Otome Game Review – Musketeer le Sang Des Chevaliers

Alternative Titles: マスケティア, マスケティア le Sang Des Chevaliers

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 07.07.2011

Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp


Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, historical, fantasy

Plot Summary: AW YEAAAH been looking forward to this one xD  d’Artagnan’s jus yo cheerful happy 17 yr old girl, life’s great she’s having a bomb…and then shit happens and her dad’s murdered by fucking demons.  She’s all OMFGWTFBBQKARMABUTWATAHDO?! but instead of grieving and doing jack shit like most would, she decides to MAN THE FUCK UP and goes to CHEVALIER GAKUEN to find out jus hu the FAQ killed her papa.   AWFUCKINGYEAH.

Kay d’Artagnan’s name is TOO FUCKING ANNOYING TO WRITE so I’m gonna call her D lol.  Oh and as the title of the game suggests, this is based off The Three Musketeers and it helps to have some basic knowledge of the book so ere we go, wiki time ;)  Plus, I’m pretty sure a got a load of things wrong in this so if u spot dem goddamned huge errors, feel free to correct me xD

Prior to her dad getting killed, D’s been having reccurring nightmares of these two creepers getting all stalkerish pedo on her.  No matter how she runs, she can’t get away but those nightmares never lead to anything conclusive and seem pretty pointless for the most part.

Anyway, on the day that her pops gets killed, D gets a bad feeling and returns home early only to see her dad get maimed by some rapist demon.  She’s about to get raped too but some dude called TREVILLE runs in to save her ass.  D cries for like wot, 2 minutes before she gets up and is all “WTF IS GOING ON” and demands to know the truth.  Treville doesn’t know either and came here cuz he heard D’s dad was in danger – D’s dad used to teach at his school, CHEVALIER GAKUEN but D’s dad jacked a “key” from the school and has been on the run since.  Treville tells D that if she wants to find out the truth, she best get her ass over to Chevalier Gakuen to investigate and being THE MAN SHE IS, D is like “FUCK YEAH IMA FIND THE BEETCH WHO KILLED MA DAD AND RAPE HIS ASS”.

D transfers in the very next day and before she leaves, she finds a sapphire ring on the ground. When D gets to Chevalier Gakuen, she’s isolated from all the other kids cuz they find her emotionless and weird  but D doesn’t give a fuck cuz all she cares abt is finding out the truth.

On the first day, D finds out that there’s a group of 3 exceptional swordsman students here nicknamed the Three Musketeers.  They’re kinda like the student council of sorts, are on the same level as teachers and are the only students allowed to even see the principal.  Also, Chevalier Gakuen is built around a sort of power system – the stronger you are at swordfighting, the higher your status is kinda and the students can also engage in “official duels”: the loser has to submit himself to the winner and pledge his loyalty till the end of the school year.  Also, the school is located on a remote island where there are crazy whirlpools and shiet around so one can only enter/exit during a set time period once every 3 months.


Musketeer #1, 3rd year.  Athos is da L337 student, numbah 1 in everything he does and there seems to be absolutely nothing that he can’t do.  His stoic nature has lead many to stay away from him but he’s actually real nice underneath all that -_-, jus too focused on his work and stuff.  Heheheh his route is so friggin sweet, Athos is just too precious xD

Treville tells D that it’d benefit her greatly to gain the loyalty of the Three Musketeers seeing as they have a good amount of power in this school and can help her discover the truth about her dad’s death.  Hearing this, D goes up to the 3 Musketeers and politely declares war on em before going back to her business.

Athos is all “???” abt this but they grow closer cuz D’s actually half sane and not some rabid fangirl.  D finds out that there’s a much softer, more playful side to Athos as they study together, chill together and he saves her from dem fucking demons (cuz those thangs run amok in this school apparently).

D starts getting all otome with Athos lol as she realises that she’s crushin bad on him and once, Athos asks wot her “dream romance” for Christmas would be.  D says that she’s been too busy tryna figure out all this shit with her dad’s death but admits that she’d like her Prince Charming to come in with a bouqet of roses where they’d then eat a cake together with candles and stuff and then with a smile on his face, her Prince Charming would tell her 「好きだだよ」.  Aaaawww d’Artagnan I CAN DO THAT FOR YOU XDXD

Soon,  through some crazyass training, D manages to defeat the other two Musketeer and gain their loyalty.  This leaves Athos who tells D to come at him and so after some more training, she challenges Athos in front of the whole school.  They hack hack slash slash each other for God knows how long where D’s like half dead and shiet but in the end, course D loses and Athos wins the duel.  However, Athos then gets down on his knees and pledges his loyalty to D anyway, saying that he may have won this duel in terms of sword skills but when it comes to the strength of the will and the determination to win, D tops him.

D then reveals to the Musketeers why she’s in Chevalier Gakuen and that she wants em to help her find out the truth.  The Musketeers all agree course and they begin digging up shit abt anything they can find

Later on, D finds out that the sapphire ring she picked up belonged to her fencing teacher, ROCHEFORT.  She’s also visited by a girl and a boy called ANNE and LOUIS respectively, who claim that the principal (RICHELIEU)  and Rochefort are the killers of D’s dad and are also after the key her dad stole from the school.  This key opens THE BUCKINGHAM TOWER in the school, a legendary tower of sorts where it is rumoured that there’s a magical diamond necklace at the top that grant great power or some shit like that.  Prob is, nobody knows wot the key is so Richelieu’s jus targeting D and hoping that she’ll lead him to the key.

…okay…magical diamonds it is then o.O

The group head to the tower where they shove in keys and stuff but nothing fits cept for D’s sword which belonged to her pops. Still, the door doesn’t open and before they can do anything more, a proass ice demon starts raping their asses.  D thinks they’re all screwed but then Athos suddenly busts out some weird transformation thing and turns…INTO A DEMON ZOMG!!!!

Yeah das right all the Musketeers are demons. D’s like OMFGWTFBBQISTHISSHIT and the Musketeer dudes explain that some time earlier, weirdass tatts suddenly showed up on their bods and since then, they’ve been able to transform into demons at will.  They get all pumped up super powerful but the demon powers come at a price for all the Musketeers and they all can’t leave this island.

Anyway D wants to use the diamond necklace to return Athos and co to human but the next day, the ice demon from before attacks all the kids at school.  To protect the students, the Musketeers have no choice but to go trans am in public and fight off the ice demon.  Course the students think that the Musketeers are bad guys too so the group are then forced to flee and school.  Richelieu then issues a warrant for their arrest.

