Otome Game Review – Wand of Fortune ~ Mirai e no Prologue ~

Alternative Titles: ワンド オブ フォーチュン ~ 未来へのプロローグ ~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 25.02.10

Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/


Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  magic, Hogwarts, romance, fandisk,  HNNNNG heroine

Plot Summary: HNNNNNNNNNG LULU <3<3  This is the fandisk to WOF game.  Essentially a sequel, it continues on from the open ending where Lulu goes with no one, becomes all elementental and then branches off into her stories of after she gets together with her manz ;)


The magic genius, still as tennen as ever xD

Following Julius’s confession from the first game, these two are now together and all lovey dovey – Julius is so infatuated with her dat he’s PDAing 24/7 with Lulu, spouting his trademark mortifying lines and generally embarrassing the shit outta Lulu lol.  One day when they’re studying in the library, Julius starts getting horny, feels like Lulu’s hair and unable to hold back his man urges, he snogs her.

Lulu totally flips and smacks Julius before running away cuz “DAT WAS MY FIRST KISS!!! T.T” For the next day, she runs from Julius whenever she sees him and the poor guy’s all “???” abt it.  He consults Noel abt it who rages “BEETCH U VIOLATE THE OTOME HEART :@:@:@” and finally Julius understands he’s been too rapey and hasn’t been thinking abt Lulu’s feeling.

He finds Lulu who tries to GTFO again but he pins her against the wall teehee, apologises and starts a giant mushy speech which has Lulu ISDIOFBASDFOIBADSFOIASUBing but in the end, she confesses that she wasn’t mad, just that she wanted her first kiss with Julius to be “special” and not have just happened while she wasn’t ready “So let’s give it another go :)” HNNNNNNNG LULU

Having made up, the two go on a date that weekend with Julius being exceptionally nice to Lulu cuz it’s HER day and seeing her happy makes him happy too lol.

At the end, Lulu thanks Julius then says she wants to redo the kiss and「 ぎゅって、されたい。。。」OMFG WHY ARE U SO CUTE LULU They kiss and after, Lulu’s like 「もう一回、ぎゅってして」OKAY FUCK THIS OSDBFIASBFIASDFASD

So after that, the two live happily ever after.  There’s an extra where u make choices to make Julius happy/sad and making him pissy results in a sexually deprived and frustated this ^ xD


Still the same pompous ass LOL

Lulu and Noel go check out the magic store and find some artefact that shows where ur love is.  Noel picks it up and the thing reads “CLOSE BY” which sends him and Lulu all SDFSKFDSKJBFKSJFB – ing but whereas Lulu quickly recovers from her embarrassment, Noel is sent into a jittery spaztastic fit where he not so subtly avoids her thereafter and he ends the date early.

Lulu’s all :( abt it and feels all ronery but figures Noel just needs some time yo so leaves it at that.  Still, she’s so ronery that she starts feeling up Noel’s PUBEs プーぺ golem till Alvaro walks in and is all “DAMN GIRL ;D” and when he hears of how lonely she is, he tells her that she can come to him anytime ;)

After dat, Alvaro finds Noel emoing abt being too nervous around Lulu so he hands the poor guy a potion that’ll make him into a super horny Casanova with Lulu lololol.  He falls asleep outside pondering whether to use it or not before Lulu finds him having a nightmare abt losing her.  He then asks wot she’s dissatisfied with abt him so Lulu answers honestly that she’s lonely all the time cuz Noel’s too ball-less to further their relationship D:

Noel thanks her for telling the truth before saying he’ll need some time to fix that.  Next day, Lulu meets Noel and lmao now he’s some weirdass Italian stereotype and immediately gets all physical and sexy whispers to Lulu who’s all “DAMN THIS IS KINDA NICE” LOL before she gets to her senses and goes IYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA T.T

She shoves Noel back which smashes his noggin to bits on the ground and when he wakes up, he’s completely normal again.  He confesses he used the potion to make her feel unronery cuz he doesn’t have confidence in his ability to bring them to the next level – “I want to touch you so much, I’m afraid that I’ll destroy our relationship and make you hate me >///<“ Lulu’s just like “KISS ME BIC BOIIIII” so they finally have their first kiss and all is good.

