Otome Game Review – Kanuchi Shiroki Tsubasa no Shou

Alternative Titles: カヌチ 白き翼の章

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 02.10.08

Official Site: www.otomate.jp/


Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, fantasy

Plot Summary: Our heroine Aki’s an orphan who got picked up by a Toura jiijii and has been living happily with him for 17 years till one day, she meets all these bishies and that  turns her schizophrenic LOL.  Combine that with some blacksmithing, fantasy elements and a weirdass plot and we got our Kanuchi.  Das the gist of things anyway xD

So Kanuchi is split into two parts and this, Shiroki Tsubasa is part 1.  Kuroki Tsubasa is part 2 and I’ll finish that off soon…hopefully hehheh.

MUKASHI MUKASHI…there were two noble families, one called TAKAMAHARA and the other, YASUNA.  They hated each other and were constantly raping each other.  However, life’s a bitch and decides to pull a Romeo and Juliet on em so the Takahamara daughter, KAYANA, and the Yasuna son, IZUSAMI, started sexing each other up and the families raged and put em both under house arrest.  It was also pretty common for people to have wings lol.  Several years later, the Takamahara head died so Kayana was made BAU5 and worked hard to become all gangsta baller, forgetting about Izusami in the process.  Izusami becomes BAU5 too and some time later, the Takamahara family and the Yasuna had some giant fight to end this lameass feuding shit and there, white winged Kayana smashed up black winged Izusami so the Takamahara ruled over the land.  When Kayana became the ruler, her white wings turned black from the grief of killing her ex Izusami and several thousand years later, she’s made into the goddess of war of the land.

Kay now back to the present.  People now no longer have wings and only those of the royal TAKAMAHARA line have black wings.  Aki’s been trying to find a job now dat she’s 17 but her Toura jii’s against it and wants her to stay in the kitchen and make him sandwiches everyday WOMAN GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN :@:@:@.  Toura jii’s a blacksmith, summin that Aki wants to be too but OBVIOUSLY SHE CAN’T CUZ SHE’S A WOMAN lol xD Anyway Aki ain’t giving up and spends her days looking for work.

Kurato Esta

An 18 year old royal guard.  He’s pretty abrasive and is all dicking to Aki upon first meeting her like  “BEETCH GET OUTTA MA WAY” but warms up to her after she’s like “FAT SHIT THE ROAD’S WIDE ENOUGH U MOVE YO ASS :@:@:@” xD  He has a hell lotta pride as a swordsman but wears his heart on his sleeve and is actually pretty tennen, frequently having HARUAHSUDAHUUURRR moments LOL.

So Kurato apologises to Aki after their first encounter ended in a bitch fight and hearing that he’s looking for a blacksmith to serve the royal guards, Aki introduces Toura jii to him but Toura jii outright refuses, won’t tell Aki the reason and pissed, Aki runs off into a bigass typhoon HEEERP.  Kurato races round in the rain to find Aki who comes home and apologises to Toura jii.

Toura jii’s all dwbi but he falls ill from dancing in the rain and through a stroke of luck, Aki finds a job in the city as a blacksmith and she heads off to earn money to heal her sick grandpa.

Since then, Kurato’s been all over Aki and comes by 24/7 to help her out and gets jealous when other ppl get close to her cuz he thought he was “the only one close to her” ;)  One day, Aki wakes up and HORRY SHIET TAKAMAHARA KAYANA is inside her!! Turns out this year a special time called 審判の時 SHIMPAN NO TOKI occurs which  is when the 3 stars align in the skies and summin weird is supposed to happen – Kayana gets brought back to life.  She’s without a body so she borrows Aki’s one and is also missing her wings.

