Otome Game Review – Iza, Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa

Alternative Titles: いざ、出陣! 恋戦

Company: QuinRose

Release Date: 26.05.11

Official Site:http://quinrose.com


Platform: PSP, phone

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, historical,

Plot Summary: After playing Nise no Chigiri, I’m all up for historical games so when I saw this I went:MOAR SENGOKU BASARA JIDAI??  SO THERE XD

…Sadly this is nowhere near as good as Nise no Chigiri but more abt that later.  It’s dem Sengoku times in JP atm and our heroine’s papa suddenly breaks his spleen or summin and can’t do shit in the war.  Seeing as she’s a princess, it’s her duty or some shit to go and do her part in the wars so her dad tells her to gtfo and go seduce the main players in the wars (lolol not really he jus sent her out to see which side they should follow) and so, along with her faithful bitch KOJIROU, Hana goes around the world in 80 days to find these hot sexy manbeasts.

Date Masamune

YEAH PUT YOUR GUNS ON BITCHES!!  lol I instantly went for Date cuz he was too awesome in Sengoku Basara.  In IzaKoi, he’s not some badass who rides the world on his motorcycle horses brandishing his 6 swords but is instead a womanising ahole who can’t stop passing himself around like the village bicycle.    Ofc there’s more to him than an out of control cum loaded cock n aside from being a manwhoring dickhole, he’s a cool guy, flamboyant and straightforward who takes everything in stride.  Part of the East Troops.

Hana’s at a loss as to wot she’s supposed to do so Kojirou first tells her about the main dudes in the war.  She hears abt Date and is immediately intrigued by his infamous badassery so decides to check him out first.

However, when Hana gets to his part of town, the first thing she sees is a bunch of cheap hookers throwing themselves onto Date and Kojirou’s all “R RATED NO LOOKIE” but before they can leave, Date catches sight of Hana.  Hana’s like “OH SHIT’ and yeah indeed it’s no shit for her cuz Date starts racing towards her like a fucking dog in heat and starts slathering all over her.  She’s all “HAWAWAWAWA” while Date proclaims he’s fallen for her at first sight lmao and refuses to let go of her till she’s agreed to go back to his place wit him hurhur but Hana flips n screams at the guy to GTFO.  This only turns Date on n he goes all “MM MMM FEISTY I LIKE SDFASDFF” till Kojirou steps in and tells Date to stop harassing his princess.

Anyway, Date’s bitch, KoJUUrou comes along to yank Date away back to work so Hana’s virginity is left intact…for now xD  Kojirou and Hana decide to assess Date’s skillz and powah in the wars to come so they figure they needa infiltrate Date’s castle to check him out.  Well easy enough cuz Date’s smitten with Hana so he keeps kidnapping her and taking her around his town, buying her presents n shit blablabla. In the end, he invites her and Kojirou to stay at his condo.

Date continues to pursue Hana, making her good shit breakfast , taking her out to see the view and watchin the moon with her and before long, Hana finds herself falling for the guy despite Kojirou’s warnings that Date’s only playing her and he’ll toss her away once he’s bored.

Rmbing this, Hana’s afraid to let herself become honest with Date who’s like “WHY SO SRS” so she tells him that she’s heard he’s a playah n shit.  Exasperated, Date explains that it isn’t as though he’s actively sleeping around or anything, it’s jus that WOMEN. CAN’T. RESIST. HIM as he puts it: “it’s like telling butterflies to stay away from a flower – it’s impossible, I’m jus too sexy” hurhur Date xD  He tells Hana not to believe wot others say and to see for herself and that he’s always been lonely.  Hana in turn, tells him that she’s here for him and they start making out under the moon lol.

Date then finds out that Hana is actually a princess and asks wtf she’s doing here.  Hana confesses that she’s here to check out who to join for the war or some shit like that and has decided that she’s gona join Date and Date pledges his loyalty to her sick father.

However, Hana still feels afraid that Date’s gna break her heart and now that her mission’s done, she decides to run the fuck home.  Date obv catches her in the act and is all “WHY THE FUT U DO THAT??” raging till Hana tearfully replies “…I’m afraid of falling more in love with uuuuu T.T” so Date grabs her and tells her to stay with him.


Moment interrupted when KoJUUrou pops in and Date has to go fight dem wars.  He comes back some days after unharmed, a total BAU5 for kicking total ASS in the war and promptly rides off with Hana and proposes to her on top of a hill.

Hana’s overjoyed but KoJUUrou tells her that marrying her would do Date’s family no good, she’s not of a high enough stature blabla political marriage shit so he advises Hana to decline Date’s proposal for his sake.

