Otome Game Review: Hana Awase – Karakurenai/Utsutsu Hen


Alternative Titles: 華アワセ 唐紅/うつつ編

Company: Enterbrain

Release Date: 19.08.15

Official Site: http://hana-awase.net/KU/

Platform: PC


Plot Summary: Kids playing Yu Gi Oh

Before I played any porn games, I had to play this to purge myself of kimoi Hime.

If any of you have had the misfortune to read other my horseshit reviews of the Hana Awase series, you’ll know that i have a massive hardon for this game particularly for Mizuchi.  Kurenai was always a close second and I’m also stoked to  finally meet the forever afk Utsutsu. Seems like most were somewhat disappointed in this game but I don’t think anything can be worse than little bitch Hime so I’m fairly confident this won’t make my eyelids spazz as much

Shamelessly copied from my earlier posts:

There are these cool kids who go to school to learn how to play Yu Gi Oh. Some so strong, that their trap cards and monsters actually come to life and kill things.  So you know, they’re in school to learn how to kill each other with their magical powers.  I don’t fucking know, I don’t think anyone ever explains the purpose of the school and what sorta job prospects it offers these demented children.  Our heroine,  Mikoto enrolls cuz playing Magic the Gathering all day long beats vanilla lessons like maths and english.  A quick overview of things:


KAEN is this elite school where the students (KAEI) have the special ability to draw powers from HANAFUDA cards or some shit like that…idfk.  They have these girl partners called MINAMO who support them with their uh “pure water” lol  so that the Kaei can fight impurities called UTSUROHI via HANA AWASE card games.  While a KAEI can strike up contracts with more than one MINAMO (and can have a primary Minamo, their “partner”), a MINAMO can only serve one KAEI.  The top 5 KAEI are MIZUCHI, HIME, IROHA, KURENAI and UTSUTSU, 

There is one super rare shiny Minamo called the SENKI who has two moons in her eyes (MOCHIZUKI, which causes members of the opposite sex to go crazy for them) and her lore this time, is that the Senki was a goddess from the moon and gave the 5 princes each a card that would tell her who to choose because she couldn’t come up with another way of saying no to them lolol.  There isn’t any record left of whether she chose anyone or not, only that a war ensued between the princes and the moon and that the Senki returned to the moon in the end.


The game opens again with Mikoto talking to TSUKI (the MOON), a voice who speaks to Mikoto every game and gives her advice.  Hime’s game reveals that TSUKI is actually Iroha (or at least part of him) but that’s not relevant yet except to tell us over and over again that the true pairing is Iroha x Mikoto ALRIGHT I GET IT I GET IT NO ROOM FOR MY MIZUCHI.  Again, he tells her that she is in hell right now that she must leave and that when she opens her eyes, she will be holding hands with the one who will guide her.

When Mikoto wakes up, she is in a hospital, holding hands with Iroha like she was in Hime’s game.  Turns out Iroha jumped out onto the street to save Mikoto from a speeding car and got hit himself.  Iroha leaves when he sees that Mikoto does not have the ONIFUDA (Hana Awase card that shows the next SENKI) and continues to search.


Mikoto dreams of someone singing the Kagome Kagome song.  Then some pervert is grabbing her from the back, saying that he’s crossed life and death to find his Miko.  The man replies that he is “UTSUTSU”, watcher of the Moon and they can only meet like this, in the time and space between dreams and reality, hell for Utsutsu where Mikoto will forget about him each time she wakes up. The two then Hana Awase to purify a child because the Miko he knew loved the card game.  As she falls asleep, he says he killed the Miko’s watcher and will get rid of anyone who stops him from changing the Moon.

k1Anyway, she has her first day of school where Hime actually attends her school along with MATSURIKA, who is alive this time around but still fucking crazy.  Her HR teacher is IZURU-sensei, who shows up in all the routes to help her out and knows a fair bit about Hana Awase himself.  At the welcoming ceremony, Kurenai-sama fucking drives his motorcycle into the hall and declares himself to be the new principal rofl before grabbing Mikoto and molesting her in front of the school

Oh Kurenai-sama <3



The chauvinist pig of the game.  He’s the douchebag guy you see on the streets who thinks he’s hot shit and never stops talking about slaying bitches.  While he’s a prick to most everyone, he is kind to his MINAMO and would do anything to ensure their safety – it’s really only Mikoto who he gets so rapey with (not that it makes him any more charming lol).  He’d be just as strong as Iroha if he would stop flippin skirts all day but what does he care.  He is of the TORA family, a house that has ties to the MIKADO (KING OF GLORIOUS NIPPON) and governs yin and life.

