Otome Game Review: Scared Rider Xechs STARDUST LOVERS

Alternative Titles:  スカーレッドライダーゼクス STARDUST LOVERS

Company: Rejet

Release Date: 23.06.11

Official Site: scared-rider-xechs.jp/fd

Platform: PS2, PSP 

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, mecha, boy bands

Plot Summary:

More gattais and korean boy bands hur :D This is a FD of Scared Rider Xechs, takes place during the main storyline and basically delves into wot our IS kids get up to during their non-ganking free time

Before I begin, the IS guys have now all gotten rid of their whole “IM HOSTILE TO AKIRA CUZ SHE’S NEW AND NOT NAKAMA” thing and instead, are all hot for our heroine and have taken 749237493284 levels in the art of being horribly mushy lol.  As Kazuki puts it, Akira belongs to all of them and they all belong to Akira.  That and I played the PSP ver.


The cool headed, secretly hotblooded half german kid who’s an amazing cook and is terrified of guppies.  SUB STANCE is Fernandes

The IS members finally decide to take a break and head out for a beach day.  There, all the deprived IS boys fap to Akira in a bikini and do beachy things like smash the watermelon – I have never seen anyone do this irl but my life feels strangely incomplete without having pulverised this green and red fruit with a wooden stick

When the IS kids get back, they’re met with the SUB STANCEs flipping tables and shiet – turns out the SUB STANCEs are maaaaad cuz they didn’t get to play with Akira at the beach and they all want a date with the only viable female around lol.  Akira feels bad for em so she goes and manages to get permission for the SUB STANCEs to wander around school in a scavenger hunt x courage test thing. So, the SUB STANCE pair off with their MAIN STANCE and fight over who gets to go with Akira.  This is resolved with a game of JANKENPOINGUHHHH, Yousuke wins so off the trio go.  Halfway through, Fernandes runs off, Akira gets scared and trips, and Yousuke’s there to catch her and mutter mushy shit lol

Then comes the cultural festival.  As with the first game, IS ain’t allowed to hold a live concert so the IS boys decide to have a surprise guerilla live.  Not knowing that IS has already got sth planned, Akira holds a meeting in Takt’s room the night before to decide wot IS is going to do for the cultural festival.  The IS boys do errthing they can to get Akira to give up and the guys end up making such a ruckus that Souichirou barges in and everyone only just manages to go into stealth mode and hide… …which results in this HRUHRU.  Yousuke pulls Akira under the bed covers and the two hide there while Takt convinces Souichirou that the giant lump under his blankets is really a giant teddy that he sleeps with cuz he himself, is secretly a sissy otome roflcopter. Anyway the two emerge super redfaced and dokidoki as fuck, leading the other boys to think they’vebeen having a quickie under there hruhru

Next we jump all the way to when the RESONANCE shit gets outta hand and Yousuke begins fusing with Fernandes as one during a simulation.  Akira hops out of the VOX aircraft to see wtf Yousuke’s doing and finds the guy on some highass rampage where it’s now his life goal to rape all these simulated monsters to show Akira wot a badass he is lololol. Takt comes in to stop Yousuke but the latter sees this is an attempt to steal the spotlight and look cooler than him in front of Akira rofl so he rapes Takt till Akira tosses herself in the middle and Yousuke reverts back to his normal self.

There’s some angsty shit ere where Yousuke kills himself over having placed Akira in danger and all but the two resolve it np and Akira suggests that IS hold a live concert to brighten up, seeing as their cultural festival one got bombed by the baddies NF invading.  Blablabla they hold a concert where afterwardsYousuke apologises some more for his RESONANCE fuckup and tells Akira that she’s the most important person to him and he swears to always protect her.

…not a lot of substance in this FD LOL


The proud, super bukiyou, can’t be honest to save his life leader of IS.  SUB STANCE is Lespouri

Takt wins the JANGUHCKENPOING match and gets to go off with Akira.  While out on their hunt, they see some monstrous shadow approaching em and after they all shit their pants, Takt tosses himself in front of Akira to protect her from…their pet cat LOL.

