Otome Game Review – S.Y.K ~Renshouden~

Alternative Titles: S.Y.K  ~蓮咲伝~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 11.03.11

Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp


Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, historical, fantasy, monkey king, fandisk

Plot Summary: AAAAAAAAND we’re back for some more Monkey King Otome fun ;D  This is the fandisk to the SYK game and is basically the follow up to each character’s paths + this time, we can also check out Konzenshi (Genjou’s past self) and watch her whoring around with guys like Youzen LOL xD

Seeing as this is a follow up to the original game, a quick skim of the first game is advised :)

Genjou Routes


Yeah man it’s everybody’s favourite anaemic weak shit fake Sun Wukong!  He’s still the same, sleepy derphead from the original game, still sounds so damn sexyyy Suwabe Junichi ftw but just…omg Gokuu o//.//O

Kay as shown at the end of the first game, Gokuu’s now working as some scientist of sorts with his lil funky med experiments with Genjou teaching kids at her monastery.  Like I said above, Gokuu’s still a lazy shit bastard, never wakes up in the morn and tells Genjou he’ll only wake up “if you kiss me ;D”.  lmao to his utmost surprise, Genjou’s okay wit dat, straddles him and is about to snog him but Gokuu beats her to it and kisses her first >w<  Oh Gokuu.

He wakes up after dat  and they both get to work and cuz Genjou is always working herself so hard, she falls asleep but it’s okay cuz she wakes up to this >;D  They talk about how they got together which gets all the kids raging cuz they overhear that it was Genjou who confessed first and they start screaming about how Gokuu has no balls lololol

The next day while Gokuu’s at the city for work, Kisa comes over to visit for fun and gives Genjou the idea of deities having birthdays.  That night, Genjou asks Gokuu wot he wants the most and omfg Gokuu just pulls her down onto the bed with him is like “Nothing.  I already have what I want most in my arms.” HORRY SHIT WHEN DID GOKUU BECOME SO SUAVE??  xDxD

Still Genjou wants to have a lil bday party for Gokuu cuz if he can’t rmb his own bday, she’ll just have to make up a date for it.  She catches a fever from overworking and Gokuu spends the whole day holding her hand while she sleeps ;)

On the big day, Youzen finally shows his face after an entire year of nothing.  He talks to Gokuu and says that he wanted to take revenge but cuz Gokuu’s now some pathetic hetare, he wouldn’t get much satisfaction from stomping him out and Gokuu in turn, replies that it’s true, though he himself is now human and with a limited lifespan, all he cares is that being with Genjou makes him the happiest he’s ever been.

All the kids and Genjou present Gokuu with his presents and Gokuu’s all “???”.  Genjou hands him a jewel that represents true love to match the topaz he gave her and lol there Gokuu just glomps her and when Genjou’s starts getting flustered cuz they in front of the kids, Gokuu gets even more dere and goes 「。。。嬉しいんだから、仕方ねえだろ」 dAKDBASJDKBA HNNNNNNNNNG

After dat, Gokuu gets Youzen’s present: Baby supplies LOL xD  Gokuu thanks Genjou and tells her “NO WAI U CAN UNDERSTAND JUST HOW FUGGIN HAPPY I AM” and the two make out furiously and have some <a title=”BIRTHDAY SEX JEREMIH BIRTHDAY SEX BIRTHDAY SEX

Next morn, Genjou asks Gokuu wot he wants for his bday next year.  Gokuu’s all ==;; abt it but after a bit of thinking, he leans close to her ear and says 「。。。新しい家族がほしい。」 IUSDFISDFS OMFG GOKUUJHVVCYTDUYWTFBBQ <— yeah das how i went, just like Genjou but Gokuu’s totally unembarrassed and is all smug smirking abt it and wants it in time for his bday next year GYAHHAAHAHA

Finally, we get down to our last event which has Gokuu making a horny love potion for Genjou and forcing it down her throat mouth to mouth.  However, dat means Gokuu drank some too and he starts getting all dere horny and rages that he made Genjou drink it cuz she gets too friendly with other ppl and it made him insecure and jealous lol.  Genjou’s just like “DONT NEED NO RAPE DRUG TO GET IN ME PANTS BABY ;D” and YEAH MOAR IMPLIED SMEXING ERE ;D;D


Yeah my least fave dude but oh wellz =3=

Now dat Hakkai and Genjou are engaged, the latter feels it’s her responsibility to become a worthy wife to prince Hakkai so studies all day long abt the country in the library.  Hakkai’s irritated that Genjou’s not paying him any attention so he forces her into hawt library sex so he makes out with her cuz he’s all 我慢できない

