Otome Game Review: Koezaru wa Akai Hana

Alternative Titles: 越えざるは紅い花

Company: Operetta Due

Release Date: 07.09.12

Official Site: http://ignote.net/operetta2/benibana/

Platform: PC

Genre: PORN, hot fucking brill heroine, Arabian shit, kidnapping, sexy guys, didimentionPORN

Plot Summary: 



I’m so thoughtful I know <3

And yeah I suck shit at romanising anything so Ima just leave the names as they are or make up some shitty romanisation kay just bear with me plawks <3

The game starts off with our lg protagonist witnessing the rape and kidnapping of her mother.  Her country, RUSU, has been at war with NASURA or sth where Nasura men would make off with the women of neighbouring countries cuz a mysterious disease is wiping out all the women (Lamento much – lets call the disease Vagina Eater).  Skip 13 years and our heroine NAALA is now 18 and set to be the wife of her king cousin, OILY.  Oily totally likes Nala but tries to remain kingly so talks to her as though she’s some blackhole cumbucket to host his future kids.  So much for that cuz Nasura men come to kidnap women and Nala runs off to save her two bffs, Some Titties and No Titties

Nala beats up like 29348732894 men but is stopped by…


MOAR TACHIBANA SHINNOSUKE? YES PLZ <3 He knocks Naala out in like one hit and is the bamf King of Nasura.  Despite kidnapping all the women and shit, he’s not some pervert tyrant but is instead, fucking awesome – boyish and adorable and a bumbling idiot, he doesn’t mean to kidnap all these ladies but is doing it to save his country and shit.  Actually, he’s kinda like Yoshi from Genroh lol no surprise there – he just wants to be himself but can’t cuz he’s the king.

Anyway, Touya takes all the women he’s captured back to Nasura and stops his men from Dothraki style raping all the women.  He tells the women that they are to marry the men of Nasura but that THEY get to choose who and when and are allowed to move around freely in the palace.  Anyone who tries to rape the women will be killed. Naala pretends to just be a commoner girl like everyone else and begins to sniff around the place.

One night, her Some Titties friend gets ill and the doc tells em that she has Vagina Eater and that she must be put down.  Naala freaks and threatens to kill HERSELF if the dr does not back the fuck off and in comes Touya to calm shit down and assure everyone that it’s just a fever, not Vagina Eater GODDAMNIT DOC DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY.  Touya comes back that night to give a tired Nala a basket of fruit as a uh “reward” for protecting her nakama.  Naala isn’t pleased at all but the two end up getting into a drinking contest, with Nala losing and tripping into Touya’s arms.  There, she asks why he had to take them and Touya can only apologise over and over again, telling them that he’s a king and he has to save his country somehow.  He took HER though, cuz she was going to get swarmed by his men sooner or later and to stop em from raping her, he took her as well.  Naala protests that it doesn’t justify shit and replying he knows, he apologises again and Nala tells him that he can’t make a sad face all like that cuz it makes it hard to hate him

Soon, some of the Naala’s women begin falling in love and marrying the Nasura men.  Naala can’t stop them so wishes them all the best but No Titties goes apeshit and calls em all traitors.  That night, Naala notices No Titties is gone so rushes outside to find her friend and near the gates, sees her about to get raped by some soldiers.  Naala charges in to stop em but the soldiers tell Naala that No Titties tried to escape and if the soldiers catch someone trying to escape, they are to wed them right there and then.  Tearfully, No Titties tells Naala that she stole a map of Nasura and was planning to flee so she could give the map to King OILY so he could lead an invasion and save Nala from the place.  Naala declares that she’ll take No Titties’s place so let the poor girl go and rape moi instead.  Touya appears again and when he hears what’s happened, he declares that HE’LL TAKE NAALA AS HIS WIFE so bugger off, no one can touch her or No Titties.  Having no better choice, Nala decides to accept Touya’s proposal and in comes Touya’s right hand man, Noru, to congratulate them and tell them that HE’LL MAKE SURE THEY CONSUMMATE THE MARRIAGE TONIGHT ;D

ROFL i srsly don’t know how hard I laughed at this scene: basically, Touya promises to not do anything to Nala and tries to get Norn to gtfo so they can copulate in peace but Noru tells him NO THIS IS CUSTOM OF NASURA TROLOLOLOL and all Touya can do is put up the blinds so Noru can’t SEE but he can HEAR.  So Naala and Touya basically have to pretend to have sex so Touya starts jumping on the bed and howls some stupid shit like


while Naala basically just shits herself laughing and starts some half assed moaning like

Ellen Degeneres reading 50 Shades of Grey roflcopter.

Touya berates her for doing a shitty job while  Noru’s probably pissing himself with laughter too and he snidely remarks to Touya

that he shouldn’t be jackhammering a virgin like Naala and that “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG YOUR HIGHNESS!!”

In the end, the two are so shitty at acting that Touya decides they’re gna have to do SOME stuff for real so he apologises to Naala and starts massaging her boobs while he buries his face in her neck and chants to himself over and over again, “IT’S ALL AN ACT IT’S JUST AN ACT AN ACT AN ACT AN ACT” and tries to keep himself from reacting to Naala’s sex noises.  He starts making sex noises too but they’re super horny sounding this time and after a bit, he pretends to cum, then bites his thumb and spreads the blood all over the bed to make it look as though Naala’s hymen exploded.

Omfg I almost slammed my face onto my keyboard from laughing too hard.  Operatta Due, you guys know what you’re doing.

Noru leaves the room and apologising, Touya tells Naala to sleep while he uh…goes off to have a walk HUEHUEHUEHEU and doesn’t come back the entire night.  Next morn, he takes Naala to the palace gardens where he tells her his plans for the future of Nasura. Kay I don’t rly rmb what he said but I think it went like this: Nasura’s a nasty shithole where women are treated as sex objects and vessels to birth children; a wife is basically a slave.  Touya wants to change all this but then Vagina Eater started killed off women in Nasura so his  dad (who was the king of the time) ordered women from other countries to be kidnapped.  When Touya became king he had to uphold his dad’s orders so he kidnapped women but it’s not just to replace teh Nasura women that were lost – Rusu women had been a hell lot more resistant to Vagina Eater than Nasura women so he wants to find out what the link is and purge the world of Vagina Eater so no more fighting over women will happen.  Maybe then, will Nasura start to treasure women as more than just sex slaves.  Touya asks Naala to help him and seeing that Touya means good, she agrees and the two quickly become best buds.

One night, Naala has trouble sleeping and rmbs that whenever she couldn’t sleep, her mother would recite a little spell thing to make her sleep better.  When Touya comes in and sees that Naala can’t sleep, he tells her to close her eyes and then he puts a small rock to her face and prays for the fairies to let her sleep well tonight.  Naala’s like wtf cuz this was the exact same thing her mother did to her and she asks how Touya knows this.  Touya tells her that a um…servant lady I think it was taught him this when he was younger and she was basically like his surrogate mother.  She fell to Vagina Eater though, dying some time ago and when Naala hears this, she begins to cry and tells Touya that that woman was her mother.  Touya hugs her and again, beings his usual flurry of apologies as he apologises for not being able to stop his father from taking her mother.  Even as Naala’s mother lay on her death bed, she told Touya that she was glad to have been able to meet him and that she hoped Touya could rid the world of Vagina Eater and marry a woman he loved.  This is why he’s so desperate to right the world too and Naala tells him it’s okay to cry cuz tonight, both of em’ll pretend they saw nothing.

