BL Game Review: DRAMAtical Murder

Alternative Titles:  ドラマティカル マーダー

Company: Nitro+Chiral

Release Date: 23.03.12

Official Site: GAY SHIT AHEAD

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, ADV, gay shit, funky cyber shit, mind fucking shit, wifebeater character alert

Plot: Aw yee, Nitro+ Chiral’s newest game.  From post apocalyptic, to kitty boys to meat shitting high schoolers,  the setting’s a futuristic cyber one this time, many many many many years into the future.  Our protagonist, Aoba, works in a Junk Shop and lives a relatively normal life but slowly finds out that his constant headaches are key to a giant ploy on the island.  Kay it’s better than it sounds rofl trust me on tha.  Anyway, it’s been a long time since I done a BL game innit eh?

First, a tad about the town.  The town’s on an island called MIDORIJIMA and is divided into 4 parts, NESW.  North is a forbidden area where it is known as a ghost town.  The South is home to the residential area with little shops.  To the East lies the hangout for the younger generation, being filled with game centres and clothing stores.  And finally, the West is where all the rich, important VIP dudes are, “PLATINUM JAIL”.  PLATINUM JAIL’s made by the monopoly TOUE and they’re in the entertainment industry or sth.  In the centre of PLATINUM JAIL stands a tower called the OPAL TOWER (…or OVAL TOWER i’m not sure but I’ll stick to OPAL) which has casinos, theatres, hotels etc and you need to be a VIP member to gain access to PLATINUM JAIL.  Basically, if you’re not from PLATINUM JAIL, you’re pretty much living in the ghetto slums lol and there are a lot of gangs and teams around.  TOUE’s been trying to kick the ghetto people out of the island for ages to expand PLATINUM JAIL.

There are also things called ALL MATEs in this world and they’re like mini robo pets people have that act as network support things (a walking, talking tablet of sorts that can also do your chores for u)  and instead of having phones, people here have a bracelet thing called a COIL.  Aoba’s allmate is this adorable puffball dark blue terrier/ pomeranian.  ALL MATES can be used as partners to participate in a super popular game called LIME: It’s a virtual battle simulation game where people fight each other without risk of hurting their real bodies.  A tranny judge called USUI (shown above) was implemented and she calls up random tournaments where ppl gather to compete.  It used to be a small scale free game but when it got super popular, TOUE became its sponsor

Anyway, the game opens with Aoba talking on the phone to a customer.  Halfway through the convo though, the customer reveals that he doesn’t want to buy anything and actually called cuz he thinks Aoba’s voice sounds hot so he wants to ask him out for a cuppa coffee LOOOL.  Aoba ‘seduces’ the guy into buying some stuff though but headbangs the desk after cuz this always happens to him rofl.  He gets  a text afterward from a TORAWARE NO HIME begging him to save her.  Before Aoba can figure out who it is, 3 bratty neighbourhood kids bust into his store and start wreaking havoc on the store till the shopowner HAGE tells em all to gtfo.  He sends Aoba out to deliver some stuff and our protagonist runs into…


Aoba’s childhood friend.  Koujaku’s blessed with good looks and a キーラ スマイル rofl so he’s super popular with the chicks and has his own massive manditory legion of fangirls to uh protect him from other girls and boys alike.  He works as a freelance hairstylist/braider who opens his store whenever and wherever he feels like it.

Koujaku says hi bye to Aoba and Aoba then meets his old friend, MIZUKI, who’s the leader of a gang called DRY JUICE.  He wants Aoba to join his group but Aoba’s determined to remain a NoMark (no group) and Mizuki tells him about how teams have been going missing recently, only to show up a couple days later with all their memories wiped.  Something of the like called KAMIKAKUSHI happened around 10 years ago and the culprit was believed to be the strongest, most badass evil gang called MORPHINE.  However, MORPHINE’s become something of an urban legend now and Mizuki leaves when a Lime tournament nearby begins.

Aoba’s about to go home but a white light engulfs him and for a mo, he feels someone’s hand on his head before he’s pushed into the crowd Lime fans.  USUI, the tranny buddha wannabe judge of LIME materialises and begins the battle.  Aoba suddenly gets a massive headache and scrambles away from the crowd.

Aoba wakes up with a killer headache again but faints before he can do much. He’s taken home where he flops down and sleeps and dreams of a man that night but can’t catch wot he’s saying.

Koujaku drops by the next day and comments that Aoba’s hair has gotten long.  Ere, it’s revealed that Aoba doesn’t cut his hair much cuz it’s PAINFUL to do it: his hair can apparently feel o.O  He feels less the longer the hairs are so he can cut it okay when they’re longer but das about it.  They’re uh sensitive so that’s why he doesn’t like people touching his hair (I can tell they’re gna come in handy in the porno scenes rofl) and when he was a kid, Koujaku used to save him from getting his long hair tugged at cuz he looked like a pansy.

Anyway Mizuki’s been acting weird lately and worried, Aoba goes to check up on the guy only to find DRY JUICE’s base covered in MORPHINE’s gang symbol.  DRY JUICE’s members are all gone and the place is covered in blood. Remembering the KAMIKAKUSHI incident, Aoba then runs around town with Koujaku, tryna figure shit out.

He gets a text again from TORAWARE NO HIME, asking him to save her again but he figures it’s spam again so he bins it.  However, TORAWARE NO HIME proceeds onto mass spamming him till he opens the msg and plays the game…which lasts 5 secs before it fades out lol.  Then realising that he might get targeted too cuz he’s friends with Mizuki, he hurries home in case sth happened to his gran TAE .  When he gets home though, there’s some DICKHEAD  X here who knocks the shit out of Aoba

When Aoba wakes up, he’s elsewhere with DICKHEAD X.  DICKHEAD X then orders his cronies to rape Aoba wtf but last minute, some shit happens with Aoba and he blacks out.  When Aoba wakes up, DICKHEAD X tells him that there were some ex DRY JUICE —> MORPHINE turned members in his house so woteva Aoba thinks he did to his gran, he didn’t – DICKHEAD X’s target was Aoba from the start.

Anyway errone joins hands cuz they all want something from Aoba rofl and they conclude that MORPHINE kidnapped Tae and they’re hidden out in in some warehouse in the North.  Aoba notices that the place looks like the the game he played from TORAWARE NO HIME but has no time to ponder cuz they’re jumped by a bunch of zombie looking DRYJUICE guys.  Aoba fights to way to the centre and finds no other than MIZUKI there with his gran held captive.

At this point, Mizuki’s obv a leeeetttlleee bit CRAY CRAY and rambles on about how MORPHINE came to him and asked DRYJUICE to join hands with em.  Mizuki asks once more whether Aoba’ll join him or not and when Aoba downright refuses, Mizuki puts a knife to Tae’s throat and threatens to kill her if Aoba doesn’t join.  This time, Aoba flings himself at Mizuki but before he makes contact, he feels the same sensation he did when he was thrown into LIME.

NExt thing he knows, he’s inside DRYJUICE’s base.  Outside, he finds Mizuki who begs him for help and confesses that he joined MORPHINE to stop his team members from all leaving: lately, errone’s been so obsessed with LIME and DRYJUICE members have been slowly leaving to go join LIME teams instead.  Mizuki loves his team so he doesn’t want em to leave and thought joining MORPHINE would make people take DRYJUICE more srsly.  However, MORPHINE starts burning their own logo into DRYJUICE members and mind controlling em or some shit.  Mizuki starts spazzing out on the ground then and Aoba’s brought back to reality.  His gran’s safe and Mizuki’s out cold on the ground.  Aoba’s glad the whole thing’s over and before blacking out, he tells his gran 「婆ちゃん、頭、痛いよ」 and she answers 「あとで薬を飲みな。もう帰るよ」

Aoba wakes up the next day still with a terrible headache but Tae’s good.  She sits em all down and tells them that she suspects MORPHINE is now part of TOUE co.  20+ years ago, Tae was a research employee at TOUE and did experiments on brains and stuff.  Tae thought it was to cure brain cancer etc but instead, TOUE was trying to discover how to control people.  Tae quit and had no contact with TOUE till a little while back where TOUE demanded that she return to researching shit.  Tae refused and she suspects that TOUE sent out MORPHINE thugs to capture her.  The people who’ve been disappearing and then reappearing all stoning (the KAMIKAKUSHI like incident Mizuki was talking about near the beginning) are prolly failed test subjects of TOUE.

Then there’s Aoba.  Tae tells him that he has the power to get inside peoples’ heads, like for realz.  In using his voice, he can pretty much make people do what he wants if he really tried: das why pervert customers liked his voice and das why he could use his voice to get em all to buy shit.  He could force himself into minds of others and destroy their entire mind if he wanted to – “well theoretically speaking anyway” lool.   People who can do that are called SCRAPS – well now there’s a pleasant name hurhru and his ability is called SCRAP.

