Otome Game Review: Shirahana no Ori ~ Hiiro no Kakera 4 ~

Alternative Titles: 

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 20.09.12

Official Site: otomate.jp/shirahana/

Platform: PSP

Genre: Heian, HNK, angsty wangsty emo shit, doombitch heroine

Plot Summary:


This time, we’re going into the past till the Heian period I think around there.  I was kinda hoping that the game would be about the START of the Tamayori Hime (TM) shit but instead, this time, it’s not about the Tamayorihime saving the world; it’s about her bringing doomsday or some shit like that.

The game opens with the death of the emperor or some shit and then some guy giving a prophecy about how a certain girl is going to bring about the end of the world in years to come.

Skip to 10 years later.  There’s a giant white KITSUNE KAMI being chased down by villagers and shit.  The KITSUNE manages to flee but has been fatally wounded and tired of all this running his whole life, he awaits his death.  Too bad for him, our heroine, SHIKI, cockblocks his union with the death reaper and puts up some genjutsu to conceal the wolf when the villagers catch up.  She tells the villagers he went some other way and when they’re gone, tells the kitsune that she’s going to save him.  The wolf tells her to bugger off cuz his existence was a SIN right from the start; why else would people be out to hunt him down every day?  Well, Shiki tells him that she sees no monster and that if he doesn’t have anything to live for anymore, why don’t SHE become the reason for him to live?  She’d like to get to know him a bit btr anyway :D

At this point, the fox has completely fallen in love with her and tells her that he’ll stick around a bit more just for her then. Shiki patches the fox up and lets him into her house.  That night, she dreams of her dead mother and when she wakes up, a man is towering over her and holding her hand.


The KITSUNE.  He’s socially retarded and doesn’t understand human norms but works hard to understand for Shiki’s sake.  Since he’s already fallen for Shiki, he’s given up his life for her and everything he does is for her and all he wants to do is have her babies.  He’s taken up a human form for the time being to avoid freaking the shit outta everyone Shiki’s like “WHO DIS” till she realises that it’s Gentouka holding her hand cuz she was writhing in her sleep.

When Shiki asks where he got his clothes, he asks whether it was improper of him to wear clothes and he promptly starts stripping lol.  Anyway, Shiki shows him around her TM mansion where she meets her 2 slaves (AKIFUSA and TOMONORINNNN) and shit.  She disappears though, to do her TM work and goes underground to the ONIKIRIMARU SWORD (OM), which is called TSURUGI this game (literally “sword”).

For anyone who’s never played HnK, one of the first Gods that appeared on the world thought it’d be like really funny to turn half of himself into this all powerful assraping sword and make it his vessel- the OM.  So he camps out as the OM, watching everyone rape each other to get him into their hands.  In the end, the other Gods were like “fuck this shit” and delegated the task of protecting the sword to some random poor lady bystander and made her the TAMAYORIHIME.  Since then, the women of the line have had to sacrifice their lives to seal the sword cuz the OM is an angry, sadistic stick of rusty metal and likes to take blood and death for appeasement.

Every month, Shiki has to go through an excruciating ritual where she has to chop up a part of her  soul and offer it to the OM lest she want the seal to weaken and the OM to bust out arapinz. When Shiki returns, weakened as fuck, Gentouka senses that this TM job of hers ain’t as pretty as it sounds on the outside but Shiki says nothing cept that she’s a sinner and that this is her destiny.  She confesses that she didn’t save Gentouka out of the goodness of her heart cuz she none – she saved him as a way to atone even just a bit for her sins.  Well Gentouka dgaf a fuck cuz he’s in love and he’s the same as her, a bigass sinner.


So in pop the rest of the gang, and the land begins to get raped by a monster called the UTSURO (ie the most uncreative monsters I’ve ever seen in the world) which are created by the ONI.    They’re out to get the OM and have been raping ppl across Japan, hunting for the sword and are actually the physical embodiment of Doomsday.  Two actually invade the TM village and end up killing a mother and that night, a horribly pissed off Shiki takes the OM out with her into the forest, hacks the shit out of the UTSURO and she ends up crying the entire night. No use though cuz a buhjillion Utsuro are making their way to the TM village and everyone has to fight.

Some of Shiki’s gang insist that she break the seal on the OM and use its power to kill everything but Gentouka suggests otherwise as when he had been captured about 10 years ago, he had overheard his takers talking about how a certain girl would release the sword in 10 years and bring about the end of the world.  Shiki decides to fight without the OM despite everyone telling her that she’s gna die.  When she replies that her fate is a shitty one of dying anyway, Gentouka asks why she doesn’t care for her own future and shit and here, Shiki replies that  a kinslayer like her deserves no happy endingWhenever a the new TM to be reaches 7, she is to kill her other mother with the OM to mark her own becoming of the TM and to appease the sword.  This was what Shiki did when she was 7 and soon, she will get married to her fiance, have his kid and when that child reaches 7, Shiki will be killed by the little kid.

They fight that night and near the end, a bunch of creepy masked wearing dudes come in to bomb the Utsuro and they save the day.  They disappear right after and the next day, a monk from Kyoto called Monky comes to tell Shiki that he just saved em las night so get ur ass over to Kyoto and join his army against the Utsuro and Oni.  Sure thing Shiki says and everyone follows her and she meets Monky’s boss, some fuckhead noble who dresses like a fucking colourblind peacock like this

So I guess we’ll be calling him Peasized Cock then.  Peasized Cock is some smarmy bastard who’s obviously playing Shiki for a fool and yes, we can’t blame him cuz she’s fuck stupid for believing that all he wants to do is take down the Utsuro: I mean, the guy straight out ASKS “FORK OVER THE SWORD, IT’S SAFER WITH ME >;D”

Anyway, the gang explore Kyoto and Gentouka just starts eating all the food at the stalls without paying for shit rofl cuz he’s adorable and socially retarded like that.  Shiki gets lost and meets a guy called AKUROOU who helps her out and warns her against trusting Peasized Cock.  Peasized Cock tells her that they’re gna have to set out to fight tonight and Monky has replicated the aura of the Tsurugi into these marbles so they can attract the Utsuro.  Shiki thinks it’s a brill idea but to her utmost horror, Monky has put down these marbles into a village full of people and without warning, Monky sets the whole place on fire.  Shiki dashes in to save the people, getting knocked out when she uses the Swords power and when she wakes up, realises that they only managed to save a handful of people.