Realising that they’ve fallen into a trap, the group decide to split up and meet again at their secret hideout in the woods.  Demons begin to pursue em and D runs around mindlessly, scared shitless till Athos finds her and then she starts having a panic attack where she apologises abt getting the Three Musketeers into her shit.  Athos tells her he’s here for her before piggybacking her to the base :)

There, the two strip to dry their clothes and share a blanket together.  Athos confesses that he likes D and when he’s with her, he feels free from everything, from all the expectations that everyone has of him.  D course, likes him too and they start making out half nude lol.  D then asks that Athos read her this love novel which he does before he gets to a “NOW TAKE OFF YOUR DRESS BEETCH” part which is when he realises he’s reading some porno to her LMAO

Now to the big shit.  Athos has already realised wot the key is and the key is D herself – a sword stained with the blood of her heart. He doesn’t have the heart to tell her and Athos discovers that he’s starting to lose himself to his demon and has been getting spastic fits after every time he transforms.  D finds out abt this and Athos’s afraid she won’t want him if he stays effed up like this but she tells him she’s here and will turn him human again so dwbi ;)

Back at school, Richelieu has imprisoned all the students in the dungeons and gives the Musketeers an ultimatum: hand D over or the students all die.  The Musketeers are like “HELL NAW BEETCH” so they decide that 2 of em will hold Richelieu and Rochefort off while D frees the students and gets them all off the island.

On Christmas night, D and Athos break into school to free the students.  Before freeing the kids, Athos comes in with a bouqet of flowers, some food  for D and then tells her 「好きだよ」 ;)

D tells Athos that he wants to join the Musketeers next year and Athos tells her that he’ll come bak to see her after his grad and that they’ll be together forever hurhurhurhur *implied smexing?*

The next day, D gets the students out and gets em off the island but instead of leaving with them, she runs back to the Musketeers to help them.  Athos kills Rochefort and the Musketeers get into a bloody fistfight with Richelieu who’s also a demon.  Richelieu fatefully stabs D which opens up the tower and Athos charges up there with D.  He wishes upon the diamond necklace to save D and at the same time, D wishes for everything to be back the way it was.

There’s a flash of light and D finds herself outside with Athos.  Both of them are completely fine, Richelieu is dead so they start having snow sex on the ground while the other two Musketeers are scrambling around lookin for em lol xD

In the epilogue, Athos graduates and D becomes a 3rd year, the leader of the Musketeers.  She graduates too and Athos comes back to get her.  He promptly proposes to D and some time later, the two get married and live happily ever after :)


Musketeer #2, 3rd year.  Athos’s right hand man of sorts.  Aramis is the narcissist playboy guy who spends all his time flirting with chicks and looking pretty.  He seems nice enough at first but yeah turns out to be a giant dicking emofag and had me hating him as much as Ikuto from Starry Sky Autumn.  Eh he won me back over somewot in the end.  Ish.  Still don’t really like this dick ==;;

After D declares war on the Musketeers, Aramis gets interested in our heroine, finding it odd how she’s all straitlaced and doesn’t fangirl over him.  He keeps making passes at D but to no avail cuz the girl’s just like  -_- to everything till she walks in on him nude once and that finally gets a reaction outta her lol.

So Aramis is the first Musketeer that D wins.  Course, everyone jus thinks Aramis lost purposely for kicks and yeah, the guy prolly did lose on purpose just cuz xD

Woteva though, a win is a win and Aramis starts training with D everyday.  Blablabla D finds out the Musketeers are demons and Aramis falls for her and confesses.  D’s like “wtf o.O” but yeah she likes this fuckface too so they start touching swords hurhurhurhurhur

Yeah and now we get to the dicking emofag part.  Aramis was a bastard child, raised with no love and scorned  by his richass dad blablabla omfg i really don’t give a shit this is so fucking lame but anyway, this culminated into creating Aramis’s “TRUE SELF”:


Yeah.  Aramis is actually some self destructive, faking douchebag who hates the entire world and wishes everyone was dead.  Oh and guess wot? He doesn’t give a fuck about D and is actually a MOLE.

Damn straight, he’s actually working for Richelieu and has been keeping tabs on the Musketeers.  This is made apparent when the Musketeers are forced to flee  (cuz their demon secret is exposed) and Aramis actually captures D and shiet instead of anything.

D’s like OMFGWTFBBQ at Aramis but he just tells her his sob story and that everything in this world is shit to him and that he was playin her like a fuckin violin before he forces a kiss onto her.  I wanted D to bitchslap this emo mofo but cuz she’s an otome heroine, she’s like “DWBI I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! :)”.

Course this just pisses Aramis off cuz he wants to see D get all shattered and broken from his emo confession so to show D jus wot a dick he is, he goes after her bff, Prancis, and plays her like a violin too.

Prancis is Aramis’s #1 fangirl so obviously she’s overjoyed when Aramis suddenly shows interest in her and D walks in on the two making out.  D’s crushed but doesn’t do anything till Prancis then comes into her room some time later, baaaawing her eyes out cuz she realised Aramis has been fucking around with her.

D can’t take this shit no more so she leaves school and decides to help the Musketeers by herself, fuck Aramis if he’s not gonna help.  Aramis runs after D and is all “You really going to leave me? :(“ and D’s like “FUCK OWWWWWFFF BEETCH” and leaves him alone in the snow LOL HAHAHAHAH <– this part actually made me shit bricks lmfaoing, legit xD

So D runs off  to the Musketeers while Aramis is all alone going “BAAAW I KNEW EVERYBODY LEAVE ME” while im thinking “WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK UR SUCH A GIANT MOULDY CUNTNUGGET” ==***.  Aramis then decides to commit suicide with a piece of glass cuz his life sucks so much lolololol and i was hoping he’d actually DIE but D runs back and stops him.

The two reaffirm their luuuuurv for each other blablabla and they rejoin the Musketeers who forgive Aramis.

Aramis becomes all dere with D so I liked him a bit more.  He tells Richelieu that he can go suck it cuz he’s with the Musketeers now.  At the same time, Aramis’s left eye dies and he’s starting to become blind in his right eye too cuz – the price of becoming a demon.

Well blablabla, final boss battle, Musketeers win and Aramis regains his vision.

Aramis takes D to his richbitch condo and after graduating, the two live together all happy the end.  Yay.


OMFG SO FUCKING ADORABLE SHIT I JUST THINK I DIED XD  Porthos is the TSUNDERE SHOUNEN kinda guy; he’s outgoing, has tons of GUY friends and is pro at sports but then he acts like a 10 year old around girls and is all “EW COOTIES” abt em lol.  Das cuz he thinks they’re weak and shiet but D changes him mind abt em a bit and he turns out to be a giant HENTAI VIRGIN DORK xD  I don’t know how many times I lmaoed playing his route but dear god…it so helps that he’s voiced by Wacchan <3

Porthos at first ain’t too nice to D or anything but ends up helping her from Rochefort’s crazy training.  Later on, he accidentally walks in one a nekkid D bathing and he totally flips out, screaming like a little girl and getting all excited while D’s just like “…GTFO. NOW” xD  While Porthos is still going “MY VIRGIN EYES MY VIRGIN EYES”, D was so into thinking abt her dead dad that she didn’t even realise who was there and is all “…?? Was someone ere??” abt it haha.  Porthos then scales D’s wall to apologise later but leaves disappointed when D is all :) abt it lmao.