Too bad his older bros come in to cockblock and they start trashtalking Genjou for being a commoner wife blablabla.  Hakkai tells em all to stfu but his bros plan shit anyway and end up kidnapping Genjou

…to her room LOLWUT.  Yeah turns out they’re not gonna hurt her, just wanna ask her to help em in their plans of preventing Hakkai from becoming king – their daddy favours Hakkai apparently and he’s also popular with the citizens.  Course Hakkai busts in to save Genjou and relieved to see she’s okay, glomps her but then asks wtf she was talking abt wit his bros.  Before Genjou can say anything, Hakkai suddenly launches into this giant emo speech abt how Genjou fell in love with “Hakkai” and not his prince side, “Mirinda” blablabla and walks outta the room

Like me, Genjou’s all  “YO MAN DON’T JUST MAKE SHIT UP ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT HEARING ME OUT BITCH” and tells him dat she gonna be with him no matter wot Mirinda OJ identity crisis he’s having and then they start eating each other’s faces lol

Hakkai tells Genjou dat he now wants to become king cuz he knows his bros are plannin to sell the country to other dudes and HELL NAW Hakkai ain’t lettin dat happen, not on his Mirinda watch so he devises the most unoriginal plan evaaaar to discredit his bros before they do him: get Genjou to pretend she agreed with helping his bros and then selling em out later.  Woooow Hakkai LAAAAME ==

Genjou goes to the bros and pretends she’s gonna help and the bros’ plan consists of using Genjou to make up shit abt Hakkai.  The bros don’t suspect a thing and go to the king to report Hakkai but when Genjou goes up as their witness, she’s all “DEM BITCHES ARE LYING” and yeah insert some totally lame anticlimatic scene of Hakkai going “HAHA U FELL RITE INTO ME TRAP DUN DUN DUN” ==;;

Course Hakkai wins and is still the most likely to become king.  Hakkai then decides to revamp the clothes he got Genjou in the first game and she’s so sexy in it dat he gets all horny and the two get it on to “reconfirm their love” for each other lol this was so lame


Lol Gojou, super srs but oh so adorkable.

Gojou and Genjou are now newly weds and act  like innocent virgin dorks.  Their new life together is da bomb with Genjou being a housewife and Gojou going off to be a royal cop dude in the city.

However, one day he comes home from work expecting to see Genjou but horrry shiiiiiet wus dis there’s a note on the table saying “YO MAN I BE GOIN HOME TOODLEZ” from Genjou!!  Lol seeing as it’s Gojou, he totally flips, thinks Genjou’s leaving him and barrels all the way to Genjou’s monastery and drag her home.  Genjou’s like “wtf i’m just ere to see ma sick mentor” and Gojou’s all relieved cuz for a mo, he thought Genjou wasn’t satisfied with him and decided to ditch him xD

They return home and the next day, Gojou gets promoted so his bros give him some grape drank to celebrate but whoooops there’s alcohol in it – we all know wot that means ;D  Before Genjou can stop Gojou, her man downs half the bottle and then proceeds onto breaking out his alter ego, some hardcore badass rapist.

Rapist Gojou then pushes Genjou down tells her 「あんたが欲しい」 NISHISHISHI.  Genjou’s like 「。。。は??」and Gojou proceeds onto raging abt how all these dudes keep checking her out and shiet while Genjou’s thinking “…but all these men are married??” and thinks she’s gonna get raped but Kisa comes to her rescue and shoves a bucket of water onto Gojou to get him to snap outta it.

Gojou reverts back to his old self and is mortified apologetic but gets down to business with Kisa.  Gojou’s been praying to Kisa to talk to him and turns out Gojou wants to see Kannon to apologise to the guy.  Kannon gives the thumbs up so Gojou goes up n apologises to Kannon for betraying him and thanks him for giving another chance at life.  Kannon just wishes him the best with Genjou and the two return to earth.

Genjou and Gojou are now smack dab in the middle of no fuggin where and Genjou trips or summin so Gojou piggy backs her lol.  He decides to take Genjou to see his sis’s grave where he introduces Genjou to her gravestone and tells Genjou to call him by his REAL NAME:  KAHAKU.

After dat, Genjou gets hit on by some dudes and fears the worst when Gojou finds em.  However Gojou’s all calm so Genjou thinks he’s gone nuts and asks wots up so Gojou reluctantly tells her it’s cuz he’s trying to change himself.  He knows that he goes berserk whenever it’s about Genjou  and is scared Genjou will leave him cuz of that so he’s trying to mellow down so that she won’t leave him lol.  Genjou’s like “OH POOH, SILLY OLD BEAR  and they start sexing each other up >;D.

