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Yup, from today, the animated movie ‘Heart no Kuni no Alice‘ will be in Cinema’s!! (In japan of course)

-ハートの国のアリス 劇場版-


First released in 2007 on Valentines Day for the PC, QuinRose’s most popular franchise has become a movie. Yea, seems like they were at first planning to make an anime but… =.= I guess a movie would match it a bit better.


Uhh, for those of you who don’t know, Heart no Kuni no Alice is basically a sort of parody of Alice in Wonderland (pretty obvious -.-) where the heroine, Alice gets forcefully pulled into a hole and transported into the country of hearts by the rabbit/man-with-rabbit-ears Peter White. In order to go back she has to … … not really sure. get friendly with the guys? That’s about it. Seems normal? Thing is:

  • Alice is pretty sarcastic, not at all otome-heroine like and the main point, DOESN’T EVEN WANT TO FALL IN LOVE AND HAVE A RELATIONSHIP. and this is an otome game. =.=
  • There’s something WRONG (mentally) with all the guys who you can go for. They can go around killing people and act like nothing happened.
  • One of the guys you can go for looks exactly like Alice’s ex. … Who happened to fall in love with Alice’s sister.
  • and finally, Alice has this weird past or something.
Although the games pretty cool all AND HAS AMAZING CAST, I guess that it wasn’t that good when it comes to system. Before I list the shit things about it, remember, this game was popular enough to have 2 sequels and a fandisk. … And most of them have been released for other consoles as well. Okay?
*cough* anyway. the shit things:
  • One route has about over 230 turns and each time one has to pick where you go which then leads to raising the affection of the one you visited. …. …. And yea, unless its an event, the convo’s you get are practically the same.
  • Some people don’t really like the art. I do and you can get used to it. Don’t expect pretty art like Kazuki Yone and Kazuaki. Despite the selling point of ‘LOADS OF CG’S~~’ the fact that most are simple change of facial expression is disappointing.
  • … … the franchise has received quite a couple of rewards as クソゲーOF THE YEAR. … tells you enough?
ANYWAY. thats about it. I’m looking forward to the movie (at least until I can watch it). Shame that the chara’s from Clover no Kuni no Alice [The 2nd game] (e.g. Grey and Pierce) aren’t coming out. … Though why is Joker from Joker no Kuni no Alice [3rd game] there?
So. … That’s about it for the story + game introduction. I like this series so … why the hell am I insulting it? I suggest you read the manga. Pretty good i guess.


Alice Liddel – CV: KUGIMIYA RIE
Black Duple – CV: Konishi Katsuyuki
[the mad hatter] Mafia Boss. … Identical to Alice’s ex.

Elliot March – CV: Mogami Tsuguo
[March hare] – Mafia guy. Rabbit.
Tweedle Dee + Tweedle Dum – CV: Fukuyama Jun
Twins. Guards of the mafia family. Can switch between kid form and adult form.
Vivaldi – CV: Kaida Yuko
[Queen of Hearts] – Goes around giving out orders to behead people.
Peter White – CV: Miyata Kouki
[White rabbit] The one that brings Alice to the Country of Hearts. Practically in love with her.
Ace – CV: Hirakawa Daisuke
[Knight of Hearts] – Used to work for Vivaldi but now quit his jobs.
Mary Gowland – CV: Horiuchi Kenyuu
[Owner of a fairground] – … … Shit at music

cosplay - the only way to make Gowland look decent orz

Boris Airay – CV: Sugiyama Noriaki
[Cheshire Cat] Likes to play around with Alice
Julius Monrey – CV: Koyasu Takehito
[Clockmaster] – Friends with Ace. Mends the clocks in the Country of Hearts.
Nightmare Gottschalk – CV: Sugita Tomokazu
[Dream Demon] Visits Alice in her dream and can read minds.
Joker – CV: ISHIDA AKIRA (≧∇≦)
[Circus ringmaster] Multiple Personality (?) with a mask called Joker No.2.
Omake from B’s Log. Shit scan quality
… the anime art isn’t THAT bad is it?
+ one of the most popular things right now I guess
Well, that’s about it. Shame that Heart no Kuni no Alice isn’t that popular on pixiv.
Hmmm… Don’t know what else to say. This game was one of my first PC otome games I played and yea, I have the fanbook/guidebook for Heart + Clover. Other than that I buy the manga as well.
Despite all that, I haven’t got to the point of clearing all routes of any of the games. Played about 5 routes on the PC but never got to continuing it. … Takes too much time. orz
Fav charas? … They change all the time. First a fan of Black. … then the twins. Switched to Boris. Swapped to Ace. And finally Julius and its remained at that. Though looks like Boris is one of the most popular on pixiv.
Extra (had to add this)
 Artists comment: 毎週日曜日になると姉に女装を迫られ、嫌がりながらもなんだかんだで女装させられてしまう不憫な少年アリス=リデル。そしていつものように姉に女装をさせられた日曜日、庭で転寝していると二本足で歩く赤い服を着た白ウサギに遭遇して…。
Translation: Alice Liddel, a poor boy who was forced into crossdressing every Sunday due to his sister. On a typical crossdressing Sunday, Alice comes across a rabbit wearing red clothes…

