Otome Game Review: Oumagatoki ~ Kaidan Romance ~

Alternative Titles: 逢魔時~怪談ロマンス~

Company: QuinRose

Release Date: 29.03.12


Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, fantasy, magical shit

Plot Summary:

Quinrose’s newest game. In this world, ayakashi ( spirits etc) coexist with humans. I say ‘coexist’ cuz most humans don’t even know the ayakashi exist cuz they can’t see em: by day, humans live normally but at night, the ayakashi awaken and roam the land. Our heroine is a badass ayakashi who goes to skl at night and spends her time being a dickhead arnd skl with her bff.  Throw in some mystery shiet and we got our game ;)

In this world, Ayakashi are either born from a family or suddenly “born” into the world without parents or anything so many are without a family.  Not that it really matters either way cuz unlike humans, they live mostly to fuck around and fulfill their desires; their moral compass isn’t as pronounced as the average human being and in fact, a good number of them have no qualms about killing each other/ humans.  Additionally, they can’t be seen by humans unless the person has got a strong spiritual sense/the person is close to death/the ayakashi CHOOSE to be seen.  It is also possible to turn a human into an ayakashi and ex-human ayakashi are generally more powerful than usual ayakashi for some reason.

The game opens with the heroine dreaming of the dark: it engulfs her, blinds her and renders her alone but strangely, it frightens her not and instead, she likes this darkness and feels at ease with it. Some obnoxious knobhead comes along though to wake her up and he turns out to be…

Shikibu Hisoka

Shizuka’s bff and partner in crime. Like her, he’s a mischievous marauder and the two of em run around the place freaking humans out and raising hell for the student president. Hisoka’s laidback, always cheerful in an almost Itsuki way and he lightheartedly flirts with Shizuka a lot so it’s quickly made apparent that the guy has a liiiittle crush on our heroine ;) kay no scratch that I just finished his route and this guy is fucking nuts and never stfus about killing ppl RUN FOR UR LIFE SHIZUKAAAAAAAAAA!!!!  He’s got water ayakashi blood and shinigami blood in him and his abilities lie in summoning spells and stuff.  Also spends a lot of time fighting with Shizuka’s lesbian bff (WAKAKO) over the heroine.

Shizuka’s annoyed at being awakened so ‘early’ at the ungodly hours of the evening and she banters goodnaturedly with Hisoka for a bit, who’s ever so hurt that his good intentions of waking his bff up for skl are being rebuffed and rejected. Anyway, he helps shizuka up (who sleeps in a pool) and after messing arnd with some human students, the two head to skl to mess with the prefect, HIBIYA, for shits n giggles

The first half of Hisoka’s route plays out in the same fashion and once, he ditches Shizuka and prefect Hibiya captures her and lectures her for hrs. In revenge, Shizuka attemps to kick the shit outta Hisoka but the guy puts up a protective barrier so she decides to uh bearhug him to death instead rofl. Cuz Hisoka’s obv crushing on Shizuka, he decides to do summin nice for her and takes her up to the skl roof to see dem fireworks. Shizuka attempts to bearhug him to death agn just cuz lolwut 照れ隠しmuch?

Anyway, Shizuka notices that Hisoka’s been making a lot more flirty passes at her than usual but says nth of it. She discovers that prefect  Hibiya used to be human and has a human lil bro at skl called MITSUGU so during noon, she goes to skl to meet Mitsugu. To her surprise, Mitsugu is able to see her and he gets all excited when Shizuka hesitantly reveals that she knows his older bro. She finds herself talking abt her little sis…a little sis who doesn’t exist :O Shizuka’s hell confused cuz she doesn’t even have a family (a lot of ayakashi don’t – they’re just magically born) and in fact, can’t rmb anything prior to meeting Hisoka. Mitsugu then notices that she’s crying and he wipes away her tears with his handkerchief and gives it to her (wot is with the japs and carrying handkerchiefs?? Or am I the only one who doesn’t carry an undepletable supply of em?).  He tells her that he wants nothing more than to find his older bro (he has no idea that Hibiya’s become an ayakashi and hasn’t seen him for 3 years) and some research he did reveals that a lot of kidnapping incidents happen around this area where kids are taken without any trace.  He read about a family of 4 where everyone was murdered cept for the older daughter who magically disappeared.

Shizuka decides to skive that night and ends up napping on Hisoka’s lap. Hisoka notices Shizuka fiddling with the handkerchief in her pocket and notices that she smells kinda like prefect Hibiya. He puts two and two together and realises that she snuck up to skl during noon to find Mitsugu and is evidently irritated.

The next day, Shizuka heads to skl during noon but finds Hisoka with Mitsugu already. Mitsugu comments enviously on how good a r/s Hisoka has with Shizuka and remarks that it’d be fun to join em. Hisoka agrees but reminds him that Shizuka is HIS doll and Mitsugu approves of that lmao.

