WHY WE FIGHT? meduka meguca

Waht I do?

We all know dat Madoka is like, friggin awesome.  It exceeded everyone’s expectations and managed to own the asses of every mahou shoujo animu out there, least in the department of sheer WTF.

But u kno wot else is awesome?


Like I said, we all know dat Madoka is friggin awesome.  But we also know it’s by SHAFT.  And SHAFT is pretty infamous for their recurring sudden lapses in their otherwise, damn good animation.  

Madoka is no exception.  Which is why people have taken the honour of recording down these weirdass lookin screenshots of Madoka and compiling them into an affectionate parody known as meduka meguca.

words cannot convey how many bricks i shat watching meguca.

10 Responses to “WHY WE FIGHT? meduka meguca”

  1. Nice summaries… “I need……. MEDUKA.” ◕‿‿◕ Gotta love the art.

    *facepalms because of SHAFT* At least Madoka has succeeded in actually ending.

    • domshiki Says:

      “what is it coobie?’ lolololol COOBIE XD

      i kno madoka was pretty damn epic. dear god meduca xD

    YAH. XDD

  3. amysteriousgal Says:

    Meduka meguca is awesome.

    It’s too bad they did what they did with QB. If it took the “Oh dear, you don’t like it? But I think it’s really fun!” sort of approach it would actually have a fan following.

    Someone said on Twitter to expect the worst, and Urobuchi will definitely exceed expectations.
    In that respect, I think MadoMagi is actually lighter and fluffier since the worst case didn’t happen.

    So, naturally, I drafted out an alternate continuity in which Kyousuke thinks he can never become good enough at the violin for his own standards anymore due to lost time etc. and with one thing and another, he commits suicide. Sayaka then breaks down in a more justified manner and Kyoko gets killed (since she’s a glass cannon and didn’t want to attack Sayaka). Oh, and Madoka’s mother gets caught up in the whole witch business and gets kissed by Oktavia. She then takes the entire family into the barrier (“we’re going to a violin concert”) where Homura arrives almost too late and is forced to prioritise saving Madoka even as the rest of the Kaname family is wiped out along with a decent number of passers-by. (“isn’t the music wonderful? Everyone should hear it”)
    And so on.

    I still think there must be a worse case than that.
    being meguca is suffering…

    Best case scenario: MORNING LESCUE drops down into every witch barrier and defeats them all, gives energy to the universe and HAPPY END.

  4. kaon Says:


  5. amysteriousgal Says:

    Awesome header image, by the way. Source?

  6. Miaro Says:

    damn the video is removed :/

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