24 Responses to “HEART NO KUNI NO ALICE ANIMATION MOVIE~~~ \(^o^)/”

  1. I love this games¡¡¡

  2. Happy!! Says:

    I really want to see it!!!
    Though subs will come out in ten months. I think….
    The art is really nice.
    Just wondering…
    Does it go by the original Alice in Wonderland or does it go by a route or by it’s own?
    Also I just saw Alice in Musicland by Oster-project and was awing at the art.

    • I don’t think it will have much to do with the original ‘Alice in Wonderland’ considering its based on a game that simply parodies (?) it.
      Most likely going with the Blood Duple route since yea, he may be the man guy as he looks identical to Alice’s ex.

      OHHH!! I watched Alice in Musicland as well. Pretty awesome. Seriously Y-ojisan = OSTER project. Can’t separate the two. XD

      • Happy!! Says:

        I also found a Nico Nico version of it with only one person singing!
        Damn that dude worked his ass off to manipulate four girl voices and it was awesome.

      • oh!!! i watched that as well.
        i dunno, my fav voice by that guy is his kaito (obviously <3) and his Rin voice.
        He's amazing at the choruses!!
        though i have to say his smoothness (?) with the lyrics is pretty =.=. lol. cute at least.

  3. anhya Says:

    do you know where can i find the ove D:? isn’t problem if the ova is in “raw”… please TT.TT!!!!

    i can’t wait to see peter!!! TTOTT!!!

  4. Tuzi Says:

    I’m almost afraid to see this movie when it comes out, seeing as I really like the original PC games. But I do have to say that this art style did make Mary=Gowland look a bit better, and otherwise stuck pretty true to the original characters.

    And it’s actually BLOOD=Dupre, not Black.

  5. Sphiel Says:


    (Below contains spoilers for the manga. ijs.)

    I don’t want Alice to end up with Blood like in the manga…..
    I hate him. Peter or Julius would be my ideal.

    • Julius definitely.
      Wouldn’t mind Peter if … … he didnt have that stalker (?) personality, had rabbit ears and has glasses.
      lol. Guess I would never choose to go for him.

      • Sphiel Says:

        :/ ………………..Rabbits are my fav animals and I prefer megane guys….
        That’s prolly why I like Peter >.<;

  6. I like Ace, cuz my bf real name is Ace too LOL

  7. youshallneverknowwhoiam Says:

    when does it come out in english???!!! waiting is killing me

  8. Alexus B Says:

    I cant find the game OR movie anywhere…. TTwTT read the manga but the game and movie are impossible to find … D:

    • You can buy the games on YesAsia.com. That’s really the only place that I know sells the PC versions, unless you want the PSP ports. If you do, you can also get them on YesAsia, or PlayAsia.com or CDJapan.com. Hope this helps!

  9. I actually found a pretty accurate english fantranslation for the movie, not the complete movie but it is a good start. Look up RaixAngel on youtube :3
    OR CLICK LINK FOR URGE TO WATCH x3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oxwIjqYYxM

    otherwise users have uploaded the complete movie in 10 parts on youtube,

    but in japanese audio and (unfortunatly..) chinese subs making me go ???? alot..

  10. PeterisadamnSEXYstalker Says:

    I watched the movie, it was cool but a little confusing since it doesn’t really follow the manga story. OP of the 3 games… Well still the best.(you rock quinrose!) And oh, you can also add to Peter’s description: “bunny ears who likes to stalk Alice” LolXD

  11. Hello, I enjoy reading all of your post. I wanted to write a little comment
    to support you.

  12. DragonCurse4 Says:

    It’s actually Blood Dupre that’s the name of the hatter mafia boss.

    Black is the name of one of the Jokers personalities.

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