Otome Game Review: Toki no Kizuna ~ Sekigahara Kitan ~

Alternative Titles: 十鬼の絆~ 関ヶ原奇譚~

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 19.07.12

Official Site: www.otomate.jp/toki

Platform: PSP

Genre:  ADV, otome game, romance, historical, Hakuouki, Oni

Plot: The world’s inhabited by a race called the oni who are stronger than humans but otherwise are pretty much human.  The heroine is an oni who’s all for protecting her oni.  Cuz we humans are fucking pussies and must destroy and hate everything stronger than us, we hate the oni and fear them.  So, the oni hide from humans.  But the  oni get sucked into petty human affairs.

HMMM…This sounds awfully like the game I just played below.

C’mon Otomate, step up your game and come up with sth new.

Essentially, Jyuuzaengi x Hakuouki set in the Sengoku period.

As stated above, the oni are hated and feared by humans cuz the oni be stronger and have a true berserker form in which they go nuts in and rape and eat everything they see.  Because the oni are a nice bunch, they learnt to suppress their form to conform to dem humans and then most of em went into hiding.

There’s an old Oni code where the oni aren’t allowed to consort with humans in a way that’ll greatly alter the course of human history.  There are 10 Oni families that are on this Oni council thing and the other 2 Oni families are irrelevant cuz they broke the oni code or some shit and they are called HAGUREONI.  The Oni head is a princess called YASEHIME who has the power to see the future.

Anyway, a tad about our heroine, Yukina.  Orphaned since like forever, Yukina’s been forced to become the head of her family (she’s on the council) from an early age and has since thrown away her vagina to become a good leader, something that she doesn’t hesitate to remind everyfuckingone in everyfuckingroom everyfuckingtime she has the everyfucking chance to


yeah stfu Yukina we get it.

Though I gotta say, I do admire her integrity and she does uphold the whole “NO PUSSY HERE” thing very well the entire game.  She’s very honest, horribly gullible, knows nothing about anything outside her little village and is srs to a fault.

She’s super bff with Yasehime and serves as her right hand woman.  She’s also been raised by these 3 awesome jiijiis (all also on the council) called


Anyway one day, Yasehime sees a vision and decides that she needs to tell everyone about it so calls all the 10 Oni council members from all over the land to come to her.

wtf am i writing.

 To all other fellow bloggers out there, is it just me or does this happen to you guys too?

You sometimes stop thinking about what to write when you blog and just kinda stone for a bit while your fingers continue to type, only to sober up a couple minutes later and roflcopter at the shit your drunken fingers hammered out.

 And of course, the proper thing to do as a sensible blogger would be to delete all that tosh, focus and write legibly but then you figure that you’re just gna let your mind run off some more anyway and that the backspace and delete buttons are only really halting the completion of your blog post and just to be time efficient, you decide to keep whatever stupid shit you just wrote.

…And then you become counter productive by rambling on about irrelevant shit like this.

I was just wondering cuz u know, that really happens to me a hell lot.  Maybe I should stop getting high and writing this shit at 4 in the morning lolol.

just wanted to share.  Cuz sharing is caring <3


The brash, idiot hero of the game.  He’s one of the Oni leaders and has a flaming sword.  He’s brash and hotheaded but warms up to everyone fast and he’s such a bumbling idiot you can only like him lol.

So right off the bat, Chitose attacks Yukina, then mocks her for being a socially retarded, comparatively weak swordsman who has no sex appeal and in fact, only her tits assured him that she was in fact, female.

I think he said sth like that.  I can’t rmb.  Fuck i’m tired.

Well, Yukina takes all of this as constructive criticism cuz FUCK YOU ALL BITCHES she’s too fucking dumb to get when someone’s insulting her so suck a dick Chitose.

wtf am i writing

Anyway, all the 10 Oni leaders gather at Yasehime’s condo and she tells everyone that if someone ere on this council has a human bff, that someone must STOP IMMEDIATELY and abide to the Oni code of no bestiality

…lest they want to DIE.

Everyone’s like “MASAKA ARIENAI NANIIIIIIIISORE” so Yasehime goes back to her room and everyone’s allowed to leave.

However, that night, Yasehime gets attacked by some creep in a hood and Yasehime falls into a coma.  The oni find a HAGUREONI called SENKIMARU lurking nearby and immediately suspect the culprit was him but he claims that he was supposed to meet Yasehime tonight and sure enough, Yasehime wrote him a letter of invitation and shiet. They keep this hagureoni here just in case though

So, the months roll by and Yasehime still does not awaken.  Yukina’s worried shitless and cuz by now, she’s pretty bff with Chitose, he holds her hand and tells her it’s gna be kay and he gets being worried about a bestie.  Anyway, he has to head back to tend to his people soon so toodles for now.

Yukina ends up running after Chitose for some reason and she finds out that he’s bffs with a human called TOYOHISA of the SHIMAZU family.  The Shimazu fam had always been close with Chitose’s fam and since the Shimazu fam’s preparing for war against some jiijii called TOKUGAWA, Chitose’s there to help.

Yukina’s not all too pleased with this revelation but before she can start giving shit to Chitose, SHIMAZU JII pops out and is at once, extremely delighted to meet Chitose’s YOMESAN lolol.  Shimazujii’s like Chitose’s surrogate pops and he immediately invites Yukina in for some afternoon tea and makes her call him “oyajisan”.  Yukina tries to tell ShimaJii that she’s long since thrown away her vagina and so,


but frankly, ShimaJii doesn’t give a fuck either and just starts binge drinking with Chitose, who passes out on Yukina’s lap – totally not helping the whole “we are not engaged” situation.

Chitose’s bff, TOYOHISA shows up the next day and he starts on the whole “CHITOSE AND YUKINA, SITTING ON A TREE” thing too.  Yukina humours Toyohisa and tells him that it’s not that Chitose isn’t attractive or anything – in fact she believes he’d be very popular with regular Oni ladies – but it’s just that, she’s thrown away her vagina and


buut we all know how this goes and Toyohisa stopped listening the minute Yukina called Chitose sexy and when he tells Chitose that, the guy gets all dere and walks off lol.  Anyway, turns out these two were childhood buttbuddies and when they were kids, Toyohisa got chased by some dbs or sth and then some monster but then Chitose showed up and saved his ass.  Chitose didn’t think the Oni Council would understand bromance so he kept quiet and either way, he’s going to help his bros.  Yukina decides to stay and help cuz she’s got responsibilities as the an Oni head and cuz Chitose is her NA<3KA<3MA<3

Anyway, the hooded creeper comes back to attack Chitose and co but this time, he brings back two of his buddies and a bunch of humans.  The humans are way stronger than they should be and are like Oni and Chitose and Yukina almost get killed but Chitose busts out the true Oni form and hacks the shit out of everyone.  The humans suddenly start collapsing and die and the 3 gangsters leave.  When Chitose turns around, Toyohisa is standing righ there and the guy looks completely horrified at seeing Chitose’s true form.