During the meeting for the cultural festival, everyone ends up falling asleep in Takt’s room.  Akira awakes to something nice and warm and sees Takt draping a blanket over her.  Takt gets super dere here, having been caught being uncharacteristically nice and to change the topic, immediately starts advertising the super warm qualities of his 100% super HQ angora blanket rofl

Fastforward to the RESONANCE fuckup.  During the simulation, Takt suddenly calls for help from Akira and yaks on about being in dire danger or sth.  Akira’s like “bruh…this is a bloody simulation…” but heads out anyway cuz she’s a nice girl but finds Takt completely okay and totally like his prankster SUB STANCE, Lespouri.  Turns out Takt simply got bored of all this practice fighting and wanted to play with Akira so he faked getting hurt lol.  He tries to pull Akira away till she rages the fuck at him and Souichirou has the brains to stop the simulation before Takt becomes more Lespouri

Similarly as with Yousuke, Takt is super beat up abt this cuz it cuz have hurt Akira if it was a real invasion.  Akira comments on how Takt has changed to being a lot more honest blablabla, resolve it and they hold a live too.  At the end, Takt apologises again and confesses that he was afraid of himself becoming more honest and mushy cuz it’s just not him.  He fears it to be the effect of overRESONATINZ but u know, it’s just love really so he pledges his loyalty to Akira and kisses her hand to seal it.

…damn there really isn’t a lot going on


Pervert pedo who”s taken way too many levels in lechery and now freely admits to having amassed a most comprehensive collection of pornographic magazines under his dirty bed.  SUB STANCE is Deviser

Blablabla, courage test thing with Akira.  Akira gets scared but is the teacher commander of Yuuji so she’s to proud to admit it but Yuuji knows cuz she involuntarily grabs his sleeve half way through.  He tells her to be honest and rely on him cuz u kno, guys apparently like being relied on.

As in Yousuke’s route, Souichirou comes to crash the cultural festival meeting and errone makes a run for it.  Yuuji grabs Akira and shoves her against the window behind the curtains where he basically sexually harasses her the entire time and implies that they did sth naughty when the other IS members ask.

When he overRESONATES, he becomes this proud ahole who proclaims taht Akira is his and his only before proceeding on to haul her over his shoulder and beat up all the simulated baddies to show off his L337 skills.

Blablabla angsting, apologising and a live is held.  Yuuji gives Akira a hickey and pledges his shit to her.

lol i swear i’m not being lazy and cutting shit out: nothing really happens in this fd


Bratty halfpint who makes me cringe a lil errtime Akira goes dokidoki for him cuz he looks girlier, wimpier and way younger than even my little brother.  SUB STANCE is Dusenburg

During the courage test thing, Hiro’s SUB STANCE Dusenburg locks Akira and Hiro into a classroom and the two start freaking the shit out inside.  It gets so bad in Hiro’s case that he starts flippin his shit and end sup grabbing onto Akira like a silly pussy while yelling about how scared he was.  Srsly how does this make Akira fall in love with him? oO

When Hiro overRESONATEz, he gets swarmed and ends up falling into a crevasse somewhere cuz he’s a dumb fuck. Akira jumps out to find him but finds him perfectly okay – in fact, he feels better than ever and really feels in the mood for a girlfriend date with Akira so he tries to drag her off but Akira tells him to stop being a dickhead and to get back to fighting.  Hiro then snaps and demands to know why Akira wants him to fight so bad when it could very much get him killed and shit blablabla Akira gives him a cooldown hug

ablabla Oh god this is so repititive but more apologising hurdeedur stuff and Hiro wangsts in his room for a tad till Akira drags him out and he confesses that he’s just afraid of fighting and dying cuz it’d mean no more seeing Akira or some lame shit like that.  Anyway, IS holds a live concert and Hiro later kisses Akira on the cheek and swears to protect her.


High as fuck fabulous freak but srsly I want some of wot he’s smoking – they don’t dish out weed this potent ere up in the great white north.  SUB STANCE is Rickenbacker

Kazuki’s courage test scene is trippy as hell where he suddenly runs off to play piano before opening the windows to let Akira uh hear the sounds of nature and music shit and wtf is going on i dont even

Instead of hiding from Souichirou when he comes knocking at Takt’s door, Akira jumps out and tells the guy that she’s been having a late night rendezvous with Takt lol over fighting plans and shit.  Souichirou immediately freaks like “DID U GET RAPED FOOL” before escorting her back to her room.  Kazuki sneaks over to her room to tell her that IS has decided to not do anything for the cultural festival before he puts her hands to his chest…for some reason that i cannot comprehend rofl

Kazuki overREZONATES and this turns him retarded like Ricken.  Halfway through the simulation, he runs off chasing butterflies hruhruhr and when Akira comes to fetch him, he basically goes “I WUV YUU AKIWAA COME PWAY WIF MEEEE <3”

Good thing about Kazuki thoguh, is that he doesn’t have an angsty scene after his Ricken shitstunt.  Instead, Akira does the angsting for him and worried, Kazuki drops his engrish speak and tellsAkira that he’s here for her so dwb anything.  Concert time, blablabla and Kazuki again, drops hi engrish before pledging his wotever to Akira


Still thinks having a banana peel on his head is cool and spends his time hitting on Akira like a pervy old man.  SUB STANCE is Epiphone

 SUB STANCE is Epiphone. For the courage thingy, Hijiri tricks Akira into heading outside the school to have a stroll along the beach.  Akira’s maaaad that Hijiri’s trollin but ends up enjoying the stars together with him where Hijiri for once, does’t hit on her and just tells her flat out that he’s happy to be able to be seeing this shit together with her.

