Otome Game Review – CLOCK ZERO ~ Shuuen no Ichibyou ~

Alternative Titles:
CLOCK ZERO ~終焉の一秒~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 25.11.10

Official Site: www.otomate.jp


Platform: PS2,

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, fantasy, time travelling, RICH KIDS

Plot Summary:   Our protagonist ere is a rich bitch precocious 6th year Nadeshiko who’s been having odd dreams of being in a ruined world.  One day, her teacher decides to unceremoniously shove her and a handful of other children he deems bratty problem kids into an after school club and das when shit happens. lol summin like dat xD

Kanou Riichirou/ Rittan

 Nadeshiko’s bff osananajimi. He’s completely =_= about everything, cool and his only friend is Nadeshiko and vice versa. These two are always together, spend their time bickering about everything but of course, Nadeshiko means the world to him and him to her ;D  Like all the kids ere, he’s the son of some mega corporate family and is skilled in chadou.  Giant kuudere ;)

All the kids are like “the fut u playin at” when forced into the after school group but they gonna fail school if they don’t do it so they grudgingly go along with Kaga who hands Nadeshiko a talking rabbit keychain called Rain.

That night, Nadeshiko dreams of The Ruined World. She meets a  “MR COSPLAY” and he asks who the hell she is.  When he hears her name, he’s all WTF but promises her that no matter wot happens, he’ll be there to save her

…and lo and behold, he busts into Nadeshiko’s school the next day looking for her but before he can get to her, the other kids call popo lol and he runs.

Nadeshiko realises that she’s no longer a loli in her dreams and wounds she gets there are retained when she gets up.  She’s then told by a person called Waka from The Ruined World that she’s being targetted by ” The Enemy”. Waka believes The Enemy have rewritten Nadeshiko’s molecular structure to bring her over to the ruined world at night.

After dat, Rittan and Nadeshiko study together but the former gets all pissy for some reason so Nadeshiko asks him to stop being so anal.  Rittan then goes like “U BEING ANAL TOO” and is actually jealous cuz she’s hanging round the other club shota too much. Nadeshiko’s like ==;;  but says that Rittan is numbah one to her and dat they gonna stay together forever=P

By now, a month has passed and the club ends.  The Enemy get moving and some pervert prowler  makes the world go slo mo and tries to take Nadeshiko but her MR COSPLAY busts in to save her.  Uh kay not really cuz Waka jumps into the fray too and beats the shit outta MR COSPLAY lololol.  Then Kaga sensei shows up too and reveals that he’s The Enemy and is doing all this funkyass shit to “SAVE NADESHIKO”

Kay woteva, sensei’s group teleports Nadeshiko over to the Ruined World.  This time, Nadeshiko dreams and sees Rittan all emo and depressed before she wakes up.

Now she’s in Waka’s base. She then sees MR COSPLAY and he tells Nadeshiko that he’s actually her Rittan.  He proves this by rmbing summin dat happened when they were kiddies: Rittan used to be a huge crybaby wuss who kept getting kicked so Nadeshiko always stepped in to save him.  Once, she got hurt protecting him which got Rittan baaawing his eyes out over why she’s get hurt for him and Nadeshiko tells him cuz she the very 「大好き」him and even if she was up against the whole world, she’ll always be on his side :D

In a nutshell, Waka’s group are anti government and are fighting against Kaga sensei’s group “CLOCK ZERO”  who’re with the government and lead by DA KING.  The Ruined World = a possible 2020 for Japan from 2010.  Time has now stopped for Nadeshiko’s old world. Waka’s figured that DA KING’S goal was to get 2010 loli Nadeshiko’s consciousness into 2020 adult Nadeshiko’s body.

So where’s 2020 Nadeshiko’s consciousness?  Turns out 2011 Nadeshiko got into an accident, turned into a vegetable and never woke up since then.  One day, some pervert sneaks into her hospital room, jacks her body and so Rittan has been searching for her body from then on.  Then in 2016, the world got nuked and voila! We have the Ruined World.  Before transporting 2010 Nadeshiko’s mind to 2020 Nadeshiko’s body, Waka’s group took 2020 Nadeshiko’s body back from THE KING so das why Nadeshiko’s with Waka.  Anyway Nadeshiko’s ere just cuz she’s the weakpoint of DA KING and Waka’s group is using her.

Rittan can’t do anything at the mo so has to go along with Waka putting Nadeshiko under house arrest.  He comes to visit and Nadeshiko asks wot’ll happen to her but Rittan doesn’t answer and just leaves before handing her a phone.  She calls him that night cuz she’s so ronery and after some chitchat, he suddenly cuts her off and leaves her alone again.

 In the morn, Waka takes Nadeshiko to their head,  YOSHIMUNE who plans on using her as exchange for the government.  If the government don’t go with em, they gonna kill Nadeshiko who starts protesting at the unfairness of this all and wondering where the fuck Rittan is.