So…Hana decides to run the fuck away AGAIN but obv Date finds her and he’s all rapey with her till she tells him why she ran and Date’s like “WOMAN I SED I LOVE U SO JUS STFU N MARRY ME” and they roll around in the hills for a bit hurhur ;)

Anyway FINALLY Hana makes up her fuckin mind and decides to marry Date yay :D

Lolol then we get some scenes of Date getting horny in bed for their first night together where the guy confesses that he felt like he was a cherry boy again with Hana and wants to ravish her 24/7 n shit lmao THE END


Masamune and Hana confess their love for each other and Masamune thinks it’s all good btwn em but when he goes to war, Hana pulls the same shit stunt again and runs the fuck back home.  After the war, KouJUUrou goes to Hana’s place and is all “WHY THE FUT U RUN” while Kojirou rages back cuz there’s been rumours of Date taking a another wife.  Date then shows up but before he can take Hana back, KoJUUrou drags his ass back home but Date promises he’ll be back for Hana.

Several months later, Date finally finishes his war shit or woteva and promptly demands to meet Hana’s dad to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage lol.  And so…the two get married and live happily ever after.


When Date returns from the war, Hana’s all happy to see him but then she finds out that he’s now engaged to some other bimbo hoe now WUUUUT o.O  Hana’s heartbroken but understands that Date had to do this for the country, political marriages blablabla and Date comes to apologise but seeing her makes his dong hard and he realises that IF IT’S NOT HANA HE CAN’T GET IT UP!!!

So, he takes Hana and runs away from all this shit and decides to take her somewhere faraway, jus the two of em.  All’s fine and dandy till Date realises that Hana’s jus playing along and trickin him – before he kidnapped her away, KoJUUrou gave her some sedatives cuz he knew Date wud try to run away with her and Hana knows that she can’t let Date ditch his country like that.  Kojirou comes to take Hana home and blocks the path so Date can’t follow em.

In the end, the two live their lives out separately.  In an extra scenario, Date knocks Hana up and she dreams of their child growing up with Date feeding the kid.

Ishida Mitsunari

Leader of dem West troops under NOBUNAGA.  Is very capable and is serious as fuck but not a bad guy lol.  At a glance, he reminded me a tad of Saitou from Hakuouki but is actually pretty diff in the sense that Mitsunari’s prouder and sometimes turns into a dere dere bumbling idiot xD

Hana and Koijirou immediately get captured on grounds of being “suspicious” and they are taken to Mitsunari’s condo.  There, Hana freaks the shit outta Mitsunari by ogling at the poor guy cuz of his “BEEYOOTEEFO AIZ”.  He interrogates her to no end and when she can’t tell him where she’s from (to keep conceal her identity of being a princess), Mitsunari decides to keep her under surveillance just in case.  Mitsunari’s obviously a very nice guy cuz he gives Hana one of the best rooms and feeds her the same food he eats lol =w=

Next day, Mitsunari questions Hana again and figures out that Hana is of high birth cuz she’s too dumb to try to feign stupidity and shows that she can write and stuff – Hana, u’d fail as a spy big time xD.  Anyway Hana soon starts ogling Mitsunari again who’s like “…be honest. You were checking me out again weren’t you?” and when Hana’s like “YEAH BB <3”, Mitsunari throws one of dem “B-BAKA” tsundere fits lololol xD

Hana starts helping around the condo doing chores and ends up making food for Mitsunari.  Mitsunari starts warming up to her and when Hana confesses who she really is, he tells her dwbi cuz she can stay here as long as she likes for her ‘mission’ ;)

Later on, Hana then brings tea for Mitsunari but turns out NOBUNAGA’s in the room too.  Mitsunari starts flipping out at Hana for being here, Nobunaga starts hitting on her and bewildered, Hana just gtfos, wondering wot she did wrong.  She apologises to Mitsunari anyway and he tells her he was ragey cuz Hana’s beautiful and Nobunaga could’ve ‘TAKEN HER’ hurhurhur and Mitsunari no want that xD

That night, dem Eastern Army dudes come to attack em and Hana is forced to flee with Mitsunari to some hideout.  There, Mitsunari’s super worried abt his condo and feels guilty for dragging Hana into his shit so he sneaks off and runs back to his condo without her but Hana jus tears after him and is all “WHY U LEAVE ME?? T.T” when she finds him.  Mitsunari hugs her and promises to never leave her again and turns out his condo is completely alright.

Hana then catches sight of Mitsunari playing with his pet kitten (loool so manly xD) and being all sugar daddy with it n wonders why he called it HANA.  Mitsunari gets all fumbly bumbly and mumbles that he named it after her so he wouldn’t be lonely once Hana (human ver) finishes her mission and goes home D’AAAAW XD  Hana’s like “…but you promised we’d be together forever?” and there, Mitsunari proposes to Hana and wants to take her as his wife after the wars

YEAH WUT SO FAST??  lol ok nvm this game obviously doesn’t show much romantic development haha so anyway, Mitsunari asks if he can snog Hana and we then get a smoochey scene complete with kissy sounds from Mitsunari HURHURHUR XD

Blablabla war shit and the Western Army wins.  Mitsunari comes back to take Hana as his wife and unbeknownst to her, has also invited her parents over and they get married =w=

lolol they two get totally wasted that night and in the morn, are horribly mortified at wot they’ve done that night in bed teehee, summin like that and in comes Nobunaga to make fun of Mitsunari’s presumably non existent sex skills or summin lmao xD  And so, the two live happily ever after haha


The war doesn’t go as easily as Mitsunari wants it so and he tells Hana that she has to go home cuz his condo ain’t safe atm.  Hana goes but at her place it ain’t safe either cuz they get attacked by some thieves or  summin.  Mitsunari shows up and saves Hana and idk wot happens lol, one mo they’re all “I MISSED U T.T” and the next, Mitsunari’s chilling in the woods with Hana and then they’re snogging while heading home.  Um…wut?


