Otome Game Review – PersonA ~ Opera Za no Kaijin ~

Alternative Titles: PersonA ~ オペラ座の怪人~

Company: Mirai Soft

Release Date: 27.04.12

Official Site: PHANTOM PORN

Platform: PC

Genre:  PORN

Plot: A dirty otoge take on The Phantom of the Opera.  Join me, my loves, as we see how much of a slut Christine Daae is made into in her steamy, porn filled adventures.  Nope, sadly there aren’t any sex scenes of Gerard Butler but at least we don’t have to shield our eyes from Emmy Rossum’s retarded poodle afros in this game.

Our heroine, Christine Daae, is just a regular slut girl who dreams of becoming the Prima Donna at the Opera.  Her father’s dead, her bro’s missing so she works at a cafe to support herself and a mysterious stalker X sends her money regularly and letters too.  One day, she’s invited to audition to sing at the opera by a man called Remy, who’s the butler of the Opera owner – apparently, Remy heard her singing before at the cafe so Christine trains hard for two weeks, auditions and manages to get in.

She hurries to her father’s grave after to relay the news and there, hears a beautiful voice that tells her GJ and that he’s going to guide her from now on.  That day, she receives a bouqet of flowers and a ruby necklace from her Stalker X, who tells her congrats and that this is the last letter she’ll be getting cuz she’s already paved her own path.  He’ll still watch over her though so no worries.

She gets a nice fancy room in the Opera and meets two other opera ppl, Lucas and Meg.  Christine finds a large bouqet of flowers in her room, which freaks the shit out of Lucas cuz he locked the door before leaving.  There’s a letter from the PHANTOM and Meg tells Christine that there’s been a Phantom living here in the Opera who demands money and a seat in the Opera.  They tried sending ppl to find him but he just turned the whole thing into a bloodbath.

One day, after Christine’s first performance, she meets…


An army dude who’s also a nobleman, Raoul’s the prince character of the game, having that boyish charm and that fancy blonde hair.  He’s Christine’s childhood friend and after several years, they meet again when he saves her from some pervert lunatic.  Since he’s voiced by Kishio Daisuke and is bright and cheery, he reminded me again of cray cray Makoto from Sweet Pool so I headed into his route expecting some yandere rapist shit;  let’s see if I’m right eh?

Raoul bursts into Christine’s room all “RMB MEHHHHHH” and the two are delighted to see each other after so long.  Christine reminisces her childhood with Raoul, where he was the popular kid surrounded by girls so she never got the chance to talk to him.  They finally did when he retrieved her lost hat for her and soon after, he makes a clover ring for her and slips it onto her left ring finger.  He confesses to always wanting to talk to her and the next day, the two meet at the church where Raoul tells Christine that he’s going to make her his bride in the future.  Christine agrees and he kisses her on the cheek.

Soon after, a man is hanged in the Opera and a letter is sent to the Opera head, Richard, that he is to make Christine the Prima Donna.  Christine is shaken by the death scene so Raoul comforts her but when he leaves, the Phantom shows up to tell Christine that any man she gets close to will be assraped…WITH A SCREWDRIVER.  A man then appears in her mirror some time later who tells her she will be the Prima Donna and calling himself the Angel of Music (AoM), he begins tutoring Christine nightly.  Another letter is sent from the Phantom, telling Richard to immediately dismiss the currently shitty Prima Donna, Bitchskankwhore, and amused, Richard decides to try making Christine the Prima Donna.

Christine kicks ass as the Prima Donna thanks to the AoM and she begins to spend more time with Raoul, going horseriding with him and making food for him on picnics.  He gives her a little clover bookmark or sth which the AoM DOES NOT LIKE and demands that Christine throw it away at once.  Raoul busts in to see wtf is going on but Christine lies and tells him she was talking to herself.  Raoul leaves but doesn’t buy it cuz he’s sure he heard another voice and on cue, the Phantom tells him that he’s going to kill him if he gets too close to Christine.  The AoM pops back out and tells Christine to rmb her promise of not ever falling in love.

Worried as fuck, Raoul prowls around outside Christine’s room the next day and sees the Phantom coming and going :O Christine admits to him that she’s been taking lessons from the AoM and Raoul tells her that’s prolly the bloody PHANTOM u nitwit and he tells her not to take lessons ever again from him cuz the Phantom’s prolly a cray cray serial killer

The next night, when the AoM shows up, Christine straight up tells the guy that they’re over kthxbye but the guy starts raging and grabs Christine.  Raoul charges in and hacks at the AoM with his katana, which results in Christine feeling a sudden fuzziness in her head and when she opens her eyes again, the AoM is now…THE PHANTOM DUNDUNDUN/

So basically, Christine’s the only one who sees the AoM and everyone sees sees the AoM in his true form, the Phantom.  The Phantom books it and never comes back to teach lololol.  So with the AoM outta the way, Raoul and Christine are free to party all they want and finally, both spit it out and they have sexy time…a couple of times lol.

However, Raoul’s older bro, Phillip, does not approve of Raoul marrying commoner Christine and will only give em his blessing if Christine becomes the Prima Donna.  Raoul is called back out to fight on the front lines, leaving Christine all alone for a few weeks.


He comes back but then the Phantom kidnaps Christine and locks her up in his uh sewer castle.  Couse Raoul comes in and rescues her and the two escape but he sneaks off at night to finish off the Phantom himself.  He ends up getting captured and tortured by the Phantom and he tells Raoul that unless he tells Christine “I don’t love you”, he’s going to kill him.  Christine begs Raoul to say it but Raoul doesn’t.  The Phantom realises that Christine and Raoul really are in love so he backs off before men come in to save Raoul.  In the end, Raoul gets married with Christine and the two live happily ever after.

ED 2

Phillip accepts Christine into the family- I’m not too sure what the point of this ending was since it’s pretty much the same as the one above.


The AoM drugs Christine, making her all paralysed and stupid and rapes her (it helps that Christine’s a pretty big slut too lol). Christine fights back and sees that the AoM = the Phantom.  Terrified, Christine runs out of her room but finds a white daisy petal on the ground.  Since then, Raoul’s been acting weird and when he sees that there’s a note inside Christine’s house from the Phantom, saying “I KNOW WHERE U LIVE”, Raoul suggests that Christine stay at his place for the time being.

Raoul starts getting pervier, doing shit like licking Christine’s fingers and forbids Christine to go back to the opera to sing or anything.  One night when he comes home from his army stuff, he sees a book from Phillip in Christine’s room and when she tells him that she had dinner with Phillip that night, he goes into crazy jealous mode and ‘rapes’ Christine, saying that she likes it rough anyway.  I say “half rape”  cuz Raoul was pretty nice about it (unlike Ijiwaru my Rapist…) and Christine succumbed to it just like that cuz she’s a giant slut.

Raoul’s back to normal in the morning and tells Phillip that he’s going to marry Christine whether his bro likes it or not.  Christine finds some daisy petals in Raoul’s room and remembers how he used to give her this shit when they were young and she suddenly realises that he prolly saw the AoM feeling her up tha night.  She’s terrified but when she doesn’t tell Raoul what’s wrong, he goes back into his yandere horny mode and fingers her in the garden before going “WELL GTA  GO TO WORK NOW TOODLES”, leaving Christine uh, “half done” on the ground lolol.  When he comes back, he tells her that the Phantom has been wrecking havoc at the Opera still so she can’t go back yet.  However, Phillip tells her the opposite and at night, Raoul comes back all bloody and tells Christine that he was attacked by the Phantom.

