BL Game Review – Omerta ~ Chinmoku no Okite ~

Alternative Titles: オメルタ~沈黙の掟~

Company: Karin Entertainment Chatnoir Omega

Release Date: 22.04.11

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, mafia, rape, hitmen, romance, awesome protagonist <3

Plot Summary: The debut game of Karin Entertainment’s gay buttsecks branch company lol xD  In JJ’s town, everyone’s a giant sleazeball and he’s no exception; he’s a pro hitman.  Naturally since he’s all BAU5, he draws the attention of the two major gangs in the town” Dragon Head (DH) and King Caesar (KC) and gets wrapped up in all the shiet between em.


When JJ was a kid, he went on vacation with his parents but the plane got shot down by some guerilla dudes and everyone died cept fo him.  He was taken by the guerilla dudes who made him their chewtoy, the boss assraped him 24/7 365 and he was quickly made into a child soldier.  He was called JJ which = short for “JAP JUNIOR”.  He thought it’d finally end when his group was taken down but instead of dying too, he was taken back to Japan. There, he  was put into rehab and whilst wondering why the fut he ain’t dead, he realises that he’s been a soldier for so long that the only thing he knows and can think about is killing.

Thus he escapes his rehab place, finds the sleazy town he’s in now and became a badass hitman – “DEATHSCYTHE”. Since then, JJ’s been living out his life killing people left and right but goddamnit he’s BORED.  He gets the same shitty requests everyday, taking down the small fry, prey dat dont fight back so he’s pretty happy when he gets a job from the KC gang – the big boys.  He’s to kill target WANIBUCHI but when he gets to the target’s room, there are already 2 people dead inside.  The victims’ son, Azusa,  walks in and believes JJ’s the murderer.  Soon, JJ gets a call from his informant that the people who hired him have been killed, that the two people dead are innocent bystanders and that KC believe this is all some giant shit stunt JJ pulled so they’re out fo his ass.  JJ then takes the son , goes into hiding and keeps a profile for the next 5 years till shit happens again.

Toono Azusa

Eheheheh u just gotta love his kitty ears hair xD  Azusa used to be ur normal 15 yr old but after walking in on his parents’ dead bodies, it’s turned him into an angry raging  shota who’s sworn to get revenge on JJ.  JJ doesn’t even bother to try and explain his innocence so but took Azusa in to prevent KS from tracing Azusa back to him and since then, Azunyan’s been tryin to snip off JJ’s wee wee.

For the past 5 years, Azusa’s been trying to kill JJ but to no avail cuz the guy can’t even hold a gun properly and has the most unfortunate hampering tendency to scream “ALRITE JJ IMA BEATCHYO ASS  U CAN COME STOP ME ANYTIME NOW” before he does anything. LMAO, like talk abt being discreet xD

Along the way, both of them have fallen into some giant messy love with each other but neither can express it cuz of the shitty situation. Azunyan’s level of PURE SUCK gets so ridonkulous dat JJ decides to teach him how to use a gun – lol wtf why u teach boy who wanna gank u how to pew pew??

But still we gotta rmb dat Azunyan hates JJ’s killin job so everytime when JJ goes out for a job, he always rages and calls him a fuckin murderer.  This apparently gets JJ all turned on so he rapes Asuza and they have some hot angry sex like they always do – it’s pretty obvious they both love each other but i guess given their circumstances, they can’t really do anything abt it.

Anyway JJ rescues some db hitman who rapes Azunyan. JJ goes nuts and tries to blow the guy’s brains out but Azusa stops him and the db walks off.  JJ’s all ragey and asks WTF is going on but Azusa just sez JJ’s too weak now, can’t kill like he used to so he’s gonna go learn how to pew pew from other hitmen and he leaves.

JJ finds out the next day dat Azusa has joined DH to become stronger.  He realises how alone he is without Azusa runs around tryna find Azusa’s whereabouts and a year later, rumours circulate that a new badass hitman called ICEPICK has come up and is also the DH boss’s new sex toy.  Hearing that Azunyan also now works as a prostitute, JJ goes to the shop and bumps into Azusa who’s working as a bodyguard.  Azusa doesn’t recognise JJ at all and it turns out that he’s lost his memories and only retained those from a year ago.

Azunyan’s then ordered to kill JJ.  The DH guys tell him that JJ’s the one who maimed his parents 6 years ago.  Azusa starts rmbing parts abt JJ and seeing him waver, the DH boss orders that he be gangraped WTF where Azusa blacks out and rmbs JJ completely, how the guy raped him and shit but essentially, was a nice guy  and before he knew it, Azusa was already in love with him.

Later on, JJ finds Azusa and hands him the bird the kid used to keep back then.  Before leaving, JJ tells Azusa to meet him that night where they’ll end this bs.

That night, the two pew pew each other till they’re both half dead where they start screaming each other for all the shit the other has put em through by being separated and in the end, the two collapse and start lmaoin and insultin each other before they black out.

JJ’s abt to die but dreams of Azusa who’s like “DON’T U FUCKIN DARE DIE ON ME BEETCH” so he comes back and wakes up in a hospital bed wit Azusa.  Azusa wakes up too and laments how he relises that he’ll never be able to own JJ but was secretly happy that JJ came to find him cuz being away from JJ, the loneliness was near unbearable.  However, he’s now in DH so he tells JJ he’s gonna return there but good for em both, they hear that evidence to convict DH of all their crimes has surfaced so the whole group is now in shambles.

DH disbands and Azunyan moves back in with JJ. Azusa’s heard the truth that JJ ain’t his parents’ killers so isn’t gonna kill JJ anymore but cuz of JJ anyway, his life’s been fucked around with and he can’t return to living in the normal world so 「。。。その責任とか、取ってくれんのかな?」 D’aaaaw Azusa xD  That leads to some rooftop sex where Azusa confesses that he’s always liked JJ and JJ says dat he missed Azusa ;)

After dat, the two move into a decent apartment and try to live non killer lives in this crappy ass world ;D

Sad End

During the fight, JJ finds himself unable to kill Azusa so gets hit by Azunyan.  Azunyan immediately regrets it and as they spend their last moments together reminiscing the past, Azusa holds JJ’s hands and our protagonist tells Azunyan to live before he dies.  Azunyan returns to DH and DH tries to kill him.  He fights his way to Liu’s office where they get into a gunfight and Azusa’s abt to get owned but seeing JJ’s bullet necklace gives him strength and he manages to kill Liu.  