Lol getting Noel sad in his extra scene results in a super depressed emo corner Noel who starts to question his manhood and ability to satisfy Lulu lmao xD


The pedo arabian prince who can’t keep his snake in his fly lmao

Now that Lulu and Bilal have “come together and created a bond”, Bilal sees no need to hold back so much anymore so PDAs with her even worse than Julius and whispers sweet nothings into Lulu’s ears, making her implode and freak and get oh so turned on at the same time LOL.

Anyway Lulu notices that Bilal’s been acting real strange, tired and is not telling her summin.  Bilal’s water nymph thing Lian tells Lulu to come to her lake on Saturday if she wants to find out sup. Lulu does just that and finds Bilal skinnydipping playing with water there lmao.

Course dat ain’t it cuz Bilal’s actually training to strengthen his bond between Lian which is extremely taxing on his bod.  Lulu starts raging that Bilal don’t tell her anything, that he’s being totally sexist with his “WEAK WOMAN STAY IN KITCHEN MAKE SANDWICH I BIG SEXY MAN I PROTECT” shit and he’s not treating her as his equal, his wife.  At this point, Lulu’s so frustrated that she just starts baaaawing.  LIKE WHO CAN RESIST THAT TEAR STRAINED FACE?!?! i know i can’t xD

Bilal’s like  “BABY DON’T CRY”  and realises he was being a blockhead so he apologises and promises to let her know everything, whether it’s painful or good.  He then remembers that they “bonded” the first time under the moon, outside near water the first time too and decides to uh “bond” again as a new vow to Lulu lololol damn Bilal knowing how to take advantage of the situation xD

So there we go.  After that, all’s good and Bilal’s even more pervy on Lulu who now spends the rest of her life T.T ing while Bilal feels her up in public xD

Lol in the extra scene, if Lulu gets Bilal’s horny meter to the max, he asks Lulu if he can kiss Lulu who’s like “anywhere but my lips ;P”.  Lulu thinks she’s won or summin but Bilal’s like “OKAY >;D” and then proceeds to tear her clothes apart lololol and give her a hickey to “mark you as mine” ksuhfidsfnsd xDxD


fire dragon boy who’s just taken a level in sheer badass manly GAR ere xD

As shown at the end of the first game, Lagi no longer turns into a chibidora whenever girls hug him or anything cept for Lulu.  He can now switch btwn being a badass dragon and being human but now all the girls have realised how GAR and adorable he is so they start swarming the poor boy who can’t get it through his thick skull that Lulu’s just crazy pissed and jealous.

To top that all off, Julius’s fangirls, Cynthia and co are like “u beetches don’t look like lovers” and Lulu notices that Lagi laughs whenever he’s around everyone else but with her, he almost never smiles and is very reserved and shiet.  So she asks him to hug her just once but to her utmost hurt, he outright refuses and proceeds onto listing out a million reasons why it’s completely 「くだらねえ」 to even contemplate hugging her.  Lulu cuts him off, starts to cry and just runs off after that.

For the next couple of days, Lulu holes herself up in her room cuz she’s afraid of crying when she sees Lagi face again but then Lagi can’t take this shit no more so he dragon rages and spinzaku-s his way into the girl’s dorm, yeah man das how Lagi does it no fucking door can hold him back and grabs Lulu and charges outside with her.

Lulu’s terrified here and starts apologising for being bratty and Lagi’s like “STFU BEETCH LISTEN TO ME” and tells her he’s sorry for being a dickwad.  He confesses that he’s super nervous around her which is why he seems all weird and in truth, he wants to do all that lovey dovey shit to her too – 「惚れてんだらか、当たり前だろう?!」 .  He still turns into a chibidora around her cuz he still hasn’t been able to choose whether to be a dragon or a human and he’s uncertain of whether he can protect Lulu completely; which is why he wants her to wait just a while longer.

