Wand of Fortune 2 ~ Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku

Alternative Titles: ワンド オブ フォーチュン2~時空に沈む黙示録

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 29.09.11

Official Site:otomate.jp/wandoffortune2

Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, fantasy

Plot Summary:

The game picks off largely where it stopped in the first, with Lulu passing the exam and being a total BAU5 of all dem elements.  Now she sees things as how the ancient ones do, tripping out errday cuz of all dem pretty colours she now sees the world in lol and as usual, shit happens and the whole gang get tossed back into the past.

Anyway, Bilal has completed his magic training and has to go bak to his desert country.  There’s a byebye party where Lulu’s all depressed and shit so Edgar decides to take a picture of errone with his magical loupe for memory.  Blablabla, errthing’s good till Edgar takes the pic and suddenly his Loupe spazzes out and everyone blacks out.

Lulu wakes up on some white haired guy’s lap who’s obviously stoning real bad and when she tries to ask him shit, he goes off the tangent and talks about wot he’d like for brunch lolol.  Anyway, he’s called SOLOMON (Solo for short and yes I know the game spells it SALOMON but same thing) and with his pet troll, Persona, he decides to help her look for all her homies.

Lulu finds errone in like, 5 minutes and all’s good till they find their old school and realise that it’s been reduced to a small castle instead of being a huge thang.  They head inside and find none other than MORGANA himself, the founder of otome hogwarts lol.  This is when errone realises that they’ve travelled WAAAAAY BACK IN TIME: Solomon theorises that it’s cuz of Edgar’s Loupe which is made from special magical stones and also cuz of Lulu cuz u kno, she’s “special” haha xD  Solomon reveals that he’s a user of time magic and can send em back but not yet because Lulu’s magic stick is BROKEN.

True enough, wen Lulu casts a spell, the stone atop of her wand shatters and it’s cuz human wands are made for ONE ELEMENT only and Lulu’s crazy all element affinity was too much for the stone.  Unless they fix the wand, they can’t return and their goal now is to find stones to replace Lulu’s broken one and Solomon gives Lulu a makeshift wand of sorts for the time being.  Anyway, turns out in the past, there’s ppl who look the same as ppl from Lulu’s time like Cynthia and her hoes, who’re now maids for Morgana and Edgar, who is now a teacher.

Errone is given new clothes to fit the time period and half the guys start freaking out over Lulu’s new attire cuz it shows her stomach lolol – horny boys.


Still the same airheaded, ky magic genius.  He’s already totally for Lulu like all the other guys lol

Lulu chooses Julius as her partner in finding stones and the two of em go around the place looking for these elemental stones.  At night, Lulu’s lonely in her room without her bff Amy so she decides to go play with Julius and finds him in the library reading.  She gets annoyed cuz it’s late and Julius is still reading but Julius counters this by asking wot she’s doing ere and tells her to go back to bed or she’s gna catch a cold in that stripper clothing of hers lmao.  Lulu’s too ronery to go back so Julius grabs her from the back and says he’ll keep her warm then HURHURHUR till he finally realises wth he’s doing and gets a boner or summin.

The next day, Lulu meets up with Noel and Julius to explore the town but only finds a frustrated Noel who rages that Julius won’t get up no matter wot so Lulu goes to Julius.  There, she finds Julius stoning evn worse than usual and woteva she says or does, Julius jus stones some more and smokes some more pot and in the end, Lulu resorts to force n tries to pull Julius out but whoops, all dat weed’s made him a cripple n he falls and plasters his face into Lulu’s tits xD  Lulu freaks, fails to get stoning Julius off and one by one, the other WOF dudes walk into the room and start flipping out and yelling at the two to fucking LOCK. THE. DOOR., before running off lololol till Alvaro reveals that Julius was awake the entire time lmao.  Julius hastily apologises n sez he’s really sorry but IT WAS JUS SOOO SOFT AND SMELT SO GOOD HE CUDN’T GET UP!! T.T

Anyway, Julius figures it’d be a good idea to pinpoint the exact time they’re in and a bit of research reveals that their time here is right before THE WAR – 350 yrs ago, there was some giant struggle over magic and shit which resulted in a giant war and so, all of em are in danger.  Noel, and Lulu want to help prevent the war but errone else is against it and tells em not to interfere with the past or it cud fuck up their futures.  Seeing Noel so distraught makes Julius rmb when his lil sis called him a cold hearted ahole but Lulu tells him Julius ain’t cold at all, jus rational and she likes him like dat ;P

ElFART and Mathew lookalikes called Elwin and Grom show up and are magic missionaries sent out by Morgana to spread the teachings of magic or summin. Their task is hardcore dangerous cuz there be some magic haters out there and most of these missionary dudes wind up getting killed or captured by other countries.

Soo, the war is imminent and one day, Morgana tells Lulu and co to stay in their rooms and not come out cuz he has “special visitors” coming over.  Lulu and co obv spy on Morgana and they see that the queen of country コルジア (Corgia? no idea) has come to ‘negotiate’ terms with Morgana.  I say ‘negotiate’ cuz it was really more of a “TEACH MAGIC TO MA ARMY OR I CRUSH U” threat from the queen lol.  Morgana refuses cuz his motto is that he’ll take in any student wanting to magic on the condition that they will never use magic to hurt others and the queen gives the guy 5 days to think it over.

Lulu and co are like OMFGWTFBBQ but Solo tells em to chill cuz as long as they don’t prevent the war from happening/change the outcome, they can do their part like helping citizens evacuate and stuff.

5 days pass and the queen sends a messenger to ask for Morgana’s decision.  Lo and behold, the messenger turns out to be none other than ELWIN, the magic missionary and it turns out he’s betrayed Morgana.  Morgana declines the queen’s term so the war starts. More shit cuz it turns out it’s not just Corgia against Morgana, it’s several countries 

The towns are set on fire so Lulu, Julius and Noel set about putting the fires out but realise the fires are by magical fire salamanders so water has no effect.  Shit happens and the 3 are forced to retreat.

The 3 return to Morgana and realising the damage magic has brought to humans, Solo decides to step in and withdraw the gift of magic from all humans.

Julius demands to know wth Solo meant and Morgana reveals that 150 yrs ago, a weirdo called Cornelius came to him and the first thing the guy said to Morgana was, “TEACH ME MAGIC.  IT’S NOT FAIR YOU ANCIENT ONES CAN DO IT BUT WE HUMANS CAN’T”.  Morgana decided to humour this whackjob and set about teaching Cornelius magic.  The two soon became bff and Cornelius tells Morgana that the latter’s land of ラティム (Lateim?) is like a paradise to him and he wants Morgana to build a school to spread this magic to the rest of humans.  When Morgana brought this up to the Ancient Ones, he was faced with much opposition but cuz he da BAU5, they conceded but many left Morgana.  To appease the ones who were against Morgana’s choice and just in case giving magic to humans resulted in big shit, Solo was granted with the power to take away magic from humans.  The reason Morgana chose to risk it all now is cuz Cornelius wanted to keep this place a paradise and how can Morgana’s school be paradise if magic was used to hurt people?

That night, neither Julius or Lulu wana be alone so Julius goes to Lulu’s room. There, he starts rage crying about how powerless he was in the war and how he only managed to save one person + a baby.  Lulu breaks down crying too and tells Julius it’s not his fault and touches his face.