So a few thousands years ago just after Kayana killed Izusami, Kayana decided to get married cuz she’s the head of her family and needs to continue the line blablabla.  She married her KANUCHI – a blacksmith who forms a contract with someone by making a special sword formed by KUMAHI – bff who betrayed her and killed her in the end.  When Kayana found out about her betrayal, she cast some magic or summin that in the case that she died, she’d get ressurected during the next Shimpan no Toki.  Least das wot I think happened, I got pretty confused lol so sorry if I just wrote a whole load of bs _(_ _)_

…aaaand das when everyone starts complaining about how shitty this game is cuz now there are two heroines and all the guys get hot for KAYANA and not AKI.  I dunno, I like Kayana, she’s a total badass ANEKI, so friggin GAR so i din’t mind but…

…yeah Kurato  falls for her instead LOL XD

Anyway on nights where the Lua star is at its brightest or summin, Kayana temporarily regains her powers and can leave Aki’s body.  Initially, Kurato isn’t that interested in Kayana and is still “AKI AKI AKI”, getting into “IT’S NOT WOT IT LOOKS LIKE” situations with her  while the other guards are like “RAPIST KURATOOOOOO :@:@:@”  and he’s still comin round all the time to help her.

However, after Kayana kicks his ass in a sword duel, he starts getting interested and gets into wrong situations with her lol like when he tried to stop Kayana from looking at his photos and resorted to pushing her down onto his bed XD

Later on, Aki’s attacked by some pervert who demands directions to the palace and would have killed her had Kayana not bust out her badass moves and whipped the guy into submission. The guy flees and Aki hurries to the king’s place in fear that the king’s being targeted.

The pervert breaks into the palace and then starts perving on Kurato and it’s revealed that he’s actually KURATO’S TWIN LIL BRO AKUTO.  Akuto’s here to get revenge for some stupid wangsty reason which Kurato explains to Aki is cuz Akuto believes it’s Kurato’s fault that he  almost died.  When they were kids, their place got set on fire from the war and Akuto got trapped.  Kurato went to save his bro but cuz he was just a kid, he cudn’t do shit and ended up letting go of his bro’s hand.  Kurato’s parents told him that Akuto burned to cinders but now Akuto’s back and out to smush in Kurato’s head for leaving him back then.


After dat, an injured Akuto shows up at Aki’s show by coincidence and collapses.  Aki decides to nurse him back to health where he starts getting all sexy time on her cuz DAMN AKUTO IS ONE SEXY BASTARD VOICED BY MIDORIKAWA HIKARU AND NOT IN HIS GAYASS YOH VOICE EITHER.

Anyway he gets better and leaves. Meanwhile, Kurato’s heard from the stars LOL dat his meeting with Akuto is the beginning of Kayana finding her lost wings again and that to help Kayana some more, he should give her his IMINA – the name of his soul that controls his life, summin dat he can onli tell one person.

Then IZUSAMI (Kayana’s YASUNA bf from 298472938429 years ago) gets resurrected too later and he manages to yank Kayana out of Aki’s body for good.  He takes her back to the past and sez he wants to be with her but Kayana rejects him cuz she’s gotta go back to Aki.  This reminds her of the past where the same thing happened, Izusami snuck out to see her but Kayana rejected him cuz she’s resolved to be the Takamahara head while Izusami remained heartbroken and couldn’t understand why they had to fight when they loved each other.

Izusami goes nuts into his berserker mode and tries to kill himself and Kayana together but Kurato somehow yanks her out. Here, Kurato realises that he really does like Kayana so decides to tell her his Imina.  Immediately, Kayana regains one of her wings and happy glomps a dere Kurato heheh ;)

They go back where they find Izusami all jelly cuz he immediately senses that Kurato’s got the hots for Kayana.  Being the stupid, selfish whiny brat he is, Izusami decides to kill Kurato to have Kayana which ends up with Kayana taking a hit for Kurato. Kurato and Izusami both freak and Kurato carries Kayana back to Aki.

At the same time, Akuto’s ordered to retrieve both Kayana and Aki. Despite Akuto being all “NO WHY AKI T.T” abt his orders, he still jacks em both.  Kurato’s pathetically weak and gets his ass owned so Akuto makes off with the two heroines and brings em to his YASUNA king.


