Anyone in uni’ll know, it’s that horrible time of the year again where students get doped up on redbull and pull multiple consecutive allnighters cuz dear god where did all my time go didn’t i have a month till finals HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT I ONLI HAVE HOW MANY DAYS LEFT AND DEAR FUCKING GOD NOW YOU’RE TELLING ME THA THIS SHIET IS CUMULATIVE AND WORTH 50% OF MY GRADE?!?!?!

Sadly, I am only a green boy and know not the ways of uni yet so this is the current predicament I’m in. Here I was, chillin and shiet after handing in THOSE GODDAMNED PAPERS FUCK ONLY 3 FUCKING DAYS AGO and now i get shit on again.



Rofl anyway, jus wanted to say that I haven’t been gaming much lately (oddly enough not because of uni and because of work + lack of interest…AGAIN) and now that i’ve got a legit excuse (fking finals), I won’t be doing shit on 4SHIT (cuz though it isn’t number 1 anymore, “shit” is still pretty high up on our search engine terms lolol) till mid December or so. Well nothing new since consistency is not something this blog excels at and not that anyone really cares yes i’m flattering myself with this self indulgent post leavemealonek

And as usual, the other half of this blog (SANDEIAN) is still on her indefinite vacation so don’t expect to see her anytime soon =P

On a final note, good luck to anyone else in uni doing their finals and shit.  Jus rmb, I’m suffering here with u buggers too <3

17 Responses to “ON A BREAK SO SOLLLYYYY”

  1. Good luck dude! I know how it feels. I’m still in highschool,but damn it’s so fackin haaaard.

  2. yaoidaisuki Says:

    Good luck! ^-^

  3. Mary Says:

    I wish you really good luck! D:

  4. hahaha, somehow it does bring comfort to know that I aint the only one in this uni-final-no-time-shiet-mothaheffin boat… misery does looooooove company

  5. Karolina Says:

    haha our exams are always in january and june :) and it sucks to take exams every three days D: BUT hey there is no classes during those months so it’s a big holiday for me ;]

  6. oh and here I thought you got sick of all the people bitching about your dialovers post and were like “fuck this shit lmao” but hey good luck with finals :D

    • domshiki Says:

      naw man i loled so hard wen i read those comments cuz ppl actually took me SRSLY and started some gender war thing. I feel so loved <3

  7. fluffyshurkien Says:

    Good luck. You need it.


  8. GOOD LUCK MAH BROTHA, may we all not die on our asses come finals. Also you’re not flattering yourself at all, whenever I get an email saying you posted shit my heart legit goes doki doki. I fucking love you guys man. ANYWAY GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS AND TRY NOT TO OVERDOSE ON REDBULL.

  9. Rokuro006 Says:

    Good luck with the finals! I’m actually having to move out of state the day after mine so I’m doubly stressed, because the night before i wont even have a bed to sleep on, it will be all packed. 0-0

  10. Good luck for the exam,shiki~~

    May the force be with you ;__;

    I’m also haven’t been playing otome games too, what with all these workloads and exams (last being Koezaru because well, for obvious reason :3)

    Let’s get through this thing together lol

  11. Lol finals….. PLAN A: be a stripper
    PLAN B: marry rich
    PLAN C: use my degree

    ^^^ this is my uni plan. LOL. I’m a junior and I still am unprepared for finals lol Q_Q

  12. domshiki Says:

    thanks my loves, now i feel somewhat motivated to study (lol keyword; somewhat) <3

  13. ALICE Says:

    good luck :) DUDE JUST COMER BACK ALIVE !!

  14. asdsdas Says:

    Me too bro, me too
    i kno the feel

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