Anyway, Tae goes on to reveal that Aoba was in the hospital some time ago cuz of an accident with LIME.  Apparently he got into a fight and would suffer some memory loss and one day, when Tae went to see him in the hospital, she found the nurse knocked out on the ground beside Aoba, who was standing up and evil smirking all fine.  After that, Aoba slept for 2 days and that’s when his headaches began.  The nurse couldn’t rmb wot happened and Tae speculates that was cuz Aoba used SCRAP to wipe memories of that.  The meds Tae has been giving Aoba were not only to cure him of headaches, but also to suppress his SCRAP abilities and the “other him” inside.  As of late though, they’ve been losing effect cuz his SCRAP abilities have been building up over the years.  The base nature of SCRAP is to kill and destroy so Aoba prolly accidentally destroyed Mizuki’s mind when he was inside but Tae believes Aoba can use it to do good so Aoba runs off to PLATINUM JAIL to solve shit.

Next day, popo come to get Aoba and he flees with Koujaku.  They both get a text from TORAWARE NO HIME but this time, with an invitation into PLATINUM JAIL.  The two of em go there where they’re sent to FLAME WILLOW, an entertainment district place with bars and clubs etc.  Koujaku disappears to go whore around in a club and suspicious, Aoba follows him and gains access to the place via some dude in a kimono who gave him a card cuz he felt like it.

Inside, Aoba gets tipsy and needs Koujaku to piggyback him to a hotel.  Koujaku asks wtf he was doing there and Aoba admits to tailing him.  He tells Koujaku that some dude in a kimono let him in and Koujaku totally flips when he hears about the kimono dude and tells Aoba to never go to the club again and he leaves without telling Aoba wot he was doing there himself.

Next day, Aoba goes off to confront Koujaku about ytd again but instead, walks in on the dude half naked and sees that Koujaku has some yakuza tatts on his back + numerous scars.  Koujaku again, refuses to say anything adn tells Aoba to go back to sleep.

Aoba does and he dreams about his childhood with Koujaku.  Tae once returned late home and prior to that, Aoba started weeping like a pansy cuz he thought Tae died or something lolol.  Anyway, Koujaku was there to comfort him and played with pansy Aoba till Tae returned.   Aoba wakes up to find Koujaku gone so he rushes over to the club to find the guy.  Mr Kimono shows up again and offers to help find Koujaku but Aoba declines and returns home soon after when it starts raining.

Moments later, Koujaku comes home too and super pissed, demands to know wot Aoba and Mr Kimono were talking about.  Aoba’s like “?????” and Koujaku ends up pushing the guy onto the bed and starts ravishing the poor guy.  Aoba starts getting a headache and a voice in his head screams at him to destroy Koujaku and Aoba ends up using SCRAP to get Koujaku off.  First thing Aoba does is punch Koujaku and the guy just looks horribly disgusted with himself before walking off without another word.

Pissed, Aoba goes outside to clear his head and ends up meeting Mr. Kimono who offers to let Aoba crash at his place for the night.  He introduces himself as Ryuuhou.  Inside, Aoba finds out that Ryuuhou is a tattooist and that the guy’s uh pretty cray – he drugged Aoba’s tea and tells him that he’s very very interested in Aoba cuz he can sense “destruction” in him.  He’s about to tattoo Aoba’s back with his magical tattoos before Koujaku busts in, called in by Ren.  Ryuuhou pretends not to know who Koujaku is till the guy lifts up his hair and reveals the tatts on his face too.  Well Ryuuhou manages to get away but Koujaku sends his men after him

Back at the hotel, Koujaku apologises for being a rapist and finally tells Aoba the truth.  Koujaku’s dad is actually a yakuza boss and Koujaku’s to be the heir.  His mom’s only a mistress though so she left the island with Koujaku but when the real wife was found to be infertile, the yakuza group wanted Koujaku.  Along the way, Koujaku’s mom died and he was forced into the yakuza and got coerced into getting tatts.  Ryuuhou’s the one who gave him tatts and also killed his mom or sth so Koujaku wants to kill the asshole

Ryuuhou’s fled to the OPAL TOWER so Aoba and co fight their way in.  Sure enough, Ryuuhou’s there and it turns out that he can control Koujaku’s men (when they entered his house to save Aoba, they got infected by his tatts or sth) and he commands them to grab Aoba.  He goads Koujaku by calling him a mother lover killer which sends Koujaku into berserker mode.  Here, Ryuuhou tells him that he’s actually part of TOUE – some years ago, TOUE thought of controlling people through tatts so they hired Ryuuhou and his first test subject was Koujaku.  When Koujaku gets too emotional, the tatts’ll start to consume him.  Ryuuhou tells Koujaku to kill him cuz he’s fulfilled now seeing his work of art bloom so Koujaku rushes in for the kill and stabs Ryuuhou.  Koujaku is still in berserker mode so Aoba decides to use SCRAP to get inside his mind

Inside, he finds young Koujaku getting his tatts done by Ryuuhou.  There’s some black mass of evil there too and blood starts spattering everywhere.  Koujaku tells of how he blacked out from the pain during the tattoo session and when he woke up, he woke up in a sea of blood – everyone in his yakuza fam was dead including his own mother.   He wanted to kill himself for the monster he was but he thought of Aoba’s face and how he’d cry if he never returned.  So Koujaku returned and when he saw the same smile from a now much bigger Aoba, he thought how everything would be okay now but killing Ryuuhou made him realise that it’d never be okay cuz he’d still be a murderous piece of flowery tattoed shit.  The black shit threatens to devour Koujaku but Aoba uses his SCRAP and orders Koujaku to not lose to the tatts or his past.

Koujaku recovers and returns to real life with Aoba.  Aoba hugs him and tells him that he knows everything now and it’s all gna be good.  Koujaku asks if he can uh touch Aoba rofl.  Aoba says yes.  Koujaku asks if he can kiss him.  Aoba says yes.  Aoba declares that he’s gonna destroy whatever’s eating up Koujaku so he does so with SCRAP.

However, using SCRAP has fucked up the balance of Aoba and Aoba 2, the other Aoba who keeps telling him to destroy shit.  Aoba 2 represents his desire to destroy everything and now Aoba 2 is about to bust out and SCRAP everything.  Koujaku though tells Aoba not to put last minute shit like this and leave him so Aoba manages and Koujaku etc fight their way out of a crumbling OPAL TOWER.

OPAL TOWER collapses cuz of some bad maintenance or wtfuckever and TOUE founders flee.  TOUE soon falls too and they’re distributed within a couple other lesser companies and the island is now free from the grips of TOUE.  Mizuki’s getting btr, Aoba’s losing feeling in his hair and Aoba 2’s gone into a slumber.

A week later, Koujaku leaves the hospital and goes over to Aoba’s house at night.  There, he confesses that he’s always liked Aoba but never faced it cuz it was like totally omg gaaayyyy!!!  He’s tried to kill the feeling over and over but it just kept coming back stronger and stronger and that night when he turned into a rapist, he realised afterwards that he’s ALWAYS wanted to feel Aoba up.  Aoba confesses that he likes Koujaku too and the two get it on, with Koujaku getting a nosebleed halfway through cuz Aoba’s too hot lolololol.  He asks Aoba to let him cut his hair when it doesn’t hurt cuz that’s been his lifelong dream rofl

3 months later, Aoba’s taken to crashing at Koujaku’s place to erm avoid his grandmother finding shit out.  He now sports a short do, his hair finally being desensitised enough to be cut.  Koujaku spent 2 hours cutting his hair apparently and kept Aoba’s hair in a jar LOOL but anyway, all ends well and Koujaku promises to treasure Aoba :D


SCRAP fails to leash Koujaku and he gets consumed by the tatts.  TOUE takes over the island and captures Koujaku.  Aoba2 takes over Aoba and everyday, he goes to visit cray cray Koujaku.


AKA deadR4BB17 (cuz he looks like a deadmau5 wannabe lol).  The leader of a team called RUFF RABBIT, he’s all -_- most of the time and doesn’t talk much but turns out to be horribly direct and “mypaced” in the most embarrassing of ways.  He’s also pretty cocky so he gets into fights a lot, especially with Koujaku.

Aoba meets NOISE one day when he finds himself forcibly shoved into Lime’s public network and forced to participate.  Aoba yells that he’s not part of the game but is instead, given a player name of SLY BLUE by some guy in a deadR4BB17 head and a labcoat.  Ren takes on a human form in the game and the two are forced to fight uh…rabbits LOL but Aoba doesn’t know wtf he’s doing and Ren ends up taking a mass hit for him.  Aoba gets another headache attack but when he recovers, he’s someone else and knows how to play the game.

