Otome Game Review: Jooubachi no Oubou – Menou hen

Alternative Titles:女王蜂の王房

Company: Pure Wool

Release Date: 28.02.14

Official Site: 8==D

Platform: PC

Genre: Bee porn, bugs, porn, all the guy’s are fuckin weirdos

Plot Summary: Lol bees. nuff said.


The first post after an ass long hiatus is none other than a PORNO GAME!!!  OMG GUYS IT’S YOUR FAVOURITE!!

(ok it’s my favourite huehueheu)

Majority seems to say that the writing in this game goes to absolute shit in the second half, with the heroine being a completely useless (albeit, super cute) fuck and her boyfriends all being manipulative assholes.  Which is a shame really, since I was looking forward to playing this since a while back but yolo.

I admit I got a bit confused right at the beginning of the game because it was basically our heroine, MENOU, getting all horny over her sister, KAGUYA.  Note that I said confused and not disappointed because yuri ftw and I’m not a picky guy at all but then again, I thought I was playing an OTOGE?

And then this happened:




So now I’m wondering why there are other men in this game as Menou clearly states that she has “feelings for Kaguya that won’t be forgiven” (or are my yuri goggles screwing up my understanding of things here?).  I mean, this is a flashback scene with kiddie Kaguya where Menou talks about how “IROPPOI” she is

ANYWAY, in the game, there exists a race called HACHI (literally “BEEs” lol) who look human except that they feed on humans and the males are much stronger.  They live in Laputa in the skies (their hive) and everyone obeys the Queen.  Menou and Kaguya are both the two potential next queens to be and they were both supposed to be bitter rivals fighting each other for the throne but as we all saw, Menou is completely gay for Kaguya and would willingly give up the stupid throne to cop a feel of Kaguya.  That and Kaguya conveniently fell off a cliff a few years ago when the 2 sneaked out so she’s dead.

In the present, a few years later, Menou has been feeling shitty as of late but she’s terrified to know why that is.  Whenever she walks this one hallway that leads to the Queen’s (her mother’s) room, she gets the heebie jeebies and she wonders why.









I mean it’s prolly just some weird costume but this be one fucked up kingdom if the queen runs around in a honey bee onesie yo

The Queen finishes her steak and then demands to know when Menou is going to join her for human steak dinner.  Menou’s like “wakarimasen lol” cuz she’s super empathetic like that.  The Queen is pissed and says that if everyone in the country copied Menou and denied themselves the glory of human flesh, then their country would be in shambles.

wtf does human meat give u super powers or some shit?  And yeah apparently it does lmao it lengthens bee lifespan when consumed IN MODERATION.

The Queen tells Menou that she is to be the next queen and that to secure the throne, Menou is to go and kill Kaguya, which Menou thinks is fucking weird because Kaguya is dead…right?  “Ofc not u silly grub” says the Queen, “now gtfo and get to work”

Menou’s slave #1/Instructor, TAKANEMARU, tells Menou that her task to assassinate Kaguya is prolly to test Menou and when Menou protests that she doesn’t see why they have to kill each other to be Queen, Takanemaru replies that if Menou doesn’t kill Kaguya, then maybe the rebels will strike first and kill Menou instead.  Ever since the current Queen’s health has gone to shit (because the dumb bug ate too much human flesh and humans are apparently terrifying beings with curses or some shit), the country has been unstable.  Menou retorts that she wants Kaguya to become Queen and then Menou herself, will just leave and start a hive of her own and she’ll be fine bc she has Takanemaru and slave #2, HAKUOH..

Takanemaru takes Menou down to the world below (humans and shit) for the first time to prepare for their assassination.  Takanemaru tells Menou to be careful because the humans have heard about the BEE’s having some immortal medicine which is made from taking the nectar from a queen and then eating her flesh.  In the world below, they first stop at a dinky rundown shack that Takanemaru reveals to have been Kaguya’s home.  Menou demands to know how Takanemaru knew where Kaguya was and how he knew that Kaguya was still alive when everyone told her that Kaguya fell to her death from the cliff near the fields they use to play in.  Was Takanemaru secretly taking care of Kaguya all these years?

Before Takanemaru can reply, Menou sees Kaguya run past outside and promptly chases after her.  Instead of a warm reunion, Kaguya and her follower tie down Menou (oh bb) to a tree and Kaguya tells Menou that if Menou wants to find out what happened to her (Kaguya) all these years, then Menou just needs to experience what she (Kaguya) did.

Menou calls for help but for the next few hours, no one comes.  Which is just fucking weird bc Takanemaru and other soldiers shouldn’t be outrun by some weak girl who’s never been allowed outside, which can only mean everyone is in on this manipulative shit.  Some village men come by, realise she’s a BEE and promptly proceed onto molesting Menou.  Menou now realises what Kaguya meant by “experience what I did”.  If Menou doesn’t scream for help, the men rape her, then get tired of her being so dry so they kill her with an axe rofl.

If Menou screams for help, out pops…


40e3961373f08202f35bb57049fbfbeda9641bd8Menou’s slave #2.  He’s been with her since forever and is the reliable oniichan character who’s always getting Menou into trouble whenever he thinks Takanemaru is being too boring lol.  He babies Menou a fair bit and teases her too and that’s only made better by his VA being HIRARIN <3  Oh say more dirty things Hirarin ;)

Hakuoh saves the day and is clearly way too calm about the whole thing so he’s prolly in on this shit too.  Everyone is summoned back to the castle because Kaguya has officially returned.

For the next few days, Menou holes up and is disgusted with what she thinks is jealousy.  She realises that she can’t really continue moping around so decides to see Kaguya, who introduces Menou to her 3 slaves: SUMERAGI (Professional Rapist), Rin (Angry shota), and Utsuro (hikkikomori masochist).  During the introduction, they all start licking Kaguya rofl, her shoes and everything.

And then Menou can respond in 3 ways:


Say nothing.

Look Away.



Menou gets the shitty feeling again and when Kaguya asks where HER 3 slaves are (Takanemaru, Hakuoh and Ruby) and whether they service Menou like this too, Menou instantly thinks of Hakuoh and Takanemaru and disgusted, Menou leaves.

Menou runs into Hakuoh, who asks what’s wrong and Menou accidentally mentions that it’s this ache in her body.  Hakuoh’s like “HATSUJOUKI?? >;D” and then tells her that he’s always thought of her as his cute princess.  He leans in to kiss her and when Menou tries to scream, Hakuoh’s like



But he ends up just hugging her and backing off soon, saying that he’ll be around if she wants to learn lol.

Menou realises that the shitty feeling is actually because of her nearing hatsujouki (going into heat) and it dawns on her that when that time comes, she’ll have to find some male bee to bone and ew sex is gross.  The Queen bee is always horny and has her own harem of male bees, who benefit from the sex and also because the Queen bee’s nectar makes them strong and live long or some shit rofl.

h2The ache won’t leave though and Menou caves and calls Hakuoh for ‘help’.  In comes Hakuoh to help but he only manages to grope her boobies some cuz in comes Takanemaru to cockblock. Hakuoh says it’s because Takanemaru won’t teach Menou to which Takanemaru retorts that he’s the teacher, he’ll be teaching Menou everything lol.  Menou tries to help by saying that they were only uh doing some EROIASOBI rofl

The next night, Hakuoh comes again to finish up but Menou promptly apologises for being flighty and says that EROIASOBI is sth you should do only with someone you love.   Hakuoh fucks off when he sees how terrified she looks and agrees that first they must deepen their relationship and what better way to do that than by drinking themselves silly?  Their party is cut short though by another summoning, where Kaguya declares that by living among the humans for several years, she has learned much and that the BEEs can use the resources downstairs to benefit their country.

The next day, an attempt on Kaguya’s life is made.  Menou tries to visit Kaguya but Kaguya’s 3 slaves stop her and a fight breaks out, which ends up with shitface SUMERAGI accusing Takanemaru and Hakuoh of treason so those two get locked up.

Menou is confined to her room for the next few days for everyone has turned against her.  Ruby sneaks in one night though, and tells Menou to use him like the Queen does: he is now entirely Menou’s. Menou is his princess, she is strong now so show Ruby.




Oh jesus fuck I tried to avoid writing about Ruby so I can properly suck his dick when I write about his route but HOLY SHIT HE IS SO FUCKING SWEET AND DHOIJDSJGIODFOGISKDFIGUIDFSLJBGD

Menou is touched but gently rebukes Ruby’s statement: she is no queen, and Kaguya was to be queen since the start, and all this was just some stupid test that only beat in that fact over and over again.  However, she will save Takanemaru and Hakuoh and with Ruby and everyone, she’ll leave the hive and set up her own hive elsewhere.  This makes Ruby super giddy so he takes Menou to the dungeons to save the other two.

me1Before Menou can break em out, the dead body of her mother is tossed down the stairs and standing at the top, is none other than Kaguya.  Kaguya then screams for the guards and Menou realises that Kaguya is aiming to pin the murder on her.  Ruby opens the cell, picks Menou up and the 3 make a run for it


Ruby runs off halfway because the other two slaves keep picking on him lol, then Takanemaru leaves to do sth.

6f23e11ea8d3fd1f2cd78675324e251f97ca5fcfHakuoh takes Menou to the shack where Kaguya stayed in and starts swinging her around like he did when they were younger rofl.  Somehow, that leads to Hakuoh tying Menou up and fingering her idk.

Hakuoh confesses that he loves Menou but isn’t aiming to become her hubby, just to protect her.  Anyway, Sumeragi captures them or sth and they get their asses hauled back to Kaguya, who tells Menou to screw someone already or she’ll send Sumeragi to do the screwing.  That night, Rin roofies Menou so she becomes super horny and ends up having a 3some with Takanemaru and Hakuoh LOOOOOOOL WTF that was so fucking random

The next day, they have a trial where Kaguya accuses Menou of treason and matricide before forcing more roofies down Menou’s throat.  In comes Ruby and Hakuoh tells Ruby to distract everyone while he runs off with Menou to…

have sex in the woods LOOOOOOOL WOW ppl weren’t kidding when they said the writing goes to shit lmao.