That night, Naala has a dream of her childhood right after her mother was taken from her.  She went to a field full of flowers called “The Nameless Flower” where she prayed to the spirits and fairies to bring her mother back and to rid the world of Vagina Eater.  An older boy appeared to comfort her, calling her a little faerie and Naala named the boy after a faerie too, calling him BAYAL and asking him to bring back her mother and to destroy Vagina Eater.  The boy tells her sadly that he’ll try and from then on, the two had hung out 24/7 and Naala had told the boy that she wanted to be his wife in the future.  For some reason though, she never saw the boy again after some time.

The following days, Touya works himself to death trying to figure out the cause of Vagina Eater, prompting Naala to tell him to chill and to let her help as well cuz rmb, they best buds now and she’s here for him.  Here, she confesses to Touya that she was once affected by Vagina Eater but somehow, she managed to purge herself of the supposedly fatal disease.  She can’t rmb why and her little kid servant, Uru, tells her that everyone has been saying that the cause of Vagina Eater = The Nameless Flower cuz one day, the blue flowers around Piss River all died from Vagina Eater and suddenly, The Nameless Flower sprung up and took its place.  Naala tells him that it’s just a myth and that she likes the flower cuz there, she met her friend Bayal and there, he promised to come for her one day and marry her.  In fact, she ate flowers once or sth and Bayal made her a ring out of The Nameless Flower.  When Oily saw the ring though, he freaked out and tossed the ring away and sure enough, Naala got a high fever that day and fell victim to Vagina Eater but…

Naala suddenly rmbs that Oily was yelling about how she WON’T be healed anymore now that she had eaten the flowers and realises that she ALREADY HAD Vagina Eater when she ate the flower and several days after she lived.  She hurriedly tells Touya this and he speculates that the blue flowers that grew around Piss River were actually Nameless Flowers –  their becoming red was a side effect of developing the antibodies needed to fight off Vagina Eater.  However, they can’t just eat the flowers cuz the Nameless Flower is also extremely toxic at the same time – they first need to find a way to neutralise the bad toxins in the flower or they’ll get killed by the toxins when they eat the flower.  Naala was just hell lucky and strong when she was a kid.  Rusu was affected less by Vagina Eater cuz they use Piss River for their main source of water and the antibodies of the Nameless Flower were probably diluted in there whereas Nasura used water from the mountains.  Touya thanks her for being so awesome before he asks why she ate the flowers as a kid when she was younger even though everyone said it was a demon plant.  Nala tells Touya of the Bayal kid she met and Touya promptly falls silent before asking her whether her hair colour was always the way it was (Rusu people had BROWN HAIR whereas Naala’s pretty blonde).  Nala tells Touya that she was born with brown hair but the ordeal of Vagina Eater lightened her hair

Since then, Touya’s been putting distance between himself and Naala, finding excuses to not hang around her and getting other women to heelp with his research.  Lonely as fuck, Naala can’t stand watching all his servant women cooing over him and forces herself to sleep.  She dreams again of Bayal but this time, the kid’s super sad and tells Naala that he has to go soon, can never see her again and he’s lonely.  Naala pulls out 3 strands of her hair and hands it to Bayal, telling him that whenever her dad went to war, he’d do the same and tell her mom to think of the hairs as him and not to cheat on him LOOOOL.  Bayal tells her he won’t cheat and will think of her as he fights a war.  He tells her that there’s a someone that he has to defeat to change the world and Naala gives him her most important hair ornament as well.  Bayal hugs her and tells her he’ll definitely come back for her one day and make her his queen and they’ll create together, a world with no need to kidnap women.

Nala wakes up and decides to give Touya some shit for being like, the worst best friend ever but there’s no one in his room.  She sees soemthing on his table though and lo and behold it’s the hair ornament she gave Bayal years ago.  Touya walks in on this and confesses that he’s Bayal.  Nala tells him that in that case, she has sth to apologise for but Touya tells her he’s the one who should be sorry.  Naala’s like ??? and Touya tells her that she told him before that a woman’s hair is her life right?  Nala nods and realises that he’s talking about her hair colour.  Touya says it’s his fault that her hair’s some weird dirty blonde colour now because he was the one who fed her those Nameless Flowers.  One day in the fields, she collapsed suddenly and cuz he wasn’t allowed to cross the border, he just shoved some flowers down her throat in desperation.  It saved her but the poisons fucked up her hair colour and he felt so guilty taking more important things away from her.  Naala’s like “OH SILLY POOH BEAR” and tells him that she LIKES her hair colour now so it’s okay.  Then she apologises for not rmbing Bayal’s face lolol before Touya tells her that she’s beautiful and strong and that he loves her.  Nala’s like “THAT’S TOO MUCH FOR FRIENDS” and Touya chuckles and says perhaps it is.  Touya’s studymate, a doctor called RUJI then comes in to cockblock and Touya immediately gets jealous at how Nala is so relaxed despite being around a Nasura man.

Since then, the two of them have made up and all is good.  At night, Touya and Naala drink where Naala mentions it’s like destiny that they two of em are married, with what her mom told Touya and the promise they made as kids.  Touya sadly comments that Naala’s only here with him cuz of the promises they made as a kid but the two drink the night away.  Next night, Touya comes back exhausted where he tells Nala to sit next to him as having someone close to him makes him feel good.  Wanting to be of some uh use, Naala then hugs him and mumbles that they can stay like this for longer if it makes him feel btr HURHURHUR.  Cue in a twice shy scene where the two are blushing like idiots before Touya asks how long is “longer” and when Nala replies for as long as he likes, he tells her that’d be the entire night though.  Naala tells him they have more nights to come and says “FRIENDS DO THIS RIGHT??” and tells him that it’s funny the way the two of em are supporting each other – “it’s almost as though we’re really husband and wife”.  Touya loses control of his 40 inch dong then and kisses Nala before he freaks out like a pansy, jumps back 60 feet and apologises for being a pervert.  Naala realises that she LIKES LIKES Touya now and tells him to come back and after some “no I can’t cuz I’ll fuck your brains out”, Touya finally has this anguished declaration of love like “I CAN’T CUZ I LOVE YOU”.  Nala tells him to come back regardless and ueheuheuheuheeuheue you know the drill

So from then on, the two have been fucking like rabbits and Naala dreams one night of kiddie Touya killing someone or some shit like that and then Touya killing all the servants who bullied this SAMAL servant of his.  Samal hit him and told him that life is sth to be treasured and if he didn’t feel bad about killing, at least feel bad abt making her sad so stop doing cray shit – one day he’ll find a life that he treasures.  There was a name, BURAFUKA and Uru tells her that Burafuka is a fire fairie who was turned into a demon when he went after the wife of his twin older bro, BURAISE.  Burafuka tried to kill Buraise but got owned and since then, it’s been seen as a bad omen to have twins in the royal family so the younger one is always killed off (Burafuka).