Anyway he tells her to close her eyes, take a deep breath and not to move.  Lulu does that, is all “????” and SAOBFADSBFADSF LAGI KISSES HER XDXD Both are them are like >//////<  and Lagi doesn’t back off till both are left gasping for breath.  AFter dat Lagi immediately runs away before Lulu sees him go chidora, leaving her to HKSAHDSAKJDHASKJD on the ground xD

Lagi gets super turned on by Lulu being so frikin adorable in his extra scene so he tells her to turn around and not look at him and then he surprise glomps her from the back for a couple of seconds xD

If the opposite happens and Lagi’s happy meter hits rock bottom, Lulu tells him that he’s being a cold dickfuck and wants him to be more romantic to which Lagi just gets irritated at, thinks Lulu’s bonked her head and decides to go home.  Lulu stops him and promptly apologises till Lagi gives in and says he’s been a douche too so dwbi


Oh lawd it’s Lulu’s fabulous SM buddy xD

Alvaro still torments Lulu, never forgetting to remind her that she’s taken away his freedom with the spell, that he’s essentially her bitch and that he can’t do anything about it.  He’s much less smiley happy before and doesn’t bother to hide his contempt with Lulu and they still keep at this “are we lovers?” game.

He then dyes his hair black to remind her of the assassin crap and then runs away just for kicks.  Lulu’s just killing herself over Alvaro being an annoying twat and decides to go out to find the cunt who’s in the streets and tries to talk to him

That quickly escalates into a bitchfight and Lulu snaps and starts raging that Alvaro’s always bitching abt this and that, stuff like “Lulu’s so stupid should be more cautious” but then when she does go and get some brain cells, Alvaro’s suddenly like “OH NOEZ SMART LULU BORING SMART LULU BAD DO NOT WANT”, so in the end, “JUST WOT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!?!”.  Alvaro then asks her wot SHE wants from him, why she bound him to her and Lulu replies that it’s cuz she wants Alvaro to always be with her to which Alvaro retorts that she’s just being selfish.  Ere, Lulu admits to it but it’s okay cuz they’re BOTH just doing woteva the fuck they want.  At this point, Alvaro just gives in and resigns to his fate of being bound to her so the two make up, hold hands and walk home.

Back at school, Lulu suddenly declares that Alvaro’s in love with her and Alvaro’s just like “…okay…if u say so” and decides that if he’s in love with her, then they must do couple shit so he starts making out with there and then ;D  Lol neither of em can ever beat the other xD

In the end, Alvaro’s playing along with Lulu’s (correct) assumptions that he likes her so he perves on her 24/7 365 to live up to him supposedly liking her lmao the end.


Kuudere shota boy who becomes 238947293473289 times cuter than he was in the first game >w<

Est and Lulu are goin steady, all’s fine and dandy but he’s worried about his creators coming back for his ass and in order to protect “his future with Lulu”, he decides to take street fighter lessons from his teachers.  Lulu finds out shortly after that Est is droppin all his other classes and is hurt that Est doesn’t tell her anything so goes out to find him.

She finds him near the lake and tells him that she’s irked that he don’t tell her anything.  Est says that it’s not that big a deal, he just din’t wanna worry her but it’s okay cuz he’ll tell her everything from now on.  Anyway, she falls asleep on Est’s lap who takes off his cloak to keep her warm and while she’s sleeping, he confesses how she’s the only thing he ever needs and that he’s so love in with her that it’s killing him d’aaaw WHEN DID U GET SO ADORABLE XDXD

Anyway he brings her back to his room but catches a cold the next day cuz he was outside without his cloak while Lulu was sleeping on him.  Est gets a nightmare of his past, how he was initially without an element so was sent for experiments and while he was suffering, no one would lend him a hand so he gradually learned to stop reaching out.