Seeing Christine so down at being unable to sing though, Raoul soon allows Christine to return cuz apparently everyone’s accepted the existence of the Phantom and there are now cops all around the place.  When Christine returns though, Richard (the Opera owner), tells her that there was no such thing and that Raoul was the one who got all these cops stationed ere.  Neither does anyone know about Raoul getting attacked by the Phantom and when Christine’s about to ask more about that incident, Raoul conveniently appears and drags her into her room.  There, he goes on about how she’s gna party with other hot menz and that she’ll never be satisfied with just him.  He leaves the door unlocked cuz “That’s how you like it anyway”  and he starts eating her out.  Christine’s shitting her pants cuz this reminds her of the AoM trying to rape her and sure enough, THE PHANTOM IS WATCHING LOOOOOL and he pops out and takes her away.

Blablabla Raoul saves Christine and the confesses how the Phantom was right in calling him a “coward”.  He’s unsure that Christine truly loves him and when Christine tells him that she does love him and him only, he asks who she was having sex with in her room some time ago.  Christine’s all doom and despair that Raoul really did see the Phantom rape her and unable to say anything, Raoul stops giving a fuck and just sexes Christine up.  When Christine rejects him, he just gets more rapisty cuz when the Phantom did her, she never told the guy no.

When Christine wakes up, she’s in a wedding dress and at the church with Raoul.  The guy tells her that he wants to get married now and if Christine says no, he’ll kill her and then commit suicide.  Her veil flies off into a tree and when Raoul runs off to retrieve it, she remembers how he did the same thing when they were kids and realises that she loves him anyway and says yes.  Raoul puts on the wedding ring and tells her that he got hers a tad too small on purpose so her finger will always hurt and the pain will remind her of him

what the..FUCK?

…and we get a short epilogue which shows that Raoul’s become 2348y2394873294832 more prone to jealousy, threatening to kill a man who helped Christine hold her shopping


ED 4

Phillip is super mad that Raoul married Christine without his permission.  Raoul apologises sardonically and tells his bro to eat some this delicious kiche he made.  Phillip does and the next day, he collapses and is admitted into the hospital, with Raoul making him food every day to make him uh “healthier”.  However, Phillip’s condition worsens and Christine stays with Raoul, whether out of fear or love even she doesn’t know anymore.


Raoul’s older brother and head of the whatever house he’s head of.  He’s mature and gentlemanly but gives off really strong sugar daddy vibes lolol so he had me cringing a fair bit during his route.  Totally doesn’t help that he has a FIANCE already

Christine first meets Phillip when he comes to her room to see the new super talent at the Opera – he’s a sponsor or sth.  He takes a liking to her, giving Christine expensive pressies and taking her out to equally expensive shows and dinners.  All the other girls get jealous and start throwing rumours around about Christine being the village bicycle till Phillip tells the mofos to stfu and gtfo.

Phillip invites Christine over to play and when he hears that she used to play hide n seek with Raoul where the hider would have to do whatever the seeker said if found, he decides to play a game with her.  He finds Christine pretty easily and catches her by grabbing her from the back.  His request is that she stay still for a bit and he starts groping her ass while she does LOL WTF HENTAI SUGAR DADDY CHARACTER?

Anyway, Christine sees Phillip with his fiance and remembering that Meg told her that Phillip’s prolly just fucking around, Christine starts avoiding Phillip.  He keeps chasing her until she lets him in one night cuz it’s raining outside.  Phillip immediately tries to sex Christine up but she starts crying – she likes him so she doesn’t wana fool around.  Phillip’s all SHOKKU but apologises and leaves

Next day, he drops by to give Christine some flowers as a token of his apology.  Christine forgives him and the two are good till Elaine shows up while the two are chilling and Christine makes a run for it.  Phillip chases after her and ends up taking her home.  Next day, Christine reads on the paper that Phillip has broken his engagement with Elaine and tha night, he shows up to tell Christine that he’s fallen for her and proposes with some fugly ring.  Sexy time ensues

The Phantom tries to take Christine and she ends up taking a hit for Phillip when she comes to the rescue.  When she wakes up, she’s suffered an injury to the torso or sth that puts an end to her singing career.  No matter cuz she’s alive and she lives happily ever after with Phillip.

ED 2

Christine becomes Phillip’s mistress.

ED 3

Christine’s originally with Raoul but Phillip gets a call from the army some time later, saying that Raoul has been killed in battle. Phillip and Christine comfort each other in their sorrow and in the end, the two fall in love, with Phillip breaking off his engagement to marry Christine.

However, shit happens and ofc Raoul comes back  – lloool this is like Pearl Harbour.

ED 4

Christine and Phillip fail to tell Raoul so Christine just has an affair with Phillip

ED 5

Continuing on from ED3, Raoul dies, Phillip and Christine hook up but then Raoul comes home. Cuz it’s bros over hoes for Phillip, he tells Christine to marry Raoul and so, in the end, Christine marries Raoul (who’s realised what happened when he was gone).


Exactly what it says.  Phillip and Raoul both like Christine and u kno, why fuck one guy when u can fuck both eh?  Anyway, Raoul confesses to Christine and tells her he’ll wait.  However, he notices how Christine’s been staring at his bro too and when he straight up asks whether she likes his bro or not, Christine can’t give him a straight answer and jealous, he kisses her and tells her to consider him before leaving.

…OF COURSE Phillip is righ behind em and HE gets jealous and snogs Christine too lololol.  Raoul comes over one night and when he confesses again, Christine replies she likes him too so he starts feeling her up but halfway, Christine thinks of Phillip so she pushes Raoul away.  She goes over to Raoul’s place some time later and there, Phillip almost eats her out but backs off.  He then tells her that he was only fucking around with her so Christine runs off.

Raoul finds her and tells her that he’ll always be with her…unlike his asshat of an older bro.

OTHERS ED 1 (Raoul)

Christine chooses Raoul in the end and he knocks her up.

OTHERS ED 2 (Phillip)

In the end, she ends up with Phillip and lives happily ever.


Christine tells Raoul that she likes him and has sex with him.  However, she then goes off and has sex with Phillip too lolol before promising Raoul that she’s his only.  The two get married but then Raoul leaves for army stuff and Christine has sex with Phillip again.  Raoul comes back, finds out and decides to punish Christine with the thing she loves most…MOAR SEX!!!

Oh Christine you whore <3


The new manager of the Opera or some shit like that (the other manager is some old guy called MONCHARMIN).  Anyway, he’s the head and on the outside, he’s all polite and shiet so all the Opera girls are smitten with him but he quickly reveals himself to be a calculating, condescending, sarcastic dickweed.  I thought he was gna be a Kichiku Rapist character but he’s kinda like a Kichiku Rapist without the rape…kinda?  Well it’s kinda hard to rape a huge slut like Christine anyway lolol but nevertheless, I liked Richard – he’s like that kid who bullies the girl he likes hur.

Christine finds out about Richard’s true nature pretty early on and for the most part, is kinda scared of the dude.  He trashtalks her all the time, telling her that she ain’t sexy enough to be the Prima Donna lolol but he knows talent when he sees it so he takes to giving her some harsh, constructive criticism to help her on the way.  He hates the rich folk too like Raoul and Phillip so whenever Raoul tries to hang with Christine, he’ll come in to sabotage shiet by taking Christine away and then throwing in a random girl to ‘distract’ Raoul rofl.  He also likes to molest Christine as his way of saying hello >:3

Well, still he’s a perfectionist dickhole and after Christine’s first solo, he tells her she’s shit and also to stay away from Raoul and Phillip cuz rich ppl like fucking around with dumb poor girls like her.  When Phillip gives her a necklace, Richard takes it from her and when he gets more and more letters from the Phantom, he starts suspecting that Christine seduced the Phantom into doing her bidding.  Christine protests but Richard only tells her to drop the good girl act and kisses her like “DID U WHORE URSELF OUR TO HIM LIKE THIS” but he only ends up making Christine cry cuz it was her first kiss.  Well, Richard don’t care, he don’t give a fuck cuz he LIKES tormenting Christine like a little bratty boy and he tells her to gtfo

Christine gets over shit in a jiffy and Richard walks in on her practising alone.  Christine’s all ready to make a run for it but Richard tells her to sit her ass down and he starts practising with her.  Richard’s then like “wtf am i doing” and reverts back to his ahole self some time later when a fire breaks out in part of the Opera.

