Otome Game Review – Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari

Alternative Titles: 蝶の毒 華の鎖

Company: Aromarie

Release Date: 27.05.11

Official Site: http://aromarie.com/


Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ Otome, romance, historical, drama

Plot Summary: YEAAAAH finally another Aromarie game!  This was really anticipated and tells of the story of our heroine, Yuriko.  She’s a noblewoman in the Taisho Era and it’s her bday so her family’s throwing a giant party for her.  Yuriko finds the party a tad much for just a bday and course there are underlying motives to this and turns out her dad’s tryna wed her to some rich guy to cover their money probs.  Yes, sounds like some cheesy ass cliche Kdrama bs BUT THERE’S A LOT MORE TO IT ;D

During the party, Yuriko figures out why it’s so extravagant and is pretty crushed abt it but resigns to her fate cuz hey, she’s a woman and wot else can she do eh?  No such thing as women’s rights here.  Another thing abt Yuriko is that she gives off a very distinct, fragrance that’s kinda like Youji’s rape inducing pheromones from Sweet Pool lol.

Suddenly, some rich people hating rogues break into her place and start trashing the place.  The sight of em defiling Yuriko’s place makes her snap and raging, she grabs a wooden sword to whack em but is saved by…

Shiba Junichi

Shiba is a super rich bitch  business man.  Forceful and charismatic, he’s the oresama type which meant I was all for him the minute he showed up lol xD  He’s been interested in Yuriko since some time back and is very straightforward and very  serious about making her his wife ;)  He can be seen as  pretty tactless, crazy possessive and just plain rough but he’s very honest with his feelings and underneath all that, he’s just so friggin cute xDxD

After the party, Yuriko’s father is found dead with a chinese bellflower (KIKYOU)  in his hand and the odd thing is, ONLY her father is dead – no other noblemen/ politicians were targeted.  Yuriko’s mom, SHIGEKO, dies soon as well with KIKYOU scattered all over her bed n Shiba comes to visit again and tells her that he’s going to give her money to save her family if she marries him; he likes that she’s not your typical ojousama, how she’s not a naiive dreamer and  that she has GUTS.  Yuriko is disgusted by Shiba tryna BUY her out so immediately tells him to gtfo but her raging face only turns Shiba on and he tells her he’s looking forward to their future encounters ;)  Oh damn he’s confident xD

Though reluctant, Yuriko decides that it’s stupid to just hate on the guy so goes out with him and Shiba confesses that he’s always been looking for her.  Unlike all the other ojousama, Yuriko never attended any parties, social events so Shiba was fascinated by her elusiveness and when he saw her some years back, he thought “SHE’S THE ONE”.  Yuriko’s like “FUCKING PLAYA BET U TELL EVERYONE DAT :@:@:@:@” LOL and though Shiba says she’s the only one, he admits that he has been manwhoring a tad for his business or summin lmao

While going home, Yuriko wonders why Shiba is chasing after a fallen noble like her but she rages when Shiba gets all drunken エロイ on her.  Shiba’s hurt that Yuriko hates him so much so straight out confesses that he likes her, find her cute and kisses her.  After some hawt make out session, Shiba says Yuriko’s gonna be his wife anyway so he can do woteva he wants to her.

Shigeko’s bff, Kyouko, invites em to her dinner party so Shiba drags Yuriko there lol.  There, Shiba gives Yuriko a super expensive pearl necklace made specially for her but she refuses to accept something so pricey.  No matter wot, Yuriko refuses to take it so Shiba snaps, grabs her and asks why she won’t accept him.  Yuriko says it ain’t that she hates him, she’s happy but accepting the gift would be like selling herself to him.  Shiba’s all SHOKKU and in Yuriko’s struggle to get free, the necklace breaks and she leaves after apologising.

Yuriko receives an invitation to go to Shiba’s partay and wanting to apologise again, she goes but catches Shiba kissing Kyouko.  She hears from other guests that Shiba’s getting Kyouko’s mula and that he’s using Yuriko or summin, din’t really understand but woteva, bottom line is, Yuriko’s PISSED.

During the party, all the lights are turned off and everyone starts exchanging ghost stories.  Yuriko is carried away in the dark by Shiba who takes her to his room and he’s all happy to see her.  However, Yuriko starts raging at him for being a manslut before Shiba says that the rumours are all bs and that the kiss with Kyouko was simply a greeting – 「俺が愛しているのは、百合子さん、あなただけなんだからな」;)  Shiba realises that Yuriko was actually jealous and though she denies it, Shiba can’t hold back no more and starts eating her face LOL

…Omg it’s like Shiba does a 180 and starts acting like a budding yandere rapist in training and starts feeling up Yuriko and grabbing her crotch while she’s like “NO FUCK U GET OFF ME AALALAHLAHALALAAHALGAHLA” .  He stops when he sees her crying and kisses her again before letting her go but jeebuz Shiba CONTROL YOURSELF XDXD

Some days later, Kyouko comes to talk to Yuriko.  She tells Yuriko that true, she gave Shiba money but das just cuz she’s his patroness and saw potential in him.  And tbh, they actualy did have a lil fling in the past but that was long ago and means nothing cuz the one he wanted was always Yuriko since way back.  Yuriko thinks this is all bs and wot pisses her off even more is that Kyouko’s telling her this and not Shiba so she decides to go with her gran’s suggestion and get married to SOMEONE ELSE.


The matchmakin doesn’t go well and Yuriko decides to back out.  Shiba comes to say hi but collapses from lack of sleep and Yuriko takes him to her room.  Yuriko asks him why he keeps talking as though he knew her from long ago so Shiba spills the beans.

Shiba’s mom was a hooker and her brothel got burned down when he was 4, killing her as well.  He went into an orphanage where he became like Oliver Twist and was used with other kids to do shit.  However, he met loli Yuriko one day and she helped him from some dudes who were after him and then gave him her white handkerchief to wipe the dirt off his face.  Before leaving, she tells him not to be the ONI (she thinks he’s playing hide and seek from the guys that are after him) and Shiba promises not to be become a demon.

From then on, he got out of all the gang shit, started working to study, got patrons to support him and became rich through all his legit hard work.  He did all this to meet Yuriko again and be able to make her happy but he dint tell her cuz he thought it dint sound “MANLY” and wud make him “UNKEWL” LOL.  Anyway he gets horny again and confesses again and asks that she become his and this time, she returns his feelings and they get it on

After that, they kip on Yuriko’s bed and there, Shiba asks her to marry him and she agrees.  They get started on the wedding shiet but then Shiba tell her that someone working for her house = traitor and that day, she gets knocked out and taken to Shanghai.  Course Shiba catches up before that happens, Yuriko jumps out of the speeding car and blacks out.