Things btwn Chitose and Toyoisa get awk and seeing Chitose so down, Yukina tries to cheer him up by giving him her uh, ninja rations lol.  Chitose ere, explains that the monster that chased Toyohisa in the past was HIM – Chitose bust out his seed mode to save Toyohisa from those bandits or sth but when he saw how freaked out Toyohisa was at his true form, he turned back into his human form and pretended to have defeated the monster to not scare Toyohisa.  Now that Toyohisa’s seen what he’s really like, the guy def knows that the monster back then was him and sure enough, he feels like a monster for killing Oni as well.  Yukina tells him that those dudes back then were MONSTERS and not fellow brethren and she doesn’t think his true form is ugly at all – it’s who he is and what he had to become to protect people and fuck man, if anyone starts giving him shit about it, she’ll rape em all with the penis that has grown in place of the vagina she long since threw away, cuz u kno


Chitose then grabs Yukina from the back and thanks her for everything.  He then decides to tell her his last name (the Oni have a tradition of only revealing their last names to people they trust) of KAZAMA (WOW.  KAZAMA?  REALLY NOW OTOMATE WAY TO GO BE SUBTLE) and to this, Yukina asks whether he trusts her now and Chitose just goes all fumbly like “O-ONLY AS NAKAMA KAY”

That night though, Yukina has a dream of someone close to her dying and when she brings this up with Chitose, he fumbly mumbly asks what she’d do if died.  Yukina says she’ll be sad of course which gets Chitose all excited lolol but before things can get any further, the 3 creepers attack again with an army of jacked up ONI this time – turns out there’s a drug called SENTAN which was created when people were hunting for immortality but instead of lengthening life, it shortens the life of the taker for the price of super powers and shit.  The takers are called SHUURA and because human bodies are too weak to withstand the toxic properties of Sentan, the 3 creepers have been feeding it to Oni instead. Yukina ends up having to run away with Toyohisa and Oyajisan along with Chitose.  They get chased down but HAVE NO FEAR, CUZ FUCKING SANTA CLAUS BUSTS IN AND HE’S HERE TO PUNISH THESE BAD BOYS and he holds em off with his reindeer and army of elves while Yukina and co run off.

When Yukina comes back though, her dream really has come true and none other than her SANTA CLAUS JII HAS DIED.  The poor old man tells her not to cry before transferring his life energy into her and then he disappears in  some powdery light

Chitose catches up and I gotta give Otomate some credit ere for giving Yukina some realistic reactions ere to death – the mo Chitose tries to go like “WE GTG I UNDERSTAND HOW U FEEL”, she flips out like “FUCK U WHAT DO U KNOW” and after Chitose realises he’s been a tad too brusque, he grabs her and tells her that srsly they have to gtfo now before the 3 creepers get em.

Yukina’s dead for a tad, picks herself up and then Chitose tells her to go back to the village cuz some real Sengoku shitz about to happen now.  Yukina tells him that she doesn’t want to bloody leave cuz Chitose’s important to her before Chitose goes all fumbly mumbly again trying to confess but he goes OH SCREW THE WORDS and kisses her.  He’s too embarrassed to outright confess lol so he just swears to protect her.

Anyway, the big battle starts so Chitose, Yukina and Toyohisa all group up to beat the shit outta Tokugawa’s army and the 3 creepers.  Toyohisa ends up holding back the small fry while Chitose and Yukina go off to fight the bosses.  Before the two go, Toyohisa confesses to having known that Chitose was the monster back then: the fact that a kid 7 years younger than him could kick so much ass pissed him off and Chitose became his reason to train hard.  He thanks Chitose for being the best bro ever before he runs off to fight

Chitose and Yukina go off to fight the 3 creepers, with Yukina busting out her true form too (IS IT JUST ME OR IS THAT OFF SHOULDER, BANDAGED CHEST LOOK REALLY HOT?) and they beat the 3 creepers and save the world.

I forgot what happened in terms of which human side won the fight but I really dgaf so in the end, Toyohisa presumably dies and Chitose and his new bride head back home, both refusing to believe that Toyohisa’s dead and both deciding to wait for his ghost to come back and haunt them.  What dumb fuckers.

Now,we shall have a moment to honour the totally bro, brave as hell jacked as shit mofo that Toyohisa was.  Bruce Lee would’ve been proud


Is it just me or does Kamiyan never really do otome games?  Anyway, I was pretty psyched when I heard he was doing Kazuya and Kazuya’s the laconic, emotionless guy, the foil to Chitose.  He’s not really a tsun dickhead though, just srs and quiet so I liked that about him and he got to be pretty nice later on BUT GODDAMNIT HE’S SO FUCKING RECKLESS SO FUCKING INCONSIDERATE SAJKHFASLDFHASIHFKJSADFAS STOP MAKING YUKINA CRY 

As with all the other guys, Kazuya’s also been fraternising with dem humans and he’s serving TOKUGAWAJII.  When found out, he tells everyone that he really doesn’t give a shit whether he’s on the council or not and he’s serving as TOKUJII’s bodyguard because he has to.

Course, Yukina chases after Kazuya and finds out that Date Masamune has taken Kazuya’s people hostage and ordered the guy to go kill Tokujii.  However, Tokujii ends up promising to help Kazuya get rid of Date and save his people so Kazuya’s now secretly helping Tokujii.  It helps that Kazuya looks just like Tokujii’s dead son too.  Yukina ends up tagging along for the ride

One of Tokujii’s suboordinates, Monkeyjii, has joined hands with the 3 gangsters to get their Sentan meds to win the war.  Tokujii’s super against using the shit but Monkeyjii just not so subtly threatens to spread the Sentan shit among his men and make em kill everything or sth.

When Yukina hears that Tokujii’s gna just submit to Monkeyjii, she shoves her old vagina back in btwn her legs and lets loose a fit that only a pmsing female is able to and scares the shit out of Tokujii.  Cuz her vagina is all dusty and loose from being left in the rain outside, it slips right out again and Yukina apologises for being right.  Cue in Tokujii roflcoptering and telling Kazuya to never let go of Yukina – “it’s hard to find an honest idiot nowadays” and Kazuya agrees.