Basically, there is a huge gap between the rich nobles and the poor commoners and a bunch of the commoners felt that the only way they could achieve equality was to have some Marxist style revolution against the douchebag bourgeoisie so they’ve been rebelling for 200yrs +.  200 yrs ago, there was a guy who lead the commoners called ATERUI – he lead some gigantic uprising but lost, was captured and then bust out by…a huge white kitsune ;)  Anyway, Peasized Cock wanted to kill two birds with a stone so dumped the marbles at a commoner village to attract Utsuro and then got Monky to bomb the whole place.

Kay I’m not sure cuz I skipped a lot but I think that’s the general gist of things lol i dunno

That night, Shiki has recurring nightmares of her being forced to kill her mom and shit.  She tried to run but was captured, tossed into a room with just her mom and her mom pretty much forced herself onto the blade.  Blablabla whatever, Akuroou calls Shiki out for a chat at night and Gentouka follows.  When they get to the guy, he’s all slasher smiling and he’s killed some noble dude.  Gentouka’s immediately like “GASP IT’S ATERUI” – yeah Akuroou is Aterui.  Aterui wants Gentouka back and we get a flashback story

Gentouka’s fam has the ability to grant immortality to people by giving the person one of their eyes. People heard abt this so they started hunting down Gentouka’s fam, not knowing how the immortality thing worked so they just killed everyone. Gentouka was the only one left so he’s been hunted down his entire life till one day, he lay down to die and met a young Aterui. Aterui asks whether Gentouka’s a demon and instead of shitting himself when Gentouka says ya, Aterui exclaims that then they’re the same – I fogot but cuz of his eye colour or cuz he brings bad luck or sth, Aterui’s been deemed a demon child and everyone hates him. He’s happy to have someone like him and so, he and Gentouka become best buds and decide to roam the land killing every fking rich asshole they see. After they lost the rebellion 200 yrs ago., Gentouka grows tired of all the bloodshed and seeing Aterui almost dead, he freaks and gives Aterui one of his eyes to bestow immortality upon the guy. He tells Aterui that this war shit be over, that this ain’t working out and that Aterui shud just live normal now before Gentouka dumps the guy. Since then, Aterui’s been running around still killing and trying to find Gentouka. He’s the one behind all the noble killins these days and can’t understand why Gentouka is so devoted to some doom bitch like Shiki. Gentouka refuses to join Aterui and tells the guy to bugger off

Shiki and co have to fight again but this time, Monky books it and leaves her gang to face like 29384728937492 demons.  Gentouka goes into rapist mode to save Shiki but goes nuts and ends up killing allied soldiers too. The two end up blacking out and when Shiki wakes up, the battle’s over, she’s alone with a crippled Gentouka and dear god her demon sword is gone! She quickly senses that the Oni have taken it and have bust open the deal oh shit waht ah dooooo

Shiki’s doom and gloom some more but Gentouka comforts her like he always does and they soon regroup with errone else. They can’t move much though cuz Gentouka’s like half dead and feeling guilty, Shiki tends to Gentouka herself. Before she does though, her fiance, KUUSO, has long noticed that Shiki’s super fond of Gentouka but knowing that Shiki’s too honourable and bound by duty to ever dump him for Gentouka, Kuuso plays the asshole and tells Shiki that he’s no longer interested in her cuz she isn’t the bamf TM with the OM anymore. Shiki thanks Mr. Kuudere Kuuso and tends to Gentouka, ending up confessing how she wants to live and all that crap to the guy.  OMG WHAT IS THIS KUUSO SO CUTE <3

Anyway, the group manage to find shelter at some commoner village for a bit where Shiki and everyone play with the kids and shit, with Gentouka getting super excited at being able to juggle or some shit lol.  When Shiki sees some girl confessing to Gentouka, she finally realises that she has a thing for the guy…

…before they’re targeted by Peasized Cock hunting em down and shit.  One of Shiki’s nakama, Furutsugu, suddenly betrays her and tries to take her to Peasized Cock.  Gentouka goes fucking nuts and rapes everyone again, this time almost killing Shiki if Furutsugu had not stopped Gentouka and booked it. The whole village is like wiped out so Shiki and co set off again.  Cuz he almost killed Shiki, Gentouka decides that he’s gta go now and despite Shiki’s please for him to stay with her, Gentouka only tells Shiki that he too wishes he could be by her side forever before he goes.  Shortly after, Furutsugu shows up to tell Shiki that Gentouka actually went with Monky – he struck up a deal with the guy that if he went willingly to Peasized Cock, then Monky would stop hunting Shiki down. Shiki fps cuz srsly what is this bs and she hands herself over to Furutsugu to eet Gentouka.

She’s brought to Peasized Cock who starts demanding that she release the sword or he’ll kill Gentouka.  Shiki tells him fuck himself before Monky lets her visit Gentouka, who’s chained up and shit in the dungeons and he’s all like “WAH YOU CUM FO MEH LEAAAAAVE” but…

…Shiki confesses that she loves him and that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him so stfu and kiss her.  She tells him that she has a plan so dwbi and sure enough, Shiki breaks the seal that’s bound Gentouka and manages to escape thanks to Shiki’s slave, AKIFUSA, sacrificing himself to let em get away.

Gentouka and Shiki get away and recover.  Gentouka does his usual thing about supporting Shiki no matter what and he returns her feelings yeah

Gentouka does his whole “NUU IM DANGEROUS I MUST LEAVE” shit, babababalbla no one gives a shit, Aterui shows up and decides to uh “join his side” and no one suspects him of having any ulterior motives.  omfg everyone is so fucking stupid in this game.  Well the gang find the sword, Aterui crosses em and jakcs the sword and whacks the shit outta everyone.  He finally has a showdown with Gentouka where Aterui acts like some horribly clingy retard (very reminiscent of my ex lolol) and spouts bs about “WE WERE SPOSED TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER ME N YOU AGAINST THE WORLD U LEFT ME FOR THAT DOOMBITCH” but in the end, Gentouka and Shiki kill him and destroy the sword too or sth cuz it fused with Aterui kay fuck the details I fogot.

The Oni are wiped out, Peasized Cock and his minions go fuck themselves and everyone is happy.  Shiki goes back to her village with Gentouka where the two of em get married.

KUSO Kuuso no Mikoto

Shiki’s fiancée.  Am I the only one who thought his name was KUSO the first time round?  Well I swear, this guy will incite the wrath of all feminists in the world rofl with all his possessive bs and degradation of Shiki into an object slave who belongs only to him.  He thinks of himself as supreme lord commander of the universe, is arrogant as fuck and is always mocking everyone around him – Shiki is no exception to this case.  Anyway I totally had the hots for him since this game came out cuz omgahhh look at this smug asshole i bet he’s gna turn out to be a 愛妻家 huehuehhuehueheue.  I was a tad worried abt how he would sound cuz Suzuki Chihiro is voicing him…and u know, Noel from WOF doesn’t exactly have the most attractive voice in the world….