Touya then receives news that Rusu has joined hands with some neighbouring countries to take down Nasura and that Rusu troops were coming Nasura’s way.  Touya doesn’t promise Naala that he’ll be home, thinking she could always take another hubby and still believing that the promise from childhood is the only reason she’s with him.  He tells Naala that the Bayal that promised to marry her and create a world with no kidnapping shit wasn’t him…he’s Bayal’s LITTLE BROTHER DUNDUNDUN.  

The real Touya is his OLDER BRO and the Touya now was meant to have been killed at birth, being the younger twin and was named BURAFUKA. His dad didn’t give a shit abt the superstitious shit so instead, had BURAFUKA locked up underground to avoid the court dudes protesting. Burafuka was deprived of love but was trained to be a proper king in case his older bro died or anything.   SAMAL came and took pity on this poor child who had an interest in poisons and medicine.  Burafuka wanted to find a way to make ppl stay with him so he experimented with birds and ppl.  His older bro took pity on him so often visited and told him his stories of the outside and stories of Naala.  Burafuka began to want to meet this magical little girl so one day, his older bro swapped places with him and amazed by the world, Burafuka didn’t want to go back underground anymore so during sword training with his older bro, he stabbed his older bro but failed to kill him.  Right after Naala collapsed from Vagina Eater and ‘died’, real Touya plotted to release all of Nasura’s kidnapped women but the King found out so he chucked real Touya into the dungeons and told Burafuka that he would be the heir from today on.  At that mo, real Touya committed suicide and Burafuka became the new king to be.  Oh and the CG has nothing to do with this paragraph I just know how much my readers like porny shit so I shoved it in there.

Touya runs off to fight and a confused Naala doesn’t know what to do till Uru comes in to yell at her “WHO GIVES A FUCK WHETHER TOUYA IS BAYAL OR NOT YOU LOVE HIM ALL THE SAME SO GO CHASE AFTER HIM”.  Naala does and when she exist Nasura, she sees Oily and Touya fighting.  Oily thinks Touya raped Naala and shit and refuses to believe that Naal love shim back and is about to kill the guy but in jumps Naala to stop em.  Naala tells Oily that it’s true, she loves Touya and that she wants Rusu to join hands with Nasura and create a new world.  She does love Oily, as an older brother and Oily replies sadly that he’s never seen her as a little sis: it’s always been his dream to marry her and have kids together with her – she was so important to him that he couldn’t even bring himself to bone her (omg why do I always have to ruin the mood).  In the end, all the kidnapped women come out to beg Oily to bugger off so in the end he tells his men to retreat but before he goes…

He tells Naala to bring her future kids to see him; he’ll take the child as his wife.  LOL OILY willing to become a lolicon just to have some of Naala eh?

2 years pass and everyone’s working hard to cure Vagina Eater.  Touya’s still insecure about the whole real Touya thing but Naala tells him to stfu and the two decide to name The Nameless Flower “Bayal”


Touya thinks Naala’s just with him cuz of the promise with Bayal so he chains her up and rapes her errday.  No Titties and Big Titties slip in but can only hand Naala a dagger before leaving.  Touya sees the blade, goes nuts and in self defense, Naala kills the guy.



Yeah I know his name is Knoll but I keep thinking of Knorr chicken stock and NOORU makes me think “NUUUUURU” so Noru it is.  He’s Touya’s like super cunning right hand man or sth and he’s creepy as fuck like wtf ew get away creepy – yeah he’s one of the smiley characters but inside he’s a sadistic creep and it totally doesn’t help that right off the bat, he tells Naala that he has no interest in women…or men...so I kept thinking creeper Varys eunuch from GoT.  In fact, I spent much of the game thinking that Noru was a dickless slavery master rofl.  

Right from the start, Noru’s worked out that Naala’s a Rusu princess and has been scheming to get Touya to marry her somehow for political shit.  No Titties does the whole trying to run away with a map thing where Naala comes out but instead of Touya stepping in, Noru’s the one who steps in and he’s planned the whole thing – Touya’s said that Naala and her two friends were under his protection so if one did shit like No Titties, he would marry them or sth.  Naala’s like “NO I GET LAST LAUGH” and chooses right there and then to make Noru her husband.  Noru’s like “HELL NAW BABY GIRL” but then gets a creeper smile again and decides, why yes honey boo I will marry you.  He takes Naala to his place where he hands her like a gigantic paperweight and tells her to stick it up her vajayjay rofl and bleed all over the mattresses to prove they uh ‘consummated the marriage”.  LOL SADISTIC ASSHOLE NORU.

…buuut just before Naala’s about to pop her cherry, he stops her and strikes up a deal with her: obey his every order and he’ll help her return all of Rusu’s women.  OMGAHHH talk about being a megalomaniac.  He wants Naala to convince some higher up dude (ORUTE) for some shit I can’t rmb btu anyway, Naala agrees.

And so begins their SM marriage rofl, with Norn taking every opportunity he can get to degrade Naala and make her his most unwilling slave.  Kay not really cuz Norn just teases her at most really, and Touya comes to tell Naala about his dream of alliance with Rusu and curing Vagina Eater and he and Naala become buds to work towards a common goal.  Naala tries to convince ORUTE that Vagina Eater isn’t some stupid curse and is actually a disease and errday, she camps right outside Orute’s house to talk to the guy (who’s adamantly avoiding her).  Naala’s touched to see Touya trying just as hard as she is, sth which irritates Noru and he suddenly tells Naala that he hates her guts.  Naala just lols like “i know honey badger” and Noru suddenly gives her a hickey before telling her to gtfo.

Naala camps outside Orute’s place again but has no luck and goes home.  She meets super sexy rapist Suren (the supreme Lord commander of Nasura’s army who’s made it his goal to make Naala his wife since he first set his eyes on her feisty ass) and he does his whole sexual harrassment thing, pushing her up against a wall and telling her how maaaaaad he is that friggin Noru took his woman and planted some hickey on her neck.  Naala’s like “HICKEY WUT WHERE” and Suren takes this chance to plant one of his own before he saunters off.  When Naala gets home, Noru immediately orders her to spread her legs and he tells her that he has no interest in her BUT he hates ppl touching his shit.  Naala leaves in a huff and bumps into Noru’s secretary, ESUTA.  Rmbing that Noru spoke to the guy seconds before he went all hentai on her, she asks wtf Esuta told Noru and the guy tells Naala that Noru asked him who made that hickey on her and Esuta told him Suren did. Naala realises that Noru was checking to see if her uh hymen was still intact rofl and it turns out Noru’s been making Esuta tail Naala.

One night while on her way home from Orute’s place, Naala gets attacked by men but gets saved by none other than…


Naala goes home all giddy cuz u kno, superheroes are AWESOMEEEEE and she tells Noru the tale, saying that she’s gta thank the guy later.  Noru tells her that ain’t necessary and the next morn, it’s raining and shit so he tells Naala it’d be wise to not go out to Orute’s today.  Naala still goes but catches a fever and faints.  When she wakes up, she sees Noru hunched up over her and he goes on about how he should have killed her cuz she’s fucking up his heart bad.  Noru carries her home and tends to her.