Cuz Kazuya’s even more reckless than Yukina and has absolutely no regard for the people around him, he goes in charging like an idiot evertime he meets some Shuura or the 3 Creepers so one time, Yukina ends up having to KILL dem Shuura and she ends up breaking down afterwards cuz she actually had to kill her own kind.  Here, Kazuya takes her hand and tells her he’s sorry for being a giant wanker and thanks, before he tells her his last name: YUKIMURA.  Kay fuck this shit lolol Otomate’s not even trying to hide it anymore.

One of the Oni Council members, Kazutake, shows up and he has a fistfight with Kazuya.  Yukina does the whole Sakura in Naruto thing where she jumps out in between the two when the two use their ults and Kazuya ends up cutting her neck a tad with his blades.  He freaks a tad about Yukina being ALMOST as reckless as him before apologising to her that night for hurting her, confesses that he was terrified that he had almost killed her, and he swears to never hurt her again.

Gimli then shows up to rage in a typical Gimli fashion cuz as the head of the Suzumori fam, Yukina’s sposed to be back at Yase village watching over her princess but instead, she’s here boning Kazuya with Tokujii – DUMB BITCH GET YO PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.  When Yukina makes it clear she ain’t leaving cuz she figures she can find out the identities of the 3 creepers this way, Gimli refuses to leave too and warns Kazuya to get the hell away from his Ojou.

Next day, Kazuya gets Yukina to deliver a letter to Tokujii for himfor him. Turns out this was to get Yukina out of the way so he can run off and pursue the 3 creepers alone since Gimli told him to keep Yukina out of this dangerous shit. Gimli goes too cuz Yukina wud be sad if Kazuya got killed and Kazuya says Yukina wud be just as sad if Gimli died.

They find the 3 creepers, where Kazuya busts out his seed mode but to no avail cuz the 3 creepers are OP, with Shutendouji being able to bend time and space lolwtf. Meanwhile, Yukina’s delivered the letter to Tokujii and Tokujii solemnly tells her that the letter only says “I place Yukina in your care”. Realising that Kazuya’s gone off to prolly die, Yukina rushes to the scene…

BUT IT’S TOO FUCKING LATE; BECAUSE OF KAZUYA’S GODDAMNED RECKLESSNESS, GIMLI HAS BEEN FUCKING KILLED. Yukina bawls her eyes out as Gimli gives her his life energy and tells her that she has it in her to save the world.

Jesus Christ Otomate, are u planning to kill off at least one wonderful grandpa in each route? Is it really necessary to trample all over Yukina like this multiple times? MY HEART CAN’T TAKE ALL THIS HURT

Yukina breaks down crying and doesn’t even have it in her to rage or anything so Kazuya just hugs her and apologises over and over again. You fking dickwad Kazuya this could’ve all been avoided had you not felt the fucking urge to throw urself and the poor jiijii into a mindless bloodbath – I MEAN 2v3 AGAINST OP TIME BENDING MUDDAFUCKAS AND SHIET WHAT IN SATAN’S MOULDY FORESKIN WERE U THINKING

Blablabla, the sengoku shit happens, Yukina and Kazuya fight on the Tokugawa side and the battles end. Again, I fogot what happened and again, I don’t give a shit. Shutendouji lives though and Kazuya can’t let a giant rampant ewok run amok so he pulls the “I CAN DO IT ALONE” shit and tells Yukina to gtfo. Yukina cries that he can’t face a Time Lord alone and that if he were to die, god knows what she’d do and at this, Kazuya tells her to say no more before he kisses her. He swears to never make her unhappy and to be by her side even in the deepest pits of hell

The two go off and rape Shutendouji and oddly enough, this is the only route in which Yukina does not go trans am…YUKIMURA…wooooow

After tha, the two of em go back to Yase village and live happily ever after…till Yasehime finally wakes up and Kazuya tells Yasehime that he’s gna set off to hunt down the last of the 3 creepers; Shuu. Yukina’s devastated that he’s gna leave so she runs off, leaving a rather pissed Yasehime who’s been watching everything through her dreams. Kazuya then asks her to give him Yukina – he knows Yukina is Yasehime’s protector but he can’t live without her. Yasehime tells him not to make her cry and and after promising he won’t, Kazuya goes outside to find a teary Yukina. Yukina only asks when he’s leaving and says she’ll make Kazuya’s favourite dish tonight then, having resigned herself but Kazuya tells her that she’s packing her shit too: “Didn’t we promise to be with each other no matter what?” He puts a flower in Yukina’s hair, saying that it suits her and that the trip’s gna be dangerous but Yukina ofc says yes and The End.


The big brudda ANIKIIIII of the game.  He’s  the oldest one out of the chaseable guys (late twenties) and I was all for him from the start cuz this mofo be HOT as fuck.  He’s such a bamf, he doesn’t swing around a sword or use anything as a matter of fact – this nigga be punching the shit outta errthing with his bare fists alone. Kazutake’s reliable, mature and takes good care of his fellow oni like a real big bro.  He’s also got the whole “NO HITTING WOMEN OR CHILDREN” thing, which Yukina obviously does not bode well with cuz as we all know, she’s long since thrown away her vagina and-


BUUUUT Kazutake too, like every other character, doesn’t give two fucks abt what Yukina thinks and just pets her on the head and tells her that no matter how he looks at that nice rack of hers, Yukina’s a woman to him so give it up.

Course, he’s asc with humans too and he’s actually the bodyguard of ISHIDA MITSUNARI, another warlord…or sth. This is a request by a mysterious somebady X but X told him that if he protected Ishida, X would grant him land for his people to live in – very tempting since Kazutake’s people are pretty much freeriding Dothraki who’ve lost their home long ago. Again, Yukina tags along to discover the identities of the 3 creepers and just cuz she’s nosy like tha.
Same shit happens, they fight with the 3 creepers and bond and shit. When the sengoku shit draws near, Kazutake tells Yukina to gtfo and he’ll take care of everything for her. She refuses and ends up getting Ishida’s approval on becoming his bodyguard too which irks Kazutake cuz he told her to fking go home, not fucking plant roots here with him. Yukina explains tha aside from the 3 creepers stuff, she also wants to help Kazutake get a home for his ppl so just stfu and accept her help. Kazutake concedes, thanks her, and telling her to lean in, he pets her head again and tells her his last name: AMAGIRI

Just as I thought errthing’s going well, Corkijii just has to show up and I was all like


But thankfully, he doesn’t force Yukina back and says he’s just checking up on her before he heads back to Yasevilla

Oh who the fuck am I kidding, Otomate’s definitely got it out for all these sweet grandpas and sure enough, while Kazutake’s going all bamf mode to fight the 3 creepers and all…

…Corkijii flies riiigh over, fights too but ends up getting killed GODDAMNIT OTOMATE STOP DOING THIS TO YUKINA THE POOR GIRL’S DONE NOTHING WRONG KAFHJDKSVHUD

Yukina feels like shit and Kazutake’s guilty as fuck so when the sengoku battle’s almost ere, he tells her to gtfo cuz he doesn’t want her to get hurt anymore. Too bad for him, Ishida refuses to let Yukina leave cuz he knows Yukina doesn’t want to so pissed, Kazutake storms out. Yukina chases after Kazutake and pressing against him, she apologises but says that she reaaaaally really wants to help Kazutake and who can stay mad at someone so genuinely sincere right, so Kazutake just makes Yukina promise not to die and he swears to protect her.