Both of them become overcome with grief and seeking comfort, they move to Lulu’s bed LOLOL and beg the other not to leave em or summin before having some sexy time in bed WAIT WUUTTT?!?!?  yeah dat was ma reaction too rofl i thought this game was all ages.  Ima talk emo to some girls next time and see if that’ll get me laid lol

In the morn, Lulu wakes up but doesn’t find Julius next to her.  She figures the whole thing was a one night stand born from loneliness and teenage hormones so she lets it go.  Things are kinda awk btwn Lulu and Julius till she tells Julius to stop avoiding her: she knows las night was happended in the heat of the moment so it’s k they can foget abt it.  Julius ofc is like “NONONONONO” and says it’s cuz he’s soooo embarrassed n shit he doesn’t kno wot to do and in truth, he wanted to stay in bed with her that morn hurhur but then he got so nervous n shit he ran outside so cool his head, dint have the balls to walk back in so he spent the next few hrs of the morn loitering outside Lulu’s room xD GAH wot a doooork haha but yeah anyway, Julius tells Lulu he has sumin to tell her after the war ;P

Well, back to the war, Julius and Lulu work together to send the soldiers to sleep and then race off to find Noel.  The mo Julius and Noel see each other, the two start apologising to each other profusely for being dumb dickwads and then start having some bitchfight halfway lol.

Lulu’s like “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST U LBs”, forces em to hold hands and tells em that they were BOTH dumbasses so stfu and jus make up.  Solo sees em all happy faffy and decides not to take magic away from dem humans.  Blablabla, Morgana and co win the war, Solo fixes Lulu’s wand and sends em all back.

While returning to their time, Lulu sees a lil snippet of Julius before he came to school.  Ever since he was a kid, Julius has been in love with magic and shiet and spent his whole life studying magic etc.  His lil sis  wud always bother him and cockblock him and his magic lolol and on the day Julius has to leave fo Otome Hogwarts, his lil sis breaks down crying and confesses that she hates wot magic has done to her oniichan – whenever Julius is doing summin related to magic, he’d foget errthing around him, ignore her and she feels unwanted by him.  Julius admits that he found her irritating at times but then again, he’s never raged at her or anything and that ofc he wants his lil sis, jus that magic really is his life.

Lulu and co wake up back at their school in their time and go on with their school lives as usual.  They can’t explain to anyone wot happened but eh, life goes on and Julius ere decides to become a scientist or summin and finally confesses to Lulu

YES AND WE GET AN EPILOGUE heheh and fast forward 3 years later.  Lulu (OMFG SOO CUTE SHE’S ALL GROWN UP NOW<3<3<3)‘s waiting for Julius who’s late as hell as usual but he shows up later to tell her that he’s made it as a scientist :D  Lulu congratulates him and then Julius slips a ring onto Lulu’s finger and proposes to her right there.  lolol Lulu’s reaction’s like 「。。。まだ学生ですけど。。。」but course she sez yes and…

we get a bonus cg of the two of em in bed hurhurhur <3


Still Julius’s self proclaimed numbah 1 rival.  In WOF 2 he’s become 10 times more a drama queen and has hysteric screaming fits every other time he gets some screen time lol

When Lulu’s lonely at night, she goes for a walk and finds Noel down by the lake. Noel immediately flips out cuz it’s late at night and Lulu’s a girl n Lulu apologises while Noel tells her he’s jus real worried abt her but since he’s here, he’s gna be a  man protect her so dwbi =w=  When Lulu confesses that she’s roooonery, Noel’s all “SAHFOSAF WAHT TO DO” but puts his arm around her and tells her to check out dem stars with him ;)  The night after, he gives Lulu a fairytale picture bk to read when she gets lonely at night.

In Noel’s path, Lulu decides not to go wake Julius up and ditches him lol. Noel and Lulu head to town to research shit where Noel gets hit on by some hot oneesan hurhur and when Lulu sees that the guy’s unable to really push the hooker away, she jumps in and is all “BEEETCH NOEL’S MINE!!” so the hooker walks off and leaves the two be ;)

Blablabla fast forward to the war shiet.  While the town’s one fire and enemy soldiers are swarming in, Noel uses his magic to defend the citizens but ends up killing a soldier.  He totally breaks down and goes nuts and needs Julius and Solo to drag him out.

When Solo declares that he’s gon take away magic from humans, Noel follows the guy and Lulu ends up tagging along.  Solo takes Elwin with em too and together with his dwarf slave Persona, the 5 of em kip out in some rundown cabin in the forest around the school.  Lulu tries to talk to Noel but he won’t let her touch his “soiled hands” n tells her that he’s never realised how dangerous magic was till now and that he’s a sinful shit blablabla angsty shit n Lulu tells him he ain’t dirty n magic ain’t only for hurting ppl.

The next day, Solo marches into queen’s camp (her soldiers hav made tents arnd the area), massacres half the army LIKE A BOOOOSSSS and requests that the queen halt her advances till he sez it’s good to go.  The queen has no choice but to agree and Solo then tells Lulu and Noel that in order to eradicate magic from humans, he’s gna kill Morgana and destroy the school then drain the magic from Lulu n co.

Lulu n Noel are like “WTF NOEZ” but Solo sez it’s the inevitable and seals their power temporarily to give em a taste of wot not having magic is like. Noel and Lulu are terrified but it turns out pretty much errthing is the same, it’s not like they’re crippled or anything and the realise that they’ve been too dependent on magic – people can live without magic.  Alvaro then shows up and threatens to kill Lulu cuz he’s sided with the queen now but he’s fucking arnd and tells em he did it to show that while they don’t need magic to live, it is their only line of self defense if they’re not badass assassins like Alvaro himself.

Noel and Lulu tell Solo they want their magic back and tell him to let em meet Julius to try and change Solo’s mind.  When Noel and Julius see each other, the first thing they do is apologise to each other for being dicks to each other (cuz Julius was all “NOEL STOP BEING A PUSSY WE NEED MAGIC COME BAK” n dint try to understand Noel n vice versa) before verbally raping each other like some tsundere couple lolol.  Well Lulu’s like “HOLY SHIT U LBs STFU UR BOTH RETARDED NOW MAKE UP” and seeing how magic has brought happiness to humans at the same time, Solo decides to not take it away.

Meanwhile, Elwin’s back up and is gna rape Morgana for sending all his magic missionary frds on a death mission but yeah ofc Noel and Lulu rape his ass and the war’s over.

Before they get sent back though, Noel confesses to Lulu finally and the two makeout.  Too bad no sexy time like with Julius lolol

Like with Julius, we get to peer into a bit of Noel’s past while he’s getting sent back and it’s shown that as a kid, he was weak willed and cried at errthing so he wanted to be strong like a hero and magic can make him strong – das why he’s so obsessed wit it like Julius.

Blablabla, errone gets back okay and Noel vows to become some great…magic…politician?  i can’t bloody rmb but it’s a proass career and…

…3 years later, Lulu’s at skl and finds out from her teachers that Noel’s become woteva he’s wana become and is irked that he didn’t tell her personally so she rushes out to find him and ends up interrupting his convo with some magician お偉いさん whooops.  Noel’s not pissed or anything and apologises for not telling her first n Lulu then tells him she’s worried cuz Noel hasn’t been his super excitable screaming self lately or anything.  Noel sez he’s gotta act all regal to be one of dem cool magician kids but Lulu tells him that around her, he can relax n errthing’s good.

Bonus cg hurhurhur =w=


The gaijin prince of some Arabian country…or Indian lol idfk xD  He still speaks like some retard foreigner for the first part of the route.  Aside from that, his path was pretty fucking boring

Even now, Lulu still acts like a 5 yr old with ADHD so Bilal has to play the part of the oniisan and runs after her whenevr she trips or summin n carries her around lol.