Some time later, Genjou’s feeling very sick (YES TEEHEE I KNOW I KNOW) to the point that she collapses and Gojou freaks and thinks she’s gonna die but Genjou tells him to calm the fuck down cuz…”I’m going to have a BEBIIIIIIII ;D”

A year passes and Genjou and Gojou have a lil boy called Kahaku and the live happily ever after =)


Yay it’s the lil dragon kid xD

Gyokuryuu and Genjou now travel the world together helping people and the two go into a town to rest.  There, some random dude bumps into Genjou and suddenly asks for her hand in marriage.

Turns out the guy’s called Ryuuzen and he ran away from home cuz his parents are forcing him into an arranged marriage.  Then he met Genjou and fell in love with her at first sight so now he wants her.  Gyokuryuu’s like “BUGGER OFF BITCH” but Ryuuzen begs Genjou to just pretend to be his fiancée to get his parents off his back so Genjou agrees so long as it’s all an act

Ryuuzen and Genjou pretend to be lovers so Gyokryuu has to GTFO.  He wanders the streets all alone, thinking that 「お師匠様の幸せは、僕の幸せ」but he’s all hurting inside.  Some fortune teller dude tells him that if he’s not careful, Genjou will leave him and Gyokuryuu starts pouring out his troubles: how does he stay with Genjou?  Why can’t he think straight, why does he feel like shit just wtf is going on?  So the fortune teller dude explains to him that HE’S. IN. LOVE.

Genjou returns home to Gyokuryuu and the dude suddenly gets all physical lol, pushes Genjou against the wall and tells her that he’s sorry.  Genjou’s SAKFBSDBFASDFASDF-ing and Gyokuryuu says he apologising for being “unable to satisfy her” LMAO which is why she’s running off with another man, but “…please don’t leave me, I’ll try my best” ah Gyokuryuu >w<

Then comes the big plan of tricking Ryuuzen’s parents.  Before Ryuuzen can take Genjou to his family, Gyokuryuu pulls her into an alley and asks wot he is to her. Genjou wants to reply that she’s in love with him but figures he won’t understand so settles for “You’re the most important person in my life”.  Ryuuzen then catches up and they go to his parents.

Gyokuryuu’s left emoing till the fortune teller’s like “WTF U DOIN GO GET HER BACK DUMB SHIT” so Gyokuryuu busts into Ryuuzen’s house and is all「僕の玄奘に、触るな。」before declaring that his relationship with Genjou cannot be put into words simply because no words are vast and deep enough to fully encompass wot she means to him d’aaaaaw >w<

Gyokuryuu takes Genjou home where he confesses that he always wants to be with her, won’t ever hand her over to anyone and for the first time, calls her “Genjou” instead of oshishousama.  Genjou tells him it’s mutual before they start making out and u kno cuz it’s Gyokuryuu, no implied sex for him haha xD

Next day, he goes back to apologise and doesn’t come home till late.  Turns out he’s been learning from Ryuuzen how to make a ring, slips the thing onto Genjou’s left ring finger and asks whether she knows wot it means.  Genjou’s like “love?” and Gyokuryuu’s like, “NAW BEETCH IT MEANS YOU’RE MINE” XDXD .  5 years later, they’re still hiking around and Gykouryuu’s now a total hunk of a manbeast lmao

In the extra scene, Genjou wakes up to not one Gyokuryuu but two of em and the two Gyokuryuu begin to fight over her.  She quickly finds out which is the real one cuz the fake one called her oshishousama instead of “Genjou” and turns out the fake Gyokuryuu was some youkai she saved before and the thing is all jealous that Gyokuryuu gets to hog Genjou to himself.  Anyway he effs off and all’s good lol xD

oh and the fortune teller was ginkaku lol.

Old Lesbian Ranfuan

cuz u kno, we all know it’s Suou’s true calling to remain a campy lil trapper the rest of his life lol.  Same as before, he’s the playful, mischievous oh so manly oh so sexy pansy xD

Genjou and Suou are still together though Suou’s still ruling the meikai while Genjou’s living on earth.  Genjou’s all lonely cuz Suou can only pop out once every couple of months but Suou comes in for a surprise visit ;D

The next day, the two of em go on a much needed date around the city and it’s all fine and dandy till Suou has to leave for the meikai.  It’s nutin new though so they part ways.

Back in the meikai, Suou’s drowning in his shitload of paperwork and stuff and he can’t concentrate cuz all he can think abt is Genjou and moar Genjou.  Kinkaku goes up to talk to Genjou who reveals though she knows that they’ve agreed on a long distance relationship,  she’s always lonely.