Azunyan blacks out and wakes up in the hospi.  There he realises just how much JJ treasured him and how much he himself was in love with JJ and he starts crying and mourning the loss of JJ.  He goes to JJ’s apartment, frees the bird he kept and decides to leave this shitty sleazeball town and live on as JJ told him to.

Uuuuuuu… This got me all teary in the end, JJ!!! T.T

Bad End

Azusa joins DH, becomes a killer, forgets abt JJ and gets hooked onto pot.  From all his blazing, he goes nuts, fights JJ and kills the guy through playing dead.  DH then kills him.

Tachibana Youji

Youji’s the チャラチャラ character so I thought i’d like him but goddamn his voice was so fucking whiny and he acted so much like a fuckin drunk selfish shit that he just pissed me off half the time and made me wanna drive a screwdriver up his ass – but then again he’d prolly like dat LOL. He’s also pretty pro a hitman and personalitywise, he’s normally pretty bright, cheery and says some pretty damn funny things but that belies a much more douchebaggy annoying nature underneath

JJ meets Youji 5 years during his mission fuck up but hasn’t seen the guy since.  Youji’s the db hitman mentioned in Azunyan’s route that JJ finds and cuz JJ’s  a nice guy, he drags Youji back and i lmaoed so hard when JJ was like “U GOT SHOT?!?!” and Youji has a “noshitcaptainobvious” moment by retorting「俺が、自分の体にトンネル開けて、出血サビースするような、芸人にでも見える、んか?」 LOLOLOL funnnehhhh xD

JJ fixes the guy up and Youji crashes at JJ’s place for the next few weeks much to JJ and Azunyan’s chagrin. After a while, JJ can’t take Youji’s leeching shit so tells the guy to GTFO in a week.  As a farewell party for HIMSELF, Youji decides to have some magic nabe where the guy randomly chucks in SHOES and sunglasses into the pot just for kicks lmao.  He spends his time pissing Azunyan off by hitting on JJ as well so the little kid’s pretty happy when he hears Youji’s gonna leave

Since Youji won’t tell him wot happened with his gunfight, JJ goes out to his informant but as we all know, when he comes back, he finds Youji rapin Azusa and promptly wants to shove a bullet into his stupid blonde head but finds that he can’t when Azunyan tells him not to.  This allows Youji to whack JJ and tell him that JJ’s starting to become human cuz of Azusa and that JJ wasn’t the “DEATH SCYTHE” he admired before he leaves.

Azusa follows Youji but Youji tells him to GTFO cuz he hates the lil twerp for making JJ the ruined pathetic man he is now.  He calls JJ out for a duel and starts raging about how JJ’s crushed his dreams of the badass “DEATH SCYTHE” he thought he was but course, JJ owns his ass and then ppl come in looking for Youji.  JJ’s like “omfg i can’t this idiocy no more” and is abt to ditch Youji but the guy’s like “BEETCH TAKE ME WITH U” so u kno, being the nice guy he is, JJ decides to help him out and they run.

Turns out Youji used to be a host with the dudes who were tryna to kill him just then.  They were bff and all till one day, Youji walks in on the bunch of em getting stoned on drugs and totally flipped out when one called Keiichi shot some into him so Youji whipped out his dual machine guns and killed everyone cept for Keiichi.

Anyway Youji realises he’s gotta clear up this shit so JJ decides to help out and they both bust into Keiichi’s HQ and when asked which group he’s part of, Youji’s like 「三年B組み!」LOLOLOL  before he puts a bullet through Keiichi’s head and all’s good.

They return to JJ’s condo where Youji’s all T.T abt havin killed his former bff and JJ’s like “ALRITE U BIG PUSSY U CAN CRY ON MA SHOULDER” which gets Youji going all HNNNNNNNNNNNNG so he takes the whole mile and starts molesting JJ and even goes for a round 2 xD

DH starts going after the two thanks to their lil shit stunt in killing Keiichi.  Youji’s such a fucking retard he just dances around and pew pews every enemy he sees instead of running away so JJ punches him and is like “WTF IT’S DRAGON FUCKIN HEAD WE DEALIN WITH STOP WASTIN BULLETS DUMB SHIT” and Youji gets all violent and SWINGS A KNIFE AT JJ wut the?!?! JJ catches it and is all “NO SRSLY STOP FUCKING AROUND” and says he ain’t letting Youji die cuz of idiot syndrome so stfu and listen to him.

Youji declares that he can’t live without JJ and the two of em go back to clear shit up with DH and return to living in JJ’s apartment. Youji gets all horny so sexy time ensues while Youji confesses that he’s loved JJ since meeting him and that he’s not to run off and sleep with anyone else xD

In the end, the two move to Osaka together, continuing their jobs as hitmen and fighting over any job they can find.

Bad End: Both get caught by DH and die.

Toudou Shouichirou/ MASTER

A 40ish yr old bartender.  He’s a real nice serene papa to JJ and helps the guy out a lot.  Course this is SLEAZEBALL TOWN we’re talking abotu so underneath his bartender job he’s actually an information house dude, sells weapons and acts as a middleman for mafia work.  He’s actually pretty damn scary, has got a hell lotta influence in the town and if Toudou hates you, you ain’t gon be around for too long ;)

When JJ was brought to Japan, Toudou was the rehab guy who took care of JJ and talked to him.  He offered to take JJ in but cuz JJ knew that he was a messed up kid, he rejected Toudou’s offer and Toudou told him to come visit him in his Epilogue Bar anytime.

They’ve been buddies for some years now and JJ kept his hitman job a secret from Toudou and in turn, Toudou kept his other jobs a secret.  Course Toudou already knew, he is and info house dude and reveals that he knows later on.

Similarly here, Youji takes Azunyan and JJ totally flips out when he finds out Youji’s sold Azunyan to DH as a sex toy.  Master tells JJ where DH’s slutty sex slaves storehouse is lol and JJ’s abt to go but Master insists on giving the guy his lahzzors and then says he’s gonna introduce him to a proass sniper.