Like even Ruby is like “YO WTF GUYS” and bitches about how he’s doing all the work while Hakuoh and Menou fuck around

In the end, Hakuoh runs off with Menou and his friend, Lilim, rents him a place to stay with Menou in the human world.  For the next few days, weeks, idk, all the two do is have SM sex 24/7 until one day, the village is attacked and everyone finds out that Menou and Hakuoh are Bees.  Lilim captures the two of them with some magical chains and tries to get Menou to uh release her honey but when she doesn’t, Lilim ties Hakuoh up and lets the village girls have their way with him while she fondles Menou lmao idk either

Menou makes out with Hakuoh, giving him a power up rofl and then Menou notices that he has the same tattoo as the sigil that Lilim has.  Hakuoh tells her that this is the sign of a Church downstairs that worships the BEEs and wants their nectar and in return, they raid villages and offer sacrifices to the BEEs.  Lilim returns and tells Hakuoh that he’s the reincarnation of their dead priest and that tatt proves it so now they want his dick.  Hakuoh fakes being the priest and tells them that they cannot have Menou and in return, he’ll go get Kaguya and they’ll do a swap.

Menou meets a follower called KOMA, who is apparently half BEE half human.  He tells Menou that the church likes to capture male BEEs and make them breed with human women to make halfbreeds like himself.

END 2:


Hakuoh returns but then suddenly rapes Menou, then apologises like “omg so solly not what I had in mind teehee” and eats her out as uh “shazai”…wow who the fuck wrote this shit.  Hakuoh becomes some bipolar shitface and then the two find out that Bees were the creator of humans:

Bees had sex with monkeys in the past and made humans



Anyway, so now Lilim is trying to breed human x bee hybrids to get the ultimate race or some shit wow wtf.  All the male followers in the church aren’t human, just failed bee x human offspring and the whole “wanting nectar for immortality” is bs: they want the queen to shit out a hybrid baby.  Hakuoh finally reveals that in the past, he ate the priest and got hit with a curse that made it so that he couldn’t kill another living thing.  The curse takes the form of a white snake and if Hakuoh kills, the snake drains his energy.  If Hakuoh gets violent, the snake constricts him as well.   Which is why Hakuoh needed Menou’s nectar to keep his energy up and was using her the entire time.  Now he’s going to stay in the church and find a way to break the curse while Menou escapes.


While Hakuoh’s being a giant asshole, Ruby shows up again, loopier than usual bc someone forgot to give him  his meds.  Hakuoh pushes the two of em out to let them escape but the two are quickly captured again, with Ruby to be offered as a sacrifice or sth that night.

a1a029061d950a7bd8b6698b08d162d9f3d3c923When Hakuoh refuses to save Ruby, Menou laments her weakness and utter helplessness, and remembers her childhood, where her mother favoured Kaguya but for some reason, wanted Menou to be the next queen (notice that the young queen looks EXACTLY like Menou – this’ll be important later on)

6a7e607f9e2f0708f9c50d4feb24b899ab01f2e2Consumed by despair and hatred, Menou goes berserk and transforms into the Queen Bee, vowing to kill every disgusting human for her kingdom UM EXCUSE ME, BEES HAVE 3 FUCKING PAIRS OF LEGS ONLY SO WHO DA HELL PUT AN EXTRA PAIR    She goes on a killing spree and wonders halfway through again, why her mother wanted her to be queen and when she sees how ugly she has become, she concludes that it was because the Queen didn’t want her precious Kaguya to become some disgusting bug like Menou has now.

a2e267a4462309f77b68845d700e0cf3d6cad6a7Kaguya shows up to stop Menou, telling her that all the pain has made her strong but she has to stop and protect her kingdom. Menou takes down 2 of Kaguya’s slaves and is about to kill Kaguya too but Hakuoh binds her with his snake (HURHURHURH) and begs her to stop.

f3bfcd82b9014a9043f869f2ab773912b11beee0When Menou comes to, she’s back in the house with Hakuoh and the two are just about to go on a date.  No one on the street attacks em for being BEEs and Hakuoh laughs, saying that humans now live in harmony with BEEs.  Kaguya and everyone come to visit her and everything is happy – too happy, and Menou realises that something is wrong.  Now she’s by a stream and sees Hakuoh leading the church, praying with everyone for her to have a good dream and to have the power to save/seal her.  The white snake reveals itself to be Hakuoh’s conscious, his beast, the curse, and Hakuoh. He  tells her this is all a dream, and when Menou tries to break it, Hakuoh tells her that this is everything that she wanted: to live peacefully with everyone as a normal person.  The white snake asks whether she regrets anything


Hakuoh continues to work to seal Menou and puts her under a dream forever

END 7:

1a9ee8c379310a551a30f7bbb54543a983261095Menou needs to wake up, and Hakuoh apologises over and over again for not being able to help her properly.  He wanted the curse gone, but at the same time to push Menou away so he could destroy the Church from within and protect the Bees.  He doesn’t know whether he initially wanted Menou or her nectar but has always wanted her since forever, and right now, wants her everything.  Menou wakes up, crucified to a bench.  Hakuoh releases Menou and resolves to shoulder half her sins and right them with her.

1b8c2c600c33874412bb0633530fd9f9d62aa0a8He tells her that he wants to have a family like the humans (btw, only the Queen can have babies so a good number of male BEEs fall in love with human women and have families with them) and the two head back to the kingdom.

TL:DR Hakuoh was cursed and was initially using Menou to get her magical nectar to fix his broken dick but ends up falling in love for real.


7946b71f3a292df5a0aebb5abe315c6035a873bcMenou’s slave #3.  He’s the dumb chirpy guy who seems to be high 24/7 so Menou thinks he’s cute while everyone else thinks he’s the most annoying sack of shit ever.  Ofc, he’ll prolly end up being some apeshit yandere or sth judging from what they did with Hakuoh (plus the fact that Ruby seems to be OP af) but gods he’s just so cute.  He likes talking silly too, calling himself “bokuchin” and “ruby-sama” and laughing like “kyakya” and “ukekeke” as well as randomly adding “nya” at the end of his sentences GAH he’s just so entertaining to watch <3



Tbh, the moment Ruby showed up I was like “lol whatever Hakuoh, Takanemaru, Kaguya who?” because Ruby is just soooo sweet.  When Menou was feeling down about Kaguya’s return, he goes downstairs just to pick flowers for her because he’s seen her tend to the gardens and knows she likes flowers.  When Menou comments that Ruby must’ve been paying attention to her a lot, he replies that every male BEE has been paying attention to her and tells her to cheer up when Menou mumbles sth about everyone liking Kaguya only.




Ruby then asks why Menou is so nice to him when everyone else hates him.  He wonders what would happen if it turned out that he was only being nice and feigning concern so Menou would want to bone him and he starts cackling like some freak.  Menou though, tells him she wouldn’t either way because she knows he’s being nice so stop pretending.  Anyway, she isn’t as “clean” and “nice” as Ruby says, and she too, has a darkness inside her.  This time, Ruby replies that he doesn’t care about that because she’s the only one nice to him.  He’ll come back again to fill up her room with flowers so he’ll be able to see her smile a lot.


Anyway, his route is mostly the same as Hakuoh’s one (cept with him popping up everywhere just being so cute) up to where the 4 make a run for it after Kaguya frames Menou for the Queen’s murder.

Around this time, Menou has sorta realised that Ruby isn’t just a bundle of fun and that there’s something off with the guy.  Like how he’s too fucking happy, how he seemed a little too giddy when villagers were being killed, and ESPECIALLY how Takanemaru and Hakuoh are so adamant that he stay away from Menou (they don’t get why Menou is so nice to Ruby at all); when Ruby smiles like this:


Takenemaru and Hakuoh see it as this:


So clearly the 3 can’t come to an understanding: Menou doesn’t understand why those two treat Ruby as a nuisance either.



In return for being so nice to him all the time, Ruby molests Menou some, and Menou remembers what Takanemaru told her: if she wants Ruby to stop eating so much, then she’s going to have to make him feel “HAPPY” huehue.  Ruby gets the urge to kill partway through but refrains from running around outside and killing everything cuz that’d make Menou sad but shit hurts yo and he needs Menou to help.  Menou’s about to cave when he sees what a darling he is but realises she can’t just think with her crotch so calls Hakuoh to stop this shit.


Hakuoh beats the shit out of Ruby who just shrugs it off because he’s “used to it”.  Again, Menou gets horny at night so Ruby er helps out lol and the whole time he won’t stfu about how good she smells and how he feels so full and how he loves her so much

The next day, they get captured by Kaguya who stabs Menou and Menou suddenly gets horny again and needs semen to heal rofl so she sucks off both Hakuoh and Ruby, the latter of which starts going “MENOU DOING THE CHUUCHUU TO MY DICK <3” LOL i dont know anymore



They escape, then Hakuoh gets taken…AGAIN so Menou and Ruby hide out in a church.  There, Menou wants to know about Ruby but Ruby tells her if she knew who he really was, she’d hate him like everyone else.  They end up laughing over how both of them have serious self esteem issues lol.


Outside, a mother and child are taken captive and Ruby knows Menou wants to save them so he tells her that he’ll save em if she gives him a kiss ;)


And not some peck on the cheek, a real kiss :3


He gets all excited at the thought of getting a kiss that he starts dancing around the place and twirls Menou around.  They kiss and at the end, Ruby thanks Menou and tells her that he doesn’t know why but ALL THE FEEEEEELS and he feels like crying.

I’m done this is too cute oh gods

He leaves, then comes back to take Menou out too but Menou is horrified when she sees that the mother and child are getting the shit kicked out of them by some hentai villagers.  She’s furious that Ruby lied to her, who says that if he was to help, he’d have to kill and Menou forbade him from doing so.  In the end, only he and Menou flee and a pissed off Menou bitchslaps Ruby and demands to know wtf he did when he was gone.  Ruby starts sobbing and tells her that the mother and child were gone when he left so he just figured it was all ok and doesn’t understand why Menou is so angry.  He snaps and rapes Menou-


-and ends up sobbing even more at the end and apologises over and over again. Menou ofc, forgives Ruby, which only makes him bawl more as he cries that he’s dirtied such a pure person and that he’ll never be as good as Takanemaru or Hakuoh.  He promises to never do it again and that from now on he’ll help her become the Queen.