Evidently summins wrong with Mitsugu and suspecting Hisoka to have cast a spell on him, she invites Hisoka out to ditch skl the next day so they’d have some alone time to talk. Hisoka mistakes it for a date and buys her a love charm ring. Outside a toy shop, there’s a display of animal toys and there are mini demons mixed up with em. Shizuka asks then abt Hisoka fucking arnd with Mitsugu and Hisoka replies that he didn’t: he just wanted to show Mitsugu how fun it was to hang arnd him and Shizuka to start brainwashing him into wanting to become one of them – for some godforbidden reason, Hisoka’s now suddenly dead set on turning Mitsugu into an ayakashi. WhenShizuka protests that Mitsugu’s not a toy to fk arnd with, Hisoka starts the whole “I KNEW U WERE IN LOVE WITH PREFECT HIBIYA” thing and says that cuz of the Hibiya bros, she’s starting to become a human lover and he doesn’t like it. Shizuka declares that if he’s gna turn Mitsugu into an ayakashi out of 「気まぐれ」, then she’s gna be hell bent on stopping him. This sends Hisoka into a rage and he explodes all the little demons in the area before strutting off.

Hisoka runs off to warn Hibiya and her bff, Wakako.  Hibiya’s piiiiissed and they pinpoint the day that Hisoka’ll try to change Mitugu: a day called ….something rofl kay i can’t rmb but anyway, a day that’ll bring Hisoka’s powers to the max and Hibiya and Shizuka’s powers down.  For the next couple of days, Hisoka doesn’t show up to school and Shizuka finds herself feeling ronery without him.  With her ayakashi powers building up, she gets all moody irate so she decides to sleep behind a bush but ofc, Hisoka’s there already rofl. Hisoka’s cheery as usual and says that he won’t be mad at Shizuka if she stops trying to ‘save’ Mitsugu from him.  Hell naw says Shizuka and the two start a mini brawl for Shizuka to vent her powers.  Hisoka starts up the crap abt her liking the two Hibiyas till IT FINALLY CLICKS for Shizuka and she asks him “YOU LIKE ME DON’T YOU YOU’RE JUST JELLY”.  lol this catches Hisoka off guard and allows Shizuka to land a punch on him.  Hisoka doesn’t give a straight answer and books it

The day draws closer and this time, Shizuka bumps into Hisoka in class after school hrs.  He seals the doors so Shizuka can’t get out and starts getting all creepy yandere when he starts ranting and raving about how he thought being around her would be enough but then it wasn’t and he wants Shizuka to only talk to, think about, and be with him.  He contemplates fucking up Shizuka’s face so no one else would want her before forcing a kiss on Shizuka, who doesn’t escape cuz she secretly likes it lololol. Hisoka continues his craaay yandere talk/makeout session all the while feeling up Shizuka LIKE WHERE IS HIS OTHER HAND IN THE CG?

Well, Mitsugu shows up and Hibiya tries to safeguard him but it’s too late cuz Hisoka has the guy under his control.  Shizuka’s just pissed now so she tells Hisoka to cut it out and attacks the guy.  When that doesn’t work, Shizuka gives Hisoka the loooooongest kiss evaarr and sure enough, the guy’s so shocked/delighted that his hold on Mitsugu weakens and Hibiya saves his little bro.

Hisoka’s knocked out for a bit so Shizuka takes him to the nurse’s room.  He gets up and is surprised that Shizuka’s still around cuz he thought she’d never talk to him after the little shit stunt he pulled.  He’s afraid that she’ll leave him but at the same need, needs her to leave him which leaves Shizuka like “SPEAK ENGLISH HOE”.  He says that if she tried to leave, he’d prolly try to kill her and he thought she was gna go to the human world cuz she liked Mitsugu rofl so das why he tried to make Mitsugu an ayakashi.  LOL wtf Hisoka but anyway this gets both of em horny so they start romping around on the bed


The two go to school together the next day where everyone’s like “U GUYS MADE UP :D” and Hisoka kisses Shizuka on the cheek to show everyone that she’s his lool.  Anyway more mushy stuff from Hisoka but it ends well with those two ;) Kay course there’s more to Hisoka’s story but I’m saving dah shit for later down the post

Hibiya Kyougoku (I rly gotta say this but wtf kinda name is Kyougoku?  EITHER NAME UR CHILD KYOU OR GOKU.)

The prefect/disciplinary dude woteva.  He’s like a kaichou character, model student, strict law follower and srs as hell.  Hibiya sees it as his job to hunt down every single trouble maker there is so a lot of the time, he’s not even in class and he’s outside around school chasing bad boys down lol.  He also used to be a human being so his powers are extra bloody strong and he’s number one in the entire school.  Hibiya’s comically srs so he takes everything for real and seems extremely srs and all but with Shizuka fucking arnd with him all the time, it makes for some adorable scenes and he finds himself lightening up in the end…somewhat anyway huehue

As stated in Hisoka’s route, Shizuka and Hisoka spend the better part of their lives picking fights with and pranking Hibiya. HIbiya in turn spends the better part of his life hunting down the two of em and lecturing them when he does catch em. Despite this though, the two share a somewot friendly r/s with Hibiya still and are extremely fond of their prefect

One day when the two decide to prank Hibiya, they find another youkai trying to eat the poor guy lool. Humans smell tasty to ayakashi etc and since Hibiya is an exhuman (3 yrs ago, the KAMIKAKUSHI just randomly turned him into an ayakashi), he still retains that human scent so he smells super yummy to all the students in skl and the dumber ones actually try to eat him rofl. This doesn’t bode well with Hibiya ofc and he sets fire to the guy trying to eat him