Mitoshi Freska

Kurato’s bff.  Mitoshi’s a giant bag of HERP who can talk to stars and apparently, THE STARS TALK TO HIM TOO o.O;; Lol so “wtf this guy must be high” aside, Mitoshi can read the future and all dat funky shiet through his ability and is basically the “HOSHIYOMISHI” (Star Reader)  for the castle.  Despite his trappy, docile appearance and HARDARHUDSDVHERDUNGFAR way of talking, he’s actually a TOTAL BADASS who’ll RAPE UR ASS with his FUCKIN MAGICAL BEADS OF DOOM so don’t piss the lil guy off ;D  Eheheh and he can cook! <3

Kayana asks Mitoshi to look for a method to find her wings so Mitoshi stays up all night talking to stars.  He reveals that he’s actually in the royal guards to get revenge on his old friend HINOKA who he suspects killed his older sis some years back.

Everything’s fine and dandy till Izusami suddenly shows up and  yanks his sword outta Mitoshi.  Apparently, u gotta be BORN a hoshiyomishi and Mitoshi was actually born half sane and dint have the ability to talk to rocks in the skies lol.  Hinoka became a proass hoshiyomoshi who could change the future and believing that he needed to be a hoshiyomishi too to kill the guy, Mitoshi struck a contract with Izusami where if Mitoshi took care of Izusami’s sword, Izusami would grant him the powers of a Hoshiyomishi.

Now that the sword is gone, Mitoshi’s source of power is gone and he’s just human now.  He goes all emo and runs outta the castle, going over to the sea or summin that separates TAKAMAHARU and YASUNA.  He tries to swim over to get to Hinoka before Aki finds him and bitchslaps the hell outta him like “BOY WTF U THINK U DOIN?! U CAN’T SWIM:@:@:@:@” before she tells him to CALM THE FUCK DOWN and takes him home.

At the same time, Izusami’s made a deal with another royal guard called TSUMITE and now that Izusami has his powers back, he’s gonna grant Tsumite’s wish of destroying TAKAMAHARA.  Izusami goes nuts when Kayana rejects him and he stabs Aki which leads to Mitoshi going apeshit  and killing Izusami.

Aki of course is okay and Mitoshi’s relieved and shiet.  On the next day of Lua, Kayana uses her powers to give Mitoshi his hishoyomoshi powers back and this time, he’s got a new ability of being able to go back into peoples’ memories and TAKE  things from there.

Anyway, the war begins where The YASUNA bad guys and Tsumite come to attack Mitoshi and tell the kid that if he wants to know the truth, go to YASUNA and find Hinoka.  At the same time, Kayana and Aki get taken to YASUNA too and ere’s where the story ends off till Kuroki Tsubasa ;D

Shin Atobe

Shin’s the flirty playboy character.  He’s very chill and lighthearted and seems like he can’t take anything srsly but he’s actually the most pro swordsman  in the royal guards.  His route was pretty confusing and that combined with my poop jap skills onli further exacerbated the prob so I’m only gonna gloss over things and I apologise for any mistakes

Shin’s real nice to Aki, finds her cute and helps her out with a lotta stuff.  Well it kinda helps that Shin’ll go for anything in a skirt LOL but woteva xD

So Shin’s story is that he’s actually not from this time period.  In his own time, he tried to commit suicide or summin and his bff KASUGA stopped him by stopping time or summin i have no fucking clue but anyway, it saved Shin yet at the same time, threw him elsewhere in time and now his and Kasuga’s 15 year old bodies lie in a deep slumber at the bottom of a lake.

Anyway the war between YASUNA and TAKAMAHARA begins again so Shin has to fight and gives Aki a good bye kiss before leaving.  There, he suddenly meets KASUGA who’s now part of YASUNA.  They dun wanna fight each other but Kasuga says that for the time being, he’s bound to Yasuna so they’re enemies.