The 4 return to the kingdon, where Takanemaru and Hakuoh have noticed Menou and Ruby are getting cosy and jesus fuck, anyone but Ruby.  They go on about how she doesn’t know anything like “YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW” (OMG DID U GUYS SEE THE SEASON PREMIER BTW OMGOMGOMGOMG) way but NO SHIT SHE DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING CUZ U GUYS DON’T TELL HER SHIT.  Anyway, the kingdom actually accepts Menou as the new Queen and ask her which male bee she has chosen.  Everyone goes nuts when Menou declares that she has chosen Ruby…a fucking CANNIBAL.

While most bees in the hive are happily subservient to the Queen, some aren’t and rebel.  At the same time, since the bloodlines are so pure in the Hive, sometimes mutant bees are born and those who rebel are given to these mutant bees who EAT THE REBELS.  Ruby is a mutant bee who is the executioner of the Hive, eating those who are deemed traitors etc. This is why everyone hates him and is terrified of him, and also why everyone tried to keep him away from Menou.

Menou dgaf though and is willing to give up everything to be with Ruby.  Ruby tells her that ever since he can rmb, no one told him that eating Bees was wrong and that the Queen would always just tell him to eat whatever he saw.  Menou tells Ruby she is his, and to uh “prove it” Ruby shaves off her pubes LOOOOOL is this what kids do today?

L1They sleep and hold hands when they wake up, with Ruby being super adorable going on about how Takanemaru is his first teacher, Hakuoh his first friend, and Menou his first girlfriend :3 After a bit of prodding from Hakuoh, Menou decides that she won’t run away and will instead, take back her kingdom and lead the kingdom the way she wants with Ruby as her husband.  When she tells Takanemaru this though, the guy goes nuts, demanding to know why it has to be Ruby.  He almost rapes her but gives up in the end and tells Menou that he’s had enough babysitting her and is going to join Kaguya.

8f71b5d3572c11df715d916c612762d0f603c21eMinutes after Takanemaru leaves, Ruby shows up, telling Menou that when he went to look for Hakuoh, he found the guy half dead.  Turns out Takanemaru was the one who did this, and after burying Hakuoh’s dead body, Menou and Ruby find humans eating Hakuoh’s body the next day.  They return to the castle, where Kaguya asks Menou whether she knows anything about the guy.  Turns out Kaguya didn’t order Takanemaru to kill Hakuoh or anything, so that means Takanemaru killed Hakuoh himself, threw the dead body to the humans to incense them and is now MIA.  Kaguya suspects that Takanemaru is getting the humans to start a war against the Bees so the Bees prepare for war too (while bees are stronger, there are a shit ton of humans)

They all take a peek downstairs and see humans fighting with Bees and shit.  Ruby ends up going nuts over the smell of blood and leaves Menou to go kill. In one ending, this is explained as his way of committing suicide or some shit so Menou can be happy because there’s no way she can be happy with a disgusting cannibal like him :( In the good ending, Menou needs to be rescued by Rin and when Ruby returns, Kaguya socks Ruby in the mouth for being a shit and leaving Menou to whack off to dead bodies.    Ruby protests that he can’t help it because the hunger takes over so Kaguya shoves him and Menou into a room and tells Menou to satisfy Ruby.  Ruby wants to fight and kill though because he feels that’s the only thing he is good for so the next day, when the kingdom is under attack, Menou orders Ruby to stop the humans.

426b3e310a55b3194f98953a41a98226cefc1740Menou grabs Kaguya to run and meet up with Ruby but out pops Takanemaru who starts hacking the shit out of Ruby.  Menou gets in the way and when she gets hit, Takanemaru stops and Ruby shoves his arm through Takanemaru – this is how he fights rofl no need for swords.  He doesn’t kill Takanemaru though because he knows Menou would be sad and Takanemaru mumbles abt how he didn’t care about winning the war and taking over the kingdom etc, all he wanted to do was find a certain someone in the castle.  Kaguya tells Menou that she’ll have to denounce Takanemaru as a criminal and accuse him of being the one who killed the Queen as well.  Menou does so in order to protect the kingdom.

9f230010b912c8fcb3b3e782fe039245d7882161 All is good in the kingdom and Kaguya and her slaves have disappeared somewhere.  Menou goes down to the dungeons to Takanemaru, who’s now basically a vegetable so Menou thanks him for everything and kills him.

8aa18e3d70cf3bc7f662daa3d300baa1cc112a43Menou is then made Queen and everyone accepts Ruby as her husband.

TL;DR Ruby is the cutest thing on earth cept that he is a cannibal so everyone hates him but Menou tells everyone to stfu and marries Ruby <3


306c16da81cb39db221c4319d2160924a91830cdMenou’s hot instructor.  Like Hakuoh, he’s been with Menou since forever and is completely loyal to her.  Laconic and serious, he spends half his time lecturing Menou and the other half of his time squabbling with Ruby but whenever shit’s happened, Menou has always gone to him and he’s always been there for her.

I’ve been dying to play Takanemaru since this guy is so fucking INCONSISTENT in the other routes: one minute he’s calm and shit, then next he’s molesting the daylights out of Menou as a “lesson” or some shit and as shown in Ruby’s route, he’s clearly got an agenda of his own.  After every time he catches Menou doing the eroiasobi with another guy, he always flips his shit so I have no idea whether he’s actually a jealous cunt or just…bipolar af rofl.  I mean in one ending, he basically rapes her then gets everyone else to rape her to turn her into some baby making machine so idk man.

His route splits around when the 4 are recaptured by Kaguya and put on trial for the Queen’s murder.  Menou is roofied and Ruby creates a distraction so Takanemaru is able to haul Menou’s ass away.  They hide in a different place this time, just the two of em.  No sexy time but Menou finds Takanemaru consorting with SUMERAGI, with the latter handing the former some hair ornament that Menou recognises was in her mother’s room.  Takanemaru won’t say anything when she demands to know though and just manipulates her emotions and hugs her

Anyway, Kaguya shows up and tells Menou to hand Takanemaru over cuz the guy’s a traitor.  Takanemaru is from another hive and came with his Queen a few years ago in attempt to take over their hive (either that or they were taken captive by Menou’s mom idk).  Only Takanemaru managed to escape and his Queen is either dead or taken captive by their Queen.  Now, Takanemaru is just here to take revenge on their hive and is going to kill all of them.  Proof of this is that the hair ornament belonged to his Queen, not to the current Queen of the hive – clearly Takanemaru still has a thing for his Queen.

Menou doesn’t hand Takanemaru over though, and the bastard further confuses her by getting all nice and mushy with her and eats her out lol.  In the end, he’s captured for killing some Bees or some shit and tossed into the dungeons.  Ruby comes up with this greaaaat idea of getting Takanemaru to show his true feelings by making him watch some Ruby x Menou porn show cuz it’ll get him jealous or some shit idfk anymore the writing is so bad omg

So the two hop down to Takanemaru’s cell where Ruby forces Menou to suck his willy and basically spends the entire time taunting Takanemaru like “YOU’LL NEVER GET THIS HEUHEUEH”.  When Takanemaru tells Ruby to put his smelly sausage away, Ruby gleefully runs off like “TEEHEE SO YOU DO LIKE MENOU <3” lol omg Ruby.   Takanemaru is not amused but before Menou can uh explain, in comes Kaguya and she tells Menou that Takanemaru is gna be stuck down ere for a little while so stop pining for the guy.

86cbb1246b600c337703cf87184c510fd8f9a1b4Menou takes care of Takanemaru for the next few days under Utsuro’s surveillance and begins to have moments where she becomes OP scary Queen whenever Utsuro gets in the way of her and Takanemaru.  Oh wellz, they have sex in his cell and when she wakes up, he’s gone and Menou realises he used her to flee

46cc444f78f0f73631b05d4e0855b319eac4135fMenou runs to the Queen’s room, where she finds a bunch of dead male bees and finds a door leading to a cell below.  She realises this was where the other Queen was kept this entire time and figures that Takanemaru has fled with the other Queen. He returns to Menou though but Kaguya’s smart enough to anticipate this and restrains him.  She gives him and Menou some time, where Takanemaru apologises for putting that seal on her:

Turns out during sexy timez, he put the Queen’s seal on her which allowed the Queen (Menou’s mom – turns out she’s not really dead idk anymore lol) to basically possess Menou at times which explains Menou’s creepy behaviour.  Her mom was the one who ordered this because Menou is actually a clone of her mother (which explains why Menou looks exactly like the young Queen) – she was to be the next Queen in that she is a vessel and her mom would take over her body.  In truth, the Queen should’ve taken over Menou by now.  In order to stop the Queen from killing his Queen, he agreed to become Menou’s teacher and guard Menou to keep her body safe for the Queen.  Menou laughs at the irony of it all and when she asks Takanemaru where her conscious will go when her mother takes over, he replies that he doesn’t know.


d473f1fd5266d0168d628f67952bd40734fa35aaThe one thing Menou knows though, is that she’ll always love Takanemaru even after the Queen takes her body.  The Queen then locks both of them up and basically tells Menou she’s a meatsack and that she’ll crush her mind if she doesn’t willingly give up her body in due course.  When Takanemaru acts concerned, Menou tells him to gtfo and go to his Queen cuz when has he ever actually cared about her?  He apologises for everything but tells her that he never hated her, and neither does Kaguya – it’s obvious that Kaguya knew about this the entire time and was working in a super round about way to protect Menou and make Menou queen.  