Anyway since that nekkid incident, Porthos has kinda developed a crush on D heheh.  Course he doesn’t know about it cuz he’s a dumb little boy and continues to act all tsundere around D lol and likes getting excited all by himself.  After D defeats Aramis, she starts spending a lotta time with the blond bitch and this gets Porthos all jealous stalker like haha and he demands that D stop faffing around and just challenge his ass already.

Which she does and totally owns Porthos, albeit through chance but still.  Porthos starts watchin out for D and during Halloween, he dresses up as a friggin PUMPKIN lol and takes her to his secret cave base thing.  D puts on the pumpkin for fun and when she doesn’t give him candy, Porthos messes around and decides to hug her punpkin head, coverin her eye holes.  D’s like “KAY GTFO IMA GIVE U CANDY” but Porthos refuses to let go and says he wants to stay a lil longer like this :)

During the school dance, Porthos finds that he can’t sit around waiting for  D no more so he hugs her and asks why it can’t be him.  D’s like “???” beforePorthos realises wot he’s doing, gets crazy embarrassed and runs away screaming like a lil girl AGAIN XD

After that, things get awkward btwn the two, with D not sure wot Porthos meant and Porthos just confused and not knowing wot to do.  However, Porthos mans up, drags D into an empty classroom and straight up asks her out there.  D rejects Porthos cuz she doesn’t kno how she feel about him but the guy just says he’s gon wait for his baby d’Artagnan ;)

Lol anyway, Porthos starts having wet dreams about D and transforms into his demon form everytime he has dirty thoughts abt her hurhurhur xD  D falls sick once and Porthos learns how to cook jus to take care of her and ends up sleeping on the same bed as her till he gets all excited and turns into a nekkid demon lmao.

Blablabla shit happens and the Musketeers have to flee school.  Porthos splits with Athos and takes D to his secret cave where D has a breakdown about involving all of em into her shit but Porthos tells her to calm da fuck down.  There, she realises she likes him big time too and Porthos is super happy so he makes out with her cheek lol.

Aramis then betrays the Musketeers and takes Porthos captive.  There, Porthos is beaten up and shiet but D releases the guy and Porthos starts baaawing from Aramis’s betrayal before he spends a romantic night in bed with D *wink wink* ;)

More blablablabla, the musketeers win the fight and all is good with everyone.

…and then we have this retarded epilogue ^ D marries Porthos, they have 2 kids and live happily ever after LOL WTF IS WITH THE CG IT’S SO SILLY AND RANDOM XD


The fencing teacher who’s in charge of the 3 Musketeers.  He’s a cold, strict bastard who manhandles D a fair bit but can show a surprisingly softer side where he’s really lonely and kinda jus jaded from following Richelieu for so long lol.  Oh it helps that I find him super smexy wit dat long silver hair of his heheheh.

After D sees how pro Rochefort is at fencing, she begs the guy to teach her how to fence right.  Rochefort is like “WTF NO” but D follows him into his room and then pushes him down, yeah das right take it like a beeeetch Rochefort and she refuses to get up till Rochefort grudgingly tells her he will teach her sometime.

Things change though, when Rochefort realises who D is and he sees that she has his sapphire ring.  He jacks his rings back and D’s like “SO U WERE THERE THE NIGHT OF MA PAPA’S MURDER?!?” and immediately tries to hack this sick murdering shit but Rochefort just says he din’t do no nutin so fuck owwwwf

D doesn’t buy this shit and runs around investigating Rochefort and Rochefort relents and teaches her some fencing and ends up saving her from some demons – he’s actually the proass ice demon.  Some time later, Richelieu decides that they should just tell D the truth and get D on their side before Anne does.  So Rochefort brings D to Richelieu where the latter tells our heroine their side of the story.

So…300 years ago in France, during the reign of Louis XII and his wife Anne of Austria, Richelieu was the Cardinal and Chancellor of France.  The country was in turmoil from the Thirty Years War against the House of Habsburg and then England joined the war against France.  Leading the English troops was the 1st Duke of Buckingham, Anne of Austria’s lover.  Rochefort was Richelieu’s right hand man, and the two fought hard for France’s sake but then Anne betrayed the country by giving the Duke of Buckingham her diamond necklace.  The diamond necklace was a gift from King Louis XII and was super powerful and had the power to destroy France so Rochefort and Richelieu tried to get the necklace back.  However, this only pissed Anne off so she ordered Richelieu, Rocehfort and all those associated with them to be killed.

Overcome with grief and a burning desire to exact revenge, Richelieu became a demon and waited till everyone was reborn again together.  On the 31st of December this year, the moon, the sun and Venus all overlap each other and is the one time in 300 yrs that the powers of the demons will be released, blablabla at their strongest summin like dat – 「好機の日」.  Somehow, all those involved in the little tiff 300 years ago will all gather in this school and be unable to leave till the end of the 「好機の日」  True enough, everybody was reborn (e.g d’Artagnan, the 3 Musketeers, Anne, etc) and though D and the 3 Musketeers don’t retain any knowledge of their past life (explained later on), Anne does and is trying to get her necklace back before Richelieu uses it to rape her ass.

So das wots going on.  Richelieu tells D that he needs her cuz she has the key and in return, he’ll help her find out abt her dad’s death. Seeing as all of this is pretty hard to believe, D’s like “um…okay…lemme think abt it o.O” which infuriates Richelieu and he orders D be chucked inside the dungeons.  D’s like “WAT AH DO” but Rochefort is all -_- abt it and says that it’s just a safety precaution in case D runs around blurting out wot she knows.

Meanwhile, Anne has gotten the Musketeers on her side and the Musketeers are now helping her.  They runs around trying to find D but are just told that she’s got some infectious disease so she’s in quarantine lol.  On the night of the school dance, D is still locked up in the dungeon and is refusing to eat.  Rochefort comes to see her and when he does, D is all “I wanted to dance with everyone else T.T” so Rochefort dances with her in the dungeon as many times as she wants LMAO soooo romantic xD

Still, D starves herself and on a particularly cold night, she faints and Rochefort is like “OH SHIET” wen he sees her curled up in the corner so he runs inside her cell and cuddles her to warm her up.  He wonders why shiet like this has to happen but when D wakes up, he’s his usual -_- self and leaves.

The next night, the dungeon guard (some stereotypical black gangsta with thick lips and an afro LOL) gives D her dad’s diary.  Inside, there are highlighted words that say that the key is not a an object and that using it to open the tower will result in the loss of something very dear.  At the end, there’s D’s dad’s signature signed in wot looks like blood.  Moments later though, THE DB breaks into the dungeon and wud have killed D had she not called for Rochefort. THE DB runs off with D’s dad’s diary and das when Rochefort decides that this dungeon shtick has gone too far and he’s taking D out.

Without Richelieu’s permission, Rochefort takes D to his room and tells her to stay there.  Over the next few days, she gets closer to Rochefort who plays chess with her and is nicer to her till Rochefort finally finds out wot the key is and orders Rochefort to immediately kill our heroine and open the tower.

Rochefort obeys but goes back to his room and instead, asks whether there’s somewhere D would like to go.  D’s like “WHY SO NICE” but says she’d like to go to the beach where they sit there till the day ends.

