Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayorihime Denshou – Piece of Future –

Alternative Titles:ヒイロノカケラ 新玉依姫伝承 ―Piece of Future―

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 23.03.12


Platform: PSP

Genre:  ADV, otome game, romance, future stuff, Tamayorihime, awesome twins

Plot: No I didn’t really want to play this since it the HnK3 FD sucked but I figured if I was going to clear out the rubbish, I might as well do it all in one go.  Same as with the HnK3 FD, the first part of this FD has Saya not ending up with anyone after the main game’s events, and the second part is a continuation of routes with the guys.

Onizaki Touma

Our resident trashtalking BADASS how now changed from a TSUNTSUNTSUNTSUNTSUNdere, into a tsunDEREDEREDEREDERE lol

The first part of the routes are about some school contest thingy where kids compete to win for a secret prize by finding a box.  Saya teams up with Touma and Kutani (OH GOD), win and get two tickets to the aquarium.  Kudos to Kutani for being totally bro and telling Touma that he can take the second ticket cuz he knows just how much Touma likes animals lol

Saya asks Touma to go with her to the aquarium and he does that whole shifty eyed nonchalant way of approving and on the date, he tells Saya not to feel bad about dragging him around cuz he told her he was going to go with her.  They then go to a dolphin show where the dolphins attack Touma and drag him into the water rofl and Touma spends a good 5 minutes or so yelling at the dolphins and shit but mellows out and mumbles that it feels kinda nice to be liked by the dolphins.  Saya does not let this go and teases Touma innocently about his obsession with animals.  Before they go, Touma gives Saya a dolphin keychain for memory :3

Now for the second part.  After the main game events, Touma and Saya have slipped into a relationship that is more than friends, but not yet that of lovers.  Shinogu’s worried abt em so he gives Saya tickets to an amusement park and tells her to make the first move.  She does and she and Touma go on an amusement park date.  THIS is where Touma first made me lolwut so hard I accidentallysmashed my PSP on the wall…chipped R button now…

This is only the start, next one is better

And there’s more…


Again, Saya doesn’t let this go and keeps bringing up how happy she is that Touma called her KAWAWAAWAYEEEEE and then flat out confesses again that she likes him big time and then she asks him out DAMNNNN GIRL’S GOT BALLS.  At the amusement park, Touma agrees to go on Merry Go Arounds and all that girly shit if Saya goes on crazy roller coasters with him ;)  At the end, the two of em head to the beach when Touma sees how much Saya wants to go.  Touma can’t take how adorable Saya is so he suddenly runs away lmao but stops, hugs her and tells her that he loves her etc and that he wants her to stop belittling herself all the time: she doesn’t have to apologise for errthing and she isn’t weak at all.  Oh jesus these two are so adorkable

The next day, Kutani’s older sis tells Saya that she has some stuff belonging to her late father, the mayor of this city.  She’s been holding onto the stuff for some time now cuz she thought Saya needed some time to get over her father’s death but sista Kutani thinks it’s been long enough now…well apparently it hasn’t been long enough cuz Saya just runs away trololololol

Sista Kutani gets Touma to talk to Saya but this only leads to a fight where Saya insists that it hurts too much and she simply ain’t ready.  Course, Touma’s like “MAN THE FUCK UP BRUH U GOT ME TO BACK U UP” etc so it’s all good.

is the rain really necessary? This is getting too melodramatic

Saya finally gets the courage to see her dad’s old stuff and in his schedule planner, she sees it chock full of work work work but something makes her rush off outside crying.  Touma chases after her and it turns out that amidst all that work work work shit, her dad didn’t forget about her and circled her birthday.  Saya’s touched but feels even shittier cuz she  never got to know her dad properly.

Anyway, that’s that out of the way.  The two go to the amusement park again but halfway through, Touma loses his precious locket with the photo of his dead parents.  He’s like “forget it, it’s ok” but Saya refuses to and spends the rest of the date furiously hunting for the locket.  Her hard work pays off and Touma thanks her for caring for him so much: she truly is one amazing woman :3

Oomi Shinogu

The giant hetare osananajimi who’s only become more of a pussy this game lol but goddamn he looks sexy in this cg don’t he?