90b6951b0ef41bd5d31effbb53da81cb38db3d5cWhen his Queen was taken, Menou’s mom had her be raped for 3 nights and made Takanemaru become her slave in order to stop the rape.  She made Takenmaru take out his own right eye as proof of his loyalty, sealed their contract with a kiss.  Takanemaru then realises that he’s loved Menou for a while now so more romping around.

Takanemaru’s Queen turns out to have died or some shit but instead of weeping etc, he’s like “Great, got that woman off my back” rofl cuz now he’s “free”.  Menou kills the Queen and u know what, the story would have been fine if they just made Menou queen after this and live happily ever after with everyone.

In one ending they do that but they basically imply that the Queen managed to latch onto Menou right before dying so Menou becomes more like her mom day by day.






Menou sees the past Takanemaru and basically tells him to get into the secret dungeon right now and save his Queen and obey this one.  For the love of everything man, she’s sick of all this bloodshed and dying so just take your Queen and run.

Takanemaru and Menou return to the future where Menou’s now queen, Kaguya never was pushed off the cliff and everything is well (cept that Ruby is dead WAT).  There’s a grave outside by the cliff, the grave of Takanemaru’s Queen – turns out she committed suicide shortly after being rescued when she saw that Takanemaru was in love with Menou and not her. Though Takanemaru could probably



e7d345087bf40ad1a9acd6ac552c11dfa8ecce5aagain if he drank enough of Menou’s cum, there’s no point since he’ll always choose Menou in the end.  And now everyone lives happily ever after.

I fucking give up.

TL;DR Takanemaru is a Time Lord.  Takanemaru is from another hive and his Queen got taken captive by Menou’s mom so he’s made her slave in order to save his Queen who turns out to be dead but it’s ok because he gets Menou as a consolation prize.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Jesus fuck, people weren’t kidding when they said the writing in this game goes to shit.  Time travelling (SAME TIME-CONTINUUM? HOW DOES THAT WORK?), random sex, eeeeeeveryone’s a rapist, cannibalism

5fb9d413b07eca8075262ea8932397dda0448382And you know what?  I’ve never seen a heroine get so much shit before in an otoge.  Poor fucking Menou yo.  Trapped in the castle her entire life, kept out of the loop all the time, can’t control herself because of the hatsujouki, the men around her are all fuckin weirdo rapists, and her mother never loved her and just sees her as a sack of meat; as a result, she displays a shocking lack of self worth, is unnecessarily empathetic towards EVERYTHING and suffers from a crippling inferiority complex.  And then everyone else is always going on about how wimpy she is and how she doesn’t know anything and I’m like NO SHIT SHERLOCK YOU GUYS MADE HER LIKE THIS

Ordinarily, someone as doormatty as Menou would irritate me but I think everything she did was justified and I’m surprised she didn’t go completely insane in all the endings – in the end, I pitied her more than anything and I’m just glad she got some happy endings.  Girl deserved that much at least.

And everyone else.  Just wtf??  I don’t particularly like anyone of them cept Ruby; this honestly did not feel like a very romantic game at all except in Ruby’s route because you couldn’t tell whether Hakuoh and Takanemaru actually loved Menou or were actually manipulating her until the very end.  They were ok in the first half of the game but then the writing went to shit and they all became inconsistent rapists so I don’t know man.  Hakuoh felt the most “otoge” I guess and he was cute until the whole rape and weirdass snake and SM shit.  Ruby was just fucking adorable and despite being batshit insane, he still made me grin and laugh every time he showed up in the game I MEAN C’MON, LOOK AT THIS:

h03 roofies1 roofies2 roofies3

He was at least mostly consistent and was always the ray of sunshine there to pick Menou up whenever she despairs (which is like half the game).  And Takanemaru lol I don’t even man.  I guess his “eroiasobi” lessons were meant to convey how much he loved Menou?  Idk rofl but at least he was adorable when he blushed like:


Kaguya’s 3 slaves were creepy af especially SUMERAGI (SWEET BABY JESUS THAT VOICE IS TERRIFYING) but I loved psycho lesbian Kaguya as well because she clearly loved Menou. Koma was clearly a plot device and completely random but hilarious nonetheless.

I liked the artstyle a lot and was glad Menou didn’t have watermelon boobies like Sugarbeans shit.  Shame there was a lack of non-porno CGs so I apologise for having this post chock-full of screenshots.

Another gripe I had was with Menou’s sexy sounds – she sounded alright in the first half but it’s like she decided to copy the faltering quality of the writing as the game went on and just fucking gave up on life in the later sex scenes.  Holy shit it was like she was doing some shitty opera or some shit “AIEEEEEEEEEEEEE” like that.  On the other hand, I really liked Kaguya’s voice – Menou wasn’t kidding when she said she sounded angelic.  It was very…tinkly lol.  The soundtrack wasn’t bad but what stood out was the character music: Ruby’s theme was fucking carnival music, Hakuoh had some “ヒーロー参上!” music whereas I don’t rmb Takanemaru’s bc he’s always like :/

I think I went on enough about the shitty writing but here it is again: JUST WTF HAPPENED IN THE 2ND HALF????  The story was so messy and was all over the place, with the group bouncing back and forth between the human world and the bee kingdom and then it kept chucking random sex scenes everywhere.  Like wtf was that time travelling bs in Takanemaru’s route? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??? And Hakuoh’s out of nowhere rape was just so fucking jarring.  I guess the only one who was really consistent was Ruby – I mean I’m not too surprised he raped Menou since he was just that kind of character and probably has the emotional maturity of a psychotic child so there we go.  I hated how everyone else was so manipulative and lied to Menou the entire time, whether it was for their own agenda or to get her to toughen up and become the Queen.  Couldn’t you guys have just, idk, TOLD HER THE TRUTH or sth?  There’s also a lot left unspoken, especially the stuff regarding Kaguya’s story and her 3 slaves: I guess I’ll just have to play her story but idk guys, I’m not sure I’m ready for this:

And Sumeragi is scary af ok.

Despite the shitty writing, shit ton of lying and manipulating and overall lack of a real romantic atmosphere with Hakuoh and Takanemaru, where the game really shone was in the character interactions.  I know I apologised for all the screencaps but I felt they conveyed just how FUN the game was when it came to the actual dialogue between everyone.  It all felt real in the sense of how they were sposed to feel:

Hakuoh and Menou are sposed to be childhood friends and they felt exactly like that.  Takanemaru was the stern teacher and Ruby the troublemaking outsider.  The characters had great chemistry (Hakuoh and Takanemaru bickering but then join hands to keep Ruby away, who was constantly unintentionally provoking the two by spewing silly pervy shit and by being all over Menou, who in turn, tried to keep the peace and failed most the time)  and the interactions between the 4 were hilarious to watch thanks to Ruby.  Though the game was a letdown either way, the character interactions almost make up for its shittiness in other aspects.

On another note, I have no idea when I’m going to be posting next and wasn’t planning to do this post either since I’ve been thinking of quitting – school and work are killing my social life already and it doesn’t look like the other half of this blog is ever going to come back (which absolutely sucks since she’s the one who is actually Japanese and knows her shit unlike me rofl).  It does feel good to be tentatively back though and I miss posting and my lovely readers ofc (now I’m just getting full of myself) ;)  Sorry for the absence (again, not like anyone cares lol) and hopefully I’ll get my shit together soon.



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  1. AWESOME. Thank you SO MUCH for your review!! I would be REALLY happy if you could also review Kaguya’s side as well, I Really love your reviews (specially the P0RN ones lol) :D

    • domshiki Says:

      Thanks for reading <3 Yes I intend on getting around to Kaguya's game and I hope it's not as big a trainwreck as Menou's side lol. I enjoy reviewing the porn games too hurhurhur

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH, It’s great to see a new post, especially for this game cause I was totally looking forward to playing it myself, ARGH Too bad the writing goes to shit. D:< The demo was so good, man. SO GOOD I FINALLY THOUGHT I COULD HAVE MY QUALITY OTOME GAME PLOT. It's never gonna happen. arhgdkfg. Maybe Kaguya's game will be better? ((BUT ALL HER SERVANTS ARE SO CREEPY ODFJHLDKFJ. I DONT WANNA ROMANSU THAT.))

    Glad you found Ruby as cute as I did. Everyone else seems to find him annoying?? LIKE IDK MAN HE'S JUST HILARIOUS AND THOSE EXPRESSIONS AND THE SHIT HE SAYS I JUST, IT'S TTLY ADORBS. huhuhu.

    Oh, also did you see they made Kamigami no Asobi into an anime with transformation scenes for the guys. Mahou Shounen Henshin GO~~~.

    • domshiki Says:

      YES RUUUUUBYYYYYYYYYYYYYY <3 I'm not sure what the rest of the players think of him but I know all the other characters in game think he's an annoying little fuck lol.

      lmaooooo ikr i really want to find out what happened to Kaguya but goddamnit HER MEN ARE SO FUCKING CREEPY EH especaially Sumeragi…every time he came on his voice scared the shit out of me. A-grade rapist material.

      oh gods how is the anime? I trust the transformation scenes are spectacular. I haven't gotten around to playing the game (this is the first I've played since Taisho Mebiusline so…) but how is it?


    How anyone could read the plot summary of this game “bee kingdom” and take it seriously as a romance idek. I’m pretty sure bugs are the exact opposite of romantic fluffy times but maybe I’m just a buzzkill.