All turns out well and they two get married when Yuriko heals.  Shiba starts his own orphanage and is plannin to build schools for kids and the two live happily ever after, fucking like rabbits 24/7 365 xD


Shiba catches wind of Yuriko trying to wed with someone else and barges into Yuriko’s house to rage and when he’s rejected again, he swears to make both Yuriko and her future husband pay.  Days later, Yuriko’s to be hubby’s business completely fails and Yuriko’s bro commits suicide out of despair.  Shiba comes along and Yuriko goes apeshit and swears to kill this sob for causin her bro’s death

Yuriko tries to commit suicide hoppin into a river but is ‘saved’ by Shiba.  She bashed her head so became blind and to the outside world, she’s dead already.  Shiba imprisons her and she becomes his sex slave.


Yuriko doesn’t commit suicide but instead, swears revenge on Shiba, She becomes his wife, pretends to be willing and decides to feed him poison bit by bit to kill him off.  It’s kinda painful watchin this cuz Shiba is just overjoyed to have Yuriko by his side.  The poison takes affect later and Shiba dies telling Yuriko that having her with him was his happiness.

All his money is left to Yuriko and she takes over the business.  Now she feels empty and like shit and finds Shiba’s diary one day.  She flips to the day of her bday party and there, reads that Shiba has been working his ass off since “that day” to meet her again but has deided not to mention it or he’ll seem “LAAME” LOL.  It broke his heart every time she rejected his advances and he wonders wot he needs to do to make her love him.  When Yuriko was gonna marry someone else, he was shit pissed and was gonna destroy her wud be hubby but before he made his move, things were already working in his favour and someone ELSE was causing all this shit to happen. He cudn’t have been any happier when she became his wife but Shiba KNEW that she was fakin it and was puttin shit into his food.  Still, he din’t care cuz if das wot it takes to have her, then he’ll take it and feels like he’s become the happiest man in the world.


Yuriko’s slut of an older brother lol.  Like her, he’s considered to be very beautiful and he spends all his time in dem HANAMACHI having massive orgies with random hookers and is considered to be the stain of the Nomiya family.  Well this harcore rebel behaviour stemmed from when his parents wouldn’t let him pursue his dreams overseas of being an artist but he’s very serene a person most of the time, is a good oniisama who loves Yuriko a lot…to the point that even the mom finds it creepy and has to keep telling him to stop hitting on his lil sis LMAO XD

When his pops dies, Mizuhito’s made head of the house.  Like Yuriko, he regards Shiba with much contempt and goes berserk when her mom encourages Yuriko to get married to Shiba – “ARE YOU GONNA TAKE AWAY HER FREEDOM TOO?? :@:@:@”.  Anyway, he hates how Shiba is dirtying his baby sis when the guy touched her hair so he decides to wash Yuriko’s hair for her

Yuriko doesn’t like how Mizuhito is always whoring around so tells him to stop but Mizuhito sez he can’t cuz he feels like suffocating if he isn’t loved by one.  He knows it’s not real but it feels real and he wonders if he can ever find true love.  Yuriko’s like “I RUV U NIISAMA!!” and Mizuhito says he loves her too but the love he wants is different and when Yuriko asks why it can’t be her, he’s like “OH SO U WANT BE CHEAP CHEAP 5 DORA SUCKY SUCK LICKY LICKY HOOKER FO ME??”.  Without thinking, Yuriko says yes and seeing that Yuriko is willing to do anything to stop him from being a bigger manwhore than he is now, Mizuhito’s touched, hugs Yuriko and sez he’ll try for her.

One night, Yuriko asks out of curiosity wot Mizuhito’s type is and he answers that it’s HER and asks her to marry him and gets all Joey Tribianni on her ass lmao.  Yuriko tells him to stop fuckin around cuz they siblings and Mizuhito apologises but says that it’d really be brill if he cud marry her.  He confesses that he ain’t really her bro and his real pops is some Shirakawa dude who sexed up some random woman and poof out came him.  Shirakawa refused to acknowledge Mizuhito as his son and Yuriko’s dad took pity on the woman and took Mizuhito in or summin like dat and Yuriko realises that Mizuhito’s so self destructive not cuz his freedom was taken away or anything but it’s all centered on his birth.  Yuriko sez it’s aite cuz he always gonna be her oniisama but aiya Mizuhito’s like “I NEVER THOUGHT OF U AS LIL SIS” and DUN DUN DUN says thhat he’s always loved her AS. A. WOMAN. SBFIOADAD

Yuriko has no time to WTF at this cuz her mom dies right after and Mizuhito tells her he was drunk so forget abt it.  Shiba comes in to see her and after telling Yuriko that he’s hurting to see her with Shiva, Mizuhito leaves and Yuriko chases after him.  She rages that  he  promised that he’d try not to go see his VIVA LA HOOKER STREET lapdancing friends and rages that he’s always done woteva the fuck he wants, comin and going as he pleases.  Mizuhito apologises and says he’s gonna make things clear this time:

「 改めえて言う。 僕は、お前を愛している。 妹としてではなく。。。女性として」

He then makes her pick between himself and Shiba.  Yuriko picks Mizuhito and they happy glomp till OH SHIT SHIBA WALKS IN ON THIS and the guy’s like “WTF U GUYS DOIN?? o.O;;” before Mizuhito tells him to GTFO and Shiba’s like “Aiyaaa poor Yuriko u has dis sis con pervert for a bro xD” before leaving.

Mizuhito stops going to VIVA LA HOOKER STREET so one of his old hoe buddies, Momoko, gets lonely and lies abt Mizuhito havin forgotten summin at her place to get him back.  Yuriko doesn’t tell Mizuhito this and gets her butler to retrieve the item but Mizuhito sees it and is pissed that Yuriko hid shit from him.  Seein her cry, he realises that it’s cuz she was afraid he’d go and leave her so they both decide to get rid of all thsi insecurity and “CONFIRM THEIR LOVE”  for each other >;D


Anyway like in Shiba’s end, they realise that someone in their house is after em and tries to burn em down with the house.  Course the two don’t die and in the end, they leave for Paris and several years later, Mizuhito’s made it big as an artist.  They decide to have sexy time and start a family ;D


Yuriko decides that this ‘incest’ ain’t healthy fo her bro so decides to marry Shiba.  Shiba’s real nice to her and loves her a lot but after some time, realises that she doesn’t love him and Yuriko doesn’t bother to hide this so their marriage spirals down into a violent trainwreck and Yuriko lives out her days being raped by Shiba o.O’;;


Yuriko and Mizuhito are happy and together but keep their relationship a secret.  People start to find it suspicious and Yuriko’s osananajimi busts in and Yuriko finds out that Mizuhito has been selling himself to maintain their living.  The childhood friend declares that Mizuhito is being a selfish dickwad by tying Yuriko down to him but Mizuhito just knocks him out and gets him into a 3some so they’re all in this together wuuuut xD  i was thinking “HOLY MOFO” when Mizuhito shoved his wang into Yuriko while she had her childhood buddy’s one in the same hole o.O;; ouch.