k2In the morning, she gets taken to KAEN by one of its students, IME.  Kurenai punches Ime for no reason lolwtf, then continues to beat him up when Mikoto defends him.  She doesn’t have the ONIFUDA, meaning there can’t be an official ceremony so he gets his henchman to throw confetti into the air rofl and then he shoves his tongue down Mikoto’s throat to complete the SENKI ritual.  Everyone in the hall cheers for public rape to Mikoto’s absolute horror

IME4This time round, Hime isn’t a 5L and his place is taken by KAGAMI (partner = MATSURIKA).  Iroha is still #1, Mizuchi and Kurenai are the two 5L who don’t have a partner yet. Ime is to replace Utsutsu as a 5L since the latter has been afk  – HINTHINT: IME = UTSUTSU? And sure enough, when Ime looks into the moon that night, he turns into Utsutsu.  At this point, we only know that Ime has had a crush on Mikoto for a while, having noticed that they take the same train.

U2Next day, Mikoto stops at a playground she used to play at and tries to remember a song some kid taught her.  Utsutsu appears to jog her memory and Mikoto remembers the song as he says his Miko was calling for him.  If Ime was here, Mikoto would never have sung this song and now fate has changed and the ONIFUDA appears. Mikoto blacks out after she Hana Awase’s with Utsutsu to purify her principal

When she wakes up, she is again holding Iroha’s hand.  The cops found her and her principal’s dead body and brought her here.  This time, HENTAI SENSEI is not a teacher and is instead HENTAI DETECTIVE and Mikoto tells him that she accidentally killed the principal when she was trying to purify him.  Kurenai then orders everyone to get out – like wtf y’all motherfuckers talking about this blood and death in a HOSPITAL fo?


He’s proud that she managed to  purify the principal before he died and that was the most anyone could do for the principal as he was going to die anyway. He’s miffed that she Hana Awase’d with some other dude though: all his Minamo are sworn to him so he can better protect them. Mikoto is relieved that someone’s here to comfort her and not interrogate her.  Kurenai tells her to become the strongest Minamo so he can properly make her Kurenai-sama’s woman. Then he gropes her ofc lol, tucks her into bed and holds her hand until she falls asleep ASDIFNADSIOFNSAIOFSIDNFIDSUNFOSADFWUYRGQSD HE’S SO CUTE

Hentai-detective comes again and he’s investigating Mikoto’s dead family.  Her dad worked in a pharmaceutical company whereas her mother was in a university for HANA AWASE and Grandpa worked closely with the MIKADO.  There was a fire one day in the company that killed both her parents  Anyway, GOTO is probably the one behind all this.  GOTO is a criminal organisation that bears a longstanding grudge against the MIKADO and they use UTSUROHI to wipe out anyone tied to the MIKADO.  Both the Mikado and Goto are looking for the legendary Senki, who would be Mikoto this time around.


Since then, Ime has been missing and after a week, he shows up magically to save Mikoto from some Utsurohi.  He leaves after seeing how his dick will never be as big as Kurenai’s, who then later covers for Mikoto and ends up getting stabbed by some hoe.

i2When Mikoto wakes up, this time she’s holding Kurenai’s hand.  Kurenai’s soul has already departed and that his vessel is only “alive” because of Momotose BROMOTOSE’s water.  The ONIFUDA was found on Mikoto when she fainted and now she is to undergo the Senki ritual and partner up with either Mizuchi, Iroha or Ime (not Kurenai because he’s dead rn).  Mikoto just freaks out, remembering how Kurenai got stabbed protecting her and not knowing what to do, Iroha starts chucking Konpeito and flowers at her head lol.  He then recites a song, asking the other half of the moon to not forget him before he falls asleep.  NO STOP THIS IS KURENAI’S ROUTE </3

Mikoto proclaims her partner to be Kurenai only and she won’t give up until she’s found his soul.  Mikoto gets another flashback of her and Kurenai again.  This time, a sparrow has died and to make Mikoto feel better, Kurenai tells her that though the vessel is dead, the spirit lives on and if you recite some special words, the bird will come back and be reborn.  The words are the exact same ones that Mikoto had once already learned from another child.  When she utters those words, she finds Kurenai’s soul, whole and well.  Kurenai admits that he tried to lay off Mikoto since the Senki is meant to belong to the Mikado and shit could get ugly if he took the Mikado’s woman but YOLOLOLOLOL DOIN IT ANYWAY.