    • domshiki Says:

      LMAO IKR. I didn’t even read the summary so I had absolutely no fucking clue when I played the game and went like ” IS THAT A FUCKING BEE” haha. It totally doesn’t help that these guys EAT PEOPLE too so…

  4. mizukibloodlust Says:

    Long time no see Domshiki!!! I miss your posts. This one of course did not disappoint. I understand work and school eating up time, but I don’t want you to quit this. Every time when there is a new post I get excited about it like a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons. You’re posts make me happy so don’t stop. I love you :3

  5. mizukibloodlust Says:

    Long time no see Domshiki!!! I miss your posts. This one of course did not disappoint. I understand work and school eating up time, but I don’t want you to quit this. Every time when there is a new post I get excited about it like a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons. You’re posts make me happy so don’t stop. I love you :3 Also I hope you do Kaguya’s story too!!! <3

    • domshiki Says:

      It has been too long <3 Omg you are too precious haha I guess if I quit now I'd be a heartless dickwad now eh? I love you too babe, I'll definitely try to get around to Kaguya's game too. Thanks for the support <3<3

      • mizukibloodlust Says:

        Hey domshiki I know you’ve been busy with school and that pretty much Sandeian won’t be returning, why not have somebody help you with the reviews? Also I hope you do well during finals week! <3

      • domshiki Says:

        Hey babe <3 I've considered that actually but I don't have any other real life friends (as in people I've met and know personally haha) who are interested in VNs except for Sandeian and I've largely lost contact with her too. I haven't been able to find anyone interested either (tried the anime club in my university but I got a couple of weirded out reactions like "huh? you mean you play dating sims as in porn games? o.O", that sorta thing). I think the biggest thing is though, tbh, is that I haven't shown anyone irl my blog cept for Sandeian and I'm not very willing to either. Call me a wimp but I'm terribly self conscious of my shitty work (HA, now i'm ruining my image of a no fucks given pothead right smh) so it's been rough. I guess I'll just have to tough it out or drop the blog idk yet. Thanks for the concern though and YES, YOU ACE YOUR FINALS TOO <3<3<3

      • mizukibloodlust Says:

        Oh please don’t get rid of the site!!! I love this forum because you’re the only one that brings comedy in your reviews about Otome games. If you can never keep doing the reviews at least keep the site up so we can always re read them. Also why not ask us fans for help? We would gladly pitch in if it saves you the trouble. <3

      • domshiki Says:

        I couldn’t trouble you guys but thanks so much, it’s comforting to know that I’ve got support from my wonderful readers <3 Just for you, I won't shut down the site at the very least and will keep it up so yo'll have something to rofl over when you need it :D

  6. okay I burst out laughing at :

    When Takanemaru tells Ruby to put his smelly sausage away, Ruby gleefully runs off like “TEEHEE SO YOU DO LIKE MENOU <3″ lol omg Ruby.




    Otome R-18games.txt

    Bees had sex with monkeys in the past and made humans

    man and here I thought the writing in Dialovers More Blood was fucking awful. At least there it was vampires having sex with da monkeys…here its bees uh….loooooool

    well I knew this game would be godawful but I enjoyed reading your review as always. I’m sorry to hear you’re considering quitting though (´;ェ;`)ウゥ・・・ I feel like a lot of otome game blogs have died out over time and not too many active ones left which saddens me. I hope you will review the Kaguya arc. I think your reviews of this crap are the only way I will ever “get through” this game hahaha. (I will never play this myself xDD)

    • domshiki Says:

      LOOOOOL the game is that funny when it comes to Ruby :p I know its a rapist r18 otome game BUT I CAN STILL HOPE AND DREAM…RIGHT??/

      Yeah man the story is definitely NOT the strong point of this game…LMAO are u telling me that diabolik wifebeaters actually got WORSE in the second game? I GUESS IT’S TIME FOR ME TO PLAY IT THEN!!!

      thanks man, means a lot. It’s fun and all but I feel bad for not being able to keep up with the 28742947392 games being released each month but I guess I just have to suck it up eh? Sorry for not dropping by your blog lately, just got a lot on my plate. i’ll have to do Kaguya’s shitty arc for you then ;)

  7. It is very nice to see you’re back, another hilarious and amazing post! I hope you don’t quit, even if you don’t post as much, or at all for a very long time, we’re patient! Your posts are always something to look forward to. Good luck with work and school, I’m a full time student and can’t imagine the amount of stress you’re under to have to deal with studies along with a job, it’s hard enough with one of them as it is. I hope things get easier along the way though. Thank you for taking the time to make this post! x

    • domshiki Says:

      Thanks man, it means a lot <3 I'm glad to be back too, I had a lot of fun writing this post. You hang in there too, SCHOOL CAN SUCK MY DICK.

  8. Elena Says:

    Man, your reviews are as hilarious as ever :D Totally missed them <3 Glad to see that you're back and it's fine if you need breaks, you have a life too ^^ But honestly, I couldn't stop laughing while reading this. I'm almost done playing the game atm, and my reactions are exactly the same as yours.. I've been going o_o WTF for a while now XD But yes, Ruby is a darling <3 Anyways, glad to see another post from you!!

    • domshiki Says:

      Sorry for the wait, just been busy but thanks <3 I'm glad to hear that I wasn't the only one WTFing at this game (can you confirm for me that they actually said humans were made from Bees having sex with monkeys? As funny as that is, I can't quite believe that something as stupid as that went through like "hey guys I have a great idea…") hahah but OMG RUUUUUUUBYYYYYY <3<3

  9. tokihanablog Says:

    ok I didn’t even know this was a game haha I heard the drama CDs and thought “hey this should be a game, it’d make more sense” but I guess not. o_O Too bad it wasn’t a good game though. I hate when they pull random shit out like time travel…. and only in ONE ROUTE like ‘kay? Ruby is awesome but I think looks wise I like Takanemaru cause dat eyepatch. Also I was hoping Hakuoh to be good cause HIRARIN. Thanks for the great review!

    • domshiki Says:

      YEAH THAT FUCKING TIME TRAVEL BS. Like hey Takanemaru, if you had a tardis this entire time, why didn’t you say something in the other routes? Despite the shitty story, it was still hilarious to play and I can’t say I regret playing this shit because of Ruby <3 Takanemaru is super hot aint he? Thanks for reading <3

  10. Sena Says:

    Welcome back! I don’t think I ever commented on your blog before, but I have read it on more than one occasion.
    You know, I actually played this game in its entirety and all those bad ends and everything (there were like 16 ends total if I’m recalling it correctly), but somehow I seemed to have missed a lot of important little details here and there because when I was reading your review I was like…oh is that what they said/what happened? I knew that detail I glossed over and was too lazy to go back and replay was important. Ooops. So I probably didn’t have as WTF reactions as I probably should have in some places. Thanks for clearing that up for me. On the parts I actually did manage to catch myself (so fail, how did I even understand this game with all I missed???), your reaction gifs/text were pretty spot on.
    The trial was so good and then when the routes went on it just went downhill. I do agree about your views on the character interactions; that was what I enjoyed the most about the game. They had a lot of that in the first half, which is probably why that half was better, but once we got into “plot,” then the writing started going all over and it really showed…especially since they started killing people off or made them MIA so the interaction was minimal.
    I had already pre-ordered Kaguya’s game so I have to play it, but I do admit that her drones weren’t all that appealing to me either. Here’s the hoping the plot is a little better in that one but I don’t have too high expectations after the letdown from Menou’s game…
    Thanks again for the review!

    • domshiki Says:

      Oh wow that’s some dedication man, I saw the bad rapist end for Takanemaru and was like “NUUUUUUPE not doing that again”.

      lmao don’t take everything I say seriously, my Japanese is shitty and I probably fucked things up like the “HUMANS WERE MADE FROM BEES HAVING SEX WITH MONKEYS” (I swear that is the dumbest shit on earth). And the writing was terrible anyway so it’s no surprise if you didn’t understand, I went like “ok…?” plenty of times too haha.

      oh gods Kaguya’s 3 sex slaves…I would say Rin is the most “safe” in terms of utter wtf but then again he looks like he’s 13 so the sex scenes are going to be super awkward. I agree, I hope Kaguya’s plot will be better since there’s a lot unexplained but again, no expectations.

      Thanks for reading <3

      • Actually, I hear that Rin’s is the most (literally) painful route. Much abuse and pain and whatnot. Apparently Utsuro had the most otome end out of all the guys in both games xD

      • domshiki Says:

        “literally painful”? Oh bb ;) LMAO Idk how utsuro can be otome when his idea of a romantic date is kaguya calling him a kimoi mazo and kicking him in the nuts but I GUESS I HAVE TO PLAY TO FIND OUT :D

      • Sena Says:

        Nah, not so much dedication. More OCD. I like to completely play games no matter how bad some of the endings may turn out to be.
        Your Japanese sounds pretty darn good to me! Haha. I was actually just really lost around that whole cult part in Hakuoh’s route; and with how things were going, I wouldn’t have been surprised at all if you were right about how humans were supposedly made in this game’s world. Some of it I wasn’t sure if I just understood wrong or if it was really what happened because stuff just started to get weird.
        @chabashira. Great, more stuff to look forward to. I was planning on playing Utsuro first because I was kinda turned off from him, but I might have to change my play order now…

      • domshiki Says:

        LOL if only I felt the same. I give up if I didn’t like the character (look at dis, pro blogging skills clearly)

        Haha thanks, I hope I was right though cuz honestly the Bee X monkey thing is hilarious. The whole game got really fking weird at the second part

  11. OMG you’re back ahhhhh!!! *sobs grossly*
    I’ve actually still been coming around every week or so to check if you were back + browse your old reviews hahahah. So glad to see you’re back! And with this game, too xDD My stomach hurt from laughing after reading this review. I hope we’ll get to see you do Kaguya’s review too >w<

    I have this game as well but I haven't actually finished Menou-hen… I started with Hakuoh but I just got REALLY bored and I only finished one route rofl. I think I may still play Ruby, but mainly I'm looking forward to the hilarity that will no doubt ensue in Kaguya's game. omg Utsuro what xDD Honestly though he was my favorite from the CDs 'cause everyone else was just being ドS and really, what's fun about that? ;w; I've seen enough doormat heroines, and strangely enough it really seems to plague Japanese culture. Like, I know that otome-gaming is a niche subculture, but it seems like hardly any of the games that get popular enough to be a flourishing franchise in the industry have strong heroines :/ It baffles me that all these women seem to be CONTENT with projecting themselves onto these empty, soulless heroines. I've even seen some say that they don't like heroines with a clear personality because it makes it harder to project themselves onto them. I mean, to each their own, but, seriously, what!? I feel like a well-written and believable personality is much easier to relate to than an empty husk :/

    ANYWAY. What other games are planning on playing? I'm guessing you're probably still quite busy, but it would be great to know xD
    Any plans to play Ken ga Kimi?