Kasuga’s ordered to capture Aki and Kayana so he goes to their place and is all “IMA KIDNAP U NOW OKAY?” but Aki’s just like “…okay…wanna come in fo tea? :D” so they end up chillin together instead LOL. Shin comes back from the war and finds Kasuga at Aki’s place so they all have din din together with Izusami

Like in the last two routes, Izusami got revived too and his berserker side tries to kill Kayana so Kayana jacks his wings to destroy him. Kayana agrees to go to Yasuna with Kasuga if he can beat her in a duel but whilst fighting, they realise that he, Shin and Kayana all have the exact same fighting style which doesn’t make sense cuz Kayana’s from 2000 yrs ago…unless her swordman teacher is still alive o.O;;

Well woteva the YASUNA kings gets pissed that Shin’s taking his sweetass time so sends Akuto to get the girls and Shin crazy rages when Kasuga doesn’t do anything to stop em.  In the end, both of em charge after the YASUNA guys to save Kayana and Aki.

Ouba Teo

lol i guess after Nise no Chigiri, Otomate’s now tryna incorporate summin for everyone so we have FORTY EIGHT year old Ouba.  Yeah das right, this old man’s nearly 50 fuckin years old but it don’t matter, he still gets the chicks cuz he’s still sexy and doesn’t look like a 50 yr old fart xD  So needless to say, I wasn’t as disturbed as when I was playing TOUGI JII JII’s route in Nise no Chigiri (who btw, looks like A LEGIT OLD MAN) and actually liked Ouba cuz he was SO ADORABLE and not like a tough old bean that his position of being the leader for the royal guards suggests.  Easy to talk to, like a big papa  and always jumping to hilarious conclusions, he’s also got a pretty sad past where his wife died some yrs back and he’s now a widow with a 17yr old son.

So Ouba’s thang is that he can’t rmb anything more than 15 years ago before his wife died.  Mitoshi tells him dat it’s cuz he sealed away his memories but Kayana can delve into em and help him rmb.  Nuther thing is, though he can’t rmb anything else, he remembers his first love extremely clearly cept for her name and sees that Aki bears a striking resemblance to her.  Whether this is actually a real memory or not he has no clue but in a scene, Aki falls, Ouba gets all worked up and climbs on top of her and then Kurato walks in on the scene LOL

Anyway the war between TAKAMAHARA and YASUNA soon begins and Mitoshi tells Ouba that Kayana is gonna get attacked by YASUNA.  Ouba suddenly gets a flashback of the day his wife died, where in her last moments, she says that Ouba was never looking at her but regardless, her life has been a blessing with him.

Blablabla Ouba’s like “NO I LOOK ONLI AT U” and is all OSBFODF???? so Kayana whacks the living daylights outta him to make him stop being a HERP. After saving Kayana from Izusami, the YASUNA dudes come and tell Ouba that his son, Takami, is with em and that they’re gonna gank the kid. Ouba’s all WTFBBQ and before he knows it, Kayana and Aki are taken too and he races after em. TO BE CONTINUED…

Ukitsu Watase

Ukitsu’s a giant jerkass who’s always bitching about one thing or another, can’t follow instructions for his life and horry shiet is he an arrogant angry dragon ==***  Course this all belies a much kinder, clumsy nature underneath and he’s actually a real nice guy who’s always helping out his butt buddy Hayano and is pretty lololololol when he gets embarrassed xD

 So while Kurato is an asshole to Aki for like, 10 seconds, Ukitsu spends half of the game trashtalking Aki at every opportunity he gets cuz he thinks she’s being retardedly idealistic by opening a shop in the middle of nowhere while she has no blacksmithing experience.  Aki takes it like a man cuz she knows it’s true but her bff Seri bitchslaps Ukitsu and Kayana bitches right back  and shows him WHO’S BAU5 by jacking Ukitsu’s sword before he even finished drawing it ;)

Ukitsu’s all ragey abt it afterwards but finds himself getting caught up in Aki’s pace, carries her home when she hurts her legs and in the end, accepts that she’s not some hillbilly so he becomes all nice and stuff.

the first part of his path revolves around his boyfriend Hayano but I’ll write abt that in Hayano’s route cuz it’s the same thang and not actually that important in Ukitsu’s route lol.