Mikoto wakes up and there’s Kurenai’s soul hanging around her.  Since she pledged her life to him, Kurenai was able to use some of his family’s blood voodoo and return to her for the time being.  He starts eating her face NICELY for once. They Hana Awase, Mikoto faints again the middle of the streets and wakes up with Ime by her side.  He found her on the streets so took her in to the orphanage where he lives with a “MAMA-SAN” and a bunch of other kids.

IME2Suddenly there’s a monster utsurohi called USHITORA (super uncreative, just a black mass) where Ime is sleeping with the kids.  USHITORA was summoned by the INORIGO (praying child?) of Ime’s family – so Ime’s family sacrifices a bunch of INORIGO kids to shit out this pos monster .  Before they can do anything, Iroha intervenes and declares Kurenai a traitor – Kurenai is technically sapping the life of the Mikado’s Senki right now and he must leave Mikoto lest he want her to die.  Mikoto partners up with Iroha to fight USHITORA, wins and hugs Ime in relief.

IME3A few months ago, Mama-san told Ime that he was actually of the USHI family and now they want him to become an INORIGO as all males in the Ushi family must become inorigo.  The inorigo basically get high on “death” and lose their humanity in exchange for being able to use utsurohi and death to do party tricks.  Ime for one, is able to shapeshift etc but only in moderation as overuse will fill him with “death”.  He was alright with it though, happy to simply have a family and be accepted but now he wants to be more for Mikoto.  He’ll become a 5L and then confess to her once more by singing “Fly me to the moon” to her under a full moon LOOOOOOOOOOOL

images (2)


k8Outside, Bromotose confronts Kurenai and calls him out for not telling Mikoto what the blood ritual entails.  It’s not fair that he can’t be straight with her and can’t commit to her while he’s at the same time, sapping her of her life.  In fact, if he doesn’t return to his body, Mikoto will die within a week.  Thing is , he can’t return until he completes the ritual and Bromotose knows he’s scared that Mikoto will reject it.

Mikoto then gets up to go to Kurenai’s room and there, Mikoto asks why Kurenai won’t come out to see her.  Ime just confessed to her and to her own surprise, she thought he was super hot and manly and miiiiiiight actually go for Ime if Kurenai doesn’t come back in time….

k9AND BAITED JUST LIKE THAT SUCKER. Kurenai comes out and is all like how dare you have eyes for anyone else hoe omgomgomg.  He confesses to Mikoto that he can’t return to his body until the ritual is complete which would bind her to him just as he’s now bound to her – if one dies, the other will.  Mikoto is okay with it but first, Kurenai has to wear a chastity belt.  It’s not fair for him to demand all this from her while he still has a bunch of other hoes on the side.  She starts an angry tirade about how she hates the way he objectifies women, hates the way he took her first kiss and acts like a rapist prick the whole time and how she’s been holding it in the whole time but she gon be straight with him if they’re going to be something more.

k10Just as Kurenai’s about to comply, in comes Utsutsu to murder Kurenai and this time, Mikoto ends up taking the hit for her man.  Utsutsu runs away and starts flippin his shit out.  His sword, “HARE NO KEN” (sword of life?) is glowing and he’s about to use his inorigo magic to change fate but Iroha shows up and demands Utsutsu to fork over the sword which actually belongs to Kurenai.  Utsutsu isn’t even supposed to be here and if he doesn’t give Iroha the sword, Iroha gon rip him a new one.  Utsutsu laments how he’s stuck in hell, how no matter how many times the wheel turns, his Miko will never love him.  Iroha’s like stfu man and then hands Mikoto the sword as it will take her back and also share the memories of “him” with her.

Mikoto sees another flashback of Kurenai’s, where his grandma catches him sneaking out and spanks dat bad boi hard like they do in Singapore but Kurenai-kun ain’t wrong – today’s the day “she” is going to leave and they promised to see the sunset one last time before she goes.  Oh, so some floozy is more important that house rules?  Kurenai-kun’s like “no shit u hag” because “she” will be sad without him and a man who makes a woman cry has no right to live. Grandma notices Mikoto and realises that she’s the Senki and the girl Kurenai-kun is in love with as she is holding Hare no Ken.  Mikoto’s vessel is damaged beyond repair so her soul can’t return but Granny can help her be reborn, seeing as the Tora family is all about life.  Kurenai-kun returns and immediately recognises Mikoto but he has to beat Granny in a Hana Awase match if he wants her to bring Mikoto back.  Hell yeah because Kurenai-kun has decided that Mikoto will be his wife even in the future. When they win, Granny gives up her life to send Mikoto back, relieved to find someone worthy of wielding Hare no Ken and impressed that her grandson has the balls to go after the Mikado’s Senki.