He wakes up and starts pining for Lulu who was holding his hand the whole time and he realises that he’s alright now cuz Lulu’s there for him and when she insists on takingg care of him, he jokes that if she catches a cold from him, it means she doesn’t love him as much as she says so and he’ll have to punish her =P

Est gets better the next day and he tells Lulu that he’s training to get over 9000 for her <3  Touched, Lulu goes all “DAISUKIIII” on him but then starts sneezing and lol turns out she caught Est’s cold.  Est is like “…I warned u…” and before Lulu can protest or anything, he plants a surprise peck on her >w<  haha Est is all embarrassed; his way of saying “I LOVE YOU” ;D

Ever since then, Est doesn’t ever initiate anything much so Lulu constantly begs him to kiss her and stuff.  When his horny level maxes out, he agrees to DJFSFHSDKFJB XD


LOLOLOLOLOL i thought his name was ElFART in the first game my bad xD  still gonna call him elFART though ;P

So yeah the uh...pedo sensei route haha.  Lulu and elFART are dating now and everyone around can see it, Lulu’s declaring it out loud for the whole world to hear but elFART on the other hand, is still all “NONONONO WE JUST TEACHER STUDENT” abt it and denies it all.  Yet they still have their couple moments and shiet but…

This irritates Lulu to no end who wants elFART to stop being so ball-less so she requests that he kiss her.  He’s allADIF7TS09GHD0F abt it though gives in but takes so fuckin long and still can’t man up so Lulu’s just like “FUCK THIS” and goes in for the kill herself eheh.


Lulu’s bff meganekko roomie

Lol this route was pretty pointless, nothing really happened cept it showcased how lezbo Amy is for Lulu in her monologues though yet they insist they just bff xD  Anyway so Amy is finally able to talk to stars yeah so she writes a letter back to her head of family to tell em that she ain’t a failure.

…then Lulu and Amy pray for the flowers they planted and the end.

told u it was pointless lmao


Uh the random character that Otomate chucked in for filler lol.  He’s some stalker kid who’s aiming to make it big as a journalist so is stalking Lulu cuz she’s the first human to have all the elements.  Er he’s kinda bland and dorky to say the least, pretty ugly too lol

So Lulu gets the feeling that she’s being followed and soon finds out that it’s creeper Edgar but after hearing his story, figures it’s alright to let him trail her for his scoop.  She finds out that he’s got this magnifying glass called the “Loupe” which allows him to see wot he wants to – uh yeah kinda stalkerish but it’s okay cuz Edgar lacks any magical ability so he can’t use it though he’s still keeping it cuz he’s the only person who can potentially use it in the future.   Cuz he’s suck at magic, he’s put in the same class as 5 yr olds FAIL

One day, one of the kids in his class called Tina loses her pendant and wants Edgar to find it with his Loupe but he’s useless so Lulu steps in with all her buddies to help her.  Somehow, Jack sets his beanstalk loose in Lulu’s world or summin lol and everyone’s gotta defeat the thing to get the pendant so Lulu busts out some badass multielemental super moves and hadoukens the mouldy plant outta the way.

In the end, they end up retrieving the pendant and give it back to Tina.  This inspires Edgar to write so his story gets published makes it big and he’s all thankful cuz he couldn’t have done it without Lulu.  Anyway, he says he now wants to know more about her yeaaah and they go together to Tina’s house to have some thank you dinner or summin.

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Cynthia

Cynthia’s the lead fangirl of Julius who’s a snobby stuck up tampon who hates on Lulu cuz our heroine is able to freely approach Julius unlike her pussy self.  I’m actually kinda confused as to why she got a lil chapter of her own, seeing as she did jack shit in the first game cept for bitch and bitch some more with her equally irritating posse but okay…and yeah duh Cynthia’s not a giant cunt through and through, just tsuntsuntsuntsundere.

