Diabolik Wifebeaters – wtf am i playing

…Did he just call the heroine “BITCHCHAN”??




i mean where did this come from??? He’s like “ME SO HUNGRY” and then he rips off the heroine’s shit and goes “MESOHORNY” – LOOK AT BITCH CHAN’S EXPRESSION!  It’s like totally one sided sex it’s obvious she’s not getting anything out of it but this Ayato perve is just getting all excited by himself.


Ok fine I should have done some research beforehand but I admit I was never interested in this the mo I heard “vampires” (Twilight does that to you).  I’m like 5 minutes in and I’m already thinking of dropping this; I’m not some sort of 50 shades of abuse loving pervert mannnn and this shit’s just making me cringe and giggle awkwardly like “am I sposed to be going kyakya squeeee *orgasm* over this?”.  

The heroine’s fuck stupid too she just basically sits there and takes the abuse like some mesu buta like “omgahhh it hurts…but I’m still gna stay here hueheuheuehuehue”.  And when the guys all try to eat her in the beginning, she goes like “NUUU I WANT TO CHOOSE WHO WIFE BEATS ME <3”  like WTF UR TRYNA ESCAPE NOT GET WIFEBEATEN and the dudes just ask whether she’s tryna pass herself off as some high class hooker

I mean this shit ain’t even kinky it’s just…weird…and rude…and oddly funny.  The whole concept is so ridonkulous.

Worst part?  There’s no story.  It’s just a lot of WWP – Wifebeating Without Plot.  The system’s like Vitamin X or sth where u pick chapters and stuff but these chapters last like 3 seconds and all just have Bitch-chan getting the blood drained out of her. It’s so lame.

I dunno guys. I guess I’m not uh “otome” enough to see the appeal of this game rofl. I’ll try one route and if it sucks even more dick, I’m dropping this for Confidential Money lol.

31 Responses to “Diabolik Wifebeaters – wtf am i playing”

  1. Well, this is DIABOLIK LOVERS after all, don´t expect anything else…. T_T OMG Hirakawa´s bitch-chan is forever epic xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. Damn son, I advise you to play the game ONLY if you’re a M. This game is alll~ bout the S&M theme o_o I know from listening to the Drama CDs xD But, I’ma play it anyways for shits and giggles~

  3. dsjnakjsd I was so looking forward to yours and hinano’s reviews for this cause I knew you’d rage so hard lmfao no but give it more of a chance xD it is for do-M’s as you’ve read so a lot of it is going to make you flip tables at your loved ones but DO IT FOR TEH LULZ MAN. Shit I tried taking it seriously but nearly smashed my PSP 4 minutes in. I was honestly looking forward to some plot, wanted to know more about this ‘aitsu’ they kept referring to who’s obviously their old man but still. Bro just give it a try if ONLY just for the lulz :U

  4. I can’t even – your description about this is too accurate XD
    Nice illustrations though

  5. yaoidaisuki Says:

    Hahahahaha XD
    Bitch-chan is epic as already said here XD
    Yeah, she’s stupid like almost all otome games heroines =.=’

  6. F-lin Says:

    I thought u already know that. Well S/M part is the reason that I don’t want to play this game and that BWS.
    I better save my money for Glass Heart than this game.

  7. angelrenoir Says:

    chichinashi? is that a bad word?
    Wow, it’s too bad this game is so bad. The art looks so nice :/

  8. blancayuki Says:

    I cannot even get the iso to work in my emulator so I didn’t know it was like this D: Hope you get over the “M” side of it tho, so I can read a funny review from you xD

  9. OH wow. I was actually looking forward to this game out of curiosity. And the CVs are all done by popular seiyuus so yah. But from what I’m reading, I don’t know if I’m cut out to play this…since I’m not a masochist ( ゚д゚) I also had a hard time trying to listen to the drama CDs (Never got through one whole CD haha) I was just curious if the game was going to be just like the drama CD but I guess it might ><

  10. “DOG”

    L M F A O

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who doesn’t get the appeal of this game. Guess I’m not “otome” enough to love DiaLov either, since I’m staying far, far away from this game. “Bitch-chan”, “Chichinashi” and getting stabbed by a whiny shota. No thanks. xD Whose route are you doing now, btw?

  11. You can’t call her “Bitchchan,” Jackass-kun! Chichinashi aint actin’ like oneI Boi, ya betta recognize who da real bitch-chan is!