    • domshiki Says:

      Oh baby yes we are finally reunited!!! *embraces tearfully*

      So sorry to have let you down every week when you came around to check! Hopefully a porno game review made up for that slightly =P

      LOOOOOL yeah screw Hakuoh and Time leaping Takanemaru – if you really want to play this game, it’s only worth playing Ruby’s for the FEELZ and the lulz.. But Utsuro was so creepy in Menou’s game…and so pitiful haha

      Oh yeah I know what you mean man. It’s like everyone WANTS to be this protected, useless heroine or some shit. I wish the heroines were actual characters of their own too you know, not just a digital stand-in for the players (cuz idk man that’s just weird). I thought it was better with this game though because at least Menou’s generally wimpy behaviour is explained and justified – everyone’s been hiding shit from her, manipulating her and coddling her so it only makes sense that she is so weak and idealistic. I just felt really sorry for her in the end.

      I got started on Sanzen Yuugi Sekai (can’t stay away from porno games uehuehuehue) but their whole parallel worlds thing didn’t make sense at all so I stopped. I just started Jyuuzaengi 2 (MORE SOUSOU <3) and the Omerta FD so hopefully around next week or so I might get something out. YES DEFINITELY planning to play Ken ga Kimi – I've heard good things and the art is fab. Have you played it?

  12. Ajeeee~! Welcome back! I’m so happy that you decided to review Jooubachi no Oubou! I’ve read a lot of reviews about this game and how awful the writing became… Hahaha.
    I played both trials and they were so good! So I was like: OMG. A R-18 game, that might actually be real good. But nope, it turned out awful as always. orz orz
    I’m actually looking forward to Sumeragi (I love his voice actor), but I’m also really afraid of Sumeragi himself, because dammit, he’s SUCH A SCARY DUDE. Those polite speaking guys are all lunatic JERKS.
    It’s sad, that you might quit blogging…. You’re reviews were a lot of fun! But well… real life is taking over, huh… Real life can be a real pain in the ass, but I hope you’re doing fine! I’d be happy if you could review Kaguya’s Hen though. ^^
    Anyways thank you for your review as always! Your reviews are the best! Thank you for your hard work! (°w°)/

    • domshiki Says:

      Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t realise that I missed a few comments when replying to them earlier last month.

      yeah I heard the trials were fantastic so I was pretty psyched but then…well u know, time leaping and terrible genetics LOL i don’t even man.

      HOLY SHIT I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. SUMERAGI WTF There’s a scene in the game where one minute he’s all flirty with Menou and the minute one of the guys tells him to back off and shoves him, Sumeragi does a 180 and is all “DID. YOU. JUST. TOUCH. ME” IN THAT TERRIFYING VOICE OF HIS HOLY SHIT. Who is his voice actor btw? I was too unnerved to really recognise it.

      Thanks man, means a lot and I have a lot of fun writing the reviews too (are these really reviews btw? They feel more like spoiler loaded rants LOL). I’ve got Kaguya hen already, just haven’t had the time to start it but I’ll try to get around to it.


      • Nah, don’t be sorry. It happens. ;)
        Yup. Sumeragi is SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARY and manipulative as heck, but that are his interesting JERK points. The voice actor is Kawada Shinji and he seems to be a walking life ruiner in R-18 works… NO WONDER, with dat RAPE voice. xDDDD
        Have fun playing Kaguya Hen! wwwwww

  13. aokuma Says:

    Wooohooo!!! Glad you’re back.
    It’s my first time posting here, since I’m just basically your blog’s stalker, cough, I mean, silent follower.
    I don’t really play otoge, since I only know a tiny bit Japanese, but I just really, really like the way you reviewed all these games. Yeah, including all those swearing, maybe especially because all of those swearing.
    Reading the new review just made my day, I just can’t stop laughing.
    I’ve read a review for Kaguya-hen trial and it seemed her character was more interesting than Menou. And those CG in the official site…
    Dom-heroine in otoge? God, yess!!
    So, I kinda hoped you will review the Kaguya-hen XD
    And thank you for your reviews. Reading them always brightened my days.
    I know real life is overwhelming, so I can only wish you all the best there.
    Have an awesome day.

    • domshiki Says:

      Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t realise that I missed a few comments when replying to them earlier last month.

      I’m glad you decided to come out of hiding them, always great to get to know my wonderful readers <3

      Hahahaha thanks, my potty mouth is absolutely terrible but it's good to know that you find it good to read. I shat myself laughing too when I played this game too, and when I get people telling me that they laughed reading the review, I usually think "I don't rmb laughing when I wrote this", then I reread the post and start giggling too cuz honestly, WTF AM I WRITING LOL

      YESSSSSS Kaguya seems so dom! I hear her story is better but only marginally so – I guess I'll have to play the game to find out eh?

      Thanks man, really means a lot. Wish I was better at handling my time and everything so I'd be able to write and play more qq

  14. Dangobokki Says:

    WTF!? And welcome back! <3

    • domshiki Says:

      “WTF!?” <— LOL that does summarise this game quite well. Glad to be *tentatively* back too <3

  15. ♥ Ring ♥ Says:

    Reblogged this on ♥ Ring Slothy ♥.

  16. Thanks for the thoroughly entertaining review! I had the EXACT same reaction as you in regards to Takanemaru’s Toki wo Kakeru Hachi manoeuvre.The game already had innumerable inconsistencies, but adding TIME TRAVEL to the mix (especially without establishment of the particular universe’s time travel workings) skyrocketed the plot inconsistency count! I won’t even go into how logically unsound a LINEAR timeline is.

    I agree with your views on Menou- funnily enough, the Japanese reviewers have been harsher, and tend to prefer Kaguya. I did think Menou was a bit too preachy for somebody who is mostly powerless and relies on others. However, that preachiness comes from not a superiority complex (clearly!), but a desire to see those who are (in her view) powerful enough to turn ideals into realities. She’s one of the very few protagonists where their “cliche” personality is justified (as opposed to being a plot device or Insert Your Name Here and Pretend You’re Practically Perfect for a Couple of Hours Under This Starry Sky-chan).

    I’ve played both Menou and Kaguya’s games. While Kaguya’s game trumps Menou’s, I don’t think it’s outstanding. The consistency in writing is far better, and following Kaguya’s development is worth your time if you found yourself intrigued by her.

    I apologise for the length of this comment! -__- Thanks again!

    • domshiki Says:

      LOL the fucking time leaping man. YES IKR, if the makers didn’t know anything about time travelling theories then don’t put it in! I played a bit of Sanzen Yuugi Sekai and I wanted to fp so badly when they were talking about how there are parallel universes and if either version of you in either world dies, then the other versions of you will die too. LIKE WTF THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE AT ALL if that were the case, then no one would ever have existed because there is always a chance of death. Mb I’m understanding the game wrong but I couldn’t play it anymore lol.

      Yeah that’s what I really liked about Menou. Whereas I can see how other people would find Kaguya more “badass” or whatever, everything Menou does makes sense: she’s weak because she has always been coddled; she’s all preachy and idealistic because everyone hides the truth from her and manipulates the fuck out of her. It’s all there in the story man. LOOOOOL “Starry-Sky-Chan” gods, did I mention how much I hated the first game? Goddamn eyeless Tsukiko “oh noes I can’t pick bt the 3 gaiz </3"

      I had the feeling that Kaguya's story would shed some light on things so good to hear that it is more consistent. I don't have any expectations though after this game and especially since the 3 guys are all so weird lol.

      Thanks for reading <3 sorry for my longass comment too

  17. Dude your posts are awesome and hilarious as always. I understand that real life takes up all your time but I really hope you don’t quit…
    ROFLMAO were the writers high or something when they wrote this cuz WTF the shit makes no sense. I thought Diabolik Wifebeaters was bad enough but this one tops it ROFL

    • Oh and Captain Amuuurrrica 2 is awesome :D
      I want the sequel already :D

    • domshiki Says:

      If I don’t end up quitting, it’ll be because of your kind words ;) LOOOOOOOOL LEGIT MAN like who the fuck let the whole “monkey x bees = humans” fly past the radar? It’s like they just gave up and hoped nobody would notice.

      OMG YES <3 Captain America was just so badass so cute so sad so *crazy fanboying* omg omgomg hardon for him x 2389473289743847293847329

      • Awww :)
        Seriously I cackled for at least several minutes when I read the bit with the “monkey x bees = humans”, almost with tears streaming outta my eyes at the ridiculousness of it all. Not even crack fics are that crazy.
        Man Captain America 2 gave me SO MANY GODDAMN FEELS I JUST CAN’T OMG alfsjalfksajswi. Everyone was great in that movie but OMG Chris Evans is such a good Captain America – I can’t believe it almost didn’t happen! And the scenes of him and Bucky facing off … Goddamn. Seb Stan was so good as Winter Soldier and I love Falcon & Nick Fury & Black Widow too. How touching was that scene with Peggy awww <3
        Now I can't wait to see Avengers 2 & Captain America 3 to see what happens with Steve, Falcon, Black Widow, rogue Winter Soldier, disbanded SHIELD, etc. CA2 almost ended like a cliffhanger. I think this is my favorite Marvel movie to date in terms of story/etc.

      • domshiki Says:

        OMG LOL I was picturing the creation of humans…. Like a random. Bee finds a monkey and FOR SOME REASON decides to have sex with it and make babies. Then the Bee realises that the human babies taste delicious (IDK HOW THE BEE WOULD SUDDENLY FEEL THE URGE TO TASTE ITS OWN CHILD) and they decide to screw as many monkeys as possible, enough to make a new race… I don’t even man.