Whereas in Gentouka’s route, everyone followed Monky to Kyouto like hoihoi kay sure, Kuuso’s like “WHERE YUR BRAIN IN DAH NOGGIN WOMAN” tells Shiki that Monky OBVIOUS is a bad guy don’t be stupid.  Instead, he tells her that they should hunt down the MAKERS of the OM and everything and tell them to clean this mess up.  Kuuso’s a YATAGARASU Kami (3 legged crow shit or sth) who’s sposed to guide the lost and so, he’s found the stairway to the other realm and brings everyone there.  And yeah thuogh he spends a lot of time mocking Shiki, he’s always there when she’s super confused and shit and actually gives her some useful advice unlike friggin Gentouka who just goes “YOU NOT TSUMIBITO I WITH U” from start to end lolol.

There, they meet his LITTLE BRO, KAZANAMI, who’s serving the Gods right now. Kay I really didn’t get the mythology too much but it’s something like this:

There were 3 Gods in the beginning – The guy who turned himself into a sword, another God of creation and life (KAMIMUSUHI – let’s call her K cuz her whole expression is basically “K whatever”) , and another of…death or some shit – I guess you can think Hinduism with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in some sense idk.  But anyway, everyone started fighting over the sword so K’s like “fuck this shit”, stops the entire thing and gets the Tamayorihime (who’s the daughter of some sea god) to seal the sword.  Since then, K’s been cooped up in her Godland just watching shit and doing nothing cuz she obviously doesn’t give a fuck anymore.  The sword’s also part of these 3 divine object things – the other two are a MIRROR, said to bring about the end of the world, and a MAGATAMA, the source of rebirth and recreation.  The Mirror belonged the to Shiva god and the Magatama contains most of K’s power.

Anyway, Shiki asks K to stop the Oni but the bitch just replies that “IT’S DESTINY” and that when the world is destroyed, she’s sposed to get her MAGATAMA and create a new world and so on  K refuses to lift a finger to help despite Shiki’s pleas.  Course Shiki doesn’t give up but when it’s made clear K really ain’t gna help, Shiki’s in despair but Kuuso comes in in his usual large ham manner and blows away all of Shiki’s worries…by telling her that he’s planning to steal the MAGATAMA and use that power to defeat the oni rofl.  Anyway Shiki gets cold and or some shit so Kuuso pulls her in closer and when Shiki’s like “WAH SO NICE”, he does his usual “WARE WA KISAMA NO OTTO DA” with that smug ahole thing on his face

Monky shows up at the gates cuz it turns out he tailed the gang and he busts his way open.  K is all like “K whatever” and basically gets Shiki and co to do all the fighting for her.  Monky almost wipes em all out till K forks over the MAGATAMA and the guy leaves.  Everyone freaks but K’s like “K whatever” and it turns out that it was a fake trollolololol.  Shit’s not over yet cuz Shiki’s presence with the OM draws all dem Oni over and they end up raping the Heavens.  Kuuso’s about to die and knowing that she can’t release the OM, Shiki steals the MAGATAMA from K (who, to no one’s surprise, is like “K whatever”) and she uses it to defeat all the Oni.  Shiki’s all proud of herself but Kuuso totally flips cuz the MAGATAMA’s ability is to FUSE SHIT TOGETHER…so basically Shiki ate the ONI and they’re raping her insides.  OOPS.

K predicts that Shiki has a handful of days left, at best, before the ONI consume her and seeing no way out, Shiki decides to head back to her village and kill herself and the ONI to prevent the oncoming of doomsday.  Everyone protests but Shiki’s made up her mind so they head back.  Shiki sees Kuuso hanging around alone and the guy asks why the hell she did sth so reckless to save his life.  Shiki replies that she moved before she knew it but tells him it’s prolly cuz Kuuso’s important to her.  Kuuso’s just butt confused but thanks her for doing a gj by taking her her on some magical carpet ride.  He confesses that his family got wiped out by the Oni 7 years ago, with him and Kazanami being the only survivors.  They’ve been living all this time to extract revenge: Kazanami went to K in hopes of getting her MAGATAMA and Kuuso went to Shiki for her sword but now, sth’s changed.

Shiki returns to the village and after 3 days, the ritual is to commence.  The night before, Kuuso drops by and desperately asks whether there’s anything he can do for Shiki.  Shiki shyly mumbles that she wants to hold Kuuso’s hand cuz it’s cold so Kuuso hugs her and tells her it’s warmer this way.  He tells her that he used to think of her as some boring doll but now he finds her beautiful.

On the day of the ritual though, Kazanami comes in to fuck shit up and kidnaps Shiki.  He tells her that he needs to extract revenge on the ONI and he wants it to be hellishly brutal so he can’t just let Shiki die yet.  He plans on yanking the ONI out of her and orders her to uh…break the seal on the OM and sth else and proceeds onto beating the fuck out of Shiki who’s totally bamf like “SAVE THE CHEERLEADER SAVE THE WORLD I GET OVER PAIN FAST FUCK YUUUUUUU” till Kuuso steps in and tells Kazanami to bugger off.  Kazanami is all shokku that Kuuso’s not doing his whole revenge thing but decides to back off cuz Kuuso’s his bro.  The ONI begin to rape Shiki, making her too weak to walk so Kuuso decides to carry her bridal style.

At night, he confesses that he’s been thinking a lot these past few days and has realised that revenge is no longer his top priority – Shiki is.  He doesn’t want to lose her so he’s going to take her back to K and he’s going to use the MAGATAMA to separate her from the ONI; fuck what happens to the world they’ll figure sth out later, he loves her too much to just let her die.  Shiki cries and thanks him for loving a sinner like her.

The two of em make their way back to K who reveals to them that she can legit fuse Shiki and the ONI together so instead of the ONI eating Shiki, it’d be a mental battle between Shiki and the ONI – Whoever wins will gain control but she needs some time to prepare.  Kazanami shows up and tells Kuuso that he’ll be coming here to stop the ritual before he poofs like fucking Gayco Shaco.  Over the next few days, the ONI begin to consume SHiki more and one night, she sees that she’s got some freaky demon aura around her.  Kuuso comes in and SHiki starts hiding in the corner, telling Kuuso to gtfo cuz she’s hideous but Kuuso only tells her she’s beautiful no matter what and they uh have sex rofl.