The West Troops are losing the war so Mitsunari’s forced to flee with Hana.  The two of em live out their lives in a hobo village, changing their hideouts regularly.  One day when they’re moving out, it starts pouring and the two kip out in some shack from the rain.  There, the two take off their wet clothes hurhur and Mitsunari is all O//.///O HAA HAA at Hana while she changes lololol

The next morn, the Eastern troops barge into their little shack and arrest Mitsunari.  Mitsunari denies knwoing Hana to save her and he’s taken captive, to be executed some days after.  Hana tries to save Mitsunari but dat proves futile so she’s only able to see him once more in his cell before he’s killed off.

Like with Date, Mitsunari’s extra scenario has him knocking Hana up and chasing their son around like some mad pedophile lmao xD

Kobayakawa Hideaki

Part of the Western Army.  He’s the shota looking dude of the bunch, kindly and polite but has a sharp tongue and is actually pretty jaded underneath his smiley exterior and doesn’t trust anyone.  Lol has bipolar tendencies though becomes like a spoilt child later after he warms up to Hana.

Hana follows Hideaki and chills at his place.  Hideaki straight up tells Hana that he knows she’s a princess and it’s a pain in the ass for him if she runs off and gets hurt so if she’s staying with him, STAY PUT in his condo.  Mitsunari drops by his house later and Hana thinks the two are bff till Hideaki reveals that he actually hates the guy cuz they’re too much alike; they both don’t trust ppl so seeing Mitsunari pisses him off.  Hideaki gets all hot and bothered over this so Hana holds his hand till he calms the fuck down lol.

After this, Hideaki decides to take Hana out to town but he gets attacked and Hana takes the hit for him.  He totally flips and spends the next few days taking care of Hana and when she’s better, she makes him some food as thanks where he gets all jelly asking whether she does this for all the other dudes lolol.

The nxt day, Hana and Kojirou walk in on Hideaki talking to someone of the EASTERN ARMY, some dude called MITSUHIDE.  Mitsuhide walks pas em, molests Hana’s face and Hideaki charges over to disinfect lolol.  Kojirou’s like “WTF U GNA BETRAY WESTERN ARMY” and Hideaki’s jus like “eh sure why not” *shrugs*.  Kojirou’s pissed and wants to take Hana back home away from thsi traitorous scum but Hana wants to persuade Hideaki and tells Kojirou to head home himself.

While she’s packing Kojirou’s stuff for him, Hideaki walks in and goes berserk cuz he thinks Hana’s gna leave him like errone else.  Hana tells him he’s with him always so sheesh stop screaming already and Hideaki grabs Hana and won’t let her go lmao like some 5 yr old clingy brat.  She begs him to not betray the Western Army cuz that’d also mean betraying his Western Army friend Mitsunari.

Kojirou then forces Hideaki to fight him to prove that the latter is srs abt Hana.  Blablabla Hideaki passes the test and Kojirou leaves Hana in his hands.  That night, Hana gets attacked by Mitsuhide’s ninjas but badass Hideaki busts in to save her lol and that’s when he decides not to betray the Western Army: he dint care before cuz he dint rly care abt his life n shit but now he wants to protect Hana and doesn’t want to betray Mitsunari.


Blablabla big war battle and Hideaki wins.  He comes back and takes Hana as his wife and all ends well with the two of em getting all rowdy giving each other hickeys n shit lolol =w=

Anyway, Hana gets preggers and gives birth to a girl.  She’s sorry she dint give Hideaki a son (cuz u kno, sons > daughters archaic shit) but Hideaki doesnt care cuz he’s a lolicon hurhur but he wants to make more babies with Hana cuz they b so cute ;)


Lol i dint really understand this route and wot I got was that Hideaki lost his balls and couldn’t make up his goddamned mind abt joining the West or the East.  The war ends anyway but not with a complete victory for the Western dudes and Hideaki keeps getting attacked by the Eastern Army.

In the end, Hana has to go home or summin cuz Hideaki’s too weak to protect her but the guy keeps training shounen manga style and sticks around with Hana


The Western Army threatens to kill Hana if Hideaki doesn’t join him so the guy has no choice but to betray the East.  His betrayal leads the Western Army to victory but has dire consequences for him; when he comes home, errone’s hating on him, he’s destroyed Mitsunari and from then on, Hideaki’s health rapidly deteriorates to the point that he becomes bedridden. All this time, Hana stays with him and before he dies, he tells Hana she’s beautiful and thanks her for being by his side.