He orders Ren to change his settings and Ren then becomes his badass who can pew pew from his arms like Cyborg from Teen Titans rofl.  Mr. deadmau5 wannabe  orders the bunnies to attack and they seemingly kill off Ren before his shield regens in 2 seconds but that’s the end of the Lime game for now.

Aoba wakes up with a killer headache again but faints before he can do much. He’s taken home where he flops down and sleeps and dreams of a man that night but can’t catch wot he’s saying.  Noise breaks into his room shortly after and demands to know how Aoba bested him in that Lime match.  Aoba can’t remember  cuz he was Aoba2 at that time but that just irks Noise and he demands a rematch.

Before Noise can do anything though, Tae stops Noise and he leaves but comes back the next day to Aoba’s shop.  The 3 brats try to attack Noise but Noise freaks em out by kissing em on the hand rofl and when Aoba’s like “jesus u pedo wtf u doig to little kids”, Noise tells Aoba it ain’t weird at all and kisses Aoba…on the lips LOL. Aoba freaks while Noise is like “-_-” about it and then the latter asks the protagonist to join his LIME team, RUFF RABBITS.

A Lime match then starts outside so the two head out and Koujaku’s about to have a brawl with Noise over some stupid shit till Aoba stops em.  I loled so hard when I saw the gang sign for the RUFF RABBITS rofl looks at what the guys behind Noise are doing with their hands xD

Anyway, the shit with Mizuki etc happens and after that, Aoba and Noise suddenly get sucked into a Lime game.  Noise ends up saving Aoba and the two are invited to PLATINUM JAIL.  There, Aoba catches Noise fiddling with Ren and flies into a rage but realises that Noise was only removing some viruses in Ren acquired from the Lime game.  That and Noise’s hand is fucked up cuz he got hurt saving Aoba.  Aoba tries to apologise but Noise just changes the subject and goes out to eat with Aoba.

Noise gets into a fight again though and ends up fucking up his hand even more.  Aoba forces the guy to let him clean his wounds which confuses Noise cuz he doesn’t get why Aoba’s getting so worked up over a stranger like him.   Noise then figures it must be cuz he’d be more use to Aoba intact, to which Aoba testily exclaims that it’s cuz he’s WORRIED abt him.  Noise still doesn’t get it but has what he thinks is a “EUREKA!!” moment and he kisses Aoba LOL. Aoba’s like ASJDIFHAKJDSLFJDSIFJADSF like wtf u doing mannnn and Noise is just goes that Aoba is all俺狙い anyway. Rofl Aoba gets a hardon so Noise is like:


To which poor Aoba is just confused like:

Dwbi Aoba, I get what you mean about youngsters these days lol

Anyway, Noise ignores Aoba’s protests and after some goading from Noise, Aoba has happy time with Noise, who is surprisingly gentle and has piercings on his dong – damn he’s brave :O  But then again Noise doesn’t seem to be able to feel pain cuz he told Aoba to uh…bite his dong…

The guys Noise beat up some hours ago come back and Aoba and Noise fight their way out.  Aoba uses SCRAP to save Noise who then gets mad as fuck cuz he thinks Aoba lied to him about not rmbing how to use SCRAP that time in Lime.  Noise strangles Aoba in an attempt to force SCRAP but when Aoba doesn’t fight back, Noise just has some angry tirade about how he doesn’t understand Aoba in any way, why the guy is so worried abt him etc cuz in the world he knows, people are only ever nice to you if they want something from  you.  Aoba repeats that it’s cuz he’s simply worried about Noise: though Noise is strong, he’s got no street smarts and he runs around taking down everything and everyone head on, thinking he’s some invincible superman – he’s not Wolverine so his wounds don’t heal himself and Aoba can’t help but worry.  Noise calms down but says he ain’t leaving Aoba till they have a rematch but anyway, lets head to OPAL TOWER now.

At the OPAL TOWER, Aoba takes a hit for Noise who gets super irate and goes on about how he never told Aoba to save him etcetc and bottom line is, he doesn’t care whether he dies or not so srsly stop helping him.  Aoba gets mad that Noise has so little self worth so the two get into an angry fistfight.  Noise shows no sign of feeling pain and when Aoba asks, he explains that he CAN’T feel pain, not even when he’s stabbed or anything.  He can vaguely tell when people are touching him but not pain so that’s why he doesn’t want Aoba to nurse him or take hits: he can’t feel shit anyway.   Because of his uh “affliction”, he could never play with the other kids cuz he didn’t know what would hurt them.  He’d always be too rough and this brought shame to his richass parents so they locked him up in his room and never let him out.  He was lonely at first but learned not to care as he grew older and liked being alone.  That’s why Aoba is weird and confuses him.  Aoba slaps him lightly and tells him he’s being a dumb knobhead before he pulls Noise in for a hug, and tells Noise that there are things in the world that are good and wonderful.  Noise asks whether Aoba is going to teach him these good things and Aoba answers that if Noise promises to stop being so reckless, he just might ;)  Noise gets all embarrassed and does the whole “BETSUNI SHIRANEEE KI GA MUITARAAAAA” thang lol

Aoba’s unable to move cuz of his wound from saving Noise so Noise runs off to find firstaid supplies…after giving Aoba a goodbye kiss omg why is Noise so cute <3  Noise doesn’t come back though so Aoba staggers to find him and finds a mind controlled Noise.  Noise initiates a Lime battle, Aoba gets owned, gets brought back into the real world where Noise proceeds onto kicking his ass.

Aoba gets inside Noise’s head and finds him chained up in a dark room.  This is how Noise sees the world – he’s isolated cuz he doesn’t know how other ppl feel and he’s lonely because of that.  He loves Lime because the pain one feels in Lime is all in your head and not physical; the pain makes him feel alive (LOL EMO KID) and makes him feel like he’s human, not an unfeeling monster.  He’s not afraid of the pain either way so he’s never lost in Lime but losing to Aoba was like an invasion into his sanctuary Lime so that’s why he wants to beat Aoba. Aoba replies that Noise plays Lime because that’s the one place he can interact with people normally and that Noise wants to fight him because he wants to know this ‘strong Aoba” better.  Noise need not worry about being alone anymore cuz he’s got Aoba and the latter’s gna bust him out

The two return to reality suddenly, a guy with a hat shows up on all the monitors in OPAL TOWER and the entire place starts collapsing.  Noise can feel pain now for some reason and gets hit by falling debris so Aoba grabs him bridal style and charges outta the place.

All’s good now and Aoba goes to visit Noise in the hospital.  Noise is now all dere and tells Aoba how he’s changed cuz of him and how our protagonist has taught him so many things; not only does he now know that there are good things in the world and the feeling of physical pain, he also knows that his heart can hurt too, something he felt whenever Aoba got hurt.  Anyway, now he wants to touch Aoba more now that he can properly feel so the two get it on in the hospital hurhur

After that, Noise leaves the hospital but disappears for a while.  He comes to Aoba one day in the shop, dressed in a suit and without all his piercings.  Aoba’s MAAAAAD that he just left without any notice but Noise tells the guy that he went home to Germany to his parents and is now the heir to his dad’s company.  He’s come to take Aoba with him and i loled pretty hard when the 3 brats were trying to wrap their heads around male Noise liking male Aoba and in the end, they all just conclude “HENTAI KA?” LOL.  One of the brats, the girl Mio that Noise kissed on the hand before, gives Noise a love letter but Noise just thanks her and picks Aoba up bridal style, telling her that he already has Aoba :D


SCRAP fails and Noise pulls Aoba into his dream world: a world where it’s just him and Aoba and the slightest touch makes the both of em bleed and feel excruciating pain.  Now he can really feel alive with Aoba roflwtf


leader of a gang called SCRATCH.  He’s some big  jamaican looking dude, complete with dreads and a low rumbly voice rofl. He’s pretty douchebaggy for the most part, being all rough and cold with Aoba *edit after playing his route* scratch the “for the most part” – Mink was basically an abusive shit the entire route with no redeeming qualities.  I hate him and I don’t know why Nitro+Chiral thought of putting this wifebeating cuntnugget into the game.  Join me as I rage his entire route.

Rmb Aoba freaking out about  his gran getting targeted?  Well when he gets home, he finds Mink who knocks the shit out of him

Anyway, the stuff with Mizuki and Tae happens and Aoba and co run off to PLATINUM JAIL to solve shit.  This time, Aoba pairs off with Mink and they head to the same bar as Aoba went to in Koujaku’s route.  There, Aoba starts freaking out about the crowds, the music and smells and some drugs before his other side, AOBA 2, takes over and starts hitting on Mink.  AOBA 2 tells Mink to destroy everything, to destroy HIM so Mink leads him into a back alley and fucks the living brains out of Aoba…wtf i dont even.