While she’s still sick, he tells her a fairytale about how there was a genius prince in some island country.  He was the 7th born and all his brothers would come to him for help.  He used to be happy helping out his bros but soon realised that cuz he was teh 7th born, he would never ascend the throne prolly and so he thought his gifts as useless. The 2nd born told him that when they grew up, he’d take him as his right hand man so since then, the 7th prince trained in the arts and the martial arts but when he grew up, the 2nd prince only told him that he forgot that child’s promise.  The 7th prince got attacked by pirates one day and he ended up on another country and became the whatever there but he knew he wasn’t chosen to be a right hand man cuz he was smart; the king was just nice or some shit.  Naala asks whether the 7th prince is happy now or not before Esuta cockblocks lol.  Naala asks whether Noru hates her or not before the guy chuckles at how stupid she is and kissing her, tells her that it’s because she trusts him that she is fooled by him

Next day, Naala runs to Orute again and this time, she meets his wife, MINE, who’s in love with Naala hair and wants it.  Orute tells Naala if she gives Mine her hair, he’ll listen to her so Naala just chops off all her hair.  Everyone’s like “GASP WOMAN WITH SHORT HAIR SIHASKFBASKFBDSAFL” but Naala doesn’t give a fuck and just demands Orute listen to her.  Her fever hits her again and she faints though, and when she wakes up with Noru, she starts crying out of frustration cuz now she has lost the chance to talk to Orute.  Noru tells her to sleep before he goes out to see Orute who decides to wholly support Noru and Touya’s conquest in defeating Vagina Eater and whatever.  He tells her to hold on to a good woman like Naala.

Naala’s totally won over Noru at this point so he decides to help her cure Vagina Eater and free the Rusu women.  Naala’s grown pretty fond of Noru too but still thinks that he’s just toying with her so Noru kisses her and tells her to jeez fucking grow a brain already woman.  From then on, he molests her errday whenever he gets super jealous of her talking to Touya: he’s so jealous he puts hickeys all over her neck so she can’t walk out and uh seduce other men and during some important conference, he starts feeling her up under the table and shit.

Finally, Naala can’t take this shit anymore and tearfully asks wtf Noru wants with her.  Noru starts kudoiting the fuck out of her, telling her that she’s his beloved wife and that he wants her to irrevocably fall in love with him (omfg is it just me or does the word “irrevocable” make you guys think TWILIGHT?  UGH.).  Blablabla the two finally admit to each other that they’re in love hurrdeemardeefargh and all is good.

Norn’s brother though, the 2nd prince, comes to visit Norn like “OMGAH UR ALIVE” but spends the entire visit being a used douchebag till Noru thanks the 2nd prince for not keeping his promise cuz if he did, Noru would never have come to Nasura and met his wonderful wife, Naala :3

Some years later, everything’s fine and dandy and Naala’s living happily ever after with Noru.


I read somewhere that his name’s sposed to be Slen but I like Suren better.  Suren is Touya’s childhood buttbuddy and the supreme general commander of the Nasura army.  Whereas Touya’s super nice to the women and treats em as humans, Suren just wants a good fuck and is a oresama male chauvinist pig, a rough, dirty pervert who likes nothing better than a feisty, strong willed woman…so Naala’s no exception.  The mo that he hears SHE’s the one who defeated his 20394209432 men, he pounces on her and toys with the thought of publicly raping her insolent ass before Touya comes in and fucks him up.  Despite all these wonderfully attractive traits, Suren turns out to be a gigantic tsundere who can’t be honest to save his life and is surprisingly… a huge 愛妻家 LOL

So whereas all the other kidnapped Rusu women have Nasura men trying to woo them, not a single man goes near Naala cuz Suren’s declared that he’ll make Naala his wife and they’re all scared Suren’ll rape them if they touch Naala.  He even barks at a lost little boy who Naala was trying to help but it turns out that the boy was paid by rich ppl to lure young girls out where they’ll be sold as slaves.  Naala mumbles a thanks, surprising Suren before he leers at her and asks whether she’s ready to be his wife now or not huehuehue cuz he suuuuure can’t wait for their first night together ;)  His uh…disciple, NARAN comes in though and he leaves with him

Anyway rmb how No Titties tries to run away back to Rusu with a map?  Well, Suren knew that she was gna run away and on top of that, knew Naala was prolly gna come and offer herself in exchange to protect her friend so Suren’s the soldier that catches No Titties that night and when Naala shows up, he asks whether she’d give herself to him to protect No Titties ;) OH YOU SNEAKY BASTARD.  Suren even prepared a marriage contract ON PAPER and he has a pen too rofl so he tells Naala to sign it.

Naala does and Suren takes Naala to his condo.  To her utmost surprise, he doesn’t rape her on the spot or anything and instead, gives her a nice room which gets the most sunlight and inside, she notices that *GASP* THERE ARE NO SM TOOLS OR INTERROGATION KNIVES AND SHIT!!! Suren’s like “wtf I’m not some sicko wifebeater” before Naala notices that there’s a vanity mirror and makeup and everything and asks whether Suren had a wife or anything.  He replies that he’s not assed to date anyone and tells her to stfu when she asks why there are so many lady goods around the place.  Anyway, he tells Naala to strip, eyes her up and down like “MMMM U CAN BIRTH 5 KIDS NO PROBLEM” (cuz having  lots of kids makes u a noble or some shit here rofl) before he carries her to the bride and tells her to let him make looove to her.  Naala’s horribly confused cuz Suren’s not raping her and is actually being super gentle abt the whole thing.  He tells her that there’s nothing wrong with being nice to your own wife but when Naala provokes him like “FUCK YOU JUST GET IT OVER WITH”, he gets irate and gets rough, Naala cries, he goes gentle, Naala fights him, he gets rough again.  At the end, he tells her to never fight him again before Naala faints.

Dear god.  It’s like some domestic abuse marriage…

When Naala wakes up the next morning, Naran’s there to wake her up and seeing a little glass bottle on the table, he muses out loud whether Suren is hurt cuz that’s some medical ointment he got from Ruji.  He rmbs Suren asking Ruji for some medicine that’s super easy on the skin for his “first night” or sth…and Naala realises he probably used it on her while she was knocked out.  Naran brings her to Suren’s room to have breakfast where Suren’s his usual loathsome self, leering at Naala and everything.  Naala doesn’t have an appetite so she eats some grass and Suren’s irritated that she talks normal to Naran but doesn’t to him.  Suren gets worried, thinking Naala has a fever but Naala just walks out lol back into her room.  Naran gives her some special drink he made at lunch to make her feel btr and apologises for not knowing how she and Suren got together…but tells Naala that Suren’s being nice in his own way like giving her her own room: In Nasura, hub and wife sleep together.  Naran tells Suren to ACT nicer to Naala but the guy refuses cuz he ain’t 口説いting no woman no way in hell.