Again, Richard accuses Christine of hooking up with the Phantom and when she tells him she don’t know shit, he declares that then he must make her talk…and he starts fondling herz and shitz.  Since Christine’s willing to whore herself out to the Phantom to become the Prima Donna, she must be pretty daaaamn desperate so Richard tells her that he’ll make her the Prima Donna if she promises to do eeeeeeverything he says.  Christine slaps the shit out of this rapist nigga and tells him to GET.THE.FUCK. off his high horse – oh wait nvm.  I was the one who said that lolol Christine’s too much of a slutty wuss to go beyond slapping him.  Well, this extremely transient display of courage that hinted at anything bearing the faintest resemblance of a backbone in Christine impresses Richard so he lets her off the hook this time and tells her that he’ll test her in 3 days.

In 3 days, she sings and ofc she fails cuz really, Christine can’t sing perfect without her AoM.  However, Richard takes Christine directly under his wing now tutors her directly.  She goes to his office some time later and finds him asleep, realising that he’s been straining himself with his job of taking care of the Opera + dealing with the Phantom + being an asshat + teaching her how to sing. He continues to teach her and even breaks the sworn oath that douchebags take to never compliment and PRAISES Christine for her efforts.  The AoM has stopped appearing but Christine hears a voice that tells her to stop taking lessons from Richard or shit’s going down.  Indeed, the very next day, Richard’s carriage gets into a traffic collision but Richard wasn’t in it

One day, Christine sees him alone with Carlotta and when he catches sight of her, Christine finds herself running away.  Richard ofc, has to torment her some more and in his usual smug fashion, asks whether she was jealous and shiet.  Christine does her pitiful fumbly lie thing but Richard comes onto her and tells her to look him in the eye and tell him the truth.  Christine ends up pushing him away like “YO STOP FUCKING AROUDN WITH MEH” and he tells her to gtfo.  When Christine returns to her room, the Phantom appears all mad and tells her he’s going to kill Richard if she still takes lessons from the guy.  He gives her a hickey on her neck before leaving


Christine stops taking lessons from Richard the next day and the Phantom shows up like a creepy stalker again.  She blacks out and sees Richard when she wakes up.  Christine tries to hide the hickey but Richard sees it and he assumes that she ditched his lessons to have fun time with some other dude. He goes crazy jealous and rapes Christine – again, like in Raoul’s cray cray route, Christine totally dug this rape shit lol this slut.

anyway, Richard goes to Christine the day after where the poor hoe’s just shittin her pants but he just demands to know why she was unconscious on the ground ytd.  Christine finally spills her shit about how the Phantom threatened her etc and Richard hugs her at this, calling her a nitwit for thinking she could handle everything by herself.  He then apologises for last night and tells her it’s been a long time since he’s been so jealous.  He kisses her and confesses that he be liking her and that she be staying in his room now away from that Phantom creep

Some time later, Richard takes Christine to a party, getting her a nice dress and a ring and shiet.  He introduces her as his future wife and when Christine’s like “WAI…FU?”, Richard facepalms and pointing to the ring, tells her to notice shit lol.

That night, Christine goes over to Richard’s place where he reveals the “other side” of him: he’s actually the boss of some mafia organisation called “NOIR NEIGE/MILLEAU” <— kay I defs did not romanise this right cuz my french only goes as far as “BONGJOOAH” so lets shorten it to M.  Christine doesn’t care lol and they have sexy time before Christine gets kidnapped by the Phantom…AGAIN and gets hurt when Richard starts shooting at the Phantom.  Blablabla Richard swears to protect Christine from the Phantom and the two live happily ever with Christine becoming the Prima Donna


Richard locks Christine up in his mansion to keep her out of the Phantom’s reach.  He comes to her every night to teach her how to sing and soon, he receives a letter from the Phantom demanding her release.  Christine gets bored at the mansion so asks for some yarn and grudgingly, Richard brings her a whole fucking shop’s worth of yarn to knit shit with and he ends up berating himself for getting too srs abt the request.  Christine decides to knit him sth as thanks for the lessons so she stays up for two nights straight but Richard just scolds her for not practising her singing.  Christine runs back to her room but Richard comes in shortly after with a bottle of perfume for her that smells just like the flower she likes.  He then tells Christine to stop fucking around and to give him his present – like who the hell goes to give someone a present and then forgets to give it to the person?  Lol oh Richard, can’t be honest eh?

Richard protects Christine from a pervert colleague of his, saves her from falling out the window etc and in general, becomes nicer to her in his gruff, “i pretend Idc but I rly do” way.  Lucas appears one day and tells Christine that Richard has instructed him to bring her back to the Opera.  Course, the mo she returns, she’s taken by the Phantom and the guy proceeds onto ravishing her till a midget in a hood shows up and poisons the fuck out of the Phantom.  Richard and Remy arrive shortly, capture the Phantom and Richard returns home with Christine.

First thang he does is hug her cuz damn woman, don’t make meh worry boutchu so much.  Turns out Lucas lied about Richard telling him to take Christine to the Opera and Remy finds out that Lucas is some dude who just worked at the Opera to kill the Phantom and he’s actually sent by dem DIRRRTAYYY Persians (Richard’s words, not mine) to kill the Phantom.  Soon, Lucas shows up again, demanding the Richard to hand over the Phantom but Richard tells the boy to go suck a dick.

While waiting for Richard to come teach her singing, Christine sees some brandy or sth on his table and remembering that he told her to become a woman who could at least drink a little, Christine takes like, a teaspoon of the shit and gets totally hammered from that.  Drunk Christine was pretty damn adorable and when Richard comes back, he’s like “WTF” and when Christine starts dozing off, he makes her drink some water mouth to mouth in an attempt to sober her up but still piss drunk, Christine only giggles like

Christine: “お水。。。もっと飲ませて。。。くだちゃあああああい<3

Richard: いい加減にしないと、RAPE するぞ

Christine: いいですよ。私でよければ

LOOOOOOL and then Christine falls asleep.  Richard headbangs his desk before giving a sleeping Christine a hickey on her chest and then carrying her back to her room.  He gets his revenge the next day when Christine wakes up like “what happened ytd hurr” and he fondles the hickey on her chest before telling her to remember herself rofl.

Anyway, Richard’s had enough playing the nice guy and tells Christine that he ain’t gna wait anymore cuz being nice is like, so out so the two have sex.  Remy busts in shortly after tho cuz Lucas has infiltrated the mansion and Richard goes off to do some man work after telling Christine



Richard ends up giving the Phantom to Lucas in exchange for Christine’s safety and both the Phantom and Lucas disappear.  Richard asks whether Christine really wants to spend the rest of her life with a mafia boss like him but hey she loves him and vice versa so alls good.



Richard’s butler.  Remy’s laconic, very professional to the point of being almost unfeeling and most of the opera dudes fear him.  Like most characters of his type, he’s just socially retarded and turns out to be very sweet once he opens up :3

Remy’s pretty -_- usually but to Christine, he softens up a fair bit and brings her tea a lot, on the grounds that he believes she can be the Prima Donna and so he wants to uh “nurture” her talents with tea or sth.  When Christine does brill on her first performance, Remy buys her a scarf she’s been eyeing for some time as a reward but mostly as an incentive to do even btr next time.