Mikoto awakens as the Senki to Kurenai crying over her dead body. She tells him that she has completed the blood ritual and now, she belongs completely to him, having heard Kurenai-kun promise to marry her in the future. Kurenai’s totally flustered now lol, used to it being him leering at Mikoto and her running from him.  He confesses successfully this time, having finally found the one woman he’s always been searching for.

Huh. I’m getting a sense of deja vu ere.  I think in Hime’s game I wondered too, when Mikoto fell in love and I’m kinda doing it here again.  Kurenai pretty much just perved on her, then did one or two nice things and now she’s totally in love with him?  Shit felt a lot more natural in Mizuchi’s game.

The Tora family then states that they will be handing Mikoto over to Ime. Kurenai will withdraw from the school and together with his fiance, ARABUKI, he will enter the Mikado’s court.   There’s some shit about how Ime’s mother and Kurenai’s mother were sisters (? would imply that Kurenai is originally from the USHI family and is brothers with Ime), both loved the head of the Ushi family who sexed them both up and got killed by an Ushitora shat out by Kurenai’s mama. Both went crazy and Kurenai’s mom wants him dead because he reminds her of his cheating dad and is now controlling the Tora family.  Details schmetails, all that matters for now is that Mikoto gon get her man back

k13Kurenai is chillin elsewhere, distraught that he has to leave Mikoto for some other woman but right on cue, Mikoto walks in, starts bawlin that she doesn’t want Kurenai to leave her and she wants to be his wife.  Ofc Kurenai caves and goes “fuck the Mikado and everyone” and asks Mikoto to become his wife.

 Iroha is furious at Kurenai, first for the blood ritual, then for putting her in danger and ofc, also because he can’t stand Kurenai’s big dick and is mad he took the Senki away.  Kurenai gets locked up in his room and he might get expelled for trying to marry the Mikado’s woman while Mikoto is to be passed on to the Mikado like some village bicycle. Truth is, Kurenai still hasn’t completed the blood ritual which requires him to also bone Mikoto, meaning that Iroha is able to break the bond between the two of them so that killing one won’t kill the other.  To do this….

…he simply has to rape Mikoto, then kill Kurenai.  Then she’ll be perfect to gift to the Mikado.


 Yeah…Iroha…and apparently the principals gave him permission to do all this wtf??  Mikoto threatens to kill herself if Iroha doesn’t put that smelly sausage away cuz goddamnit man THIS IS KURENA’S ROUTE SO BACK OFF.  Iroha starts rambling about how there can only be one and how he wasn’t the one who was chosen even though he was promised.  That’s why he’s been waiting, turning the moon (?).  He completely breaks down, unable to understand why he’s feeling absolutely crushed and collapses.  Utsutsu shows up, saying that poor Iroha is starting to remember some things he wasn’t supposed to. Now Utsutsu knows how to release his moon and black butterflies of death come for Iroha and they both disappear.


k14Mikoto is left crying bc we all know Iroha is her true husband before everyone comes to break her out and she runs to Kurenai. There’s some shit about how Iroha is now dead and that both Iroha and Utsutsu have been repeatedly turning the moon, wanting to avoid this outcome.

…RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT whenever they talked about the moon turning or whatever the fuck, it was a euphemism for “fate” or some shit. Fuck now things make a little more sausage.

Kurenai’s mother has now become an Ushitora and is destroying the city, having been tainted with “death” herself.   His mama went cray and also couldn’t stand that Kurenai had his father’s blood in him so has been trying to murder him too.  Ime ends up sacrificing himself to take down Kurenai’s mother, saying that he’ll wait for Mikoto on the moon and confess to her once more.

k17A year passes and everything is well.  A bunch of Iroha’s Minamo have gone on a trip to find him, not knowing that he’s dead; Mizuchi has gone on exchange; and Kurenai has withdrawn from school in preparation to succeed his family.  Mikoto hasn’t seen him since he left.  One day, Bromotose tells her to go see the cherry blossoms at night and lo and behold, when she goes, she bumps into Kurenai who has been told the same thing by BROMOTOSE <3  Mikoto’s mad that he just left her to do his own thing without contacting her for a year so she grabs him and this time, is fed up of waiting. That and he still hasn’t told her that he loves her. Kurenai tells her that he’ll say it until she’s sick of hearing it: they are one now and whatever burdens they have, they will both share through the many seasons to come. He loves her and she’ll be his wife forever and always.