Before the ritual shit, Kuuso decides to have a little mock wedding with Shiki <3

Finally the day of the ritual comes and Shiki beings her battle with the ONI while Kuuso runs off to fight Kazanami.  Shiki sees the past of the ONI, how it was an exhausted KAMI who saw too much fighting over for the sword.  Everywhere around, lay the dead bodies of its kin and the KAMI crawled off to die but instead, found the MIRROR and feeling it call for it, the KAMI went to the mirror and became the ONI.  Shiki’s then locked up in a room with her mother telling her to kill her – if she does, she beats the sin and wins.  Shiki refuses to and instead, she bashes the locked door open and this time, opens it.  Her mother tells her well done, to live happily with Kuuso and that she loves her.

When Shiki awakes, she sees K collapsed on the ground but K tells her she just used a bit too much power but she’ll be fine so go find Kuuso,  Shiki thanks her before running off and K then crawls back up on her royal throne to die – she’s used all ALL her remaining power for the ritual.  She takes some special sake that she was sposed to drink when the Other Creator God (the death one I think fuck Idk) came back to see her but she apologises and says that their reunion will have to be delayed.  Drinking the sake, she suddenly sees the other God coming for her and closing her eyes, she leaves with the God to the Underworld.

Shiki arrives to see Kazanami kicking the shit out of Kuuso so she steps in but gets a hole punched through her chest cuz Kazanami is OP as fuck.  Shiki blacks out and sees the ONI staring back at her.  She tells it that if she dies, the ONI dies with her and she has to protect her darling Kuuso so please, lend her its power.  Sure enough, Shiki gets right back on her feet, having gained Wolverine powers and by that time, Kuuso’s completed some forbidden spell that ran in the YATAGARASU fam, a spell that allowed the user unlimited power if he gave up sth super important.  He reveals to Kazanami that he gave up his bloodline so now he’s just some regular, nameless Kami.  Kazanami freaks shit but Kuuso ofc wins…

…and in the guy’s final moments, Kuuso cries and when Kazanami asks why his niisama is crying, Kuuso replies that he’s crying for the death of his only little brother in the world.  Kazanami dies and Kuuso cries into Shiki’s shoulder.

All the war shit is over (Monky conveniently went “Oh this is not my war toodles”) and Kuuso journeys home with Shiki.  Along the way, Kuuso gets horny and decides to bone Shiki in the woods.  And they all lived happily ever after

I love Kuuso.

Kodo no Mae

The Snake guy.  Unlike totally gross pedo Oomi Suguru from HnK 1, Kodonomae (omfg such a hassle to type – KOTO it is cuz KODO reminds me of KOODO phone carrier) isn’t some creepy old guy…he’s actually like my dad…which made playing his route even more awk than anything LOL.  He’s the hearty oyaji character, who cotton’s on to everything real quick and spends a lot of his time making fun of Shiki’s slave, AKIFUSA and KUUSO too cuz he knows those two are totally smitten with Shiki despite everything they say.  Manly and  sexy as fuck too cuz he’s voiced by Kuroda Takaya <3

Like Kuuso’, Koto’s thing is that his family got wiped out by the ONI too so he’s the heroic survivor of the Snake KAMI fam.  Unlike Kuuso, he doesn’t hide this from Shiki and at first meeting pretty much tells her to hand him the OM or sth so he can take revenge on the ONI.  Shiki manages to wow him with her determination to stop the ONI without destroying the world so he decides to become her slave

His route follows Kuuso’s one pretty closely, with the gang going to K instead of Kyoto.  Kodonomae’s the cheery moodmaker blablabla the ONI comes to attack but to Shiki’s surprise, Kodonomae TAMES the thing and then books it with the ONI.  Shiki runs after Kodonomae but gets knocked out and when she wakes up, Kodonomae confesses that he once had a disciple called AYAYOMI, who was a weak little boy who wanted to get strong like Koto.  Anyway, shit happened, Ayayomi hated how weak he was, got drawn to the MIRROR and became the ONI, wiping out Koto’s entire fam.  Koto can’t hate him though cuz he knows it wasn’t Ayayomi’s will and that it’s just the destiny of teh ONI to eat everything in its path.  He knows Ayayomi is still in there and he’s planning to save him by using the OM, the Mirror and the MAGATAMA all together – that’s why he approached Shiki in the first place.

Shiki’s disgusted as fuck cuz this is the same ONI that killed a bunch of ppl from her village but Koto says he doesn’t care, he’s gta save Ayayomi before he runs off back to KAMIMUSUHI to jack the MAGATAMA.  Shiki’s left stuck in some barrier with the ONI and she contemplates killing it but for Koto’s sake, holds off on the thought.  Meanwhile, Koto’s jacked the MAGATAMA and managed to escape Shiki’s angry bunch, the angriest of em all being Kuuso cuz he’s secretly super mad that Koto stole his WIFE rofl.

Koto makes it back to Shiki, completely exhausted and cuz it’s cold that night, the two sleep next to each other.  Koto takes Shiki to his hidden Snake condo ppl only people of the snake fam can find and he and Shiki rest up there for a couple of days.  Shiki experiences a normal life without having to fight and shit and instead, chills with Koto some, cooking meals for the guy and playing Shogi or sth and Koto even comments that they’re like newlyweds lol. Shiki notices that Koto’s been disappearing off into the night a lot and when she tails him, she discovers that he has been sneaking off into the woods with the ONI and sacrificing parts of his soul for that thing.  Cuz u kno, the ONI needs to eat.  Shiki’s just maaaaad as fuck but doesn’t say anything and goes out to salvage for food the next day.  She sprains her leg and right on cue, the ONI shows up and tries to help her up but Shiki freaks the fuck out and breaks down into an angry tirade about how the ONI’s some blowjob and wtf is it doing trying to HELP her goddamnit? The ONI shirks back after that and Shiki hobbles back the rest of the way, pissed and crying cuz of the friggin ONI but most of all, because she actually pitied the monster for a moment back there.

Koto doesn’t ask Shiki anything and leaves her to wallow.  She can’t sleep at night so she goes outside and finds Koto drinking alone.  She plops herself down next to him and gets hammered too, blacking out and when she wakes up, she’s leaning on Koto.  Koto tells her not to move cuz she’s tired and all, it can’t be helped so Shiki does just that.  Here, he thanks Shiki for believing in him despite the “right” thing to do being to kill the ONI and despite her having so many opportunities and confesses that he’s fallen for her.  After he’s done saving Ayayomi, he’s gna kidnap her and take her away where they can live, free from all this sinning shit and doomsday shit.  Oh and Shiki gets no say in this cuz either way, he’s going to take her whether she likes it or not.