The first part is the same, has the school event thingy where Saya pairs off with Shinogu.  While hiding from the other teams or something, Shinogu falls asleep on Saya’s shoulder and when he wakes up, he starts groggily rambling on about how important she is to him etc

The two go to the aquarium together where Shinogu reminisces how Saya’s always wanted a pet anything, be it a cat or a dog or a fish but then cuz Saya’s a good girl, she’s never whined about not even once.

Anyway, they start dating and Shinogu’s still a pussy through and through.  He’s taken 034982309483209 levels in being nice too and always seems really reserved so Saya asks for advice and Sister Kutani tells her to try making him mad so he’ll show her what he truly feels.  That night, Shinogu comes over to tell Saya that he can’t walk her to school or back tmr and also can’t eat lunch with her cuz he’s got his student leader shit or sth.  He tells her not to worry though cuz she can hang with the other guys and feeling rather miffed, Saya replies that yeah she’s completely okay without Shinogu whatever just go home now…which has him escalating in creepiness like


…ad then it gets worse like



He leaves after he tells her that he’ll come visit again if he wants to meet her, complete with a slasher smile and all.  For the next few days, Shinogu doesn’t show up, giving time for the both of em to clear their heads some.  Finally, they meet where Shinogu apologises for flipping some crazy shit at her but confesses that’s really how he feels: Saya is his everything and he doesn’t want to lose her but he knows he’s uh obsessive as fuck so he keeps all his feelings under wraps.  Saya in turn, tells him that she doesn’t mind and tbh…

SHE LIKES IT :D  NO SAYA you do not encourage a yandere character rofl even Shinogu’s sweatdropping and he repeats what she says like:

just to make sure.  oh dear god.

Anyway this makes Shinogu happy and they’re good, they kiss and make up.

Next day, Shinogu asks if he can go to Saya’s place…

AT NIGHT >;D  I was like “NO NO NO NO” but Saya’s like “MOCHIRONNN BABYYY <3” so Shinogu’s like

“urhurhurhur thanks for trusting me Saya” – i mean come on look at his expression he’s definitely planning something!!  He goes on to telling her…

…that he wants to hear her “words”…but at that I was thinking “more like you want to hear her SCREAM tonight…”

So the night comes and I’m anticipating dreading the yandere cray cray scene, my heart skipping a beat when Shinogu goes


…but then I forgot this was an all ages Otoge so really, we just get this:

Where Shinogu just wanted to cuddle :3 BUT C’MON gotta admit that Saya looks preeettty uncomfortable there especially with how Shinogu’s checking her out all creeper.  Does not help when he goes “TOGETHER FOREVER, WHENEVER AND WHEREVER >;)”

In the end, the two go on a happy date together at the amusement park and then to the beach.  There, Shinogu creeper confesses some more about how he always wanted to touch Saya but knew it was “forbidden” or sth but now that Saya knows he’s borderline cray, it’s okay.

Damn, Shinogu :O

Atori Shun

It’s the um…weird looking…thing…with weird looking hair…and a weirdass voice…but he’s a bit better this game.  Kinda.

Blablabla school event happens and Saya goes to the aquarium with Shun.  They end up buying two plushies for his lil bro.

Later on, the two are now dating where Shun’s a total gentlemen, nice like Shinogu too but unlike the latter, he’s totally straightforward and doesn’t cream his pants just from being 2 metres away from Saya lol.  When the two go to the amusement park, the train break downs so the two have to spend a night in ONE hotel room together.  Shun knows that Saya can’t sleep with him around so he tells her that he’s going to take a hike outside so she can sleep in peace.  They’ll regroup in the morning at the train station so no matter :D

Saya feels terrible cuz Shun just basically spent the night outside on the streets without sleeping.  She feels he’s WAY too nice to her and when he asks the other guys, they agree but say that Shun’s nice ONLY to Saya: in the beginning, when they found out they were all to be Saya’s guardians, Shun was the only guy who went out of his way to be nice to Saya and to get to know her more while all the other guys were happy just doing their job of protecting.  They suspect that Shun was in love with Saya all along and sure enough, this is confirmed in a monologue of Shun’s where he recalls how he fell in love at first sight with Saya.  Still Saya feels bad and this causes a totally retarded, unnecessary rift in her relationship with Shun

Blablabla the two talk it out and Shun’s like “erm…I’m nice to you cuz I’m in love with you dumb bitch” and so the ‘problem’ is resolved lol wtf lame.  The two promise to love each other forever omg even lamer

Well after that, the two get closer, with Shun becoming more daring, snogging Saya out of nowhere and now Saya calls Shun by his first name.