Kinkaku returns to rage at Suou -either  live with Genjou on earth, take her into the meikai with him or just straight out dump her.  Suou knows all this but he’s sufferin too but he decides to talk it out with Genjou first so he changes into Ranfuan trap clothes and finds her.  There he goes all “Suou’s so useless, shit bf why don’t u pick Ranfuan over Suou?” which totally doesn’t make sense cuz they’re the same person LOL but Genjou bitchslaps Ranfuan and tells her to stop trashtalking her lover boy :@:@:@:@:@  Genjou knows that Suou can’t face her and doesn’t have the balls to break up so came in Ranfuan garb.  Anyway Suou apologises and the two of em  break up.

Suou returns back to the meikai alone and Kinkaku goes plain out apeshit on his ass for being a ball-less  cocksucker but seeing as that doesn’t work, she pulls the age old trick of “OMFG GENJOU’S ACTUALLY GOT PROSTATE CANCER LOLOLOL” so Suou rushes up there to see Genjou while Kinkaku’s left lmaoing with Ginkaku xD

Genjou’s all WTFCOWBOMB when Suou shows up asking abt her nonexistent prostate and then does Suou realise that he should’ve taken bio 12 cuz then he’d know WOMEN DON’T HAVE PROSTATES lololol but this had made him realise how important Genjou is so he hugs her and says the words Genjou’s been waiting all this time to hear: “Come with me”.  Course Genjou says yes cuz even though earth is her home, Suou beats dat all.  Suou asks her to wait just a while longer till things in the meikai stabilise.

Some time later Suou comes for Genjou and together, they head into the meikai ;D

There, Genjou becomes Suou’s wife, gains the support of the youkai citizens and Suou shows her around the place.  He tells her that he’s glad he met her cuz it made him realise a lotta things and goddamnit he really loves her lol.  Genjou starts crying, says some stuff back which has Suou going HNNNNNG and asking「 これって、新手の攻め方?」 rofl before licking away her tears and again, telling Genjou that he loves her.

omg.  stupid sexy Suou.  omg.  and don’t take the prostate thing srsly.  that was just some more terrible writing on my part xD

Red Child

YES the awesome ky youkai fire prince gets his own lil chapter xD

Red Child finds Genjou and decides to have a lil chat with her.  Course Genjou’s pokemon all bust in to kick Red Child’s ass but this is badass Red Child we’re talking about so he grabs Genjou, sits her down and…has a tea party LOL.  Yeah he wasn’t lying he just wanted to talk and asks her wot she’d do with the Kyouten’s power.  Genjou says that all she wants to do is restore balance and make sure the earth is safe, to which Red Child answers they have similar goals: he too, wants to simply stabilise the meikai but at the same time, the youkai are born power hungry so they want the Kyouten for power too.

Anyway after that, Red Child keeps showing up for tea times with Genjou lol until he one day kidnaps her and brings Genjou to his pops, the Bull Demon King. His dad’s like “GTFO don’t want useless Sanzou shit” but Red Child says that he’s in love with the strength in Genjou’s eyes and after checking it out himself, the Bull Demon King sees wot Red Child’s talking about and leaves the matter of Genjou up to him.

Red Child then lets Genjou go who’s just “????” at wots happened and she trips but Red Child catches her BRIDAL STYLE XDXD  He doesn’t put her down and just looks into her eyes and questions why he’s in love with dem eyes and why she’s unafraid even though humans are all weak shits.  Genjou’s just like “dear god does this ky retard even kno wot shit he’s spouting?!” but tells him that though humans weak, they have a strength that the youkai don’t and it’s called THE HEART!!!  The undying strength of will, that purple prose disney crap lol.

Anyway, Red Child finally understands and figures it’d be quite nice to have Genjou so he’s like “Kay u dont got a choice, ima be coming for you and making u my meikai 花嫁 >;D”.  Genjou’s just like “HOW THE FUCK DID THE CONVO END UP OVER ERE” and though she rejects Red Child’s uh ‘proposal’, she says she’d like to learn more about the meikai regardless.  Red Child isn’t put off and after telling her to go back, he declares that he’s going to take the kyouten for the meikai and then take Genjou for himself xD


Course the game wouldn’t be complete without slasher smile Youzen eh? ;D

So Youzen acts all friendly to Genjou but we all know that he’s a giant dickfuck underneath that and Genjou soon realises that Youzen’s actually out to get em and indeed, Youzen’s intent on making both her and Gokuu suffer.  He proposes that they have a bet – if Gokuu believes that he was the Meiou and that Youzen’s a bad guy, then Youzen’ll leave em alone but if Gokuu doesn’t believe her, then he gonna kill em both.