Now the big shit. Ukitsu’s from a family of “KEY HOLDERS”, the key of which is actually a curse/tattoo thingy on his sexy left thigh. The star, Orta is believed to be the door to the other side so during SHIMPAN NO TOKI, the door opens and a key is needed to close it again – Ukitsu’s key.  Ukitsu’s ancestor was SETSUMA, the first key holder and somehow, Setsuma’s line split into two which means that closing Orta’s door needs two keys now.

Yeah a giant pain in the fuckin ass eh?

Some creepy Orochimaru look alike called SANATO from the other family has the 2nd key and he has been stalking Ukitsu forever, trying to jack the guy’s key. Anyway Ukitsu finds out that after he closes the door, his key’ll disappear and he’ll DIE.  So he’s been living his whole life not knowing shit, he’s a tool for his family and he’s gonna die at the next SHIMPAN NO TOKI in a few months.  Wtf.

< I love how homo Sanato is

Aki passes by and is abt to leave but Ukitsu stops her, grabs her from behind and says to stay for just a tad, he doesn’t wanna be alone at the mo. Soon after dat, Ukitsu goes missing but Kayana’s got bigger shit on her hands, IZUSAMI got resurrected too and he yanks Kayana out of Aki.

Meanwhile, Ukitsu’s returned and has been put into solitary confinement and soon after Kayana returns too.  Aki goes see Ukitsu and says that she feels lonely that both Kayana and him aren’t telling her anything but when he comes out, she n Hayano are gonna hold a party for him and Ukitsu thanks Aki when she leaves.

Ukitsu’s let out and they all have a big celebration before Ukitsu’s called to the frontlines and gets chopped up and comes home to Sanato kidnapping our two heroines so Ukitsu runs after the two to YASUNA.

Hayano Semisai

Ukitsu’s buttbuddy.  He’s the foil to Ukitsu, sensitive and polite.  His route bored the shit outta me cuz it’s like a rehash of Ukitsu’s route and most of the scenes were pretty fucking pointless == Doesn’t help that Hayano ain’t the most interesting person in the world too…

Anyway as explained in Ukitsu’s route, Hayano’s actually the PRINCE OF KIRIHI, sent out to become independant and shiet.  Seeing as Hayano doesn’t know shit about the world, he ends up getting lost and that’s when he meets Ukitsu.  The guy can’t leave someone as pathetically naive as Hayano (lol the dumbass srsly thought that money grew on trees) alone so he helps the guy out and soon, Hayano’s getting jobs and shiet.

Blablablabla along the way we have the bromance shiet between Ukitsu and Hayano, the times when they got into pettyass fights etc  skip skip skip

So fastforward to when Aki arrives.  The path’s pretty much the same as it was in Ukitsu’s route cept Hayano chills with Aki sometimes, goes over for dinner and later they go check out dem stars together.

 Aki and co course, find out that Hayano = PRINCE and soon, Hayano’s gotta leave cuz his oen year training is over.  Before he leaves, he and his lil sis, Asato, decide to make some “wings” or summin for Kayana and somehow they become Kayana’s real wings wtf okay screw this wing shit lol.  Aki’s obviously pretty torn up about Hayano leaving and so the latter but they both can’t spit it out so Kayana’s like “OKAY I HELP” and she forces Aki to hug Hayano lol xD

Hayano goes back to Kirihi where he’s all ronery but then his pops is poisoned and he’s made king.  This gets him all angsty hardcore and he becomes this hardass king who’s all “OLD PEOPLE WASTE OUR RESOURCES KILL EM ALL” so Asato rages and runs off back to TAKAMAHARA.

Aki and co are all wtf when Asato shows up but take her in anyway.  Super pissed, Hayano goes to TAKAMAHARA to get Asato there and the first thing he does is slap the living daylights outta his lil sis.  I was like “DA FUQ U DOING U FUCKING WIFEBEATER” and thank god Aki steps in and bitchslaps Hayano and tells dat beetch to snap outta it.  Hayano’s all sorry and shiet, brings Asato back but before he leaves, confesses that he liked Aki.