Anyway she’s taken back to her room and shortly after, Rittan comes to visit her.  Nadeshiko rages at why Rittan wasn’t there by her side and he keeps going ” I SAVE U”  but in reality, it don’t look like he can do shit so really, all he’s been saying to her is ” I WOULD SAVE YOU IF I COULD BUT I USELESS” ==;;  Nadeshiko tells him to GTFO and for the next 3 days, Nadeshiko doesn’t eat. Waka’s dudes can’t take this shit so they force Rittan and Nadeshiko outside where they end up holding hands like old times and make up.

Later on, Rittan shows up all weak, collapses and wakes up in Nadeshiko’s bed, getting nitemares of losing her.  Nadeshiko asks why he’s always looks constipated and asks wot the hell he be doing to get so weak and when he tries to leave, SHE hugs him this time  but he leaves anyway lol.

Again, Waka’s group can’t stand them acting like retards WHEN IT’S SO OBVIOUS THEY BE LOVIN EACH OTHER so they take Nadeshiko to Rittan just as he’s abt to warp and they both end up in the 2010 world b4 time got stopped.  Rittan sez he’s been going back to stop Nadeshiko’s accident but it really seems like it’s fuggin destiny cuz Nadeshiko still gets into a coma one way or another ==*****  Rittan tells Nadeshiko to go home and when she refuses, he breaks down and says that he doesn’t want her to see her own accident.  Everytime time he tries to stop the accident, Nadeshiko still gets steamrolled by a car and he’s seen that hundereds and thousands of times already and it’s enough for him to see it alone, he dont want her to witness it.  Nadeshiko tells him that it’s alright cuz rmb, she’s always gonna be wit him ;D

It starts raining so the two kip out in some shack where Rittan warms her up and holds her hand cuz Nadeshiko’s scared of thunder. Nadeshiko ere realises that she likes Rittan so tells him just that but all Rittan does is go GLUBGLUBGLUBWOTLGUSDFLS so Nadeshiko facepalms and leaves it at that for the mo.

Anyway the two accidentally warp exactly to the time where she gets hit by a car fuuuuuck Rittan flips and Nadeshiko’s like o.O but woteva they leave the scene cuz they can’t do anything.

 Rittan’s shaken up by this so Nadeshiko hugs him where he starts getting all dere cuz “IMA MISUNDERSTAND SUMMIN ERE” but Nadeshiko doesn’t care that Rittan is all obsessed with the 12 year old her and loves him…okay…xD  Rittan finally gets wot she’s saying and realises that he’s been such a lolicon he’s been ignoring adult Nadeshiko ere so he head bonks her, confesses that he’s loved her since god knows when and that he’s always been looking at HER cuz Nadeshiko’s Nadeshiko no matter how old she is xDxD

They return back to Waka’s base the next day where the head has decided on giving Nadeshiko to THE KING and he beats the shit outta Rittan and takes Nadeshiko.  Nadeshiko tells Rittan  he’s wasted enough of his life on her so GTFO and save himself but Rittan comes to save her regardless course.

The two hide where Rittan reminisces again how when they were kids, Nadeshiko promised to always be by his side and he ask whether she remembers wot shota him promised in return.  Nadeshiko can’t rmb and Rittan says that he promised he’d become strong to protect Nadeshiko and would never cry again.  Rittan swears again he’ll always be on her side and kisses her


Then Rittan reveals that the time stop back in 2010 has been fixed and they’ve found a way to get Nadeshiko’s conscious back into 2010 Nadeshiko’s body SO TOODLES U GO HOME NOW. Nadeshiko’s like “FUCK U BEETCH U MINE”, tears after Rittan and together they warp back.  The cause of the accident is actually cuz loli Nadeshiko talked to “SOMEONE” so Rittan goes to stop it and they warp to 2020 to see if das changed anything.  Their 2020 is no longer The Ruined World and is a completely normal place, Japan hasn’t been bombed.  Apparently, stopping loli Nadeshiko talking to dat SOMEONE created new possibilities where loli Nadeshiko doesn’t get hit by a car.

So in the end, Rittan and Nadeshiko are living together as uni students while kiddy Rittan and Nadeshiko are both well.  While studying one day, Nadeshiko gets all RONERY and is all “TOUCH ME PLEASE T.T”  which gets Rittan horny and he goes like “YOUR TOUCHING AND MY TOUCHING ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS” before he starts getting all physical LOL XD


 Nadeshiko’s conscious gets shoved back into her loli self and she wakes up to shota Rittan.  Ere, she’s apparently just fainted in the school corridors and when Nadeshiko rmbs wot’s happened, she starts crying, grabs onto Rittan and is all “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKA!!!!!”  before telling Rittan that they’re always gonna be together from now on.

10 years later, the two are goin steady and one night, Rittan walks her home and pulls out a wedding ring for Nadshiko.  He sez that her asshole dad’s been cockblocking forever but he ain’t giving up and “Listen up cuz I’m only gonna say this once – 好きだ” DSLJDASLDASDFN and so, Rittan says some vows, hugs her and proposes :D

Tokita Shuuya

5th grader.  Shuuya’s a giant tennen DEEERP who’s always stoning in a corner, can’t rmb anyone’s names and speaks like he’s a fucking samurai or summin lol.  Most of the time, he’s just goin wit da flo rida and doesn’t really attention to anything but despite his hilarious DEEEEEEEEEERP tendencies, he’s actually a friggin genius and has very brief  flashes of brilliance.