They don’t speak of this matter again and live all happy for the next few days.  Monky though, has caught wind that the Mirror, the Sword AND the MAGATAMA are with Shiki and Koto so he’s tracked em down and he sends Shiki a msg telling her to bring the sword and the MAGATAMA to him, lest she want her whole village to be wiped out.  She can’t tell anyone about this either.  Shiki jacks the MAGATAMA from a sleeping Koto and makes her way after apologising to the guy and telling him how these past few days have been just marvellous

Shiki reaches the village where all her people tell her to flee but she walks in like a boss and tells Monky to fuck off or she’s gna break the seal of her OM and rape all him hard with it.  Monky calls her on her bluff but in comes Koto to save Shiki and while Shiki’s like “BUT I STOLE THE MAGATAMA BAWWW WHY YOUS HERE”, Koto just tells her to stfu and run cuz he ain’t no man if he’s gna let the woman he loves get killed jus like that.  Monky’s like “JESUS STOP MAKING OUT IM LONELY” so Koto beats the shit out of Monky while the ONI takes care of the rest of Monky’s men.  Shiki gets stabbed though but np cuz her village slaves can heal so when she gets up, she goes to the ONI and tells the thing that she’ll never forgive it for killing a buhjillion people but then she has no right to hate cuz she’s a fucking kinslayer herself.  She tells it she wants to save the ONI cuz in a way, it’d save her or some lame shit like that.

So Koto and Shiki make their way back to K where Koto smashes his way in with his BFS and Shiki gets K to try and use the MAGATAMA to split Ayayomi from the ONI (cuz u kno, K dgaf about anything and is just like “K WHATEVER SURE”).  She fails though cuz Ayayomi’s been with the ONI for too long so they’re pretty much one now.  Kuuso then shows up to kill the ONI and he’s obviously torn cuz he loves Shiki secretly but in comes Koto AND Monky to fuck shit up.  Monky steals the MAGATAMA, the ONI flees and Shiki and Koto run after em both.  Monky uses the MAGATAMA to summon all the other KAMI or sth and has some giant war against the ONI

Koto has realised at this point that he’s gna have to KILL Ayayomi to save the guy and that he’s gna finish off the shithole monster he inadvertently created and let live.  He and Shiki do their mushy shit again before they arrive at the scene to see Monky defeated and half dead Kuuso fighting the ONI

Kuuso’s ready to die and everything but in comes Shiki to heal the guy while Koto fights Ayayomi.  Ayayomi’s too strong though and rapes the fuck out of Koto but still, Koto tells Shiki to believe in him and not interfere. Kuuso’s basically had enough of seeing poor Shiki shit herself out of worry and asks whether Shiki loves Koto or not.  Shiki replies that she’d do anything for him and Kuuso mutters sth about losing to that goddamned snake before he tells Shiki that he’ll save Koto so up Kuuso gets.  Koto’s like “NUUU DIS IS MAH FIGHT” but Kuuso tells him to stfu cuz he’s making Shiki cry and here, he confesses that in his own way, he loved Shiki.  Poor Kuuso T.T

Anyway, Koto manages to defeat Ayayomi with the help of Kuuso.  Ayayomi’s mask finally cracks some and he overpowers the ONI some.  He thanks Koto for finally putting him to rest and dies.

The war’s over and everything’s good….cept Koto disappears off for 2 years and only tells Shiki to wait for him.  Kuuso’s stayed with Shiki the entire time, becoming a teacher of sorts for the kids (HE’S SO ADORABLE WITH THE KIDS).  He asks Shiki one night how long she’s willing to wait for this douchebag snake and Shiki replies that she’ll wait till whenever.  The next night, Shiki can’t sleep and is drawn outside, where she meets Koto himself.  Koto explains that he’s spent the last 2 years hunting for a way to free Shiki from her TM destiny and finally, has found a way and is finally here to kidnap her and take her away.  Shiki tells him to wait till morning where everyone parties and shit and wishes em luck on their way (cept for Kuuso and Akifusa who are evidently still bitter lol).  Koto then picks Shiki up and charges away hollering his head off about how he got himself a pretty wife or some shit and tells Shiki that they’re going to go to the other realms to look for the other God to solve shit.

Oki no Akifusa

One of Shiki’s childhood friend slaves (the other one being TOMONORINNN of the KOTOKURA fam).  This poor guy’s been head over heels in love with Shiki since God knows when and is willing to do anything for her like die for her sake (like he did in Gentouka’s route this heroic bastard) but like Kuuso, has to watch her end up with some other guy in all the other routes.  Akifusa’s serious and more hardworking than anyone else, striving to become stronger and stronger to be able to protect Shiki but it totally doesn’t help that the rest of the gang are inhumanly strong and way more OP than he is.  That and he has to watch Shiki suffer from the TM duties of chopping parts of her soul for the OM and shiet.  Bless his poor soul.

His route follows Gentouka’s a bit, with the gang going to Kyoto and all.  Akifusa trains errday to become stronger than Shiki cuz lol, he’s sposed to protect her but she’s still stronger than him.  When they fight the ONI, everyone gets assraped till Aki picks up the OM, appears to break the seal and becomes some rapist demonlike and fights off all the UTSURO and ONI.  He blacks out for 3 days and when he gets up, Shiki explains to him that he saved em all by using the OM but the odd thing was, he didn’t break the seal in the process.

Hearing that Aki is able to wield the OM without breaking the seal, Peasized Cock wants him and if he says no, Shiki’s TM village will be in a pinch but Shiki still tells teh db to fuck himself.  Desperate to protect Shiki and her people, Aki ends up walking into several traps set by Monky and gets the entire gang targeted by Kyoto.  The gang flee back to Shiki’s village to prepare for Monky’s attack.  Aki blames himself for being retarded and trains even harder err night and finally, becomes stronger than Shiki.  Shiki asks the OKI head about the past of the fam, hoping to find out why Aki’s able to use the OM.  The OKI head tells her she doesn’t know much cept that after the first great battle over the OM, there was another one some years after where a God called CELESTIA joined the battle and after that battle, the OKI fam became sworn subjects of the TM.  The OKI head speculates that the OKI fam is descended from CELESTIA which is why some lucky individuals are able to use the OM.  There’s more in this secret OKI bk but when the gang go to look for the bk, it’s been stolen.