The next morn, Naala doesn’t want to eat breakfast again so Suren orders his servants to bring food to HER room.  Naala draws an imaginary line and hisses at Suren not to cross it and touch her.  Suren roflcopters at this and lols that he’s picked up a feral cat and says that feral cats are adorable >;)  They have dinner again in her room where Naala still refuses to eat and Suren’s irate again that she’s so relaxed around Naran but not him.  He drinks some of Naran’s special drink and force feeds Naala, worried that she’s gna starve and in the end, ends up banging her again that night.  This time, Naala cums too lol so Suren’s happy dear god these two

Naala wakes up in Suren’s arms and kicks the stupid fuck awake.  Naala asks if she can go outside but he tells her to stay put cuz there are rapists out there.  He tells her he’ll think abt it if she sees him off like a wife would but of her own will and he leaves.  Naala realises he left his sword at home an forces herself to go out there and give it to him, where he thanks her, gives her a quick peck and tells her that she’s allowed outside with Naran.  Here, she realises that she just saw him off like a loving wife and fumes inside cuz the asshole planned it all lolol.  Naran takes Naala back to the palace to see her hoes where the girls know what’s been going on with Naala cuz Suren ordered Naran to go talk to the girls everyday.  Suddenly, a bigass sabretooth tiger or some shit appears and attacks Suren outside the court.  He almost gets killed protecting a Rusu woman but bamf Naala takes up a bow and shoots the stupid moggie.  Suren gets up and cleaves the cat in half before he goes over to Naala, bumps fists with her or sth and looks at their “first creation as man and wife” rofl

The next day, Naran brings in a chest containing some expensive necklace and clothes for Naala.  There’s a note from Suren saying that it’s a reward for taking down the tiger that day.  Naala’s exasperated by the horribly impractical shit she was given but Suren then appears and hands her the bow she used the day before.  Stunned, Naala thanks Suren and tells her she’s happy before Suren smiles too and goes off to work while Naran’s just facepalming at how tsundere and dense these two are.

It’s been a half a year now and one stormyass night, Naala’s told that Suren’s fallen off the cliff. Naala dashes to Surens room to see Suren who asks cheerfully whether she’s here to see whether he’s died or not, to which Naala replies that damn she’s disappointed lol.  Suren comments that she’s oddly nice today and Naala says that it’s cuz he’s injured but Suren won’t tell her why he was at the cliffs.  Naala then sees her favourite fruit lying on the ground and rmbing that it grows nears the cliffs, realises that Suren went there just to pick em for her.  He tells her that long ago, he picked up an injured feral cat and how it hated him and everything.  It would refuse to eat so he thought it was cuz because he was around so he left it for a day.  The next day, he went back and the cat had starved itself to death, which is why he always watches Naala when she eats.  Naala breaks down crying and repeats over and over how she hates his guts but spends the next few days nursing him back to health

Naala goes out later to grocery shop with Naran.  Crazy as fuck No Titties shows up, drags Naala to an alley and a Rusu dude shows up to take her back to Rusu.  No Titties has been whoring herself out to get man to do shit for her and she hired guys to push Suren off the cliff.  Naran shows up but No Titties stabs the guy and then commits suicide when Naala makes it clear that she ain’t heading home.  Naala brings Naran back to Suren and sees Naran on his death bed.  Naran asks Suren whether he can have a moment with Naala, to which Suren replies that Naran has balls for going after his woman and Naran then kisses Naala and dies after saying he’s never been happier.

Naala is all doom and gloom the next couple of days till Suren tells her that he likes her eyes: the strength that they had, he knew he had to bone her the mo he saw her.  They kip together that night and Naala picks herself up and drinks with Suren one night.  Suren tells her that in Nasura, once a woman has had a kid, she’s to be wed to another dude to have another kid with that guy to keep the dwindling population up.  Only the nobles can keep their wives which is why Suren’s so desperate to become a noble: his mom was kidnapped from some Southern island, fell in love with his commoner dad and had him.  She then had to marry some other guy and have his kids and when she tried to escape, was killed.  Suren’s db dad didn’t care and just blamed her for bringing shame onto him.  Suren understands how his mother felt cuz it feels like shit to be away from Naala

…aaaaand then they’re about to get it on but Touya and Noru come in to cockblock rofl.  Touya’s all HURHURHURHUHRU and Suren warns the guy not to even think about boning Naala or he’ll assrape him.  BLablabla basically they want to reconcile with Rusu so the 4 set off to Rusu.

Naala’s delighted to Oily again and cuz the guy’s awesome, he lets Naala and Suren be and tells them to stay the night.  Naala goes over to Suren’s room where the guy admits that he was horribly jealous when she was hugging Oily and wanted to slice Oily’s worm dick off.  Sexy time where Naala blows a super dere hesitant Suren rofl who then returns the favour and eats her out.

Next day, Oily tells her that kay sure he’ll become bff with Nasura but Naala stays here just to be safe.  Naala agrees and she and Suren have to break off their wedding.  She tells Suren that she ain’t saying that she loves him cuz it’s like a farewell so he kisses her and tells her he’ll come back for her.

3 years later, Nasura and Rusu have become allied countries, Vagina Eater is getting wiped out and Naala’s become a sword fighting teacher.  Two men start fighting over a woman, Naala hops in between em but forgot her sword is gone rofl.  No problem cuz Suren comes in to rescue her and shiftily asks whether she’s still single or not.  Naala asks so what if she is and Suren replies



He tells Naala he loves her and before they marry, go out with him (LOL NOW YOU’RE GETTING THE PROCEDURE RIGHT). Naala tells him that he’s doing it wrong and that he’s sposed to be his usual arrogant self and he’s sposed to force her say like he tried to the first time they met “KNOCK ME UP PLZ”.  He lols and accepts her challenge.

Damn I wanted to see their kids D:


Suren’s numbah 1 suboordinate.  Naran worships Suren and strives to be a manly bamf like Suren but is the polar opposite: Naran’s gentle, like a little bro and not some douchebaggy rapist like Suren lol.  Suren assigns Naran to be Naala’s caretaker cuz Suren trusts the guy that much but well, as revealed in Suren’s route, that doesn’t go so well huehue.

Anyway, Naran’s super nice to Naala and shit and a lot of his route follows Suren’s one.  All’s fine and dandy between the two till Naala begins to warm up to Suren and Naran does NOT like that.  He doesn’t like how Naala’s always treating him as a kid but puts up with it cuz it makes Naala feel happy if he’s an 「いい子」till the night Suren gets pushed off a cliff.  Seeing Naala so worried and desperate to see him makes him snap so he ends up pushing Naala down on the bed and kissing her.  He tells her that he’s fallen in love with her at first sight, since he first saw her with Suren in the market but has been trying to ignore that shit cuz she’s his Aniki’s woman.  However, he realises what he’s doing and tells Naala to forget this ever happened.  When Naala goes to see Suren, the guy comments surly about how Naala still hasn’t told him that she loves him and asks whether she’s in love with someone else.  Naala ain’t sure and can only apologise to Suren over and over again, who tells her it’s alright and they two become besties and he never tries to have sex with her again.