So yeah turns out Shuuya ain’t a kid at all and isn’t even from this world; he’s actually a  24 yr old scientist from Waka’s group who sent his 2020 consciousness into newborn baby Shuuya (wut the) to get info on Nadeshiko thus his molecular crap fucked up so he became a ball of HERP but has been rmbing stuff about the Ruined World and wot he has to do.

Feeling guilty that he’s gonna have to betray Nadeshiko, he invites her over to his place haha children these days xD  Course, Shuuya’s too stoned to start hitting on her so he just grabs her crotch  her face and tells her that he’s going to do some fuck horrible shit to her later and that he’s sorry for dat.

Soon after, 2010 world gets frozen and Nadeshiko’s conscious is transported over to 2020.  She wakes up to adult Shuuya in Waka’s base where she gets shit explained to her and woteva.

All this makes Nadeshiko go HURRDURRDURRRRR so she stops eating and needs Shuuya to pop in and feed her ;D

Nadeshiko asks why he so nice and Shuuya just kisses her forehead and sez it’s cause she was nice to him back then.  He then runs off with her and Waka’s like “GET BACK HERE MOFO” and turns out Shuuya just wanted to play a game of tag for exercise LOLOLOL 

Anyway, all this transferring crap has fucked Shuuya up evn more and he’s starting to lose himself but they realise that 2010 Nadeshiko talking to that SOMEONE is causing her inevitable accident.  The gov refuse to do the exchange and are gonna jump em if they don’t hand Nadeshiko over so Shuuya’s planning to fix this shit and send our heroine back.

Course Nadeshiko ain’t going back without Shuuya cuz she loves him so she confesses and Shuuya says that he loves her too, he’s the most important thing to him but he’s going to forget about her soon and wants his beloved to be happy so he’s sending her back.  That night, the gov ambush em for Nadeshiko so super manly gar Kaede busts in to save her and they all go to Shuuya’s mom’s place.

There, Shuuya rests, starts getting more HERPADERPDERP and after spouting some cheesy lines he jacked from some romance novels LOL, he asks Nadeshiko to give him some mouth to mouth water cuz he’s too weak to get up – Oh you sly bastard

Right after, he enters into a comatose state so Nadeshiko hops into his dreams to drag him out.  When he comes back, he wants to go back to 2010 with Nadeshiko


Shuuya turns into a vegetable and Nadeshiko decides to stay in The Ruined World.  She remains on the run from everyone and after some time, she goes to see Shuuya, says that she’ll always love him and ABRACADABRA the power of love awakens him! There he gets all turned on so he starts molesting Nadeshiko who’s obviously very happy but is like ” SUTOOOOPUUUU”  but Shuuya’s just like ” STFU やりにくい!!”  while Kaede and his mama are outside lmfaoing.  Anyway Shuuya doesn’t know when he’s gonna revert back into a vegetable so they should make good use of their time and fuck all they can THE END LOLOLOL


Nadeshiko and Shuuya both return back to 2010 children, stop the time freeze and get Kaga sensei to fuck off.  Somehow, Shuuya’s magically recovered but Nadeshiko on the other hand, is gonna lose her Ruined World memories soon.  Eh who cares cuz Shuuya then says his MARRIAGE VOWS to Nadeshiko and tells her he loves her while all the other club members are peeping in the background lmao xD

Some years later, both are grown up and Shuuya’s a super popular model.  All the girls keep hitting on him which makes Nadeshiko jealous but he’s like “OTHER GIRL ARE VEGETABLE TO ME, I ONLY WANT YUM YUM NADESHIKO” rofl When they get home, he gives her some marriage certificate as a proposal (UR DOING IT WRONG!!!) but oh wellz cuz Nadeshiko’s good wit dat and Shuuya pushes her down and WHEEHEHHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHHEHUAHUAHAUHEHEHEHEHEWUHUEHU ;D

Saionji Toranosuke

Tora’s the neighbourhood BADASS who don’t needa go to school, he no needa study and oh god fuck his brains out if he ever shows up at dem club activities. No one can take this little bitch down, no they can’t cuz on top of being a kung fu master, Tora’s also a YANDERE SON. OF. A. BITCH who’ll rape you if you dare reject his advances.    Yeah man Tora’s one BADASS MOTHAFUCKA.

Our little badass is always too busy defending his turf  but despite all his tough guy jerkassery, he’s pretty nice to Nadeshiko, walks home with her and once, saves her from a bunch of weak shits.  Course dat don’t end well cuz he goes totally apeshit on those dudes till Nadeshiko screams at him to stop being a yangire fuck.