While JJ’s glossin over dem blueprints, Toudou hugs JJ and lamenting how fast the guy’s grown up, makes JJ promise that he won’t do anything reckless there cuz he don’t wanna lose his JJ.  JJ agrees, makes Toudou promise too before noticing that he’s got a hard on from the hug LMAO where Toudou’s like 「クク、若いですね, JJ」and turns out Toudou’s got a boner too xDxD  Toudou says dat he wasn’t gonna ask for anything in return from JJ but then says that if they both come back alive, he’s gonna be lovin JJ tonight >;D

Haha to JJ’s wtf, the proass sniper = Toudou and they both head out to where Azunyan is.  They take the sewers where they both gotta crawl and Toudou’s like “NICE ASS” lololol before they bust into the place and find some pervert tryna stick his smelly dong into Azunyan’s poop chute.

Master and JJ charge in to save Azunyan and they get a frnd of Master’s to take Azusa back to CIVILIZATION where Azusa finds that he can’t kill JJ and the two have some giant tsundere farewell before JJ heads back to Toudou’s condo.

There Toudou says that he wants JJ to continue his bar in the future and he reveals that he used to be part of KS and was the boss’s right hand man.  Anyway he stopped after his hot MILF of an Italian wife and loli daughter were killed in a gang war.

No time to chill though cuz DH’s people come after em and start nuking Master’s bar.  Oh shit, now they’ve gone and done it so Master gets all badass, whips out his 29834729384739284 guns and molotov cocktails dem  bastards before they make a run for it and hop onto a boat.

JJ apologises for getting Master caught up in all this shit but the guy sez if it’s for JJ, anything’s good.  JJ then asks where they going and jokes that they go to Italy together which turns Master on and is all 「そんなに僕の夜の顔を見たいですか?」before he gives JJ some rape drugs rofl and is all lovin JJ tonite ;)  Lol he doesn’t let JJ cum till JJ promises to be his only so JJ agrees to it if Master consents to be his only as well ;D

In the end, the two drink to their future and decide to head to Italy or summin to start another Epilogue Bar all over again.

Sad End

This branches off from Azusa’s path.  Ere, Master is in love with Youji (HOW)who dies and JJ is in despair after finding out that Azusa doesn’t rmb him.  Both lonely, they decide to use each other and have sexy time together.

Bad End

Master gets shot during the barfight and though JJ wants to save him, he has a heroic BSOD and ends up strangling Master and killing him instead.  Realising that the only thing he can do is kill, JJ goes into berserker mode, charges headfirst into the line of fire and after taking out 72894324328 people, gets shot himself and dies presumably.

Kiryuu Reiji

A young member of KC.  He’s utterly devoted to and in love with the KC head, Ruka, and would die for the guy.  He’s serious, holier than thou and snappish to anyone who’s not his beloved Ruka and spends all his time bitchfighting with JJ but course, he mellows down to a giant tennen tsundere later on AND IS SO FUCKING ADORABLE XDXD

In this route, Youji doesn’t show up to rape Azusa and sell him off to DH or anything.  Instead, JJ accepts a KC request through Master after hearing that the KC guys aren’t after JJ anymore simply because Toudou LIKES JJ lol.

Touudou introduces Kiryuu to JJ and they immediately they get off on the wrong foot when JJ starts commenting on wot a crap boss Ruka must be lol. Anyway the job is to be Kiryuu’s bodyguard for his own lil extracurricular activities so to speak, and after seeing how badass JJ is, he acknowledges him for his l337 skillz and they head back to the bar.

There, Ruka is waiting and socks Kiryuu in the face for runnin around doin his own lil missions without his permission and then explains that the case 5 years ago was all the work of DH and since KC is now entering a gang war with DH, they want JJ to join em. JJ agrees and Kiryuu is all KJAS8Y9IKADSNBFSADF “BEETCH I KEEL U” with jealousy cuz Ruka has clearly taken a liking to JJ.

When they get to the KC HQ, Kiryuu starts beating the shit outta JJ and interrogates the guy, demanding to know whether he’s a spy.  However, JJ stays silent whille ke gets kicked around for 283438462 hrs and he blacks out.

JJ acts as if nothing has happened but Ruka finds out and is crazy ass pissed at Kiryuu.  JJ tries to cover for the guy but Kiryuu admits to everything, gets down on his knees and apologises to JJ.

Still Kiryuu’s a cold bastard and that only worsens when it turns out that Ruka REALLY REALLY likes JJ and JJ catches Kiryuu jackin off to Ruka.   Well course Kiryuu sees JJ but JJ’s just like 「まあ、気にするな。よくあることだ。」 lmao and Kiryuu’s all blushy fumbly asking whether or not anything happened btwn him and Ruka xD  Kiryuu’s sexy porn show’s gotten JJ pretty horny so he’s like “I MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR STOPPING U HALFWAY” and then has sexy time with Kiryuu LOL JJ

Lol soon it’s Kiryuu’s bday so everyone prepares gifts for him.  JJ has never gotten anyone anything before so doesn’t know wot to give but hears from the others that Kiryuu likes soba big time.  During the party, Kiryuu is called up to give a speech where it turns out the poor guy’s good a terrible case of stage fright and starts freaking out lol.  Anyway, JJ hands Kiryuu his gift which is a giant barrel of COOKED SOBA.  Kiryuu starts raging abt how JJ is a fuckin dumb shit to put cooked soba in a giant barrel and just give it to him, sure uncooked is fine BUT WTF COOKED now it’s all soggy, lukewarm and smelly “THANKS A LOT FOR WASTING FOOD DOUCHEBAG :@:@”

Later on, Ruka gets shot but JJ’s blood is a match so the guy is saved.  Kiryuu is all grateful but he starts drinking and gets all wangsty abt how he cudnt do jack shit to protect Ruka.  Kiryuu used to be a lawyer cuz he wanted to go after the mafia dudes who killed his bff.  Anyway, that led him to KC where Ruka saved his life, saw his pew pew pro skills so wanted Kiryuu to join him.  Ruka tells Kiryuu tht the dude that killed his frnd’s already dead so it’s all good, dwbi and just join KC.  Seeing as Ruka’s one sexy manbeast, Kiryuu decides to join.  All this talk abt Ruka has gotten JJ super jealous so he makes out with Kiryuu and is like “STFU STOP TALKING ABT OTHER MENZ THE PERFECT MAN IS IN FRONT OF U” which results in both of them all embarrassed red faced  xD Oh JJ,

They go to fix this crap with DH and both promise to return alive.  JJ decides to stay in KC but away from the HQ to gather info on DH or summin and he figures he’s not fit for this “mafia family” crap anyway.  Kiryuu is not happy with this and is all “You’re leaving me??” where JJ internally begs the guy to STFU and stop acting so goddamned cute before he turns to leave but Kiryuu grabs him and is like “I WANT YOU NOW “ so the two make der hot sweet love for the last time before JJ leaves.  lol i love the CG for this, so friggin cute xD

After dat, JJ’s working elsewhere and takes missions for KC through phone.  One day he’s gotta meet Kiryuu for a job where JJ calls the guy by his first name “REIJI” and has his all NBHJDSGFUISPNLBFASFing before JJ invites Kiryuu out for a lil date tomorrow night.  Kiryuu’s like “NO I REJECT U” so JJ’s like “Oh wellz too bad” before Kiryuu hastily mumbles that he’s free TONIGHT ;D

Bad End

Kiryuu gets killed during the fight with DH and before he dies, he records 4 voice messages for JJ, telling him that he’s sorry for being a dick at first, that before he knew it, JJ was the most important thing to him and that he hopes he can live on.