When they get back, Rochefort’s like “KAY WE SLEEP TOGETHER” and they kip on the same bed.    D tells Rochefort abt wot she read in her dad’s diary and asks whether Rochefort knows wot it means.  Course Rochefort does but still says nothing and just sleeps.

The nexy day,  Richelieu’s pissed that Rochefort din’t kill D but tells him to do it tonight OR ELSE.  This time, Rochefort just runs the fuck away with D and leaves her in the forest and tells her to GTFO.  The Musketeers catch up to him but Rochefort just tells Athos to take care of D before he goes back to Richelieu.

Richelieu’s even more pissed now and is abt to kill Rochefort but decides that he’ll use the guy as bait to draw D out.  He chains Rochefort to the Buckingham tower in the freezing cold and gets Aramis to pass on the message to the Musketeers at their secret base.

D and the Musketeers tell each other wot they know, from Richelieu and Anne respectively.  D then decides to run to the tower to get Rochefort anyway.  Rochefort is horrified that D came back and tells her to GTFO NAO but D refuses to go unless Rochefort busts out his demon form and flies away with her.  Rochefort has resigned himself to die but flies off with D when Richelieu shows up and tries to gank em both.

Back at the base, D flips out abt why Rochefort won’t turn demon even when shit happens and Rochefort is like “STFU BEETCH” and snogs her.  He tells her that busting into his SEED mode jus attracts demon attention and he don’t wana draw any more danger towards em.

While the two wait for the musketeers to return, D ponders wot the kiss earlier meant but Rochefort doesn’t answer.  This prompts D to confess to which Rochefort is just like o.O to till D then asks whether she can kiss him.  Lol Rochefort tries to play it cool like 「勝手にしろ」but he gets impatient horny like 「。。。私を待たせるな」 and he kisses D himself.  D then wonders how she can get the mark of the devil as well so she can be stronger and Rochefort’s like “HURHURHUR I MAKE ONE FOR U ;)” and gives her a hickey on her shoulder teehee Rochefort xD

Anyway, Rochefort begs the Musketeers to help him protect D so they agree.  Richelieu has threatened to kill all the students if they don’t give him D.

The next day, while the Musketeers go free the students, Rochefort faces off against Richelieu and ends up taking a hit for D.  This does nothing though cuz Richelieu jabs his sword through Rochefort AND D so uh…yeah lol.  Anyway this unlocks the Buckingham Tower and Richelieu goes off to get the necklace.  D apologises for being so useless and losing the battle but Rochefort only tells her that it’s okay cuz he did this all out of love and tells her to listen carefully because he’ll only say this once: 「愛している」

The Musketeers defeat Richelieu and return the necklace to D.  All triumphant and shiet, they go off to find D and Rochefort, only to find the two dead in the snow.  They all start grieving and shiet and decide to bury them both together under some trees.

A few decades later, Chevalier Gakuen is still here and runnin under new teachers and shiet.  Somewhere up above, Rochefort and D are together watching over the school.  Rochefort asks whether D regrets any of this, whether she’s lonely and D replies that she’s never been happier because she’s got Rochefort by her side :)



Uh…so yeah, we can go for 52 yr old Richelieu…er I don’t know wots up with Japan and old geezers cuz I for one, totally don’t find them sexy at all (cept for Snake but das cuz he’s a badass mofo who runs around in box tanks xD) but okay…*ahem* so Richelieu’s the dicking principal of Chevalier Gakuen and he’s regal, proud and out for blood.  Yeah.

Nobody in the school cept for the staff and the Musketeers know who the principal even is and none of the regular students are allowed to see him.  D tries to barge her way in on one occasion to find out abt her dad’s shiet but is immediately kicked out by Rochefort before she can take a good look at Richelieu.

One night while training, D finds the old church and inside, finds Richelieu.  Course she don’t know who the guy is and before D can introduce herself, Richelieu suggests that they both remain anonymous just for kicks and finding D interesting, he tells her to come again for a chat.  He nicknames her Selena after the moon goddess cuz the moon’s nice that night and tells D to call him Apollo – the sun god.

D goes to visit Richelieu regularly where they jus talk abt whatever and on Halloween, she brings Richelieu a butler costume.  He’s like “WTF U EXPECT ME TO GET INTO THIS??” but D’s like “You wont? :(“ so he does and they play a game of cards all happy till Rochefort comes in and is like “…the fuck?” and Richelieu’s cover is blown.  He goes with Rochefort, leaving D wtfing over the fact that Apollo = Principal.

Richelieu’s at the church again though the next night and D goes there to apologise for her impertinence but Richelieu jus tells her to act as she was before, dwbi.  They continue to have their nightly talks and D realises that Richelieu’s not as scary as he seems and is actually a pretty nice guy, a big romanticist too.  Richelieu tells her that being with D makes him feel at peace.

Richelieu later tells D the truth abt everything and unlike in Rochefort’s route, D here accepts all this and agrees to help Richelieu.  She meets a stranger in Richelieu’s office and finds out that it’s actually Richelieu. This is his true form, he just uses his demon powers to make himself appear old as a disguise.  Anyway, he asks D out on a date lol and tells her a bit about a girl called CONSTANCE who he used to be in love with like…300 years ago xD  He met her at the church and they  chilled together much like he does now with D but then she died.


LOL JKJK no.  Blablabla Richelieu REALLY falls for D…and starts making comments abt jumping her and then REALLY JUMPS HER when D doesn’t tell him who she likes.  He’s like “HOW DARE U SAY U NOT IN LOVE WHEN SEXY MANZ ME IN FRONT OF U?!” and wen D’s like “???”, Richelieu confesses that he’s waited hours in the church for her to come before, that she’s the only one he danced with during the school dance and is all ILYSM before he then goes...”TEEHEE TROLLFACE.JPG” HURHURHUR

Course the guy then does a 180 cuz he’s stupid mofo Richelieu. THE DB who jacked D’s dad’s diary in Rochefort’s route comes back and this time, offers to tell Richelieu wot the key is if Richelieu KILLS OFF THE MUSKETEERS o.O  Again, cuz he’s Richelieu, he’s like “NPNP” and gets Rochefort to first kill Aramis YES.

D’s like “WTFUCKING FUCK U THINK U DOIN BITCH” but Richelieu then tells her “I HAVE NO INTEREST IN U” before tossin her into the dungeon and telling her to hurry up and rmb wot the key is or he’s gona kill off the other 2 Musketeers too.  Course D don’t have no fuckin clue wot the bloody key is but Richelieu don’t give a shit and ends up killing Porthos and Athos too.  D’s super ragey, feels utterly betrayed and vows to gut this old granny beetch and then THE DB tells Richelieu wot the key is.

Richelieu’s devastated wen he finds out wot the key is and finds that he can’t bring himself to kill D.  He decides to not use the magical necklace to kill Anne and decides to find Anne MANUALLY and kill her like that.  He tells Rochefort that the key has disappeared from the world but Rochefort figures out wot the key is and then begins tailing the db to find out wtf is going on. THE DB is pissed with this and in return for Rochefort’s life, he’ll give Richelieu Anne.