      • domshiki Says:

        “I’m with you till the end of the line”

        ^ this. I started tearing up lool just.. when bucky was sitting in that lab chair or sth going on like “but he knew me…” and “but I knew. him…” that was just cruel. That scene with Peggy was nuts ok I wasn’t ready for so many feels that early in the movie. “oh Steve it’s been so long” and “I couldn’t leave my best girl behind, not when she owes me a dance” just fuck man. Then there murrica was, staring at the locket or sth with Peggy’s photo in it… He was just portrayed as Mr patriotic in the first movie and was mostly overshadowed by iron man and thor in avengers so I honestly did not expect much of his character in CA2. SAME, definitely my favourite marvel movie to date haha it just surpassed my expectations in every way

      • OMG SO MANY FEELS @ that “I’m with you till the end of the line”. The bond between Steve and Bucky is so beautiful and that whole scene with them brainwashing Bucky again while he was looking so broken … Goddammit SebStan aced that scene with his sad doe eyes and everything. And then the whole thing on the helicarrier with Steve letting Bucky beat him up and then saying that line again… OMG THE FEEEEEEEELS!!!
        I love how they did the slow-mo falling in water scene with Bucky looking over as he fell – it’s like a parallel to the first movie where Bucky fell off the cliff and Steve was looking and then devastated he couldn’t save Bucky.
        AND OMG PEGGY. Dammit that nursing home scene was beautiful and so bittersweet. If things turned out differently, they would’ve been such a beautiful couple cuz she liked him for his good heart even before he was transformed by super-serum, and he also liked her before that too.
        Yeah in Avengers Cap was overshadowed but in standalone movies, I always had a special liking for the Captain America movies because I think they have a better script than the other Marvel movies. I mean, I like the Thor movies but I always thought their scripts are a bit weak. Iron Man I love because of Robert Downey Jr, but I think Iron Man is way better than Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 (the IM3 script is the weakest of the trilogy IMHO).
        I really can’t wait to see Avengers 2 and Cap 3 to see how things turn out. I wanna see what happens with Bucky and Falcon is really cool – it’ll be nice if these guys make an appearance in Avengers 2… And then with Fury and Black Widow going undercover and SHIELD being disbanded, it’s gonna be interesting to see how that plays out in Avengers 2…

      • ^ I meant: “Bucky looking over as Cap fell”

      • (LOL sorry about going off tangent but as you can probably see I’m a big fan of the Marvel movies and like to rave about them just like the way I love to read review blogs & share in the lulz with fellow bloggers :D)

      • domshiki Says:

        Haha np, I love me my marvel movies too ;) I have a younger brother who never stfus about anything superhero related so I guess he rubbed off on me. Did u know at the end of CA2, the two twins are sposed to be scarlet witch and quicksilver? My little Bro just said because of owning rights etc they weren’t allowed to explicitly say they were mutants. And speaking of mutants, XMEN ANYONE??? (spider man is cool too but I’m mad that they made green goblin some meth addict lookin guy instead of being a rich playboy who snags MJ for a while and made the rhino into some mini transformer lol)

      • (Sorry for the late reply – been busy with assignments all week)
        Yep, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver – Magneto’s kids. It sucks with the whole movie rights thing that they can’t mention anything related to X-Men. Same with Spiderman. Wolverine, Spiderman, and Mr. Fantastic are supposed to be part of the Avengers team according to the comics, but because the movie rights were sold to other studios, Marvel movies can’t include those characters.
        TBH I haven’t watched any of the new Spiderman movies because I like the Tobey Maguire ones better… (I’m old school like that LOL)
        HAHA meth addict + transformer LOL now I’m glad I haven’t watched them movies :D

      • domshiki Says:

        I feel you man, I finally got my shit together and decided to switch majors (was in crim for law school) into mbb (hopefully vet school after) and it’s so much work trying to catch up on sciences – ARTS STUDENT TRYING TO DO SCIENCE LOL GG. U hang in there too with your assignments I’M SUFFERING RIGHT HERE WITH YOU BRO <3

        DUUUUUDE ikr, i rmb when Avengers first came out I was like "WHERE THE FUCK IS FUCKING PARKER". The movie rights stuff is honestly so much bs. Speaking of which, have you watched the new spider man yet? I've been too busy to watch it and I heard that the rhino *coughtransformercough* was basically present for like 2 seconds in the beginning and then gone LOL. Reviews are pretty middling too so far but I know I'll cave and end up running out to watch it soon. I'm really excited for the X-Men movie though <3

      • Sorry for the late reply and best of luck for your studies! I’ve been working my ass off on assignments and now I got exams and I so agree with you – science is frign hard. I’m studying science subjects too and bloody hell the stuff is hard!

        LOL I thought the same thing too when I first saw Avengers in the theaters. I remember from the comics Spiderman, Mr Fantastic, and Wolverine are supposed to be part of the team too and I was expecting to see them but they never showed up. Then I found out it’s because of movie rights that they’re not allowed to put those characters in. *SIGH*

        Haven’t watched the new Spiderman or the new X-Men movies yet. I heard that the new Spiderman movie is so-so but apparently the new X-Men movie is really good. I’m looking to see them once I finish my exams.

        There’s lots of movies coming out this June/July that I wanna see, but just don’t have the time since I gotta get those exams outta the way first.

        Best of luck to both of us! :D

      • domshiki Says:

        LMAOOO same ere ma, late af reply. How is science going for you? Dead yet? HANG IN THERE ;)

        HO-LY SHIT YES the new x-men movie was great. I won’t say much more just in case u still haven’t watched it (GET ON IT) but apart from some minor plot holes, it was pretty damn solid. McAvoy was just fab playing a crushed professor X trying to get his shit together.

        My summer semester isn’t too bad this year, it’s the volunteering and work that’s taking up most of my time. If you haven’t done your exams yet, best of luck!

      • Thanks for the well-wishes! :D I hope your exams went well for you too! I dunno how I went yet cuz we only just finished a week ago and we have to wait for results… I’m hoping for the best (as we all do for everything, I guess)

        Science is OK, I guess? It’s a more hectic schedule than expected but at least right now I’ve finished my exams and have a brief break before I have to return next semester…

        Oooh I’ve been wanting to see the new X-Men movie but never got around to it because I had 3 weeks of exams! I think it’s not showing in cinemas anymore so I have to wait for the DVD to come out. Everyone I know who’ve seen it says it’s an awesome movie, so I’m really eager to see it when I can :D

        I always liked McAvoy as young Prof X. – it’s great to hear that he doesn’t disappoint and played the role well! :D

        Well think of it this way – you’re volunteering and you’re doing something good with your time, so at least it’s worthy way of passing time?

      • domshiki Says:

        Did you get your results yet? I’m sure you did fine and studied hard…OR WERE U SLACKING OFF LIKE ME HUEHEUHEUHEUHE

        You’re so lucky you’re done! My summer classes are still regular length so I’m not done till nearly mid August blah. HAHAHA yeah science schedules = lecture 3x, labs x1 and tutorials x1 /week or some shit like that. class everyday hooray!

        It will not disappoint at all. And now you have sth else to look forward to: Guardians of the Galaxy! I never knew that Chris Pratt could look half decent (I say “half” because I keep picturing him when he was fat and something about the eyes makes him look sort of stupid, like Channing Tatum imo).

        True that especially since all I do during my volunteering is pretty much play with kittens and rabbits <3

  18. Your attention to details of game reviews are really surprising. I’m trying to get through both the games and like you said Sumeragi is creepy. I am kind of new to your game reviews, but I love them. Thanks for the heads up and tips. ^-^

    • domshiki Says:

      Oh jesus Sumeragi man….just something about him :/ no man, thanks for reading!

  19. OMG you’re back!! You have no idea how happy I am that your awesome reviews are back.

  20. Mina Says:

    AHHHHH YOU’RE BACK <3 you're hands-down my favourite blogger, I love your reviews, and as expected I laughed like 80x throughout this one. PLEASE don't quit!! I'll seriously fall into a dark pit of depression and despair or something.

    • domshiki Says:

      I’m so honoured, thank you very much <3 I have a ton of fun writing too ahaha so I really do hope to continue

  21. Thanks for your work! Now I know what game not buy yy soo creepy

  22. hi, just wanted to say, glad to see you’re back, cos I always loved reading your reviews, they always make me laugh, & I agree with your thoughts & opinions rather than with other people.
    also cos I mainly like R18 stuff more, so we seem to share the same tastes lol
    hang in there with your RL!! even if you don’t post anymore after this it’s ok cos you gotta put RL first, & it’ll be awesome once you’re done with school =P

    • domshiki Says:

      Thanks man, glad my writing makes you laugh! Means a lot to me honestly <3

      LMAOOOOOOOO we're both dirty old men then ;) It's a shame that most R18 otoge (and a good number of BL games too) have brainless rape scenes in the MAIN ROUTES as well as in the bad routes BUT I GUESS OUR LOVE OF R18 GAMES TRUMPS ALL THAT HAHAHA

      I say that I am *tentatively* back but I honestly don't know when my next post will be. Hopefully summer semester will be easier and I'll find time to finish a game or two.


  23. Hikaru Says:

    Hiyah!! Great review as always!!! O(≧▽≦)O
    Just one question, where did you download/buy the game?
    I was going through pure-wool’s website and all I could find was the trial versions + the drone’s trials (・_・ヾ My Japanese is limited anyway so…..But I really really really wanna play Kaguya’s game (´ω`★)
    Thanks!! <3 <3

    • domshiki Says:

      I bought the game myself BUUUUT I do know it is up on some forums and all you have to do is google it in english ;) I’d say more but sandeian and I have made it a blog policy to not post dl links or anything to support the makers. Sorry bout that.

      • Hikaru Says:

        Hi again! So I went to Tokyo and bought Kaguya’s game =D But now I’m having problems installing it. Granted my poor Acer is very old (windows 7), so the DVD-rom driver doesn’t always recognize the game’s dvd-rom. I managed to half install it I think but my laptop decided not to recognize kanji this time so all I could see was ^ff^JFF**!!!*!^^hd??^f~sfsfd~hhfg~f~sfh~gd´f´f´f´hhfghftr. So any tips you could give me how to install it? Or should I just go back to Japan and buy a new laptop xD xD xD Thanks a lot!!