Well before the fight, Yukina finally meets this Mysterious Stranger X who turns out to be some guy called HIDEIE – he was apparently the son of the guy who united jp before he died a while back and now Hideie is with Ishida…fuck I can’t rmb I don’t know my jp history. First thang Hideie does is hit on Yukina but when he asks Kazutake for Yukina, Kazutake immediately tells the guy to bugger off cuz Yukina is too important to him.

Sooo the big battle happens with the 3 creepers and Kazutake and Yukina go into berserker mode to kill Shutendouji and Shuu.

However, Hideie’s side loses so Kazutake has to escort the guy to safety.  He puts Yukina’s hand on his chest as a gesture of making a promise and promises to come back for her after he’s done whatever shit guys feel they are inexplicably obliged to do so wait for him

Yukina returns to Yasevilla and after some months, Kazutake finally comes home and glomping Yukina, he tells her he’s here to ask Yasehime for Yukina’s hand and tha he’ll always be with her


With his family being worshipped as Gods, Shin’s the arrogant, condescending flirty guy and I didn’t think I would like him at first cuz he seemed like those douchebaggy playboy types.  Well, turns out I was completely wrong and I loved this sexy nigga FUCK WHY IS HE SO ASDFABSDFIBASIFBASPOBFASIBFSOAIBFISABFAIDSBFSIADOBUF.  Uses thread to fight cuz he’s too elegant to use anything else and he spends all his time getting high on weed, trolling and trashtalking the shit out of everyone.

The moment Shin shows up in the game, he insults pretty much everyone in the room and while everyone refers to the oldmen as “grandpa” and all, he calls em by their first names only cuz that’s how arrogant a buttfuck he is. He mocks Yukina for not knowing that the humans are warring and when Yukina asks why they’re warring, Shin starts trolling and tells her that the people are fighting over HER. Cuz Yukina’s impossibly gullible, she starts going “OH NOEZ DON’T FIGHT OVER VAGINA-LESS ME!!!”, resulting in the entire room rofling at her.

This display of extreme stupidity from Yukina amuses Shin and when he finds her training alone at night outside, he starts berating her for going outside so late when she’s a girl and when Yukina’s like “DEMO ORE WA ONNA DE ARU MAE NI”, Shin decides to tease her some and starts feeling her hand up.  Yukina thinks Shin’s doing a strength test or sth LOOOL so she grabs his hand and tries to crush it before Shin’s like “NIGGA WAAAT” and takes offense that Yukina isn’t being charmed by someone as sexy as him.

Yukina’s still clueless and just tells him that guys always hold her hand – her grandpas always hold her hand rofl and now Shin’s just pissed cuz he’s on the same level as some 100 year old jiijiis so he lifts her up bridal style and finally, that gets Yukina flustered like a regular girl.  Shin’s pleased and carries a protesting Yukina the whole way back in hopes that all the other Oni will see em both like this lmao.  Oh Shin.

Anyway, Shin hates humans cuz he thinks them stupid and bloodthirsty savages but turns out he’s connected to dem humans too: the elders of his line have debts to pay back to the humans cuz of past shit or sth so when the humans ask for help in their stupidass war, Shin has no choice but to obey and help and helps the uh…MORIKE family…or sth oh fuck it I can’t rmb.  Shin’s not at all happy about this and course, Yukina joins him and she’s about to go on a ORE WA HEAD OF FAMILY ORE WA ONNA DE ARU MAE NI rant, Shin just puts his finger to her kips and tells her to stfu

With Yukina with him now, Shin continues to make advances on Yukina, like drawing in and breathing on her when they’re talking about the weather and shit but Yukina rebuffs Shin each time in her usual -_- manner.  Shin rather enjoys the challenge that Yukina presents and keeps on harassing her for shits and giggles.

Senkimaru (the HAGUREONI they found in the beginning and held hostage at Yasevilla) then shows up and claims to want to help Yukina and Shin hunt down the 3 creepers or sth so he can hurry and clear his name.  Shin’s suspicious of Senkimaru and sends him out to scout but Senkimaru does not return and instead, sends a letter that he’s gone back to Yasevilla some days later.  At this point, Shin does a yubikiri promise with Yukina and promises to trust her as long as she doesn’t betray him.  He tells her to be honoured to be trusted by someone as almighty as him and he tells her that his last name is SHIRANUI.

They meet the 3 creepers shortly after who reveal that they have captured Senkimaru.  Yachiyo turns out to be a thread user as well, just like Shin which is odd cuz only Shin’s fam is sposed to be able to use thread.  Yachiyo is actually the other HAGUREONI fam who got exiled when his ancestor joined Shutendouji.  His family has the ability to turn humans into Oni or sth and he stole the thread secret from Shin’s fam. Shin then gets Yukina to deliver a letter to some other warlord or sth and when he sees how anxious she seemed to part from him, he pulls her in and tells her not to be afraid cuz he’s with her.  She’s one of the rare Oni that he’s acknowledged so have some more self confidence.  They’re connected now and Shin reveals that he just put one of his threads on her so no matter where she is, he’ll know.

Yukina completes her task but then bumps into Yachiyo, who proceeds onto raping the shit out of her(am I the only one who wants a route with this campy rapist?) her 3 jiijii show up and demand that she come home and they start yelling at Shin for dragging her into human shit.  Shin feels bad so when Yukina’s like “NO I WON’T LEAVE”, Shin tells her to just go home and that he’s done with her.