But anyway, the two become all bro n Nadeshiko finds out that Tora’s actually an awesome aniki to his 2 little otouto, does all the chores at home and FUCK HE KNOWS HOW TO COOK <3 He invites her over for some gaming but dat soon turns sour when he starts PMSing and Nadeshiko rages and asks why he keeps hanging with her if he hates her so much.  Toras like “???WUT” and says that no way he hates her, pets her on the head and tells her to keep chillin with him cuz he’ll never hate her d’aaaaaw xD

So Tora is actually Waka and Nadeshiko is teleported over to his base.  Waka imprisons Nadeshiko, having no feelings of guilt cuz in this 2020 timeline, the school club never existed so Tora never met Nadeshiko and was never bro with her.  He’s kinda douchebaggy now but when he sees that Nadeshiko is putting up a front, he pets her on the head again and tells her that true she’s just a sacrifice to em but he ain’t gonna hurt her...”UNLESS YOU TRY TO RUN AWAY >;D”  LOL

So the head later orders Waka to chop off some of Nadeshiko’s head to use as a threat to DA KING.  Nadeshiko’s terrified but like his younger self, Waka ere has his mood swings and he’s suddenly all gentle nice to Nadeshiko though tells her only hell will come to her if she trusts him.

Nadeshiko flees the next day but gets taken back by Waka.  Nadeshiko bitchslaps Waka says she can’t trust Waka, that she’s not the Tora she used to know so Waka gets all rapey on her and is like “THE FUT U KNO ABT ME” and is abt to prod her with his wang but Nadeshiko starts crying and he stops.  He’s like “GODDAMN DIS MAKE ME LOOK LIKE BIG RAPIST” lmao so he gets kinky, licks her tears away and apologises xD

DA KING freaks when they get Nadeshiko’s hair so break through to get her where Waka takes a hit for Nadeshiko. She nurses Waka to health and helps him put on dem bandages where he sees her getting all flustered and feels her up

The two start getting cosy and kip together but Yoshimune plans on giving the gov Nadeshiko cuz wot they be wanting in exchange is the former head of their rebel group – Saionji Shigure.  Yeah das righ, Waka’s mama.  Course Waka beats dem gov shits, takes back Nadeshiko and run to Rittan’s hideout.  There, he uh disinfects her cut up foot by lavishing it with his doggy tongue and then starts perving on her for kicks xD

Waka then reveals that Yoshimune is actually his poop of a papa.  Yoshimune knocked up his mom when he was 16 and then he  started hating on Tora and whipping the kid cuz he was jealous of all the attention Shigure was giving to him. wut the i just i dont even.  Then Tora’s lil bros were born too and Yoshimune decided he dint want no more competition so he threw the kids over to an uncle.  Waka doesn’t want to be anything like Yoshimune but like his papa, he’s a total yakuza badass and always snaps and goes all bloodlusty crazy.  Nadeshiko tells him it’s alright to be who he is and thinks she’s pissed him off by saying this but Waka’s like “Y U SO FUCKING STUPID EETS OBVIOUS I RIKEY YOU!!”

Anyway Waka takes Nadeshiko back to send her home but Yoshimune catches em and starts smashing Waka’s head in.  He says that Waka is more like him than ever now, he’s willing to throw away everything for some woman but Nadeshiko likes TORA and not WAKA.  If Nadeshiko says that Tora and Waka = same person to her, Waka’ll go back and kill Tora and lmao Nadeshiko’ll go into despair and says “wow he’s a pretty jealous young lad int he?” LIKE NO SHIT HES’S FUCKING YANDERE

Course we want the good ends so she says that she needs the Tora in front of her now so they manage to flee where Waka suddenly kisses her and says he’s going to take her and no other smelly buttfuck can.


Nadeshiko’s like “I WANT YOU BABY” so Waka’s like 「全部、やるよ ;)」like fuck the feelings of love/hate they just want each other so they have some implied smexing and Nadeshiko decides to stay with Waka in the Ruined World. Waka’s now tryna bust Shigure out but gets uh sidetracked a lot and spends his time hornying over Nadeshiko, getting jealous over everyone but still, they live happily ever after ;D


Nadeshiko likes Waka but still wants to go home.  Waka figured she’d want to so decides to go back with her. Shuuya warns Waka that he’s gonna cause a time paradox fuckup if he returns but Waka still goes with Nadeshiko.  He fixes the frozen 2010 world and Nadeshiko finally finds him but IFSOFSA he’s drenched in blood and shiet.  Turns out Waka decided to take the fastest route to save Nadeshiko which was so get rid of the root of all the problems ie KILLING DA KING.  “AAAARGH NOOO” sez Nadeshiko but it’s too late, Waka’s gone nuts and before leaving, he pets her head, tells Nadeshiko that he’ll always be watching over her and that he LOVED her.

10 years later, Nadeshiko has lost her memories of The Ruined World and Waka and is going out with Tora.  Tora pets her head and suddenly Nadeshiko feels like crying but she’s can’t rmb wot’s happened.  Tora says it’s okay he’s with her and invites her over to his place to “TRY SUMMIN NEW TEEHEE”

Oh Tora.  Oh Waka.  Crazy crazy oh so adorable.