Anyway, Rusu’s come to attack Nasura so Suren’s dispatched to fight.  He tells Naran to stay back and protect Naala but Naran just feels horribly guilty and confesses that he’s been in love with his Aniki’s wife since forever, kissed Naala and in fact, he was the one who’s been sneaking away the food in the kitchen so he’d have an excuse to go grocery shopping with Naala.  Suren just lols and replies that he knew the entire time – how could he not, he’s known Naran since forever.  He tells him that Naala’s in love with HIM but in the end, allows Naran to come fight with him.  Halfway through the battle, Suren knows it’s a lost cause but not all his men can pull out safely.  He tells Naran to take good care of Naala before he knocks the guy out, sends him back to Nasura and has a monologue about how he wished he was brave enough like Naran to confess his feelings to Naala.  Funny, cuz he’s sposed to be the bamf aniki but can’t even tell a woman he loves her in fear of being rejected.  Before charging back into battle, Suren calls Naala’s name and says that he loves her.


Naran’s carried back to Nasura where she’s informed that Nasura lost this battle and Oily killed Suren.  Naran goes into depression and refuses to eat so Naala uses the tactic Suren used on her and force feeds him mouth to mouth.  Touya comes to tell Naala that since she’s without a husband, has no kids and isn’t a noble, she has to wed again in 3 months time.  If she doesn’t want to, Touya will take her as his wife because that was Suren’s wish before the guy died.  He also gives Naran Suren’s will, which says he leaves everything to Naran.

Anyway, Naran picks himself up from that day on and works hard to achieve Suren’s goal of allying Nasura with Rusu.  He ‘proposes’ to Naala one night, telling that they can pretend to be married so she won’t have to hunt for another hubby or bother Touya and Naala agrees.  Since then, Naran’s turned from being the cute, doggy like little bro to some full blown 小悪魔 type rofl, flirting shamelessly with Naala whenever he can yet at the same time, maintaining his cool and pretending not to like her.  Well, Naran gets her payback when she gets drunk and manages to get Naran to bathe with her despite his initially pure intentions.  Naran’s like “oh noez we can’t aniki’s woman you are” but Naran’s like “well i like you and I’m horny” so she blows Naran and the two get it on, with Naran telling Naala that he’s been fantasising about doing her since he heard her sexy sounds with Suren.

Things get pretty awk the next day but finally, they confess to each other that they love each other and shit. 7 years later, Naran’s become the supreme lord commander like Suren was and finally has made Rusu and Nasura bff or some shit.  Finally then, does he think he earned to right to have Naala so they FINALLY HAVE SEX AFTER 7 YEARS OF CELIBACY LOLOLOL NARAN WTF


The medic at NASURA who saved Naala’s Some Titties friend in the beginning.  He’s  half Rusu and the token nice, iyashii character so Naala takes a liking to him right off the bat.  Anyway, his route follows Touya’s one and was so totally boring so Ima just give it a really quick rundown.

Blablabla Naala meets Ruji again after getting married to Touya and decides to become his assistant with Vagina Eater.

Blablalbabal they start falling in love but u kno, Naala’s married and Ruji has some thing against marrying oh who gives a fuck.

Blablablabla more shit when Ruji turns out to be Naala’s like…cousin or something.  Oh who cares I don’t we all know they’re gna end up fucking each other anyway.  Goddamn I really have no delicacy at all.

Oh I found it interesting how Ruji’s two bffs turned out to be the future bfs and hubbies for Big Titties and No Titties.  Even Ruji’s friends are more interesting.

Touya’s super bro, totally sees what’s going on with Ruji and Naala and tries to get Ruji jealous by saying to Naala in front of him that he’s super horny and is gna be waiting for Naala in his room ;)  Touya leaves,  Ruji (who’s drunk) goes super jealous, kisses Naala, confesses and then books it cuz IT CANNOT BE!!!  OMFG JUST STFU AND FUCK.

Which is what they do cuz by then, Naala’s realised that she likes Ruji too so they have sex and get married or sth.


Damn I should write everyone’s routes like this – saves so much time I finished writing Ruji’s route in like 4 minutes.


The token oyaji character cuz idk apparently all women have a thing for a really scruffy unshaven chin pubes look I mean, do it right at least like Adam Levine goddamnit that sexy manbeast knows what he’s doing, making men and women alike fall for him since whenever YES I WOULD KNOW <3  Oh back to Sefu.  Sefu turned out be a giant hetare bum in the end rofl who’s still living with his parents (his dad is ORUTE)  like omgah this guy is so attractive!!

Sefu’s route is the same as Noru’s, with Naala becoming Noru’s wife etc till Naala descovers that Sefu is Orute’s son.  She tries to get him to get Orute to talk to her but u kno, Orute’s cranky but Sefu looks out for her and falls in love with Naala’s spirit in the end.  omfg this is like boring Ruji all over again.  When it rains, Noru’s not the one who carries Naala home and Sefu is instead.  He bumps into Noru along the way who’s obviously furious that some other man is touching his wife so he manhandles Naala till Sefu’s like “DONT TREAT WIFE LIKE THAT I WANT HER” and Noru’s like “Kay take her and get Orute to work for Touya bye”

LOL WUT. So Naala becomes Sefu’s new wife while Sefu’s chasing after her like some poor dog rofl wtf oyaji characters aren’t sposed to be like this!  Orute’s like “OMGAH MA SON YOU STOLE SOMEONE’S WIFE” and Sefu decides to work hard with Naala to convince ppl that Vagina Eater is a disease…

or sth cuz i didn’t pay attn AT ALL and idk what’s going on in his route anymore there was so much stupid shit.  Anyway, turns out his mom died of Vagina Eater or sth oh whatever, Naala finally returns his feelings and they go bong bong in bed.




In the end the two get married and have a kid or sth idk but WTF HE’S SO CUTE SEFU.  And he had like, no CGs cept porno ones.


The little boy servant that Naala gets when she marries Touya.  Yeah.  We get to go after some 10 year old.  Mmmmm catering to ALL my nasty tastes mmmmm I like I like.  Okay no this is just wrong but anyway, Uru’s very sweet and adorable as fuck and I want him as my little sister.

Nothing really happens in Uru’s route – it feels more like an add-on to Touya’s route.  But anyway, Uru serves Naala, is super loyal and always thinking of her.  He falls in love with her but can’t do shit cuz he’s a runty little servant boy and instead, ends up crying abt it when he sees Naala with Touya.  Naala asks him wtf is up and after some prodding, he tells her cover her ears where Uru then proceeds onto confessing presumably and then he thanks Naala.  Blablabla the stuff with Oily VS Touya happens, Naala takes the hit and she wakes up back at Nasura with Uru freaking out holding her hand.  There, he finally confesses for realz that he loves her but just wants to stay by her side.