Defeated, Yukina goes home and for the next month or so, she feels like shit and has nightmares every night of Shin rejecting her and telling her that he lied and was only using her and shit. Same with Shin, who’s been desperately trying to pen a letter to Yukina this whole time but feels too guilty to write anything.  One night, Yukina dreams of Yasehime telling her that she’s to get out there and make herself useful so that night, she runs off to find Shin.  She ends up fighting Shutendouji and Shuu, with Shin appearing in the nick of time to save her ass and the two baddies run off.  Yukina’s immediately fearful and hears Shin’s voice in her head repeating all those nasty things she’s been dreaming of  and freaking out, she pushes Shin away who’s been reaching for her in concern.  This makes Shin kiss her and after the kiss, he reveals that there was one of Yachiyo’s threads in Yukina’s necks and that was what was causing Yukina to hallucinate about all this shit.  He apologises for not noticing earlier, commenting that it must have been a horrible past few months for her.

The two return to Shin’s condo where Shin tells Yukina about the situation with the people before he asks why he disobeyed her and returned.  Flustered, Yukina doesn’t say anything so Shin leans in for an almost kiss and says he’s gonna stay like this till she spits it out.  Yukina’s like “WAHT YU CARE DAH KISS JUS DEN DINT MEAN ANYTHING EITHER” but she ends up confessing that she was worried sick, that she couldn’t stop thinking about him and that she’s realised that Shin’s just too damn important to her.  Pleased, Shin snogs her and tells her that the kiss back then was to calm her down but this one is something he’d only do to her cuz he likes her.

Oh yeah, what happened to Yachiyo, you ask?  Well while Shutendouji and Shuu were busy distracting Yukina and Shin, he’s been busy invading Yasevilla and using his threads to turn all 3 grandpas into his puppets.  I was wondering which jiijii would die in Shin’s route considering each one has died once in the prev 3 routes and guess what Otomate does?



…talk about overkill man.  Yachiyo sends the 3 old men in and Yukina and Shin are forced to kill all three of them.  Before dying, they all give Yukina their life energy and Shin and Yukina then go true form to pummel the fuck out of Yachiyo

After tha, Yukina returns home to Yasevilla and Shin back to his own shit.  One day, Yasehime tells Yukina to go deliver a letter to none other than Shin.  In the letter, Yasehime tells Shin to take good care of Yukina.  Both overjoyed, Shin starts going on about how he must keep Yukina close by to prevent other guys from getting close to her – God knows what she’s been doing while they’ve been apart.  Pulling her in, he tells her that he knows that she will only ever love him but then again, she’s so fucking stupid she won’t know if she’s getting hit on.  Yukina tells him that no one sees her as a woman anyway but Shin only replies


I think I died here.  Goddanm Hino Satoshi is sexy.


Yes the last route belongs to the HAGUREONI ;)  Senkimaru’s the teenage  brat of the game and oh GOD does he act like it.  Rather grouchy, he’s a giant tsundere and likes to whine and whinge about a lot of things but like  a newly adopted cat from the SPCA, he warms up with much time and harassing from Yukina lol

SO as stated in the beginning, Senkimaru’s the HAGUREONI who was found by the council moments after Yasehime was attacked.  The council members don’t trust that he’s innocent so they keep him under surveillance, something that Senkimaru’s not too happy with and he ANGRY

and he STAY ANGRY for the first half year that he’s kept in the village.  The only person he’s really okay with is Yukina and that’s cuz Yukina keeps pestering him and doesn’t hate on him just cuz he’s a HAGUREONI. She desperately wants to help him and his people, something that Senkimaru doesn’t get.

However, one night when Shuu and Yachiyo come to attack, Senkimaru reveals himself to be sided with the creepers – he’s actually SHUTENDOUJI in all the other routes (kay you should have picked this up the mo you saw pics of him and Shutendouji – Otomate’s not exactly trying to hide it).  He has the ability to control people with his words and the 3 creepers make off with Yasehime.

Yukina chases after em though and cuz the only thing that she’s really good at is shunpo, she manages to catch Senkimaru but finds herself unable to kill him and ends up letting him escape.

No matter cuz Yukina encounters Senkimaru again soon enough and this time, she suddenly sees a part of Senkimaru’s past – when one becomes Hagureoni, neither their oni kin nor humans will accept them so Senkimaru’s people have basically been getting chased out from place to place for several hundred years.  They basically have ridiculously high mortality rates cuz they can’t find shelter or food and they keep getting hunted down.  The prev head died young so like Yukina, Senkimaru’s been made a head real young and he’s never been able to lead his people too well with pretty much the whole world being out for him.

Yukina tries to convince him to stop his revenge on the world and swears that she’s going to help him find a new place for his people etc but Senkimaru retorts that it’s useless – they haven’t been able to do anything for hundreds of years, why will it change now unless he starts a revolution?  Besides, he WANTS to take revenge on everyone who’s given his people all this shit; just because ONE of his ancestors was a dumb evil fuck, don’t mean the Oni Council can just go and damn his ENTIRE PEOPLE.  His people did nothing wrong yet they were made to pay the price not for just a decade, but for CENTURIES – You tell me, is this just?  However, it’s the first time anyone has cared about him like this though so when he feels his resolve weakening, he takes a hit of SENTAN and ends up going completely nuts and almost kills Yukina but the other 2 creepers step in and drag his sorry ass home.

When he wakes up, Yachiyo eggs him on to take revenge on Yasehime for not letting his fam back onto the Oni Council.  Senkimaru forces himself to be evil and casts a spell on an unconscious Yasehime that makes her have nightmares.  Yasehime then dreams of herself succumbing to the Sentan she’s been force fed and becoming evil.  She dreams that she kills all the Oni Council members and even Yukina

Yukina’s alright though and she bounces right back after a day or two and runs back out to find Senkimaru again.  Now he’s permanently in his adult form but has recovered from his crazy beast mode.  Oh and Senkimaru isn’t actually THE Shutendouji who raped everyone centuries ago – he just uses the name as an alias in all the other routes.  Yukina again harasses him and vows that she’d never betray him and only wants to help so Senkimaru tells her if that’s true, let him use his OP absolute control powers on her to look inside her mind.  She agrees and when Senkimaru delves in, he first sees memories of her when she was a toddler.  It was pretty adorable seeing all the grandpas coo over how cute Yukina was like

and Senkimaru watches rather enviously till shit hits the fan and Yasehime shows up, calling Yukina her LITTLE SISTER.  Fast forward to a few years later where the Suzumori family has no more heirs after this current head.  The grandpas decide to take the still kiddy Yukina and make her the new heir of the Suzumori family and they change her name from 千奈(Still “Yukina”) to 雪奈 – everyone in the Yasehime line has a 千 in their name and they wiped it t avoid suspicion or something.  Skip a couple more years later and Senkimaru sees Yukina lying next to the dying Suzumori head and some seconds after, the Suzumori head disappears in some light, Yukina having absorbed the head.  The 3 grandpas freak out cuz she has the ult ability to absorb other Oni or some shit and consider her unstable and originally considered killing her but instead, decided to keep her isolated from the outside world so they can keep an eye on her and so she can’t do anyone any harm.