One night, Christine gets attacked by some perverts while going home but Remy busts in to save her, beating the shit out of the guys and almost killing em in his berserker mode.  She also finds out that the AoM is the Phantom and she tells Remy, who begins to walk her home every day just in case.  The Phantom continues to send letters to the Opera, demanding that Christine be made the Prima Donna…or else.

Later on, Christine and Remy meet two street urchins, an older bro and his younger sis and they help these kids out.  This reminds Christine of HER older bro, KYLE, and how he was the best bro in the world basically but now he’s suddenly gone and left.  Before Remy drops her off, he traces a sun on Christine’s palm and tells her it’s a little spell that keeps her safe.  Christine’s all O_O cuz her older bro used to do this to her too…

A couple nights later, Christine notices how sick Remy looks and tells him that she can walk home alone today dwbi so go home and rest.  Remy’s too worried to let her off herself but it starts raining suddenly so Christine lets Remy into her place.  She tells him to stay the night cuz now it’s snowing and the guy’s gna freeze to death out there.  He sleeps, with Christine feeling up his hair while he does but he wakes up and grabs her onto the bed halfway.  While he sleeps, he mutters “LOTTE” and again, Christine goes all O_O cuz Lotte was HER nickname when she was a child: Her father told her a fairytale in which the heroine, Lotte, meets the AoM.  Since then, Christine proudly proclaimed that she’s gna be like Lotte so that’s been her childhood nickname.

Remy then turns out to be a member of M too and rumours have been flying that Remy’s betrayed M so he’s put on probation and stuck in Richard’s house.  The Phantom ends up killing Carlotta and when Christine rages at him, he’s just sad  tells her that he just wants her to be the Prima Donna – he knows she loves music more than anyone.

Christine starts getting thinner and thinner cuz she’s worried about Remy but Lucas (who obviously has a crush on her) manages to set the two up for a meeting.  Christine is sneaked into Richard’s house where she heads into Remy’s room and starts crying from relief when she sees him okay.  Remy on the other hand, is none too pleased to see her and when she confesses, he pushes her down, stops then tells her to gtfo.  He tells her that he’s already engaged to some other woman and that the Prima Donna need not concern herself with a lowly butler like him.

Anyway, turns out Remy betrayed M by helping the two kids: there was a shopkeeper who was at odds with M but Remy saved him from M members cuz the two kids were working at the shopkeeper’s place.  However, he’s been forgiven just this once cuz he’s valuable to M.

That day, Christine finds out that Lucas has suddenly quit his job at the Opera and Richard then calls her to his office, telling her that he found two tickets on Remy out of France.  Turns out the other ticket’s for Christine: Remy planned to run from the place with Christine to protect her from M and the Phantom.  Remy shoves the old picture that Christine has of her, her bro, her dad, Raoul and some mystery boy x into her face and tells her that KYLE IS REMY.  Remy didn’t tell Christine they were siblings cuz entering M required him to cut off all ties with family...and now it’s too late and Christine’s in love with her own brother lolololol

Anyway, Richard gives her the two tickets cuz he secretly be one good nigga and Raoul comes over later to propose to Christine.  Remy returns to work the next day and tells Christine to get married to Raoul.  Christine rejects Raoul in the end and begs Remy to walk home with her and he does.    However, when they get back to the Opera, the Phantom has set the place on fire and captures Christine.  Remy gets the shit stabbed outta him trying to save Christine where Christine starts bawling and calling him Kyle NII NIIIIIIIIII and he confesses that he knew she was his sis right off the bat…just that she was so like, fucking hot that he fell in love with her and couldn’t see her as jus a sis anymore rofl wtf???


Remy decides that the taboo of incest is like, totally OUT now and that he wants to be a hillbilly so he runs away with Christine to some other european country.

…and ere i was, waiting for some great revelation that revealed Christine to be adopted or sth….


Christine tries to get a dying Remy to read the letter their dad left him but Remy dies.  He sees a scene of what would have and should have been had he stayed and his father lived and had they all lived together till now.


Remy’s the one who comes onto Christine way earlier in the game and she finds out he’s Kyle when he’s sick in her bed, muttering about Lotte.  He reveals that he is Kyle and confesses that he loves her and Christine here gives the MORE APPROPRIATE RESPONSE and totally freaks out about em being siblings and that Remy didn’t tell her earlier cuz now she’s fucked and in love with him.  Remy starts groping her and Christine’s like “YOOOOOOOOO WE’RE RELATED EW STOP PLZ I DON’T WANT OUR CHILDREN TO COME OUT RETARDED” but u kno, as shown in the Raoul VS Phillip routes, our heroine is a HUUUUUUGE slut so she she goes “oh fuck it”  in the end

Oh fuck this I’m not doing any more of Remy’s endings, this guy has like 9 or sth.  One ending has him and Christine becoming street performers or sth and another has the two of em dying.


Just starting these VS routes and before I begin, I’m betting my entire fortune (ie a looney and a nickel) that Christine’s gna be an even bigger whore than in the Phillip VS Raoul routes.  Ere we go.

Well rmb in Richard’s routes where Christine never really fought back when Richard decided to feel her up?  This time, she not only actually hates it, she actually bitchslaps the perve but this only turns Richard on some more lol.  Right on time though, Remy comes in to interrupt but sees Christine’s dress all messed up before he leaves.

After that, Christine’s too embarrassed to face Remy but cuz he’s a nice guy, he gets her some cherry pie to cheer her up.  Richard (who’s probably feeling a tad guilty…or not lol) too, ges Christine some food and brings her out to dinner.

Lucas then disappears and another dead bod is found.  The opera panics and shit, Richard becomes super fatigued so Christine decides to go and make him some tea before forcing him to rest.  Richard apologises for being a pervert and Christine suddenly falls asleep too in Richard’s office and when she wakes up, there’s a blanket over her.  When she bumps into Richard the next day, she thanks him for putting a blanket over her but he just replies that it wasn’t him and what happened was that Christine STOLE the blanket from him and let him freeze to death lololol.  Before he goes, he asks Christine whether or not she slept in his office cuz she wanted him to rape her rofl

Christine then goes off to make Richard a carrot cake to give him more nutrition or sth but when she gives it to him, he’s all gruff like “USE UR TIME TO PRACTICE SINGING, BUTTFUCK”.  Course, he does the whole “TABETEYARU” thing afterwards and eats it.

Some time later, Remy brings Christine out to buy red tea and teaches her how to make nice red tea.  When some guy hits on a clueless Christine, Remy and Richard both bust out to uh rescue her where Richard rages at Christine for being so stupid.  Christine then bumps into Remy and does up his loose ribbon tie thing for him and Richard walks in on the two of em and comments how disgustingly close they’ve gotten and he demands that Christine come to his office in a bit.

That night, Christine’s candle dies so she gets Remy to come in and refill the oil or some shit.  He ends up dropping the matches so the two of em start looking around on the ground together and are about to kiss but Richard pops in again and damn, the guy ain’t happy.  He pulls Christine to him and tells her to be more wary goddamnit and then he kisses her on the cheek.

After Christine leaves for her singing lessons, Richard straight up asks Remy whether or not he’s in love with Christine.  Remy denies this so Richard just tells him that he’s gonna take Christine so bugger off u dumb butler

Sure enough, Richard makes his move when Christine can’t give him a straight answer to his “You boning Remy?”.  He pulls her to his office where he strips and starts getting all horny with Christine.  He tells her that if she doesn’t want this, all she has to do is punch him like last time but because I was totally right about her being a slag, she can’t and she actually goes all the way with Richard even though I’m pretty sure I’m going down a Remy end here lol.  What a slut

When she exits, Remy pulls her into HER room and there, comments on how she smells like Richard before he has his way with her rofl srsly Christine, what a whore.