Hanabusa Madoka

5th grader.  He’s got some bro con fo his older hyper ky niichan, Nakaba, and most of the time, Madoka appears very polite and reserved but damn can chuck insults and comebacks at you like a stereotypical bitchy cheerleader lol xD  He can get pretty damn tsundere but at the same time, is super straightforward

Anyway Madoka is all over his bro cuz he’s adopted and feels it’s his duty to the Hanabusa family to be Nakaba’s lackey.  This doesn’t sit well with Nakaba cuz he wants Madoka to be his otouto and not some…creeper…lol which gets Madoka very confused cuz he doesn’t see anything wrong with wot he’s doing.  Well in comes our Nadeshiko who tells him to BE HIMSELF cuz “I HAVE INTEREST IN YOU “ thus starts their budding friendship.  Nadeshiko’s the one other person cept for Nakaba’s who’s ever sed stuff like that to him so as thanks, he makes her a little flower strap cuz his hobby is making jewellery xD

Still Madoka doesn’t think he’s thanked her enough so he brings Nadeshiko to his HANABUSA PATISSERIE and lets her stuff herself silly ;D D’aaaw Nadeshiko looks so happy

SOOOO whereas Tora was Waka, Madoka turns out to be the pervert prowler who tries to take Nadeshiko and he’s called BISHOP.  Bishop takes Nadeshiko and this time, she wakes up not in Waka’s base but in DA KING’s base.  There she meets Rain in his human form and meets DA KING, the one who’s orchestrated all this shiet.  DA KING confesses that he’s always loved Nadeshiko and that when she turned into a vegetable, he was devastated and did all kinds of research to bring her back, in the process of which caused the giant explosion that lead to The Ruined World.  All DA KING wants is Nadeshiko so he dont give a fuck abt anything else

Bishop comes in to see how Nadeshiko is doing and when Nadeshiko’s like “U NOT MAI MADOKA :@:@:@” he realises that Nadeshiko’s ronery and wants someone she can trust so he’s all “OH WELL MAH JOB IS TO KEEP U HAPPY SO IMA MAKE U FEEL LOVED >;D>;D” and he starts snogging her fingers loool.  Nadeshiko does not react well to this.

After Nadeshiko sees how fucked up The Ruined World has become because of DA KING’s conquest to revive her, she rages at Bishop who’s been intentionally saying shit to piss her off to get her to cry and let it all out.  Lol course he covers this up by saying it’s cuz she was friggin loud and wanted to shut her up das all.

Anyway Bishop is serving the DA KING cuz Nakaba went MIA when the explosion happened and DA KING promised to help find Nakaba if Bishop joined him.  Shortly after, Nadeshiko gets taken by none other than Nakaba who’s now some journalist who runs around helping ppl.  Bishop catches up and is all pissy jealous till Nadeshiko’s like “FUCK DAS UR BRO NAKABA”.

Bishop and Nadeshiko go back to DA KING and there, Nadeshiko persuades Bishop to leave DA KING cuz now he has no incentive to serve the guy, he’s found Nakaba already.  Bishop agrees to leave but says he can’t take Nadeshiko cuz DA KING will go berserk so leaves after telling her dat she’s ONE HELLUVA WOMAN ;D

Bishop’s gone now and the next day, Rain hands Nadeshiko the strap Madoka made her cuz Bishop asked Rain to go back in time and get it for Nadeshiko =D  DA KING reveals that he knew where Madoka’s family was all along but dint say no nutin to make Madoka pay for his sins – the HANABUSA family were being threatened and were blackmailed into getting Madoka to call Nadeshiko out to trigger theaccident.


Bishop’s like “NO BEETCH UR MINE U STAY IN KITCHEN” and refuses to let Nadeshiko go home.  Das good with Nadeshiko cuz she don’t wanna go home anyway and decides to stay with Bishop.

Soo the two remain on the run from DA KING, spend their lives being tsundere and bickering over everything but always making up by making out against the walls LOL


DA KING decides to make Nadeshiko his WAIFU.  Bishop’s like “NPNP :D” so Nakaba bitchslaps the guy to get him to BE A REAL MAN AND FIGHT FO THE WOMAN HE LOVES so Bishop breaks into DA KING’s HQ and takes Nadeshiko back with him where they then proceed onto having a giant tsuntsuntsundere makeout fest to show their love for each other – “WOMAN TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!”

Nadeshiko decides to return home so Bishop busts back into DA KING’s HQ to use the lab to send her back.  Bishop doesn’t return with her and when Nadeshiko wakes up, she’s in her own room with Madoka by her side.  Like in Rittan’s path, she suddenly collapsed at school and when Nadeshiko rmbs Bishop, she starts crying while Madoka does his best to console her.

10 years later, Nakaba’s become a chef and Madoka, a jewellery designer.  Madoka gets all jealous when he sees Nadeshiko talking to Nakaba but hands her a handmade bracelet cuz it’s her bday.  Nadeshiko realises she’s seen this bracelet before and takes out the exact same one that Bishop made her.  She can’t rmb who made it cuz she’s lost her memories of The Ruined World but Madoka immediately rages and  is all “JEALOUS?  WHO ME? WHAT IS THIS THING U CALL JEALOUSY?? :@:@:@:@:@” before snogging her in front of everyone in the cafe ;D

Kaidou Takato

Whew finally down to the last guy!  Takato’s the transfer student and lol as Nadeshiko puts it, he’s the 「SAWAYAKA系」.  He’s like Kazehaya from KnT, even voiced by the same dude Namikawa Daisuke and immediately becomes bff with the whole class, being the nice refreshing likable guy he is…course his future self becomes rather…o.O;;

He’s pretty interested in Nadeshiko from the start cuz she doesn’t fawn over him and in turn, Nadeshiko comes to like him too cuz of how chill and mature he is.  Much to the chagrin of all his fangirls, the two become bff and start chilling together after school.