Ruka Belini

The half Italian head of KC.  At 33, he’s pretty young a boss and seems pretty unreliable too, wot with his manwhoring tendencies and 24/7 365 of getting totally wasted but well, he ain’t called the “Sleeping Lion” for nutin – if you touch his men, his family, he will bust all his 32473294 nuts and hunt u down lol.  As for his character, he’s very relaxed and goes at his own pace and will hit on anything that moves lmao xD  Oh and I love his sharp pointy teeth, makes him really seem like a big fluffy lion eheh

His route follows Kiryuu’s route.  So yeah, Ruka takes an instant liking to JJ and our protagonist soon realises that Ruka likes him in “that way”.  Well JJ doesn’t really care and just goes along with the flow so ends up letting Ruka sex him up.  Ruka wants JJ to be only his and promises to protect and be there for JJ when the guy’s ronery ;)

Anyway, KC is soon attacked and Kiryuu is taken hostage.  DH send a lil box to Ruka and inside, is a bloody ear – Kiryuu’s ear.  Ruka goes all tranquil fury and orders his men to go get Kiryuu back and ere, Youji’s part of DH and was the one who took out Kiryuu.

There’s a huge gangfight and Ruka ends up joining the fray himself and super pissed, he massrapes every DH member in the vicinity and JJ ends up killing Youjifut yeah i was cheering at this part, stupid whiny Youji the more he shows up the more I start hating him ==***

They can’t find Kiryuu but Youji told JJ where the DH HQ is so JJ takes a lil solo trip of his own and breaks into the place.  Ruka finds out though and has to save JJ’s ass but punishments later, they all head inside and find the DH boss Liu Jien.  Liu’s like “HAHA UR BITCH AINT HERE’ and commits suicide before Ruka can do anything.

Ruka’s super pissed JJ went off on his own and bitchslaps the guy before storming out and ordering his men to keep looking for Kiryuu.  The other KC guys hand JJ a bottle of wine and tell him to give it to Ruka, a tactic that they always use to apologise so JJ does and Ruka admits that he actually wasn’t pissed at JJ and was actually touched that JJ ran off on his own to help the group.  Ruka rambles on abt how his mom was attacked by mafia here cuz his pops was the former KC head.  He asked his papa for help but the guy only agreed if Ruka promised to be the next KC head.  Ruka agreed but his mom died anyway and he was forced into becoming head.

Well DH decides to make another call next week for a deal involving Kiryuu’s return blablabla woteva Ruka goes into God mode and assrapes dem DH guys again after they try to hand em an imposter Kiryu. JJ kills Liu who din’t die back then and they manage to get real Kiryuu back in one piece minus an ear.

Ruka takes JJ out for a spin on his pimpin hydraulics badass purple ride where Ruka says that JJ has become his family and is abt to get all horny before our protagonist stops him and only wants this if it’d mutually exclusive.  He knows Ruka’s a giant slut who sleeps with everyone and thing including Kiryuu and if Ruka wants him, then it’s gotta be just the two of em.  Ruka’s touched cuz JJ’s the first person who’s said that to him so agrees only if JJ does and tells JJ that he’s an extremely jealous person so if JJ cheats on him, he’ll kill him LOL before Ruka confesses to JJ and they get down to some happy car sex.

In the end, Ruka brings JJ to Sicily with him where he makes up with his pops and all is good.  Ruka’s decided to make Kiryuu the next KC head so he can chill with JJ in Sicily ;D

Bad End

JJ shoots fake Kiryuu and not realising why JJ did it, Ruka thinks it’s an act of betrayal so kills JJ.  He then sees that the Kiryuu JJ killed = imposter but too late, JJ’s dead so Ruka throws a crazy ass fit and burns the whole place down with all dem DH men.

Ugajin Ken

Time for dem DH routes ;) Ugajin’s second in command in DH, Liu’s secretary and uh personal plaything lol.  With his glasses, how cool and composed he is plus his attempts to rape Azunyan, Ugajin seems like he’s really gonna be the rapist megane character and is for a while till later on …;)

Poor JJ’s just minding his own business when he gets knocked out by the DH men and taken back where Ugjin’s ffound out he’s DEATHSCYTHE so decides to hire him for work – if he doesn’t do dem DH jobs, they gonna kill Azunyan who they jacked from JJ’s apartment.

JJ agrees to work but Ugajin’s fuckin around with him and says that JJ’s gonna have to join DH to guarantee Azunyan’s safety.  JJ’s forced to agree and gets a badass dragon tatt on his right shoulder to show his allegiance.

He then gets initiated into DH with the blood omerta crap and invited into Ugajin’s room.  There the bastard drugs JJ and films himself raping the guy – apparently this is summin Ugajin does to pretty much every newbie; force em into becoming hooked onto his magical penis so they’ll be obedient LOLWUT XD

Anyway Ugajin actually wants JJ to help him KILL LIU.  Liu has Ugajin’s father so he wants to get his pops back and he promises to give Azunyan back if JJ kills Liu.The two bust into Liu’s office where Ugajin starts torturing Liu to get info.  Liu tells em to go to some island out in the middle of nowhere so the two head to the island.

There, they find Azunyan in a cell instead of Ugajin daddy.  Ugajin’s frustration causes one of his panic attacks or woteva to happen and JJ force feeds him water mouth to mouth cuz the guy doesn’t wanna drink “DIRTY RIVER WATER:@:@:@” LOL.  Ugajin tells JJ that like Kiryuu, he used to be a lawyer and his dad used to be some mega corporate guy.  However, shit happened and Liu jacked all his amassed fortune and threatened to kill Ugajin daddy if Ugajin din’t become his DH slave.