Oda Nobunaga

BAU5 of the Western Army of sorts.  He’s proud, majestic and is a total baller, struts his stuff with all da swag in the world and if he decides to take u to bed with him, he sure as hell WILL. GET. IN. UR. PANTS…so don’t bother resisting, Hana lololol.

Hearing rumours that Nobunaga is still alive, Hana decides to head to Mitsunari’s to see if he’s really alive.  At the entrance of Mitsunari’s condo, they bump into Nobunaga who immediately decides that he’s gona do Hana so he lifts her up onto his horse and takes em inside.  Mitsunari’s pissed that Nobunaga brought in some random hoe and her swordsman bodyguard lolol but Nobunaga sez it’s k and tells Hana to stay ere.

That night, Nobunaga barges into Hana’s room to have fun time wit her huhur.  Hana’s like WTF GTFO U RAPIST PERVERT and Nobunaga wud’ve sexed her up right there n then cuz her feisty hard to get approach is reaaaallly giving him a painfully huge bonerr lmao but he decides to leave her alone …fo tonite – “BUT IMA GET YOOOUZ TOMOLO NAIGHT BB >;D”

Hana’s scared shitless but Kojirou promises to “protect her virginity” haha and tells Hana that Nobunaga’s famous for taking in young maidens, sleeping wit em fo a nite n them tossing em out.  Hana waits in her room at night, fretting over when Nobunaga’s gna cme in and rape her till she can’t take it no more and decides to go to him herself.  Nobunaga’s thoroughly amused by her guts but before he can do anything, Hana proposes that they have some Hikaru no Go fun lol – if she wins, she’ll go back to her room, virginity intact and if she loses, Nobunaga can do as he pleases ;)  In the end, Nobunaga wins but Hana’s entertained him well so he decides to to let her go and keep her around to talk to.

Hana bumps into Mitsunari the next day, who’s like “WTF R U STILL DOING ERE o.O” and is amazed that Nobunaga’s kept a woman for more than a night.  Nobunaga immediately gets all jelly that Hana’s talking to Mitsunari but he cheers up when Hana tells him that Nobunaga’s like, WAAAAY COOLER like totally!!!  Nobunaga gives Hana a rosario and gets her to kip on his lap cuz tonite he won’t be letting her sleep HURHURHURHURHURHURHURHURHRUHRUH

Anywaaaaay...Kojirou figures that Nobunaga’s becoming too attached to Hana and that they btr gtfo quick before the guy loses control of his playboy dick and jumps Hana so they plan to leave quick.  Hana asks wot Nobunaga wud do if she left and Nobunaga’s jus like “tch i’d bring u back no matter wot, silly =w=”

Woteva Hana runs anyway n they get bak to her country.  However, turns out Nobunaga’s been tailing her the whole time and wud’ve dragged her bak from the start but he cud see that Hana was homesick and he also wanted to see where the heck she’s from.  Nohbunaga drags Hana back and rages that she betrayed his trust n shit so Hana gives herself up to his wrath as long as the dude doesn’t touch her country or Kojirou.  She thinks Nobunaga’s gna kill her but instead, he jus puts his claim on her, that she’s his now and her country’s now to follow him too.

That night, he visits her room to rape the bejeezus outta her but Nobunaga backs off when he sees Hana is all -_- abt it lol.  He continues being angry and shit till he later takes her out on a walk and there, declares that he’s gna take her as his wife after the wars to join their lands together.  Hana’s like “kay woteva” which annoys Nobunaga cuz she’s supposed to hate him and all but Hana jus replies that she wants to apologise or betraying Nobunaga and to save her her country.  So finally, Nobunaga confesses that he loves Hana and Hana tells him its mutual and she’ll nvr run n they kip together =w=

During the wars, Hana gets kidnapped by an Eastern Army guy called MITSUHIDE.  Nobunaga tears after Hana and Mitsuhide’s amazed the guy would go so far for a woman.  He uses Hana as a human meat shield so Nobunaga makes a deal wit him that if he lets Hana go, he’ll let Mitsuhide run away.  Cos Nobunaga gets Hana back and before Mitsuhide leaves, he apologises to Hana for kidnapping her.

BLablabla they head back, Western Army wins.  Nobunaga gets Hana a western wedding dress but then right before the wedding, he sees her in it and gets all horny so um the dress gets ripped n shit lololol n Hana goes back into normal jp wedding garb.  They then get into an onsen together and start getting all horny on each other hurhur.

Then we get a scene where it’s a couple of days after Hana’s married to Nobunaga and she’s suddenly fallen in and has to stay in bed.  Kojirou comes in to see her and when Hana tries to speak, he tells her not to push herself cuz the maids told him that she’s caught a horrible cold and has lost her voice.  I loled so hard when Mitsunari then comes in and gives his condolences for Hana’s “strenuous activities at night with Nobunaga” lololol which is why she’s lost her voice now and Kojirou’s jus like “WTF HAVE SOME TACT MAN” lolololol oh god Nobunaga xD

Later on, Hana gets sick and starts throwing up errwhere and Nobunaga’s shit worried and calls for a doctor.  Ofc, we all know wot this means and yup, turns out Hana’s preggers now =w=  too bad we don’t get to see their kid lol


Kojirou saves Hana from Mitsuhide where they both run the fuck away but are almost taken by Masamune.  Nobunaga shows up and saves Hana but then Masamune wins the war and is made BAU5 of jp or summin.  Lol who the fuck cares cuz Nobunaga has Hana and she him so the two get married.