Nadeshiko finds out that Takato’s considered a child prodigy by many and that the kid loves doing dem freaky experiments lol.  Though he’s good at making new stuff, he can’t cook for his life and ends up blowing up the school kitchen so to console him, Nadeshiko invites him over to her place to make cookies together.

Kay das the end of the nice kiddy stuff and Nadeshiko is taken by Bishop and wakes up in the CLOCK ZERO HQ.  She’s brought to DA KING who is DUN DUN DUN TAKATO!!  And at the same time, DA KING was also Kaga sensei.  lol kay they reveal this early on in every route but oh wellz xD  Takato confesses to Nadeshiko and hopes that she can like him too.

Nadeshiko’s just shit pissed terrified of Takato now cuz the dude fucking blew up to world to revive her and doesn’t seem to give a poop that the world’s now a giant shithole.  To top that all that, his overwhelming kindness towards her is just plain creepy and Takato then asks her to join his CLOCK ZERO group and become his queen.

Course Nadeshiko’s tells Takato he’s wrong but the latter explains that the accident is balls hard to stop but not impossible.  He won’t stop it though, cuz that just means he’s opened up  new worlds where Nadeshiko doesn’t get into an accident, doesn’t mean that the worlds where Nadeshiko got bonked cease to exist.  All he cares abt is THIS Nadeshiko so fuck everything else, he doesn’t need a world without her in it.

Takato decides to forbid Nadeshiko from going outside and tightens the security in fear that Nadeshiko will meet with Waka’s group and form a huge rebellion against him.  Nadeshiko decides to ask Rain abt The Ruined World where the guy sez that all the citizens are under strict surveillance but they don’t rebel cuz DA KING offers them security no matter how fucked up his ideals are. Rain of course, doesn’t give a fuck abt this world either.

Pissed that she’s being put under house arrest, she confronts Takato abt it who says that fine, he’ll let her out alone if…”YOU KISS ME ;D”.  Nadeshiko’s like “GTFO U FUCKIN PEDO” but Takato explains that she’s actually been aging mentally much faster since she got put into her 2020 body so really, she’s 22 already.  Takato’s been waiting for 10 years to touch her and can’t hold back anymore so Nadeshiko sucks it up and kisses the lolicon lol

Soon after, Nadeshiko decides to GTFO, away from creeper Takato but Takato finds her anyway and begs her not to leave him.  He’s realised how messed up he is and doesn’t know how he feels abt his equally messed up ideals and this toilet bowl world he’s created.

Rain then takes Nadeshiko to see Waka and Rittan cuz he wants to mass rebel against Takato and destroy this crapsack world.  They’ll then kill DA KING to show the world that there’s still hope and from then on, a new age will begin.  Obviously Nadeshiko’s like “WTF IS WRONG WITH U PPL” but eh wot can she do?

Nadeshiko races back to Takato who’s relieved she’s come back to him and she promises that she’ll always stay by his side if he releases the people from his rule.  Takato reveals that on the day of the accident, they were supposed to meet up and he planned on confessing to her then but BAM she became a vegetable and dat was dat.  He asks if she’ll kip with him tonight and there, he confesses that he’s falling more and more in love with her and Nadeshiko realises tht she is too.

The next day, Waka’s people come to attack and Nadeshiko ends up taking a bullet for Takato.  Takato realises that Rain has betrayed him and horry shiet yes indeed, the one behind all this balls is actually Rain.  A couple years back, Rain’s lil sis got killed in a traffic accident and hearing that Takato’s a genius who’s tryna bring vegetable Nadeshiko back, Rain believed that Takato cud actually raise the dead.  Here Takato’s still relatively sane so he rejects Rain – The dead should stay dead.  Rain decided to teach Takato a lesson so he looked for the person Takato liked, bumped into Nadeshiko, realised it was her and did the whole accident coma thing.  Unfortunately, Nadeshiko just turned into a vegetable and din’t die but now her condition is critical and Rain is hoping that now, Takato wud be forced to further his research and step into bringing back the dead.  Takato again, rejects Rain cuz he promised Nadeshiko Nadeshiko “NO MORE RETARD” so he’s not gonna go nuts and start pulling up zombies even if it means Nadeshiko mite die and stay dead.

All turns out okay and Nadeshiko is saved.  The first thing she does is confess her love for Takato and they start eating each others’ faces lol.  Then Waka’s people burn down the building and Bishop tries to flee with Nadeshiko but she goes back to find Takato.  Takato’s resolved to die cuz she’s caused to much shit to happen to Nadeshiko already but she’s like “DON’T U DARE LEAVE ME U MAH SLUT” so the two of them run.


The two spend their lives in hiding while Waka’s group has taken over and declared a revolution.