Now, Ugajin’s had enough and apologises for getting JJ involved in this, he’s free to go and he’s gonna give up on his dad.  JJ tells Ugajin to not give up hope cuz he’s gonna help the guy so all he’s gotta do is ask if he needs help.  Ugajin here has pretty much shed his kichiku rapist facade and reveals what he really is like, tender and a defrosting ice queen and thanks JJ for being so bro.

Well all this chitchat has gotten em horny and whoo turns out Ugajin’s actually a total uke eheheh xD  And omg is he damn fine with dem sexy expressions and tatts mmmmmm…. Each tatt represents a sin, all the shit he’s done in DH but JJ sees this as a mark of Liu and is all “DON’T WANT OTHER MENZ MARKING WUS MINE (ノಥ益ಥ)(ノಥ益ಥ)(ノಥ益ಥ) “ and jealous, he orders Ugajin to “GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND SUCK MA COCK LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO WITH LIU’S KJHIFSJFSDHFJDSFSD”.  Ugajin’s totally likin this and is all “FUCK ME NOW PLEASE!!!” after JJ gets more jealous fits that Liu was Ugajin’s first and not him looool.  JJ tells Ugajin that he’s beautiful and he’s gonna protect him so dwb anything else, he’ll follow him down to the pits of hell ;D

Wow who wud’ve thought…xD

BUT OH NOEZ cuz the next morning, Ugajin confesses that he’s the one who killed Azunyan’s parents 5 years ago.  The intended target, Wanibuchi, enlisted the protection of DH so Ugajin was ordered to fuck things up.  Cuz Azunyan’s parents are ritch bitches, Ugajin inteneded to then use Azusa to get mula but the kid was taken in by JJ so taht’s that.  Before JJ can do anything, Azunyan comes tearing at Ugajin but JJ takes the blow.  Azunyan starts breaking down abt how JJ’s changed cuz of this cocksucking monster Ugajin but JJ says it was his own choice before telling Ausa to wait and he’ll send someone to get him off the island.

A bigger shitstorm comes their way when OMFGWTFBBQ LIU’S ALIVE!!  And completely unscathed too.  He talks to Ugajin one to one, notices JJ’s smell on him and starts shoving his wang into Ugajin’s mouth.  JJ walks in on this course and Liu’s like “U COME JOIN IN TOO” or he’s gonna keel Ugajin.  Lol so this ends up in some 3way sandwich sex xD

Liu tells em to GTFO and Ugajin apologises for being such a masochistic slut and for not being able to reject Liu.  Cuz JJ’s SO FUCKING NICE he’s just like “I said I’ll accept you for whoever you are no matter what.  And I joined in too so…^^;;” LMAO  Liu then orders his men to kill both but cuz dey hardcore bad boys, they own everyone, blow up the ship with Liu and swim back to shore lol.  Ugajin’s dad was on the boat too but has become a cripple and after telling Ugajin that he’s the best son evaar, Ugajin papa asks Ugajin to kill him so he does.

Back on land, JJ tells Ugajin that “YOU’RE MY MASTER” so the two decide to form a new group themselves and live as nice good people.  Ugajin goes back to being an elite lawyer with JJ becoming his bodyguard secretary to protect him from any DH dudes =D

Bad End

Ugajin betrays JJ when Liu uses Ugajin papa to get to him.  JJ’s held captive and Ugajin goes apologise and is killlin himself over it but JJ only calls him a traitor over and over again.  Ugajin tries to commit suicide but gets screwed over by Liu.

Liu Jien

Now we get down to the REAL KICHIKU RAPIST of the game lol.  Liu is completely ruthless, doesn’t give a balls about his men and is a sadistic bag of shrivelled cocks.  Being the head of DH, he’s a total BOSS and as you may  have gathered from the other routes, DIS BAD BOY IS FUCKIN IMMORTAL ;D  Aside from that, he’s from ma hometown baby HONG KONG so ima be totally biased and  like him already even though he’s prolly gonna be a giant angry dragon lmao

Linked with Ugajin’s path, JJ is similarly forced into DH and LMAO is then used as a boy toy for Wanibuchi along with another DH member called WONG –I swear this scene made me shit bricks so bad, i had enough bricks to to build a fucking house LOL XD Wanibuchi’s just disgusting and when he starts getting all horny on JJ, the guy’s like 「このオッサンに抱かれてまで、俺は生きていたくない」, totally snaps with Won and they both are about to kill him but catch themselves and it ends up some martial arts/ popping pop corn with guns retarded show wtf xD  Oh and Ugajin’s just filmed the whole thing and is rofling watching it over and over again xD

Anyway Liu is suddenly killed in front of JJ’s eyes but the next mo, he’s completely healthy like in wot happened in the other routes.  JJ refuses to believe Liu is immortal and liking his guts, Liu rapes him with a gun lol and then tosses him into solitary for a week JUST CUZ HE CAN =P

After a week, JJ’s brought back to Liu who’s all sexy hot tubbing and JJ’s like ==;;  Liu reveals that he knows Ugajin asked JJ to kill him and he also knows that JJ and Azunyan have a thing together.  Liu tells JJ that he’s been passing his dahling Azusa around like the village bicycle.  To stop Liu from doin more shit, JJ’s forced to have sexy time.  Right on time, Azusa comes in and calls JJ「最低」before running off.  Poor JJ’s crushed cuz he’s doin this all for Azunyan and Liu sez he’s doin this cuz JJ is to be HIS so he’s gonna destroy everything’s that’s important to him and leave just himself, Liu >;)

They go at it like rabbits till the morn where when JJ wakes up, Liu kisses his forehead and hands him a cup of freshly brewed black coffee YEAH.  JJ is all “\?/NIUSGDF EW COOTIES” abt it and Liu’s just like “I’m not doing this in front of people >;D” .  Liu pets his head before they go off to work.

Similarly as in Ruka’s path, Liu has taken Kiryuu and they make an exchange with but course Kiryuu turns out to be an imposter before a full out gunfight breaks out.  JJ takes down Ruka and then kills Liu.  Dying, Liu reveals that he ain’t realy Liu, he’s a “shadow” of Liu: Liu takes ppl abt the same height as him and conducts surgery to make em exactly like him and also implants his memories into them.  They swapped out just before the gangfight broke out but woteva, JJ rushes to find Azunyan and runs off with him.