Remy End

Well we know what happens and in the end, Christine finally stops whoring around and chooses Remy. Richard can’t believe he got rejected but says that he’ll still take Christine one day.  In the end, Remy quits the Opera to live with Christine or something and the two live hornily ever after

Richard End

Christine rejects Remy who quits the Opera out of heartbreak and goes missing.  Richard has sex with Christine everyday blablabla

3some End

Isn’t it odd that there isn’t a 3some ending for Raoul and Phillip but there’s one for these two?  Well Christine can’t pick either so Richard drugs her and invites Remy in for a wonderful time in bed

The Phantom

Finally we’re down to this elusive nigga.  As shown in all the other routes, this guy is fucking nuts and will stop at nothing to get his hands on Christine.  When he’s not doing the whole cray cray stalker thing though, he’s actually very sweet and quiet just loooves Christine way too much tis all.  Right off the bat, we find out through his monologues that MONCHARMIN (the Opera manager) stole his Opera designs and then burnt his mother to death and that’s why he’s out for blood.

Prior to becoming the Prima Donna, Christine meets a magician in the park (WHO IS OBVIOUSLY THE PHANTOM) and tells him that his magic is amazing.  Instead of going all creepy on her, the magician just mumbles a thanks and awkwardly tells her that he’s not very good at talking to people (gah that’s so cute).  They go on to talking about Opera music and he tells her that he’s heard her sing before at the cafe and hopes she can become the Prima Donna.  Before he goes, Christine finds out that his name is Aruno – can’t romanise this shit – and she tells him to come hear her sing at the cafe anytime.

After Aruno leaves, he mutter to himself how he swore not to ever talk to Christine but then who would’ve known that she’d talk to him first eh?  He walks by his cafe and hearing her beautiful voice is nostalgic as hell – why is someone with so much talent like her singing at a lowly cafe?  When Christine’s getting harassed by some old perverts, he’s about to whip out his knife and all but none other than Raoul  comes in to help her and filled with self loathing and jealousy at how Raoul is still the same sparkling bishounen from years ago, Aruno can only retreat for the time being.  He remembers how Raoul showed up out of nowhere when they were kiddies and got all snuggly with his Christine and is immediately consumed by his stalker rage

Anyway, the two become fast friends and Christine invites Aruno over for some tea and there, he asks about the family photo she had.  When he points to the last boy in the photo, some kid with dark purple hair, Christine replies that she can’t remember who he is and when she tries to, she just gets a headache.  She mentions that though it sucks not having anyone, there’s a mysterious X who always sends her msgs and shit anyway so she’s ok. Aruno pulls out a 4 leaved clover and tells her GL with her audition.

Aruno then notices that he’s always watched by a hooded figure everytime he’s doing his magic.  When he hears that Christine got in, he decides that he can’t watch over her as a magician anymore so he tells her that he’s going on a trip and he won’t be seeing her ever again.  Now he can go become the Phantom.

When Christine passes the audition, she heads over to her father’s grave to tell him the good news.  The Phantom is hiding out there already and uses his Persian magic to drug Christine and make her believe that the AoM is talking to her.  The minute Raoul gets close to Christine, the AoM forbids her from talking to him so Christine does her best to avoid Raoul.

Eventually, Christine’s made the Prima Donna and Raoul comes over to congratulate.  He confesses to Christine but before he can go all mushy on her, she remembers her promise with the AoM and basically tells Raoul to gtfo lol poor guy.  Too late though cuz the AoM saw everything and pissed, he announces that he’ll no longer teach Christine shit.

Without the AoM’s guidance, Christine gets demoted from the Prima Donna.  The AoM appears again though and after he tells her that he’s not mad anymore, he resumes his lessons with her.  Raoul shows up again the next day though and taking her up to the roof, he asks her what relationship she has with the Phantom.  He tells her that she heard her talking to someone last night so he went outside to her window and saw her with none other than the Phantom.  He tells her that the Phantom’s prolly using some illusion shit on her and that it’s safest if she doesn’t return to the Opera for a while, least not until Raoul returns from his mission overseas.

Christine doesn’t give a shit what Raoul thinks so she goes back to ask whether the AoM is the Phantom.  When she asks the AoM, he turns into the Phantom and he knocks her out. While Christine’s out, the Phantom presumably masturbates to her ravishing sleeping form like what Shinji did to a comatose Asuka in Eva and he curses Raoul’s very existence.  He has a “IF I CAN’T FUCK YOU THEN NO ONE ELSE CAN” moment and almost strangles Christine to death.  He realises that he’s being really fucking creepy though when she wakes up and apologising over and over again, he flees the scene.  Christine leaves the room and finds the Phantom penning a musical piece and when she asks why he brought her here, he apologises again and tells her the way out.  Christine though, doesn’t leave and listens till he finishes playing the organ.  She tells him that it’s all thanks to him that she became the Prima Donna and she just can’t think of him as an evil db.  He doesn’t answer when she asks who he is and instead, leads her back to her room where Christine sees that there’s a lot of makeup and shit and realises that it’s all new.  The Phantom tells her that it’s all hers and that he’s gonna go make dinner now so she can go use the bath if she wants to first.

When Christine finishes her bath, the Phantom’s waiting for her at the table and when they eat, tells her that food tastes better when it’s shared.  That night, Christine has a nightmare again of the batty old woman attacking her but this time, the blue haired boy from her family photo appears and takes the hit for her.  When she wakes up, she hears the Phantom playing the organ again and he asks her to let him teach her music again.  Making her the Prima Donna is the only way he can redeem himself so Christine agrees.

For the next couple of days, Christine lives with the Phantom and sings with him. When Christine tells him how beautiful his songs are again, he replies that he thought of her when he was writing them and then he kisses a mortified Christine before running away again lol.  That night, he has a nightmare so Christine busts into his room and hugs him till he calms down.

Next night, he has a nightmare again and Christine comes to calm him down.  He tells her to gtfo quick or his rapist dick will attack her so she leaves but while standing outside his room, she realises she’s in love with the Phantom.  He apologises for threatening her but that’s cuz no one will ever love him and all and when she hears that, Christine runs back inside and confesses to the Phantom.  He tells her that she’s only going to regret this but she says she won’t so they get it on.  I couldn’t take any of the sex scenes seriously cuz I renamed Christine “My Big Smelly Used Tampon” so it really killed the mood whenever the guy called out her name like:

I found myself giggling pretty hard at that lol

After that, the Phantom tells her how that now he CAN’T ever let Christine go – he loves her so much that he couldn’t even sleep just by thinking about what if Christine liked Raoul.  If Christine ever talked to him again, he would prolly kill Raoul.  Next day, while the Phantom is out buying groceries, Christine finds on the Phantom’s table the exact same kind of letters she used to get from her mysterious X.  She doesn’t bring up the issue but is so curious as to who he is that she actually takes off his mask that night when he is playing the organ.  The Phantom just goes APESHIT like “DON’T LOOK AT ME, USED TAMPON, PLEASE!!” and in the end, decides that it was a mistake to try and be with her so he sends her back up to the Opera.

The next day, she goes to visit her priest and asks whether he knows who X is cuz she saw that the Phantom’s letters were addressed to him.  The priest spills the beans and tells her that it’s from a man named ERIK.  Erik was a kid who used to be a fam friend and he protected Christine from the attack of a crazy old hag, getting his face carved into bits in the process.  After that, Erik disappeared and Christine had a skyhigh fever that made her lose her memories of Erik.

Carlotta then hires some men to atk Christine and the Phantom ends up busting in to save her ass. Lucas pops out and manages to give the Phantom a severe wound but he retreats.  The Phantom then runs back to his cave and tells Christine not to follow but she finds an entrance and ends up going in and making meds for him.  While she makes dem meds, she remembers that Erik used to make meds for her sick dad.