Anyway, he, Lulu and Lagi stumble upon the lair of a water dragon called Zess who turns out to be the one who’s causing the neverending drought in Bilal’s country cuz Bilal’s ancestors pissed him off some decades back.  His anger at Bilal’s ppl is causing all the spirits n shit to run away from Bilal so Bilal can’t draw any magic till Morgana tells Zess to give Bilal a water spirit

Well Bilal figures he can save his country or summin by becoming bff with the water spirit Kuren and blablabla there’s some stuff abt how she hates humans cuz since they’re disrupting the balance of elements in the land.  There’s a lake where all dem water spirits love and since Zess came, more water spirits have been showing up, creating an increase in water elements and a decrease in fire element.  Kuren’s job is to regulate the number of water spirits around ere but since she’s now bound to Bilal, she can’t do her job.  Anyway, she says the only way to make friends with her is to solve this unbalanced shit so Bilal just breaks his contract with her.  Lulu’s like “NOOEZ NOW U CAN’T USE MAGIC BILAL” but this touches Kuren so she duplicates herself, makes the duplicate the new “Kuren” and strikes up a contract again with Bilal, this time being called Lian.

They head to Zess to break the curse he’s set on Bilal’s land of Faranbald.  Zess sees that Bilal’s managed to befriend Lian so caves and tells him wot happened. 50 yrs ago, Zess was in Faranbald and the place used to be a haven for water spirits and instead of being the desert it is in Bilal’s time, it was a paradise of sorts and everything was good.  Zess inhabited this special little cove there where he kept humans out and back then, Faranbald wasn’t a nation yet and suffered from political instability and crap.  One day, some guy called Abdullah (can’t rmb the name so random Arab name time lol) barged his way into Zess’s condo with  the help of his shaman sidekick and he demands that Zess help him gain control of Faranbald.  Zess is like “BITCH WHO DA FUCK U THINK U TALKING TO” so the shaman then uses sleep powder on Zess and while the dragon’s stoning, Abdullah hacks off a scale from Zess and decides that the scale will be proof of his power over dragons so now ppl will follow him.  Abdullah makes his hasty retreat at the cost of the shaman’s life but Zess manages to curse Abdullah that the guy’ll bring a drought wherever he settles or summin.

Yeah so tbh, Zess is feeling pretty bad abt wot he did but Abdullah’s arrogance pissed the shit outta him cuz the guy actually thought he’d be able to harness the power of a bloody dragon.  He tells Bilal that he’ll lift the curse if Bilal returns his scale and then gives up wot is most important to him.  Doing it now would change the future too drastically so Zess gives Bilal a ring that’ll locate Lian so when they return to the future, he can find her, give Zess the shit and break the curse.

Well the war shit happens where Lulu almost gets killed and she wakes up to Bilal cuddling her.  He confesses his feelings and crap to Lulu, thinking she’s asleep and soon after the gruop return to the future.

Bilal’s flashback thang is that when he was a kid, he used to ride out into Faranbald all the time and das when he saw that the drought was killing his people.  When he got a bit older, he discovered the wonders of magic, something that was banned in his country for some reason.  He begged his older bro (the first prince) to let him go to Otome Hogwarts to learn magic and his bro relented, making Bilal promise to come back alive.

Back in the future, Bilal’s been pondering wot to do with the curse.  He’s figured out that he has two things that are most important to him but doesn’t know which to give up.  Lulu finds out that he’s gona slip back to Faranbald the day after so she runs after the sob and confesses her shit to him.  Bilal’s like “NO PLZ DONT SAY IT”  but Lulu confesses anyway.  She knows Bilal can’t pick between the two most important things to him but she tells Bilal that she wants him to be happy as BILAL and not the prince of Faranbald – he won’t die without Faranbald and clearly choosing Faranbald is killing him so she tells him to choose her.  Here, Bilal just jizzes his pants or summin and he starts making out with Lulu.

Lian and Lagi then show up and Lagi flies em all over to Faranbald.  There, Bilal returns Zess’s scale and declares that he’s going to give up Faranbald – he can no longer set foot into his country.  With the curse broken, water returns to Faranbald and it returns to the paradise it was in the past.

3 years later, Bilal’s older bro, Mohammed (random arab name again lol) comes to visit Otome Hogwarts to see Bilal and Lulu.  There, he tells Lulu that in Faranbald, she’s known as the badass princess who captured the second prince’s heart with her crazy all element powers and brought water back to the land.  Anyway, Faranbald now acknowledges the power of magic and Mohammed wants to send ppl to magic school.  Before leaving, he wishes Bilal and Lulu the best, as his little brother and new sister in law respectively ;)

Lol i think ima put up all the sleeping pics of Lulu and her guy mmmm



Lagi’s path follows Bilal’s one and in the beginning, Lagi notices that Bilal ain’t using magic and when he confronts the guy abt it, the two get into a little tiff and Lulu gets all worried abt it so Lagi brings her to the food storage room to make her better LOL

The 3 meet Zess and Lagi decides to ask about dragons some more.  Lagi says that he jus feels human for the most part and can’t feel any dragon powah in him.  Zess gropes arnd in Lagi’s mind and finds that there’s a seal placed on Lagi’s power, prolly put on him by his pops.  Lagi rages abt his irresponsible dragon dad n then asks Zess to take the seal off.  Zess lifts the seal and Lagi’s dragon powers are released, letting him see the world like how Lulu does now with her all elements crap.

Lulu’s afraid that Lagi’ll pick to become a dragon permanently and leave her behind.  Fire spirits like salamanders soon flock to him to become his slaves and after a while, he wants to test out whether or not he’ll still become a mini dragon if he hugs a girl so in his usual fumbly dere way, he asks Lulu whether he can hug her.  When Lulu says yes, he’s like “BUT AINT THIS SHIT IMPORTANT TO GIRLS?” and Lulu’s like “WELL HINT HINT LOLOLOL” n the two hug and Lagi ends up staying human.  He remarks how small n SOFT Lulu is before the two part all embarassed and he tells her how he wouldn’t have asked just anyone for this hug *HINT HINT*

Kuren –> Lian happens and Lagi sets off to fix the balance of fire element < water.  He releases his dragon fire power into the area to attract more fire spirits back but then they go on a rampage and burn the entire town down.  He kills himself over this but Lulu tells him it’s kay, he dint know this was gna happen so he jus needs to control btr now stfu cuz they got a war on their ass.

More blablabla with Zess telling all abt his rage curse on Faranbard n Lagi finds himself in turmoil when he realises from the story how much a dragon’s emotions affect his powers.  Zess tells Lulu that she shouldnt get in the way of Lagi becoming a dragon cuz das wot he is but her very existence causes Lagi’s emotions to run rampant.  Lulu tells Zess to stfu n finds Lagi herself who after some coaxing, confesses that he’s terrified of beign around Lulu cuz she’s the person who can make his emotions go all haywire the most and he’s afraid he’ll go berserk n fuck shit up.

Anyway, the war starts and Lulu and Lagi run off to deal with invading soldiers.  Lulu gets stabbed and Lagi’s fears start coming true when he starts losing control and is about to mass rape everyone but Lulu begs him not to because she’ll hate him if he kills anyone.  Lagi stops  cuz of her and races back to Zess with Lulu.

Zess shoves Lulu into a water bubble to heal her.  Lagi stands outside, confessing that he’s always known how much she meant to him – seeing her get stabbed only reinforced it.  He cries and tells her that he doesn’t care whether he loses the world or not as long as he has her because she IS the world to him.  Because he wasn’t able to protect her, he tells her he’s gna leave her cuz he’d only bring her danger but before he can go on…

…Luna pops him a kiss at the edge of her water bubble :)  The water bubble then explodes n Lulu comes out but before she can confess to Lagi and tell him to stay, he screams at her to put some clothes on lololol.

Well the war’s over by now and they can all return home.  Despite the kiss, Lagi still plans on leaving Lulu cuz they’re a mutual threat to each other but they leave that stuff for the future.