Lol Otomate really needs to stay on track: it’s called a FANdisk, not a…lame…disk…

Komura Rei

The funny kouhai.

On their date to the aquarium, Saya tells Komura that he’s like a jellyfish – pretty at a glance but poisonous as fuck lololol.  He in turn, tells her that she’s like a penguin – awkward, looks as though it’s about to trip any moment and adorable but of course penguins are way cuter than the likes of Saya hruhruhr that dick

After the events of the original game though, the two still haven’t started to go out yet and are still in that”are we or are we not” phase. Totally doesn’t help that Komura’s always fucking around and doing as he pleases with Saya, shown when the two go out on a date to the amusement park and he ends up jokingly trying to kiss her and all. Case#2 when Komura tells the other guys to back off cuz Saya is his gf…but then he goes that they aren’t dating or any of that “lame shit”
Cuz of this, Saya’s feeling pretty :/ about it but then again, she’s not Komura’s gf so what can she do eh? Sista Kutani though, tells her to be straight up with Komura so she calls the guy out to talk. He hastily makes up an excuse to avoid talking to her but he can’t run forever so he concedes and Saya tells him that she feels insecure about their relationship. Komura’s always effing around like trolololol and tbh, she doesn’t like getting messed around with and wants him to stop and be srs but lo and behold…

…Komura gets PISSEDDDD. He rages about how Saya doesn’t know shit and what she’s saying is that he isn’t even trying or anything. He yaks on about how he’s already changed so much just for her and he tells her not to ask anything more of him: he hates being tied down rmb? He books it after it and Saya goes home alone.
Next day, he acts as if everything is okay and asks Saya out. Saya’s pretty apprehensive about errthing but Komura apologises and tells her that he didn’t mean to get all pissy hissy – it’s just that he’s changed so much that he’s afraid he’s not himself anymore. He hates anything that requires commitment but loves so Saya so much that he’s willing to give up his freedom and stay in the city just to be with her. He goofs around with her cuz he’s afraid Saya won’t take him srsly and will reject him. Saya’a like “oh silly pooh bear” and the two of em makeup, with Komura confessing again and asking her out officially before taking off due to embarrassment lolol.

So from then on, Komura’s more srs about everything and is more of a man, daring to kiss Saya etc without his usual effing arnd. The two have a date at the mall where Saya feels bad about going shopping and all cuz it’s not Komura’s usual thang but he tells her that shopping with his kawaii gf makes him happy so it’s okay :3

In the end, the two go to the beach and live happily ever after lol.

Inukai Hibiki

Our resident rapist glasses character
Hibiki relents and goes on the aquarium date with Saya but is grouchy the entire time and wants to gtfo as soon as possible. However, Saya tells him that she wants to be with Hibiki some more and pulls out a bentou she made specially for him. Hibiki’s obviously very pleased and noms on an onigiri, getting some rice on his cheek so Saya wipes it off for him and eats it, resulting in a *gasp* DERE HIBIKI for once :O He tells her it was delish and that she muuuust come over some time to his place and cook for him hurhur
Now that the two have started to go out, Hibiki’s become horribly straightforward with Saya, feeling no need to restrain himself like the other guys and he straight up tells her he won’t because he loves her so much he has to express it lol. When Saya asks if he has any plans for the wkend, he goes

PLANS WITCHU ;) rofl nice.