Next day, Shizuka goes off to harass Hibiya again but instead, finds herself eating lunch with the guy. Turns out Hibiya CAN COOK <33 and he makes his own lunch n stuff. Shizuka starts jacking his lunch and to her surprise, Hibiya shows a playful side and jacks her lunch in retaliation. Shizuka has a good time nomming with Hibiya and asks if they can eat lunch again, which surprises Hibiya cuz he thinks he’s a boring guy but course he’s secretly pleased ;)

Well Hibiya starts seeing Shizuka in a new light soon after when he walks in on her resucuing another student from bullies. The two get drenched when it rains and Hibiya dries Shizuka’s hair for her in a “I’m proud of you son” way lol. Shizuka realises that she rly feels at peace arnd Hibiya for some reason and blurts out that she likes him rofl and cue in a flustered blushing Hibiya who’s SVHJFDVSHZXDHSing till Shizuka’s like “NOT IN THAT WAY TROLOLOLOL”

Making good on Hibiya’s promise, Shizuka goes to eat lunch with the guy agn but her youkai powers go transam and she’s taken over by her ayakashi side…which means exhuman Hibiya is now food to her. She jumps Hibiya, locks him down and starts vampire chewing up his neck nom nom mmm mmmmmm but snaps out of it in the end and confesses that sometimes, her cray powers get out of hand and she goes on a rampage. To avoid this from happeneing, she has to use up her powers so das why she pranks Hibiya and fucks arnd in skl (course she conveniently leaves that that it doesn’t have to be pranking or anything as long as she uses her powers lol). Hibiya’s suddenly all sympathetic cuz he’s u kno, super srs and concerned for his kouhais so he tells her that if she needs to vent. Attack him all she wants. oh and “GET OFF ME NOW” cuz Shizuka’s still lying on top of him hruhrur. She refuses to get off cuz srsly it feels gd arnd Hibiya and Hibiya mumbles under his breath that being arnd her shakes him up a lot and that she had btr not do this kinda thang to anyone else. Course Shizuka doesn’t catch this though


…who’s been seething with jealousy under that cheery facade of his. Shizuka’s been choosing to hang arnd Hibiya over him so Hisoka hints that he’s jelly and drags Shizuka to hang out with him. They bump into Hibiya who came to find Shizuka to see if she was btr now but holy bad timing cuz Hisoka has his arm arnd Shizuka. This sends Hibiya into a shocked/flustered/jealous state where he rants and raves abt how 嫁入り前の女 SHOULD. NOT. TOUCH. OTHER. GUYS!!! Hisoka ofc, teases Hibiya abt being jelly and that he’d ofc support his bff Shizuka hooking up with favourite prefect – “BUT SHIZUKA’S MINE ANYWAY” lolwut. Hibiya slaps Hisoka’s arm off Shizuka but the guy puts his arm back and struts off with an apologetic Shizuka

Shizuka has lunch with Hibiya again the day after where Hibiya brings up the thing with Hisoka the day before, going on abt how boys and girls shudnt be so close. Exasperated, Shizuka teases Hibiya abt getting jelly and ofc our guy takes it srsly and starts this stammery almost confession where he says its all Shizuka’s fault for telling him that she liked him in the first place. He knows she didn’t mean anything by it but she still shudnt be going arnd telling guys that. Shizuka indignantly retorts that HIbiya’s the only one she said that to and perhaps the only person she’s warmed up to so quick which only worsens Hibiya’s situation rofl and he gets excited all by himself

When a magic test goes wrong cuz Shizuka’s powers are too high, Hibiya shows up for the rescue. He’s so bloody srs that when wakako told him that Shizuka’s gna die, he took it srsly and jumped headfirst in and used his fking hands to rip open the magic barrier that “would kill Shizuka” lmao. Badass Hibiya is badass and when 5hizukas goes like “…u cudve used magic and not ur hands…”, he admits that hearing she’d die got him all panicky so he couldn’t help it. Shizuka feels bad abt hurting his hands but he tells her he’s a badass and touching her face, that she’s to smile…all the while forgetting that ppl were around watching like

「どこの映画シーンかよ?!」 LOL

Anyway, same thing happens as in Hisoka’s route and Shizuka meets Mitsugu. She mulls over whether to tell Hibiya that she met his lil bro or not esp after she pissed Hisoka off by lying abt meeting Mitsugu. All of a sudden, Hibiya asks Shizuka out to wherever she wants to go and the two meet up to go to the amusement park. Shizuka mentions that its like a date and despite Hibiya’s fervent denials, she grabs his arm and declares that it’s a date. I roflcoptered so hard when Hibiya starts squealing abt how its his first time linking arms with another girl so he yells at Shizuka,

「俺は初めてんだったぞ. 責任とれ!!」

And Shizuka’s just like


lololol Hibiya’s hilarious.