    Lol I confess that the first drama CD was enough to turn me off and away from this series. It just ain’t ma thing. But teh lulz sure aaare entatainin’ XD

  12. Miki Says:

    But the art is beautiful! I really hope you can go through Shuu’s route ^.^

  13. Maiko Says:

    Well besides the “nicknames” and SM crap. The vampire boys can be adorable and sweet. But no matter what, they’ll be an S. Reiji is sort of the most sane person, not to mention he prefers tea over Yui’s blood. Ayato and Raito are very lustful. No kidding. Shuu and Kanato are kind of scary. Subaru is said to be the most romantic out of all them

  14. I am actually a big fan of vampires (though I hate Twilight) so I decided to give this game a chance. The game system (picking up chapters) does not really bother me, because it’s easier for me to monitor my progress and I don’t get bored that way. The lack of story (though I would never say this if this was an English version of the game) is actually good thing for me, since I am learning Japanese, and it’s hard for me to follow a complicated plot. I like the fact that I can understand most of the story (which is great for someone who is not fluent in Japanese). Back to the story. I actually finished all three Kanato endings, and I hated this guy … he is a sociopath and psychopath. He is very childish and immature. All the way through his route I wished the heroine would have more balls and kick this little squeaky screaming brat’s ass. I also don’t get the ending n#3. Does he change her into Teddy or what?? Well in his route there is also a lot of death so I dislike that.
    Right now I am 90% through the Shuu’s route. And I love it a lot. Ok, he does have a habbit of calling our stupid heroine a w*ore; and he likes to pin all his perversity to her and blame her for it (of course she is really stupidly innocent and doesn’t even defend herself properly) well with a little bit of imagination, this would make a great p*rn game. Hehehe. Well I think I will give the whole game a chance, because of Shuu. I am kind of fond of his “Oh taking clothes of is such a bore. Take them off for me! ” and when she does he calls her a hentai. hahahaha (I kind of find this funny). Well the game would be a lot better, if heroine was also S and with a little bit of brain, to fight them off with the sarcasm or something … I guess then I would find this game even a little bit kinky. Hmm, I’ll try it. Sorry for long comment.

  15. domshiki Says:

    this shit’s just silly but since hinano’s playing it i think ima backlog this and go for confidential money instead lol

  16. celestermoon Says:

    lol yeah, DL was good as a drama CD but well… the game just ruined it I guess(-ωー) the main character kinda reminds me of the otome blonde *slash* slutty chick who’s in the Opera . Dunno why do main characters in r18 otome games are always like this… well have you tried playing L.G.S? <<random but I'm thinking that its cool since its only a limited edition,,, well, more oni plot (again) i guess-_-

  17. celestermoon Says:

    lol, calling the main character “bitch-chan”, I can forgive him(the asshole) since I had an eargasm due to his hot voice… but Ayato… he just annoyingly pisses me off(no offense) ’cause he’s such an M and I really don’t like on how he calls the MC titless- I mean “breastless”… (lol sorry for the foul words) anyways, I have a feeling that this game will give me a boner or summin’ lol
    great review and oh I’ll be waiting for the Yandere Kanata’s(shota)

  18. I’m just gonna say this is the worst description I’ve ever seen. If you’re out for Rejet games, better drop them all-together. A lot of Rejet’s games are like these.
    Just so that you know~.

    • celestermoon Says:

      woah, Take it easy there Jun-san, 4shiki is just stating his opinion and review, dont take it personally:) well yeah I understand what you said about the rejet games but let’s remember that 4shiki is a guy, the game can’t actually make him go “kyaa~!!” or “oh yes more reverse-harem and M~!!” for it.

      • Mikey Chuck Says:

        Why does everyone think “domshiki” is a guy? domshiki never said so. People seem to associate particular sexual preferences with a certain gender, just because someone says they like “yuri” people automatically think they’re a guy.

  19. Honestly, this game is really not bad if you look past the Do-M&S theme. The plot doesn’t start when you’re right in the middle of the routes or at the ecstasy scenarios (most certainly the prologues and epilogues)–so technically there IS a route.
    I’ll have to agree with Jun and say that this is a really bad description for explaining a game that you just started. Rejet makes more games using this dark theme. If you can’t stomach those, then may as well not play them at all.