Back in the present, Bilal’s going home to break the curse and before he leaves, he tells Lagi that the most important thing he gave up for the curse is now in the hands of Lagi so TAKE GOOD FUCKING CARE OF IT (read: LULU). That night, Lulu clutches the talisman Lagi made her some time back and dreams of Lagi’s parents.  Lagi’s dad (Kada) caught Lagi’s mom (Téa) gathering medicinal herbs in “his territory” and promptly tells her to gtfo.  Téa’s a total badass, totally nonchalant the whole time and jus tells Kada he’s a giant WAGAMAMA dragon and that the land belongs to everyone lol so stfu.  Kada’s taken aback cuz no one’s ever flipped him off and he gets all indignant at being called WAAAAAGAMAMA and demands an explanation from Téa.  Téa doesn’t really care but then tells Kada that she knew he’s been standing around waiting for her to finish gathering herbs before he told her to gtfo so give it up haha.  Anyway, from then on the two chill, fall in love and eventually Kada knocks Téa up.

Lulu wakes up here and immediately runs out to confess to Lagi.  Lagi tries to reject her but in the end, caves and tells her to meet up with him tonite.  That night, none other than KADA shows up and he starts bantering with Lagi like “KUSO GAKIIII” n “KUSO OYAJIIIIII” lmao.  Lagi demands to know why Kada ditched Téa but Kada tells him it was more like the other way around. Kada tried to get her to give up the bb or at least let him help somehow cuz Téa’s WEAK and BLIND too (i think?) but Téa tells him to stay out of it cuz a mother protects her child and the dad’s job comes after or summin.  Everyone in Téa’s village shunned her for consorting with a dragon and Kada almost rage killed them or summin but Téa told him if he did, she’d hate him for it *Lulu and Lagi look at each other*.

Anyway, Lagi declares that he’s chosen to be human to stay with his 惚れた女 and Kada’s overjoyed and glomps his kusogaki and future daughter in law ;)  He wishes the two all the best and leaves.

After that, Lagi heads back to his village for 3 years, during the period of which he contacts Lulu not even once ==*** One day, she gets a message from Lagi telling her to run to the docks like a madman to come get him lol so Lulu does exactly that and finds…no other than KADA??  Well das wot Lulu thinks but it’s actually Lagi who’s become like some gachimuchi dude and looks totally awk lmao

Well happy reunion but Lulu rages at Lagi for not contacting her but he tells her he’s been busy with his granparents’ health, fixing the village n errtime he tried to write back, he dint know wot to write.  He tells her she’s become beautiful before proposing to her and when Lulu says yes, he picks her up and starts hunting for a hotel LOL HAHAHAHAHA

Bonuss ;)


I hope playing his route THIS time around’ll finally make me understand why the jap chicks love him so much lol.

Cuz Alvaro’s loves fucking arnd and anything interesting, he’s totally diggin this whole time travelling stuff and now that Lulu’s become all elemental, he’s totally into her too.  He’s been confessing his *love* to her since forever and one night, he takes her to a rooftop and REALLY confesses to her, saying that he wants to play a love game with her lol.  Lulu’s like “DA FUQ” but agrees wit it kinda so Alvaro kisses her and thus begins their SM games…again.

Some nights later, Alvaro walks off at night and bumps into Bilal.  Bilal’s the only one who can sense that Alvaro’s not who he really is and the both of them voice their suspicions abt Morgana and Solomon, believing that it can’t be a coincidence that TIME MAGICIAN Solo was the first one who found Lulu right after the time leap.  Bilal asks wot Alvaro’s intentions are with Lulu and to Bilal’s and MY utter surprise, Alvaro claims he really is in love with Lulu and that she’s his – if Bilal gets in his way, he’ll kill him

wtf Alvaro?  I’m rly confused lol

Later on, Alvaro takes Lulu out on a midnight date to the rooftops again and they cuddle up there.  Alvaro doesn’t like how Lulu treats everyone the same and wants to be her special one so Lulu tells that first she wants to know more about Alvaro, like his childhood.  Alvaro tells her that where he came from is a 110% diff from wot Lulu knows: his place was swarmed with abandoned orphans, children of whores etc (i think?) and it was place where all the kids are free up until they are 12, which is when they all have to make a choice: live in paradise but be trapped, or live freely anywhere, where death will be inevitable (a hell of sorts).  Alvaro says these are the rules of “the game” and he chose to be free so here’s where he is now.  Lulu asks whether he’s still playing the game or not n Alvaro just answers that there’s no way he’s in a hell right now because she’s in his arms ;)


BUUUUUT ofc we find out that this is all of Alvaro’s bs and Lulu calls him out on that.  He gives this retarded speech abt forever n wanting Lulu n tries to sleep with her but she’s like “PUT UR GODDAMN SNAKE BACK IN UR FLY U PERVERT” n sees through him so Alvaro backs off and ends their love game.

Alvaro and Lulu one day bump into a shota kid lost in the streets – The Queen of Corgia’s SON, LINUS.  Alvaro tries to use him for bait but Lulu stops him and Corgia soldiers come to get him.

The war stuff happens before Lulu can sort shit out and during the battles, Cynthia n her hoes (past ver) die, turn into ducks n lay an egg for Morgana LOL LEGIT NO JOKE.  Alvaro then leaves Lulu with Solomon and it turns out that Alvaro told Solomon to return Lulu n co to the future without him.

Lulu flips n runs after Alvaro, attracting enemy attention so Alvaro has to kill a bunch of soldiers.  They’re overwhelmed in the end and taken to the Queen who strikes up a contract with Alvaro in exchange for Lulu’s safety.  Lulu becomes Linus’s playmate who becomes attached to Lulu.

That night, Lulu finally talks to Alvaro.  Alvaro reveals that he’s actually an assassin and that the stuff abt liking Lulu was all a lie.  He’s always been bored n stuff and has been looking for a thrill that lasts forever n figured that he’d have this huge love game with Lulu where in the end, he stays in this era and returns Lulu so their love’ll never end or something. Oh my fucking god this is so retarded.

The stuff with Solomon and Noel happens blablaba n the next day, Linus schemes to run away with Lulu.  The two escape but are stopped by Alvaro who reveals that Linus isn’t actually the child of the Queen – he’s actually an assassin who’s impersonating the real son (who’s been killed off).  The Queen has caught onto his act and her deal with Alvaro involves Alvaro killing Linus.  However, the Queen’s perfectly fine with Linus continuing the act cuz she needs an heir so as long as Linus doesn’t dick around, she’ll let him live.

Linus doesn’t want to die or live as a prince though cuz the poor kid just wants a normal life.  He breaks down in the end where Lulu hugs him and suddenly, some fire bird thing shows up and Linus faints.  Solomon pops up and tells em that the bird is some “Somnia” thingy, born from superstrong wishes. Everyone around ere has some super strong desire for something so the egg of the bird came into existence and Linus’s breakdown wish triggered the hatching of the egg (ok i hav no fucking clue wots going on anymore cuz Alvaro’s route is getting so stupid).  Anyway, the bird allows one wish to be granted so Lulu wishes for the happiness of everyone in the world.

Solomon takes Linus n goes off to sort shit out with the Queen, leaving Lulu and Alvaro.  Here, Lulu kisses Alvaro and confesses to the guy.  Though Alvaro told her that his love was a lie, she knows that he does like her and though she can’t promise him a love that’ll last forever, she can promise him a wooooooonderful love

Alvaro doesn’t give a straight answer and the two warp back. We get his flashback abt how he became an assassin at 17 and has been running around taking on missions n stuff since.  At 19 though, he was starting to get bored so he decided to enroll in Otome Hogwarts for kicks.