So, the two go to the amusement park together where the trains break down so they spend a night in the hotel together. Hibiki gets Saya to snog him first and the two fool around some before going to sleep on the same bed.

holy crap they are siblings! :O

Anyway, Otoha (the other TM) wants to see her older brother, Hibiki (i totally don’t rmb them being siblings lol did I even mention that they were in the first game?), and patch things up with him so Saya helps and sets up a meeting for the two. Hibiki doesn’t get why he has to talk with his little sis and his haughty attitude pisses Otoha off, with their tiff somehow becoming an argument about Saya when Hibiki mentions that Saya belongs to him. Otoha’s horrified that he’s treating Saya as though she was a thing to be owned so tells Saya that she’d be better off without someone like Hibiki before she takes Saya’s hand and leaves Hibiki. Surprisingly enough, Hibiki doesn’t run after Saya and that’s because Otoha’s words have taken him by surprise: he’s always assumed that Saya was his and he was Saya’s but perhaps that was just him being arrogant – after all, he hasn’t even asked Saya how she feels about this.

Saya hunts Hibiki down the next day and demands to talk to him but he’s just like “gtfo” etc. Saya doesn’t get why he’s avoiding her but declares that she won’t give up no matter what and she starts crying in the middle of the school hallway.  Inukai pulls her away from prying eyes but leaves after she’s done crying.  Seeing how down she is, the other guys take Saya out to hf but Inukai walks in on this and in some jealous fit, kisses her before…running off LOL WTF

Saya chases after the guy but he only tells her that he doesn’t want to see her etc.  In class, Saya’s so emo that she starts crying without knowing so Touma yells at her to chase after Inukai so she goes to his place (the voice recognition thing responds to her too) and makes dinner for Inukai.  When Hibiki comes home, he’s like “GTFO” but Saya tells him to stfu and asks him wtf is up.  After some prodding, he confesses that he’s insecure, thinks that Saya really would be better off with someone else etcetc cuz he’s so flawed: he was originally going to kill her in the first game in a deal to save Otoha anyway etcetc hes so shit blablabla but whatever, Saya tells him she loves him so stop being a giant pussy.

So, the two make up and all is good.  They go out to the mall where they argue about who’s goign to get the other a present cuz they both wana buy each other sth rofl.  Saya wins so she gets to buy stuff for Inukai and then the two go out to the amusement park.  They head to the beach at night where Inukai gives Saya a necklace she was eyeing when they were at the mall and Saya’s so happy that she baws.

Kutani Shirou


yapyapyap the guy starts going on about his “HIMEHIMEHIMEHIME<3” right from the beginning so I put the game on skip rofl.  Anyway, the two go on a date to the aquarium where Kutani finds it familiar, which is odd cuz he’s never been ere.  The two go shake hands with a…seal I think? I don’t know my marine animals in japanese lol too fucking noob for that

But anyway, something magical once the two start going out cuz *GASP* GODFUCKINGFORBID KUTANI BECOMES TOLERABLE.

collective gasps sound  as the scanty number of  4Shiki readers find themselves sharply inhaling at the impossible news.  A buhjillion  thoughts enter their mind at breakneck speeds and their brains fight desperately for the tiniest shred of coherence:

How can this be?  What is happening?

What godsend has replaced the previously insufferable high as fuck monster clown Kutani?

Horribly befuddled, their panicking minds shut down, unable to process anything more on their own.  Only one thought remains:



As a sidenote, yes I was being completely random but the above has made me realise that I am a terrible story writer who can’t narrate for shit and i should never get into professional writing of any sort.  Damn I keep discovering new flaws and shortcomings of mine every day.


Yeah like I said.  Kutani actually stfus about the whole hime shit and instead of running circles around Saya like a retard, he’s actually settled down and acts like a good boyfriend.  The two go on the date to the amusement park, the train breaks down blablabla and the two end up sleeping on the same bed.  What is so special about this event?  Well…the high as fuck nigga actually

LETS DOWN HIS HAIR.  HOOOOOLY SHIT SEE KUTANI you actually look decent but for some stupidass reason, you just have to go mutilate your hair with FILTHY CURTAIN TASSELS.  Goddamn thank god this game doesn’t get more coverage in the rest of the english speaking world – what hipsters would do if they saw Kutani…fk we’d have a shortage of curtains


Stupid fears aside, Saya wakes up halfway to see Kutani crying in his sleep about his parents.  She wants to find out about his parents but he refuses to tell her cuz it’s a damn sad story and it’d make her sad and that’s the one thing he doesn’t ever want to do.  Still, Saya snoops around a tad and finds out from his captain in the gov corps that he was one of those genetically modified kids who were experimented on to create superpowers and shiet for the TM guardian roles.  Of all the kids who were fked with, Kutani was the only one who survived so naturally, there’s a dimension of him that’s pretty much all survivor’s guilt and sadness.