Back on land, JJ hands Azusa to Toudou before leaving to finish off Liu.  Azusa’s super pissed and JJ’s just like “I NOW LIU’S BITCH” before Azusa sees through his lie and they reconcile.  JJ and Liu have a duel where JJ fatally wounds Liu but HORRY SHIET the guy is unharmed and JJ suddenly has a dream

In his dream, he sees the life of young Liu, how he was a poor kid in HK but became a gangleader and moved to JP with his men.  He’s always been immortal for some reason too.  Then in his dream, it goes into a possible future where JJ decides to work together with Liu and start a new group.  Both are worn out by now and decide to sleep.  They they have a dream within his dream wtf that all the DH members abandon Liu and Liu wants to kill em all for betraying him but JJ stops him.

JJ then gets back to present and he’s still inthe middle of a fight with Liu.  He’s confident that he won’t die and they continue till the cops bust in, gun Liu down.  JJ finds himself rushing to Liu and tries to call him awake but at long last, the DH head has died.


JJ gets tossed into jail when his apartment got searched and popo found his guns.  Soon, he gets a roomie who has control over the prison and turns out to be…LIU JIEN!! lol Ugajin’s still working for him in DH and Liu BOUGHT this prison so he’s da BOSS here.  He also got leaked info to the cops to get JJ chucked into here too so they’d be safe from the outside crapsack world and be together forever LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL LIU JIEN XDXD

Bad End

JJ gets addicted to pot and becomes Liu’s slut.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion


holy shit i don’t know how much more I can love JJ but I can definitely say, he is my favourite character in Omerta and right now, is totally taking number one spot for best BL protagonist (I still love u Gian + Akira +Youji xD).  He was a total badass, kuudere but at the same time, made for such a sexy seme/uke and was so adorable when he went dere.  Cuz he’s a stoic woobie, he never got all wangsty abt his shitty life and he din’t make a giant scene abt getting raped/having sex either.  He turned out to be pretty funny too cuz despite his cold killer personality, he’s got horrible sense and makes some really silly sarcastic comments xD Prolly wot got me most was simply how GOOD a  guy he is, like he kills and rapes and shiet but omg he’s so fucking nice.  In fact, the main driving force behind all of JJ’s actions was simply the desire to protect Azusa and fuck it was so sweet I just…I love JJ.  So fucking much.

And imao, I think he made for a much better seme than uke.  He was hawt at both but seme JJ is just…delicious ;D
*ahem enough of this JJ rant lol*.  As for the other characters, I liked em all CEPT FOR SHIT STAIN YOUJI :@:@:@ I’m srsly so disappointed in his character, I thought he’d be ma fave but WTF ==****  I guess his saving grace was that he sez some really funny shit sometimes but das it.  I found Azunyan to be somewot annoying wen he raged at JJ and it was pretty painful to watch him scream that he hated JJ when JJ was risking his life to save him but he was so adorable when he went dere xD  I was pleasantly surprised by Toudou cuz I’m normally not too into oyaji characters but I loved how playful and nice he was at the same time.  Kiryuu and Ugajin were just pure HNNNNNNG and made for some sexyass uke and I dint really like Ruka.  I dint really feel anything much towards him lol but least they dint make me raaaage like Youji :@:@  COURSE WE CAN’T FORGET LIU JIEN HAHAHAHAH LOLOLOLOL THAT ASSHOLE i liked him a lot thanks to the silly ass good ending he had xD Best sub character = WONG XD

The music was damn nice too and had a decent OP.  I’ve never heard of the VAs for Toudou/Azunyan or JJ but I really liked JJ’s voice, it screamed “TOTAL BADASS” lol xD  Thumbs up to Narita Ken for making Liu sound so rapey lmao but I have two complaints about the voices.  First, STFU YOUJI.  Second, the uke sex noises were pretty dry for the most part.  JJ, Azunyan and Kiryuu were all pretty quiet and subdued during sex but I guess das just cuz I’m used to the uke screaming like AV actresses in porn XD

THE ART IS AMAZING.  I’ve never heard of the artist (Tateishi Ryo) but I love the style, it reminded me a hell lot of Sweet Pool.  The art was really consistent the whole way through and was damn nice.  Lol gotta love Azunyan’s kitty ears and I liked JJ’s and Ugajin’s designs the most

Aside from the art and characters, another thing that strongly drew me in abt the game was the story – Who can’t love mafia themed shiet eh?  Total badassery was a given as shown: all the characters were badasses cept for Youji cuz he can go fuck himself but Azusa + Youji’s stories felt somewot weak and meh.  The route II liked the most was prolly Liu Jien’s one cuz it was totally unpredictable, random and make me lmfao so bad at the end xD  It was pretty interesting how the entire story was hinged on JJ’s desperation to protect Azusa, it emphasised how important the lil guy was to him though the stuff abt Wanibuchi had me going ??? a lot of the time lol.

So overall, this game was FUCK FUN to play, I don’t care if mafia BL ain’t your thang just play this game for bloody JJ cuz you will love him (the only thing u can complain abt him is that he can come off as a Love Martyr, depends on your view) cuz he is dat awesome.  Things to take note of when playing this game is that it’s pretty buggy and crashes a lot and cuz this is KE, they have dem irritating time limited choices so pay attention.  As for the order in which to play, most walkthroughs recommended Youji->Azusa->Toudou->Kiryuu->Ruka->Ugajin -> Liu.

47 Responses to “BL Game Review – Omerta ~ Chinmoku no Okite ~”

  1. Azunyan. ♪ God, i would play this for Azunyans cat ears if only it wasnt BL. Love the character designs.

    … In the end, whats JJ’s real name? Simply called Japanese Junior for the whole game?

    • domshiki Says:

      lol yeah pretty much, he claims he forgot his name so he’s JJ forever. I love how everyone pronounced his name differently, like JEH JEH or JAY JAY etc xD

  2. Oh god, so much agree on the JJ-love….as every tiny bit Karin does as side-stuff for the game doesn’t help at ALL XD (rather makes stuff more hnnnng because of Onsen tokuten = Kiryuu nosebleed-o-rama, Liu & Luka teaming up to manpile JJ as the other is wtfbbq!? and Ometter revealing ssome other stuff)
    Tachibana being irritating is kinda amusing, as him getting NO love is canon = intentional? I was actually pretty fond of Luka myself, as the 101 bed-partner thing amused and he’s sweetness towards JJ seemed appealing (+ some Hirakawa-bias after LD1’s Ivan)

    Tiny nitpicks though is that Kiryuu was an ex-cop, not a lawyer and the ”All for Azusa!” thing by Liu was actually pretense (as JJ gave up caring, to instead focus on killing his new ‘prey’ during solitary time)

    Though out of curiosity did you not do the GRAND end, or just decided not to whrite about it…?