Back in the future, Lulu finds out Alvaro’s gna leave the school so she runs to him n starts raging abt wot an irresponsible lover he is.  He’s like “…i dint say i wud go out with u LOOOOL” but concedes in the end, with Lulu telling him that she’ll never forgive him for being a killer but then again, they were both brought up differently with different morals so next time, she’ll just stop him ;)

3 years later, turns out Alvaro’s been pulling shit like Lagi, leaving Lulu alone in Otome Hogwarts.  Lulu’s become the biggest BAU5 of magic but soon, Alvaro comes home n the two go on a date.  Alvaro asks why she isn’t asking abt whether he killed or not while he was gone but Lulu tells him she believes he dint on pure faith.  Kay no its cuz Julius developed a spell that allows the user to see woteva someone they love is doing so Lulu tells Alvaro that “I’M ALWAYS WATCHING U LOOOL” n she makes out with him in a back alley hurhur ;)

I def like Alvaro with his hair down and DAMN LULU’S EXPRESSION HNNGGGG


Adorable shota is adorable <3

Est is the same ol kuudere lb, acting like a exasperated mom to Lulu 24/7.  When she gets ronery at night and cries, he makes a small fire and sits by her and tells her that if she was lonely, all she had to do was say something cuz everyone would have come to keep her company – him included too ofc ;)

When Lulu chooses Est as her partner, Solo comes along and makes it a 3some.  Est doesn’t trust Solo at all and confronts the dude but Solo counters back that Est is the one who has secrets to hide and breaks the dark chains Est cast on himself, reverting him to his true tattoed form.  Lulu runs after Est and finds the guy trying to force the chains back onto himself but to no avail.  Est flips some and tells Lulu to gtfo cuz he doesn’t want her to see him like this :(

For the next couple of days, Est is all angry about how “ugly” he is till some LG student called uh…Blair Waldorf (LOL STFU i been watching too much Gossip Girl lately i know) at Otome Hogwarts latches onto him and tells him how beautiful his tatts are.  All the other kids fangirl over him too and it turns out that Est can actually cast magic without any wands or anything because all the shit is engraved onto him (think FMA, Edward Elric not needing alchemy circles i guess).  That makes him a cool kid cuz only the ANCIENT ONES can do this shit apparently

The following day, Est and Lulu take the class of kiddies out on a hiking trip where Blair reveals that her parents died and her uncle dumped her in Otome Hogwarts one day.  She’s convinced that she can use magic to resurrect her parents so das why she’s here.  Est is like “fucking retarded LG” but then shit happens and they find the Edgar2 from this time period (who teaches the little kids) knocked out and stoning.

That night, Est bumps into Solo, has some more bitch fighting like YOOOOOO before he then bumps into Edgar#2 tripping out some more.  Est is like “I WANT SOME OF WOT U BE SMOKIN wtf u doin nigga” before Edgar #2 actually goes missing the next day.  Lulu and co go hunting for him and find him smoking some more hash on the hillsides.  When the pothead refuses to give Solo some of his weed, Solo bitchslaps the guy like “THEN I’LL TAKE IT FROM U HOE” and then goes onto ripping open the guy’s shirt cuz he was uh, horny.  Kay no but anyway Solo finds a red tatt on Edgar #2’s chest which is actually the sigil of ORIGIN – ORIGIN’s basically a playa hatin group of dumb fuck purists who do everything they can to undermine the magic community just cuz they can’t make shit levitate with Wingardium Leviosa.  Anyway, Solo removes the tatt so Edgar#2 gets up and immediately freaks out over his open shirt and thinks the group was gna gangrape him but he runs off to teach class after berating the group with “NO MORE RAPING OKAY THX BYE”

Lulu and co head back to the library to research ORIGIN but all they found out was that they see magic as unnatural and as a sin blablabla.  Anyway, reading up on ORIGIN makes something click in Est’s head which gets him all freaked out and asking Lulu wot she would do if she was anxious about something.  Lulu answers that she’d def tell someone and that Est can tell her cuz she wants to help him before she grabs his hand cuz sharing warmth is comforting >:D

Blablabla more waffle and then Solo reveals that Edgar#2 used to be part of ORIGIN in the past. Elwin and Matthew return from their preaching shit and deliver a letter to Edgar2.  Edgar2 flips his shit when he sees that the letter is from ORIGIN who’re threatening to deep fry his balls if he doesn’t return to em.  He sets the letter on fire and tells Lulu not to tell anyone, who agrees to help him.

Everyone then prepares for the oncoming war when Edgar2 disappears.  Solo leads em into a hidden altar of the Ancient Ones where Edgar lies inside, unconscious.  Solo summons an Ancient One called uh…Purple Haze lol who appears in the form of…a purple haze hurr.  Purple Haze was the Ancient One who was most against Morgana giving magic to people and he inadvertently created ORIGIN.  Anyway, Purple Haze leaves, Est reveals that he’s from the future ORIGIN and Edgar2 wakes up.

Est is all sad and ashamed but Lulu confronts the guy so Est takes her outside by the hand (my writing doesn’t reflect this but Est has gradually becoming nicer and nicer to Lulu) and tells her how ORIGIN has morphed from a witch and wizard hating organisation, into a power hungry one.  Est was born elementless like Lulu and cuz of this, ORIGIN saw him as a perfect base to work with and took kiddy Est to experiment with.  They managed to infuse all the elements into him through the tatts and hearing this, Lulu begins to cry.  Est remarks that how it could have been Lulu who was taken into ORIGIN instead and it could have been him having a nice happy life but instead of being maaad abt it, he’s thankful that he was the one who got fucked.  He feels liberated in protecting Lulu and believes that there is no future for them together as he is bound to ORIGIN like how Edgar2 is.

The war begins and an ORIGIN member slips in and stabs Edgar with ORIGIN’s own brand of magic.  Solo decides that bestowing magic onto humans was a mistake and goes off to get rid of it which results in a super pissed Est who declares that humans don’t exist for the Ancient Ones to toy with.  Morgana then allows Est to see Purple Haze, who is sorry about the ORIGIN shit but that he was well intentioned: he knows that the Ancient Ones are going to die out so he gave ORIGIN a diff form of magic or something to counter the magic that Morgana gave humans in the case that either side gets too powerful.

Lulu then runs off by herself to stop Solo.  Along the way, she bumps into Lagi who yaks on about Est and yells out to a hidden Est to take what he wants before he runs off.  Est pops out and it turns out he’s been chasing after Lulu and he rages about how everyone around him does woteva the fuck they want and they don’t care wot it’s doing to him.  He’s afraid of wanting cuz he’s always been betrayed and never got wot he wanted but this time, he don’t give a fuck and he’s going full steam ahead to get wot he wants: LULUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!  He grabs Lulu and tells her that he’ll do wotever it takes to have her

...and have her he does cuz Lulu answers that he already had her since ages ago so cue in a makeout session.  The two sleep cuz apparently the war’s over now lol and in the morn, Solo shows up and decides to keep magic with dem humans cuz these two want it.

Blbalablabla Solo sends em all back but before that, Est tells Blair that magic cannot resurrect the dead but that she should look forward to the future and that he and Lulu are supporting her.

Lulu sees part of Est’s past of how he was imprisoned and experimented on errday.  When he was born, the village leader told his parents that he had no element and told his parents how he could become the messiah of all people cuz he could get full elements.  His parents were super proud and though hesitant at first, they believed he could become Jesus so they handed him over to ORIGIN.