Gokuu doesn’t believe Genjou and instead rages at Youzen for fuckin round with Genjou and Youzen’s all “HAHA BEETCH” but gives her till they reach the Tenjiku.  Youzen now comes down regularly to get all violent with Genjou who’s just shit terrified of the guy but she tries to understand where he’s comin from and learns a tad abt Youzen’s childhood bff times with Taisei and Kisa.

Anyway after that Gokuu begins to have flashbacks himself and realises that Genjou is telling the truth.  However he pretends not to to keep Youzen thinking he’s gonna win and talks to Genjou and Kisa abt stopping Youzen.  They reach the Tenjiku where Youzen shows up and is all “IN YO FACE” but Gokuu reveals dat he knows.  Still, Youzen ain’t stoppin so he jacks the kyouten and starts mass raping everyone.  He ain’t ever forgiving Konzenshi for taking Taisei and killing Taisei but Genjou’s like “I’M NOT KONZENSHI WAKE UP”, releases the kyouten which makes Gokuu digivolve into the Meiou and the latter would have killed Youzen had Genjou not stepped in.  Kisa and Shaka Nyorai show up and they too are like “FUCKING STOP ALREADY” and Youzen gets all emo butthurt and runs off.  Genjou returns the kyouten to Nyorai who’s thankful he’s able to meet his beloved disciple again before Genjou runs off after Youzen.

Genjou finds Youzen wangsting in the forest.  She tells him to go home together with her but he’s all “I HAS NUTIN TO LIVE FOR NO MORE” so Genjou rages some before telling him to stop placing the blame on Konzenshi and the Meiou when in fact, wot he hates is not them but himself.  His indecisiveness, fear and lack of strength lead to him not being able to do anything and that’s wot he hates.  Youzen’s always been lost and alone, Taisei was the only one who’d lead him but now he’s gone he feels useless and alone. Genjou tells Youzen that it’s alright to be lost cuz she’ll find him no matter how many times it takes and from now on, she’ll be with him – “I can’t leave someone as troublesome as you alone now, can i? ;)”

A year later, Genjou’s back at her monastery, Youzen’s reconciled with everyone, gone back to the Heavens and hasn’t visited ever.  Suddenly, feathers fall from the sky and down descends Youzen who immediately gets all touchy feely with Genjou.  Genjou’s like ^^;; to Youzen being like a clingy kid and he’s like “BABY I WANT U SO BAAAAAD!! …but I’m afraid of breaking you :(“.  

Some more time passes and Youzen and Genjou are together.  Instead of going downstairs to see Genjou, Youzen just brings her up with him lol and he’s still all infatuated possessive immature with poor ^^;; Genjou.  Anyway now he’s got a new idea in his head, he’s gonna find a way to make Genjou a deity  so they can be together forever and tells Genjou he loves her ;D

lol Genjou’s like “NAW MAN I BE HUMAN” but Youzen doesn’t give up.  He plays a game of hide and seek with her in the Heavens: if he finds her, he wins and she’ll have to have sexy time with him.  If he can’t find her by sunset, she wins and gets to stay human.  Genjou GTFOs for her life and Kisa holds Youzen up so in the end she wins.  After sunset, she returns to find a emo Youzen who’s all hurt cuz Genjou was srsly runnin away from him  Genjou admits that she doesn’t hate Youzen touching her anything, she’s just embarrassed, din’t know wot to do and ran lmao. Youzen’s overcome with KDSBFOABFAIDSFB, snogs her and tells her he still ain’t givin up and is gonna make her a deity and similarly, Genjou doesn’t give up her human status and tells Youzen to try his best :P

Konzenshi Routes

Konzenshi AKA Konzen was Genjou’s past deity self 500 years ago during the Meikai VS Heavens war and the disciple of Shaka Nyorai.  There’s no actual romancin ere, just walks us through wot happened before Konzenshi nicks Nyorai’s power to save the worlds.

Seiten Taisei

The real Monkey King, the one Gokuu absorbed into himself.  Like the original Sun Wukong, Taisei is a cheerful straightforward dude, popular with everyone and is the high general of the Heaven’s army.  Also bromancin with Youzen but is in love with Konzenshi.

Konzenshi can’t take this shit abt the war anymore cuz it’s killing everyone on earth so she decides to betray the Heavens, jack Nyorai’s power and drain the meikai and the Heavens of their power.  She’s bff with Taisei ere so she asks for his help and to her surprise, he immediately agrees, gets down on his knees and gives her head and swears his undying loyalty and life to her.