Mizuhito’s horny as fuck and fucking everyday, their sex soon descends into meaningless fuckin your brains out but one day, they find emselves locked in and the whole place is aflame outside.  Oh well no biggie just a fire let’s fuck some more THE END LOLOLOLOL


During the night, Yuriko’s house is set on fire and the two try to escape but the fire has spread everywhere.  They decide to commit suicide through poison and hoping that this time they’ll have their happily ever after in the next world, they both die together.

Ozaki Hideo

Yuriko’s adorable osananajimi xD  It’s obvious he’s been in love with her since godfucking forever but cuz he’s a giant TSUNDERE, he can’t express it and spends all his time being a giant ice bitch prick and they’ve slowly drifted apart since their childhood years.  Ah if onli he could be honest xD  He’s also from a military family or summin so he’s a total badass in the army and there’s been some shit btwn his family and Yuriko’s too so he resents em despite his feelings for Yuriko.

She finds out that Hideo’s also in a similar situtation where he’s being forced into a marriage.  He was originally to marry Yuriko but Yuriko’s mom din’t deem his family worhty so they raged and decided to find an even richer ojousama so das where Hideo is now.  Yuriko apologises for this shit and asks if Hideo’ll take her far away like he said he would the night of the party.

Curious abt Hideo’s fiance, Yuriko tries to check her out but gets caught by Hideo.  His fiance’s just some stupidy useless rich bitch so hu cares and they both confess that they’ve felt unneeded by the other and don’t want things like that. Some dude from the army sees em two chilllin together and starts makin nasty comments abt Hideo x Yuriko so Hideo snaps and gets into a fistfight with the guy.

Yuriko goes to see him and finds him all battered up.  His fiance’s abt to show up any mo so Hideo runs off with Yuriko for a tad.  There, they take some horribly awkward photograph together LOL before Hideo tells Yuriko she’s cute and kisses her.  They’re both like O///_///O for a while before Yuriko’s like “WHY KISS ME” and Hideo’s like “WHY NO PUSH ME AWAY” and that somehow leads to a “DON’T MAKE IT SOUND LIKE IT’S MY FAULT U HAVE A FIANCE” bitchfight and it ends with the two of em leavin each other, crazy pissed xDxD

Yuriko realises she’s in love with Hideo and some time later, he comes to see her to relay some bad new: He’s going overseas to fight on the front lines.  He’s doin this to destroy his engagement  but Yuriko flips and sez he cud fuckin die and she don’t wanna see the person she loves die and when Hideo just struts off, Yuriko bitchslaps him and screams at him to not be so fuckin stupid

He comes again and goes high up to check out JP for the last time beforehe leaves.  He promises to come back alive to get her before they make out and say that they both wanna uh “FEEL EACH OTHER” EHEHHE

Soooo they get it on with Hideo’s CHERRY BOY SEX SKILLS where he’s like gropin her boobs and going “HMMM SO MILK COMES OUT OF THESE EH?” and “HM SO SOFT BUT STRETCHY BOUNCY” LOLOLOLOLOLOL and then he jizzes in his pants just from that xD

Afterwards, Hideo apologises for his um ‘great sex’ and goes like 「お前は俺の妻で。。。俺は、お前の夫だ。。。そう、だよな?」 D’aaaaaw he sounded so insecure, so adorable and course, Yuriko says yes, they’re married now xD

Hideo goes to war in Siberia and his fiance, Sawako comes to ask abt Yuriko’s relationship with Hideo.  Yuriko answers that he’s important to her and that she loves him so Sawako gives up and leaves.  That night, she’s almost raped by one of her servants but Hideo busts in to save her and has returned because he’s realised who is fuckin around with the Nomiya family and is targeting her.

They don’t catch the culprit but das okay cuz Yuriko and Hideo get married and are acknowledged by his parents.  He kisses her hands and says that he’s finally caught her.  He’s gonnna leave the army and go in biology  and go study birds lol.

Some years later, the two are happily married but are bickering as usual  This time, Yuriko’s gotten dragged to some tropical area for Hideo’s bird research and she can’t take this hot sweaty place anymore and starts raging lol. She misses their 2 yr old kid and stuff but nothing some makeup sex can’t fix so all ends well xD


Sawako refuses to give up on Hideo.  Yuriko rmbs that Shiba sed he doesn’t care if she sleeps around as long as she becomes his wife.  She figures it’s best to just marry Shiba AND have an affair with Hideo so she does just that.  Every week, she’ll go see Hideo once and initially, Shiba thought this was all in good fun but has rapidly become more and more jealous and Hideo has felt betrayed by all this yet still goes along with it cuz das the onli way he can ‘have’ Yuriko.

Yuriko becomes pregnant with Shiba’s child and Hideo becomes more and more rough with her as he gets more and more jealous and hurt.  He yells at her to gtfo so he’d stop hurting during sex and afterwards, Yuriko asks whether she should really just disappear.  Hideo course, says he was lying and can’t live without her so no matter how fucked up their relationship has become, never leave him.


Hideo dies during war and Yuriko and his photo was found in his clothes – apparently, the guy carried it around everywhere he went as a memento of Yuriko.  Devastated, Yuriko runs outta the house and into the snow, where she starts pining for Hideo, demanding that he come back and take her away like he promised and she hears his voice and he ‘comes for her’

Fujita Hitoshi

The butler of Fujita.  Kay at 37, this was pretty squicky to go through cuz Yuriko looks to be like 20 at most lol but ima leave the “EWWWW SIFHSOFOFSOF OLD MAN DO NOT WANT” stuff fo later xD  Fujita’s very expressionless and calm most of the time, taking his butler job very seriously and is pretty straitlaced abt a lotta things so he’s really gullible and says some really funny shit sometimes.  He’s also half white and after his initial -_- shatters, his relationship with Yuriko becomes um…kinda…YEAH XD

After her parents die, Yuriko becomes pretty lonely in the house and wants Fujita to hang with her.  The guy’s all “NO I UR BEETCH U MASTER” abt shit which irritates Yuriko cuz she thinks of him as family.  She forces him to chill with her and they cook din din together.