They get back to their time where they are given a letter from none other than Solo – turns out the guy’s PROLLY still alive but just MIA  or something.  Est and Lulu then head out to have a picnic with the whole feeding thing when Est tells Lulu that he wants to grow up to be huuuuge so he can protect her lol and from then on he becomes super possessive

So 3 years later, Est has become a big boss of magic and is planning to take over ORIGIN and change em from being a bunch of batshit insane loonies.  Lulu hears that he’s planning to also become the 魔王 of the world LOL and is feeling mad cuz now Est is big and all grown up and is the one teasing her instead of the other way round.  She manages to get him to blush though, when she says that she’ll become his wife in the future and all but then he retaliates by pinning her to the bkshelf and getting all horny hruhruhruhru ;) damn Est has become all seme


Salomon / Solomon

WHOO FINALLY DOWN TO THE LAST GUY. Solo’s the Ancient One who always seems to be tripping out: passive and always smiley, he’s very gentle and kind but does things in his weird hippie way and likes to speak in extremely vague riddles just for the heck of it.  Plus, this guy just falls onto the ground and stops moving if he’s hungry and waits for someone to feed him lmao.  He has a minion called PERSONA (who totally looks like Yoda) who acts like his mom and the tsukkomi for his derpy ways

Anyway, Solo tells Lulu and co to find dem rocks and brings Lulu to a special sb who turns out to look juuuus like Lulu’s roomie, Amy.  The Amy lookalike is Mira, who’s an ancient one with exceptional skill in fusing dem rocks together to make nice magical ones or summin.  She’s terrified of human beings however, cuz of a shitty past blablabla nb cares lol cept for Lulu who declares she’s gna be bff with Mira and goes onto visiting her errday, to the latter’s utter fear and confusion.

Solo’s route follows Est’s route so we have the stuff with SOlo revealing Est’s tatts but this time, Lulu doesn’t run after Est and instead, proceeds onto berating Solo for being an insensitive dick.  Solo’s confused as hell cuz the guy’s got like no social skills lol but apologises for making Lulu mad, then comments that no one’s ever scolded him before he walks off.  Lulu goes to find him that night and finds the poor guy stoning on the ground rofl and turns out he’s been derping abt on the ground thinking abt wot he did wrong but apologises again cuz no matter how me thinks abt it, he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong by outing Est.  Lulu apologises too by jumping the gun and getting mad when she still doesn’t know shit abt Solo but she wants to get to know Solo better from now on.

Sooo she asks Solo stuff like where he’s from and how long he’s known Persona but all Solo goes is like “Hm…dont rmb lolol” and “I don’t know”.  When she askswhat he likes, course the derphead answers “LULU GA SHUKEEEEEE :D” before going “I LOVE PERSONA TOO” rofl this guy is impossible to talk to.  Persona explains that he found Solo collapsed on the ground one day from hunger and decided to feed him.  He was gna book out after that but realising that Solo pretty much has no will to live and’ll just lie there if he’s hungry again, Persona didn’t have the heart to leave him and has been with him since.  Solo agrees and says that if he doesn’t get food, he’ll just let himself starve to death and believe that this is part of his destiny.  However, errtime that happened, someone always came by to give him food so he’s like “この世界、親切な人がいっぱいね” LOOOL before Lulu’s like “DA FUK das not destiny dumb bitch das just u being lazy and running away from reality, pothead”.  Solo agrees again and says that he doesn’t really care cuz he doesn’t think he’s the master of his own life – if this world needs him, he’ll continue to live; if not, he’ll die and that’s that.  Lulu’s like totally horrified haha and insists that living ain’t about “not dying” and is about doing things u want to do blablabla and Solo just replies that those are called human desires – he has none.

Solo goes on to taking Lulu to see an ol friend of his which turns out to be a bigass tree and Lulu asks whether the tree’s like an Ent but Solo just says the tree’s just a tree lololol fking treehugger.  Solo tells Lulu that this tree is the last of its kind like Persona and that every species will eventually die out.  The Ancient Ones live longer than humans and are able to see bigger things in his pov when compared to humans, to which Lulu puts her head to Solo’s chest and indignantly responds that the Ancient Ones are no big fish compared to humans – they have heartbeats just like humans so wots the diff?  Solo then goes into roflcopter mode

Blablabla the stuff with Edgar2 happens, he goes missing and Solo takes Lulu and Est to the altar where she finds a “sky stone” – a stone that is filled with memories of events that transpired in its vicinity. More blah with Purple Haze blah and soon, Lulu’s got enough magical rocks to get her wand fixed. Solo repairs it and tells her that she can return home soon before leaving but Lulu chases after Solo to ask whether that means she’ll never see Solo again. When Solo says yee prolly never agn, Lulu starts crying cuz she rooonery, something that freaks the hell outta Solo cuz he don’t get but he has enough tact to try to comfort her. Lulu asks whether he’d feel lonely and he replies that he’d miss her but he wouldn’t feel sad – he’s lived for so long, met and parted with so many people that he’s lost the ability to feel sad abt stuff like that anymore. Regardless, he thanks Lulu before he bids her gnite

During the war, Mira’s tower gets set on fire and that gets her into a fit cuz she rmbs how she was tortured by humans before. Lulu showing up makes it worse cuz she’s human but Lulu glomps her anyway and tells her to calm down cuz she’s not gna let anyone hurt her anymore. Mira chills out and Solo’s gobsmacked at Lulu’s total boss factor lol and the two rejoin Est

Edgar2 gets stabbed, Est flips and Solo decides to rid errone of magic. Lulu rushes after Solo and finds Persona, who tells her that she’s the only one who can make him happy. She heads to Solo’s bff tree where her sky stone reacts and she sees memories of a meeting b/t the Ancient Ones. Morgana has called errone in to put forward his intentions to give humans magic. Some were against, some agree but in the end, they followed Morgana cuz he was the boss of em. They decided to make Solo the mediator guy cuz Solo was “empty” so no bias or anything.

Solo then shows up at the tree where he tells her how the Ancient Ones only learned the existence of time through animals and plants – only when things arnd em started dying did they realise that things aged cuz the Ancient Ones themselves lived THAT long :o anyway, the one exception was his bff tree which lived just as long as the Ancient Ones but like he said, this one was the last of its kind. Once a year, the trees pollinate to reproduce and tonight was that night and lo and behold, his bff tree starts spraying his load errwhere into the sky. Sad thing is tho, he’s the only one left so for years, the poor thing has been creaming into the skies with no hot girl tree to take his seed and when one can’t bear the loneliness anymore, one yearns for death. Sure enough, after bff tree finished cumming, it wilts and dies and Solo says that the tale of his bff tree is basically a foretelling of wot’ll happen to the Ancient Ones and everything else in the end

Lulu asks whether Solo feels death is a blessing and the guy answers that he doesn’t know; he’s been burdened with the task of being the fixer guy plus he’s “empty” and to top it all off, he doesn’t know whether he’s needed or not. In a way, he wants to die so he’s been letting himself starve but errtime, someone saved him so he has no choice but to accept that the world needs him and that he can only truly be free when he finally finds out whether to keep magic for ppl or to take it away; then he can die in peace. All this “empty talk” gets Lulu sad and she confesses that she likes Solo and that she wants to be with him. Solo replies that he’s “empty” so he can’t give her what she wants and even a desperate kiss from Lulu doesn’t move him.

The next morn, Solo tells Lulu that he’s decided to keep magic for humans b/c of her love for magic. The next day, she walks in one Morgana and Solo talking abt how using time magic will erase Solo’s time. Lulu freaks cuz this means Solo’ll die but time is needed for time magic in a quid pro quo way so there’s no other way. Suddenly, a bigass diamond is shat out of Lulu’s compact and Mira’s like O_O and explains that this magical rock is born only out of the powerful mutual feelings of two ppl. Lulu’s overjoyed cuz this proves that Solo likes her and isn’t some empty lube bottle incapable of emotion. Solo however, is still terrified of desiring anything and tells her that this doesn’t change anything.