Konzen goes to the God of Gods to announce her intentions and then she goes off with Gyokuryuu and Taisei to fight.  The End.

…wtf cop out shit is this??


Megane deity who serves Youzen.  Level headed and calm, he’s gotta spend his life taking the random shit Youzen piles on top of him for kicks poor guy ^^;;

After Konzenshi announces her betrayal of the heavens, she’s stopped by Kisa who’s her confidante of sorts.  He’s like “WHY KONZENSHI” and Konzenshi asks whether he’d like to join her.  Kisa wants to ish but feels his duty towards Youzen is greater so takes Konzenshi’s hand, wishes her the best and they part ways.



Kisa’s lil bro.  Unlike Kisa who’s pretty well known and popular, Nataku’s some depressing greasy haired asian squinty eyed freak LOL who’s in love with plants and herbs.  Hates Youzen cuz he keeps messing around with his bro Kisa

Konzenshi can’t leave Nataku alone and keeps going over to pester him and though he finds her irritating, the two become summin of odd friends.  When Nataku finds out Konzenshi is leaving, he gives her a flower she’s always been asking for and tells her that though he can’t hope for her success cuz they’re now enemies, he wishes for her return so they can start lovin dem flowers together again xD


The annoying pusfilled pube eater who’s been hating on Konzenshi since day one and does shit to torment her deliberately.  Apparently 500 years doesn’t really change anyone  ==***

Anyway prior to declaring war on the Heavens, Konzenshi goes to Kannon to ask him to see into the future and whether he can hear the voices of the people below.  When Konzenshi berates him for doing jack shit, Kannon gets irked and starts relaying the sufferings of the people below just to make her suffer and understand that though he’s a high standing god, he can’t save everyone.

Konzenshi declares war on the Heavens and is abt to leave but meets Kannon.  He’s still a total jackass but for a mo, that giant dildo in his ass slides out and he mellows a tad, calling her a giant idiot and saying that he’s envious that she’s able to just go out there and try to save the world.  Though he says that he can see in the future that Konzenshi’s definitely gonnna regret doin this, he tells her he’s going to be nice for once and guide her in the future.  The two leave and their last workds to each other are their usual insults and shiet lol.

^I like dat rape face Kannon is making lmao.


Taisei and Konzenshi = good friends and the same is with Youzen, he doesn’t hate Konzenshi either.  He likes her enough to tell her that he’s actually a 方向音痴 lol and brings her to some secret garden thing where only he, Kisa and Taisei know about cuz they were the Golden Trio back in their kiddy days.

Anyway when Konzenshi takes Taisei to stop the war with her, she expects Youzen to rage for taking away his butt buddy but instead, Youzen thanks her for giving Taisei a chance to change the world and tells her to take good care of Taisei.

Shaka Nyorai

Shaka Nyorai is essentially Buddha and in ere, he’s the teacher of Konzenshi.  Nyorai’s existence transcends that of Gods and Youkai and he isn’t on either side of the war, he’s just observing and making sure that the world is in balance.  He’s pretty -_- most of the time and doesn’t really care about anything cept for his disciple Konzenshi ;)

Nyorai’s real fond of Konzenshi and she lives with him in some magical lil temple not of the 3 worlds.  She’s the only one he really smiles at and shows emotion to, not even to his old pal Kannon and knows she wants to take his powers. He’d like to help but that’d fuck up the balance of the world but since she’s his beloved disciple, he marks her with his Lotus symbol, protecting her and tells her that in she’ll fuck up the future, both her own and the world’s.  Konzenshi thanks Nryorai for everything and she leaves.

In the other ending, Konzenshi realises how powerless she is, needs Taisei and Gyokuryuu to be her soldiers and when she goes to Nyorai, she breaks down cuz it hurts too much to betray someone so important to her.  Nyorai understands, he’s all knowing and all seeing anyway so he tells her not to cry and says it’s alright to not play the giant self sacrificing hero; if it hurts too much, don’t do it, no one’s going to blame her for anything – “Just stay here by my side forever; though my powers are not for altering the worlds, I can at least use them to protect you.”

aaaw Nyorai <3 


Gokuu’s real self, the Demon King.  He used to be from the Heavens but helped the suffering innocents so he got banished to the meikai.  wut.

He and Genjou meet when she visits earth to find solitude.  Meiou does the same thing and the two become friends, having similar views on the world and feeling an immediate connection.  Unsure of whether to go ahead with her plan, Konzenshi goes down to earth to clear her head and meets the Meiou.  He can sense summin’s up with Konzenshi and after a nice pep talk, it starts to rain and he puts his hand on her face and tells her 「私は、お前を。。。」 but doesn’t finish.  Konzenshit wants to tell him her feelings too but they both know some things are better left unsaid and understands that the Meiou is telling her to go forward with wot she thinks is right.  She thanks him and leaves to stop the wars.