tl;dr Kurenai’s dad cheated on his mom so his mom was butthurting for 18 years but Ime saves the day and Mikoto marries Kurenai



akdhfpjadsnfnoaspdf aosdfhnaso MIZUCHI <3 Same old stick up his ass, proper, polite and ever so cute gahhhh. This time around, he’s pretty much all comic relief, with everyone making fun of him for being a stupid virgin boy and him getting all flustered and dorky around Mikoto.  It’s great.  We find out this time that his family serves the Mikado as Shinto priests and that they have a history of being violent, horny devils.  Mizuchi himself is no exception so takes suppressants to seal his lusty MIZUCHI 2.0 side so that’s also why he’s so anal about everything.

M1The routes split where Kurenai gets stabbed and Mikoto is ordered to choose a new partner.  Mikoto finds Mizuchi unconscious on the streets takes him into her house to nurse him.  Mizuchi is obviously extremely happy when he wakes up in these pink jammies but because he’s a gentleman, he feels awful for stealing a japanese schoolgirl’s bed and hastily tries to leave.  Mikoto ain’t having any of that and ends up spoon feeding him congee.  She’s all hush hush about how she found meth on him but found a sketch of Kurenai’s attacker on him and knows he was out trying to find her.  Das probably why he collapsed from exhaustion and she don’t want him putting himself in danger.  Mizuchi asks if she’d like to take him as a partner for now and this time, Mikoto agrees, wanting to quickly help Kurenai.  He has to do the Senki ritual  so he plants a kiss on her neck but starts getting all doutei yarou horny rofl when he realises how good Mikoto smells, exactly like a young girl he met before LOLK and then he starts licking her neck all over because we all know Mizuchi has got some hyperactive tongue.

m5Oh and all the boys get an extra scene depending on whether Mikoto beats them in the Hana Awase rankings or not.  For Mizuchi, if he wins, he asks if Mikoto can marry him for a day rofl (“F-FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES!!”) so obviously I forfeit the match even though my Mikoto was broken af and so, Mizuchi stays over at Mikoto’s for a day and they play house.  While Mizuchi getting all hot and bothered by himself, being the silly cherry boi he is, Mikoto’s totally chill with the whole thing, calls him “anata”, spoon feeds him and to his utmost surprise, even suggests they get into bed together.  He gets so excited that he knocks her down onto the bed, then freaks out like “ARE YOU HURT WHERE ARE YOU HURT??? HERE?!?!? WHAT ABOUT HERE?!?!?  ARGH WHY ARE YOU SO SOFT EVERYWHERE-“

….and then it turns out it was all in his head, he was hallucinating in the bath and fainted. Something like that. Oh Mizuchi <3

m2The next day, the two of them return to Kaen where everyone freaks out because they all assumed he was hard gay for Iroha. Bromotose immediately subjects him to “OTOME HEARTS 101”, convinced that someone as inexperienced as Mizuchi poses a threat to her Mikoto – he’ll definitely get drunk on her Senki pheremones and start waving his schlong at her!  On the other side of things, Mizuchi’s Minamo all line up immediately to challenge Mikoto.  She ends up fainting from fatigue so Mizuchi carries her to his room and has to uh refill her bottle.  The whole time, he’s rambling on about how it’s not anything indecent and how he’s doing it because he must – Look, he’s closing his eyes the whole time while he undresses her!  Oho, what are these soft mountains? He doesn’t have anything like that on his chest….Hmm, guess he’ll have to undo these clasps here…and of course, Mikoto wakes up, screams and slaps him for being a pervert and demands that he give her her bra back rofl

jijiKintokihana shows Mikoto a vision.  She sees herself as a child, crying with Kintokihana because she tried to get the moon in the pond but slipped and now it’s gone from the water. Kintokihana tells her the moon (MOCHIZUKI) is in her eyes and one day, she’ll have to return to the Moon Kingdom.  Because Mikoto doesn’t want to leave, Kintokihana seals her Mochizuki so that she can’t use its power unless she awakens one day. Now, the Onifuda has chosen her so her Mochizuki powers have been unsealed.

Anyway, she’s told that Kurenai has been spotted in the streets so Mikoto dashes off to find him.  She’s caught by Kurenai who is set on publicly raping her or some shit.  Mizuchi is absolutely livid and while Mikoto claims that this isn’t the real Kurenai, Mizuchi says it is and tries to Hana Awase him to hell but Kurenai then vanishes.