At the end of the date, Hibiya tells Shizuka that she was looking troubled by sth so he qanted to take her out and make her forget abt it for a mo. Shizuka ere confesses to meeting Mitsugu and suspects that Hisoka’s gna do sth to the little bro. Indeed, Hisoka decides to make Mitsuru an ayakashi cuz he believes that Hibiya wants to go to the human world and if Hibiya left, Shizuka wud be ronery :( hearing this, Hibiya wants to assrape Hisoka but when Shizuka tells him that its kay cuz uh she’s gna be here to help, he suddenly hugs her and tells her that he’s holding out cuz she’s here. Cos he realises wot he’s doing and gets all flustered like 「うわ俺何してる?!」lool

Shizuka’s powers start to build up agn and is threaterning to make her go berserk agn. Hibiya picks up on this and tells Shizuka to atk him to vent but Shizuka jokes abt wanting to eat him instead. Rofl Hibiya takes this srsly so Shizuka bites his neck and draws some blood – that apparently dissipates her powers cuz her ayakashi type preyed on human blood or sth. Hibiya wonders whether there was a way to drain her powers and Shizuka tells him that he could through a kiss hurhurhur. Expecting Hibiya to blush n all, he instead goes “WELL LUCKY ME :D” and actually kisses Shizuka :o  In the end, he draws too much power out of Shizuka, who’s like “WAH you got balls :o” to which Hibiya mutters that he wouldn’t do this to just any woman and basically just confesses.  He tells Shizuka to comfort him HURHURHUR so the two presumably have sexy time in the infirmary

Well the day comes and course Hibiya kicks Hisoka’s ass and saves Mitsugu.  Again, he romps around with Shizuka in the infirmary and the two end up sending Mitsugu back to his house.  Hibiya finds that his room hasn’t been touched and has been left exactly how it wあs 3 years ago.  He doesn’t regret coming over to the ayakashi world though cuz he has Shizuka :D

Some time later, Mitsugu graduates and Hibiya goes to watch his baby bro grad.  When he and Shizuka leave, Hibiya brings up the subject of getting married lol and basically lists out all his good points to get Shizuka to marry him (“I CAN COOK DO THE CHORES WON’T CHEAT etc”).  Aaand the two live hornily ever after (no srsly i thought Hisoka’s route was super pervy but WTF HIBIYA rofl there was so much of it i cut out like half of their sex adventures writing this)

Izumi Reiji

The bratty kouhai.  He’s a bishie but he keeps spewing offensive shit whenever he opens his mouth so suffice to say, he’s not very well liked a guy.  Tsundere as hell and can’t be honest about anything except your perceived flaws, Shizuka accidentally knocks him out during a fight with some other kid so naturally the guy doesn’t have too good an impression of her.  But ofc, as far as little tsundere brats go, they warm up pretty quick so he becomes adorable when he blushes :D Is a kitsune spirit, suffers from pathetic stamina and faps to fox merchandise.

Shizuka meets Izumi again in the caf where the guy hates on Shizuka some more when he sees that she bought the last Kitsune Udon.  As compensation for knocking him out, Shizuka gives the udon to him but  takes the uh…orange bit of something on top which the two begin to brawl over.  Shizuka caves, seeing that Izumi really wanted it so she feeds him it, only to get a “B-BAKA WTF ARE U DOING GTFO I NEVER WANT TO SEE U AGAIN” reaction from Izumi before the kid storms off lol

The two start bumping into each other regularly from then on, getting into a paintball fight of sorts, then having  a battle in which Izumi wins, and he ends up doing Shizuka’s bandages for her.

 Once, Shizuku goes to the infirmary to get patched up and there, finds Izumi in bed cuz of his shitty stamina but Shizuku does that forehead fever check thing and finds out that he has a fever.  He asks her not to leave, acting all cute and shiet and is about to confess to her before he goes “GOTCHAAAA” and kisses Shizuka to draw some power from her or sth.  Shizuka MAAAD that she got tricked so instead of pushing him off, she starts eating his face some more and it ends up being Izumi getting all horny/trying to escape while Shizuka continues to tongue him rofl.

Needless to say, the seeds of attraction have been sowed and Izumi finds himself unable to concentrate on either his zither playing or his archery whenever Shizuka’s around.  He ‘saves’ her from some thugs (i say ‘save’ cuz Shizuka was perfectly capable of taking em out herself lol) and claims that he did it cuz only he can make a fool our of her so “DONT LET ANYONE EFF ARND WITH U APART FROM MEH”

Shizuka catches Izumi reading Seventeen rofl and calls him out on it but he explains that he’s looking for a wedding present for his older sis.  Shizuka offers to go shopping with him cuz the boy’s embarrassed abt going into a girly shop (“HOW DID U MANAGE TO BUY THE MAG THEN LOLOL”) so Izumi ends up buying a kitsune plushie and invites Shizuka to his sister’s wedding cuz he has sth to tell her after lol.

The two go to the wedding where Izumi rambles on about how amazing his sis is blababla who cares lol.  Anyway, the wedding ends up running super late and there’s the natsumatsuri of sorts tmr so Izumi’s boisterous overexcited mom insists that Shizuka stay the night.