The Last Chapter

The Meiou is unable to help Konzenshi so sends one of his men to and Konzenshi marks the guy with her lotus symbol.

Konzenshi goes to Nyorai once more to ask for his power.  He refuses so Konzenshi saps Nyorai’s powers into a crystal ball – the kyouten.  Nyorai is saddened that she’s picked a path that’s gonna cause her a shitload of suffering but says he’ll watch over her.

Then it’s Taisei VS Meiou.  Taisei’s gotta use some kill urself super power and ends up still losing.  Taisei’s glad to have fought this battle and gone with Konzenshi but laments the fact that he’ll never be able to say wot he wanted to “the woman he fell in love with” – he’s gonna die soon and in using his self destruct attack, he won’t be able to be reborn again.  Thus he tells the Meiou to take his soul into him so that he’d live on and be able to see Konzenshi once more.  The Meiou agrees and Taisei’s final words are a thank you, a sorry and “I hope you can keep smiling” to Konzenshi.  Summin like dat.

Konzenshi later finds the Meiou and the Meiou wants the kyouten n Konzenshi’s like “fuck off beetch i gon beatchyo ass” so the Meiou tells Konzenshi to kill him.  Konzenshi don’t wanna kill nobody yo but has to so she stabs him and both hope they can meet each other in their next lives.

Following dat, Konzenshi goes to the Tenjiku where she seals the kyouten with her life and 500 years later, is reborn as Genjou.


lol there were some extra chapters about wot Genjou’s pokemon wud be like if they made modern 21st century modern xD

First we got the eldest bro, Gokuu:  A useless NEET who stays at home all day jackin off to furry porn on his pc and sleeping.

Second brother Gojou:  Brings home the bacon, does all the housework and basically works his ass off tryna support the family while everyone else does jack shit.  Oh the poor man.

3rd brother Hakai: A uni student who spends all his time whoring around with random hookers and blows all of Gojou’s hard earned money on crack and shrooms

Youngest brother Gyokuryuu: Model student, excels at academics and sports but cuz of his uh ODD personality, he has no friends and plays with animals.

Kay I’ll keep this short cuz this post is way too fuggin long already.  So while cleaning the house, Gojou finds an old document from their now dead dad – apparently hid dad took out one bigass loan and it’s due in today lol.  Anyway he freaks when Hakkai brings home the loan shark their dad borrowed from – Suou.  Suou takes pity on their dirt poor household and gives em another week and comments on how pitiful Gojou is cuz none of the other brothers are doing anything to contribute to the household.

Gojou just suffers a mental breakdown ere cuz there’s no way they can pay back 23894729347328947932847328 dora in a week so the other bros finally get off their asses and work.  By the end of the week though, they still don’t enough but Suou gets a call and turns out their dad never took out any mula WHOOOOOPS XD

Anyway Suou leaves the bros in peace who all celebrate Christmas together before they revert back to their former selves and Gojou is once again left working his ass off lol.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Woah damn is it just me or is this fandisk waaaaay longer than the original game? o.O

first off, just…HORRY SHIIIIIT.  WHY IS EVERYONE SO HORNY??!  It’s like Otomate jacked their teenage hormone levels up by over 9000…not that im complaining lol xD  Anyway my faves are still Gokuu, Gyokuryuu and Suou <3  Coming in at close seconds are Gojou, Youzen, Nyorai, Kannon and Red Child, and yes, I still can’t like Hakkai no i meant MIRINDA ==  That and I liked Konzenshi more than Genjou for some reason; I guess it’s as Kisa says, Konzenshi’s pretty much the same as Genjou but was more logical and wasn’t as much of a idealistic dreamer as Genjou was.  Nonetheless, Genjou’s still awesome especially when she’s kicking Youzen’s ass xD

Same as before, music was total meh, end of story.  A big round of applause for all the VAs for being able to make their characters all sound so horny lmao especially Suou and Gokuu lololol

Damn the art was good, there were a lotta real nice CG but they haven’t completely gotten rid of Genjou’s weird chin and some scenes just dint look rite like Gojou’s face in his ending CG.  Eh das just me nitpicking though and bottom line is, das some fine art rite dea ;)