D’s let out of the dungeon and Richelieu kills Rochefort.  Before dying, Rochefort tells Richelieu that THE DB’s after not wot’s UP the tower (the diamond necklace) and is after wot lies beneath.  THE DB leads Richelieu to Anne who’s like “NO KEEL ME” and Richelieu’s abt to kill the skank till Louis steps in.  Seeing as Louis used to be his king, Richelieu pauses and Louis asks that Richelieu let HIM kill Anne – he’s known that Anne betrayed him and France to the Duke of Buckingham but he’s followed her still out of love but now this is getting out of hand and like, Louis REALLY needs to kill Anne now.  He kills Anne, who’s last word is the Duke of Buckingham’s name and then Louis kills himself.

Having finally accomplished his goal, Richelieu goes to I dunno, die?  Well THE DB finds him and tells him it’s not over yet – he still has one more person to kill: d’Artagnan.  Constance used to be the servant of  Anne 300 yrs ago and was the one who told Richelieu that Anne was betraying France.  They joined together to stop Anne but then Anne sent out her Musketeers to kill everyone against her and there, was Musketeer in training, d’Artagnan and he was the one who killed Constance.

Well Richelieu doesn’t give a fuck now cuz he’s in love with the d’Artagnan now so gtfo u db but THE DB‘s like “OH YEAH I HAVE BEEF WIT U” and kills Richelieu LOL.  D finds Richelieu and while the latter is like “HERE TAKE MA LIFE DO WOT U WILL”, D’s all “FUCK I HATE U BUT DON’T U DARE DIE ON ME” and says that now Richelieu is free from his revenge shiet, he’s free to fall in love and D wants to start all over again with him.

D takes Richelieu back and nurses him back to health.  The db sends out demons to surround Chevalier Gakuen and gives them  an ultimatum: Give him D or he will mass rape the school.  Richelieu gets better and decides that HELL NAW nobody’s having his D so they’re gonna fight.

They go to church where there, D confesses that though Richelieu’s done all this shit to her, she can’t find it in her to hate him and is in love with him.  Richelieu, in his usual pompous jerkass attitude, is like “I KNEW U’D FALL FOR ME HURHUR” but yeah he loves her too and they spend the night together in the church ;)

In the morn, Richelieu runs off to face THE DB.  Blablabla big boss battle where Richelieu wins and he takes the diamond necklace with D (killing THE DB broke the seal on the tower, more abt that later) and asks wot D wants.  D replies that she wishes for their future and there’s a bright light…

…and D wakes up to her papa.  She’s all “UR NO DEAD :’)” and the guy’s like “…the fuck u been smokin girl” and tells her to get ready fo her first day at Chevalier Gakuen.  There, she finds that nobody’s dead, everything’s normal and rushes to meet Richelieu.  Apparently the guy wished for D’s happiness so das why everything’s been redone.  5 years, later, all’s good, no demons and Richelieu’s with D.  The two sit in the church, watching the moon and D’s preggers now ;D


Rmb the guy who saves D in the beginning?  Yup he’s THE DB who’s been pulling all the shit in this game.  Outwardly, he seems human enough, gentle, kind and helps D with everything but inside, he’s a rotten little shitstick who’s manipulating everything and everyone to get his revenge from 300 years ago.  Oh and he’s actually a demon, like a LEGIT original one ;)

In the beginning of the game, Treville gets Louis and Anne to steal Rochefort’s sapphire ring in return for him helping them.  He then makes his way to D’s house and plants the ring there before killing D’s dad.  Yup he’s been manipulating D riiight from the start to make her believe in him and suspect Rochefort.  But lol yeah everything abt Treville screams AYASHIIIIIIIII right from the first playthrough especially with how he’s suddenly like “YOU MUST GO TO CHEVALIER GAKUEN HINT HINT” to D XD

Anyway, he teaches D how to fence and when she’s feeling depressed from her dad’s shit or woteva, he’s always there for her.  He takes her out to see dem stars to cheer her up and D wholeheartedly believes in him and tells him everything but behind the scenes, he’s always like “IMA CRUSH U BEEETCH” lol.  He ain’t on Anne’s side or Richelieu’s side either, he’s just helping them both to help himself get revenge.

Oh yeah and before I forget, I gotta explain why Treville’s so hellbent on getting revenge on EVERYBAAADY.  Rmb Richelieu was in in love with a girl called CONSTANCE 300 years ago? Well, turns out Treville was also in love with her.  300 years ago, Treville was head of the Musketeers and was always around the royal palace so he always saw Constance.  He was too pussy to go talk to her but they met by coincidence one day, began talking, became bff and Treville found himself falling in love with Constance.  Soon, Constance noticed summin different abt Treville like how his shadow was different from normal ppl.  Treville asked whether she believed in demons and Constance merely replied that she believed Treville was an angel instead.  She believes that demons are born from all the pain, sadness and suffering and stuff.

However, Constance of cos, knew that Treville was actually a demon and she was in love with RICHELIEU so tough luck boi, and when the war was imminent, Treville told Constance to GTFO before she got killed.  Constance agreed but actually stayed in France and during the war, Constance took a hit for Richelieu.  Treville came to the scene too late and Constance was already dying.  As she lay dying, Constance laments that she was too weak to change anything and wishes that this regret she had would make her into a demon so she’d be powerful enough to stop shit from happening.  Treville began to cry and Constance only tells him that “demons don’t cry :)” before she kicks the bucket.  Upon finding out that d’Artagnan’s the one who killed Constance, Treville vows to get revenge and so, waits 300 years till 「好機の日」where everyone will be reborn and he can stage his ultimate revenge lol.

15 years prior to now, Treville  taught in the school and found out that D’s dad had a child.  Realising that the child was d’Artagnan, Treville decided to start a shitstorm game.  He locked Anne’s necklace into the Buckingham Tower, sealed the tower with magic and made the key a sword that had pierced through D’s organs.  D’s dad took D outta Chevalier Gakuen and has been on the run since.

Everyone was reborn and Treville found Anne.  He was abt to kill her but instead, suggests that they play a game: Anne’ll manipulate the Musketeers to get them on her side and kill Richelieu while Treville will manipulate Richelieu and get him to kill Anne.  Treville then branded the newly reborn Musketeers, d’Artagnan, Richelieu and Rochefort with his fleur de lis tatts to turn them into demons and keep them trapped within the island.

Anyway, during the school dance, he asks whether D will go out with him.  D’s like “?!?!?!” abt it and though happy, tells Treville that the timing ain’t good so sorry.Woteva cuz Treville says he’ll wait and stuff so dwbi ;)

Treville continues to help D and convinces himself that he’s only doing this to get her to fall for him so he can crush her in the end.  Cos, dat ain’t the case and he’s actually falling for D. Aramis then figures out that Treville is behind this shit and to avoid this from becomin public, Treville tells Richelieu that if he kills the 3 Musketeers, he’ll tell Richelieu wot the key is.