Everyone notices that summin’s up with Cynthia and they hear from her two bitches that Cynthia’s been emo cuz she’s gonna have to leave the school soon.  She’s from a rich bitch family that doesn’t do the whole magical waving wands shtick, she’s got her life planned out for her with an arranged marriage waiting for her but seeing as Cynthia wants to be a mahou shoujo, her parents decided to humour her for a tad till she turned 18 and now dat time is comin to an end/

Course seeing as this is Lulu, she can’t leave Cynthia alone and tries to cheer Cynthia up, to no avail.  In the end, she convinces Cynthia to stop angsting and to get off her ass and use her limited time ere to the best she can so Cynthia mans up and  finally confesses to Julius.  Obviously Julius rejects her but not in his usual ky retard sense, he says it’s because Cynthia doesn’t really LIKE him, she just ADMIRES him a hell lot so yeah.

At this point, Cynthia’s just raging so when Lulu shows up, she goes all bitchmode till some guy called Matthew (lol he was in the first game too but i din’t deem him important enough to get mentioned) shows up and tells her to shut her piehole.  Cynthia’s all wangsty but Matthew sez “BABY YOU STILL HAVE ME” and he says that though he ain’t as full of smex or brains as Julius, he be lovin her till the ends of time baby yo and all ends well ;D

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Lol this fd felt so short after I played the SYK one xD

Haha my favourites are still the same as before, Lagi, Bilal and Est especially Est and Lagi IOSVOOZFGTOISD  My “好感度” rofl for everyone else hasn’t really changed cept for elFART’s, he’s just pathetic like srsly and no i’m sorry i don’t find that spineless worm cute at all.  Well NOW i’ve kinda noticed the existence of Mathew and Edgar was totally meh and lame.  As for Lulu?  just…just...HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG I TAKE LULU AS MAH 嫁!!  omg please or as a lil sis i want sdbfoadsigvs

Same as first game, music was suck.  Fave voice this time for Lagi and Est cuz they were so fucking adorable.  Shame I wanted more gaijin Bilal lol,  and I’m actually quite glad Lulu wasn’t voiced cuz goddamn imagine if she was voiced by like I dunno, Hanazawa Kana or Toyosaki Ai, I’d be busting all mah nuts and they wouldn’t be regeneratin no more hell naw i be ball-less for life xD

USUBA KAGEROU.  Therefore art is awesome.  simple as dat.  imao though, Est looks much btr with his hair down than with those two mini ponytail things in his hair.

The routes were satisfying too, din’t leave me complaining about the lack of content or anything so das good :D  The extra scenes too were super adorable and ma fave routes go to Est and Lagi cuz srsly, if u want some SDPGHDFGSD[ go for them.  I’m a tad irked with Alvaro’s route cuz he was a  buttfuck almost the entire route, and no not in the funny SM way he was in the first game, he was just plainass annoying ere and in the end, Lulu and him dint really resolve anything abt their relationship lol.  Oh wellz I do kinda like their SM games so I’m interested to see how that develops in WOF 2 – this fd ain’t called “Prologue to the Future” for nutin eh?

In short, I must say dat Otomate has a knack for making great fandisks as opposed to their actual games cuz I ended up liking this fandisk more than the original game as I did with SYK – well fine WOF 1 was pretty hell to plough through wot with its crazy ass 9479427394 hr playthrough time but still.  This was a great fandisk (though course it doesn’t top the SYK one =P) so for anyone who liked the WOF game, this is definitely worth a go ;)

oh and ima be putting up the cg pack for this game, figured that most just hit the spacebar button with my posts to look at the cg anyway haha.  It’s not full, i only decided to put the NICE STUFF so no random shots of Edgar’s magnifying glass Loupe thing or pictures of wands lol


25 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Wand of Fortune ~ Mirai e no Prologue ~”

  1. *imagines Lagi spinzaku-ing around* So true, so true. Hah. Alvaro is just so funny. =w=

    I was so glad to see that Est was looking slightly manlier… until it showed the other side of his head again.

    • domshiki Says:

      Alvaro made me wanna sock him in the face a fair bit cuz of his random bitching and whining lol

      ugh Est’s weirdass ponytail things ==;; wish they’d get rid of em haha

  2. Jessica Chan Says:

    OMG I LUV THA REVIEW btw how much does the game cost

  3. Jessica Chan Says:

    would u wish the next fandisk of the game came out and it was R-18 ( i bet tht will never happen )

  4. Lagi and Est were the best <3
    I liked the FD on par with the original game… probably because in the original game we got to see how the relationship developed, while the FD was too short for me.