YES NORU’S SLAVE GETS A LITTLE MINI ENDING.  Esuta’s the super emotionless type and just does shit as he’s told.  Naala though, tells him that she wants to be her friend so he warms up to her.  His route splits off from Noru’s bad rapist end so basically, Noru gets super jealous over like, nothing and decides to imprison poor Naala and feed her heroin and fuck her brainless.  Eventually, the drugs make her go blind and she’s lost all hope till Esuta busts in and runs away with her.  She doesn’t know it’s Esuta though and just thinks it’s Noru reverting back to his nice self and Esuta takes her to some little cottage far away and they live there together.  One day though, her uh, inner Naala tells her to stop being stupid and to face the truth that Noru’s still batshit and that the only one who truly loves her is Esuta.  Finally, she calls Esuta by his name and the guy tells her that he loves her and that he’s gonna wait for her to fall in love with him

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

After Dicks and Alice, this came as something of a blessing in porno game form and shoot me for it or whatever but I LIKED A PORN GAME.  OMGAH THE STIGMAAAAAAAA

It was definitely the characters that got me – they were basically all super adorable and we had an even more adorable heroine to boot.  Character ranking would be sth like:

Naala >Suren = Touya > Naran > Noru = Esuta > Sefu > Ruji = Uru 

Rofl yeah I liked Naala the best.  Kinda like Ijiwaru my Rapists where Kurumi was my favourite character (DOORMAT YES BUT AT LEAST SHE WAS A CUTE ONE) cuz how can you not fall in love with Naala srsly?  She’s hot in the WELL PROPORTIONED sense (no watermelon tits), super cute when dere, feisty as fuck and slutty in bed.  Cmon ppl u know I’m right – psycho lesbian No Titties probably knows btr than anyone…

The art’s another selling point and I quite liked the artstyle.  Never heard of the artist and all I know is that she’s with the Operetta company.  Arabian themed things are always a plus and I liked all the piercings and shit.  I liked Touya’s design the most and Naala too cuz she was hot THAT TOP OF HERS SQUEEZES HER BOOBIES OUT NO WONDER MEN FLOCK TO HER AND HER SEX FACES GODDAMN WHAT IS THIS AN EROGE.  Sefu looked fucking retarded though.

Good music too but since I’m playing HNK4 at the same time, it’s nothing stellar in comparison lol.  I was pretty surprised when I found out that Suren = Fujiyama Arashi from TGS 3 too :O

And the routes. The plot was fairly simple but that’s good cuz it was straightforward and didn’t have Eva style twists or anything.  I liked Suren and Touya’s routes the most while I totally didn’t give a fuck during Sefu and Ruji’s routes.  And is Naala like super infertile or something?  Cuz not in one route does she get pregnant and trust me, she’s been getting down and dirty plenty.  I wanted to see her kids with Suren especially but I guess this leaves room for a FD <3  That and I really wanted a route with Oily where Naala went home to the poor guy

OH AND WTF THE BAD ENDS.  I ended up playing a couple in hopes that Touya’s bad end was the odd one that had rape but NO both Suren and Noru had rape ends too.  I mean wtf c’mon take a page out of Otomate’s bk; least they make their bad ends TRAGIC DEATH ENDS or some shit that actually add to the characters.  wtf does a rape end do except completely destroy an otherwise good character?  Now I look at the guys and think “OMGAH HE’S SO CUTE SQUEEEEE…but he’s a potential rapist”.  Best part?  Some characters had TWO bad ends where one of the Bad Ends was actually TRAGIC or nonrape but both ends are given super ambiguous titles like “LIFE SUCKS” vs “DESPAIR” instead of BAD END vs RAPE END.  LIKE SRSLY HOW THE FUCK CAN WE TELL WHICH IS THE RAPE ONE?  So for people who like tragic shit like me, this becomes some sort of suicide mission where you have a 50/50 chance of getting the rape end instead of the tragic shit.  Rape ends should be labelled as RAPE END and not BAD END  cuz this shit ain’t bad, it be fucked up.  I know most have addressed this but SRSLY WTF MAN.

Aside from that, PLAY IT.  NAALA’S HOT.  THE GUYS ARE HOT.



cuz omgahhh Supernatural is back and Jensen Ackles is hot as hell <3

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  1. Ah thanks for the great review ^o^ Every word of it is too true~ Especially the bad end part >.< This really is the best girl porn game I've seen so far :D

    • domshiki Says:

      haha ur welcome ;) yeah the bad ends wt the dicks man. this is one of the better pornos out there for sure!

  2. Lol awesome review. I like how Naala is actually badass and well proportioned

    • domshiki Says:

      Same that’s one thing that drew me to the game lol, a heroine without airbag balloon tits =P

  3. lmao I heard about the bad ends. it reminds me of the game Crazy Rabbits I played where basically if you don’t play the bad ends there’s like….no story but if you play the bad ends there’s more story but rape rape raep gang rape drugs etc lol.

    also that Ellen reading 50 shades is so funny I lol’ed that you mentioned it in your review xDDD

    • domshiki Says:

      omg yeah I heard crazy rabbits was a fk horrible boring game or sth too

      Lol I felt it was appropriate – ellen degeneres is hilarious <3

      • sona buvelle Says:

        crazy rabbits isn’t that bad at least plot is insteresting

  4. Tamama Says:

    Unf~ Naala is such a babe. Is she voiced? How long is the game btw?

    • domshiki Says:

      she is isn’t she? ;) yup she’s voiced. There are 2-3+ endings for each character so I’d say this game is med-long. Took me abt 2 weeks to finish

  5. Omfg. I had no interest in this game until I read your review lol I’m going to play this JUST FOR NAALA. I’m going to try to take it as seriously as I can, but your words/descriptions will probably be echoing in the back of my head while I play it LOL I’m excited to play now xD

    • domshiki Says:

      rofl glad I incited some interest for this game cuz it’s actually pretty decent (yes it’s got that rape shit but just avoid the bad ends and u’ll be fine) :D NAALA <3

  6. Maiko Says:

    Dude can’t I just say you’re the most freaking awesome and funny blogger ever! I mean everytime I read your review it makes me laugh. Are you going get Diabolik Lovers? I want it so badly~ but I can’t read in japanese. :(

    • domshiki Says:

      haha thanks <3 Yup I'm prolly gna get it and play it after I finish HNK4 (which I should be done within the wk or so) and mb lgs.

  7. Oh man, Fujiyama Arashi is my favourite guy in TMGS3!If I play Suren’s route, will I still see Arashi the same way as before?lol

    But hey, this seems like a good game. Been a while since I played a porno game too,so I might try this one ;) Anyway,umm, sorry for being a pervert, but is the game has lots of ero scenes compared to UTM/Ijiwaru?

    Awesome review as always! <3 And bless you for putting Dean's picture~

    • domshiki Says:

      haha you can’t rly hear too much Fujiyama in Suren :p

      LOL u pervert <3 there's abt 4 porno scenes for the main 3 guys (Suren, Touya, Noru) +their rape shit and two for the other dudes i think


  8. angelrenoir Says:

    LOLwhut the girl is not even pretty XD
    Dat lipstick ruins everything :P

  9. angelrenoir Says:

    Also, I is sad that there is no ending with Oily or whatever the fudge his name was :/ He’s cute!