Anyway Fujita’s dad was white who knocked up his mom and then decided to go back to his white country, leaving his preggers mom behind.  Everyone looked down on her and her half breed son Fujita so Fujita hates his heritage and spent his life with big suck.  His mom taught him piano and das why he was initally hired into the Nomiya family, to teach Yuriko piano.  He explains that part of the reason why he’s so devoted to the Nomiya family was cuz Yuriko’s pops was the only one who din’t discriminate him cuz of his GAIJIN BLOOD

Yuriko don’t rikey this cuz it’s like Fujita’s only lookin after her cuz he HAS to and feels indebted, nutin more.  When she tells him that they’re like family, he immediately tells her that they nutin more than master and servant and when Yuriko suggests she go go check out a matchmaking, Fujita is all -_- abt it and tells her to go ahead.

Cuz of dat, Yuriko gets pretty ragey and one day runs off to Kyouko’s place without telling anyone.  Fujita totally flips, drags her back and starts hollering abt how he was so fudgin worried why she dumb beetch run off??  Yuriko snaps bak and is all “WHEN THE FUT U START CARING HUH?!” and that she din’t wanna see his face, das why she left.  Fujita is hurt cuz he thinks it’s cuz Yuriko hates him but Yuriko confesses that it’s cuz she likes him but knows he don’t like her back so das why it hurts to see him :(  Fujita course likes Yuriko so snogs her…

…AND THEN HE RUNS AWAY LOLOLOLOLOL WUT XDXD Yuriko’s like “WTF” and thinks Fujita’s fuckin around again so she’s all Cee Lo Green “FUCK UUUUUUU” and things revert back to normal.

Fujita gets jealous later on cuz he smeels Shiba on Yuriko and Yuriko goes crazy raging and yells at him to DO SUMMIN ABT IT THEN and stop being a wussy jealous pansy.  Fujita can onli agree that he’s a total pansy.  Loadsa chicks have approached him before and he’s fallen in love and wanted to make em happy but in the end, he realises that they onli came to him cuz he was like some rare toad and they were interested cuz he was half white das it.  They’d always get taken away by some other dude later on (MIZUHITO ^^;;) so Fujita’s given up and this pisses Yuriko off even more cuz Fujita’s playin the victim and if everyone keeps leavin him, then all he has to do is NOT LET EM LEAVE HIM and she hugs him

…then things get a lil disturbing when Yuriko’s like “WHO’S THE MASOCHISTIC PIG? WHO’S NEVER GONNA BE LOVED BY ANYONE??YOU ARE!!” and LOL FUJITA reall does get horny and kisses her WTF IS GOING ON and Yuriko apologises for getting all DMC KRAUSER on him and sez she onli sed that to piss him off and get him to DO SOMETHING.

Blablablabla the stuff with someone in the Nomiya house targeting the family happens and Fujita ends up taking a hit for Yuriko.  It’s nutin big but Yuriko is relieved he’s okay so the two confess their love for each other again before lovin each other tonite ;D  The two happy cuddle afterwards and some time later, they clear up the debt shit and all is good.

In the end, they move to a new place together and turns out Fujita’s acually one horny dog cuz he goes at it 93847298347893247329 times a day till Yuriko actually passes out LOL.  Yuriko’s like “NO SRLSY GIMME A BREAK” and Fujita’s all embarrassed like “…i thought all married couples do this” xD   Anyway all this chitchat abt oversexing has gotten Fujita hard all over again so they get it on again.  Halfway through he starts talking abt drinking her BREAST MILK when they have a baby like “UR MILK MUST BE SWEET I LIKE SWEET THINGS SUCKY SUCKY LICKY LICKY” and then we get this really traumatising CG of Fujita flashin his HUGE MOTHAFUCKA WANG o.O;;


Mizuhito collapses in VIVA LA HOOKER streets and Yuriko finds that there were SM rope burns on him and shiet and Mizuhito reveals that he’s selling himself to pay back the debt.

Believing there’s more to it, Yuriko goes to Kyouko’s place to interrogate the creepy bitch who tells her that the black market dudes are VERY INTERESTED in her and Mizuhito cuz they both so damn sexy – especially wot with Yuriko’s pheromones sexy smell.  They jacked the Nomiya debt bk or summin forgot, so bottom line is, they blackmailing Mizuhito and if he doesn’t become their slut, they’ll take Yuriko and won’t return the book.

Yuriko decides to stop letting Fujita and Mizuhito protect her and sells herself to the club. There, she has dem SM orgies with everyone, gets high on pot and Fujita joins in too WUT O.O;;


Yuriko and Fujita confess their love fo each other but Yuriko still marries Shiba and has 2 kids with him.  Shiba continues to be her servant and he’s become some creepy M who’s all “OMG BABY GAGA BREAST MILK PLOXXX” and has lactating Yuriko boob milk sex with him wut the fu-

Majima Yoshiki

A servant of the Nomiya household.  Cuz he’s gentle, very kind and yum yum pleasing to the eye lol, he’s Yuriko’s first love and she still thinks fondly of him now.  He also sounds pretty sexy cuz he’s voiced by Kondou Takashi eheheh so he’s popular with the ladies but he’s not manslut Mizuhito so he rejects  em all politely.  Course, this nature loving sexy young man image he has is only a facade and he’s actually…;D


During the party, Yuriko decides to confess to Majima since she’s gon get married anyway.  Course Majima rejects her and pulls the whole “YOU MASTER I SERVANT” shtick on her.  Yuriko doesn’t pursue him till she finds out dat she gon have to marry a mofo like SHIBA and after getting rejected by Majima again, she decides to become a REAL WOMAN and runs off.

She fakes her way into working for a cafe to get more independent.  2 months later, Majima comes to drag her out and says that he still can’t betray the Nomiya family so she go home and he’ll quit his job.  Yuriko says dat she ain’t goin anywhere without her man, Majima so STFU and she confesses that she feels at peace with him, almost as though they’ve known each other since forever.  Majima’s resolve caves and he admits that it’s love at first sight for him too.