Senkimaru leaves and holds a Yukina who’s coming to and who is mentally exhausted.  Pitying her, he calls her a fucking blockhead who doesn’t even know she’s being lied to and used by everyone around her.  He apologises for trying to mind rape her before asking her what she’d do if she found out that Yasehime and her grandpas were lying to her.  Yukina merely replies that they would never lie to her and Senkimaru finds himself pitying her even more.

Yachiyo and Shuu then show up and it turns out that Senkimaru knows nothing of Yachiyo spreading Sentan everywhere to rape everyone or sth.  Basically Senkimaru just wants to destroy the Oni Council System but cuz Yachiyo’s a sick, twisted S, the latter wants to rape everyone or sth and Senkimaru’s against it….I think I fogot but bottom line, Yachiyo’s the big bad.  Yachiyo uses his manipulation shit to make Senkimaru go nuts again who almost kills Yukina before he fights it and blacks out.

The Oni Council are about to execute Senkimaru cuz he’s a traitor and poses a threat to everyone but Yukina begs them to let him live longer so they take him back and Yukina stays by an unconscious Senkimaru’s side till he wakes up days later.  When Senkimaru awakes, Yukina cries from relief, prompting the guy to gingerly wipe away her tears, asking why she would cry for someone like him.  He apologises for almost killing her and he’s exasperated by her goodness all over again when she goes “IT’S OKAY :D”

That night, none other than YASEHIME shows up but Yasehime’s nightmare has come true: she’s woken up but is now consumed by the Sentan and wants to destroy the Oni Council.  She HATES the Grandpas and the Council and when Yukina asks why, she reveals that it’s cuz they took away her sister: “YOU”.  Yasehime goes on to revealing all the lies before she runs off and when Yukina returns, she asks the Grandpas whether this is true or not.  The Grandpas are unable to deny anything and Yukina locks herself up in her room.

Senkimaru comes by some time later and consoles her by telling her that the love she got from her grandpas were still true blablabla so whatever let’s go save the princess dwbi he’s gonna be with her.

Blablabla Yukina and Senkimaru go beat Yasehime and end up dealing a fatal wound.  As Yasehime lies dying, she apologises for everything and tells Yukina that she has to be the new princess but a miracle or sth happens and Yasehime lives – I didn’t really catch what happened ere.

In the end, all is good and well with the Onis, with Senkimaru no longer being a Hagureoni or something and with Yukina going off wiith Senkimaru to his village.  Before they go, Senkimaru takes her up somewhere to see the scenery before telling her that they’re gna be together forever or some shit.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

How about making a FD so I can have some more Shin eh, Otomate?

This game was horribly average with nothing remarkable to set it apart from any other game: it is the lovechild of Hakuouki and Jyuuzanegi, didn’t have anything particularly memorable about it and worst of all, wasn’t even that compelling a game anyway.

kay I was being super hyberbolic – the game isn’t actually all copycat but the fact that it had Oni, drinking meds to go bamf, references to characters in Hakuouki and a protagonist who got wrapped up in human affairs had me thinking “Hakuouki!! Jyuuzaengi!!” A fair number of times and that really detracted from the game on a standalone point.  Yes I am finally aware at the end of the game, that this is sposed to be the prequel of Hakuouki or some shit but either make it obv or subtle don’t do it half assedly.

It doesn’t help that the romance aspect of it was pretty half baked too – true, the game did have a rather beautiful depiction of jiijii love and nakama love but otoges are sposed to be more romance than anything imao and the transition from nakama to lovers was just…eh. There was a lot of “oh yeah I’ve known ______ for this how many months already” and “6 months passed by”, during which Yukina apparently grows close to her guy but Otomate doesn’t show us any of it and leaves us to fill in the bigass gaps.

Having said tha though, what romance existed was pretty adorable especially with Shin and Chitose – those two I would say, had a more natural feeling progression in their relationships with Yukina than any of the other chase-able guys.  Yukina was a dumb fuck but I found her adorable nonetheless and though I say Shin’s the best guy in the game, the ones who truly stole the spotlight were the GRANDPAS <3  From Yukina’s 3 grandaddies to Oyajisan to Tokujii, the old men in this game trump every other character.

Oh and the art’s amazing; it’s miko.  nuff said.  Though Senkimaru’s CGs sucked for the most part – when he’s not looking like a cross eyed Kate Moss, he looks like he has a fucking carrot for a nose.

TL;DR Give this game a pass if you actually want a superb game – the only thing that’ll blow your mind in this game is the sheer number of Hakuouki references it manages to chuck in, how many times Yukina goes ORE WA ONNA DE ARU MAE NI, and the art.  On the other hand, if you have a soft spot for old men in general, you’re gonna love this game.

47 Responses to “Otome Game Review: Toki no Kizuna ~ Sekigahara Kitan ~”

  1. LMFAO oh my god I heard this game was bad but OLD MEN wtf is this Nise no Chigiri lolol…man this is in my backlog but now I’m having 2nd thoughts. Oh well I won’t get to it for a long time anyway…. Thanks for the review!

    • domshiki Says:

      rofl ikr but least on the bright side we’re not CHASING AFTER the jiijiis eh ;)

  2. F-lin Says:

    This is my first time commenting here, so nice to meetcha
    I’ve been looking forward to ur review. ur review is always fun to read. I agree , This game is a really average game. This game is totally disappointed, it really bellow my expectation. I only played because the art and Chitose . Shin should become a promotional model for toki no kizuna than that dump kazuya.
    Now I’m too absorbed in finishing l.g.s 太公望 that I almost forgot finishing senkimaru route. I hope u will review L.G.S ~新説 封神演義~. That game is much worth than this game.