That night, Iroha principal Awahana, who tries to push him into the pond.  He then asks what he would do if Mikoto fell into the pond trying to reach for the moon.  Iroha replies he’d do nothing as her life is not in danger but if Mikoto asked, he would help her get out.  Awahana replies that Iroha would get into the water and try to help Mikoto get the moon because she wants it.  Upon realising that he can’t get the moon for her, he’d start wangsting about how the Senki won’t love him. Iroha’s like “u high motherfucker” but Awahana says that is indeed what happened.

m3Mikoto meets with Mizuchi and she makes him lie down on a bench cuz bae, those are some big eyebags u got goin there. He confesses to her that his family really wants the Mochizuki so he took Mikoto as his partner.  No one in his family has the Mochizuki including himself – only one of his eyes has the moon (GENGETSU).  To them, the Mochizuki symbolises holiness and anyone without it is dirty.  Yeah they’re a bunch of fucking weirdos, always obsessing over purity so they figure that if Mikoto marries into the family, they’d get a litter of Mochizuki babies. Mizuchi’s mother was the daughter of the head and had Gengetsu but she married a commoner who had no moons.  His grandfather was against this marriage and forced them apart, with Mizuchi’s mother dying shortly after and his father disappearing.  He’s always been given shit about how he’s filthy, having moonless blood in him which explains why he’s so anal about being clean.  As he confesses this, he begins to cry and right now, he doesn’t care about the Senki bs and just wants Mikoto as his partner.

k16The next night, Mikoto gets a call from Ai who says she’s trapped in the school with Utsurohi.  Mikoto runs off to save her but is caught by Kurenai who tries to rape her YET AGAIN.  Thankfully, Mizuchi and sensei are in the school so he busts in to save her.  While Kurenai’s busy trashtalking, Mizuchi chucks motherfucking arrows at the guy and then proceeds onto Hana Awase-ing the shit out of him.  In the end, they were unable to save both and Mizuchi apologises but pledges that from now on, he is completely hers.

He then gets onto Hime’s level, doing the whole “TRAP MY PRETTY IN MA CASTLE” thing, locking Mikoto up in his condo and taking her phone too.  Oh and it’s just the two of them here because everyone in his family is dead and he sent the servants away LOL

Mikoto dreams that night of Mizuchi’s mother, MINAMOTO, screaming at her father that he can’t pimp her off to some other man.  Mizuchi-kun comforts his mother who is looking at an album, apologising that he might not have moons in his eyes (because his father was a commoner) so he’s completely okay with having siblings if it’d mean they will have moons and be worthy of succeeding the house.  That way, his grandfather won’t give his mama hell right?

m4Mikoto finds the album and realises that Minamoto  was the person who stabbed Kurenai.  A few years ago, Mizuchi’s grandfather and cousin, Aoi, caught the utsurohi virus and died.  Servants who witnessed the disease tried to flee but remaining family members ordered them to be killed.  Now there are no witnesses to this except Mizuchi and he has to restore the family with Mikoto and first has to kill his mother to keep Mikoto safe.  Mikoto’s like “wtf happened to you man” and sure enough, Utsurohi appear and have tainted Mizuchi. He goes bonkers, demanding Mikoto stay with him and that they get married.

IMCOMINGFORYOUThen Hime and co come in to rescue Mikoto, purify bonkers Mizuchi.  Turns out everyone suspected Mizuchi, planted a bug on Mikoto’s phone etc.  MIZUCHI 2.0, Mizuchi’s horny desires has actually taken over Kurenai’s body.  Rmb, Mizuchi’s fam = bunch of bloodthirsty, primitive cavemen.? To keep em under control, the Mikado promised to give them Mochizuki so they remained loyal but as of late, that promise has been losing its effectiveness as there is still no Mochizuki so uh, NATURALLY they’d give in to their serial rapist side (yeah idfk anymore).  Iroha knew the family members were infected by the utsurohi disease a while ago and also knows that Mizuchi doesn’t have gengetsu or any moons at all.  Fearing that he’d turn like the rest of his family, Mizuchi has been OD’ing on suppressants.  Then Mikoto goes and chooses Kurenai so the current Kurenai is probably manifested out of Mizuchi’s desire to show Mikoto how naaasty Kurenai is in his eyes.