Aki’s like o.O  abt it and  Asato’s sick of seeing Hayano and Aki both so :( abt things so she runs to TAKAMAHARA and lies abt Hayano being sick so Aki’ll run over.  There, she reunites with Hayano but cuz Aki’s an otome heroine, she’s one dense shit brick and is like “I NEVER NOTICED NEVER SAW U DAT WAY”.  Hayano knows so he says that he jus wanted to let her know before he gets into a political marriage.

Course, Aki later realises that she likes Hayano big time too but figures it’s too late to do anything.  Kayana decides to teleport Aki over to Hayano on the day of the marriage so jus as Hayano’s abt to get married, Aki busts into the room and gatecrashes the wedding.  There, she confesses to Hayano who immediately breaks it off with his would be wife, glomps Aki and says that he wants to be together forever with her too :)

The two get married and SHIMPAN NO TOKI ends, meaning that Kayana’s time is up.  She thanks Aki for everything and before she disappears, tells her that she’s always gonna be watching over em so dwbi.  Some years later, Aki’s living happily as Hayano’s wife and they have twins called IZUSAMI and KAYANA ;)

Takamahara Kugami

The 13 year king of TAKAMAHARA.  Naive and honest, he doesn’t really know wot it means to be a king but tries his best to be a good king and shiet.  Anyway I pretty much had no interest in him cuz stupid lil boys aren’t really ma type and his naivete annoyed me a hell lot so much of his route i was pressing the skip button ==;;

So Kugami’s all confused abt being a king and shiet so his dad, Yuna, comes back as some ghost or summin to give him advice and stuff.  He tells Kugami to take a chill pill, find his own happiness blablabla and that Kayana’s gona come back from the dead. When Kayana shows up, Kugami’s all over her while everyone else is like “wtf this beetch can’t be THE Kayana!!”.  So Kugami asks Kayana to prove that she’s legit and Kayana shows em her wings and that convinces everyone.  Course, Kayana lost her wings so the ones she shows are only illusions but yeah who gives a fuck Kayana’s a total badass so stfu ppl.

Kayana goes over to visit Kugami cuz the boy’s a clingy lil girl and once, when Kayana has to leave, he throws a lil hissy fit and goes berserk with his TAKAMAHARA BLACK WINGS powahs.  Turns out Kugami still can’t control his power so Yuna forbade him from ever taking out his wings and shiet.

Anyway, Yuna warns Kayana and co that ppl in the castle are out for Kugami and sure enough, some guy comes in, sleep gases everyone and tries to kill Kugami but the kid runs to Aki’s place and they take him in for a tad.  He decides to stay there cuz it’s Kayana and the latter promises to protect him.

Pretty pathetic aint he, needing a girl to protect him LOL.  In fact, i got so annoyed with Kugami that I started fanboying over his DAD YUNA cuz das jus one smexy DILF mm mmmmmm >;)  Kugami’s loyal slave, KIMA, tells him that shit like this has happened before before.  Kima’s son managed to find out who was behind this crap but was unable to reveal who it was due to a spell and now the kid’s dead.

Blablablabla, Kugami learns to be a peasant, dress like a peasant and talk like one etc.  To thank Kayana, Kugami tells her his IMINA and in doing so, he loses his wings but Kayana regains hers.  Woteva cuz then the war begins, Kayana and Aki get captured and Kugami goes after em.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Okay since this is only the first half of the KANUCHI game, I can’t really give a “full review” or anything but here’s wot I got so far =P