Aoba wakes up in the hotel with maaaasssive anal prolapse and that night, when Aoba fails to save Mink’s men when they were ambushed by the Toei cops, Mink rapes the living shit out of Aoba after he kicks the shit out of our protagonist uh…just cuz he can…wtf is this shit.  Aoba wakes up to Mink making a phone call about “having something he wants to pass on” but when he asks whether that something is him, Mink doesn’t say anything so Aoba tries to flee that night or sth

Course Mink catches him and the guy drags Aoba back to the hotel where he proceeds to again, knock the flipping shit out of Aoba.  He tells Aoba that he’s going to dig out that thing inside him and then proceeds onto choke-raping poor Aoba.  Aoba though, succumbs to the uh, “pleasure” (wtf???), blacks out and out pops Aoba 2 who mocks Mink and tells him to try harder to destroy him.  He knows that Mink wants to draw Aoba2 out cuz it’d be easier to use SCRAP that way but Aoba2 taunts that he ain’t gna do what Mink says; he’s gonna mind fuck him so hard.

When Aoba wakes up, he’s tucked into bed and sees Mink sitting near him.  Aoba’s still too exhausted to get up so he goes back to sleep and when he does, Mink comes over and strokes his hair.

That night, the PLATINUM JAIL boss, Mr. TOUE announces that PLATINUM JAIL has caught some terrorists (Mink’s men) and that they are to be executed or sth.  Mink and Aoba then break into OPAL TOWER in Mink’s BA motorcycle to save his men where they meet Mr. TOUE.

Mr. TOUE reveals that he knew Aoba and Mink were in TOUE this whole time but felt like toying with em instead of finishing em off so fast.  He knows why Mink is here: there was once a family of ppl who were super religious devotees and from God, they had received a recipe for making this crazy powerful drug that made em OP and their blood intoxicating. Mr TOUE wanted the secret to the drug but the family refused, saying it was not God’s will so Mr. TOUE took the entire family and took each member apart, testing their blood etc in hopes of finding the secret to the drug.  Mr. TOUE found nothing though and the only living person of thah family is MINK.  Mink knows the secret too and Mr. TOUE wants the drug real bad: “For it is easy to implement the power of mind control through science but to be naturally bestowed that ability; that is most elusive and powerful”.  He tells Mink he’ll give Mink  anything in return for the drug but Mink only wants Mr. TOUEs life so he can suck it.  Mr. TOUE sends out some masked cronie who starts singing a song that mindrapes Aoba and Mink.

Aoba gets a flashback of some time ago when he was a player of LIME. For some reason, he could see the weaknesses of every opponent he had so he had these amazing consecutive wins but one day, AOBA2 came out and he went overboard with SCRAP and permanently brain damaged some dude.  Aoba regrets that shit and was about to collapse but someone grabs him and he wakes up and sees Mink.  Mink is spazzing out from the song still so Aoba uses SCRAP to get inside the guy’s head.

A sea of fire, destruction and death greets Aoba as all around, people are getting killed and the whole world is set ablaze.  Aoba finds Mink all chained up but Aoba yells at the dude that he can move past this shit, orders him to live and Mink wakes up.  Aoba though, has understood that once Mink kills Mr. TOUE, all Mink wants is really death so he’s gonna go kill himself.

Mink runs off to catch up with Mr. TOUE, they have some mindfuck scuffle that no one gives a shit abt and Mink kills him.  Mink says some prayer or sth to his dead family before OPAL TOWER collapses.  Aoba and Mink’s men made it out alive and return to their lives but no one knows what has happened to Mink.

Aoba hasn’t stopped believing though and one day, heads to Mink’s old village or sth i really don’t care cuz I hate Mink but anyway, Aoba finds Mink standing some place and runs towards him. The end.  Wtf lame as fuck ending for a lame as fuck route for an abusive wifebeating character.  Wtf is this shit.


SCRAP fails and Mink ends up ripping Aoba’s head off: as the soul resides in the head, if Mink takes Aoba’s head then he’ll always have Aoba with him


The adorable one who meets Aoba by falling from the sky lol.  He has a gas mask that he doesn’t take off (totally reminded me of that Dr. Who ep where gas masks grew onto ppl’s faces…) and refers to Aoba as “MASTER”.  Personalitywise, he’s eccentric, upbeat and cares little about anything else other than his master, Aoba

After falling from the ground, Clear gets off the ground completely okay and starts calling Aoba his “master”.  Aoba’s like “wtf nigga” and it turns out Clear was the one who carried him when he fainted after that initial LIME incident with Noise.  Aoba gets annoyed with Clear going “MASTAAA MASTAAA” and tries to trip off the guy’s gas mask but that only results in a bawing Clear lol so Aoba just tells him to go home.

Clear comes to the rescue when Noise breaks into Aoba’s house and anyway he agrees to help out with the Mizuki Tae shit.  The two go to PLATINUM JAIL where Aoba wakes up after sleeping in the hotel to Clear doing the LEGENDARY HADAKA APRON thang LOL.   While Aoba’s been sleeping, Clear’s been cleaning and making breakfast but Aoba is just so creeped out by this gasmask hentai that he roundhouse kicks Clear.  Poor Clear weeps on the ground, wondering what he did wrong since he did the whole “OTOKO NO ROMAN” thing but Aoba just yells at the guy to put on some clothes.  The food tastes amazing though, he grudgingly admits, and Clear tells him it’s cuz he used to take care of this old man.  Clear goes and ruins the moment when he calls Aoba “A.NA.TA <3” though haha

Anyway the two head to OPAL TOWER where Clear tells Aoba that he knows someone who knows how to get inside the tower.  In fact, that someone is RIGHT BEHIND EM! :O Aoba is like “DAMN REALLY?” and then Clear pulls a retard stunt and enthusiastically chats up the SECURITY GUARD LOOOOOOL.  Aoba immediately drags Clear off who is like “YOU SAID YOU WANTED SOMEONE WHO KNEW HOW TO GET INSIDE – THE GUARD DEFINITELY KNEW!!!”.  Poor Aoba facepalms and facepalms some more when Clear then dashes to the nearest person and asks him: a bunch of gangsters.  Clear goes into berserker mode when one of em hurts Aoba and he damn near kills em till Aoba steps in and tells him to stop.

Back at the hotel, Aoba reprimands Clear and the poor guy just apologises and promises never to do that again like a poor puppy.  Aoba pets him on the head and Clear asks whether or not Aoba wants to see what’s under his gasmask.  If it’s master, he’ll show him so Clear pulls off his mask and…


Next day, Clear sneaks off by himself and calls Aoba later, saying that he’s gotten into OPAL TOWER.  He sends Aoba a stupidass map like this:

and then hangs up rofl. Aoba follows the map but can’t see Clear.  Clear calls and tells Aoba to look up and Aoba sees Clear on top of…OVER TOWER HAHAHAHAHAH FUCKING HELL CLEAR.

The thugs from ytd then show up for a gank and grab Aoba, telling Clear that they won’t hurt his master if he stays still.  They then proceed onto pummelling the shit out of Clear.  Aoba totally freaks when they dunk acid all over Clear but Clear’s completely fine and simply asks whether the asshole gangsters are done fucking arnd.  The thugs shit their pants and run and Aoba is all like “WASH UR WOUNDS OH SHITSHITHSITHSIITS” so Clear takes off to a fountain and washes himself.

Aoba catches up but Clear doesn’t turn to face Aoba.  Aoba tells Clear to take off his mask to wash his face too but Clear replies that his ojiisan told him to never take off his mask cuz he’s different from other people. The thugs just then even called him a monster so Clear doesn’t want Aoba to see his face and hate him.   Aoba tells Clear he really dgaf cuz he likes Clear the way he is so Clear takes off his mask and…

…Aoba jizzes his pants cuz Clear’s too pretty lolol.  Clear asks desperately whether he has a proper face and whether he looks hideous or not.  Aoba touches his face and tells Clear that he’s got a nose, mouth and eyes; everything that Aoba has.  On the verge of crying, Clear touches Aoba’s face and tells his master to tell him more that he’s normal and the same as Aoba.  Clear thanks Aoba and it hits Aoba here, that Clear just might not be human…

The next day, Clear sings a song for Aoba as thanks and Aoba tells teh guy that he sings beautifully.  They turn on the TV and a song plays which gives Aoba a massive headache.  Clear explains that the song is “DYE MUSIC”, a form of music that infiltrates a person’s mind and allows the broadcaster mind control over em.  Normal people don’t notice its gradual effects but Aoba’s SCRAP is rejecting the song so Clear sings to put the guy to sleep.  Clear doesn’t know why he knows so much about this stuff but figures its cuz his ojiisan told him.