Takato plans on sending Nadeshiko back cuz it’s too unsafe here.  Nadeshiko wants him to go back too but Takato says he can’t make her happy and always wanted to be with her.  He hugs her and cries while wishing for her happiness back in 2010 and sends her back T.T

Nadeshiko wakes up in the school where time’s flowing again.  She flips out when she sees Takato knocked out on the ground and when he wakes up, she immediately glomps him and tells him to never ever leave her again.

11 years later, Takato’s become a teacher at their old school and he and Nadeshiko are lovers.  Takato saved Nadeshiko from the accident cuz of a letter from 2020 Takato and in order to prevent Rain from pulling the same shit, Takato stopped all his research and never became a super famous child scientist or woteva.  Anyway the two decide to call all their old school buddies up and have a reunion.

Meanwhile with 2020 DA KING Takato, he’s been watching over 2020 Nadeshiko’s body ever since and still doesn’t know if she’ll ever wake up. He leaves the room and right after that, 2020 Nadeshiko opens her eyes.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

omfg DEM FUCKING STUPID TESTS i took so long to finish this game thanks to them :@:@:@:@:@

Lol i loved all the characters i swear, all of them had their lil quirks and were so adorable xD  If I had to choose a fave…i guess I’d go for Waka and Bishop –  I love yandere characters haha and Bishop was just damn sexy =P  Shuuya n Rittan come in a close second too cuz the former made me shit bricks the whole time and the latter’s kuudereness was cute xD  And uh Takato.  He creeped me out so much with his stalkerish obsession with Nadeshiko but I still liked him cuz of Namikawa Daisuke  and u kno, he really did love Nadeshiko STILL DOESN’T MEAN HE’S NOT FUCKING CREEPY. Nadeshiko was a pretty badass heroine, I like how she isn’t the useless airheaded shoujo heroine but did stuff and if her manz don’t do shit then she’s all “COME BACK HERE BEETCH” XD  For the supporting characters, Kaede was my favourite cuz damn he’s such a hero and tries to be all tough guy but is actually a huge softie inside xD

The music’s damn nice and it’s one of those rare games that has an OP that doesn’t make me cringe and click mute.  I swear Namikawa Daisuke should be given some kind of award for making Takato sound so creepy, nice and pained at the same time, hearing him  made me all teary T.T  I also really liked Rain’s voice though I have no clue who voiced him, he sounded so cute but damn was malicious at the same time o.O;;  Lol and Tora sounds exactly the same 10 years later, it’s like he din’t hit puberty at all xD

The style’s  lil different but u can definitely tell it’s SYK art CUZ LOOK AT DEM CARROT NOSES!!  The mouths looked like cardboard cutouts at times imao and were sometimes placed too close to dem carrot nose but eh woteva the art’s still good.  Definitely Bishop’s design was the best, dem asian eyes and dat pimpin fur jacket xD

As for the story, I quite liked it with the time travelling and how some of the endings were  bittersweet, especially Bishop, Rittan’s and uh Waka’s crazy yandere one lol.  I’m pretty satisfied  that 2020 Takato got his happy ending in the end cuz god give the guy a break, he blew up the world for the girl he loves!  I wish Kaede got a route of his own though, he was so adorable <3

NOW FOR MY ONE MAJOR GRIPE WITH THIS GAME: WHY THE FUCK DID OTOMATE PUT IN DEM STUPID TESTS?!?!  it was so fucking random cuz half the story was basically doing pointless tests that i had to type out in KATAKANA and then when I got it wrong, they’d give me 2 choices with the right answers in em!  WHY NOT JUST DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?  So it was pretty hell everytime I finished a character’s route cuz then I’d have to start dem tests again and I got so irked I stopped playing several times and started some other games ==*****

Well, that aside, this game was real fun to play.  The highlights are definitely the awesome cast and heroine, fitting music and a good (if inconsistent) art along with an interesting plot so play this game and don’t drop it cuz of the super fucking annoying tests or cuz of Takato’s creepiness LOL ;D

25 Responses to “Otome Game Review – CLOCK ZERO ~ Shuuen no Ichibyou ~”

  1. CZ<3333 *jumped when I saw this post XD*

    Award to NMWK Daisuke = YES LET'S GIVE HIM ONE XD XD *Loves Takato forever* If there hadn't been any pain and kindness mixed in his voice I probably wouldn't have fallen for him this much. *is sensitive to those subtle things* He was freaking me out and making my heart hurt at the same time… so I couldn't stop thinking about him. Loved all the characters too<3 I keep wishing Otomate would make a FD for this game as good as SYK's..

    • domshiki Says:

      lol same here if it wasn’t for namikawa daisuke, i’d still have been completely ” WTF CREEPER” abt takato and wud prolly have just hated him =P

      wow a fd for this?? DAMN DO WANT! hope they include a path for Rain and Kaede cuz the latter was totally adorable <3


    … the art still has the weird faces? i thought the artist improved coz the pics in Bs log looked really pretty. Still, all i can say is that the new game that the artist is covering looks pretty … plain? Kinda typical Otomate. Guess there will be tests in that one as well because its gakuen.