Majima’s then all“KAY IMA TAKE UR DAUGHTER AS MAI WAIFU SAYONARA SUCKERS” to the Nomiya family and the go live together.  They’re a happy couple and shhiet cuz Majima’s not telling Yuriko who he really is and wot he does but who gives a fuck, ignorance is bliss xD


Yuriko’s still in love with Majima here and goes out to see him when shiet starts happening to her family.  There, she gets molested by her rapist servant Saburo and Majima hugs her in apology for not being able to prevent it from happening.  She notices that Majima has the same sweet smell that she has and tells him that she feels safe around him cuz he’s like family.  This irks him cuz he’s like “I GOT PENIS TOO”  and the two get into a lil tiff

That night, Yuriko’s mama Shigeko dies so Yuriko decides to snoop around in their storehouse but gets attacked by Saburo again.  This time though, Yuriko grabs a knife and stabs the guy and Majima walks in.  She totally flips, rejects Majima’s help and screams that he hates her so Majima snogs her to make her stfu and though Yuriko is hesitant at first, they decide to keep this a secret and bury Saburo’s body.

Several days after, she hears that someone who looks like Saburo has been spotted so Fujita goes out to see.  Hideo busts in shortly to tell her that Mizuhito has committed suicide.  Yuriko faints and ere, Majima reveals wot’s really going on.

25 years ago, Shigeko had an incestuous relationship with her bro and had a son.  That child was given to a servant called KIKYOU to take care of and all was good till Shigeko got married to Yuriko’s dad.  Yuriko’s dad found out that Shigeko had a child before and in a fit of rage ran to Kikyou’s place and massacred her entire family in front of Majima.  Somehow, Majima lived and swore to get revenge on the entire Nomiya family.  He went underground, became a super powerful pot drug lord in Shanghai then posed as a servant and started destroying the Nomiya family from within.  There he met Yuriko and despite himself, fell in love with her but at the same time, hated her and still wants to destroy her for his revenge.

Following Mizuhito’s death, Yuriko goes kinda nuts and Majima becomes the one thing she can depend on.  She obeys him absolutely, believes his words that she’s gotta be a hooker to live on or summin and Majima’s pretty nasty to her but keeps reverting to being a nice guy cuz he really doesn’t want to do this, still loves her and is all “WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG” and shiet.


Yuriko tells Majima she’d do anything fo him so he decides to take her but tells her that she’s gonna learn the truth abt him.  He takes her to Shanghai where he reveals his druggie job + the fact that they siblings.  In the end, Majima only sees her as his lil sis and sleeps around with random hoes but it’s okay, Yuriko knows she’s the only family he’s got so even though they lovers, he still loves and treasures her

Other Ends


 Yuriko gets taken to Shanghai where she’s blinded and becomes a to doll to Majima.  She doesn’t know wot’s going on of course and Majima’s smell is familiar to her but she’s treated with much love and shiet so it’s aite lol


Yuriko gets raped by Saburo so locks herself in her room and develops androphobia.  She doesn’t come out till Kyouko drags her out and there, she breaks down and tells Kyouko wot happened before Kyouko tells her the same thing happened to her and she wipes some cream into Yuriko’s crotch lol.  

The two become bff and Yuriko feels safe with Kyouko till one day she catches Kyouko sexing up random men despite her being married and later on Kyouko, brings in Saburo for Yuriko to torture and uh yeah some lezzy weirdass ending lol.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Been some time since the last GOOD r18 otome game ;)

I loved all the dudes in this game cept for mb Fujita; not cuz the guy is like nearly twice Yuriko’s age or anything but cuz he was really…fucking…creepy in bed o.O;;  Lol dat aside, Shiba grabs #1 spot with how he’s got all dat swagger and shiet yet all he wants is Yuriko and he’s willin to do woteva it takes to have her.  Mizuhito was made of pure smex, Hideo made me lmfao with how much of a virgin dork he cud be and Majima?  I liked him but let’s just say ima HELL DISAPPOINTED T.T  As for Yuriko, I really liked her as a heroine cuz she wasn’t totally useless and cud do shit.  Even though her home is fallin to shambles, she still remains strong and doesn’t run off and she knows how to take action and get wot she wants.  Totally helps that she’s pretty adorable visually xD  And um Kyouko.  Yeaaaaah…creepy depraved bisexual LOL

The music was fuck good too so das a plus.  As for the voices…just OMG EVERYONE’S SO FUCKING LOUD DURING SEX i found myself thinking “WTF BL DRAMA??”  several times cuz srsly DAMN XDXD  but lol i’m not complaining ;)  I liked Majima’s voice the most, Kondou Takashi ftw (though Mizuhito = Hirakawa Daisuke so he was sexy too haha)

Art was damn nice.  The colouring’s smooth and there  wasn’t anything that made me go “WTF IS WRONG WITH HIS FACE” cept for wen i got tht cg of Fujita’s ripped penis lmao but yeah.  My gripe abt the art wud be that Yuriko’s hair made her head look HUGE sometimes and that she looks way better with it down.  I liked Mizuhito’s design the best – epitome of SEX

And onto the story.  I found the story to be really good, dramatic n engrossin and kept me interested till the end.  Everyone had decent length routes as well as several endings and the bad endings themselves were good too and not all of em were some random “OKAY YURIKO GETS RAPED THE END” shit.  The only complaint I have is that Majima’s routes felt really short and kinda halfassed when compared to every other guys’ – I mean he’s the perpetrator in all this shit so I was expecting some giant crazy bloody yandere route or summin but all we got was a happy ever after and some slut route ==*****

…BUUUUT woteva this game was still bloody fun to play (LOL FOR AN 18+ OTOME GAME ANYWAY).  A captivating story + nice cast of characters + brill art makes this game shine and though I think Aromarie cud really have built on Majima a tad, it was still fuckin good and yeah regardless of whether u liked Aromarie’s prev games or not, give this a shot ;)  

78 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari”

  1. LOL okay your review was great but I can already tell this is not my thing cause
    1. The art just doesn’t appeal to me, everyone feels like an おっさん and after Akazukin I need some young mans to look at!
    2. I think the drama here is a bit too much for me lol. Also wth she had like 2 brothers?? (;゚д゚)ェ… So weird lol. Feels like some crazy soap opera but with added on rape as the bonus!
    3. yea I’ve officially quit R-18 games after Akazukin because of #2. Sometimes it’s like “Why do you have to make chars go apeshit just to give them an excuse to turn into a rapist” lol.