Saya continues to wangst over Kutani not telling her and the guy realises and hugs her from the back suddenly, telling her how happy he is that she’s so worried about him.  Cuz he reaaaaally reaaaaally likes her, he didn’t want to tell her some sob story but if doing nothing makes Saya this sad, then he’d rather tell her than not.  So anyway, drop by tmr for story telling time.

Well, turns out there ain’t much to tell really: his parents worked at JSEI, were loving parents who spoilt Kutani to no end till he hit middle school which is when they willingly handed him over to JSEI for experimenting on…kay they didn’t know what was happening at first, they just thought Kutani was going into the army or sth but when they found out, they tried to get Kutani back but then they died or went mia – Kutani doesn’t know what happened to em.

Saya is sad blabalbala and wonders how she can er make Kutani feel btr lolol and the guy says he wants to touch her.  Sry no sex though and they only kiss

So in the end, all is good and the two go to the amusement park then the beach, where Kutani starts a speech about how thankful he is that he got to meet Saya.  Srsly, she’s the best woman in the world which is why he picks her up and goes “Marry me please!”.Saya says yes and THE END.

Damn I actually made it out alive

Kyousuke and Teppei

YEEE BEYETCHESSSS we get a route with the awesome twins!  Kyousuke’s the purpled hair one who shows pretty much no emotion in his monotone speech and has minimal facial expressions.  Which is not to say that he IS emotionless because he’s just socially retarded – kinda like a snarky Yuuichi from HnK1.  Bottomline, he’s adorable lol.  Teppei’s the blue haired one and is the complete opposite of Kyousuke, being a complete delinquent, complete with the “AAAAH???” speech style and what not.  He plays the tsukkomi to Kyousuke’s silly ramblings and is oranyan so again, bottomeline, he’s adorable <3

Saya gets paired up with these two for the school event.  Since these guys spend half their time picking fights with EACH OTHER, being in the same group ain’t very desirable but these two are intent on creating some fun memories for Saya so they work hard and try to find the box.  They don’t but Saya thanks em for their hard work and they tell her to go out with em on Sunday if she really wants to thank em lol.

So on the Sunday, the three of em go on a 3some date where they take Saya out to shop for clothes.  Everything they pick is super pricey though, with Kyousuke picking some sexier shit while Teppei apparently digs the cutesy look.  The two twins sneakily phone up Saya’s super rich dad, the pres, who’s in the middle of a meeting but immediately picks up and ditches work for Saya like

 He tells Saya “NP NO WORK AT ALL I CHILLING RIGH NOW COME COME BABY” while Sista Kutani’s ranting and raving in the background for him to come back rofl.  Anyway, Saya explains the situation and her dad tells her to just use the credit card he gave her last time to buy whatever she wants.  Saya feels bad but her dad tells her to use the poor card some time and just act like a typical teenage daughter for once so Saya goes ahead and buys her stuff with the twins.

That’s the end of part one.  Unlike with the other characters, the twins aren’t dating Saya in part 2 cuz in the original game, they never had any of that lovey dovey shit so part two is kinda like the prelude to them getting together.

Anyway, after the events of the original game, Kyousuke and Teppei are stuck at OMOIKANE or wherever it was, watching the barrier between the KAMI and humans.  They feel horribly lonely though without Saya and spend days and days calling for her until she finally picks it up with her dormant TM powers and makes her way to them.  The two tell her that there have been some irregularities with the barrier – they don’t know what it is yet but they felt like they needed to tell her.  Saya agrees to come nightly to check up on the barrier just in case.  Their route splits here (yes, we get separate endings for these two <3)


Kyousuke  walks Saya home and comments at the end that he was hoping for some great romancing like what he sees in KDRAMAs or sth lolol.  He visits her at school the next day where he gets Saya to stay with him after school with the power of puppy dog eyes.  She stays back and starts tutoring him but halfway through, realises that he’s no paying any attention and is instead, intent on doodling one of those japanese love umbrella things on the table with his name and her name under it LOL.