      • domshiki Says:

        Sorry for the late reply but what did when I had that problem a while ago was to change the system language to Japanese and get unicode and that basically fixed everything

  24. Thank you for this awesome review!!! Been stalking this blog for a long time and bam yay new post!!! 10 seconds reading this post and I already laughing like freaking retard. lol *I love your writing style, seriously
    I never expected this game will be this bad, since I finished all their dramaCD *kinky stuffs indeed, but not bad* now after reading your review I absolutely have to play this game! Xd
    I know otome games is going crazier and crappier but it will really sadden me if you decide to quit. Please I need moar of your writing! >_< *I'm addicted to it
    P.S.: I'm looking forward for Kaguya Hen! *or moar porn. lol. bricked* good luck!!! XD

    • domshiki Says:

      Thank you very much for stalking this blog then, I do love some secret admirers ;)

      What happens in the drama cds anyway? Is it just a lot of kinky stuff? I’m tempted to get just the one with Ruby as long as no more crazy raep stuff happens lol. I HAVE KAGUYA-HEN BUT HAVEN’T GOT TIME TO DO IT YET QQ

      Aaaaw how can I quit when you say something like that? THE FEEEEEEEELS GAAAH <3 I won't be quitting yet but any future posts will probably still be coming in at snail-slug-sloth pace so I apologise for that. Honestly appreciate the support man, it means a lot <3 GLHF with your life too!

      • Hell yeah, the DramaCDs is full of all possible kinky stuff, It’s different for each guy. Don’t worry Ruby is save *and cute* but there are shaving and piercing scene… =_= the only raep scene is on Rin’s and it’s really bad I want to burn the CD *gaah seriously don’t listen to it*. Utsuro’s is disturbing too, since he’s a super masochist to the max.
        Truth is Hakuou, Ruby, and Takemaru is rather normal than the other three. I don’t even try to imagine what will happen in Kaguya-hen… O_O

  25. Evergreen Says:

    LMAO hahaha that was the best drug trip I’ve ever been on! Looks like the entire staff was high and didn’t care about what they were writing anymore XD And wtf where did the time traveling thing come from lmfao! Yay! A Japanese Dr. Who! Just the thing we need lol. Seriously.
    And also whut is up with the bees creating the humans?? How does that contribute to the plot XD Also if the queen used to be a human what suddenly turned her into a fucking bug Creature Lololololol. Idk just so many ridiculous and unanswered questions man! But thanks for the good laugh/review! I was waiting so long for another review from you. Hope the next one comes not too far from now haha

    • domshiki Says:

      LOOOOOL that’s what i thought too like I pictured them going:

      Staff 1: Heheheh… wouldn’t it be like, really funny if we made monkeys mate with bees and make us ugly gits or some shit.

      Staff 2: TEEHEE oh Marnie, you and your obsession with monkeys! Oh the genetics, it doesn’t make sense at all! That’s fantaaaastic let’s do it man.

      Staff 3: oh and why not make one of the characters a Time Lord while we’re at it? I do love my Dr. Who. David Tennant is one fiiiiine stud

      Or some stupid shit like that. OMG yeah the whole looking like a bee thing. I mean it’s just a costume or some shit? Cuz Menou’s mom took the helmet off or something. I dont even

      Thanks for the support man, will try to get somehting done by the uh, end of summer LOL

  26. Hey, glad to see you back! I’m sure a lot of people miss your posts, myself included, so take your time with blogging and don’t feel pressured to update. :D

    Dude, I ragequit this game after doing Ruby’s route (the only one worth doing IMO) because the writing is so terrible NOTHING makes sense LOL. I heard Kaguya’s game has a true ending that’s not rewarding at all, though admittedly I’m kind of curious about what kind of crap they’d pull there.

    I agree with the chemistry between the cast though, it’s fun to watch their interaction. Especially because Ruby is so endearing despite how messed up this game is. 8D

    • domshiki Says:

      Thanks man,sorry I haven’t been dropping by or anything. Been away from social media for a while, too swamped with life.

      LMAOOOOO It was so bad wasn’t it? I swear I would’ve ragequit if I didn’t do Ruby second – I followed a walkthrough and it said to do Hakuoh first and though his route made my eyes bleed, it introduced me to wonderful Ruby and by the time I was finished Ruby, I was just like “Yo man I can take anything this shitty game throws at me now, 2/3 done anyway YOLO BITCHES” BUT NOTHING PREPARED ME FOR TIIIIIIIIIIIIMEEEEEEEEEEE LEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPING TAKANEMARU.

      idk how this game got released. are there no game editors or sth? rofl ikr if Menou’s game was this bad, what will Kaguya’s be like? I bet the true ending was sth like “AAAAAAAND IT ALL TURNED OUT TO BE A DREAM THE END”.

      RUBY FTW <3

      • Agustira Says:

        Hi ! I just played Kaguya. I haven’t tried Sumeragi’s and Rin’s route. I played Utsuro’s route first coz he looks the creepiest and i wanted to get rid of him asap. BUT !!! It turned out to be the BEST, SWEETEST otome game ending i’ve ever played !! But i dont really understand Japanese, so i cant catch the whole story, nevertheless, I really love Utsuro’s ending !! Actually i already posted this comment below, but i cant help posting it again since i really want to share this feeling XD LOL
        Utsurooo !! Aishiteruu !! XD

  27. HorstsDungCompound Says:

    Nice review! I laughed so hard in the beginning lol. I mean seriously? A freaking bug? Lmao. And I’ve been waiting for soooo long D: Thank goodness you haven’t given up (unlike your other half XDDD)
    By the way, are you still going to review Solomon’s Ring? Lol

    • domshiki Says:

      Thanks haha this game was fucking hilarious, made better because all the funny shit was probably unintentional.

      I think I’m never going to finish Solomon’s Shit. I don’t really remember much of it but there has got to be a reason why I listed it as “Solomon’s Shit” LOL and I remember going “EW THE COVER ART LIED!!!”. If i ever get my shit together, I might finish it since I still have the game

  28. this review was hilarious oh my lord god bless you

  29. tofu delivery Says:

    I haven’t seen this in forever. I remember this blog from a while ago with DmmD and I’m glad I found it again XD I might play this game just because of the lol bees.

  30. Man i really love your blogs , thanks for taking some times off and write funny things like this, :’) i miss you guys so much

  31. Mayuzita Says:

    Hey, I’ve just been to Japan and bought this game because of your review… (I didn’t read all the routes, since I’m going to play it, but the game seemed funny enough to me, lol BEES! @_@) (btw, man, I’m surprised how many girls seems to like gay porn o_o there are sooo much gay porn stuff there, and soooo many traps, sometimes it was hard to tell if the main character was a boy or a girl .__.”’)
    I bought Kaguya-hen and Menou-hen, but started playing the first one because Kaguya seems such a bitch and I like it. All the guys are fucking weirdos indeed! And one of them seems like a girl! :c
    Anyway, I love your blog and hope that you can continue to do reviews! I’d love to help you to keep the blog active since I bought some otome games there, but as you can see, my written english is poor :c
    Thank you for such a funny review! xD Hope to see you more!

  32. Agustira Says:

    Hi, thank you very much for the review. I’ve played menou and right now i’m hitting kaguya’s. I don’t understand japanese very much, but comparing Kaguya’s and Menou, i got Kaguya’s much better than Menou. OMG, I just completed Utsuro’s route, It’s far from what i imagined before! I played Utsuro first coz i thought he was the most creepiest one and i wanted to get rid of him asap, but it turned out to be the sweetest otome game ending i’ve ever played so far !! OMG, i can’t help but being soooo happy with Utsuro’s end ! I’d like to post the ending pic here but i dont know how, unfortunately. Believe me it’s so beautiful ! XD

  33. Matobu Says:

    You’re review was great! I really enjoyed it. Will you be reviewing Kaguya’s story soon? I have that version and I’d like to see your comments on it :3

  34. Esther Says:

    This was brilliant. I 100% agree with everything here.

    The picture of the “faggot dog” made me cry from laughter. I adore your reviews! Never stop reviewing, man. Pleaseeee come back :(

  35. Go kill yourself!

  36. Mikucchan Says:

    Holy fvck that was so confusing! If it wasn’t for your hilarious writing, I would’ve quit reading this while walking towards the cliff.

    I only listened to Jooubachi’s drama cds because my japanese sucks. Hakuoh’s and Utsuro’s were translated. Ruby’s, too, but I only ever listened to the two because I found Eguchin’s voice hella annoying sorry tho I actually liked the other two’s, specially Utsuro’s because M huehue but Ruby and Rin are like so psychotic and Takanemaru and Sumeragi…just no. So I’m actually surprised that Ruby is as adorable as you made him sound – like I missed out or sth.

    Anyways, this game really is effed up but I do I do I dooooo hope you’ll play Kaguya’s routes and blog about it, too. I’ve been rooting for her since I heard about this series.

    And idc if your posts are erratic but please please pleeeease don’t say you’re leaving. Your posts crack me up every single time, they’re probably what keep me sane at work lol more power, Domshiki!

  37. pfft Says:

    Kill yourself please please please please please please please please

  38. Luna Says:

    Ignore these trolls ^



  40. jukeboxhikari Says:

    I’m going to reread all the reviews here whenever I feel like I have to drag my feet over my search for good otome games. Your posts are so delicately “wtf” that I have decided to comment. +1UP

  41. Omfg. Ok so I’m not even sure how I stumbled on your reviews buy omgawd I’m so friggin happy I did. Your reviews are like the greatest thing ever! I think I’ve spent 2hrs just reading away because not only are they informative but they are fucking hysterical! Can’t wait for more! XD

  42. ChickenDeliveryDingDong Says:

    Are you gonna play Kaguya’s route? I love your reviews~ Makes my day XD

    • domshiki Says:

      Definitely. Got about ten minutes in before Sumeragi made me shit my pants too hard BUT I WILL PREVAIL.

      • Qmochi Says:

        Hi, I hope there is still a chance for the Kaguya review. I love your blog!! I keep smiling like an idiot everytime I read this review, 10/10 appropriate gift usage. ;-)

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