Aramis and Porthos are quickly killed off and to make things more fair for Anne, Treville tells Anne wot the key is.  Anne talks Athos into killing D for the sake of saving the students but Rochefort steps in and kills Athos.  Anne flees and Richelieu now demands to know wot the key it.  Treville finds that he’s unable to give up D so tells Richelieu that D has nutin to do with the key so get off her back.

This breaches his demon deal with Richelieu so Treville is subject to immense pain (it’s a demon thang) but takes it like a man fo D.  Rochefort figures that it’s all false, tails Treville and this leads him to the bottom of Buckingham Tower.  D soon follows and finds there, a casket with the body of CONSTANCE.  Treville then shows up, Rochefort atks him and forces the guy to reveal that he’s a LEGIT DEMON DUNDUNDUN. Richelieu pops in and Treville’s like “TELL ROCHEFORT TO STOP STALKING ME” before he walks off.

D catches up with Treville but he tells her everything was a lie and he jus wants to fuck her up BAD so gtfo now.  Treville tells Richelieu to kill Rochefort and he’ll give the old fart Anne. Blablabla Anne dies, Treville then kills Anne and then he tells D that the only person left to get revenge on is her: he’s going to use D as a human sacrifice to ressurect Constance on 好機の日.

Treville chucks D into the dungeon and asks whether D has any last requests.  D asks Treville to not be so nice or she’s gonna fall more for him so Treville leaves her alone but unbeknownst to her, he stays with her in the next cell.  He’s already figured by now that he really is in love with D but since he’s come so far with his revenge, figures that he might as well finish shit off regardless.

For the next few days, Treville tries to act all cold to D but ends up giving in and tells D that for the time remaining, he’s going to play pretend lovers with her.  He takes her out and stuff, acts all sweet n shiet and while D is killin herself thinking it’s all an act, it ain’t.

On the last day, Treville asks wot D wants to do and she replies that she jus wants to be by his side till morning.  They sit together till sunrise and when 好機の日 comes, Treville takes D to Buckingham Tower.

Before Treville kills her, D has her last words and tells Treville to forget abt her so he can be happy with Constance.  This crushes Treville and he confesses over and over again that he loves D before kissing her.

Still, he has to do this shiet but course he can’t so he grabs D and tells her that he chooses her over Constance.  Louis then comes in and kills Treville while his guard is down and Treville is sent back down to hell.  With Treville gone, the seal on the Tower breaks and instead of killing Louis, D suggests that the two of them wish upon the necklace that in their future lives, they’ll be able to live happily ever after with their loved ones.

So…a hundred years later.  Chevalier Gakuen has become a tourist ground of sorts and Treville and D are together touring the place.  The place feels nostalgic to D but the two slip away from the tour to spend some alone time together as newly weds :)


Yes he’s the hidden character ;)  He’s the kouhai of D, is the next Musketeer in training, and falls in love with D at first sight when D comes to the school.  Lol personalitywise, he’s kinda like the dogged nice guy cuz he keeps asking D out in all the routes and stuff but D’s always jus like “???” abt it haha but he’s hilarious, sweet and is willing to do woteva it takes to save D.

If his name wasn’t a big enough hint, Constantine is actually SUPPOSED to be the reincarnation of CONSTANCE.  His route starts off with Treville about to sacrifice D to ressurect Constance.  This time, Treville actually kills D and seconds later, Constantine rushes onto the scene and reveals that it wasn’t D that Treville was looking for, it was him.  Horrified, Treville hurriedly checks D for the mark of his fleur de lis and big surprise, there ain’t one.  Constantine then reveals that he has the mark meaning that he is the true reincarnation of the past d’Artagnan.  Well Constantine decides to redo all this and uses the necklace to go back in time.

Constantine wakes up on August 28th, the day that Treville goes to D’s house to maim her dad.  Realising that he’s the only one who retains the memories of wot happened before the TAAAAIMU RIIIPPPUUU, he rushes to the house jus in time to save D’s dad from getting killed by demons.  At the same time, D gets home and Constantine immediately starts getting all excited to see her again lol xD

After getting thanked by D and her dad, Constantine has to get back to school and leaves.  D picks up Rochefort’s sapphire ring and Constantine then bumps into Treville.  The guy demands to know how Constantine knew wot was gon happen but Constantine only tells Treville that D is NOT d’Artagnan from 300 yrs ago.  Treville doesn’t listen and jus tells Constantine to BRING IT BEETCH >;)

Well things don’t go as Constantine plans and D ends up enrolling in Chevalier Gakuen anyway.  Constantine’s like “OH FUCK” and D says that she’s ere cuz she wants to get stronger to protect her papa.  That night, Constantine receives his fleur de lis tatts with the Musketeers and decides to challenge the Musketeers to gain their loyalty – like wot D does in all the other routes.  He defeats all of em through cheapass tactics like jacking Porthos’s clothes and  making him fight nearly nekkid with D watching, kicks sand into Aramis’s eyes and uses some rape whistle thang to distract Athos LOL.  D’s obviously thinking “SO UNCOOL SO UNMANLY” but tells Constantine that she believes in him cuz she knows he wouldn’t resort to such cheap tactics if he didn’t have to.

Now the BAU5 of the Musketeers, he tells em wots up and now has the privilege to meet Richelieu.  He tells Richelieu that Treville’s plotting to kill blablabla but Richelieu calls bs on this cuz there’s no evidence and kicks him out.  Richelieu now knows D has summin to do with the key thanks to Constantine’s fuckup and he immediately chucks D into the prison to force the key’s whereabouts outta her.

D’s like “???” abt the whole thing cuz nobody’s filled her in on anything so giving in, Constantine finally tells her SOME of stuff.  D believes Constantine cuz they BFF and realizing Constantine’s bro-ness with the Musketeers, Anne calls the guy out and asks for Constantine’s help.  Constantine merely tells her a mb and soon after, Treville tells Richelieu that he’ll tell the old man wot the key is if he kills Constantine.  At the same time, Constantine tells Richelieu that he will give him Anne for D’s release.

Next day, Constantine sends Anne a letter saying that he’s gon open the tower and jack her necklace at noon.  Everybody gathers at Buckingham Tower at noon where Constantine reveals that HE’S actually d’Artagnan by showing everyone his badass tatt and piss shit mad, Treville then tries to kill Constantine but D steps in and takes the hit.  Dwbi though, D is alrite cuz Constantine swapped out Treville’s sword for a fake that morn and this is where D tells Constantine that, though Treville says he’s a demon, Constantine is like an angel to her.  Major deja vu here and Treville realises that D = rebirth of Constance.  He apologises for all the shit he’s done to her and gives up on his revenge.  Louis and Anne walk off to die together, Richelieu and Rochefort no longer need to get their revenge.

Treville decides to use the necklace to wish to be reborn as a human being so he can get his happily ever after with Constance in the future.  D thanks Constantine for everything he’s done and all ends well.