Saya goes again for the next couple of nights and the lack of sleep starts taking its toll on her body and she actually faints outside her home.  When she wakes up, it’s morning and she’s in bed next to…

…an adorable Kyousuke who starts reading her a story book to put her back to sleep :3  Turns out he carried her up and has been shitting himself cuz he doesn’t know what to do when humans are sick and has been trying everything to make her better.  Saya mumbles a thanks before she falls back to sleep.

Since then, Kyousuke has been coming every weekend just to see Saya.  The barrier is back to normal so he can go as he pleases but one wkend, Kyousuke does not show up so Saya goes to find Kyousuke instead.  Turns out Teppei’s off testing the barrier at the KAMI side so Kyousuke had to stay put just in case anything went wrong.  He’s overjoyed that Saya came to visit him instead though, and when she admits that she was ronery without him, he glomps her and comforts her in the “THERE THERE WHOOOO’S A GD GIRL WHOOOOO’S A GD GIRL?? YOU ARE!!” way haha.  In his arms, Saya thinks that she likes the way their relationship is


Saya walks home with Teppei instead and this is when the player realises how much of a worrier this guy when he won’t stfu about Saya resting up and shit lol.  When Saya starts showing sign of being fatigued, Teppei takes her out to a picnic where he pulls out a basket of food all made by him – HE CAN COOK <3  Saya’s like “YOU CAN COOK???” and he tells her

that c’mon, he has to hone some useful skills at least in order to qualify as being useful to the TM no? ;D

Saya stuffs herself silly and tells her that it’s been ages since she’s had a meal where it’s been made with so much luuuuuuv and blushing, Teppei tells her he’ll cook her food any time.  Saya then collapses like in Kyousuke’s route and wakes up to a balls worried Teppei who, like his bro, spent the entire night shitting his pants and calling for Saya to wake up cuz he doesn’t know what sick people do and he thought she could’ve died or sth d’aaaww.  When she wakes up, he immediately berates her with a flurry of “BAAAAKA ONNA!!!”, yelling at her not to push herself so much etc

The next day when she comes home, she comes home to TEPPEI IN AN APRON LOL cooking a meal for her.  He tells her he broke into her house to make derishus meal for her cuz she’s still kinda ill :3

One night, he takes her out to the top of the prez building rofl to the helipad where they star gaze some and where he tells her that the entire city is in her debt.  He used to hate this city but seeing Saya try so hard, he began to love to the city too and protect the city because of her.  In fact, somewhere along the lines, protecting Saya’s become more important to Teppei than protecting the barrier.  From now on, he and Kyousuke’ll protect her and the city forever and he pledges himself to her.  He then tells her that he’s gna come over every day to cook for her and asks her what she wants to eat tomorrow.  Musing giddily about what she wants, Saya thinks to herself that her relationship with Teppei is just perfect.

AAAAND if Saya doesn’t favour one of the twins over the other, she gets a quick ending with the both of em basically coerce Saya into visiting them everyday loool and when she says yes, the twins both kiss her on the cheek

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Okay fuck that first comment about clearing out the trash: I loved this FD.

After playing the twins’ route, this FD went from “good” to “FUCK YEAH”.  Those two were just too friggin adorable but I have to say, I liked Teppei a tad more.

