by Kazuki Yone and is by Ike.  Not to say I dislike the artstyle though, I am quite fond of it wot with the futuristic bold feel it had though GODDAMNIT  Kutani srsly needs a good fixer upper cuz fo real, WHY THE FUCK WAS HE WEARING FILTHY CURTAIN TASSELS  IN HIS HAIR?!  Is that gonna be like the new “COOL AND HIP” thing for kids in the future now?  Is this the direction our world is now headed towards??

As for the story, it was like playing a rehash of the same HnK story so the game got really fudging boring at times.  A good portion of the routes were devoid of any romance so it felt kinda odd when I was near the end of a route and suddenly things would develop at light speed btwn Saya and her man o.O;;

If me taking half a year to finish this game isn’t a big enough hint as to the enjoyability aspect of this game, I don’t know wot else is.  This game wasn’t BAD, just wasn’t all that fun to play cuz I already know the HnK story.  That and REALLY dint like Kutani.  Aside from that though, the other characters were all pretty good, the art was also decent and it wrapped up quite nicely too; I liked this game enough to be looking forward to its fandisk in the summer so give it a go whether you’re an HnK fan or not :D

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  1. Yeah… If only Fujita Maiko sang! *A* I might have been that much more driven into playing this game… I’m pretty sure that the release of this was for milking off of the games’ fans using the initial title, but there’s no stopping them. =3=

    Thanks for the review~ *-*bbb

    • domshiki Says:

      yeah i was hoping for a fujita maiko sung op and ed too > <

      haha yeah and otomate are gonna further milk this series with the fandisk – not complaining though, i kinda liked this game xD

  2. – “OMG SAVE ME I’M A VICTIM I’M SO USELESS” look on her face
    honestly, i think it would be impossible to find a heroine from shoujo manga or otome gaming that doesnt go like this. (with the exceptions of mafuyu + others but then again, OT isnt really shoujo) I guess its all so the reader/player can enjoy the feeling of getting… protected? Who cares about how pathetic the MC might seem.

    i actually quite like the art. I guess the chara designs not so much but still. FANDISK COMING OUT!! and you can go for the twins XD

    • domshiki Says:

      naw man, says takes the whole “SAVE ME” thing to new levels cuz she’s originally like a timid lil bunny wabbit so that just amplifies the “im so useless” feeling tenfold LOL


  3. sylladsjgjha Says:

    Atori. WTF. reminded me a bit of the hikaru no go guy, or wtv the fuck it is. but like. orz. orz
    too bad the designs are slightly /mrh/ but hey, TWINS BABY, TWINS.
    ‘Is this the direction our world is now headed towards??'<– PLEASE. NO. orz X'D
    anyway. WELL DONE, POO. <3 <# <– fail heart XD anyway. XD
    till next time. (trying to sound cool and dramatic) XD

    • You know, this comment was marked as spam XD
      … took me a while to completely understand what the hell you were on about
      honestly, keep away from kouhai’s. STAY AWAY YOU SIS-CON!!! XD

  4. Hahah I laughed so hard at “WHY THE FUCK WAS HE WEARING FILTHY CURTAIN TASSELS IN HIS HAIR?!” that I almost fell out of my chair.
    I hate the “I’m so helpless, I can’t do anything!”-MC too but at least she looked really cute (´・ω・`)

    • domshiki Says:

      too true, the MC is freaking adorable, just totally useless LOL.

      I AINT JOKING MAN the first thing i thought wen i saw Kutani was “WTF CURTAIN TASSELS” XDXD oh sweet baby jesus, Kutani and his fashion sense.

  5. kaon Says:


    How did Otomate come up with this pineapple head after the sexy Ryou? LOL

    Thanks for the review. I didn’t even survive HnK 1 thanks to Tamaki’s whines, so I don’t think I’ll play this. xD Saya sounds weak and useless.. but srsly, Hanaoni’s Kanna makes all the other heroines look stronger in comparison ROFL.

    • domshiki Says:


      same ere, it felt like walking through hell barefoot when i was playin hnk1 thanks to tamaki but her bitchiness actually grows on u later and becomes hell funny. lmao KANNA WUT IS WRONG WITH HER XDXD biggest doormat ever much? xD

  7. HolyLeonheart Says:

    I’ve been waiting to read the review for this game like forever! Thank you so much! I don’t know any Japanese but I actually finished this game due to my love for HnK and the seiyuus (also the art of this game is as good as the other 3) So I finally gets to understand the plot from your review! (which I think most could be guessed eventhough I have no knowledge of Japanese)
    Anyway, OMG! I laughed so hard reading your review xD Seriously, Ryou is just so DAMN HOT so I was looking forward to Kutani in this game. OTOMATE sure know a way to shoot down their fans’ expectation – –
    My fav have to be Hibiki! I laughed so hard when he asked Saya to call his name and both Komura and (especially)Kutani just cut in and call him “Hibikiiiii~/Hibiki-senpai” XD
    The extra chapter was cute too! I have no idea what Hibiki said but after reading your review, he’s surprisingly romantic, lols on how he can insult Saya so much and say the sweet thing afterward with a straight face =w=
    Sorry for my rambling comment x3 Thank you again for the review! You really made my day!
    P.S. Just one last thing, Touma… more badass than Takuma but he’s such a TSUNNNNdere x3 Kissing CG was so pretty!

    • domshiki Says:

      haha ur welcome ;D

      and HOLY MOFO i still can’t get over the fact that this weirdo curtain tassel wearing freak is wot Otomate comes up with after OH SO SEXY RYOU – SO not amused lol xD

      but i guess they kinda made up for it wit Hibiki cuz yeah he really is so romantic under all that “YO PROTAGONIST U USELESS etc” crap, so friggin adorable <3

      haha gotta agree, Touma was a total badass and i can't pick btwn him and Takuma xD

  8. “Started this game in 2010 October and now it’s 2011 April” D: Oh man, I might take forever to finish this game…Oh well, it might be worth it, reading your conclusion on it. I’m trying hard not to spoil it for myself XD

  9. zizi6631 Says:

    I just started playing this game. about the characters I mostly agree with you. what the hell is this Atori. I want to kill him. I don’t like THIS Oomi , but I don’t hate him like the first one. so it’s cool. kinda like Inukai senpai. I really disliked Shinji in the first game. don’t like Komura either. he’s so noisy and nosy. haven’t met Kutani yet, but with the things u said about him, guess better not to see him and destroy my image of Ryou.

  10. zizi6631 Says:

    He just came. Kutani Shiro!!! What the hell…. Wanna choke him to death.

    • domshiki Says:

      LOOOOL have fun playing him omg he was so annoying

      i think the only good, playable dudes in this game were Touma and Hibiki. srsly just wtf kutani

  11. zizi6631 Says:

    I totally agree. of course I was soooooo annoyed that only played hibiki’s route.

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