Nobunaga saves Hana from Mitsuhide but the latter continues to search for em.  They kip in some abandoned shack, promising to marry each other and stuff but soon, Masamune catches up to em and demands the death of Nobunaga and the capture of Hana.  Hana and Nobunaga decide to commit suicide together by bungee jumping off a cliff without the bungee cord lolol but at the las moment, Nobunaga saves Hana, gives her to Masamune and jumps off himself.

In the end, Hana goes back to her house with Kojirou.  She still loves Nobunaga and dreams of him err night but Kojirou tells her no matter how much Hana thinks of Nobunaga, ultimately it is him who’s gna be by her side protecting her omg poor Kojirou T.T

Hattori Hanzou

Smiley ninja dude who’s part of the Eastern Army…for now xD  He’s the happy go lucky jokey kinda guy, messes around a lot and doesn’t really give  2 rasengans about which side he’s on as long as they pay him enough to keep his stomach full lol.  Hanzou’s also old acquaintances with Kojirou but whereas Hanzou acts pretty bro, Kojirou’s all “oh fuckin hell gtfo plzzzzz ==***” abt him xD

Hana and Kojirou ‘bump’ into Hanzou who’s all LONG TIME NO SEE with Kojirou and shiet.  After demonstrating his knowledge abt errthing in dem Sengoku shitz, Hana decides to take him up on his offer and have Hanzou take her arnd to check out the East and West.  Kojirou ofc ain’t happy with this and believes that Hanzou has ulterior motives but too bad he’s Hana’s bitch so stfu lol

Anyway Hanzou takes Hana to his bau5 MITSUHIDE to check shit out.  When Hanzou disappears at night, Hana asks Kojirou sup with him and Kojirou reminds our dumb heroine that Hanzou is a fuckin ninja so the guys off killinz n shit.  He warns Hana to stay away from Hanzou cuz he’s dangerous but lol almost as if to troll Kojirou, Hana rushes to find Hanzou the mo the guy comes back.

Hanzou’s all bloody from his assassination and tries to leave cuz he doesn’t wana show and dirty Hana but Hana clings on and pities the dude for being trapped in his shinobi life n stuff.  Hanzou tells Hana to gtfo if she’s decided who to follow and Hana has chosen the Eastern Army but refuses to leave cuz she’s magically fallen in love with Hanzou in like one fuckin day lolol so she wants to stay with him.  Hanzou’s all “GTFO I CUD KILL U” etc but blablabla he gives in like omfg this game has no character development wtf this is so retarded i dont fucking care anymore xD

Hanzou’s soon sent out on another mission but he pledges his love to Hana before going and promises to take her around the world in 80 days once he comes home.


 However, that night, Hana’s kidnapped by Hanzou’s boss MITSUHIDE and when Hanzou races back to save Hana, Mitsuhide tells Hanzou not to forget who he works for and that Hana is making him too sentient to be a ninja.  Anyway, he threatens to kill Hana if Hanzou doesn’t lead the Eastern Army to victory.

So Hanzou sets off to do just that while Hana’s locked up by Mitsuhide.  BLablabla Hanzou wins in the end and Hana’s freed but Hanzou’s still bound to Mitsuhide from the shinobi oath he swore to the guy.  He can’t run off with Hana but promises he’ll visit regularly.

Hana returns home and it’s been months since she’s seen Hanzou.  She knows she can’t keep rejecting marriage proposals from other fams so she finally accepts one but then Hanzou suddenly comes back lolol. Hana’s all “oh shit im engaged now” but Hanzou’s jus like “I know :D” abt it so Hana rages and screams at the guy to gtfo.  She bawls her eyes out that night till next morn when she has to meet her fiance who turns out to be…HANZOU TROLOLOLOLOLOL XD

Turns out Kojirou told him abt the endless proposals n shiet for Hana so Hanzou has been working his ass off trying to somehow wed Hana haha so Hana agrees and the two get married :)

Lol the next morn after their wedding, Hanzou spars with Kojirou n summin n gets all hurt.  Hana treats his ‘life threatening wounds’ n asks wot wud make him feel btr or summin n Hanzou’s like“HURHURHUR AFTERNOON SEX NOW” so the two get busy haha xD

…aaand that afternoon sex leads to them having a bb ;)


Hana’s locked up by Mitsuhide again and the guy tells Hanzou to win the war.  Blablabla Hanzou does and asks Hana to be with him but she refuses or summin cuz she wants Hanzou to be free some shit like that.  Mitsuhide asks wot Hanzou wants in return for winnign the war and Hanzou requests that Mitsuhide release Hana but lol she’s already freed so Hanzou asks for his own freedom.  yakyakyak he carries Hana away and the two live happily ever after


Hanzou chooses freedom over Hana LOL.