Monky finally comes to attack the village with his mass army but offers Shiki a deal: he won’t destroy the village if she comes with him with the OM.  Shiki’s about to agree but Aki butts in like “NUUU TAKE ME I CAN ACTUALLY USE THE SWORD” so Monky says kay but Aki first has to kill 10 members of the village and offer him their heads to prove his loyalty.  Monky buggers off for the time being.  Aki’s shitting himself but Shiki orders them not to kill anyone and that she’ll just go in the morning

That night though, she feels that sth is off so Shiki goes outside and sure enough, she finds TOMONORI and Aki with 10 old villagers.  Tomonori orders Aki to kill the 10 men but in comes Shiki to stop shit and she order Tomonori and Aki to stop.  Tomonori though, does not comply and ordering guards to hold Shiki down, says that this is the only way to save Shiki and he tells Aki to do it.  Aki can’t though and Tomonori immediately chews him out, raging that Aki’s a useless shit who doesn’t even give a shit abt what happens to Shiki.  He’s always yelling about how he’d give his life up and do anything for Shiki but look at him, he’s just a sobbing mess on the ground now.  His conviction is utter bs and only exists so he can comfort himself and tell himself that he isn’t useless.

Aki flees the scene and Shiki follows.  Aki begins emofagging about how weak he is and how he can’t do shit and how even 3 years ago, he couldn’t save Shiki and let go of her hand: 3 years ago, Aki found out the TM fate, grabbed Shiki and ran away with her.  The villagers caught up though and forced em to come back and in the end, Shiki told Aki that it’s okay and they were resigned to their fate.  Shiki tells Aki that SHE was the one who let go and that she knows Aki’s always doing his best for her before out comes Tomonori, all covered in blood.  Shiki and Aki are like “FUCABADKJABSKJDAD WAHT YOUS DO” but Tomonori only replies that he did what pussy Aki couldn’t do and he fucking saved them all and saved Shiki

Next morn, Monky comes back and is presented wit the heads.  He says that obviously Aki wasn’t the one who killed em so the deals off, I’m attacking yo bitchasses.  Shiki course, gives herself up and tells the rest of the gang that they’ll meet someday before she books it with Monky.  The ONI start attacking the village but Monky dgaf and leaves with Shiki.  At night, the two of em rest in the woods where Monky reveals that he wants the OM and shiet cuz he wants to prove himself the strongest to some dude who’s already dead.  Shiki’s pissed as fuck that the reason was so fucking stupid but Monky then offers to take away her “heart” for her cuz only pain and suffering lies ahead for her.

He’s about to do it but Aki shows up, gets a hole blown in his chest and thinking he’s dead, Shiki asks Monky to wipe out her heart.  Tomonori comes in though like a fucking BAU5 and stabs the shit out of Monky.  Aki isn’t dead though, just knocked out and here, Tomonori reveals that Aki basically is immortal cuz he has KAMI blood in him.  CELESTIA was some angryass KAMI who hated the Gods for warring and taking away all his loved ones.  He seduced the first TM to get access to the OM and though the TM knew CELESTIA was bsing her, she still loved him and gave him the ability to use the sword without breaking the seal.  CELESTIA takes the sword and uses it to rape the earth and his hatred got so out of hand that the TM ended up having to kill herself to reseal the sword.  CELESTIA regretted and shit and when he saw the dead TM, he swore to serve the TM from then on.  This is why Aki can use the sword.

Shiki asks how Tomonori knows all this and he admits that HE was the one who stole that secret Oki bk cuz he was JEALOUS – jealous that Shiki only ever saw Aki; jealous that even Shiki’s ancestor was in love with Aki’s db ancestor; and jealous that Shiki still loved Aki who wasn’t even willing to do shit for her sake while he, Tomonori, was legit willing to do ANYTHING for Shiki.  Tomonori then takes the OM and tells Shiki that he’s going to go off and destroy the ONI and free Shiki from her fate – he doesn’t care whether the world ends or not cuz a world that keeps forcing Shiki and her future kids to  sacrifice emselves aint a world worth living in.

Tomonori books it and then Shiki starts confessing to an unconscious Aki while holding his hand

wtf.  when did Shiki fall in love with Aki.

But anyway, Aki wakes up, confesses too and they kiss.

Wow this route is so lame.

Blablabla they run after Tomonori and have some giant fight where Shiki gets knocked out.  Tomonori stops fighting after a bit and just tells Aki to kill him so they can get rid of the OM and end this TM shit already.  Aki’s like nuuuu i can’t but Tomonori’s like “stfu you stupid pighead and let me die a cool death and look good for once geez” so Aki does.  Wow we had like 3 fucking CGs for this battle lame wtf.

In the end, everything’s good and done, Aki and Shiki get married and make out and shit and visit Tomonori’s grave each yr.

Totally lame wt the dicks.


Yes, HNK 4 only has 5 playable guys unlike the usual 6 and the last one is the flirty playboy kind yay…Furutsugu’s the noble pansy who comes from Kyoto in err route to recruit Shiki and ends up joining the gang.  He seems nice enough, always sucking up to Shiki and shit but ofc, this guy has ulterior motives and i bet he’s gna be an emofag and have some lame traumatic past about a dead mom who was a peasant hooker or some shit.  Watch me be right.

Blablabla Furutsugu comes, fights utsuro with Shiki and Shiki agrees to go to Kyoto with him.  Shiki and the gang stay at Furutsugu’s place where they meet his pops, YOSHIKAGE.  They run off to fight the ONI where Furutsugu busts out some weird spell shit and freezes the ONI for a month and runs away with Shiki, all the time going on about how if it’s to save her it’s worth it blablabla sucking up shit.

They run back to Yoshikage’s place where Yoshikage has some monologue like “omgah Furutsugu what are u doing getting in way of ma planz” but acts all nice and normal later.  Furutsugu then tells Shiki that he hates the nobles cuz his mom was a peasant lady who got knocked up by his Abe sth royalty dad who dumped her OMGAHHHH WHAT I TELL YOU IM RIGHT.  Anyway, Furutsugu inherited his dad’s super powerful onmyouji spell caster mage shit and got adopted by Yoshikage.