Next day, Lulu and co are sent back but Lulu tells Solo how much she likes him and that she’ll be waiting for him in the future. Solo says after using his time shit, he’ll die so it’s impossible but Lulu reaches out at the last moment and tells him that as long as they both try their best and believe, things’ll work out. Solo still fears and says he doesn’t want to end up alone in the end like Persona and his bff tree but Persona butts in and tells Solo to stfu and man up – he never felt alone cuz he had Solo all the way so as long as he reaches out to Lulu now, he’ll get wot he wants. Finally Solo does reach out and promises to try hard until he meets Lulu again in the future. Lulu disappears and is gone but Solo somehow isn’t dead – turns out Morgana and Mira incorporated their powers into the time spell so Solo wudn’t be completely drained

So Solo continues to live on to meet Lulu: Morgana makes a peace treaty with the Corgia queen and Mira begins to overcome her fear of ppl. Some decades later, Morgana decides to give up his physical body to seal his soul into Otome Hogwarts to forever protect the school. Persona nears death but tells Solo to put his soul into a mask so he can won’t die and can be by Solo’s side. With Morgana’s ‘death’, Solo becomes the new principal of the school till arnd two centuries later where he hands the school over to the current principal (the last two other Ancient Ones) and decides to open up a new shpp with Persona. He’s exhausted by now and going back to the woods, he wonders how much life is left in him and whether he’ll actually meet Lulu again. The mere thought of dying before seeing Lulu gets him crying but a seer tells him that as long as he works hard, he’ll meet Lulu again.

Meanwhile, Lulu’s back to the present (in like 5 seconds compared to Solo’s torturous 350 yrs). She heads into town to buy stuff at a shop where the shopkeeper is a mask…and realises that it’s none other than Persona when it speaks. She breaks down tho, when Persona says he hasn’t seen Solo for the last couple of years but speak of the devil ofc Solo appears right then :)

3 yrs later, Lulu passes the big boss magic test and is living with Solo and Persona in the shop. While with Solo, she asks whether he’ll still be arnd when she’s an old lady and Solo can’t answer that but says that he’ll be together for as long as he can. He takes her hand and asks whether she minds him looking the same forever and that if she wants, he could make himself age together with her lol. He tells her that he loves her and those are the closing words of his route :D

Solo is hot.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

HOLY FUDGE PPL I’M DONE FINALLY DONE.  Before I wrap things up, I just want to say how sorry I am that the blog hasn’t been updated for so long.  Blablabla excuses about skl and all plus I’ve been finding myself getting kinda bored with otome games but since the release of TGS 3 for PSP, that’s gotten me back on track somewot and I’m planning on doing that next – hopefully I’ll have that done sometime in early April.  Thanks for putting up with this tardiness of both mine and SANDEIAN’S (U NEEDA POST SOMETHING =P).  And sorry for the horribly long post but I was trying to make up for the lack of writing these few months so I hope this’ll suffice (not that anyone cares rofl)

As of right now, Solo’s my favourite character of WOF 2.  Well that’s pretty biased cuz I played everyone’s routes like 2 months ago and just finished Solo’s route ytd lol so I only rly strongly rmb Solo LOL.  But in truth, faves are Solo, Est and Lagi cuz srsly asiofhasfibadsifbadsiofbasodifbasdiofbuasiodfb.  I STILL DON’T GET WHY EVERYONE LOVES ALVARO but I guess maybe I’ll find out with the upcoming WOF 2 fandisk – or maybe not cuz it’s been 3 games and I still don’t see the magic of Alvaro *shrugs* perhaps I’m a playa hater lol.  Bilal was horribly boring this route, Noel angsted too much but I liked Julius some more cuz he was just so derpy.  I think Persona deserves a special mention for being wonderfully loyal and hilarious too :D Lulu is still HNGGGGG and is srsly too adorable OTOME HEROINES SHOULD BE ADORABLE LIKE HER

Music was meh – def not a selling point.

Nothing I can add for the art as Usuba Kagerou’s work is stellar as usual – they made grown up Lulu super adorable and everyone super awesome.  Alvaro looked stupid in the future cuz that scarf of his made him look like a G-Dragon wannabe, something was def wrong with  adult Est’s eyes in non CG shots and Lagi made me think Billy Herrington for a sec there but the CG made em all super sexy esp. in the bed scenes ;)

As for the gameplay and story...HOLY MORGANA I thought Otomate would have learned from the first game to STOP MAKING THE GAME HELL TO PLAY but apparently not…this was almost like Kanuchi where you had to go through errday on a map and find rocks and make shit. U cudnt choose to  make like 5 elemental crystal things all at once even if u had enough materials and had to make everything ONE BY FUCKING ONE and to pass each route, u needed at least 50 so…T.T.  A walkthrough is definitely needed for this game.  The story’s pretty solid for a time travelling one but I found it a tad on the long side (prolly cuz of the gameplay) but it was decent and the epilogues were satisfying.  My favourite route is Solo’s cuz Solo was such a woobie and it made me tear up some at the end.  Est and Lagi’s routes were also the great ones whereas I’d say, Bilal’s and Alvaro’s were the worst – the former was boring and the latter’s one had me going “ALVARO UR SO STUPID” for the most part lol.

Overall?  I loved this game cuz yes I’m pretty smitten with the WOF series.  I wana take Lulu as my wife, routes were good and the arts amazing gogogo play if u’ve already ploughed through WOF 1.  If not, go play WOF 1, the FD and then this no matter how daunting the task is cuz this game is woooorth it :D

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  1. you live! i assume you’ll be playing the upcoming WOF2 FD as well? I thought the system for this game was gonna be easier but guess not orz. I think I’ll keep this game in the back of my backlog for now at least until the 2nd FD comes out…there along with uh Kanuchi & sheit lol.

    • domshiki Says:

      yesss LIVE I DO :D lol this game is a pain in the ass but it’s worth it in the end imao. Wonder how they’re gna keep milking this series with the FD haha

  2. Nice to see you again!

    I would’ve played WoF if not for its system. I’ve surrendered after playing first WoF and couldn’t get some of Julius’ CG. Wow! Teh grown-up Lagi is very hot! I wouldn’t have expected things like that. And the bonus ‘on bed’ CGs are very good to my eyes. Wonder if Solo have his bed CG too..

    • domshiki Says:

      Oh lol i forgot to add Solo’s bed cg haha i fixed it now: enjoy ;)
      haha it’s nice to be back!

  3. Yumii Says:

    Woah! Est looks way too hot in the prologue ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━
    I still have the WoF series in my backlog, just the thought of collecting those fucking rocks and everything makes me not want to play. But someday, I’ll get around to it for sure!

    • domshiki Says:

      Lol and apparently he’s only about 17ish there seeing as he was 14 in the first game and 3 years pass in the epilogue :O
      yesss the rocks’ll make u want to bash ur head in but do play it someday haha – def worth it

  4. ohisashiburi!Nice review!!!
    Est…is soooo cute >__<
    I´m playing the game but…
    I have a lot of questions:What walkthrough did you use?
    I used the one which is in "La Primavera", but I only got the bad ending T__T ugh.

    Do I need to make at least a crystal of each type of element?
    Must I do at least 50 crystals in total or 50 crystals of some specific element?