Akechi Mitsuhide

yeaaah the “main villain” or woteva the other routes make him out to be.  He’s Hanzou’s boss and part of the Eastern Army.  In the other routes, he’s depicted as ruthless and manipulative and in his own route he still is lolol but ofc das not wot he really is and Mitsuhide’s also a cultured badass who knows how to play with guns, make nice tea, sing and write good =w=

Hanzou takes Hana to go see his boss Mitsuhide. While exploring the Akechi house, Hana stumbles upon a scholar dude who’s obv really Mitsuhide but tells Hana that he’s called Shouma.  He’s kind to her and shit but in the end, tells (read: COMMANDS) her to join the Eastern Army and stay with him here.

Soon, Hana catches her Shouma talking to Hanzou and realises that Shouma = Mitsuhide.  Mitsuhide sees her and gets all wall rapey with her and demands to kno how much she heard.  Mitsuhide tells her that he knew wot she was from the start and sent Hanzou to guide her here cuz he’s gna use her family as a pawn to win the wars.

Still, Hana can’t hate the guy cuz Mitsuhide teaches her how to make tea and shoot a gun lol and she can sense that he’s not a horrible rapist or summin underneath.  He reveals that he’s not in the war cuz of revenge or anything but it’s to stop Nobunaga from gaining control of jp – he feels that the guy’s too unrestrained and wild and under his control, jp will fuck up and ppl will die.

Anyway, Kojirou finds out that Mitsuhide plans on getting Hideaki to betray the Western Army to ensure an Eastern Army victory so Hana decides to follow the Eastern Army.  From then on, she and Mitsuhide chill errday till he actually lets down his guard around Hana and she takes this opportunity to stick her dick some candy into his mouth lol.  Being with Hana makes Mitsuhide feels at peace and almost forget about Nobunaga but cos he tells her that he’s a shitfaced demon and that THIS. CANNOT. BE.

Well by now, Hana’s totally head over heels for Mitsuhide and decides to make a flower pressing bkmark for him.  However, Mitsuhide jus tosses it onto the ground and says he doesn’t need it, making Hana bawl her eyes out and run.  To Mitsuhide’s surprise though, Hana still comes to see him and he apologises for being a dickward; he was hoping that it’d make Hana steer clear of him but uh apparently not.  Hana tells him that he doesn’t have to play the role of the demon or anything and almost confesses to him but she suddenly faints.

Turns out Hana’s caught a fever from running around in the mountains looking for flowers for Mitsuhide.  She asks Mitsuhide to hold her hand and when she wakes up a couple days later, Mitsuhide’s still next to her, asleep, and Hana also sees that he kept the bkmark she made him d’aaaw =w=


Later on, Mitsuhide takes Hana out to chill but halfway through, Hanzou comes in to warn Mitsuhide that the Western Army is advancing.  Hana begs Mitsuhide not to go and is about to confess but Mitsuhide beats her to it, confesses first and then kisses her before leaving.

Blablabla Mitsuhide wins the war and comes back to make Hana his wife.  Errone hits on Hana during the wedding day lol and the two then have fun time in bed ;)

3 years later, Hana and Mitsuhide have a son and Hana’s pregnant again =w=


Hana’s father decides to join the Western Army against Mitsuhide so Mitsuhide sends her packing cuz they now enemies.  Back at home, Nobunaga comes to see Hana to get info on Mitsuhide and wudn’t raped her or summin had Kojirou not step in and spill his shit.  Still, the Eastern Army is winning cuz Mitsuhide’s managed to convince Hideaki to betray the Western Army.

Later on, Nobunaga kidnaps Hana and takes her into the woods where Mitsuhide is and the two of em have some Shaolin Showdown lolol where Nobunaga gets owned and in the end, Mitsuhide and Hana live a humble life together with Mitsuhide as a teacher.


Mitsuhide commits suicide when he gets captured by Nobunaga or summin.  Hana finds him holding the bookmark she gave him.

Sasaki Kojirou

OMG FINALLY DOWN TO THE LAST GUY =w= Kojirou’s the super pro swordsman Hana’s dad hired so we get 8 routes full of him and I gotta say, I love this guy lol.  He’s faithful to Hana and protects her no matter wot but at the same time, in no way spoils her and kisses her ass – he’s blunt as hell yet tactful at the same time, is very realistic and is firm but gentle with Hana.  Is sooo cute wen he gets embarrassed xD

When asked who she is most curious about, Hana tells Kojirou that she’s most curious about Kojirou and that she wants to find out more about him lolol resulting in an exasperated/embarrassed Kojirou who tells her to be srs and not eff around.  Hanzou tries to take Hana to Mitsuhide but Kojirou’s too bau5 and Hanzou gtfos.