However, she finds that she can’t sleep and bumps into Izumi while walking around the place.  Izumi admits that he can’t sleep either so Shizuka jokingly offers to keep him company so he can sleep but cos, the boy takes her srsly and the two end up sharing a futon.  Obv the two can’t sleep a wink so Izumi then says that he has sth to tell Shizuka but instead of uh “talking”, he instead, pushes her down and starts ravishing her rofl.  Shizuka’s like “???” the entire time but figures that it doesn’t feel bad so the two get it on

Next day, they go to the festival where they act like nothing’s happened.  The two get separated but Izumi finds Shizuka in the woods where she finally asks wot last night was about.  Izumi’s just like *FACEPALM* to the max and tells her that it’s fucking obv but Shizuka’s like “YOU NO SAY I DONG LO” so Izumi finally spits dem words out and the two kiss

The two hook up, insert the usual pervy stuff that seems to happen with every route in this game lol with Izumi going into Shizuka’s class so he can keep Hisoka away from her.

Toono Atsurou

Like Shizuka, Toono’s a delinquent but he’s the banchou style bad boy lol, going around the place picking fights and ofc our heroine is his top rival.  Though he’s one badass mothafucka, he’s got this ultra manly gar honour code of not fighting with weaklings or women or children but he doesn’t see Shizuka as a girl so the two get into some pretty violent shit together.  Toono’s a tad like Kou from GS3 (same VA too!), towering height, super intimidating and rather grouchy but when he falls for Shizuka…just rofl.  He’s an oni type ayakashi and is actually popular with the chicks.

At the beginning of the story, Shizuka’s r/s with Toono is a purely physical one HURHURHUR no not that; both of em are way too op and cuz Toono’s strong enough to take her attacks, Shizuka fights him to disperse her cray cray energy levels.  Both deny that they are friends but the two have a begrudging respect for the other’s fighting abilities.

Anyway this changes one day when Shizuka goes to the movies where she sits next to no other than Toono himself.  The two of em pretend not to see each other for like 5 minutes before one of em just goes “DA FAQ U DOIN ERE NIGGA” and both lament how sucky their day is now that they had the misfortune to bump into each other.  Afterwards though, the two realise that they share a common interest in movies and get into some animated conversations with each other and the two reluctantly agree to hang some more to watch movies together.

The two drop by a cafe and while Shizuka’s in the restroom, their classmates come in and see Toono sitting alone…with a girly shopping bag next to him.  The two classmates begin LOLing abt how Toono has a gf and spot Shizuka but before they realise who it is, Toono pulls her into an embrace to hide her face and yells that


Rofl afterwards, Toono mumbles to himself about how Shizuka was SAO SOOOOFT and all and that she really is a girl :O

This sparks his interest in her and he gets annoyed while she talks to some other classmate and ends up punching her out of frustration wtf domestic abuse much?  Well this is 日常茶飯事 for Shizuka so she doesn’t care but this is when Toono realises that he’s starting to fall for her, feelings of which escalate to the point that he nearly kills a guy for hitting on Shizuka.

Toono asks SHizuka out to the natsumatsuri where again, the same two classmates see em together and this time, Shizuka isn’t able to hide and gets seen.  Shizuka desperately tries to convince the two that she and Toono just met by chance but Toono instead says that YEAH THEY’RE GOING OUT SO WOT GOT A PROBLEM and scares the two noobs away lol.  SHizuka is obv not happy with this but Toono just straight out confesses to her when she asks why the fuck he did that.  Our poor heroine shits her pants cuz unlike in the previous routes, she doesn’t have any feelings for Toono (not that she is aware of anyway) so this just wrecks havoc on her mind and she ends up feeling the scene

Toono’s outburst causes rumours to fly the next day in class and when Shizuka tells ppl that nothing’s b/t her and Toono, the guy confesses again to her in front of the entire class and asks her out right there and then.  All the girls start squealing, the boys go “LIKE A BOOOSSS” but Shizuka is all IYADAAAAA abt the entire thing and like a flustered tsundere, she retorts that she hates Toono and would never in a million years, go out with him SO THAT’S THAT.  She hides out in the library while Toono hunts for her and overhears Wakako asking whether the guy’s srs about her.  Toono replies that he doesn’t joke and cuz HE’S A REAL MAN, he would never make Shizuka unhappy and if she likes someone else/ someone else ever hurt her, he’d beat the shit outta that mothafucka rofl.  He never intended on falling in love with her but now that he is, he’s gonna go full steam ahead until he gets her.

As shitty luck would have it though, she ends up being in the same group as Toono when their class goes on a camp trip thingy.  The entire time, she ignores Toono who’s just way out there with his feelings for her and tries to buy her a bracelet she fancies.  Course Shizuka tells him to gtfo and to back the hell off.

A little counselling from her bffs though, makes Shizuka realise that she does like Toono, just that she’s terrified of destroying their fighting buddy relationship.  There’s also something deeper, a difference b/t Toono and her that she can’t quite explain but her bffs dismiss that as anxiety and insecurity lol. That night at the inn, the class has a pillow fight together where Shizuka goes out and finds a uh…pillow demon kid lmao.   Toono pops out too, seeing that she’s gone and the two help the weepy pillow brat do something kay woteva i totally wasn’t paying attention but bottom line is, it gives Toono a chance to ask Shizuka how she feels.