    But I guess if you’re a drama lovin’ person you’d prolly like this game? XD Actually since you liked this game for all I know maybe you’ll like Akazukin. You liked yanderes right? That game may be right up your alley!

    • domshiki Says:

      LOOOL akazukin sucked? i heard mostly good stuff abt it – ain’t it at least HALF DECENT? thuogh it’s still calamelia and I HATED RIDDLE GARDEN. damn dat sucked i was kinda lookin forward to it but it has yandere? im totally there. im crossin ma fingers that it won’t make me rage like riddle garden (FUCKFACE PHIL or wtoeva his name was lol) ==;;

  2. …I think I have to play this even if just for the megane tsundere 8D
    …Was expecting more from Majima’s route too, that’s a pity :-/

    • …and yes, several times while reading your review, I thought “she looked like she’s wearing a helmet under her hair…” <_<;;

    • domshiki Says:

      lol SAME the onli thing that really irked me was just Majima’s crappyyass routes =3=;;
      haha but damn when Yuriko lets down her hair she looks pretty hawt xD

  3. I actually quite like the art. Well, at least she looks decent with her hair down. :) And I wish she spent more time in china-wear. Amazingly, it suits her better than the kimono.

    Oresama chara’s <3. We need more of those in otome games.

  4. SilentWolfie Says:

    Awww. No shota in this game? Previous game had two younger dudes and the first had one younger cousin. It’s always interesting to read from the Nee san viewpoint instead of the galge viewpoint, so I’m a little sad here.

    Not sure if the formula changed that much (engaged Fiance with other guys, etc), but the drama still looks like it’s over 9000. I’m pretty sure the first two games had two different writers, kinda makes me wonder if this writer is a new replacement or retained.

    The previous games made me feel a little suffocated with the drama, so I doubt I will play this anytime soon. Definitely an interesting summary though.

    • domshiki Says:

      heheh thanks ;)

      i was kinda wondering where the younger dudes were too but seems like Yuriko’s the youngest one ere. Shame cuz the lil bro from Taiyou no Kage was so. fucking. adorable > <

      lol yeah the drama is totally over 9000 n i felt like killin myself cuz ur rite, it's a tad suffocating at times but this is nonetheless, a pretty damn good r18 otome game :D

  5. Julia Says:

    Ok,this game was good ( aromarie I love you ) but I still prefer Gin no kanmuri ao no namida (L)
    My favorite character was Shiba… or maybe the hentai onichan
    ( daisuke hirakawa´s power ) xD
    Takashi Kondo deceived me soooo much in this game T_T

    I expected more from him, he has a great voice but in Majima´s role I was indifferent,completely

    P.S: I hate yuriko’s hairstyle, OMG I know that, In those years all women wear it, but…. T_T still hate it

  6. hairband Says:

    Wait so Majima was… Just… Her brother? So the good end is just incest end? WTH

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL yeah pretty much majima was yuriko’s bro whereas Mizuhito was just some adopted kid xD

  7. Wow such an amusing review xD
    Thank you~

    Lol wat, so there is some yuri, wth XD
    Also that Saburo gets to rape her? omg wtf e_e
    So disturbing o.O

    Regardless, it seems kinda interesting…
    I guess I’ll give it another try now that I’m done with akazukin~

    • domshiki Says:

      haha thanks ;)

      yup there is some yuri and saburo does rape her BUT THANK GOD WE DON’T CG FOR THE LATTER (lol i wudnt have minded some yuri) heh

      yup yup this game is pretty interesting and doesn’t have too much random rape in it like most r18 games ;)

  8. Wow great review, you actually convinced me to give ChouDoku a try. xD
    I hated Tsuki no Hikari and have been avoiding Aromarie’s games ever since, but the charm of Taisho era.. I can never resist. ;D Yuriko looks really pretty with bangs, and glad to hear she’s not a useless heroine lol.

    Seriously I’ve had enough of R-18 otome games in which everyone turns into rapists in the middle of the route → rape bad ends. I don’t mind soap opera-ish stories, so I might play it later after I’m done with my Takuyo marathon. xD

    • domshiki Says:

      lol yeah aromarie’s crazy drama = overwhelming but im still drawn to em and hellz yeah the historical theme of this totally got me xD yuriko is pretty adorable BUT GODDAMNIT WHY HER HAIR SO FUCKING BIG?!?! every time i get a cg with that big head of hers…kjSEJFPOSFN[SPAFNASD lmao

      if ur worried abt the rape, das aite this game doesn’t have all dat sugar beans random rape and Yuriko doesn’t get raped in anyone’s good routes so at least rape isn’t a prerequisite to a happy ending lol.

  9. I this love game¡¡¡

  10. Mimichii Says:

    Awesome and hilarious review, as usual lol and now, for my rage…
    Goddammit. I am so disappointed at Majima’s route. :'( He was definitely like my top favorite after looking at the guys, next to Shiba-san… and then his route was a total cop-out gahhh and he’s technically her brother and just I don’t even –
    Lol well I’m glad this game was good, regardless. I was actually more excited for this than Akazukin (which turned out to be a total fail) so I’m glad to see a good review for it! I really liked the art for this over Akazukin’s too, it just feels smoother and more mature I guess lol even though Yuriko’s hair makes her head look like a billboard sometimes lol I hope Aromarie releases more games like this xD And what’s up with their naming scheme? It’s like ____ no ____, _____ no ______ for every game title lol

  11. hairband Says:

    Oh yeah question that has nothing to do w/ this review: Do you guys plan on reviewing Starry Sky Winter?

    • domshiki Says:

      yup i do, started on shiranui’s route but im procrastinatin a hell lot and playin other games haha xD

  12. Hi there, long time stalker commenting for the first time. XD Really enjoy reading your reviews. I actually went and bought a PSP after reading your Hiiro no Kakera and Hakuouki reviews because it sounded so much fun. XD

    I’m still in the middle of playing this game (left with Fujita and Majima) so only read the parts which I’ve played. ^^; Shiba-san is my favourite character too! I really love this game so far though I’m kind of losing steam now because Fujita doesn’t really turn me on enough to marathon-play like I did previously haha oops. Kinda disappointing to read that Majima’s route won’t be as good but oh well, now that my expectations are lowered, maybe I won’t find it that bad. :P

    By the way, I added your link on my blogroll if you don’t mind. :)

    • domshiki Says:

      haha glad u enjoy reading our reviews, jus checked ur blog out and it’s pretty damn awesome too ;)

      lol yeah fujita was kinda o.O;; but i guess Shiba jus set the bar waaaay too high after playing him, he’s so friggin adorable xD majima = giant disappointment but i still loved him mainly cuz of kondou takashi voicing him heheh

      thanks u, addin u to our blogroll too :D

  13. Rita Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever played any of Aromarie’s games. :S

    By the way, you have so many posts I’ve forgotten but didn’t you review Hakuouki? Aksys is bringing it over for the PSP in English. :D

    • O.o. … Wow, how did you find out?
      What are they going to do with the voice acting? DUBS =.=
      … hope this works out XD
      thanks for the news. :)

  14. This review is great, I just found this site! Soo glad to hear there’s no rape in the good routes, I’m so damn tired of that shit. If it’s ok, Imma link your blog from mine.