As for the other other routes, they were all pretty solid cept for Shun’s and Inukai’s cuz I failed to understand that there was even a “problem” in their relationship…it was just Saya and her man, as we Cantonese people say, “playing with the shit stick”.  But then again, I never had any expectations of Atori since he was eh and the rest of Inukai’s route was good enough to excuse his OOC moments.  Kudos to Otomate for making Shinogu a potential yandere character – it really adds some depth to his character and it helps cuz I love yanderes lol.  Plus I really loved Saya’s father rofl he was a hilariously doting father

And we get to the sad part…SAYA HAD MORE BALLS THAN TAMAKI.  WTF?  I mean jesus, at least Saya didn’t freak out about holding hands or shit the way Tamaki did: it was more of a twice shy thing with Saya, where she’d be all giddy, blushing and shy about it whereas Tamaki would totally implode and act as though her man had superman AIDS that could be passed on through the air the infected breathed out ==  srsly man wtf.  That and Saya was WAY CUTER than Tamaki – she really is a doll and I want a gf like her plz <3

I really liked the ED of this song and the OP wasn’t bad either – a good soundtrack, as expected of HnK games.  Good art too, I’ve grown rather fond of Ike’s art now (I rmb the good old days when HnK3 came out and I was raging about how Ike took over and that it wasn’t Kazuki Yone anymore lol)

The game had a fair bit of extras too, from short stories to extra CGs so that’s a thumbs up.  The biggest feat of this game though, was definitely making Kutani likeable cuz god forbid, I actually kinda LIKE him now (though admittedly nowhere near how much I liked the twins or Touma or Inukai) – he really did grow up a fair bit and although his curtain tassels still blinded me with how uh fashion forward they were, he’s really just a big idiot dog who really loves Saya to bits.

If you played the original game, this FD is a must; it’s way better than the HnK 3 FD by far anyway.

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  1. This was actually the first PSP game I played after getting my PSP 8D I liked it a lot as well and it was actually a good fandisk so it sucks to hear that the hiiro 3 FD is balls. I guess when Ike isn’t told to trace Yone shit comes out awwright? lol. I’ll prolly play the shitty 3 FD since I sat through the original game but I’ll walk in with low expectations.

    I have a suggestion: Stop playing kusomate games and play some quin rose/d3P stuff, it’s a lot more fun lmao I’ve pushed back all my otomate games until next year >_>

    • domshiki Says:

      Your expectations would have to be super low to tolerate the hnk3 FD. Either that or I’m just too whiny lol.

      Haha true tha but dem kusomate games usually look so promising that I can’t help myself. I’m playing jyuuzaengi now and it’s actually pretty damn good so that’s a nice change from their recent flow of rubbish

  2. Yay I’m glad its a good fandisks the way Tamaki acted in her fd was annoying

  3. horry shiet after this game I have a twin fetish nao O___O Holy crappers I want this game so much because of Kyousuke and Teppei route. Hahaha I loved the CGs you posted up. Hmmm I actually thought Teppei would be more tsundere but I guess I was wrong. ARRRRGHHH I WANT THIS GAMEEEEEE

    thanks for posting :D

    • domshiki Says:

      I KNOW RIGHT? The twins were so adorable adsasdasjdhagsjd I was looking forward most to their routes :3 I also thought Teppei would be a hell lot more tsundere but I guess we already had Touma haha

  4. revolemina Says:

    ‘the above has made me realise that I am a terrible story writer who can’t narrate for shit and i should never get into professional writing of any sort’

    Well, I must be blind from all the tears I cried while laughing, because I can see no fault in your writing. :p

    • domshiki Says:

      I am flattered thank you very much – I have a lot of fun freestyling my posts too but I realise I really should double check em cuz sometimes wen I read my own posts, I think “…WTF AM I WRITING” lolol

  5. Ike’s art is really pretty *_* Really now Otomote,stop asking Ike to trace Yone’s art again.

    And yeah,just like the above poster,I seem to have a twin fetish now.Dang hot twin. >< Also, +1 for Shinogu for having yandere moment <3

    Nice to see that this game is not bad unlike other recently Otomate's games (so I heard) :3 The protagonist is amazing too for once.

    • domshiki Says:

      It is isn’t it? This is prolly the last we’ll see of the original HnK game so Ike’s free to do her nice stuff now :3
      I used to find Shinogu really bland so agreed, tha yandere moment added some depth to him haha.

  6. Hilarious and well written review as usual. I have to admit though whenever an otoge guy mentions the words ずっと and 永遠に my yandere meter just goes off and I enter super defensive nope/not sure if want mode. Oomi was adorable but reading that I’m kind of thankful it’s an all ages game (´・ω・`)…

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