  10. Omg the bad ends totally true. >< I accidentally played one of the bad ends. I was trying to get to Naran's route or something and went to a bad end so I was like noooo I don't wanna see and started skipping like crazy. Skipped like crazy for Esuta's too cuz Noru was being a creep. But overall, it was a good game. I wanted to see Nala and Suren's kids too!! haha I thought they were really cute in their route. Hope they release a fandisk and thanks for the review. I had a good laugh ^^b

  11. Puri Says:

    I enjoyed reading your review!!! So aptly put for all the scenes, but I just cannot with Sefu’s route. Oops.

  12. amused Says:

    HAHAHA oh god I cracked up reading your review. I freaking died reading your comments!! I will definitely try playing this hehoheho.

  13. nessa Says:

    where can i buy a copy?

  14. Esther Says:

    I became interested in this game after reading how Naala beats up “29348732894 men” and sucks at making sexy noises XD When I got down to starting the game I was shocked! ROFL @ “Oily” and “Some titties” “No titties” and most of all “VAGINA EATER”

    So I really like how the heroine in this game is all kick ass (haven’t seen such attitude since Haruka 3 and 4 but like those are non 18+ otome games so Naala comes as a refreshing change) but maybe I’m a bit spoilt by Chou no Doku which I just finished — even though there’s more character interaction in here the story isn’t as exciting? I’ve fallen asleep a few times in the middle of playing which is quite a rare experience o_O;; I think the game would be a lot more entertaining if you wrote the script instead lol.

    • domshiki Says:

      Oh i get what u mean about the story – i got a bit bored whhen they were doing all that explaining about VAGINA EATER and the magical flowers in Touya’s route too but it’s worth it I swear :D

      rofl dear god my scripts would be so unromantic and chock full of “fucks” and “balls” but thank you very much <3

  15. Olivia Says:

    Hi :)

    I’ve read tons of your reviews and I always find myself laughing like crazy. You say the funniest things LOL

    Anyways, I was wondering.. you know how you (clearly) understand Japanese? Would you be willing to make an english patch of this game or any other great japanese otome game? If it’s too difficult for you to make the patch, there’s this (sorta new) thing called visual novel reader. I’m not sure if you’ve already heard of it, but here’s the link: http://sakimichi.wordpress.com/2013/01/21/how-to-translate-visual-novels-without-hacking/

    Please consider my request, it would mean the world to me.
    Thanks so much <3

    • domshiki Says:

      thanks for reading :D

      I’d love to churn out some patches and promote translating otome games but thing is, I’m so swamped irl it’d take forever for me to finish even one game – and I doubt I’ll have the patience to translate everything like “I woke up the next morning” x 500 times lol. Plus, I am far from being fluent in Japanese as I only know enough to get by in games and any mention of more complex plot points like time travelling etc I’ll mess up on. Lastly, I don’t think anyone would want to play my horribly butchered versions of the game rofl cuz it defs will be chock full of curses and improv. If I’m less busy in the summer, I might try making a patch for a shorter game though :p

      • Olivia Says:

        LOL totally understand :)
        To be honest, I would LOVE to play your version of the game, for two reasons. One – I would be happy with ANY readable english translation of an otome game. Two – I love the way you say things, so the improv & cursing wouldn`t matter anyway lmaoo :D
        Anyways, if you ARE able to make a patch or translation of any short otome game, in the summer or something, i would be SOO eternally grateful!

  16. Operetta used to be Heterodoxy, which also had otome games with tough female protagonists. you should try Queen of darkness (or the remake: first moon) and The second reproduction, in which the latter also has an english translation, but that should matter much!
    Cya and Tally ho enjoy the otome games! :D

  17. O.O Is it just me, or does the main character in this VN look similar to Rapunzel in Tangled (the Disney movie)? Kind of? Maybe? At least, in the cover/title picture of her with her hair down.

    I feel like my prior Disney innocence will be gone as soon as I play this game LOL.

  18. Well the game seems interesting itself but I might feel lots of blood loss from my nose. lol. I wanted to know where can I get this game because I want to play it.

  19. “One night, her Some Titties friend gets ill and the doc tells em that she has Vagina Eater and that she must be put down.”
    That has to be the best line I ever heard in my life! I almost peed my pants!

  20. your review is something else , in a good way tho , not everyone is honest or outspoken like you. After reading your review, bought the game , problem is , it`s in japanese which there is no way i could understand. Just quick question if i would take japanese lesson , how long would you think for me to play the game? is japanese hard? your reply is highly appreciated

    • domshiki Says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you appreciate my lack of a filter haha, I know it can be jarring to read but honestly what fucks do I give eh – I’m not very good at being a swooning otoge player :p

      I’m not expert in the language (a lot of it was self taught) but having a background in Chinese made it easier. Basically, all I had to do was learn hiragana and katakana and get the general gist of how grammar works in Japanese. The kanji part was easy for me (I find that Japanese tends to use kanji that is easier than kanji used in Chinese) so even if I couldn’t read the kanji “in japanese”, I could “read it in Chinese” and knew what was going on in most cases.

      I have friends who speak only English and while they have no problem with hiragana, katakana and grammar, most of them still struggle a lot with the kanji because it’s a lot of pure memorisation and it’s not as easy to “spell out” kanji as you can do for english words. I’d say mb a few months to get the basics down and from then on, it’ll be an ongoing process to learn to recognise kanji as you come across them in the game (so you’ll probably to able to read the text and understand the context and simple kanji like “a man is eating x”, and then you’ll prolly then need to pull up a dictionary to find out what “kanji x” is and then finish piecing it together afterwards as “a man is eating shawarma”) .

      I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, my friend <3 Japanese can be confusing at times (for example, the existence of specific counting measures for different objects and the overall, roundabout nature of Japanese speech) but shit dude, it do sound good, has many different nuances that English lacks (e.g the english word "happiness" isn't quite the same as the Japanese equivalent "shiawase") and is overall a beautiful language.

      • I see!! Thank you for the explanation. I will try to learn japanese, maybe in the future but i certainly will learn the beautiful language since it would be a waste buying tons of japanese otome game….(in my case) ..without understanding a thing they say, the game always end up unfinished or never been played :\ . Anyway , thank you again for explaining to me , sorry if it took a lot of your time , I`d hoping to read more of your review on otome game~~

        – and yeah, Jensen Ackles is hot.Super. Hot.

  21. Jensen ackles is sooooo hot

  22. chiE Says:

    I am much much obsessed with this game rite nau x”D
    and I wonder how come those ookami dudes could endure sleeps in the same bed as her without doing anything to her, since they DO have feelings for her, specially Sefu and Touya www

    btw I can’t stahp laughing and relating to your reviews guys xDD so much fun reading your blog, so glad I found this xDD

  23. jukeboxhikari Says:

    Suren definitely. I think I’ve replayed his story so many times that I can remember some of the lines… Touya is <3 too. Noel is creepy but his Best end isn't so bad. Just a little.. Out of character from how he started. I haven't ever touched Ruji. He looks too Herbivore. Not enough UMPH for me xD.

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