    • domshiki Says:

      lol i keep wondering whether youji was made intentionally annoying cuz i can’t really see how anyone can REALLY like him^^;;

      oh fo real?? i always thought kiryuu was an ex lawyer loool and how JJ acted confused me a lot in Liu’s route too, one mo he’s like “OMFG IMA KILL THIS BITCH” and the next line’s like “OMG I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH HIM” so yeah xD totally doesn’t help dat I wasn’t paying attention too.

      OH SHIT LOL I FORGOT TO WRITE ABT THE GRAND END XDXD the one where Liu gtfos and everyone comes together to make a new organisation aite? haha i’ll go back and write it later wen i get the time xD

      • Well, the fact that JJ is strangling him even in the guys birthday wallpaper should say lots about it lol (that and him getting shot/ignored in all the Ometter’s)

        For real, as it was mentioned in both Azusa’s route/Kiryuu’s backstory exposition in his own route
        Well, a lot of Liu’s route development happens by JJ’s monologue so that can get confusing if one just pays attention to the spoken lines (as a lot of it never seemed to be about love but iinstead an immortal being the perfect prey for hm as a killer, as he never even comments feeling any affection past ”Convince this guy about being lotyal, then BACKSTABBITY!!”, as Liu is just far too gone for any type of sane romance)

        Lmfao yeah, that’s pretty much the one aka the JJ’s harem end (as they had an Ometter sequel for that, with Liu returning as JJ’s super-stalker/ex-bf) XD
        Though did you also look at the webpage stuff you get for clearing? The random baseball match story is GLORIOUS

      • Ah, and nitpick two – JJ wasn’t trying to call Liu awake but instead the scene was him trying to place the bended Rosary that once upon a time belonged to Liu on the other before getting shot to death himself.

      • domshiki Says:

        LOL i totally agree abt Liu being too far gone for any sane romances, he seemed pretty effed in the head. uuuuuu soz for all dem mistakes, i kinda zone out during the last routes and skip a lotta things T.T but damn u really payed attention while playing this game! wish my attention span was that good haha xD

        yeah the webpage?? there was like nothing i cudnt find a baseball match story or anything? there were like 3 thingies i checked em all out and they were just abt the product info, some sketches and a popularity poll or summin? fuuuuuuuuuu T.T

      • Well, it kinda makes sense by his insanity, as he was never immortal from what I got but rather was quite a god-believer with a sucky family until he accidentaly killed someone and the fear of punishment that never came drove him over the line as to ‘test’ how far god will let him go while staying unpunished
        Ahaha…well, I enjoyed JJ’s narrative so it was easy to pay attention by the non-battle stuff as he often had some pretty amusing sass there. Besides, Liu was like the 2nd route I did while playing lol

        Oh? That’s odd…are you sure? As here’s a visible graph

      • domshiki Says:

        OMFG IM SO STUPID i totally dint see the short stories all i did was go ‘OH COLOURFUL” wen i saw the 3 coloured tabs on the side ARGH LOOOOOL XDXD

        thanks, i’d nevr have realised if u dint tell me haha. im gonna go check it out now <3

        and i totally agree with how JJ sez some really funny shit for a guy who's supposed to be kinda -_- abt everything. I loled especially hard when Ugajin showed him a pic of Wanibuchi or summin (cant rly rmb) and he's like「 お前の恋人か?」and then when Wanibuchi asks him wot his type is, he's like "MIDDLE AGED MEN LIKE U YUM YUM" and played along wen the guy hit on him xDxD LOL JJ <3

      • Colors ARE perdy, yes? lol

        You’re welcomem, as the staff comments are pretty ok as well?

        INDEED, as his lines of thoughs are wonderful TOO when he’d be like “….they’re going to be celebrating their pets’ birthdays at this rate -.-” or the whole Kiryuu logic-leap having him be like ”I’m a VERY straightworward person, OK? \o/” repeatedly about the blunt responses until just going ”I don’t care what anyone says, this is ALL Kiryuu’s fault so he has NO right to complain! \o/”

  3. Loved the review! Your writing always makes me laugh XD
    Agree 100% with everything you said.
    I thought Tachibana was gonna be like Gian from Lucky Dog 1, but when he went “Can I hold you JJ? ;A;” after killing his friend I couldn’t take it anymore. So disappointed.

    Karin better make more BL games in the future, cus Omerta was amazing for being a first try!

    • domshiki Says:

      Lol same here totally trashed my hopes for Tachibana T.T

      i do hope KE makes more bl games, this was really damn good for a debut game =P

  4. Can’ t believe Karin makes a BL game. The one and only Karin’s game I’ve ever played is Zettai Meikyuu Grimm. The chara design is cool, but sadly I can’t stand BL game…

    You’re right. The time choices thing is really irritating

    • domshiki Says:

      zettai meikyuu grimm was awesome xD

      well if it’s the BL porny parts that u dislike, there wasn’t actually that much of it in Omerta compared to some other games *COUGH NESSA NO RAKUEN COUGH* but too true, the timed choices were really irritating ==;;

  5. kaon Says:

    wiiii I love this game¡¡¡

  6. Elky Says:

    I actually liked JJ as uke more than seme because he got to become soo… cute in those routes besides tsundere!JJ in Toudou’s route was the best~ and how otome he was in Luka’s route hilarious. xD
    I actually found Kiryuu’s route to be rather… bland although the chemistry between them was quite cute and Azusa was shitannoying until really later into his route. Ugajin was great though. (sucker for tatoos+megane!ukes)
    I agree on how annoying Tachibana was though, but i guess he does get better after a while, and got to be pretty damn adorable to me.
    I think Toudou’s route was my fav though even though it was lacking in the smex. Since i think JJ had the most developement in general in that route.
    Besides he is an oyaji… i somehow really love those i dunnowhy. xD;

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL i know wot u mean, he went from -_- indifferent killer to a swoonin otome in Ruka’s route xD

      omg Ugajin HAAAWT. i was wondering how they’d turn into an uke cuz he seemed so rapist at the beginning but…wow

      haha i liked Toudou a lot too which is odd cuz i’m normally not too interested in oyaji characters. he was really sweet to JJ and SUCH A PERVe, loved how they both got boners from a HUG XDXD

  7. hi thanks for the review! what is with the huge disparity between otome and bl games? i mean both are female oriented games but somehow bl games are always r18, focused on sex while otome are more inclined towards fluff and story. (i played only like a few bl games, sorry if i am generalizing ><)

    I played Clock Zero and love it soooooo much, but can't seem to find something like this in bl games. I tried this game because some of the guys are hot. The story isn't anything spectacular, it feels more like they are finding excuses to get into bed(haha pardon me!)