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL cuz it’s true, Nadeshiko turns into a vegetable! u kno, vegetative state -> COMA?? =P

      yeah she did improve but STILL the faces looked so stupid at some parts…yeah the new game does look kinda -_- and i will fucking burn my psp if it has test :@:@:@

  3. OMG YES Bishop is so damn sexy <333
    Namikawa did a great job as Takato, since it's partly thanks to his voice that my impression of Takato changed from "what a creeper" → "Takatooo ;_;" lol. As much as I love him, I still think his obsession's creepy. *shot* Glad to hear you loved this since stupid tests aside, Clock Zero is a great game~

    LOL and yeah Nadeshiko is a great heroine. With Rittan it was like "how dare you leave me!" *drags him back* lol. We really need more heroines like this since I'm getting bored of seeing damsels in distress over and over again. xD

    • domshiki Says:

      loool yeah giant creeper Takato I swear he kept making me go “WTF GTFO” wenever he came on screen and started serenading Nadeshiko but he turned out to be so friggin sweet (STILL CREEPY) ;D

      same ere nadeshiko’s a big reason to why i wanted to check this game out and damn im not disappointed, she’s a total badass and knows how to DO SOMETHING XD

  4. Finally you played it! This is my most fav otome games.. I love it sooo much! True, maybe some faces looks weird in some parts, but nevermind it. The story was really complex but they got happy ending, so it’s still cover the complexity.

    • domshiki Says:

      haha yeah took ages to finish this soz! xD same ere, i really liked this game as well, wish i played it earlier =P
      the story was more complex than most otome games but im surprised cuz it still turned out to be fairly simple, well simpler than i thought cuz it wasn’t too convoluted and wot with TIME TRAVELLING one wud expect some crazyass plot eh?

  5. Mint Says:

    OMG. I am a long time reader but this is my first time posting (evidently!).
    Just wanted to say how I have always looked forward to your reviews and have been crossing my fingers hoping that you’d write about Clock Zero… Thanks for another shining report and I’ll always be reading~ Kukuku… :D

    • domshiki Says:

      haha thanks! i be lookin forward to see u around here ;D soz it took so long for this, clock zero got pretty draggy at times and DEM TESTS… :@:@:@:@

  6. If those tests annoy you, just think of me, taking 11 exams per guy & catching over 100 action lines while I plow through Vitamin Z!!!11one XDXD

    I liked this game a lot. Tora scared the fuck out of me but somehow I figured you’d like him the best! Rittan was at the top of my list and well Takato..I just pity da fool but yea he’s a creep lol. Oh well love makes people do crazy things sometimes…like blow up the world.

    • domshiki Says:

      omg vit z tests were HORRIBLE especially at the end where u get some crazyass LAST BOSS CONSECUTIVE TESTS :@:@:@:@ lol i onli REALLY liked ten (he’s so friggin retarded but so adorable) so i played his route and then put it on near indefinite hold haha

      looool same i thought i’d like takato the best cuz he was creepy but…i prefer YANDERE kind of creepy like waka where he just goes nuts and kills HIMSELF lmao and takato was just…”KAY BACK AWAY SLOWLY…”
      i liked rittan too but by the time i finished the game i cudnt really rmb his route anymore LOL and on the grand scale of things, rittan’s route kinda amounted to nothing in the story ==;;

  7. kaon Says:

    thank you¡¡¡¡¡
    so much¡¡

  8. fafa Says:

    W..wow!!! Rittan grown up version look damn hot!! And…so damn different from his shota self!!!!!! O_O!!

  9. jess Says:

    where do you find the guide or waltroguh becuase i find one but always say end2 D: i dont know what to do please help me D::

  10. jess Says:

    hey you have to do with all the character fisrt then you win the other ending right becuase now i did what is say the guide but now is ending 3 xD

    • domshiki Says:

      lol not sure wot u mean? xD which character and? xD

      • jess Says:

        hmm with tora i cant .-.

      • domshiki Says:

        with tora:
        – don’t talk to rain
        – don’t take hints from rain when doing the tests, do everything through katakana (yes hell i kno but otomate likes trolling us xD)
        – always pick 有心会 when choosin where to go in The Ruined World

        eheh does this help? ;)

  11. “Nadeshiko bitchslaps Waka says she can’t trust Waka, that she’s not the Tora she used to know so Waka gets all rapey on her and is like “THE FUT U KNO ABT ME” and is abt to prod her with his wang but Nadeshiko starts crying and he stops. He’s like “GODDAMN DIS MAKE ME LOOK LIKE BIG RAPIST” lmao so he gets kinky, licks her tears away and apologises xD”

    I’M LAUGHING SO HARD HERE I FELL DOWN FROM MY CHAIR LMAO. Oh my gosh this must be one of the funniest reviews I’ve ever read. Just started playing this game recently and I love it so far. But I think your review increased my love for it x10. The summary for Tora’s and Shuuya’s routes are really LOL in the good way. x’DD

  12. Saia Says:

    Hello there I’m trying to play this game but I can not do XX is there a site with the walkthrough dialogues?

  13. это игра или аниме?

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