Shizuka tries to run again but Toono pulls her into a room and puts a barrier around it so no one can enter or leave. Shizuka tells him that she doesn’t know whether she likes him or not and Toono’s irritated that she’s being so wishy washy – who fucking cares about differences and all, just go out with him and he’ll make her the happiest woman on the planet.  To test whether she likes him or not, she suddenly snogs the guy and it ends out being a makeout fest.  Course Shizuka knows the answer already but no words are needed before the two get it on hurhur

Their sneaky disappearance into a sealed off room causes more rumours the next day where the two tell everything that they’ve hooked up.  Toono spends all his time terrorising guys and making sure that none of em approach Shizuka, much to her annoyance.  The two head up to the roof where Toono pulls out the couple bracelet from the school trip that she wanted and gives one to Shizuka before asking her again how she feels about him.

Shizuka refuses to answer out of pride which results in Toono pushing her against the fence and raping her mouth – if she can’t express it in words, might as well do it with her body then lololol.  The two end up sexy timing on the roof before cuddling together some :3

Yurajou Keigo

Shizuka’s classmate.  Yurajou’s the dogged nice guy who’s head over heels in love with Shizuka – everyone can see it and for once, the heroine can see it too.  Knowing that Shizuka gets into fights errday, he helps out at the infirmary just so he can bandage her and make sure she’s okay.  Yurajou’s a gentle, mild mannered kid who gets excited a lot on his own around SHizuka but when Shizuka’s threatened, dear lord does he get scary mad :O A dog ayakashi and is childhood friends with Izumi.

In return for always fixing up her wounds and stuff, Shizuka tutors Yurajou.  Yurajou does everything he can to impress Shizuka, doing super good in class battles and almost getting into a fight with Toono when the guy punches Shizuka. He likes her so much, that when Shizuka’s powers went berserk and she started killing him, he refuses to even fight back to save himself no matter how much Shizuka screamed at him to save himself.

When a bunch of kids mess around in the library and cause a bkshelf to nearly fall on Shizuka, Yurajou’s there to cover her and take the hit.  Shizuka’s irked that he would be so so selfless and risk himself for her but Yurajou just replies that as long as Shizuka isn’t hurt, he’ll do anything.  He almost goes on to confessing but stops, something which irks Shizuka cuz she’s tired of pretending not to notice and interested that someone would go so far for her, she touches Yurajou’s face and asks whether he likes her or not.  Cornered, Yurajou has no choice but to confess, with Shizuka then announcing that they’re officially dating now before she kisses him.

Scary Yurajou when Shizuka gets him on by two thugs.  Yurajou turns into a fucking huge dog and terrorises the two guys.  When they’re gone though, he looks more of an adorable dog

Shizuka for some reason, finds this bigass dog in front of her oddly familiar.  She then recalls that she and Hisoka once saved a little doggy from a hunter.  Before going, Shizuka bandaged up the dog who was Yurajou.  From then on, Yurajou’s liked Shizuka even though she’s already forgotten all about it.

Shizuka goes over to Yurajou’s house to play and spends the night with his bigass family of two parents, two baby sisters, one little brother and 2 older bros (one of which is pretty cute haha).  Yurajou’s fam is all over Shizuka at once to the extent that they all end up taking a bath together lol with the two older bros finding that they’re unable to take their eyes of how white Shizuka’s skin is hurhru

Shizuka drops by a couple more times and sleeps over once.  At night, she goes to Yurajou’s bedroom and comments on how Yurajou’s way too reserved around her and she’s sad that he won’t do shit so…she initiates a kiss >;3.  Yurajou goes nuts happy before pushing her down and telling Shizuka that THIS wud be wot he’d do if he doesn’t put a muzzle on that cock of his rofl.  Shizuka doesn’t care though so the two end up doing shit on his bed

Shizuka starts falling in love with Yuurajou blablabla when he saves her from drowning, shoes his devotion by paying no the slightest attention to two chicks who were hitting on him and in general, she just likes wot a nice guy he is.  She confesses that she didn’t go out with the guy cuz he liked her and was just interested in how much he liked her.  Yuurajou ofc, knew this already but he doesn’t care cuz he’s suuuper SHI.A.WA.SE. just to be with Shizuka.  His fam tells Shizuka to invite him to the Summer Festival cuz his parents had an amazing date there before so Shizuka does but her sandal strap ends up breaking and Yuurajou carries her bridal style the rest of the date ;)

Anyway now that Shizuka’s worked out her feelings, she confesses right out of the blue to Yuurajou one day, the guy’s happy as hell and they get it on in the infirmary WOAH THAT CG LOOKS DIRTY LOL IS THIS EVEN ALLOWED ON A PSP GAME?

So in the end, the Yuurajous all decide that they all love Shizuka so much that they don’t ever want her to leave so Shizuka moves in with em and they live happily ever after :D

Tobiura Moegi

The weirdo of the game.  Tobiura’s Shizuka’s sempai and is considered to be a total bishie but all i see is horrible scum green hair and…DAT VOICE…his voice was so fucking annoying that I muted his entire route and skipped through most of his shit.  Thankfully, he’s only a side character so he doesn’t have a lot of substance in his pathetic routes.  Anyway, he’s creepy like Hisoka, always smiling and cheerful but whereas Hisoka is well intentioned for the most part, Tobiura is filth through and through, a sadist at heart and enjoys watching people around him suffer.  Well das wot they say anyway but he doesn’t really do anything horrible in the game.