The follow up stories for each of the character’s were really cute and felt really nicely done, cept for Hakkai’s retarded Mirinda bs ==;;  It’s nice seeing the transition from “Genjou and pokemon” to “Genjou and lover” and everyone was just so infatuated with her rofl xD  My fave Genjou route was probably Gokuu’s one, Gyokuryuu’s one and Youzen’s one.  True Youzen’s one srsly had me punching the wall, the way he kicked her around but his dere face was just too adorable lmao.  I also really liked Konzenshi’s stories cuz i liked her more than Genjou haha and i’ve always wanted to know wot went down in her past.  The routes felt pretty cop out with how short and abruptly they ended but it brought out the characters and added a lot more depth to Konzenshi.  I particularly liked her relationship with Kannon, the Meiou and Nyorai; with the first, she had a bickering love hate relationship which was amusing to watch and the other two just loved her a hell lot which was damn sweet I think heheh xD

So yeah really, this fandisk was frikin awesome.  It had a hell lot more content than I thought/could ask for, with shitloads of extras after the routes and it tied up the ends really nicely.  I can say fo sho, I enjoyed this a lot more than the original game and is definitely for any otome gamer cuz my god was it chock full of HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG ;D

21 Responses to “Otome Game Review – S.Y.K ~Renshouden~”

    K. GTG. LOL.
    well done, uncle XD

  2. Jessica Chan Says:

    i thought u did S.Y.K already ?

  3. YES Renshouden is ♥♥♥ I don’t feel like taking it out of my PSP cause I wanna rewatch some of the scenes again. xD ..and yeah, learning from Moujuutsukai’s case I think Otomate’s fandisks = raburabu choi ero time for everyone. Not that I’m complaining though. ;D

    Youzen’s blush is so adorable indeed. I was thinking of uploading it to Gravatar but LOL too small. ;_; I actually loved everyone’s routes (including the hermits / deities) minus Hakkai. Too much royal drama.. and I still think of him as Mirinda the orange soda. >_>

    • domshiki Says:

      I KNO WOT U MEAN renshouden was just DAT good <3 lol fo sho man, everyone was so desperate to get into Genjou's pants, like sex there sex here sex on the roof sex everywhere lololol

      im glad I wasn't the only one who went HNNNNNNNG dat Youzen's dere face and RAAAAAAAAAAAGE at Hakkai's retarded soap opera royal melodrama bs – like wot a total waste, stupid Mirinda prince of OJ soda country ==;;

  4. WOW, Kannon. Never thought that he was that kind of character. I played some routes of the original game and yea, uhh… Kanon is just. … O.O
    I want to play Youzen route. Wait, I will actually get this game ONLY for Youzen! Love white hair characters! Accelerator, Yuuichi, etc.
    Now lets get back to physics domshiki. I wont let you make me the only one revising. =.=

    • domshiki Says:

      yeah in the original game, Kannon made me go “GTFO LIL BOI :@:@” and he did too initially but in the end, his r/s with Konzenshi was pretty cute xD rape face lol

      haha to play youzen u gotta get through EVERYTHING first, Genjou and Konzenshi =P he’ll make u rage for being all domestic abusive wangsty shit on Genjou but damn he’s fo friggin adorable at the end xD

      lol just fucked up me test, no more tests for the next 2 weeks or so =P

  5. kaon Says:

    *.* good game¡¡

  6. The extra things are funny! I hope I can play this series someday….

  7. Whenever I’m reading your reviews, I make sure I’m not eating or drinking anything because I might choke and die because of my uncontrollable laughter, lol. XDD

    But as always, awesome review. You always make it sound so much interesting. <3 the extras were so funny especially Gojou's lololol.

    If only I can get my hands on this game soon. ;w;

  8. LOL now I’m looking forward to everyone except Mirinda, the orange soda.
    I always love your final impressions, frickin awesome game’s review is frickin awesome XD *SYK banzai!*

    • domshiki Says:

      lol i wudd’ve just skipped mirinda oj’s route if he wasn’t necessary in unlocking youzen’s route ==;;


  9. fafa Says:

    Poor MIRINDA nobody love him LOL
    too bad, I also favor him the least.
    while i’m playing his chapter I couldn’t help but laughed to death whenever I hear his name MIRINDA!! (And I thought the name does suited him lolz)

    Damn, this fan disc….they are so sexy XD!!!
    Otomate really did upgrade the bishies horny level lolz

  10. huyutfsakura Says:

    Hormones, gets dem rape faces all over dem boys ;D

  11. May I ask where I can get the route guide for this game in Japanese? thank you !

  12. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several emails with the same comment.

    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

    • domshiki Says:

      I’m not too sure but when u get the email notification, scroll to the end and I fine print there shud be an option to unsuscribe. That’s what I find with most other sites hope this helps

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