Ma fave characters are definitely TOTAL BADASS ANEKI KAYANA, Akuto and Ukitsu lol, I loved how adorkable the latter two were xD  Shin was also pretty cool cuz he wasn’t the DB kind of playboy character.  Ouba must be the cutest old man in any otome game haha and I din’t really feel anything for Mitoshi.  I actually disliked Kugami and Hayano; Kugami was jus some stupid naïve kid and Hayano pissed me off a lot when he went all ragey and bored me a fuckload too.  Aki’s pretty standard an otome heroine but wasn’t doormatty or bitchy so I liked her a fair bit and I loved her bff Seri too, so tsundere xD  I like wot I see so far of the Kuroki guys (who are, if you haven’t realised, all the ‘bad guys’ in each guy’s route like Akuto and Takumi etc) but I’ll wait till I finish Kuroki to give a full evaluation though Akuto is awesome sexy ;)

The music was actually good enough to make me listen to it though I liked the PS2 OP much btr than the PSP one.  I wished they gave Kayana a voice cuz she’s so badass but oh wellz T.T  I haven’t heard of half the VAs in this game like Ukitsu’s one + Shin’s but I quite liked em.  Lol Akuto wins cuz he’s Midorikawa Hikaru xD

The art was the main thing that drew me to this game – something abt the unique pretty colouring I guess heheh. Kayana was pretty hot as far as otome game heroines go IMAO and lol Aki has pretty big boobs if u compare her with say, Tamaki from HnK HURHURHURHUR YES I WAS STARING xD  Hottest dude? Definitely KUGAMI’S DAD, YUNA LOL

And the story.  It was pretty interesting seeing as this was set in a different world, timeline and was fantasy but I got pretty confused with a lot of the finer details (my shitty jap is shitty soz) like the whole SHIMPAN NO TOKI thing and exactly how Kayana got her wings back in each route and stuff.  I liked Ukitsu’s route the most and Shin’s one really confused me with all the time travelling stuff.

So from wot I can judge from, I found Kanuchi to be more “interesting” than anything else; nothing is really blowing my mind about it, it’s just “aite” atm; the music and art mainly.  Additionally, much of the routes were devoid of romance and Aki/Kayana don’t seem to be anything more than close friends at most with the dudes.  I guess I can’t nitpick on this seeing as this is part 1 of the Kanuchi story but judging from what little fluff there was in even Hayano’s route, I’m suspecting that this is more of the maker’s incompetence with writing romance than anything else.  Guess I’ll just have to wait and see in Kuroki eh?

Oh yeah and i HATED the gameplay – most of it’s like a traditional VN, read n make choices but then there’s this really annoying blacksmithing aspect where you have to run around, find items and make shit – it din’t contribute to the story at all yet I had to spend HOURS AND HOURS finding and making shit jus to finish a route.  omfg i like ma rpgs and stuff but WHEN I PLAY AN OTOME GAME I WANT IT TO BE AN OTOME GAME.  mini games and shiet like this really makes the gameplay a hell lot less enjoyable, like if i wanted this running around shit, i’d play an rpg game or woteva, NOT AN OTOME GAME :@:@:@:@

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  1. Double Heroine Otome Game i guess?
    God, Kayana is awesome XD

    • domshiki Says:

      AW YEAH KAYANA <3 but i heard ppl got so pissed that kayana was gettin the dudes so they toned her down in kuroki xD

  2. Hmm, so they actually had Midorikawa come back to voice even the Shiroki bits by the port…kinda sad, as originally it was another guy who seemed to fit better with a deep sexy drawl instead of the nasal whine Kuroki’s Akuto was imho

    The gameplay…if it annoyed you here, Kuroki will be much worse as in Shiroki you could skip it after doing 1-2 rounds where you’ve enough money/made lv 6-7 weapons to last a lifetime. In Kuroki…that trick won’t work, so hope you made LOTS of weapons to carry over from Shiroki for the starting funds as you need to be max lv blacksmith skill if you want to go after anyone other than secret guy a! At least the random omake dramas you can earn in that mode by both are amusing…

    Most of the stuff you where unsure about, seemed correct as Kuroki will pickup more on the details in the sequel of course…and you don’t even know confusing, until Ouba’s ending there

    • domshiki Says:

      lol yeah I heard loads of ppl were pissed that they changed Akuto’s VA. well not that i care cuz i never heard wot original akuto heard like so i have no one to compare with haha xD


      dear god it gets more confusing?? i am so screwed. my poopy jap skills cannot do all this twisty plot crap T.T