    • domshiki Says:

      Nice to meet u too ;) yeah I found myself raging at Kazuya a hell lot during the game too – inconsiderate dick. OOH how is LGS? I’ve been eyeing that for a bit but I heard it’s nothing to write home about either

      • F-lin Says:

        hmm… so far is good, much better than that half baked toki no kizuna. If u can endure the hell. I mean =__= we must see that op-ed movie which we cannot skip for all 12 chapter. seriously I have already watch them for almost 33 times. That polaris op is really getting my nerve.Thank goodness for 2nd half story (chapter 8-12) the op movie is change. Yesss…. I love that 2nd op movie. One reason that makes me want to play other routes.
        Well for me, Chapter 1-6 is quite boring (for 1st time is still okay, but not for 2nd time I almost sleep, except mahoutsukai panda part LOL and 太公望 part, sorry I’m very biased with him I can’t hate that sweet oresama XD that man really stole my heart right now <3), The story gets better in chapter 7-13 , and the epilogue is so sweet.
        Personally I thought, LGS is worth to try. It is an OKAY for me.

        Sorry for the long reply and my bad eng.

      • F-lin Says:

        hmm… I’m sorry pliz forget the hell already. The hell has been fixed , it’s because my psp start button didn’t work at all, LOL
        If my brother didin’t tell me, I didn’t know it at all.
        It’s really embarrassing. So sorry LOL

      • domshiki Says:

        LOOOL talk about fail haha =P
        so LGS is turning out to be at least a DECENT game? I think I’ll go try it after I clear out some more games on my backlog then!
        glad that u fixed ur psp button hahahaha

      • F-lin Says:

        haha LOL it’s thanks to that kamen rider game lol ^^
        If my brother didn’t take my psp to play that game, I will never know it.
        Yes, it is a decent game ^^ .

  3. JIIIJIII!!! *cough* I’ll save my fangirling over old men for later

    Well I guess Otomate did well enough to use nice art + 和風 style story to get … … i dunno, an average game?
    Miko is such a pro artist but I kinda wished she did a game similar to moujuu tsukai or something. This game doesnt really stand out overall when one looks at the list of psp games coming out.
    Heroine looks cute though. And supposedly she should be badass. XD

    … seriously. MGS4 and snake makes you fall in love with old men. got to stop myself =.= NEED MORE BISHIES! lol

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL U AND UR OLD MEN. but i agree with u on the snake thing hurhur. Heroine COULD HAVE been a badass but she was so stupid and gullible that you can’t really see her as anything but a country bumpkin.

      not “NEED MORE BISHIES” – it’s “NEED TO POST STH” >;P

  4. I was also planning on playing this but your review made me question myself. It sucks to see Otomate first release so many shitty FDs only to fail on the bigger titles too. From what I’ve heard L.G.S isn’t that impressive either and Genroh will probably be the same, but we can always hope.

    • domshiki Says:

      dude I know right like what’s with the recent neverending flux of pure SHIT that Otomate’s been releasing? I think their last good game was like WOF2 and even then its gameplay made it hell to plough through. Yeah I’m disappointed LGS is turning out to be meh as well but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping Genrou will blow my mind – I love the artist

  5. LOL Otomate, you did it again. When Yukina’s design first came out, everyone’s going gaga over how badass she looks.. but of course she turned out to be dumb, geez thanks Otomate. il||li_| ̄|○il||li I have this somewhere in my backlog, but not sure if I’m gonna do it anytime soon. Miko’s art is indeed beautiful, but for some reason I feel that her style suits fun, colorful games more than serious historical stuff. Are you gonna do L.G.S btw? :3

    • domshiki Says:

      roflcopter man i know what u meant – I thought Yukina was gonna be a bamf but not only is she one of those 単純馬鹿 characters, she wasn’t even that pro a fighter. I still liked her cuz I can’t hate people as sincere as her. I feel you man, I think Miko’s better at Moujuutsukai like styles but I think her designs for this game were stellar too. I might do LGS in a bit but probably after Genroh cuz I’m looking forward to that the most :3

  6. I thought the same as others.. Be it to play or not..but now that I knew it would be full of Jijii’s dying CG, I’ll let it pass. I think the Jijii’s are taking more attention than our heroes here.

    It’s too bad since the art was beautiful. And what’s the family name of Chitose? Kazama Chitose = Kazama Chikage, are they relatives? Moreover, the romance feels like the same of other otoge. Maybe Otomate’s already lacking idea of how two people will find love in battlefield, or less in their lives. Thanks for your review, there’re funny quotes everywhere in less we forgot that Yukina is a woman…

    • domshiki Says:

      Yeah all the attention was put on the dying jiijiis lol pretty stupid eh?
      I don’t think Chitose is related to Chikage in any way cept that Otomate wanted to throw in like a buhjillion Hakuouki references just cuz. But dear god now that u mention it, I can see Otomate doing a Hakuouki x Toki no Kizuna thing in the future…dunno whether I’d be psyched for sth like that or just facepalming

      You’ll get what I mean when I say that Yukina won’t stfu abt her having thrown away her vagina if u eve get around to playing this game lol

      • bambi Says:

        yeah ever since this game was announced i’d thought it was supposed to be a hakuoki prequel. and then i was like o guess not lols. but now it seems to be a possibility again.

        omg WHAT IF the crossover is gonna be a time-travelling one where chizuru switches places with yukina cuz only their special powers can save their opposite time periods etc etc… YEGODS PLZ HAVE MERCY AND SPARE US

  7. Lol your review never fails to make me laugh so please keep on writing random drunk stuff hahaha.its a pity yukina is dumb since I expected her to be a bamf like the heroine from jyuuzaengi. Atleast shes not as useless as chizuru though.

  8. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Says:

    lmfao this had me in tears the entire time

    Honestly happy to find someone who agrees with me. \o/ This was just too average with all the hype. Hot gorgeous sexy motherfuckin’ Shin aside, I feel like it could have been better, maybe decent, had Otomate not wrapped it around Hakuoukimoi. The references got shitboring and stupidly predictable. Real tired of them beating a dead cow.

    …:D ^read earlier comments and LGS is pretty great. Not to compare too much, I don’t like it as much as SYK but it’s definitely one of Otomate’s better 2012 releases. Plus Junichi Suwabe. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    I can’t wait for your Genroh review~ you never fail to disappoint lol

    • domshiki Says:

      DUUUUDE ikr? this game had potential but goddamn, what’s with all the Hakuouki shit eh? Otomate has really gotta stop milking their old series like Hiiro no Kakera too and start making new, good games.