Same as with Kazuki, Akira doesn’t hide from Souichirou and heads back to her room during the cultural conference.  Hijiri comes to visit where he relays IS’s decision to not do anything tomorrow.  Akira’s sad cuz she wanted to make some unforgettable memories with her IS kids which irks Hijiri cuz if u played the original game/ read me post ere, you’d know that this whole saving the world thing has been going on in a loop with Akira’s memories being wiped each time she refuses to pick between the NF world and the HUMAN world, but Hijiri has  been still retaining his memories from each loop.  He’s frustrated that she cares so much about making memories with this batch of IS kids yet she can’t even remember him from the past teams – course Akira doesn’t know wtf he’s on about but he goes “LET’S MAKE SOME UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES HERE NOW THEN” and he pushes her down onto her bed lol

Anyway, to the overRESONATING shit.  Cuz Hijiri’s apparently never resonated before till THIS loop with Epiphone, he’s horribly noob at it and halfway through the simulation, he starts blacking out and by the time Akira reaches him, Epiphone’s taken over completely.  Good thing is, Ephiphone is perhaps the only sane SUB STANCE ere and with Hijiri unconscious, there’s none of that cray cray stuff where the SUB and MAIN STANCE fight over the body for control.  Instead, Epiphone just saves Akira from the simulated NF cuz even though he hates fighting, he’ll do it for her :3

Hijiri’s stuck in the hospital after but gets Akira to take him  out to the beach on a date.  He’s mad at himself being unable to protect Akira and all so blabla live concert time and afterwards, the two of em again eff around on the beach.  Akira asks whether Hijiri likes the sea or not cuz he’s always taking her there but the guy just goes “I LIKE U WAY MORE THAN THE SEA <3”.  Well he’s drop dead serious anyway and swears to protect her so this time, “Please don’t forget about me”


Sadly, SUB STANCEs don’t each get their own individual routes and their route is pretty pathetic.

Everything’s basically the same till the end where all the boys overRESONATE and fuckup the simulation real hard.  the SUB STANCE are there to console Akira though, and after the live convert, they all enjoy the stars with Akira.

Amakasu Souichirou

Yes, Akira’s assistant gets a little route of his own this time :3  Straitlaced and serious, Amakasu’s like the student council prez kinda character and prioritises his duties above everything else.  He’s also aware of all the IS members tryna get into Akira’s pants so is pretty exasperated by their antics but ofc, he’s tryna do the same thing as them lolol

There’s no cg for his courage test thingy sadly and it’s basically Akira getting to see Souichirou’s non working side: the guy turns out to have a passion for music and actually smiles and gets dere around her ;)

Akira again, gives herself up to cover for the rest of the IS kids when Souichirou comes knocking at Takt’s door halfway through the meeting.  Akira lies about it just being her and Takt cuz she wanted to talk to the guy about new fighting methods or sth.  Souichirou immediately flips and is like “TAKT DEF HAS UNPURE MOTIVES HERE LET ME TALK TO HIM IN YOUR STEAD THEN IMA WALK U HOME K” so he escorts her back to the girls dorm where the two walk outside among dem stars.

OverRESONATING doesn’t happen ere i dont think and during the battle simulation, their battleship VOX goes through some turbulence which has Akira falling over.  Souichirou ofc, is there to cushion the fall hruhru

Blablabal, the live stuff happens and in the end, Akira is working hard into the night.  Souichirou comes by and tells her to take a break and puts a blanket over her so she won’t catch a cold.  Akira is uncertain about her abilities as the commander but Souichirou tells her that he’ll stand by her no matter what – he’s HER assistant, no one else’s.

A, B and C

We get another ending with 3 other VOX operators but they basically have no screen presence so I didn’t bother remembering their names.  Basically nothing happens until the ending where Akira’s staying up again to do her work.  A,B and C run in to stop her from slaving away and drag Akira out.

srsly wtf is this shit? Was this even necessary?