Anyway, Hana decides to go to Date first and they when she has to sleep in the wild, Kojirou lends her his lap to snooze on.  Some days later, they finally reach Date’s place where the guy immediately hits on Hana and pisses Kojirou off lol.  Hana spends some time with Date, trying to gather info on the Eastern Army but feels lonely without Kojirou around and she tells Kojirou exactly that.  She confesses that being with Kojirou makes her feel protected and at peace, almost as if…Kojirou’s her MOM LOOLOLOLOL way to to go troll Kojirou who’s been busy misunderstanding wot Hana meant lmao and he quickly tells her to never say stuff like that around other rapist men xD

Hana finds out that the Eastern Army has a high chance of winning but decides to go check out the Western Army too.  However, when the two try to leave, they are captured by Hanzou who takes Hana hostage and takes em to Mitsuhide.  Mitsuhide demands Hana’s loyalty to the Eastern Army and locks both her and Kojirou up when Hana refuses.  Kojirou tells Hana a tad abt himself, how he was an orphan, got taken in by a pro swordsman so his sword is all that he’s evr known and is his life.

The two manage to escape at night but hordes of Mitsuhide’s men follow and Kojirou and Hana end up jumping off a cliff and into a river to escape.  Hana wakes up to a balls worried Kojirou who’s also stripped her nekkid to warm her up and immediately starts apologising and proclaiming that he dint rape her xD  Hana thanks Kojirou for saving her before the latter collapses from a wound he got from Mitsuhide’s men.  Hana lets Kojirou kip on her lap, falls asleep herself and Kojirou wakes up and realises that no matter how he tries not to, he’s falling in love with Hana.

The two continue on their way where Kojirou gives Hana a tonbodama (some shiny rock thingy) to decorate her hair with.  As they’re kipping in the wild again, Hana asks if she can sleep on Kojirou’s lap again but to her utmost hurt, he says no and in her attempt to run off before he sees her crying or summin, she almost falls off her horse or summin and when Kojirou saves her, she can’t hold back from hugging him and when Kojirou sees that he’s hurt her, he tells her it’s kay, she can sleep on his lap =w=


Finally, they reach a village but find out that the war’s over lolol and the Eastern Army have won.  Hana flips out cuz she’s worried abt her fam but Kojirou huge her and tells her to chill cuz he’s gna help her find em.  Hana doesn’t get why Kojirou’s still around cuz now that her mission is ovr and that her fam has fallen, there’s nothing in this for Kojirou but he declares that he’s here because he wants to protect Hana till the end and tells her 「嫁に来い、オレが、一生世話を焼いてやる」LOL SO ROMANTIC HAHAHA xD  Hana agrees to become his wife and they head to Hana’s old home.

They find Date there who’s now the bau5 of jp or summin and he’s like “…why did u guys ditch me…” loool but he forgives em and lets em stay with him.  Hana and Kojirou sleep in the same room but Kojirou promises not to do anything till they married but he gets too horny but says he “won’t go all the way” HURHURHURHURHUR

So, the two find Hana’s parents and get married =w=

…and then they have a funfunfun night where in the morn that follows, the first thing Kojirou asks Hana is “…did it hurt?”  haha which prompts Date to rage at the guy to be more romantic xD

In the end, they have a daughter who loves Kojirou so much that she wants to marry her pops in the future lolol


Nobunaga takes over Hana’s house and if Hana wants her parents back, she’s gotta marry MITSUNARI lol.  Hana’s devastated but Kojirou sees no other way out atm so tells her Mitsunari’s a good guy and will treat her gd so dwbi.

Still, Hana only wants Kojirou and when she tells Kojirou that, the guy can’t hold back his feelings either and they try to flee together but Nobunaga catches em and threatens to kill Kojirou if Hana won’t marry Mitsunari

The day of the wedding comes but Kojirou barges in and declares that he’s gona take Hana.  It’s then revealed that Hideaki and Nobunaga had some retarded bet, with Hideaki betting that Hana wud choose Kojirou and Nobunaga betting that she’d choose Mitsunari.  Ofc Hana chooses Kojirou and in the end, they run to Date where they get married and live happily ever after.


Hanzou catches up to the two where Kojirou kicks Hanzou’s ass and they continue to run.  They hide in some house for some time while waiting for Kojirou’s injuries to heal and das when they both confess their love to each other.

Hanzou comes to visit later and reveals that the Eastern Army has won and that dwbi, Hana’s fam followed the Eastern Army too so they safe lor.  Hana and Kojirou return where Hana’s dad crowns her the new ruler of their lil country cuz he’s sicks and tired of this shit so toodles ~ Hana’s like wtf at first but seeing as Kojirou’s gna be with her, she agrees and she becomes the new boss with Kojirou by her side.  Lol this def isn’t a BAD end or any sort xD

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

For a game with so little romantic development and “meat”, Koi Ikusa sure was one longass game lmao.

I actually liked all the characters despite their meh stories.  Ma fave is hands down Kojirouuuuuuuu he’s such a derp lolol and Nobunaga and Mitsunari come a close second.  I was a bit miffed at Date’s character in his own route cuz his “love at first sight” thing felt retarded and kinda forced but he was a cool guy and hilarious in all the other routes so it’s aiiite.  As a heroine, Hana was pretty cute too and though she was srsly way too trusting and all, it was kinda justified in this game cuz as Kojirou puts it, she is a 箱入り姫 haha xD

The music sucked.