Anyway I was totally right again and he and his dad planned to murder Shiki if she didn’t give em the OM later.  The ONI fight was sposed to force her to use the sword but for some reason, Furutsugu ended up using some spell instead and then when YOSHIKAGE sent men to kill Shiki to forcibly take the sword, Furutsugu ended up defending Shiki again.  Shiki finds out cuz bro Kuuso warns her sth fishy is at hand and Shiki ends up overhearing all this shit b/t Furutsugu and his pops and how Furutsugu is trying to seduce her.  He shows up at her room and tries some funny shit but Shiki tells him to gtfo,.

Still, Shiki believes in Furutsugu and Yoshikage then reveals that his fam was part of the proletariat uprising 200 years ago and that he secretly despises the rich folk and seeks to destroy em.  So, he becomes bff with ATERUI cuz they both want the same thing.  Furutsugu reveals that he only has a month to live cuz the spell costs his life and here, Shiki confesses that she knows what Furutsugu’s plans are and he apologises and says that he will have to kill her if she doesn’t cooperate.  Shiki tells him to take the sword and kill her (blabla emo shit about not deserving to live), Furutsugu tries but can’t cuz he’s really in love with her but these two numbskulls don’t know it yet.

Meanwhile, Monky’s found the frozen ONI and has decided to wreck some havoc just cuz and works on breaking the spell. BLABLABLA he almost kills SHiki etc but Yoshikage busts in to kill Monky and then orders Shiki to release the OM or he’ll kill FURUTSUGU.  Shiki does, Yoshikage takes the sword and runs off.  Furutsugu and Shiki finally confess blablabla and promise to run off together after the fight

They find out Yoshikage’s off to set Kyoto on fire cuz he’s butthurt that in the past, he wasn’t able to hook up with this commoner chick or some shit omfg who gives a shit anymore.  There’s a gigantic fight where Furutsugu dies but Yoshikage suddenly goes like “oh yeah he’s my beloved son oops” and sacrifices himself to the OM to bring Furutsugu back to life.  Yoshikage dies along with the sword and oh yeah along the way Shiki and co also killed the ONI wow so convenient.

A couple years later, Furutsugu and Shiki are finally returning to her village, having spent all their time patching up Kyoto.  Everyone’s been taking care of the village for her, including super aloof Kuuso and when Shiki returns, she thanks Kuuso who’s like









Oh yeah this is Furutsugu’s route.  So yeah at night, Furutsugu starts molesting Shiki and tells her he wants to get married.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion


Tbh, I’m pretty disappointed with this game but more abt that later.


Apparently Japan’s with me too according to the popularity polls.  But wtf Aterui 3rd place?  I’ll admit, I was totally hoping for a route with him and I thought he’d be the hidden 6th character like Ryou from the first HNK but then I realised he was pretty much just the whiny, angry, scorned ex gay lover of Gentouka and it was like “okay….nvm…”.  Instead, I want a route with TOMONORINNN <3 I found Gentouka cute too but he didn’t get much character development and was just like “PEG ME IN THE BUM SHIKI <3” in every route lol.  Akifusa was cute at first too but his route sucked and he was an emofag.  I didn’t care about Furutsugu cuz everything abt him was super predictable and I’m surprised Kodonomae’s the least popular out of the main 5 cuz I’d put him third like

Kuuso > Gentouka > Kodonomae = Tomonorinnnn = Shiki > Akifusa > Furutsugu

Yeah the heroine’s pretty likable ere – she’s strong, decent looking but goddamnit she’s so gullible and EVERYONE IN THE GAME IS FUCKING


I KNOW THE THEME OF THE GAME WAS GUILT AND SIN BUT GODDAMNIT OTOMATE THIS IS AN OTOGE NOT SOME BLOODY MCR TEEN EMOFEST NO WONDER SUICIDE RATES ARE INCREASING WE’RE EXPOSED TO SHIT LIKE THIS ERRDAY.  Kay i’m just being super hyperbolic now but OMFG everyone was so fucking emo like “I have sinned I don’t deserve to live omgaaaadddd gg” – the first two routes were ok but then it just got plain irritating.  This is the reason why I didn’t play the bad ends and shit cuz I’VE HAD ENOUGH EMOING.  I like tragedy, not whiny kids.

And I found myself thinking “the romance!!! WHERE EEZ EET?” a lot too.  Like when did Shiki fall in love with Aki for one.  And the stuff b/t her and Kuuso felt kinda weird in the beginning like when did HE fall in love with HER?  But it’s not too bad cuz the romance we actually got was cute.

Yeah I’m disappointed cuz it’s long as fuck and pretty damn boring – then again, if it was short and interesting then that wouldn’t make it HNK lolol.  That and to access the dictionary, u had to go all the way back to the title and this is HNK right, so tons of weird terminology and shit and I really wasn’t bothered so I didn’t get all the shit about how the world came to be and why the 3 big Gods decided to each have a physical vessel that contained half their powers.  Who really gives a fuck though huehue but yeah I got like 99% of the shit in this game wrong my bad.

And yeah the art love that shit it’s Ike Kuuso’s hot Shiki looks like she has way too much makeup on in some shots.  Kudos to Kuuso’s VA for not doing the screechy Noel thing and YES IT’S HNK MUSIC and we have OPs and EDs sung by Fujita Maiko again <3  Aki had like the lamest CGs in the world though

Lol it’s a good game but it doesn’t hold much for people who don’t like or never played HnK – for me, HnK was one of the first otoges I ever played so no matter how angsty wangsty or boring it gets, I’ll still play it and it has a special place in my pathetically small, dusty heart.  I want a FD for Kuuso and Shiki’s kids <3

….and now I’m gna go torture myself with the abomination known as DIABOLIK WIFEBEATERS T.T

34 Responses to “Otome Game Review: Shirahana no Ori ~ Hiiro no Kakera 4 ~”

  1. yaoidaisuki Says:

    As always, I loooove your posts XD
    Thanks for this one too o/

  2. don’t worry I’m playing Diabolik Lovers and I’m actually enjoying it so don’t feel like you have to take one for the team 8D

    but yea I think the hiiro 3 FD will be the last hiiro game i played cause aside from Mahiro, nothing else holds any place in my heart as far as Hiiro is concerned xD (my first game was love drops anyway ww)

    • domshiki Says:

      Ermagerrrrd yes now I can go for confidential money instead :3 I cudnt stand how stupid the heroine was and how inaccurate the portrayal of sm shit was in diabolik wifebeaters rofl

      LOL LOVE DROPS? Oh u naughty girl ;)

  3. angelrenoir Says:

    Kuso.. Is that also a bad word? I think I once heard it used as some sort of equivalent of “damn”? No?

    And OMG so pretty art~ I want those CGs. Do you know if I can download them somewhere?