  5. Hey, long time no see! xD
    I still have all three WoF games to plow through, but might as well wait for WoF 2 FD and marathon everything LOL. Lulu sounds so adorable, and I’m liking the story of WoF 2. It doesn’t look forced despite the constant milking. xD ..and holy crap those bed CGs are so drool-worthy. Are they just bonus CGs with no scene? 8D

    • domshiki Says:

      It’s nice to be back =P
      As long as I get more Lulu, idrc how much Otomate milks this series haha and yeah they’re only bonus CGs – good thing cuz i think ima die of a heart attack if I get to see how adorable Lulu is in the morning LOL

  6. wht took u soo long to write a article? =3 btw love the review <3

    • domshiki Says:

      sorry for the wait! _(_ _)_ I don’t rly have a gd excuse cept for school and all but mostly cuz I have such a huge backlog of games that playing otome games has suddenly become a daunting chore instead of being the leisurely activity it used to be. I’ll try to get something up soon though – within this month LOL

  7. Thank you for the review ^_^. One of the game that I will not play at the moment, because the heavy kanji and the system is kinda confusing. Tried it before and I give up (^_^;). And Solomon looks very hot (≧∇≦)/

  8. tsubasa Says:

    Just finished with both the Happy and Normal Endings for Est and Lagi— Loved them both! I keep replaying Lagi’s scene where he kissed Lulu through the water bubble and screamed at her to put some clothes on when the bubble burst ’cause it’s just so funny lols. Est is just moe-squee-worthy all the way – Irino Miyu sure voiced him well. (Est is so much more emotional in this 2nd game than the previous series. o_o) Currently halfway through Salo’s Route – plan to do Julius last because of the *cough* bed scenes. XD

    Seriously adult Lulu reminds me greatly of Megurine Luka from Vocaloid – my virtual idol goddess. I second to you that all otome games heroines should be like Lulu! Louise from Zero no Tsukaima spoils my image of pink-haired heroines. >_>

    I’m spamming the stone-collection to get the 4-panel chibi comics – so far I love Lagi, Est and Bilal’s best. (Lagi is actually so hungry that he could eat a dragon lolololols.)

    I admit that the game is kinda long, but so far most of the otome games I’ve played were pretty long anyway… Most of the time I’m playing on my way to and from school on the train. :P WoF is so far the best otome games I’ve played, in terms of story and character design. Most others I’ve played are quite disappointing especially in the plot. I’m ok with the BGM, though. Not the best, but it wasn’t that annoying to me, either.

    Once I’m finished with all the routes for this game I’m moving on to the fandisc and then the first game – yea, I’m playing WoF backwards, lols.

    P.S. Sorry for my long rambling… ^^;

  9. dangobokki Says:

    yay =D finally! new post! thanks for feeding my love for bishies, i wish Est stayed cute though XD kekeke

  10. mintie Says:

    It’s so great to see you’ve finally written a new post! Thanks for the shining review as always. LOVE LOVE LOVE TACHIBANA SHINNOSUKE <3

  11. Kisa Says:

    Just wondering but does this game have bad endings? o.o

    • domshiki Says:

      yeah it does, i ran into a couple of bad endings with Alvaro – I think if u pick a few wrong decisions after u enter a dude’s route, u get some bad ends.

  12. Loved your review. XD Hilariously interesting.

  13. Sorry for the double-reply o.o Funny that my comment has been cut off…
    Anyway, I was just wondering if you have heard that the FD for WoF 2 is announced for release this year? Link – http://www.otomate.jp/wandoffortune2_fd/
    Can’t wait! XD

    • domshiki Says:

      OMG NO I DIDN’T HEAR THAT IT WAS THIS YEAR :O im psyched lol but i get the feeling its gna be pushed back some. omg why is Lulu so cute <3

      • I think the game will most likely be released for either the autumn or fall season – from what I can see on the official otomate website a lot of otome games are being released for the summer season. o.o I’m itching to some of play them, but I only want to spend money on those really good ones (WoF 2 FD is on my wishlist definitely).

        I know right? Lulu looks zillion times cuter in the new dress outfit lol. *wants to be in those WoF guy’s shoes and own her*

        I’ve finally finished the entire WoF 2 game (haven’t try the harem route yet). I can see why you dislike Alvaro – seriously that guy actually made me rage-quit over the game for almost 2 months DX I still like Est’s route best haha.

  14. Trinket Says:

    I think the Japanese girls out there adore Alvaro because he’s so…different. I don’t know really, but many seem to be fond of those maniac/yanderes etc. I happen to like Alvaro; for his design and voice. Because his features are the most eye-catching and easily likable:)

  15. BlazeJoker Says:

    In my opinion, this is the best game of Wand Of Fortune series ! *^*
    Someone has a link with explanation fo the role with Alvaro for me? Actually I have 90 crystals of light but I keep getting a bad end: End of a tragic love story.

  16. mincookie Says:

    LOL WHAT ARE YOU EVEN ON!?I’m not saying your review was bad; it was awesome. Truly awesome. I loled so hard reading this, I bet everyone though I was retarded because I was giggling so hard at 2 am.

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL THANK YOU <3 Sometimes I wonder wtf I'm smoking too when I write me posts

  17. Jazmin Says:

    I’ve been a silent reader of yours for some time now, but I was wondering: are you a boy or a girl? lol

    At first I thought you were a girl because you totally talk about hot anime guys like one xD

    Forgive me if you’re not lmfao

  18. utaprispanish Says:

    Well, I want to see if I can translate it to spanish to my blog. I know much people that they like this game, but they can’t read very well english. Can I translate it?

  19. saia Says:

    Hello to all the team. o/ You are doing an excellent work, even though I am French and I have realized that plupard words XD
    I need solution about the games if possible.
    I can always finish the games with the tragic but not with the other end …. What should I do?
    Sorry if my English is not too easy to understand

  20. Koyuki0109 Says:

    Question! I’ve been playing this for a while now and I don’t get the elemental stones thing. I’ve also read a few other reviews but I didn’t see the elemental stone detail.. Do I have to make 50 (ave. quantity) of all the 6 elements or just the element of the guy you’re with? Just to make things clear on my end @w@. Thank you.

    • domshiki Says:

      Sorry been swamped with life haha. I don’t really rmb but I think there was a set number of rocks you had to make that corresponded with the element of the guy you r chasing. Check the links on the right for some walkthroughs I believe you had to have all elements just more of y is guy’s element

      • Haorio Says:

        I’m sorry, I played on the guide, but at 33 the stopped and now I cannot log in to the desired next location. I can’t find the rusty key and therefore I can’t collect the right item? You found?

      • domshiki Says:

        Sorry, I’ve been away. The only requirement I’m aware of is that you get 50 stones. You will have to go out and actually get enough crystals to make these stones. If you don’t, then the game will end.

  21. […] map Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/wandoffortune2/ Platform: PSP (2011) English Reviews: 4Shiki Available at: Wand of Fortune 2 at Amazon Wand of Fortune 2 at […]

  22. Katomi Sakamakill Kuran Says:

    nice trory

  23. Haorio Says:

    Sorry for the dumb question. Step-by-step instructions: right column and left column that indicate? As I understand it, the left is. where to go, and the right-dialogs? Do I understand correctly? And yet, I want to go for Esta, but the picture when Lulu took his hand and leaned against his cheek, it didn’t happen( Then the town was on fire, I talked to Aston, we had to go somewhere, with someone to talk, then there was some aunt in the coat(what? O. o) She said something, we went to Church(or whatever it was. The Church looks like).Appeared Solo, chatted, snapped his fingers, Lulu fainted, then he apologized, appeared fireflies(wtf? O. o), then she read some spell, but in the end I Wake up in the Academy. And her friend is normal. And then the GAME OVER… please Explain. How to collect those fifty stones. On one stone requires 5 crystals, and it is only 250, and I even up to hundreds of crystals fall short. Last time gathered 27 jewels of darkness-_- Help me, please*sob* (Sorry for this ugly English, I live in Russia)

  24. Sannansann Says:

    Hi! Totally my first time commenting on these kind of blog. Anyways, I agree its too long but dang! your reactions (especially on alvaro) and way of telling the plot is so freaking funny and entertaining! LOL Havent play any otome games but after reading your blog, encouraged me big time to play WoF and Reine Des Fleurs. Keep it up!

    • domshiki Says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading it ;) I tend to write while I play so whatever profanity pops into my head, I just write it all out haha. Have you started playing? How is Reine Des Fleurs especially? I won’t be getting a Psvita anytime soon so I’d love to hear how you found that game :D

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