    I found it interesting that once in a while they'd call Lulu's name… but not all of the time, which made it felt like it was randomly voiced.

    • domshiki Says:

      it was so much easier to get through this game compared to the 29384732894729384 hour gameplay original one haha but too true, this felt a tad on the short sized especially since i just played the syk fd before this one ><

      this fd srsly made me love est and lagi a buhmillion times more, they were so friggin adorable. lol same ere i was like "wttt" wen the dudes started saying "LULU" it just felt…odd xD

  5. God, Est is adorable. I LOVE KUUDERES!!
    Est is the reason why Irino Miyu is on my fav seiyuu lists!
    cant wait for the second game to come out. Come on, white haired guy!? considering that wof already has so many colourful people, i cant wait! XD

  6. Lagi’s CGs are all nice! At first, I thought I like Julius, but considering he won just for Sakurai’s voice (and really boring-I just played the first WoF for Julius’ route and it gets me disappointed), maybe I would prefer Lagi more.

    Est is better without tying his pony…

    Thanks for the review and CG!!

    • domshiki Says:

      yeah same ere, i thought i’d like Julius cuz i read he was kinda tennen and YES SAKURAI TAKAHIRO FTW but holycowbomb he was…really…frikin…boring in the first game. he’s much btr in the fandisk cuz now he’s all “LULU<3" instead of "MAGGIC MAGIC <3" lol xD u'll definitely like Lagi much more, he's so adorable, so manly, just pure win =P

      haha glad im not the only one who thinks Est looks better with his hair down!

  7. FFFF Lulu is so adorable. The pink fluffy ponytail. The ribbon. The facial expression. I’m playing Lagi’s route on the first game and god I just love them together.

    I claim her as waifu if you don’t!

    • domshiki Says:

      haha noooez already claimed =P lol im no match fo lagi and est though xD

      Lagi is friggin adorable. definitely go for Est next <3

  8. Heeeey i found a review for this game, but i liked your review better because of all the pics and all the detail you put into your reviews. keep it up! ^___________^ and lulu is so cute HNGGGGHHH lol xDD

  9. LALALA Says:

    Lagi is so COOL! Like tsundere+manly, plus he’s a dragon!!!! Lagi has to be the manliest of the 6 guys! (^w^) And it seems to me the art also improved between the fandisk and the original! Now to wait for WOF2…….

    • domshiki Says:

      holy shiet lagi totally is he took a level in badass manly GAR in this fd xD Can’t wait to see how uch more awesome he gets in wof 2 =P

      • LALALA Says:

        I imagined what Lagi would be like in a few more years & I exploded!!! Lagi does male tsundere justice by not being a stupid grouchy whiny ass like most, he’s actually cool that way! Also looking forward to that new guyy Solomon~!

  10. kaon Says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME¡¡¡ *.*

  11. Dangobokki Says:

    what the hell does ‘DJFSFHSDKFJB’ mean??? XD awesome review by the way, kept me very entertained, the dudes are smexi =.,=

    • domshiki Says:

      lol it’s when Im raging/hnnnnging so much no words come out so IOADSYUFADSBJFADS XDXD

  12. Jest Says:

    Welllll, Lulu gets a voice in the recent (uhh well, sort of–it was released in Feb) drama CD about her getting turned into a kid. She is so precious omg. (●´д`●)

  13. frenchfangirl Says:

    Wow I really like Est ^^ He’s exactly like CAAAAAALL <3
    XD Cal is a character of a fantastic book I'm reading (french fantasy serie Tara Duncan, maybe you know)

    • domshiki Says:

      same est is sooo adorable <3 haha sry the only fantasy bk i read is a song of ice and fire but it sounds awesome if a character like est is in there

  14. How can I avoid being killed by the spell of Ivan throughout history? (ps I can not boot with the role Alvaro but I’m done with great ease that of Lagi).

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