    • domshiki Says:

      heheh thanks ;) lol it’s a nice change innit, having no rape in good routes and ima link u too =P

  15. You should continue reviewing all aromarie’s games.I love them because they always produce fucked up games.

  16. Ayaka Says:

    he’s become some creepy M who’s all “OMG BABY GAGA BREAST MILK PLOXXX” and has lactating Yuriko boob milk sex with him wut the fu-

    This is damn FUNNY!!!!
    i remember playing that servant spoiled guy’s route and just after THAT ending i gave up on whole game…
    never thought r-18 was my style.
    though after reading this i’m having second thoughts about this game… especially about her long lost brother fuck…
    OMG… this is sick… sister raping…? now that’s TOO much drama.
    not that i hate it though >D (in this game *cough*)

  17. Megumi Says:

    Is everything censored in the game?

  18. Megumi Says:

    I just knew it!
    But seriously, people paid big money just to play these games and what they end up with are censored scenes and (X,.x) sfx…

    I’ve never brought a single otome game before (Even though I get curious about them, I can’t afford such…-_-”)

  19. hi do you have a link for this game’s routes? I tried playing it by guessing the questions and ended up dying with the gross hunchback… ugh D: awesome reviews btw!

  20. I really enjoyed this game. :)
    I think, unlike most people, Hideo-kun was my favorite route. I have a soft-spot for tsundere osananajimi.

  21. Nekochi KazuChama Says:

    i wanna play this gameee~~~ how?????
    can u help me~~ QAQ!!!!!

  22. Vanilla Says:

    I liked Shiba and Hideo! Thanks to your review I got curious with the game and I knew what to watch out for especially in Majima’s route. God, I avoided his bad routes because of that damned creepy servant ugh whyyyy is he thereee ugh bleah. (Also, skipped that part in Hideo’s even though it didn’t happen thank god cause I just can’t handle characters like that ><) Too bad too 'cause I like Kondo Takashi and Majima's pretty handsome ;^; Hehe they're all horny as fu– doing it every night again and again even cherry boy Hideo in the epilogue as stated by Yuriko xDDD

    • booboo Says:

      Question…. is there an english version of this game? i wanna play it and download it

      • domshiki Says:

        I don’t believe there’s an english patch out for it though there usually are chinese patches out for otome games

  23. Cwistle Says:

    I have a question. In the Liar route for Hideo, did he marry the Sawako girl or not?

    • domshiki Says:

      I actually can’t remember lol sry but I’m inclined to believe that he didn’t

  24. Thanks for the review, after reading it i decided to try this game!! I really like Shiba’s route. I recommend playing Persona – Opera Za no Kaijin!!

    • domshiki Says:

      awesome cuz this game is actually one of the few good 18+ otome games out there! haha that’s a coincidence cuz I just started playing Opera; I hope it’s good and not full of brainless rape like most other r rated otome games

  25. sheki Says:

    Hey is in english? or Japanese?

  26. Carmelia Says:

    As always, super entertaining review :D
    But I had a question. What order of the guys should I do?
    Like what would be your recommended playthrough?
    I just played Shiba first and love all the guys, though I’m hesitant about Fujita.. for obvious reasons xD I wanna get Fujita over with, but at the same time I don’t want to play him…LOL
    I know I’m supposed to play Majima last, but don’t know who to do after Shiba and onward? Thanks^^

    • domshiki Says:

      Thanks <3
      tbh, I don't really think that the order matters much as long as Majima is played last. The routes are all pretty self contained and the only thing they really share in common is "THERE'S A TRAITOR!!!".

      I played it in the order I did because the walkthrough I used just listed everyone in this order. You might want to play Fujita 2nd just to get him out of the way (cuz he's ew lol) and his suckiness will make Mizuhito, Hideo and Majima seem better in comparison

      • Carmelia Says:

        Alright, that makes sense :) Thanks for that^^ BTW, I have another question lol. Do you happen to know where I’d be able to find the game OST? It’s not on YouTube or anywhere else. i can’t find it anywhere actually :(

      • domshiki Says:

        Np, always happy to help! :D
        oh gods I rmb hunting for it online after I played this game but never had any luck. Otomedream usually has everything otome but it’s a credits based forum so I doubt you’d be able to dl anything without being a long time member sorry. Perhaps buy it off amazon if you really like it?

      • Carmelia Says:

        Aww I see D: And as much as I would like to buy the OST, I’m a bit cheap xD I never buy soundtracks, as I almost always find it online lol. I thought people were able to rip the music directly from the game and upload it? Uhm maybe not, as I don’t know that much about that type of stuff :P Oh well, thanks anyways!

  27. Carmelia Says:

    Hi again :) Sorry for another question >.< I'm just about almost done this game. I've done all the good and bad endings for all the other guys. All I have is Majima and the other ends left. So I was wondering. Which one is the truest route of Majima? I don't know which one to do last and finish the game with. Whether I should do "hidden shit" or "whackjob princess" (LMAO) last. Haha thanks^^

  28. Carmelia Says:

    Okay never mind. I feel like I’m spamming the comments now haha, sorry about that. You can ignore what I said previously. I was able to figure it out and fully complete the game. I really enjoyed it, but Majima’s route was too short >< While I love all the guys (Fujita not so much lol), Majima is my fave^^

    • domshiki Says:

      Sorry I was too busy to see your question in time but I’m glad you figured it out :D
      OMG LOL FUJITA RIGHT? did he make u go “..wtf?” cuz that was what I was like when I played his route. Yeah they made Majima’s route so eh. Like in all the other routes, there’s this mystery bad guy person and they build up so much on him but then u actually play Majima and his routes are so short == Maybe they saved all the goodstuff in the FD but I haven’t gotten round to playing that yet haha

      • Carmelia Says:

        Don’t worry about it :D And LOL 100% agreed about Fujita!