Anyway, the plan now is for Mikoto to bait Mizuchi and “Kurenai” out, then have Iroha kill Mizuchi.


m7In this ending, Mikoto refuses to be accessory to Iroha’s favourite tactic, COLD BLOODED MURDER,  ends up purifying Mizuchi  and Kurenai hops back into his body.  Mizuchi loses all his memories and his 2.0 side but is otherwise healthy.  Unable to leave him alone, Mikoto lives with him and takes care of him and Kurenai understands that Mizuchi has nothing but her so leaves her to it.  When asked what she is to him, Mizuchi responds that Mikoto is his first love but for now, keep that a secret for him.


m6Mizuchi murders everyone and takes Mikoto to be his wife, imprisoning her inside his house. One day, his mother shows up to complete her mission, murders Mikoto along with her unborn bb and then Mizuchi commits suicide after lol.

tl;dr Mizuchi tries to make Mochizuki babies with Mikoto but has limp dick 


himebrokenarmUgh this one again? I just finished a game chock full of him cutting himself so I’m not too thrilled to see him again so soon. The setting in this game has changed enough so that it seems Hime won’t be the “IT HURTS SO MUCH” princess this time round.  So far, he hasn’t shown any signs of being a little bitch and seems to genuinely just be a nice, popular senpai so I guess I’ll just kick back and relax and-



AND SURE ENOUGH, the minute Mikoto becomes his partner, he has this super kimoi monologue about how he’s going to stop holding back his huge dick and how he’s going to drill all of Kurenai out of his Mikoto and make a dungeon with just the two of them in it.


h2They become pretend lovers for…some reason i forgot and even Ai and Shou immediately notice how SUPERGLUE CLINGY Hime is.  Both then enroll in Kaen, where Matsurika is pissed af because Hime refused to become her partner and to come to Kaen but here he is, happily following Mikoto into the school. Matsurika proposes that Hime become her partner and in return, she’ll pimp out Kagami to Mikoto LOL and if not, Matsurika will tell “uncle Chalice”.  Hime tells her to go stuff it so Matsurika makes another offer: they Hana Awase and if she loses, Kagami steps down and Hime becomes the new 5L.  Otherwise, Hime becomes her slave.

smbitchThe crazy bitch gets so turned on by seeing Hime lose at a card game that utsurohi infect her and Kurenai partners up with Hime to take her down (NEW SHIP IN TOWN KURENAI X HIME).  Apparently Hime made a promise with Kurenai but he can’t tell Mikoto about it.  Matsurika and Kagami vanish afterwards.

h3Alright fine it was pretty entertaining to watch Hime give zero fucks about school rules and flaunt his relationship with Mikoto while everyone freaks out about how impure the two of them are being.  He tells her about how he fell in love at first sight with a girl the first day of school, recognising her to be his first love from back in the day: Mikoto and then suddenly ITS MATING SEASON!!! and he starts dry humping her on the classroom floor roflwt.

h4When Mikoto wakes up in the morning, she has a text from Hime saying he’ll meet her outside…WHICH WAS SENT AT 4AM LOL BECAUSE HIME IS PASSIONATE ABOUT BEING OUTDOORS AND LOVES CAMPING.  Mikoto rushes outside and sure enough, there is the little freak sleeping on the school bench with his shirt undone for some reason like he’s trying to seduce the bears and deers out in the woods fuck idk.

AAAAAANYWAY Mikoto learns about the existence of KARAKURI. These are humans without souls and it is believed that they are created by the head of the big bad GOTO, UNCLE CHALICE..  Hentai-detective believes the Kurenai she saw earlier on to be a Karakuri

Hime and Mikoto make up, with Hime not giving up especially since here, Mikoto isn’t sure of her feelings for anyone, just that she promised to be Kurenai’s partner.  Hime tears up the ONIFUDA like oopsies declaring themselves to be free from all this depressing af fate and mooning senki shit that everyone won’t stfu about.

k15So like in Hime’s game, Hentai-detective turns out to be Chalice, the one who took in Matsurika and Hime because of their broken Minamo powers.  He has the power to  retain his memories each rebirth and has been trying to find his woman but somehow got trapped in a loop with all this Senki bs.  3 times Mikoto has chosen Kurenai and each time, the loop continued.  Chalice tried to get Mikoto to stab Kurenai with HARE NO KEN – if you stab a loved one with it, you can never be together in any future.  Then he believed there’d be a new moon should the onifuda choose Hime this time (who has actually been trapping Kurenai’s soul in another world he created called SEAWORLD) but it never has.  Now it don’t matter anymore because Chalice has finally realised that his woman is the Senki herself. Since she won’t ever choose him either in this loop, all he has to do is break this shit by starting the apocalypse with utsurohi LOLWTF is this shit?? But u know, Mikoto could just offer herself to Chalice and in return, he’ll revive Kurenai.  Oh and Hime will have to become Matsurika’s sex slave too.