Tobiura takes and interest in Shizuka cuz she’s powerful and well…you’ll find out later in the TRUTH routes.  He invites her out to go to this magical shop where Shizuka finds a scrapbk detailing the events of the family that was killed some years ago.  The newspaper clippings speculate that the mia older daughter was the culprit but then the family was very close knit so if the older daughter did do it, no one knows of her motives.

Nothing really happens with Tobiura cept that he loves fans cuz he’s a Tengu and takes Shizuka out to show her his uh…fabulous fan dance…yeah totally romantic rofl.  Anyway he explains how he can’t help loving fans cuz he’s a tengu, just like how Dog ayakashi are forever devoted to the people they warm up to, and how shinigami type demons can’t help but want to kill (totally explains Hisoka’s murderous tendencies but then Tobiura adds that’s just prolly Hisoka’s personality lol)

Anyway, somehow Tobiura ‘falls in love’ with Shizuka even though by now she’s hooked up with one of the other guys depending on which route you take, and though he doesn’t do nything atm, he intends to make her his.

…yeah das abt it really lol.

Nashibatake Wakako

Shizuka’s lesbian bff.  Beautiful and with a nice rack, Wakako super protective of Shizuka and constantly fights with Hisoka to claim the poor heroine as theirs.  She’s supportive in most woteva Shizuka does and bascially spends a lot of her time weirding Shizuka out by going into super lesbian mode lol.  She’s one of those ayakashi that are able to pull off their heads and stretch out their necks.

Yuri event 1: snuggles up to Shizuka and Wakako confesses how much she likes her.

Yuri event 2: Wakako tries to hit on Mitsugu to get him to hold her shopping but ends up advertising how amazing Shizuka is and scares off Mitsugu, who wishes the two of em the best of luck lolol

Yuri event 3: Wakako buys matching hair accessories for Shizuka and her and tells her to never take it off.  She doesn’t need a boy in her life and when she hugs Shizuka, the latter starts thinking about how good Wakako smells before catching herself and declaring that SHE IS NOT OPENING THAT DOOR rofl

rofl and that concludes Wakako’s route.  GIRL POWAHHHHH


Now for the truth behind Shizuka’s past.

All that shit with Mitsugu etc happens and Shizuka’s hooked up with Hisoka. Errthang’s going great and all – too good in fact so cos someone has to come fuck shit up. Tobiura does just that and tells Shizuka that the alleged murderer of the family, that the older sister has been turned into an ayakashi. Shizuka’s like 「…私とは関係あるの」and Tobiura just tells her to rmmb before he skips off

That night while sleeping in the swimming pool, Shizuka finally rmbs and dreams of her past

She’s always been able to see the ayakashi since she was young so got labelled as a weirdo liar brat whenever she said sth abt monsters trying to eat her. Cuz of that, she gets bullied by all the other kids who chuck rocks at her and shit but her parents don’t know cuz Shizuka hides it and pretends that she just gets into fistfights with the boys. Her little sis tho, (Kaori I think) knows that Shizuka gets bullied but cuz Shizuka’s always acting strong, Kaori idolises her strength and thinks she’s the biggest bau5 sis in the world.

One day in the park, lg Shizuka meets Hisoka, who assumes he can’t be seen and immediately perves on our heroine cuz he wants a taste of her rofl. Being the feisty kid she is, Shizuka starts screaming hentai and punches Hisoka before calling ppl to help but realises that Hisoka is an ayakashi when the other ppl can’t see him and think she’s calling wolf. Hisoka’s intrigued by Shizuka being able to see him and introduces himself but Shizuka runs off cuz why the fuck wud she give out her name to a chikan lol

Next day at skl tho, Hisoka’s there again waiting for Shizuka but this time, he’s made himself visible to errone else so all the other kids see this cool highschooler and think Shizuka’s put a spell on him to make him her frnd. They start taunting her again and seeing this, Hisoka gets pissed and before Shizuka can stop him, one of the bully kids collapses and bleeds the shit out but she manages to stop Hisoka from raping all the other db brats. She’s maaad but Hisoka only says that they were tormenting her so he killed em. Still, she says it’s not a big deal and not sth to kill over.

From then on, Hisoka’s been stalking Shizuka and soon, several years pass and Shizuka’s now 17 as well. Though loath to admit, Hisoka’s been her bff who’s always been there for her all these years. He tells her that she’s grown up to be beautiful and now that she’s not an lg anymore, he won’t be a pedo for asking her out now. Shizuka refuses cuz she thinks he’s being a knobhead and ayakashi x human = impossible. Hisoka says that then she only has to join him and become an ayakashi too but she refuses again and adds that he’s not her type and tells him that her type is someone who is the complete opposite of him just to be a dick: she wants someone super srs, responsible and who won’t do any sneaky evil shit. Hisoka tells her that in that case, he’ll hunt arnd for someone like that and wen he finds that someone, he’ll drag em over to the ayakashi side for her so she’d have a reason to become an ayakashi. Shizuka’s dumbfounded like “DINT U SAY U WANTED ME WHY U TRY TAH HOOK MEH UP WIF SOMEONE ELSE DUMB SHIT” but Hisoka just tells her that he’s happy just being by her side