At the school dance, D dances with Constantine who asks her out, D agrees and he tells her that he love her big time.  THE END ;)

Afterthoughts and Conclusion


I LOVED PORTHOS.  AND ROCHEFORT.  AND ATHOS.  AND TREVILLE.  AND CONSTANTINE.  Hurhurhur yeah I can’t really pick a fave between em: in short, friggin brill.  As for Aramis and Richelieu… :/ .  I don’t know how much more I can stress this but, I REALLY REALLY HATE emofaggy characters so Aramis was jus a bigass HELL NAW for me but he was really cute at the end so yeah.  Richelieu was still too sugar daddy for me and he’s a giant prick for killing everyone  – I kno Treville did the same but i found it more heartfelt for Treville and I was jus going -_-;; for Richelieu lol.  d’Artagnan’s personality and stuff kinda depends on which route u were in – in Porthos’s route, she was hilariously dense, cool and stuff but in Rochefort’s route, she was more submissive and felt kinda useless lmao.  But yeah I really liked D as the heroine, super cute and determined to find out the truth.  Her bff, Prancis, was also another fave of mine – tsundere + pigtails?  I’m so there xD  Oh and Anne can go die in a fire.

Music was pretty damn good too, the OP got stuck in ma head for a bit haha.  Wacchan ftw i swear, everytime Porthos opened his mouth and started screaming and going “heheheheheheh” when he had his dirty old man thoughts, I shat enough bricks to build 10 houses for the homeless, das how awesome he was xD

The art is beautiful, one of the main reasons to why I played this game.  It’s the same artist from Kanuchi and Death Connection (Kiriya Takashi I think) but there’s a a distinct difference in the colouring this time round.  I personally prefer the art style in Kanuchi and Death Connection more but this still looks damn good.  The faces looked a bit odd at times, like the eyes and sometimes the characters din’t look like themselves but oh wellz.  Rochefort’s design is ma fave (dat sexy silver hair heheh) and also D – her hair’s really cute lol and with dat zettai ryouiki of hers? DAAAYUUUUM ;)  Oh and she had boobs xD

I really liked the story too.  I’ve never read The Three Musketeers before but it don’t really matter, the story here’s pretty interesting.  It had me confused a bit at parts and I’m certain I got pooploads wrong but yeah still.  After playing the routes of Rochefort, Richelieu and Treville, the Musketeer routes felt a bit…lacking in terms of plot but all the routes had really sweet moments.  I liked Porthos’s,  Treville’s and Rochefort’s routes the most – Porthos’s one I couldn’t stop laughing and fanboyin over adorkable Porthos; and Rochefort and Treville’s routes had that bittersweet element dat I really like.

In a nutshell, Musketeer is a damn good game, definitely one of the better otome games out there.  Good art, good story, good charas, good music; can’t really ask for any more eh?  A gripe I had was with the omake stuff cuz they were real short and silly lol, weren’t anywhere as good as the bonuses u get in other games (cept for ORE WA CAPTAIN ATHOS!!!! xD) but fuck dat not important.  Jus play the game ;)

27 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Musketeer le Sang Des Chevaliers”

  1. Julia Says:

    Rochefort was my favourite character,
    I loved him at the first sight
    and OMG that end was… T__T

    I liked Athos and Richelieu too ( thank gosh! Richelieu was relatively young) .
    The bath scene with porthos was sooo funny! and when he returns to his bedroom, turns on a demon, and starts to laughts aloud… xDDDD
    The other guys… well…. like them but, for example… the bath scene with Aramis… was a little… you now….xDDDDD
    I spent 2 weeks to end this game, and now I love it!!

    • domshiki Says:

      SAME based on appearances alone, Rochefort is definitely ma fave. I srsly thought “WTF” when they both died, i kept half hoping that they’d come back to life or summin or that they were playing dead…T.T
      LOL YEAH porthos and his crazyass delusions, he made me shit bricks everytime he started lmfaoing abt summin dirty abt D xD perverted lil boiiiii
      Aramis bath scene was jus kinda awkward – i was half hoping d’Artagnan would jump in with Aramis lmao xD

      thanks =P

  2. Oh you finished this! =D

    I think we got similar tastes since my favorites are similar to yours, though I love Constantin’s the most. But that’s because I’m biased towards Shimono. xD Aramis is too weak, while Richelieu is.. well, sugar daddy lol. I dunno why but I really love it when Porthos and Cons are starting to laugh “hehehehe” or “mufufufu” thanks to their mousou gone wild. Their duel in Cons’ route made me laugh so hard. xD

    My favorite omake is the one after CAPTAIN ATHOS: “I’m not wearing anything when I sleep, is that bad?” LOL.

    • domshiki Says:

      HAHA sugar daddy Richelieu *shivers* xD
      same i loved it when Porthos and Cons got their silly fantasies going – Porthos was always thinking of something dirty whereas Cons was more like fluffy romantic situations haha. Oh boys.
      i loled so hard when Cons jacked Porthos’s clothes and then told D to take a peep – screaming dorky cherry boy Porthos ftw xD

  3. Great Review as always :D
    i…i….atashi…I WANT THEM ALL GUYS!! DAMN IT! i cant choose XD but if i were i want guy number 1 :D snobbish type eiiiyaaaa~
    i dnt want guy no.2 coz i get pissed off from guys who think they r so pretty =____= guy number 3 i dnt like sporty guys and mr popular and a 10yr old brain ill probably end up nagging and be his Onee chan lol

    • domshiki Says:

      haha thanks ;)
      heheh athos is sooo awesome. no2 aramis can srsly suck ma balls but porthos is awesome, u’ll love him cuz he’s hilarious xD there’s actually a part where D pretends to be his neesan lol

  4. Renewed my love for white haired guys!
    Wow, all this reincarnation shit is pretty confusing. So … … in the end D is actually Constance? Is this only for the hidden route?
    Think a fandisk will come out?

    • domshiki Says:

      haha i loved rochefort too sooo sexy xD
      yeah i got really confused at the reincarnation stuff, i cudnt even skip if i felt like it lol. yup in the end, D turned out to be Constance. Naw i think she was Constance all along, just that nobody finds out till the hidden route.
      I WANT A FANDISK. but prolly not? cuz the epilogues seem kinda finished and stuff =P

  5. LALALA Says:

    I loved Athos!!!!!!!XD And Porthos!!! Plus, it was nice that Porthos’s route had lots of fanservice due to his “imagination”….!!!

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL porthos. i cudnt stop laughing in his route abt how he imagined d’Artagnan coming onto him xD

  6. Jessica Chan Says:

    Seriously Porthos made love to D i thought this was rated 13 now they r suddenly transforming to R18

  7. was there a good end and a bad end or the person with the ” highest points” will get D

  8. Wht is the rating for this ? i am 1000% it is not E

    • domshiki Says:

      im not sure if there are bad ends, i jus played the good ones; not too sure abt the rating either, pretty sure it’s not rated porno R or anything so anyone with the mentality of at least a 12 year old child should be okay with it.