I liked the artstyle of the game but the colouring’s kinda too simple like amateur ps – to be expected i guess cuz this was a cell phone game aite?  idk why the ppl in the game kept saying Hana was beautiful cuz she looks kinda boring to me lol but anyway, Mitsuhide and Nobunaga definitely hav ma vote for best looking charas ere =w=

Like the music, the stories kinda sucked too – it was like the makers wrote a bunch of short scenes, glued em halfassedly with some crappy made in china glue and hoped it’d pass for a story.  Evidently not as evn someone as blind and stupid as me ain’t fooled.  Rubbish as the routes were, it wasn’t that they weren’t entertaining cuz there were a couple of scenes that were really good especially the “AFTER MORNING SEX SCENES” cuz those were just hilarious – generally speaking, the first half of the routes were shoddy as hell cuz everyone magically fell in love and there was no romantic development but the second half of the routes picked up, provided there be some suspension of belief on the player’s part ie jus ignore the fact that they fell in love too fast and enjoy the romance scenes lol.  Well I guess ppl dont live long back then so they fall in love faster?  xD

Ma fave route was def Kojirou’s cuz that is one route where the romantic development really did feel a bit more believable and fleshed out compared to the other routes.  I also liked Nobunaga’s route cuz the part with Hana sacrificing herself was pretty fun to play through.

Lol so in the end, this game was pretty meh but exceeded my expectations cuz I was expecting a cell phone port to be evn worse xD  it’s a pretty good way to pass time if ur looking for an otome game that isn’t too deep and if u want a quick romance fix haha.  I’m pretty glad they didn’t include the OTHER 5 GUYS in the deluxe version of the game

As a sidenote, I apologise for the lack of posts recently haha, been kinda busy with skl and life and I kinda lost interest in otome gaming but I’m trying to get myself to play again.  WOF 2 is up next on ma to do list n I hope I’ll have it finished by the end of this month, thanks for waiting =w=

15 Responses to “Otome Game Review – Iza, Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa”

  1. Seeing this post reminds me that I have play this game…
    And finish the continuation Iza2. LOL which is currently a mobile or iPhone game. LOL orz (but it features the Uesugi/Takeda group like Nise no Chigiri LOL)

    • domshiki Says:

      oooh how’s the continuation to this game anyway?

      • There’s more characters in the 2nd game and this time it focuses on the battle of Kawanakajima (Kai vs. Echigo).

        I have to say, I think the 2nd game would have made a better PSP game because there’s more characters and some of the character developments were better (I liked the Yukimura / Hana osananajimi thing, with the added bi-polarness that Yukimura seemed to have…)

  2. you know, i think hana should man up and quit running back home just for the guy to come and get her. …. =.=
    is this the kinda scenario where the plot is just a bit different depending on the guy?
    i actually like the art. honestly. and now shes being picked up by otomate and forced into drawing nekomimi. AND? … ISHIDA AKIRA’S VOICING A SHOTA AGAIN!! BUT THEN THE SHOTA HAS WHITE HAIR! i dunno. Ishida Akira + white hair = win … … but then the shota part … T.T

    • domshiki Says:

      lolol das wot i thought too – i mean the guy is obv gna catch her, wots the point of runnin? xD;;

      DOOOOD i so wana play the nekomimi thingi, the art is fuck nice haha.

  3. This is on my to play list but hmm lol I’ve been playing a lot of otome mobile games lately and you’re right most of them are utter crap. There’s like 2 I’m following that have decent stories though so maybe this will be like one of them? XD

    Last time I tried a mobile -> Ps2 game I rage quit (hanayoi romanesque =_=…)

    • domshiki Says:

      haha actually izakoi isn’t as bad a game as i thought – for a cell phone game, it’s actually pretty decent lol but still meh xD

  4. Oh, you’ve finish it already? I think this game is good to play in my break time ‘coz it doesn’t need long time. But yeah, I have surprise too when playing it, that the romance suddenly comes in the middle of the story, feels like nothing.

    But indeed, I like Kojirou and Mitsunari’s story because it’s cute (seeing them blushing). And the sad story goes to Hideaki, I almost cried to sees him dying slowly.

  5. regina Says:


  6. unibbie Says:

    have you heard of an otome game called ijiwaru my master?

  7. T_ara Says:

    Damn! I tried to re-do and re-do the masamune one and still couldn’t get the true end!
    can you help me how the hell can you get the damned true end?!
    I’m so desperate! help!

  8. Isn’t this also an app? Cuz the art seems similar…and the guys look alike but more guys?

    • domshiki Says:

      Yeah this was originally a phone game and also had a version with more games I think

  9. vitamin nhóm b là gì

    Otome Game Review – Iza, Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa | 4 Shiki

  10. does this have an english patch? and is it voiced? hilarious review tho XD

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