Christine returns to the surface and several days later, has a late night stroll with the Phantom.  Before she can ask the Phantom who he is, Lucas cockblocks the fuck out of the two and when the Phantom protects Christine, she suddenly remembers shit – Erik got hit by the granny and then he went nuts and killed the old hag.  The Phantom’s about to kill Lucas too but Christine stops him and the Phantom kicks both Lucas and Christine out, telling the latter that he’s the physical embodiment of misfortune for her.

Christine tries to get to the Phantom again but meets a half dead Lucas along the way.  She carries him back to her home and nurses him.  Lucas tells her that he fought Erik before when they were kids and he wants to kill him cuz Erik smells the same as him and cuz the battle had ended in a draw – wtf?

At the Opera next day, the Phantom shows up during some anniversary celebration to demand that Christine be the Prima Donna and that she sing HIS song *chucks down music*.  Richard decides to use the piece but Carlotta was still chosen as the Prima Donna by everyone cuz everyone thinks that Christine is using the Phantom and shit.  That night, Christine goes to the empty stage to angst and there, the Phantom shows up to apologise for fucking up her life.  No biggie cuz Christine loves him and he asks her to sing for him alone tonight here.  She does and they start tangoing




He then thanks her and asks if she’ll marry him just for tonight.  The Phantom gives her a wedding dress and a ring and swears to love only her forever.  They kiss and then…he knocks her out LOL

Next day at the performance, Carlotta’s about to sing but a raging Phantom shows up and kills that hoe while he’s standing on a bigass chandelier, swinging around like Tarzan’s son.  He leads Christine underground and tells her to flee before the Opera explodes – he has beef with the opera owners – but out comes Lucas to cockblock again.  Lucas tells the Phantom to flee with Christine though but still the Phantom says he can’t and turns to leave.

Christine begs him to go with her and screams at him to come back for her one day and finally, he faces her and takes off his mask but instead of freaking out, Christine kisses his wound and tells him that even if the Phantom was the breeder of all the sin in the world, she will still love him.  The Phantom starts crying and kisses her before he goes.  Men come in and Lucas tells everyone that he killed the Phantom so the show’s over.  The Opera blows up and when Raoul sees the wedding ring and the mask, he understands why Christine didn’t want him.


Several years later, Christine’s become the Prima Donna at another Opera house.  Talking to no one in particular, she asks for Erik to come for her now that she’s become the Prima Donna.  Right on cue, there’s a knock on the door and when Christine asks who it is, the voice tells her he’s come for her.

ED 2

Several years later, Christine’s alone at her apartment, the Phantom’s mask at her table.  She hears a voice in the wind tell her that he loves her and she replies that she loves Erik too.


ED 3

When Raoul tells Christine that her AoM = the Phantom, she listens to Raoul and tells him she will quit seeing the Phantom.  Back at her apartment though, she realises she left her songbk at the Opera so she heads back to get it.  She hears Raoul’s voice from insid eher room which is odd cuz he told her he was going overseas on a mission but the voice tells her to come inside and believing it is Raoul, she goes in and gets knocked out by the Phantom.

When she wakes up, she’s chained to the Phantom’s bed where he tells her that she’s gna be living here with him forever.  He force feeds her roofies and then goes on to raping her.  Brilliant,  the Phantom’s already creepy enough without this.  But then again, he only did anything after Christine said she wanted him lol. What a whore.  She becomes the Phantom’s happy sex slave while poor Raoul’s twisting his nutsacks hunting for her.  THE END.


Afterthoughts and Conclusion


But anyway, this game was alright.  I think I liked Richard and Raoul the most, with the Phantom coming in a close second and though I liked Remy in the beginning, the incest thing was kinda creepy and Phillip was too sugar daddy for me.  I know I know, I should be hating my top 3 characters for all their rape and shit but I can’t stress this anymore:

CHRISTINE IS A SLUT – so she’s pretty impossible to rape.  She’d be like “OH NOEZ” for like, 2 seconds and when the guy just snogs her, she’d then go “MMM I’M KINDA LIKING THIS”.  Oh and goddamn she was such a two timing whore in those VS routes lol.


Yes I’m sposed to hate her for being a whore but hey she has a nice rack and that’s good enough for me – what can I say, I’m a shallow, simple-minded man who’s very easy to please.  That and she was pretty cute in how she tries so hard and how she’s kinda a bumbling idiot and all – if this was in an all ages otoge where I didn’t get to see any boobs, I would have hated Christine no doubt.  Oh and she was absolutely adorable when she was drunk.

Music was pretty damn good – as expected of a Phantom of the Opera remake I guess.  Christine had some uh…odd sex sounds but least she wasn’t as bad as that girl in Riddle Garden lol.  As usual, I applaud Kishio Daisuke in his ability to switch from bright, happy guy to fucking nuts yandere rapist in under a second.  You sir, have my undying respect.

I liked the art too and I found the Phantom to be sexy as hell – too sexy in fact given the fact that he’s sposed to be hideous but that’s a complaint already addressed by other critics in Gerard Butler’s version of the Phantom anyway.  Everyone had retarded sex faces though so that only made me giggle even harder than I already was at “OH I LOVE U USED TAMPON”.  And though Christine had nice boobies, there were some shots in which they looked even more bloated than Nicki Minaj’s fake melon tits

I also don’t understand why Remy had so many more routes than everyone else – it’s not as though he’s THAT pivotal to the story.  I wish they made more routes for the Phantom and Richard and I wanted a proper epilogue with the Phantom in at least one route too.  I don’t think they explained the Phantom’s past and all well enough – it’s as though you’re sposed to know the entire backstory of the original Erik or sth (lucky I watched a couple versions and read parts of the bk) and I don’t get why Remy ran away to join some mafia organisation.  Ok fine I’m sure it’s in one of the routes I didn’t play but cmon, I don’t have that much time to go through everything.  That and what was the point in making Richard some Mafia head?  It didn’t add anything to the plot and seemed pointless like “Oh and on top of being sexy, a Kichiku Rapist and totally rich, I’m ALSO a bad boy Mafia head”

Verdict?  Eh you could go with and or without this game.  It’s not wonderful but I’d say it just makes the “decent mark” – good art, good music, good characters and all but nothing “AWESOME”.  Still though, if you’re a disgusting lecher like me then play the game for super slutty Christine – she will NOT disappoint hurhrur ;)

Oh and also a quick question:  What should I play next?  I know ppl’ve been saying LGS so I have that but what else?

49 Responses to “Otome Game Review – PersonA ~ Opera Za no Kaijin ~”

  1. Jazmin Says:

    I always love your reviews xDDD If you need ideas for otome games to play just head on over here: http://www.zerochan.net/Otome+Games

    While I can’t guarantee that all games will be awesome, they’ll still have amazing art xP

    • domshiki Says:

      thanks! I get the feeling I’ll be spoiling myself with the CGs more than anything though haha

  2. …it’s odd, but I actually found this game, in its entirety, to be hilarious. It’s almost like reading a Phantom of The Opera fanfic… one of the numerous many you can find on the net.

    Hey, at least this one did away with the whole “nooo I’m a virgin sex is baaaad”…

    • domshiki Says:

      OMG YES THAT’S WHAT IT WAS. The whole thing felt rather sloppily put together like “screw the plot” – it was like some teenage fangirl was behind this game lolol


  3. Holy shit have I been looking forward to this from you for ages and now my ribs and lungs and my entire torso basically hurts. Having completed about 99.7% of the game, as soon as I saw “so I headed into his route expecting some yandere rapist shit; let’s see if I’m right eh?” I buckled up for this. Raoul’s route was basically
    Also the ring bit. THE RING BIT. Only when I started Phillip’s route did I realize I was holding onto my other hand. “As usual, I applaud Kishio Daisuke in his ability to switch from bright, happy guy to fucking nuts yandere rapist in under a second. You sir, have my undying respect.” AMEN.