  9. MisoFury Says:

    Do you have a walkthrough, or a link to a walkthrough for this game? x)

  10. Ah, know what. I think they all (almost all) actually DID have sex. Everyone and D xD Because, for instance, when Athos comes to her graduation ceremony, D tells him that she’s already given back her dorm keys and Athos blushes saying that it’s super bad, coz he wanted to go there and they go to the hideout instead.
    I loved Athos’ route the best, probably. There were so many fun and sweet moments, and I especially lol’d when Athos came up to D in the cafeteria, and after he left, everyone kept on kyaing about him, but D only commented how the tomato she was eating was delicious xD She’s really a not standard otome heroine and I like her for that.
    As for Aramis, I disliked him, because his reason for being an emofag was not really legit. They swore so many times to each other, musketeers, yet he didn’t care a bit, because all he was thinknig was himself only. I did pity him and I still do think he’s actually a STRONG person when he needs to be, but still, I liked his route the least. Are girly men this popular in Japan? =.=’
    Porthos was just hilarious and as adorable as Athos.
    I’d love Rochefort as much as Athos and Porthos if it were not for cliche D in his route, but the character himself is great. But his kisama started annoying me somewhere in the middle of the game.
    Richelieu is kinda the old type of gentleman. He’s cooler in his younger form. His old form is irritating, with his slow speech and “yoina?”
    Treville is absolutely awesome as a character, and I loved those moments of flashback with Constance and his drinking habit xD He’s very interesting.
    Constantine was super fun, especially his duel with Porthos!!! I lol’d real hard.
    Also, gotta agree about the hair, I loved D’s and Cons’s hair, and honestly speaking, Aramis’s too. It looked… fluffy xD
    I guess Cons’s route can be considered canon?… Since everyone lived happily ever after.
    Thanks for the review! I was too lazy to write a comprehensive one myself xD But the game is awesome! It’s one of the few games that I didn’t skip anything while playing (apart from scenes that I’ve already seen).
    I love this artist more than Kazuki Yone. Her art definitely has improved, but it kinda took the direction I don’t fancy much in the CGs. The cover art and everything else looks great. Music too. I want the full OP theme real bad but can’t find it D:
    Ah, also a mbad point – lips movements are not in synch with the sound D:
    P.S. I love this game so much, I wrote a novel, srry^^

  11. OH OH!!!! I have one question!!!! That “Ore wa Captain Athos” bonus track, what does he say after “soko no onna”? Unfortunately, I don’t get it >.< I think Athos's tracks were the best. It's a pity the whole bonus thing is kinda… 少ない

  12. OH, and
    1) Loius was very nice
    2) Anne is a slut

  13. I shat enough bricks to build 10 houses for the homeless, das how awesome he was xD

    LMFAO プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵
    Gah I wanna play this game but sigh PSP sigh sigh sigh lol (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!! And what’s otomate without at least 1 emofaggy character?

  14. Thanks for the review!!
    I havent do all routes, just completed Roche, Athos, Porthos, and Treville routes >...<
    Thanks for ur great review!

    • try to get the bad end!
      Roche’s one was so sad T_T
      and in Treville one it reveal that D wasnt D’artanian instead was Constance..but he too late to know it :S

  15. Crystal Amethyst Says:

    OMFG! I haven’t played the game, but wanted to read the review as I was interested and OMFG!!!!!!!!!! That was something! Ok, everything was great… but really. I HAVE READ THE BOOK!!! And knowing how it was in the book, it was hard not to laugh while reading the whole thing! Especially the Treville and Richelieu routs… *thinks* well Rochfort was something too ^_^

    Ok. Long things short. Anna of the Austria was married to Luis 13th the King of France. She gave her dimond necklace to the Duke of Buckingham as a sign of her love. Richelieu found out about that, and to prove to Luis that Anna is unfaithful to him, told him to call a dance party, and ask Anna to wear THAT necklace. As the necklace was in London, she OF COURSE couldn’t wear it. So Constance, one of her maids, asked the guy who was helplessly in love with her AKA d’Artagnan, to go and get it in 5 days time. Cool ne? He as the love stick puppy he is, agreed, and managed to convince Athos, Portos and Aramis to help him. In the end he got the necklace in time blah blah blah. Anna has hid Constance so that she won’t get killed, and in the end, she got killed before d’Artagnan reached her by a Milady d’Winter. Who in return was relieved to Athos’s fiancé when she was 16. *thinks* who did I forget? Oh right! Rochefort.

    Well, d’Artagnan meet Rochefort even before reaching Paris, and got in a fight and got wounded. So he hated Rochefort’s guts. And they have been really fighting the WHOLE time. Rochefort was Richelieu’s right handed man and so.

    Richelieu got RATHER interested in d’Artagnan, because he managed to do everything and so (with the help of his three friends) and asked him to become one of his soldiers. d’Artagnan refused, but Richelieu smiled and said it was ok, but he has one request. He called in Rochefort, and asked (read ORDERED) the two of them to make up and kiss. They, of course, did, because none of them wanted to die just yet. As soon as they got out of the office they started fighting, and a second after that Richelieu appeared in the door. Their reaction was O_O” and Richelieu just looked at them. They both bowed and got the hell out of there. Well, in the end they DID become friends… Yeah. friends who have duels whenever they feel like it *sighs*

    Well.. this is the book REAL short.

    OH! Treville! Damn, I nearly forgot about him. He is d’Artagnan’s father’s close friend and the Captain of the Musketeers. Well.. he is not that important character I think. And speaking of Constance. She was a MARRIED WOMAN when d’Artagnan fell in love with her, so she was BETRAYING her husband. Not that the guy was something, but still. d’Artagnan is really cute. And reading the review, I think that yes, Constantine was rather like d’Artagnan in the book *smiles* really. He is that stupid, and doesn’t think before acting, and once he falls for someone, he will get that girl. And d’Artagnan got 3 duels the frist day he came to Paris. With Athos, Portos and Aramis ^_^ Nice guy.

    Wow.. that was quite a lot to write… Oh well.. I just wanted you to know why it was really funny for me. ^_^

  16. Lily Says:

    Ohmygoshhhh!!! (: I’m so excited!! I’m about to get this game and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT!!! AHH!!! I’m really glad there are so many options for guys…I was pretty surprised! Anyway thanks so much for the mega spoiler review >w<

  17. this game seems really awesome, i mean all the chars are GORGEOUS!!! owo definitely trying it out. thx so much for the review!

  18. Cat-Nip Says:

    This game review kept me laughing with all the jokes you cracked xD But, is the game in English or Japanese? Cause all the ones available I’ve seen so far don’t show any signs of it being translated. (Same goes for Death Connection) So since you know English, I was wondering if the game was translated or not. Cause I’d like to get the game sometime, too! :D But I wouldn’t be able to read it if it was in Japanese… ^u^”

    • domshiki Says:

      as far as I know, it’s only in Japanese. Generally, patches in Chinese are released for some games so if you know Chinese, you can try your luck finding a Chinese patch but if not, Japanese is the only way to go D:

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