    It kinda looks like Hakuouki. Did the same artist do it?

    • domshiki Says:

      kuso = poop literally lol

      i actually have no idea i snapshotted all the cgs in this post. if i have time, i’ll upload some cg posts =P

      nope this is done by ike – she/he has taken over hnk since hnk 3. same artist as armen noir too

  4. lol I was thinking “will someone actually review HnK4?” and then BAM, your review is here XD
    お疲れ様〜 must be really tough for ya, coz HnK is just boring ==
    I couldn’t even have myself finishing the first game *still struggling to finish it* and otomate’s been decreasing the romance in otoge a lot, focusing on the plot with wars crap and shiz.
    good review as usual, and gotta love Kuuso as you described (though his name actually made me spelled KUSO first orz)

    • domshiki Says:

      yeah i had the feeling no one else wud ever touch this super emo game so ofc i had to take it upon myself to play it =P

      DUDE IKR. LIKE WTF GENROH its all war plot. its like all the scenario writers of otomate are old war veteran jiijii who’re just reminiscing the past and shiet

      tyty rofl i thuoght kuuso’s name was kuso too at first

  5. fluffyshurkien Says:


    Still can’t believe your playing a game for M’s… Whatevs. Everyone has their own fetishes…including me….


    Quality post, as always!

    • domshiki Says:

      I STILL HAVEN’T MADE ANY HEADWAY WITH DIABOLIK WIFEBEATERS but i promise that’ll be the first game i play after my finals…cuz I’m a huge M and love torturing myself yeah lol

  6. shin Says:

    hehe, this is like the alter ego of Noel>>Kuso!!! kinda ironic isnt it?

  7. What is with these dark, depressing, so-called otome games nowadays? I want my rainbows and unicorns. Bah.

    Thank you for the review. Always fun to read <3 And they really should make a FD for Kuuso and Shiki. Just for those two yummies.

    Oh and have fun with dem wifebeaters. Waiting for your review of it lol

    • domshiki Says:

      yeah i feel you man, everything is so gloom and doom. I love me my tragedy but this is just plain emo depressing lol

      ty <3 there's definitely gna be an fd for this – we all know how much otomate enjoys milking hnk…and hakuouki too for that matter

      rofl just for u guys, that'll be the first game i pick back up after my finals

  8. Hiiro also my first otoge. I like it very much at that time, but now, it’s declining. I tried this for a few minutes, but it’s piling up of texts. Really, I’m very busy now so the mountain of texts will get me sick.

    • domshiki Says:

      dear god i know what u mean about that – hnk is so long and draggy, unnecessarily so and also super angsty too lol

  9. Puri Says:

    I’m with you on Kuuso 8DDDD Didn’t play WoF, but it totally helped that I played Benibana and then this. Damn.

  10. YOU are awesome! I literally had to LOL reading this and the other reviews! Thanks a bunch!

  11. DungBeetleJeep Says:

    Hahaha XD Peasized cock!!! Totally don’t know what the designer was on when she/he designed these lords and gods and stuff. And I’m not the only one who thought “whatever” when looking at K’s face lol

    • domshiki Says:

      DUUUUUUUUUDE ikr. I think Ike was trying to get across that he was super rich and majestic…like a peacock…jeeez. Yeah man K was like a brick wall like nothing cud faze her. She could come home to you peeing in her kitchen sink or sth and she’d still be like “k whatver”

  12. Buy lesbian hosting or domains through us!

  13. Mell Says:

    Aw….. Tomonori died?!
    I actually like him. When I first play the game I was interested to choose him, so I was really dissapointed he wasn’t in the characters lists. He’s just a side character… Awww..

  14. Anna Says:

    I totally agree with you… It kinda felt boring because It’s so long and all the way it goes like “I dont deserve to live and blahblahblah”. I finished Gentoka’s I really liked him but it didnt have many character development so at some points it got boring… Im going to start Kuuso’s route. He is so handsome! I think all the other characters are boring so I’ll stick up with Gentoka and Kuuso I love them both!

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL yeah man, it’s like the game is trying to give its players all depression or sth. I GET THAT THE THEME IS ANGSTY SIN BUT D: more than that though, the character development is sorta iffy but at least yes, Kuuso is wonderful ;)

  15. […] I’m not here to do a review about the game as domshiki already did (and an interesting one too), but to rant gush about the route I’m […]

  16. Happy Says:

    So I was downloading a shall we date app and 5 mins I just realized it was a mobile version of HnK. Then I remembered your post about it. Lol. Now I get a chance to play, but its not widescreen or has audio. Im wondering if they made i like that or i need to fix the settings.

  17. bentohouse Says:

    THANK YOU for this hilarious summary/review and yes Kuuso (I played the English version so it’s spelled Kuso though) is super hot. I even chose Kuuso’s route first cause I’m not all that into Gentouka’s clingy shit despite the prologue obviously trying to push me into going with him first. Besides, I love his brutal honesty and how he always tells the MC the truth no matter how hurtful instead of all fawning and shit like Gentouka.

    Despite your dislike of Furutsugu though, he’s next on my list cause yeah, he’s totally hot too and stuff. Heheh.

    • domshiki Says:

      How did you find Furutsugu? I know his character type tends to be pretty popular so it’s always nice to get a different view on things :D I for one, just dislike his sort because I feel like it’s such a cheap way to present a character. The formula of “playboy acts like nice guy, then acts like a dick because he has sad past” is so old and I feel like it gives too much freedom for the character to be a twat because you know, it’s “not really his fault it’s because his mom was a prostitute and blablablablablablabla”. Imo, that just EXPLAINS why he’s a dick and it in no way JUSTIFIES what he did. TO be fair, Furutsugu wasn’t BAD at all (he had some funny moments and was quite sweet), I just found him really predictable and meh. BUT I MUST AGREE THAT KUSO IS SUPER SUPER HOT <3

  18. Takiko Says:

    So funny. I got tired of the whole “I don’t deserve to live” theme, too. The storyline drags on way too much but artwork is amazing, even the main character looks beautiful. Love her costume, too, even though we don’t get to see the whole outfit often. I like Gentoka but Kuso is a total tsundere and I always have a soft spot for tsundere. I wish they’d make a route for Kazanami, he’s also a hottie!

  19. sorry but how do you play this games without english patch

  20. HAHA i love this post, it’s so funny like “emo shitty” xDDDDDD omg… I think the same way but who cares, that guys are so hot u_u! xD

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL ikr? Everyone just wouldn’t stfu about sinning and how it was their destiny to be emo

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