  20. celestermoon Says:

    replies to Mickey Chuck* “Please refrain from gender comments please”
    oh but anyways imma gonna say this once, I thought Shiki was a guy since he posted from this link: https://sandeian.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/otome-game-review-wand-of-fortune/
    below the afterthoughts and conclusion … that he is actually a “never dying fanboy” well prior to Sandeian or domshiki…
    ehem* keep up the goodwork btw, I’m playing Diabolik Lovers right now and oh-! yeah, more M and blood from their routesXD this is going to give me a nightmare 4 sure…

    • Mikey Chuck Says:

      I was simply stating my opinion on the responses I was reading on this blog. Also, “I” wasn’t the one who started the “gender comments” it was actually the people before who started saying whether Shiki was a guy or not. Anyways, I digress.
      I forgot to say thanks last time, I’ve been following your game playing blog since your game review of “Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari” and wanted to say that I like the style of writing you have. Please keep up the great work and I’ll be waiting for the review of Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari FD. :D

  21. This game is so pervy I can’t believe rating for this game! 15 year olds are playing this! It’s borderline sex I tell you! What’s up with the rating system here in Japan? It’s not like back home in the US where cigarettes are re-drawn into lollipops(笑)。

    I actually like this game. Of course, this is purely one of those niche games that are going to have mixed reviews due to specific tastes. I by no means want to be hit or beat or stabbed with a fork(笑), but I have no quelms against fictional violence. I mean, ask yourself, why do people watch horror movies? Do they want to be murdered or murder? I love distrubed shit. I guess read too much Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac when I was a kid. It’s really the the danger of being in a den of wolves while trying to fit in that makes it interesting. By no means do I expect wolves to be nice. I do hope to see better development in the plot though. I recently stopped at some vague indecation of plot when Ayato dreams about his asshole mommy who’s all like ‘You’re mommy’s smart boy. You’re going to make mommy look good.’ I really want to punch this lady. And then he talks about some kind of awakening and that’s it. Gahhh. Our main character is actually a vampire… isn’t she?! It’s just like Vampire Knights all over again!! Except I rage quited that series.

    The guys aren’t all that bad, so far… Although Ayato seems to be a dick sometimes, he’s actually a good(?) guy. Well, as far as vampire standards go. I remember in one scene he drank so much of your girl’s blood that afterwards she couldn’t move nd says he’s going to leave her on the floor there at school. : ( Now if he had actually done that, I would have immediately turned in my Ayato fan badge and said もういい。But guess what? The 俺様 is just saying one of his あいかわらず just for shits and giggles un-funny vampire jokes. Apparently he gets his kicks from seeing her 困ってる顔 or something。

    As for chapters, they are pretty lacking in the game so far… but I’m sensing some kind of plot development is on the way.
    The 声優達 are hot! So far so good in this area of the game. I reccomend this game to anyone who want’s an ear orgasm (thumbs up). You know Kanato can sound pretty sexy… when he’s not screaming at you… c :

    The interface of the game is gorgeous. I love the title screen and even when you open or close menues in the game everything seems to be moving in a nicely put together fashion. Furthermore, the game has a beautiful, beautiful, soundtrack. It’s a 謎 to me why the developers haven’t released an OST by now. I would so buy it. Lately I’ve been leaving the game on the title screen just so I can listen to the title theme while I do other things. I know they have that Midnight Pleasure or whutever soundtrack out, but fuck, why do I need 5 tracks of the same song? Waste of money. They should just make an OST. Just ordered three of the drama CDs and I’m hoping I’ll enjoy what I hear. I know there’s a lot of pirated versions on the internet swimming around, but I’d like to give credit where credit is due.

    By the way, チチナシ is an epic nickname, and I laughed so hard when I finally thought about what he was saying. Katakana throws me off all the time… / :

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL thats a huge textwall! I haven’t played past Ayato for this game so I can’t say much but I hated Ayato and so far, I don’t like this game at all. Hoping Hirarin can change that but I found this game just to be so fucking stupid – no offense to anyone who likes it ofc. To each his own, and this wannabe SM stuff rly isn’t ma thing

      • hur hur, sorry for the text wall. I should stop leaving such long wordy replies to everything. I have no editing skills. Whatever comes to mind just developes into mass print.

        Well, recently I did find one thing that I really hate about this game. Every time you have a choice between ‘I’m sorry’ and (some reply, other than sorry, insert here), ‘I’m sorry’ is always the correct answer. Always. Got tossed into a lake for looking at the starry sky? Well you know what? you should apologize. Right now. Immediately. Because that was obviously YOUR fault.

      • domshiki Says:

        LOOOOOOOOOL I know what u mean like the choices were all horrible doormatty either way but there was the “less sorry” answer and naturally, since i have some semblance of being a regular human being WITH DIGNITY, I never chose the “omgad so sry for living” choices and i was always wrong…I don’t even

  22. everything you posted-
    So fuckin’ true.

    Some idiots on Aksys Forums think this would be a good game (out of many) to localize. Finally, someone brought up the fact that the voters couldn’t possibly have done enough research on the game and they too called it a wifebeater game. I like that acronym you made… WWP, lol. nice play on words there hehehe.

  23. yeah pretty much it’s like that for most of the game. idek how it counted as otoge but here we are. Also, it has a short badly animated anime series too b/c money.

    anyways, long time no see o-o

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