    Speaking of Phil, I was dicking around our of boredom after Raoul died like “lol what if they bring him back” and lo and befreakinghold.

    Also, I’m sure I mentioned this somewhere before and I’m not sure if it was because it was like 7 am on no sleep but when he handed her the clover as a kid I misheard it for crowbar? And it made sense at the time but after a while you’re like ‘but why would…?’ and then it dawns on me what a fucking moron I am. Freaking クローバ vs クローヴァ orz.

    “USED TAMPON.” /clutches sides in pain. Oh man. Props for your genius reviews man, they never fail to please.

    • domshiki Says:

      HAHA YEAH kishio daisuke ftw man. That guy is brill srsly. I had the same feeling that they were gna bring back Raoul lolol and guess fuck what eh.


      well the characters dont even read out Christine’s name so I figured why not her call the heroine sth stupid ;P

  4. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Says:

    yay lgs

    used tampon oh my god reading your reviews is a form of therapy. persona is like a blessing for potp fans who want to bone a hot erik. wtf with remy though lol HES NOT EVEN THE OTP. How was Kondo Takashi’s voice acting? he didn’t disappoint, did he? :D

    if you’re short on time, maybe nise no chigiri’s fd? iirc it’s not that long. i haven’t seen you write a review for that yet

    • domshiki Says:

      i loled most of the game too when the guys started serenading used tampon h
      kondo takashi was amazinggggg hurhur

      oh balls ur right only did akatsukis route for tha and then i fogot abt it lok

  5. what can I say, I’m a shallow, simple-minded man who’s very easy to please

    Omg I thought you were a girl all this time! Or is that a sarcastic sentence. If I’m wrong I’m sorry bro! xD;;;

    LOL your review is so funny and true. I didn’t play this game because I’m done with R-18 crap games since they basically are all like this. “No stop! I mean….please keep going rrrrowr!” Before Mirai even released this game I called it Rapist of the Opera and oh look I was 100% right lmfao. After Tsundere S Otome I swore off Mirai’s games forever and after Vampire Shitty I swore off all R-18 otoge cause they’re all so terribad.

    On the topic of terribad, how about playing Trick or Rape? ( I mean Trick or Alice) since I’d love to read your take on that hiyo-disaster as well lol.

    • domshiki Says:

      gender is irrelevant: I was jus tryna stress that I’m a big ol pervert who’s happy as long as there’s boobs lolol

      LOL YEAH it’s like all the guys in r18 otome games have magical penises infused with ecstasy or some shit man.

      I just looked up some reviews of Dick or Rape and guess what I see?

      “主人公が処女で、1度のHで快楽を覚え、淫乱になるというおきまりのような設定” <— FUCK YEAH MORE SLUTS.

  6. Lol I played the first half of Raul’s route then I quit. I didn’t really enjoy it but it wasn’t bad either.

    How about playing Trick or Alice? That fluffy yandere porn game by Smelly Cheese who did Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi. I wouldn’t play it myself but reading your review would be hilarious.

    • domshiki Says:

      yeah if u found Raoul to be meh, it was a good idea to quit since he’s one of the good characters in this game

      LOL SMELLY CHEESE. I think I’ll play it since I get the feeling that now I’m the only one dumb enough to try dem otome games that are CLEARLY gonna be rubbish (e.g Otomate’s recent slough of shit, stupid rape otoges etc). And hey, boobs. Who doesn’t like boobies ;)

  7. Black wolves saga plz id love to see how you’d comment on auger and Mejojo. This game seems alright but naming her used tampon takes the cake for me.oh gawd I’m laughing just imagining it.

    • domshiki Says:

      OH YEAH i compeltely fogot about that game haha i have it already. I’ll probably start on that next wk – is the game actually any good though?
      haha i figured might as well dick around a bit seeing as the sex scenes and everything are usually pretty vanilla and dry anyway

  8. LOL your review is always funny. I thought this game is okay too despite the long route from Remy and Richard scares the heck out of me :( Im kinda disappointed too with Phantom, they don’t explained his past and Lucas. And need the epilogue for his ending too. While others have CG ending, Phantom got none :(

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL YEAH Richard was pretty intimidating eh? Remy had so much bs in his route and I agree with you on the Phantom and Lucas – they didn’t have their stories fleshed out enough. I mean wtf Lucas? “I WANA KILL HIM CUZ I CUDNT BEAT HIM IN A FIGHT WHEN WE WERE LIKE WHAT, 12”. Haha the Phantom’s ending CG was a shot of Christine’s room with his mask on her table lmao great way to end it

  9. Your reviews are always SO AWESOME, I LOVE THEM :D When I read your reviews I know I\’m going to have a good time and laugh non-stop THANK YOU, you NEVER fail to deliver xD

    So I’d like to second the petition of you playing Trick or Alice, I played it and I think I will REALLY like a review from you. A lot of people will thank you for that, seriously, it will surely be filled with lols :)

  10. ” Another letter is sent from the Phantom, telling Richard to immediately dismiss the currently shitty Prima Donna, Bitchskankwhore, and amused, Richard decides to try making Christine the Prima Donna.”

    lmao bitchskankwhore

    and Kishio Daisuke <333 why is he so amazing??? I wasn't surprised that I liked Raoul so much, not only do I have a huge bias towards Kishio Daisuke I loved his chara design lol and Christine Daae is seriously sucha slut hahaha

    and oh Richard. Being a douchebag is a 24/7 job lol I didn't play his route but WDF where did they pull that mafia shit out from LOL and why did they even add it in lol…

    And WOW REMY I DIDN'T PLAY HIS ROUTE EITHER SO WOW. Great review lol I look forward to a Trick or Alice review xD for some reason all the VS/3P endings in this game remind me of that new otoge that's coming out where you can date one guy then choose to cheat on him with someone else (I think Kishio Daisuke voices the guy you're dating) ._. LOL. WHERE IS THE OTOME GAME WORLD GOING

  11. I love your game reviews, seriously. They’re always funny. Why are you so funny? DAMN THOUGH. Making her name Used Tampon, I was dying when I saw the CG of the Phantom calling herused Tampon XD This game has too many endings, GOD DAMN TOO MANY. T_T I find that this game tends to lean over the rapist yandere character xD Every R-18 otome ALWAYS has either a yandere rapist guy OR a asshat. :/

    Incest, is….okayish? I guess since it IS an otome game so I’m guessing that route would be okay? Damn, even Kuro to Kin had that incest route too. Plus all the characters in that game were batshit crazy yandere rapists too. (o n o)/

    Christine I’m guessing is the typical dumb heroine sigh~ She’s giving herself out to too many men T_T

    Thanks for the review ;D~

    • domshiki Says:

      It’s all in the weed bro, makes u write some craazy shit lol. DUDE FUCK YEAH MAN fucking 9 endings or sth for Remy. Stupid as hell. Well least there wasn’t really a true asshat character in this game cuz I didn’t find myself majorly hating anyone so that’s a plus I guess.

      I was surprised that Remy and Christine were ACTUAL siblings cuz I thought they’d do the whole “Adopted at birth” thing.

      lolol Slutty Christine was funny to watch though and she had boobies so its ok hurhur

  12. your reviews are always funny xD I actually liked the game however some scenes were too repetitive i found myself skipping the parts I’ve gone through before. Which game did you prefer? this game or Chou no doku hana no kusari? Oh by the way theres another R18 game releasing; http://amolphas.com/KAG-WEB/kagome-main.html
    im looking forward to this game since i like historical games =D

    • bambi Says:

      oh my gosh i clicked your link and at first i thought the hand on that girl’s face was hers and i was like WTF her arm is so thick and weird but then i realized it was someone else’s arm. lols.