Anyway Clear runs off again and Aoba runs after him, only to find THREE Clears…two in some white armour uniform plus the original. The White Clears tell Clear to wake up; Clear’s REAL MASTER is Mr. TOUE.  Clear rejects this and says that Aoba is his master and the two White Clears start singing DYE MUSIC to fuck up Aoba till Clear blasts some missiles from his hand or sth :O The White Clears leave, saying that Aoba is screwed  cuz the DYE MUSIC till take its effects soon enough.  Clear here reveals that he’s actually some robot android made by TOUE to mind control people through DYE MUSIC. He had forgotten all this till he bumped into the White Clears and muses that he could have originally been a spy sent to observe Aoba.  However, he became fascinated with Aoba – how he has the same ability as the Clears to mindfuck people yet he was human and they were manufactured. Regardless of who he is, Aoba is the only master to Clear and he begs Aoba to believe him.

Course Aoba believes Clear and Clear pulls out a brolly cuz it’s started to rain. He tells Aoba that it’s really too good that Aoba was his master and asks whether he can call Aoba by his name.  He tells Aoba, 「青葉さん、好きです and kisses Aoba.

They then get an invitation to OPAL TOWER and meet Mr. TOUE.  Mr. TOUE tells em that Clear was a failed product and was meant to be scrapped but the rubbish dump dude took pity on Clear and took the guy with him instead. That rubbish dump guy ojiisan changed Clear’s settings etc, made him wear a mask so no one would recognise him and he told Clear to live. Mr.TOUE is interested in how Clear managed to reject him as a master and decided to take Aoba as his master instead.  Clear asks whether he can become human and Mr. TOUE answers no, he asks why they were made to resemble people then.  Mr. TOUE says that its easier to slip em into the general human population: they can pretend to be real humans while he commands them to do his shit. Clear rejects Mr. TOUE’s arrogant shit but this only makes Mr. TOUE want to take Clear apart even more so he tells the White Clears to atk.  Clear stabs himself to break the processor cap on himself or some funky shit and Aoba tries to use SCRAP on him but he’s a robot so uh…fail much?  Odd thing is though, Aoba manages to get inside Clear’s head just for a tad.

Clear starts raping ass and sings to fuck everyone up.  OPAL TOWER collapses and the same guy with a hat appears on all the PC screens as it tumbles down.  Aoba and Clear run for it and return to the hotel.

Clear’s berserker shit has fucked up his system recovery so he’s gonna die but before he does, he requests that Aoba let him touch him: he can’t become human so he wants to do something that humans do before he dies.  So the two get it on, with Clear forcing his broken body the entire way but he dgaf cuz he wants to feel Aoba

After that, Clear begins to shut down but tells Aoba that he’s been so lucky to have him as a master and he asks whether he seemed human. Crying, Aoba tells Clear that he was more human than anyone else he’s ever known and thanking Aoba, Clear mentions that he felt Aoba when he used SCRAP on him and that it was a very warm feeling.  With that warmth in his chest, Clear dies and Aoba grabs Clear and tells him goodnight.

For the next couple of months or sth, Aoba lives alone and can’t forget about Clear.  However, some dude has been working desperately with Tae to repair Clear and a miracle happens.  Aoba comes home one day to someone singing on the rooftop and when he climbs up there, he sees none other than Clear who says “I heard your voice, so I came, Aoba-san”.  IT IS A HAPPY ENDING :D


YES WE GET A ROUTE FOR AOBA’S SUPER CUTE ALLMATE <3  Ren is a dark blue poofball terrier/pomeranian doggie and is calm, analytical and serious.  He speaks in some deep robotic monotone and is also an older model of ALLMATEs but Aoba loves him too much to change him, something that other people find weird cuz most just treat ALLMATEs as tools to be used :3  In turn ofc, he’s super dedicated to Aoba and is always worried whenever our protagonist gets headaches from his SCRAP.

We first see Ren in his human form during that first game of Lime against Noise: a dark bluehaired guy in a cloak and some helmet mask thing covering his eyes.  Cuz Ren saved Aoba during that fight, Aoba thanks the guy and tells him just how thankful he is.  Ren answers  “Same ere (こちらこそ)” to which Aoba comments that, that is what Ren always says.  Ren falls silent for a tad and then goes

LOL I don’t think this really gets across how funny it was to hear -_- doggie Ren say this but it was funny especially how Ren was completely srs about changing his way of speech.

Anyway, the stuff with Mizuki and Tae happens but while saving Mizuki, Aoba is forcibly dragged into another Lime game and there, has a faceoff with none other than Mr. TOUE.  Aoba gets owned and doesn’t draw out Aoba2 this time so Mr.TOUE calls it a day and tells Aoba to destroy some more if the guy wants to beat him.  That night, Aoba has a nightmare of losing him arm to sth that he needs to escape from.

Aoba enters PLATINUM JAIL where at the hotel, Ren mentions that he’s been feelign off lately.  A system check shows no anomalies though so Aoba starts ruffling through Ren’s fur to see any external dmg but Ren only tells Aoba to stop cuz he’s feeling…weird HURHUR and when Aoba nuzzles Ren like he usually does, Ren for once, pushes Aoba’s face away cuz again, the doggie is feeling…weird :S

Aoba’s hurt and worried about Ren still, he goes to an ALLMATE store.  He catches Ren staring at some crazy high tech ALLMATEs and when Aoba mentions that those must be super convenient, Ren asks whether Aoba would like to have one of those HQ ALLMATEs.  Aoba answers not at all cuz he has Ren but Ren replies back that Aoba only feels that way cuz Aoba hasn’t experienced the luxury of a HQ ALLMATE.  Aoba’s like ???? but Ren suddenly runs out the store.  Aoba chases after the guy, super confused cuz Ren seemed pissed yet Aoba set his personality settings on “thick skinned” and ALLMATEs aren’t supposed to have much emotion in the first place.

While finding Ren, Aoba comes across a man in a hat (the guy who appeared on all the screens in OPAL TOWER when OPAL TOWER collapses at the end of each route) sitting in an alley.  When mystery guy x makes eye contact with Aoba, Aoba feels an odd spark in his head and feels as though he knows the man.  Aoba continues to stare until he suddenly feels a jolt and recoils backwards.  When he looks again, X is gone and Aoba is all alone. Ren then shows up but just sulkily answers that he just…felt like running away when Aoba asks wtf he was doing.  That night, Aoba has a nightmare again and this time, he has lost all his limbs to that sth he must run from.

Next day, PLATINUM JAIL has a special event where Mr. TOUE appears as a hologram to everyone.  He claims to have found “true happiness” and announces that he will bestow this “true happiness” to all tomorrow.  The crowd goes nuts and Mr. TOUE then introduces his son, SEI, who turns out to be mystery guy in the hat X.  Again, when Aoba looks at Sei, he feels fireworks go off in his head almost as if Sei was digging inside.  Aoba gets a headache and all the people start worshipping Sei like crazy

Mr. TOUE shows a picture of the South where Aoba etc live.  Mr. TOUE says that the residents of the South are starting to see how amazing PLATINUM JAIL is soon which is impossible because most everyone there hates PLATINUM JAIL.  Aoba realises that everyone ere is being mind controlled and suddenly throws a rage fit at the crowd.  Ren tells Aoba to calm the fuck down and Aoba’s all confused like “what is happening to meh”. His boss, HAGA, calls Aoba to tell him that PLATINUM JAIL is planning shit in the South.

The next morn on TV, Aoba sees that the residents of the South all have that retarded hypnotised look on their faces and the TV reports that these guys are going to move into PLATINUM JAIL.  Aoba busts into PLATINUM JAIL but then notices that there are pixels floating around Ren’s eyes.  Ren refuses to show Aoba his face and tells Aoba that it’s not anything that’ll hinder Aoba – if it was, he’d become an unwanted product.  Aoba ere’s just really worried but Ren won’t listen and just runs off again into a crowd of people.

Aoba slips in and looks for Ren but suddenly catches sight of someone…HIMSELF.  Aoba gets headaches again and while he does, a voice – presumably Aoba2 –  asks why Ren is so important to him.  The voice tells him that Aoba knows why and that if Aoba gave in to his desires, no one would be able to stop him.  Aoba’s reverie is interrupted when the guards see him and the guards find Ren and give the dog a swift kick in the side.  Aoba2 busts out and orders everyone to stop and forget about having seen him.  Aoba meanwhile, finds himself tripping out in his mind, being consumed by desire to destroy and when he comes to, everyone is collapsed on the ground.  Aoba grabs an unmoving Ren and makes a run for it.

Aoba fights his way out, breaking the minds of anyone who tries to capture him.Aoba2 nearly takes over permanently and he tells Aoba that Aoba thinks he doesn’t know anything but that’s only because Aoba is rejecting Aoba2, who knows everything.  Aoba ends up bumping into some MORPHINE members, lead by the two yakuza members, Virus and Trip.  These two have known Aoba for a long time and the 3 of em are old acquaintances so Aoba’s like “wtf u guys be doin ere” and the two reveal that they are MORPHINE gang members. The two then proceed onto telling Aoba about his birth origins.