      Sounds like LGS is shaping up to be an alright game then? I’ll be playing it sometime soon prolly then :D

      I can’t wait to play Genroh either <3

  9. Mila Says:

    Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your reviews, they are so funny and make my day and also I can’t read Japanese so it’s like I’m playing them vicariously through you! Especially since you make them so detailed and omg your commentary is just so funny, I was cracking up at all the “ORE WA ONNA DE ARU MAE NI.” Please don’t ever stop writing these! (or at least don’t stop anytime in the near future~) I’ve read, like, every review you’ve made, and wow you’re just amazing

    • domshiki Says:

      thanks, your comment made my day <3

      Lol I'm pretty high most of the time when I write my reviews, it gets my fingers typing. I hope to still be writing reviews in the near future and all too ;)

  10. memeshii Says:

    I completely thought of the very same thing! I was like, “how did this BECAME the yasehime’s bodyguard? Or are they telling me yasehime is not that important afterall?” but meh, it all became clear in Senkimaru’s route anyway :P I’ve had creep vibes lately for okamoto(thanks to Chou Hi) but I think I managed to feel better after playing this :’D I enjoyed this game a lot(since I forgot most of hakuouki besides Okita so I never realized the connection till I finished all the routes xD Thank god, I’m dense). Oh, and I love Shin too♪ I was disappointed with Kazuya because he is just obviously gay for Tokugawa!(Kamiya!! The only character(besides the squirrel in brocon) that Kamiya ever did in otomate Q_Q). And I love sengoku so it’s almost a golden rule that if it has sengoku on it’s setting, it’s obvious that I’ll love it x’D

    • domshiki Says:

      Same I was wondering how someone so unskilled became Yasehime’s bodyguard lolol. SHIN WAS AWESOME <3 DUDE fuck yea man Kazuya was so homo for Tokugawa EVERYTHING that came out of his mouth was all Tokugawa and shit. Haha did u play Nise no Chigiri then? That's some sengoku :3

      • memeshii Says:

        And I even saved Kazuya for the second last! I never thought he’d be such a gay! I should have made Shin-sama last and done him first(so much for my Kamiya(Izaya) love). Also, this made me like Hino Satoshi a lot(I never knew him till I played this xD and now I really enjoyed listening to him as Tenka in LGS)

        Tohoho. I’ve played nise no chigiri before and it’s one of my faves too♪—in that game, I was left in puzzle why a senior citizen is a secret character(ojisan chara is fine but it’s kind of difficult for me when it’s OJIIsan) But then I loved Kansuke and Shuuya’s route very much I managed to finish the whole game xD

  11. Brilliant review as usual, nothing too special about this as was said but SHIN<3 and that said, I would still like a FD with mutha. fuckin. Yachiyo. I'm not even going to try and justify that, he's one fabulous son of a bitch and that's as much justification as I need.

    • domshiki Says:

      Yachiyo is batshit insane. I’m torn between loving him and hating him cuz even though he’s “one fabulous son of a bitch”, he killed off all dem jiijiis.

      I want more Shin <3

  12. LMAO I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought Tsukishima looks like Gimli from LOTR. I kinda enjoy this game but sadly I think this game lacks from romance, too much focusing on war. And I really hope Yukina will be a bad-ass heroine but she is rather dumb and naive LOL.

    • domshiki Says:

      rofl yeah i was like “GIMLI IS THAT U?” the mo Tsukishima appeared. Yeah Otomate really focuses too much on war – they even prepared maps and war plans this game and all

  13. Reblogged this on Fish and Chips Makes a Blog and commented:
    Toki no Kizuna review!!!!

  14. Azure Says:

    Only read half of that because I’m playing atm, and got chitose and kazuya, working on shin.

    But I seriously coulnd’t stop laughing at “and then I thought…


    Because that’s what I thought ):

    lol Otomate was pretty effing evil. Please stop killing the jiijii’s ):

    • domshiki Says:

      OMG YEAH everytime one of those sweet odl men showed up it was like “NO PLEASE STOP” cuz I knew they were just gna get their brains smushed out lol

  15. […] Toki no Kizuna ~ Sekigahara Kitan […]

  16. Ju-chan Says:

    Chorando pelos JiiJii’s :'[

  17. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources
    back to your site? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my users would certainly
    benefit from some of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this ok with you. Thank you!

  18. tamagodreams Says:

    who illustrated this? it seems like they’re trying to imitate kazuki yone (hakuouki)’s style. not that i’m complaining

    • domshiki Says:

      The artist is miko and nah I don’t think she’s trying to imitate anyone. Her arts always been like this, she’s not a new artist or anything. I don’t think her stuff looks like kazuki yone Tha much either lol

  19. THIS REVIEW OMG this review wins over everything hands down asfkhskdfhsdf

  20. KuroMuffin Says:

    LOL Senkimaru a cross eyed Kate Moss XD
    It’s funny how Otomate puts TOO much effort into their art that it ends up looking derpy sometimes. Even hand drawings look stiff

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL please tell me I’m not the only one who thought that.

      oh god i know what you mean. the artist who did SYK seemed to try too hard sometimes and gave her characters carrot noses and flat faces rofl

      • KuroMuffin Says:

        Lol nope you aren’t. And it’s so ironic that the real Kate has strange looking eyes herself! XDD they make her look like a fish, toad, or a lizard species sometimes
        And yeah, even when they are “moving” they look so stiff that they are frozen on the spot. Might as well be displayed as sculptures in some love museum! Lol

  21. xxladyvampirexx Says:

    Are you planning on doing the FD?? I’ve just finished it and all I can say is MUTHAFUCKIN’ SHIN STRIKES AGAIN. Like, playing only 5min and I was already drowning in (porn) feels. I think you would like it a lot ;D

    • domshiki Says:

      I really do want to get around to this but got so much on my plate atm so not sure when I'll actually get to it

      ..especially with the release of pokemon x….I ended up buying a 3ds lolol

      thanks for dropping by though <3

      • xxladyvampirexx Says:

        Still sexy? HE’S WAY SEXIER BRAH *0* I think he doesn’t control himself anymore since he’s dating Yukina and shit (I should’ve counted how many times he talked about “giving her a proper education -if you know what I mean-” )

        Not only Shin, the rest of the characters have pretty good routes (even Kazuya, god, now that he isn’t a butthurt Tokugawa fanboy he’s so FUCKEN MOE—Kamiyan pls) And also, our favourite rapist Yachiyo got his own mini-route, yay!

        Pokemon… oh, shut up, next week I’m buying a fuckin’ 3DS because of that xD

        Well, even if you don’t review this FD I’m still waiting for new reviews <3333

  22. aqilaqamar Says:

    where you high when you wrote this and whats with these new “historical” otomes being made hakouki or sth being one annoyed me I liked its high school version and main coupling was hot but it was just really urghhh really. Making Shinsengumi ppl fawn over one Oni girl lol for no reason too.

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