    • domshiki Says:

      Yeah this game was pretty boring at parts wasn’t it? DEFINITELY CHOU NO DOKU over this – I think aromarie otoges are the only ones I actually liked. LOL THIS IS AN OTOGE? I thought this was one of them dirty hentai games but I think i’ll be checking it out then ;)

  13. Hazel Says:

    I love your reviews omg and i agree this game wasn’t anything special. I can’t believe Remy had 9 routes though! wtf and he’s her brother, that’s gross. I don’t know why so many games have incest routes ughh. >:( You should play Trick or Alice next! There haven’t been any english reviews of it yet, I think? plus, more incest. yay!! -_-

    • domshiki Says:

      ikr fucking remy had like 9 routes it was so long and all. Im trying to play Dicks and Alice atm but omfg its SO BORING and confusing I’m just tripping out hard playing it lol – I’ve mostly dumped it in favour for Genroh atm

  14. I Would Fuck Erik Says:

    Dam Christine dun fucked erbody up in that bitch!!!!! WTF???? I love her <3

  15. sona buvelle Says:

    when i try richard route both of they ends christine dies -.- what can i do?

  16. this game gonna be english(%23) hope translate won’t be fail

  17. Awesome review bro or bra, I almost died laughing! xD
    If your written reviews are already this amusing, I wonder what would happen if you actually tried doing a video review(or response? or whatever it’s called) and uploaded it in YT? o:

    PS(I know nobody says this anymore but wth): You should really try working as a critique or something, considering you’re a pro at it. c:

    • domshiki Says:

      Hey that’s a great idea! Though I wonder how it’d work with VNs since it’s all text and not like for example, reviewing GTA where u actually run aronud and kill ppl and shit. And if I did, I’d prolly scare off my readers when they find out what I’m really like lol

      HAHA i’d get fired man no joke for too much swearing but thanks!

  18. Renia Says:

    “Yes I’m sposed to hate her for being a whore but hey she has a nice rack and that’s good enough for me – what can I say, I’m a shallow, simple-minded man who’s very easy to please. ”

    I thought you were a girl this whole time for some reason haha. Not that it matters though. You’re still you :)
    But I was wondering, you review otome and yaoi games (which are my absolute favourites btw). Do you not like BxG games? I don’t like them, since they aren’t my taste, and I’m a girl. It’s just that I’m curious as to what your perspective is on this^^ Thanks!
    – A huge fan of your reviews since I can’t even play most of these games since I don’t know Japanese and your reviews are HILARIOUS XD

    • domshiki Says:

      oho am I really now? =P

      Hm good question. Though CLANNAD was the first real VN that I played (and absolutely loved), I never really got into BxG games simply because a lot of them seem to be super porno heavy. Ok I know I’m a giant dirty old man and boobies <3 etc, but I do like plot and character and it seems like such a pain to sift through all the eroge and find one that has a good balance between character and boobs. There's also this whole crap about objectifying women and though I'm not exactly a feminist or something, it is a bit jarring to see girls get so sexualised in some of the eroges and I'd rather not see women as strictly…onaholes LOL. I am aware that there is some discrepancy about my "MMMMM BOOBS <3" comments and this but that's probably because domshiki is also sort of a personality I created FOR this blog so I guess it clashes at times.

      I apologise if the above seemed convoluted and it is; even I'm not too sure what I'm trying to say rofl. Thanks for dropping by though!

  19. Hiibi Says:

    Youre a guy?! I didnt know that this game could interest guys, but turned out it did

  20. Hiibi Says:

    Youre a guy?! I didnt know that this game would interest any guys, but turned out it did

  21. Idk why they gave Remy 8 endings… While others have about 3~5 =\

    And how did you get Fantome route? I tried, but it never works x_x

  22. pluckandrun Says:

    “Used Tampon” my god, you had me loling over 5 minutes xDDD awesome review btw :)

  23. Kuroki Says:

    I want to ask just to make sure!
    In the route of Raoul, is not there also the end of the fifth?

    Because in the end the fourth when he asked her to marry, Raoul said If it refused to marry him, he will kill her and then commit suicide!

    End first, as you mentioned, she is agree to marry.
    But there are other end when Raoul think she does not
    want to marry and will kill her and then commit suicide.
    Is this true?

    And As you said Christine actually slut!

    More character I liked is Raoul,
    But when I played the other endings have felt frustrated so much!
    Because the Raoul character has been very sick and reverse much
    of what it was in the first end,
    I hoped if I did not really play the other endings!

    But Christine was really very weak and cowardly,
    Did not say anything about being raped to Raoul,
    and she was out with him naturally
    And did not say anything or try to be candid with him!

    In other words, is the reason why access to this end,
    she remained silent.
    True that Raoul is also not trying to talk to her,
    did not try to find out the truth and thinks she like
    Phantom and did not know he had raped her.
    But the reason for this remains, because she remained silent
    And did not tell Raoul that Phantom had raped her and
    she did not consciously.
    I wished really if they at least put the other end of this. : (

    I know the game is born, and the heroine were not so,
    it would be difficult to make the events and scenes, but i am
    only disturbed by turning Raoul into personal horribly never expect.

    In the end, I was very upset when I saw the figure Raoul gentle
    turn to personal Unlike his character completely!! : (

    Sorry for the lengthy, but I wanted to discuss someone
    and talk to him this. : ]

    • domshiki Says:

      Oh I didn’t know there was another ending! I must’ve missed it :/ I don’t rly rmb much though sorry

      LOL Christine was such a slut it was hilarious.

      Yeah I guess it was pretty jarring for some to see Raoul go completely yandere nuts but for me, I knew it was coming because his voice actor (kishio daisuke) played a character just like Raoul in another game who turned batshit insane. And I quite like yandere characters (Obv not in real life that’d be creepy as hell) just because of how crazy they are Rofl.

      At least they gave Raoul some endings where he didn’t go completely nuts eh? :3

      Haha Np, sorry for the late reply life’s been pretty overwhelming since uni. Thanks for commenting :D

  24. Luii Says:

    emm.. can you please give the link to download it? coz now i’m dying to play it after reading your review and lot’s of download link i found already dead, tq

  25. WTF i’m reading, this was so hillarious!
    firstly, i want to say thanks to you because your review really help me understand the story while playing (coz i can’t read japanese at all).. at first i think this will be a wonderfull otome game coz this is the first vn that i played in pc and your review convinced me until i realize how dsklfjwdigweingweo the sexy time is.. i can’t stand it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but somehow i replay it over and over, LOL
    second, i agree with you, christine really a big slut.. i don’t know whether she’s being rape or not coz it really obvious in almost part she looks like enjoying it and even really looking forward to it rather than screaming for help.. she’s like “oh, i think it’s ok bcoz the rapist has handsome face” =.=
    it so weird that the title is phantom of the opera but the phantom itself has only 3 ending, 2 almost normal ending and one rapist mad while the other guy has lot’s of route.. and it’s too short! i want morrrrrrrrrreeeeeee Erik ending..( >.<)/
    he deserves to have some really happy ending like the other guy too, poor Erik TT___TT
    looking forward to play other games from your review,lololol

  26. Jessica Says:

    i wonder how I can get this game it would be awesome to play

  27. Leticia Lopes Says:

    Hiiii~I loved your review ><
    I really want to play that game, but all the links I download it to PC are broken, I also wanted to buy but can not find, tell me where you bought / downloaded this game ??
    Ps. I'm going crazy wanting to play this game pls HELP ME T–T

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