Aoba is actually the twin of Sei, who is the source of TOUE’s power.  Sei and Aoba were the products of science and when they were born, they had the ability to control people.  At birth, the two of em have no pigment and were born with their hair joined together; Aoba being able to feel pain through his hair is presumably a remnant of this.  Both of them died at birth but when their hair was cut, Sei breathed while Aoba did not.  Tae, who now realised that her research had been used to create monster babies quit TOUE and took Aoba with her, planning to give him a proper funeral.  However, Aoba started breathing some time later so Tae brought Aoba home and raised her as her own.  While Aoba uses his voice to channel SCRAP, Sei uses his eyes.

Aoba feels betrayed by the two but the two claim that they simply became fans of Aoba2 when they saw him kick ass using SCRAP in Lime some time ago.  They became fascinated with Aoba and found out about his SCRAP stuff when they dug around and cuz they realised that Aoba2 could go berserk, they watched over Aoba, making everyone forget about Aoba2 breaking the minds of people etc.  MORPHINE is a unit specialising in memory wiping anyway so this was easy for the two.  Back then, the two weren’t too good at memory wiping though so they accidentally caused a scene: KAMIKAKUSHI.  Because of this, the two also wiped Aoba’s memories of having ever played Lime before.  Mr. TOUE eventually found out about Aoba though and the two tell Aoba to come along and meet Sei, who doesn’t have much longer to live cuz he’s been experimented on so many times.  It’s okay for Mr. TOUE if Sei dies though, cuz they’ll just take his eyes

Trip and Virus start pummeling the shit out of Aoba but in come Koujaku etc to save Aoba.  Ren’s now become some aggressive mutt who tries to bite Aoba before he’s pulled into Lime again, up against *gasp* REN :O Ren attacks and where he’s bitten Aoba, Aoba feels an influx of warm, sad emotion where he sees flashes of Ren’s memories – of which consist all of Aoba.  Aoba’s always wondered why Ren takes on a human form in Lime but realises that Ren isn’t his ALLMATE: When Aoba was young, he used to talk to this “someone” inside his head but as time passed, he never heard from that voice again.  When Aoba got his ALLMATE, the consciousness of that someone entered Ren and took over so the dog form was only a vessel.  So the Ren Aoba knew was never in this ALLMATE, it was all in his head.  To drag the real Ren out (cuz he’s no longer in the little doggie), Aoba decides to use SCRAP on HIMSELF.

He finds where Ren’s mind has been hidden inside and sees Ren, who begins to attack Aoba cuz he’s affected by a bug + been knocked around too much.  Aoba apologises for not knowing Ren enough, then finds himself at a beach with Ren.  Ren explains that he exists to watch over Aoba and to make sure he doesn’t go berserk (so basically he’s a part of Aoba SELFCESTTTT).  However, there was a time period where Aoba got rowdy and out of control cuz of Aoba2 and Ren couldn’t reach the guy anymore.  Soon after, Aoba picked up an ALLMATE so Ren used this as a chance to control the ALLMATE – if Ren couldn’t help Aoba inside the guy’s head, then he’ll help from outside.  When KAMIKUSHI happened, everyone’s memories were wiped, including Ren’s so he forgot who he really was and thought of himself as a true ALLMATE.  When he got infected by that virus, it attacked his memories and emotions so Ren remembered.  With Ren’s newfound emotions came the fear of being thrown away when Aoba wanted a new model and this was when Ren realised that he didn’t want to hand Aoba to anyone and wanted to be with the guy forever.  Because of these feelings, Ren feels as though he’s failed as his role of a guardian and wanted Aoba to forget about him so…he bit Aoba LOL and Aoba’s like “YOU REALLY THINK A LITTLE NIP WILL MAKE ME HATE U??”  then he hugs sad doggie Ren and tells him that he wants Ren by his side.

The two then fight mr. TOUE who uses the Lime judge, USUI as his ALLMATE.  USUI is basically a version of Sei so Aoba uses SCRAP on USUI, calling him NIISAN.  Aoba runs to see Sei who’s too weak to talk irl so they talk in Lime.  Sei’s been wanting to see Aoba his entire life and he’s been helping Aoba, sending those TORAWARE NO HIME msgs and maps.   He tells Aoba to destroy him with SCRAP so Sei dies.

Aoba’s pulled into his own mind and there, sees Aoba2.  He apologises for always rejecting Aoba2 and finally accepts him.  Aoba’s about to leave with Ren but Ren pulls the guy down and…

urhrurhurhurhur they have sexytime at the beach.   Before returning to reality, Aoba gets a short flashback of his father telling him it’s okay and telling him that from now on, his name is “Aoba”

When Aoba wakes up, OPAL TOWER has collapsed but everyone’s with him and all is good.  However…

When he talks to Ren, Ren only barks – The dog is now only an empty shell.  Aoba hugs the ALLMATE and cries.

Everything returns to normal but one day, Aoba gets a call from the hospital saying that his older bro, Sei, is ere.  While going to the hospital, Aoba gets a last message from TORAWARE NO HIME, saying that he’s got a present.  At the hospital,  Sei licks his face and Aoba realises that this is Sei’s last present to him: REN.


SCRAP fails –> Ren becomes some crazy mutt and chews the shit out of Aoba.


Virus and Trap manage to capture Aoba but decide not to fork him over to Mr.TOUE cuz they both like Aoba too much.  Instead, they make Aoba their sex toy and rape him senseless everyday, shoving both their dongs into him at the same time and getting their lion and snake ALLMATES to join in as well.

…wtf are you srs

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Tbh…I’m disappointed.

As with the last two games I reviewed, it’s not the game itself that’s bad; stand alone, they are decent but it’s just that I was expecting more especially since Dramatical Murder is from the revered Nitro+Chiral

But anyway, that aside, this was fun to play :D  My favourite is probably Clear but I loved Noise and Ren too – all three of em were too adorable.  I don’t rmb Koujaku cuz I played his route like…3 months ago rofl but Mink can go die in a fire that cesspool of loathsome shit.  I think I might have missed something huge in his route cuz why would anyone make such a disgusting character you can go after?  Mr. TOUE was a boring, typical chessmaster antagonist and Trip and Virus were just two big rapist dickholes.  Aoba was a pretty cute protagonist, kinda like Konoe from Lamento but more upbeat but I think he’s also retarded cuz he liked all that violent shit with Mink.  I don’t even

Fab music, standard Nitro+Chiral fare.  There’s a different artist again and I like how bright her stuff is though I liked TnC/Lamento and Sweet Pool art better.  Still, nice clothing designs especially with Noise lol and his cute rabbit ALLMATEs.  Ren’s hawt <3

As for the routes, they were all solid except for Mink’s wifebeating one.  Noise’s backstory and “can’t feel pain” thing could have been developed a tad more but all in all, the rest had good routes.  Clear’s one was my favourite and had me tearing up near the end but this admittedly isn’t a tragic game like Sweet Pool and cuz everyone had a good ending, it left me smiling like an idiot more than anything.  The bad ends were kinda creepy though especially Ren’s bad one with Trip and Virus – I just stared like wtf when I saw that huge black lion and snake ALLMATE raping Aoba…same with Clear’s one where Aoba lost his legs and shiet…

At almost 10k words, Ima wrap this ass review up and say, one of the good BL games out ere but Nitro+Chiral fans might be disappointed.

47 Responses to “BL Game Review: DRAMAtical Murder”

  1. I agree with you that it was a bit disappointing compared to the rest of the games. I think I would put it on third place behind Lamento and Sweet Pool in terms of favorite in the series.

    Clear was also my favorite and I cried a bunch at the end and when he died. Mink was such a fucking waste of character that I just -_-

    I don’t regret buying it but it didn’t left me with that “Wow, that was good” – feeling, ya know?

    • domshiki Says:

      yeah i rmb the previous nitro+chiral games blowing my mind but dramatical murder was just “good”.
      oh thank god you hated Mink too; I thought it was just me missing crucial parts of his route so all I saw was a wifebeating asshat.
      haha I defs know what u mean bro but I hope nitro+chiral’s next game’ll be btr :3

  2. Mito Says:

    OMG!! CLEAR ROUTE IS SO TEARABLE!!! /CREY didn’t expect Noiz’s route be so CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!! OMG!!! truly good~

  3. Guest? Says:

    lol and here i see Koujaku looks like Kamina from TTGL.Too bad they don’t have similar personality D: That could be awesome…..though how does it work in this kind of story..