Rmb the NF baddie who looked like cosmic little bro of Orochimaru?  Well yeah route with him too.  He’s a sleazy bastard who’ll stop at nothing to get his hands on Akira.

He comes in one day to invade with a buhjillion NF and basically slaps the shit out of all the IS kids and operators.  He blasts himself through the VOX using  Caitlyn’s E rofl and basically kills Souichirou and ABC right in front of Akira.  Akira ere basically has a heroic BSOD and screams at Granbacha to bring errone back.  He takes her hand and says that now that he finally has his little bird, he ain’t ever letting go of her so “Come, I will free you and take you to a new world”

Akira ends up o the RED NF World and has pretty much lost her will to live.  True to his word, Granbacha’s been with her every day but today, he’s left for some reason.  He comes back to find a crying Akira – he asks her why she cries and if it’s because of something she wants, then he will give it to her because ere on this world, there is nothing she cannot have.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

^ This is wot this FD was and ^ this is how I feel after playing it.  Wot a rubbish fandisk this was and hey, I have enough suck reasons to make a list!

  •  Skip function was slow as fuck
  • Had to go all the way to the options screen to swap between skipping everything and skipping only the stuff we already read
  •  No worthwhile omake
  • No option to replay scenes
  • They didn’t resize the CGs to fit a PSP screen so we have ugly black space on the left and right
  • SUB STANCEs didn’t get individual routes
  • Character routes were a waste of time: no character development and we knew everything in this FD from the original game basically
  • Hiro was still a stupid brat
  • The endings with the IS members were all basically the same
  • WAS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO HAVE A ROUTE WITH ABC?  Or Granbacha for that matter
  • This FD added absolutely nothing to the plot and could have shedded much needed light on all the bloody loopholes and questions in the original game like WHO THE FUCK IS AKIRA and WHY DOES HER EXISTENCE DETERMINE THE SURVIVAL OF EITHER THE BLUE WORLD OR THE RED WORLD?
  • Waste of my fucking time

Okay I’m not being fair.  This wasn’t a bad FD per se, simply that I went into this FD hoping for some substantial plot and character development.  I was already disappointed prior to playing this FD because I knew it wasn’t an epilogue or heck, even a prologue to the original game cuz either of those would give some potential development to the plot.  However, I thought Rejet knew wot they were doing and would somehow integrate romance, plot and character development into this but basically we got nothing: I learned nothing groundbreaking of the characters and pretty much wasted me time.  It’s just rather infuriating to have a well liked game of yours trampled all over in a ‘sequel’ – You make a FANdisk to please the FANS, not to fucking piss em off.

On the other hand, the FD got a massive art quality boost and no longer was Akira presumably hideous because we actually got faceshots of her and not scenes of the back of her fucking  head.  Some of the scenes were actually pretty cute too and my fave was definitely Hijiri’s route – they expanded on his bitterness about being forgotten and made him much more sympathetic a character.

But das it.  This FD was ass and I regret hopping back into Otome gaming.  Fucking troll game I’m going back to my LoL.  Here I come, Ahri <3

7 Responses to “Otome Game Review: Scared Rider Xechs STARDUST LOVERS”

  1. … can we have a more ‘SD-fied’ image of shit please ??
    well this is disappointing… the art seems to have improved though (attempting to find something good). dont really have much else to say.

    • domshiki Says:

      No because neither my rage at this game nor the poop quality of the fd “super deformed” lol

      Yeah the art is basically the only gd thang abt it ==

  2. Yu-chii Says:

    Gah, the art looks so good, but the story is just… urgh. The image of shit aptly describes the game’s story, haha.

  3. Guest? Says:

    More like call it a shitdisk then ==

    ……that was a bit exaggerated lol.

    How long do you take to finish one route anyway? It looks so short D:

    And It’s kind of funny though, coz it seems that the artist is the only one working hard for the game.. ==

    • domshiki Says:

      lol i was just soooo mad while i played it hahahah
      the game was really short but the skip function my god was terribly slow so getting through it was a pretty big pain the ass, plus that i was MAAAAAD and bored while playing it so uh…3days for each route rofl. I really need to pick up my pace.
      but yes pako is amazing <3

  4. bleu Says:

    A ‘shit-hit-the-fan’ disk? Hm, and I was kinda hoping to play this as well… Guess I’ll just leave this in the black hole it belongs… /’)_<

  5. I liek u moar than da sea. Really Hijiri??? looool i can’t believe how sh*t this fandisk was. So disappointeddd TT____TT Pako’s art was amazing as usual. Just feels wasted =______=”” Thanks for the review!!!!

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