      • Heh, then you’re lucky as I’ll never understand their reasoning for changing a characters VA just because he was POPULAR haha as this guy was the original http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxeVB-Doirw&feature=related

        BECAUSE AT LEAST THE CHARACTERS ARE OK? Careful planning+a map for where each ingredient is makes stuff a lot easier as a good trick for getting the omake dramas is just to feed Kunohi stones or whatever.every day to the white thing as it has a chance to randomly spawn them as the ‘ŗeward’.

        Well, some stuff…as the rest relies of Deus Ex Machina Dude X as the explanation. I remember Ouba being the worst case as I was literally sitting there scratching my head in confusion over what the heck just happened by that one

  3. very good¡¡¡¡¡ thank you

  4. I loved the game, but what I loved the most (apart from the art and music) was the interactions between male characters, it was so much fun, I wish there were mor edrama cds for Kanuchi.

    I also find Kurato’s character very interesting. Seems to be generic at first, but still captivating for some reason. My faves are also Kurato and Ukitsu xD … and I had hard time understanding what Shin was saying =.=

    Parts when Aki was alone bored me to death. And I agree about that blacksmithing thingy, it’s totally uncalled for, only a waste of time.
    Btw, despite not liking Aki much, I’ve gotta say I feel pity for her, since everyone falls for Kayana. Which kinda makes things unnecessarily complicated, coz I think Kayana should stick to her oldies and not harass youngsters, and Aki should find her love instead.
    Thank for the review! I also skipped through the king’s route, so I don’t even know what happened there, haha.

    • domshiki Says:

      heheheh too true the interaction between the characters was a lotta fun but srsly, the blacksmithing thingy? ==**

      yeah one mo aki is the protagonist and kayana barely talks but then the dudes start talking to jut kayana and sometimes i even forget that aki is in the scene LOL. but I really like Kayana, such a badass mofo xD

  5. Nana Says:

    this game seems really confusing to me ; [

  6. ozzuotome Says:

    shiroki? kuroki? (remembers pokemon’s latest movie)lol

    seriously, i love the art <3 and mido-sama's voice here is a win xD

    I was kinda surprised though(more like shocked) about the fucking retarded blacksmithing game, yeah! Dx At first i thought its just a normal VN straight to the end then here comes your blacksmithing quest, get yo ass and find the materials <.< I didn't expected that coming
    (<~~~ Didn't checked the official website so no fucking clue about this when i played it)

  7. Camillia Says:

    Kayana is indeed AWESOME :3 I loved it when we got to play as her for the blacksmithing part instead of Aki. And she doesn’t look like your average otome heroine with her black curly hair.

    The blacksmithing part was interesting at first, but after a while it got pretty annoying. I suggest you collect a lot of money so you can load the save in Kuroki with a decent amount of money.

    Awesome review as always, there so many things we both agree on such as PS2 OP> PSP OP, or how we both dislike Kugami and love the art and music.

    Looking forward to your Kuroki review (you’re doing that right?) since it has better romance in its plot than Shiroki. The guys even follow you when go looking for materials!

    • domshiki Says:

      KAYANA <3<3<3

      yeah im playinh kuroki atm but im not making much headway with it…the blacksmithing thing is really pissing me off so yeah T.T haaaa i really wished i collected more money in shiroki but oh wellz. it's prolly gonna take me at least a month to finish haha xD

      thanks ;)

  8. Ayaka Says:

    i’m so gonna buy this thing…
    is the part 2 already released? sorry i’m too lazy too check out…
    i just found this blog and it’s awesome lol!
    i especially like how you use words,this is so amusing.
    just noticed that otomate is using that artist’s arts a lot. (i forget their name lol)

  9. Mizuki Says:

    I was wondering when you would do part 2 of this review because I can’t play this game. The reason why I’m asking is because Kurato is my favorite in this game and I wanted to see how he plays out in the sequel.

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