    But dang that eating body CG is really creeepy…

  4. If you look into the game CGs or Recollections there are these two unused CGs of Mink and Aoba together. I’m not saying that these two CGs would’ve made Mink’s path more enjoyable but I guess Nitro+Chiral decided that the game took up too much space, so they axed someone. That someone being DICKHEAD X…
    But yeah, the game overall was mediocre. It’s like all this information was being shoved in to make the plot interesting and shit. It’s sad when a great company like Nitro+Chiral makes something that isn’t bad…just mediocre. So dissapointing…

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL bet they realised what a shitty character Mink was halfway through but they weren’t assed enough to go back and correct him so it was like “eh whatever lets just shove in two CGs ere and hope it works”. I didn’t even see those two CGs – i didn’t bother looking through his shit cuz I hated him tha much

      I know I was expecting something AMAZING too: on its own, I think the game fares well as one of teh btr BL games around but when one takes into account that it was by Nitro+Chiral, one realises that it really should have been WAY better.

  5. fellow ren, noise & clear fan >w< Says:

    ehh, i read your blog about the routes >….////./////< his fang is so cute <3 though ren and aoba's relationship is now very messy OAO (selfcest + incest part of aoba and body of sei OAO)

    the only thing i don't like about the game is that while ren is very important to aoba, it was never really shown that way while playing the non-ren routes (QAQ ren was missing from the story in alot of parts feels like he is being ignored by aoba and is in sleepmode or really out of the story most of the time) other than that i think the game is amazing XD

    • I saw that to which doesn’t make any sense but on ren they show that Aoba has a bro while others don’t anyway If MC was a girl and going after Clear and get married or whatever there going to abopt because one a robot so may have made him to like a human but sense MC is a guy there really no real problem but how the heck is Clear going feel him up and can Clear even climax but you didn’t have to answer just putting it out in the open that’s all.

      • fellow ren, noise & clear fan >w Says:

        for clear he have a d**k, lol he was made to be able to live like a human for the organization’s mind controlling plans OwO. so clear’s job was suppose to be able to infiltrate the human population and live like one so much so that making love is possible. lol don’t ask me how they were able to make it, i can only ans that their technology is high enough. Fyi clear did climax with aoba plus he could feel aoba properly. but i’m not sure if there were white stuff coming out of him or not, cg no show, text too vague on it… >.<

  6. wait… Clear is robot so how the heck can he do something that humans do before he dies thing. I know he made to look human can Clear even get turn on all normal guys can? Clear is one of my faovite characters and Ren is also because i’m socuer for cute animals so KYAA! But I love Clear more than Ren it’s kind of a shame that like guys gaah. So what your faovite characters on the game?

  7. cibo Says:

    Hi, thanks for the summary!!
    The art is so nice – but yikes what’s up with the terribly unsexy rape/wifebeater/gore crap. Seems like it’s ok to skip this one!

  8. I think Mink’s character is based on BDSM type of people.. I played the route by accident and yes his story isn’t that solid, but the characters that showed up were quite typical :

    BDSM rough ojiisan, Mink.
    Cute sweet gentle seke, Clear
    Perfect childhood friend guy, Koujaku
    Tsundere ‘uchiha sasuke’ character, Noiz

    Only Ren is a bit different, the ‘forever guardian angel’ type, rarely shows up in N+C works, (especially the cute part with Sei) but, meh.
    The types of seme that show up don’t have much variety.

    By the way, love this review, the way you re-tell everything is just awesome and sums up quite everything (I noticed this after having just finished the game, yay!)

  9. fujoshi xantoon Says:

    What about clear’s bad ending? You didn’t write anything about that D:

    • fujoshi xantoon Says:

      And I didn’t get what the hell happened in ren’s route? Did ren’s spirit die? Did he live through sei’s body and more importantly DID SEI REALLY DIE?? T^T Btw is ren the main seme? (fuck I was rooting for koujaku)

      • domshiki Says:

        I have no idea lol it’s been too long since I played this sorry. Not sure about “main seme” but I’d say Ren was much more likable than Koujaku who I found to be a bit boring.

  10. I’m currently playing DMMD but no matter how much i play, i keep getting clears bad end, what should i do?

  11. tomo-friend Says:

    i’ve seen most of the comments here saying this game is mediocre, compared to past Nitro+ games.

    How is that? I thought this was very good.
    Is it about the characters? Is it about the story? I’m really curious, why is everyone saying that?

    • domshiki Says:

      Did you play Nitro+Chiral’s previous works? TnC, Sweet Pool and Lamento?

      The thing is, Dramatical Murder isn’t mediocre on its own. It’s a good BL game imo with a solid story and a nice mix of characters + nice art. But when compared to its predecessors, I feel it really doesn’t match up at all.

      Nitro+Chiral’s games have always been kinda dark like TnC and especially Sweet Pool (Lamento less so but it’s still there) and I think that’s kinda like one of its trademarks. The previous 3 games brought sth new to the BL genre (1. apocalypse, 2. Kitty boys, 3. Shitting meat monsters) but I don’t feel Dramatical Murder really set itself apart from the other BL games that much. If no one told me who the makers were, I don’t think I would ever have guessed that Nitro+Chiral made the game.

      I found the story of Dramatical Murder a bit half assed with the whole “oh yeah Aoba’s actually got a twin + his hair can feel + yeah Ren’s part of him” – it all seemed to come out of nowhere to me and I found the antagonist completely boring and just a stock “I WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD” character. They also had Mink, who totally disgusting and got no explanation to why he was such a dickwad and to why Aoba suddenly fell in love with him.

      I don’t know if I’m explaining this too well since it’s been a while since I played this but bottom line is, Dramatical Murder is far from being BAD: it’s a pretty great stand alone game but I think it’s getting labeled as “mediocre” mostly because Nitro+Chiral’s previous games were BRILLIANT and made me weep (Sweet Pool WHY) while this one doesn’t invoke the same level of emotion and just doesn’t leave you going “DAMN DAH WUZ SOME GOOD SHIT” – high expectations contributed much to this too. I think it’s only something that you’ll understand if you had previously played Nitro+Chiral’s other games before this one.

      • I agree. There’s something really empty about the DMMd plot. I guess it’s the lack of foreshadowing, more than anything else. They tried to save everything for the True route and that made a lot of the revelations seem like arse pulls.

        I’ve noticed that each Nitro+CHiRAL targets a different subgoup within the yaoi fanbase so I’m guessing DMMd is aimed at girls who like fluffier stories…?

        I wonder if Re:Connect’ll be able to bring something new to the table…

        And now I shall purge this goofy smile from my face and regain my manliness by playing TnC…

  12. tomo-friend Says:

    the only older Nitro+ games i played was TnC, and i’m waiting english patch for the other 2.So i can’t really compared the past game to this.

    Thank you for reply though. I’m personally like this game, so seeing some negative comments, i’m just curious about it.

    btw ,Re: connect is out . Are you intending to make a review for it?
    Though i heard it’s Sooo short compare to this, despite that its size is like 1GB larger than this??

    • domshiki Says:

      anytime man. You should play lamento next THEN sweet Pool – personally, I don’t rly rmb much of tnc and lamento since it was back when my japanese was even worse than now but I rmb thinking they were fab. Then my japanese picked up by the time I played Sweet Pool and that game just blew my mind, regardless of how disgusting pooping meat monsters is lol.

      I probably will, I’ve just been so swamped with life lately and I’m trying to get my other half finished posts done first. LOL srs? I guess nitro+chiral mb upped the quality of the art and stuff so the filesize got massive perhaps

  13. mochi Says:

    Dun know why but i love Mink, i dont like those raep scenes but i think that he’s way more than that, especially after finishing DMMd re:connect … and Aoba’s obsession for him is kind of cute too …..

    • domshiki Says:

      Oh does he get better in the fd? I can’t really judge seeing as I haven’t played the fd but I still think Mink is a flat, stock rapist db character if it needs a fd to fix his image and give him depth…

  14. Well I would say for from your review ((not finished with the game lol)) that drmm or whatever it is like one of thoes begginer games for people who wanna get into BL visual novels like there gate way game to see how they like because you don’t wanna just hand them all the good stuff like the gAmes you mentioned in the comments because then everything else wouldn’t fair up to them if u just threw all the good dark amazing charecter type games at them and stuff just something that pretty OK to see how they like it but that’s is just my OP((lol also my first BL game)))

  15. g2-a77ce17b7e7cc05441cce1334241b052 Says:

    First of all I just wanna say I love your reviews they crack me up <333

    I agree with you on DMMD being mediocre. I was honestly expecting more from it especially compared to lamento & TnC (can't bring myself to play sweet pool just yet) but in the end I couldn't really connect to any of the characters though it was still a solid ride. I did a second play through when the English patch came out but the numerous l mistranslations was too jarring and I ended up uninstalling it. It felt like the translation mistakes were mostly attributed to not taking into account context which resulted in a lot of weird lines some of which meant the complete opposite of what was actually being said.

    I have to say though the fan disk was able to give me what the original game failed to deliver. Closure. So if you haven't gotten around to it yet you should as it will make DMMD a more enjoyable experience as a whole.