Back at skl, Shizuka is still getting bullied by her alpha bitch classmates. For once, Shizuka mouths back and for that, the bitches target her lg sis the next day. Kaori’s always been supportive of her sis but has been getting terrorised too cuz of Shizuka and the alpha bitches order the lil sis to tell Shizuka to go die and then to push her into the pool if she doesn’t want to get hurt. Much to Shizuka’s hurt, Kaori does just that before she goes off with the alpha bitches, leaving Shizuka under the water. Shizuka just sinks there, mulling over how she was a terrible sis to not have noticed that Kaori was getting bullied too. Hisoka appears underneath her and calls for her to come to him: the human world holds nothing for her and she doesn’t have to suffer this kinda shit anymore. Shizuka replies halfheartedly that she’s never felt like a victim cuz she’s always had a wonderful fam but I guess the shock of evn her lg sis ditching her leaves her broken so she finds herself falling into Hisoka who promises to make her happy, make her forget abt this shit, and to destroy everyone who ever had ties to her and everyone who ever had the gall to hurt her.

The dream ends and Shizuka realises now that Hisoka turned her into an ayakashi and slaughtered her entire fam, most brutally her lil sis. Shizuka’s PIIIISSED and she starts strangling Hisoka with her craycray powers but the guy’s chill like he always is and Shizuka starts hollering at him for killing her fam and shit. Hisoka just asks whether she’s gna kill him now and says that he’s happy to die at her hands so go ahead. Shizuka can’t bring herself to kill Hisoka and instead, vows to bring him down when he’s at his happiest.

Some time passes and Shizuka still finds herslef with Hisoka. She said she’s gna kill him but thang is, she’s fallen for him regardless and tho she’ll always hate him, she’ll always love him despite everything.  Wow cop out ending much lol.

As for the super srs, responsible guy that Hisoka promised he’d get Shizuka if he ever found him?


Well, das none other than Hibiya. Shizuka rmbs everything, tries to kill Hisoka but can’t, and Tobiura comes in and tells Shizuka that there’s a ritual one can hold to revert one to a human form.

Shizuka finds out how to do the spell from Tobiura and that night, sets it all up and calls Hibiya to the rooftop. Hisoka shows up first to stop her cuz tho it means that Hibiya is eliminated as competition Shizuka, Shizuka’s gonna be sad and always pine for the guy and Hisoka doesn’t want Shizuka sad. He kisses Shizuka and tells her to stay with him instead, that he doesn’t understand why she’s so against all this ayakashi stuff when all the stuff he did was for Shizuka but she tells Hisoka to gtfo and that she’s gna kill him one day. Before leaving, Hisoka warns her that Hibiya prolly doesn’t want any of this but Shizuka’s made her mind regardless.

Hibiya shows up and the two have some nice romantic talk till Hibiya starts reminiscing about his days with Mitsugu, which sets Shizuku into motion.  She activates the spell and before Hibiya can do anything, she kisses him to drain him of all his powers and before Hibiya disappears, she bids him farewell.

The next day, Shizuka’s being all ronery on the roof but to her utmost surprise, Hibiya busts through the doors and starts calling for her.  He can’t see or sense her anymore cuz she’s taken all his powers but he still promises to never forget her.  Shizuka can’t do anything but snuggle up to him, knowing that she can’t go back anymore.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion


「。。。つ、つぶら? どこが?」

AW YEEEE told u guys I’d get sth done before the end of April yes praise me praise me :3

Anyway ima keep this section short cuz I’m fkin tired from writing all this super LQ waffle – as usual excuse me neverending flux of sheer WRONG cuz of my fail japanese. Cop out truth endings were a disappointment but in short:

YES PLAY THIS GAME cuz it’s funny as fuck and everyone is hilarious.  YES PLAY THIS GAME cuz the art’s pretty good (tad inconsistent) and there is no shortage of CGs. YES PLAY THIS GAME cuz there’s a lot of  implied dirty shit and I know you all like that kinda thang rhurhurhruhurh.  And YES PLAY THIS GAME cuz the characters are awesome and I love Hisoka.  YES DAMN U MIDORIKAWA HIKARU MADE THAT CRAZY SUNNAVA BITCH A LOVABLE WOOBIE AT THE SAME AND YES I LIKE YANDERE SO TAH.

Oh dude this is so much easier.  I think ima wrap shit up like this from now on.

Peace out, my doves <3

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  1. lmfao you liked Hisoka!! The wacky tabacky! well I guess I’m not surprised you love dem crazies ww :lol:

  2. roiyachan Says:

    woohoo you have a new post up! this game sounds awesome and im not surprised they had implied sex coz you know its quinrose and all(love how they arnt afraid to put smexiness into their games). All routes sound awesome, except for tobiura’s i guess cause it seems short and unneccessary(and the ugliest of all the guys).

    • domshiki Says:

      haha yeah i heard this game was super pervy but i didnt know it was THIS dirty :O not that im really complaining lol and yeah tobiura’s more like an afterthought quinrose decided to add in just cuz

  3. Shine Says:

    YOU ARE MY HERO. Thank you for this~~!! And now yet another game on the never ending list of games to buy XD

  4. she is a totally bitch

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