        I literally just started playing the FD, and only played Fujita (to get him out of the way) and Shiba so far. AND OMG about Fujita. He made me go …WTF?? at his route in the main game, but in the FD, he made me go WTF!?!!?!? WHAT IS THIS!??!?! OMG NO. Honestly, no words right now… lmao
        On the other hand, Shiba was a huge sweetie in the epilogue of his happy end. As always, he’s such an adorable ore-sama^^
        I’m saving Majima for last and I’m hoping aromarie gives him a lot more, he deserves it (we do too!) <3

      • domshiki Says:

        LOL so fujita is still a fokkin weirdo I take? OMG YEAH i played half of Shiba’s route in the fd and just…just *fans self* he’s adorable.
        Please tell me they didn’t do another asspull for majima!

  29. Carmelia Says:

    OMG I didn’t see your reply til now. Sorry for being like two months late, oops :S BUT, yes I greatly enjoyed the FD. And the best part was seeing Majima’s inner thoughts and the different persepectives on his endings. It tore my heart out into a million pieces. So imo, it was definitely worth it. I still want more of Majima and the other guys too though xD Oh and the omakes were HILARIOUS as usual. Chou no Doku probably has the best omakes imo cause of the pure randomness LOL

    • domshiki Says:

      rofl dwbi I haven’t been on here for pretty long and I still haven’t gotten round to finishing the FD T T.

      OMG we get some insight into Majima’s thoughts? That is brill, I really hated how he was shafted in the original game when it came to his own route – please tell me they do explain his past and all. Damn I really need to finish this haha thanks!

      • Carmelia Says:

        Yep! Seeing how he really felt made me more intrigued with his character as a whole^^ He’s soo full of contradictions and that just increases my interest in him even more haha.

        Hmm they still don’t give that much info on his past, but still they kinda do? Gahh I don’t really remember the details even tho its only been a couple of months since I’ve played it and I don’t want to get your hopes up (cause a game’s usually better enjoyed with lower expectations – I think lol). But YES do play the FD, it’s pretty short so it won’t take too long :) Let me know how it was for you!

  30. Hey, darned funny review. I played the trial for this game on PC but Im having trouble getting the full game >.> Any idea if the original is PSP-bound or summing?

  31. TemarasWiltingFan Says:

    I think I love either Junichi or Hideo the best. They’re the ones who actually seem to care about the heroine and treat her like a human being instead of some object. Junichi may not have the looks but he’s surprisingly a good man. He waited all these years to reunite with Yuriko, how sweet is that? And Hideo is a tsuntsun cutie pie <3
    And even though Fujita's somewhat creepy (and old lol), he's admittedly good looking XD If only Aromarie hadn't put in the breast milk lines in there the route wouldve been pretty decent. Aromarie just has to ruin things with their screwed up minds sigh :/

    • domshiki Says:

      YES those two were so adorable! Just because they acted so cool and everything but were actually so in love with the heroine <3

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL THE BREAST MILK AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA DON'T REMIND ME i shat myself so bloody hard and actually replayed the scene a couple of times just to make sure it wasn't just my dirty old mind making things up – it really was breast milk wasn't it rofl

      Least it was bloody hilarious! Guess it'd be too good to have perfect routes for every single character eh

  32. Billy Says:

    Wow she seems to always be victimized poor thing

  33. […] Sumber : Sokuho@Hokanko, Gematsu, 4Shiki […]

  34. hey there!!
    i love the way you write hahaha im laughing my ass of while reading this XD wanna buy this too but how? i clicked on the links but everything i get is: bullshit some ä£ things like this. please help out :P hope to see new reviews from you cuz its so funny!! ;D

  35. […] Yuriko’s a noblewoman in the Taisho Era and has a big party on her birthday. She then discovers her father is trying to find her a rich husband at the party, but she doesn’t want to have that fate. Suddenly, some rogues break into her place and start trashing the place. She grabs a wooden sword so she can fight them, but a man saves her… – 4 Shiki […]

  36. […] Yuriko’s a noblewoman in the Taisho Era and has a big party on her birthday. She then discovers her father is trying to find her a rich husband at the party, but she doesn’t want to have that fate. Suddenly, some rogues break into her place and start trashing the place. She grabs a wooden sword so she can fight them, but a man saves her… – 4 Shiki […]

  37. seven94 Says:

    bwahaha im laughing so hard the way you describe every routine it’s so funny and fun it’s the first time i didn’t feel bored reading a review XD

  38. ♥ Ring ♥ Says:

    Reblogged this on ♥ Ring Slothy ♥.

  39. Hello berry Says:

    I love your summary but I hate how it ended like that

  40. Such a great review / summary lol. I think this game has a deep and heavy story but you delivered it lightly lol i just kept on laughing whiel reading. I love the way you write, this review urges me to play this game but i can’t take the story i might die. Still ,a great review!

    • domshiki Says:

      Thanks for reading! I usually play the games with a lighthearted approach so I guess that’s why I write like a madman but I’m really flattered that you found it an entertaining read :D If you like drama, I think you should go for it and just play the game since it does have a lot of squee-worthy moments and I actually shat myself laughing at several scenes like the Fujita breast milk shit LOL

  41. ChickenDeliveryDingDong Says:

    I personally liked Shiba and Ozaki the best. Like I felt they’re the ones who genuinely cared about her? I mean I think every character had good qualities, but a good chunk of em were into creepy shit/something was off about em. I feel Kyouko should have been developed more, rather than turninf into a weird bisexual ho XP She was actually rather interesting. And I know Majima’s route was awesome since it was pretty much the conclusion that tied everything together-and he was a great villain, but I personally would HATE to get hitched to a messed up muthafucka like that XD He’s cute, but full of shite

    • domshiki Says:

      LMAO “creepy shit” – but wasn’t Fujita so uguuuu kawaii with his breast milk fetish?? xD Yeah I definitely thought Kyouko would have a bigger role in the game, maybe that she was somehow tied in with Majima and pulling strings but guess I did the same thing with Majima and overestimated both of them. Dude those ends where he basically takes Yuriko and makes her his pet, that’s some creepy shit right there. Have you played the fandisk for the game btw? I remember being really unsatisfied with Majima’s route and was wondering whether they gave more of his bg or not there.

      • solanin Says:

        i played the FD and i thought it was pretty interesting playing through the aftermath of Majima’s bad end (even tho he was angsty angsting). it was short af though and probably not worth the $$$$.

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