    • domshiki Says:

      I’m glad my shitty writing makes you laugh :3

      I’m probably never going to get around to playing the fandisk with how backlogged I am with games but thank god it gave closure. Like you said, wasn’t a bad game, just…so mediocre so it’s good to hear reconnect gives it a little more oomph!

  16. aqilaqamar Says:

    wow Nitro chiral did something new cool! I wish they would make this into an anime :D also I wonder if Nitro chiral would any BL games where guys are bi oriented and the girls are non generic lol.

  17. Koujaku wasn’t boring -_-. He was the main reason Aoba wasnt lonely growing up. He’s like always protected him as a kid and shit. In fact koujaku and Noiz where about the most interesting sekes because they both fought over who would help aoba, and I guess who was better . But both there routes where heartwarming and interesting. (Team koujaku and Noiz)

    • domshiki Says:

      I can’t help it if I didn’t find him as interesting as you did sorry but glad u enjoyed his character

  18. Hi there, just wanted to say, I liked this article.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

  19. Brittany Says:

    Heyy I just played both Dmmd and dmmd re connect and let me tell you the re connects bad ending are so weird. They’re like longer versions of the bad endings in the main end plus a lot more sex. You should really try to play re connect. (The good endings were so cute and hot)

    • domshiki Says:

      LMAO plus a lot more sex? I’M INNNNNNNNNNNNNN

      Yeah, I have the game already but like with everything else I have, haven’t gotten around to actually playing it. I spoiled myself with the CG pack though and yes, I did see a lot more sex lol. I’m tempted to play it right now just to see what they did with Aoba and wifebeater Mink – did they somehow *explain* the attraction? Or was it sort of just like “Yeah Aoba just liked being abused and that’s how Mink shows his love”?

      • Brittany Says:

        Hahaha yupp. And honestly re connect kinda tied the whole game together for me since I felt like dmmd was lacking a little something. I also learned that Noiz is more of a freak than I thought he was but in a good way hahaha (no gonna spoil anything). (On the low though I’m really starting I belive Aoba is a masochist, again don’t want to spoil anything lol)

  20. I fuckin’ hate Mink, he sounds like a total ass. Overall I recon Noiz is my fav, he’s amazing and hilarious and they’re adorable together. Aside from that Koujaku, Clear and Ren would be tying cos Koujaku and Aoba are kinda cute together, Clear is adorable and hilarious and Ren is just like the cutest thing to ever roam the earth. <3

  21. I fuckin’ hate Mink, he sounds like a total ass. Overall I recon Noiz is my fav, he’s amazing and hilarious and they’re adorable together. Aside from that Koujaku, Clear and Ren would be tying cos Koujaku and Aoba are kinda cute together, Clear is adorable and hilarious and Ren is just like the cutest thing to ever roam the earth. <3 Sadly though the Ren route is kinda ruined for me cos of the selfcest, incest and theoretical beastiality.

    • domshiki Says:

      “Ren route is kinda ruined for me cos of the selfcest, incest and theoretical beastiality.”

      ^ROFL WHY U GTA GO BRING THAT UP I WAS TRYING SO HARD TO IGNORE ALL THAT :P Damn straight Noiz was fucking hilarious man, their sex scene was the most random thing on earth (I died when Aoba was like “NEW AGE??” and wondering whether this was how sex worked for Noiz’s generation). I’m glad I’m not the only one who was just left absolutely dumbfounded by Mink’s route. It was just…abuse so I didn’t see what I was supposed to coo over lol

  22. I see the first episode of DRAMAtical murder .When I was looking the wiki I saw there is a game of this anime .Then I saw this review .After I finished reading I think i was gonna vomit :D Especially Rens Bad ending 2 was loathing.Actually I dont dislike yaoi but this one was really bad .Anyway thanks for reviewing and sorry for english mistakes :D

  23. KittyMewMew Says:

    Hey! Not sure if you’re going to read this, but I just read your review, and it was some pretty funny stuff. You have an interesting sense of humor.

    Just like what a bunch of other people already said, I totally recommend you play DRAMAtical Murder: Reconnect. Once you play it, it becomes clear that the BL VN geniuses at Nitro+ChiRal purposely made the routes in the first game open ended so they can release this sequel. All the lose ends in the first game are tied up in Reconnect.

    I definitely understand how you feel about Mink…lol after I played the first game, I hated Mink with a passion, too. However, once I played DRAMAtical Murder Reconnect, I totally love him now xD He (briefly) explains why he treated Aoba the way he did in the first game, and he’s shown in such a better light in the sequel compared to the first. Whereas in the first game Mink’s route seemed the most unsatisfying, in my opinion Mink’s good ending route in the sequel was the most complete and satisfying :3 (And Mink is not Jamaican, he’s Native American/First Nations lol, he just had dread locks as a “disguise”).

    Also, if you thought what Mink did to Aoba in the first game was bad, you should see what Virus and Trip do to Aoba in Reconnect…Some of the most disturbing stuff I’ve seen in a long time, and now I absolutely HATE Virus and Trip with a passion =.=’

    Plus, I recommend you play all the bad endings first and then the good endings later, so you feel more pleasurable with the game that way (and yeah, play through Virus and Trip’s one and only bad ending first just to get it over with right away). Once you go through all the endings, the Mizuki and Aoba endings will be unlocked ;D

    So yeah, if you haven’t already because you’re busy or something, hopefully you’ll have time to check out DRAMAtical Murder: Reconnect.

    p.s. Clear’s route in Reconnect was just as awesome as it was in the first game…so many feels (bad ending = sad tears; good ending = “omg that was so touching and beautiful” tears) ;3

    p.p.s. Oh yeah, and the anime for DRAMAtical Murder just came out a while ago, it’s really rushed because they try to squeeze in every character’s good ending one episode at a time, but if you’re interested you should go check it out, too!

  24. Sano-Chan Says:

    You guys are all such assholes to Mink. Like the whole freaking Mink fanbase gets it, he raped Aoba. Do we approve of it? Fuck no BUT we did however look more into it to find out his real character and guess what he actually turned out to be the best, sweetest, most misunderstood gentle giant, and the fact that Fuwanovel had the fucking balls to intentionally mistranslate his entire reconnect route to make him seem like an asshole proves it.

    This is a link to the real proper translation of Mink’s reconnect route:

    Not liking him is fine but talking shit about his character without even having played the second game and sending death threats to the people of the fandom that actually like Mink is shameful, rude, and extremely unneccessary. You all need to grow up and drop the damn hate.

    • domshiki Says:

      I’m not entirely sure whether your comment was directed towards me specifically or towards other more provocative Mink haters but here’s my response in case it was meant for me.

      Unfortunately, I have not had the time to play the second game nor have I read any spoilers about the second game (I try not to read reviews or spoilers about games that I plan on playing to avoid any extra bias on my part). Also note that this post was written 2 years ago and has not been updated to include any new takes I have on the second game or anything.

      So, my knowledge of reconnect can be effectively summarised as “the second game of DMMD which is apparently pretty damn good” and nothing more. Perhaps Mink is indeed a wonderful person but I don’t know anything about that and until I have time to play the second game and see for myself, I cannot effectively reevaluate Mink’s character. Therefore, I believe that it is justified that I chastise Mink in this post for being an abusive rapist and hold a negative view of his character because he is inarguably, an abusive rapist in the first game and that is what this post is based solely off on.

      I can’t speak for the other players who dislike Mink and send death threats but this is my reasoning and I assure you, that I have better things to do than actively spread Mink hate and send death threats to fans of his character. If your comment was meant for me, then I believe your anger is misdirected and that you are barking up the wrong tree.

      • Sano-Chan Says:

        I completely understand your reasoning for not liking Mink and I have nothing against people not liking him (and my comment was directed to the people that hate Mink in general and say nasty shit to people that like Mink and tell newcomers not to play his route). It’s just a matter of so many people are getting hate for loving “the rapist” or the “wife beater” or whatever but then they go and say how much they love Virus and Trip?

      • domshiki Says:

        Oh yeah I get what you mean about the Trip and Virus thing. I guess they’re “more appealing” cuz they seem like “nicer rapists” or some shit like that I have no idea. Maybe it’s because they look like twins too. Their endings with Aoba killed them for me so I like them about as much as I like Mink.

        Either way, don’t let it get to you I guess, there are good fans and bad fans in every fandom and let the haters flame away: I doubt there’s much you can do since if they’re actually posting death threats over a video game, they don’t have much sense in their noggin either way. Spread DMMD love and tell everyone about Mink’s greatness! Which is sth I need to witness myself :D

  25. robin Says:

    i think your review is lame as shit,besides i like all the character’s especially mink the characters don’t have to be stereotypically goody to shoes all the time, they’er dark complex a bit sadistic and eccentric that’s one of the things that makes nitro+chiral so awesome.

  26. Harsher than Life Says:

    Is it me, or does Koujaku seem like a younger, gaye version of Auron lol?

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