    As a long time player of otome and bl games, could you give me some insight for this phenomenon? just interested since i love male relationships(the otome way) but such games never exist :(

    • domshiki Says:

      haha well imao, i guess one of the main reasons for the huge difference in otome n bl games is that otome games = main character is a GIRL and in bl games, the main character is a DUDE. The guy in bl games prolly has enough probs coping with his homosexuality so mb he’s not all up for…fluff simply cuz he’s a guy. i mean wit all the crap homosexuals get like the stereotype of all gays being campy feminised pansies, i’d doubt they would want to get all otome, given that the makers of bl games are aiming for some realism in their games.

      from my point of view, this very large disparity between otome and bl games is exactly wot draws ppl to them – if everyone in bl games acted as they would in otome games, then we mite as well be playing an otome game with a protagonist that’s biologically male but is a girl through and through:

      how would bl games be different from otome games then?

      im not too sure myself but das how i see it anyway haha. thanks for givin me summin so interesting to think abt though and hope my worthless two cents gives u some insight into this ;)

  8. Lmfao xDDD I love your BL reviews :lol:

    goddamn his voice was so fucking whiny and he acted so much like a fuckin drunk selfish shit that he just pissed me off half the time and made me wanna drive a screwdriver up his ass – but then again he’d prolly like dat LOL.

    That sounds like every Yusa Kouji character ever.

    • domshiki Says:

      i laughed pretty hard playing this game too xD


      ARGH @:@:@

  9. Lovin’ your reviews <3

    And oh shit man srsly, HONG KONG?!?!!? Such a small world :D:D:D

  10. dango Says:

    The shota boy looks so rapable -.,-

  11. Mint Says:

    thx for your review~ it makes me laughed hehheh xD since i can’t read japanese so this help me alot. I Really Really luv JJ’s character design,but i prefer him as uke more than seme haaa >w<

    Looking forward to your next bl game review~!! <3

    Ps.Sorry for my poor english skill nahh llOrz

  12. Dana Says:

    Too bad there are no routes for Paolo or Ishimatsu, dunno why, but Ishimatsu had me since the beginning x3~

  13. DaemonDragon Says:

    You must be a troper.

  14. woot! I had such a good time reading your reviews! XD I totally like how you did the flow of your review! :3b

    YEY for us loving Wong as the best sub-chara (it seemed people around me doesn’t adore Wong as much). o/ But apparently, my OTP is Tachibana x JJ; I hated the noisy kansai guy BEFORE I played his route. (prolly i’m a bit biased to kansai-ben dudes, and he’s so pushy as a seme. i like that LOL)

    Toudou didn’t interest me at first UNTIL he drugged JJ on the last smex. HOHO.

    ..and in case you don’t know yet, JJ was voice by Iida Toshinobu = Mukuro in KHR. xD

  15. Haha, got and started playing this game because your review just made it sound like so much fun~ Just wondering though, you wouldn’t happen to know the name of the seiyuu who did Wong’s voice do you? Because out of all the sub characters he interests me the most; I wish he were a playable character! :3 And his voice is just so sexxxyyyyyyy~ >w< But I can't seem to find any information on his seiyuu anywhere. :/

    • domshiki Says:

      i actually have NO CLUE but i loved wong too and i did some intense googling for his seiyuu but i still have no idea who he is T.T

  16. Thank you for such a great, detailed review.

  17. mahlenneth Says:

    Thank you for the review. I love your blog \o/
    Do you know if I have to get Tachibana’s end 1st to get Azusa’s later?
    I prefer JJ as uke =3 hohoho

    • What you need to do to get the route:

      Azusa – complete one route (any)
      Toudou – complete Tachibana route
      Luka – complete Kiryuu route
      Liu Jien – complete Ugajin route

      here’s a walkthrough:

      Hope it Helps XD

      • mahlenneth Says:

        Thanks =D
        I’ll try to complete one of them. I was playing with Azusa but some options didn’t appear. I know why now XD

  18. BotaBotaBotaniste Says:

    Hi, very nice blog. Since I never play games (and even less Hentai games), this is a very interesting address to let my imagination go on forbidden tracks.

    But here I would like to know one thing (yes, because I won’t play the game) :

    What’s happening with the knife? This picture is seriously scaring the shell out of me!

    Thanks for answer

    • domshiki Says:

      The knife? u mean the one where azusa stabbed JJ? The guy was originally aiming for Ugajin but JJ took the hit…if i rmb correctly ;P

  19. sarah Says:

    super thank you for sharing this great game ^_^
    but i was wondering if you can make a walkthrough for the game
    thank you again for sharing ^_^

  20. Menatsu Says:

    OMFGSH! Best review on the intarwebz. Made me lol so hard! I wanna play the game too but I don’t think there’s an english subbed version… or is there?

    • domshiki Says:

      thanks <3 nope not that I know of but if you know chinese there's probably a chinese patch out there somewhere

  21. フルラmore

  22. Bunnyruki Says:

    Will you be doing Code Tycoon pretty pleazzeeee

    • domshiki Says:

      haha I have the game but haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll try to get it done before summer semester starts ;)

  23. Brittany Says:

    If you like this game, I think you’d like Si Nis Kanto its another mafia themed bl and it has the whole East versus West thing. The protagonist is pretty adorable and the guys are pretty hot (especially during sex ;) ). It’s a lot more light hearted but it’s a pretty fun game.

    • domshiki Says:

      Omg yes I’ve been dying to play that and ended up spoiling myself a while ago with the cg pack lol. Good thing I still have no idea what’s going on cept that there are mafia but thanks, it’s good to know that the game is actually as good as it looks :D

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