h5Hime goes all rapey again because like with Mizuchi, he has another rapist side called UTSUGI.  Hime himself, runs off to kill Matsurika, having already killed Kagami. To everyone else, he’ll seem like a hero, having gone to pledge himself to Matsurika in exchange for Kurenai’s soul but then Matsurika will realise that Hime will always love Mikoto so then she commits suicide.  Mikoto and Hime end up killing Matsurika via Hana Awase, then Hime has traps Kurenai and Chalice in SEAWORLD and they return to Kaen.

h7Mikoto has lost her Senki status and though Iroha wants to fix things, Bromotose knows that there isn’t anything they can do for this moon and Mikoto is stuck with Hime now.  Yay.


chaMikoto agrees to let Chalice bonk her in exchange for Kurenai’s soul but Chalice doesn’t go through with it, saying that they’ve got tons of time together from now on anyway and instead, he tells her about his woman.  Chalice had no idea that she was the Senki, only that she was a miko who served the Mikado. Chalice was a scholar in the courts who tried to get the Senki to take him seriously but she just thought he was a gimp rofl and replied that she has no idea what love is.  Chalice died before she did but remembers the day as August 15th, the day that the Senki returned to the moon.  I forgot what he said here, something about reviving himself or reviving the Senki blabla whatever he just did some bad juju magic.

h8This time, Kagami tries to kill Matsurika and Hime and Mikoto purify them all.  All 3 die, with Hime asking if Mikoto can call him “Hime-kun” once more.  After that, Chalice becomes a researcher, looking up on the Senki and Mikoto becomes his assistant.  She bumps into a group of kids rushing to see the sunset, leaving one boy behind.  The boy doesn’t want to see the sunset because it was just supposed to be him and the girl.  Mikoto replies that if he likes her, he’ll have to tell her.  She made the mistake of waiting too long and by then, Kurenai’s soul was lost and had moved on.  Now, she’s with Chalice trying to find out how to keep her memories when she dies and is reborn (I think?).  When the boy tells her he is “Hime-kun”, he disappears and then Mikoto hears Hime’s voice.


tl;dr Hime was secretly working with Chalice to get Mikoto to choose him but even fate knows he’s a little bitch so 2badsosad


uchuchuAs revealed in Kurenai’s route, Ime is Utsutsu and the guy’s pretty fucked in the head.  He’s got some Iroha level obsession with Mikoto, calling her his “Miko” and likes to show up out of the blue and cop a feel of Mikoto’s tits every now and then.  He’s got a bad rep in Kaen too being being prone to “breaking his toys” and all the Minamo treat him as some rubbish dump freak but sociopathic tendencies aside, he’s actually pretty cute and acts like Kaonashi from Spirited Away lol.  Their family, USHI, is the yin to Kurenai’s yang and are shamans who play with black magic and death so naturally they got beef with Kurenai.


u3Right after Kurenai gets stabbed, Mikoto gets a flashback of her kiddie days and sees the boy that she and Utsutsu purified at the beginning of the game. In every other route, she doesn’t rmb this child so the boy realises that Utsutsu messed with fate when Mikoto remembers him this time.  Sure enough, she wakes up in Utsutsu’s room with him scaling a tree to get in and she finds out that apparently, the Onifuda chose Utsutsu and they underwent the Senki ritual ytd (April 19th).  Utsutsu replaces Ime (as far as everyone knows, Utsutsu is of the USHI family like who the f is Ime), Hime is a 5L and nothing ever happened with Kurenai either – to him, she’s just another bitch for him to slay

u4The minute Kurenai molests Mikoto, Utsutsu shits out some utsurohi to murder Kurenai but ends up tainting Mikoto instead and the rest of the 5L have to play clean up crew. Iroha reveals that he knows Utsutsu brought about this moon and warns him that if he ain’t gon take care of his bbg, Iroha gon kill Utsutsu. Utsutsu brings Mikoto to wherever he likes hidin out at to purify Mikoto with some white clovers as his inorigo status don’t allow him to do that himself. In fact, he can’t take in Minamo water (which is essentially life), so much that the light hurts him and he can’t be around Mikoto too much (Senki = epitome of life).  As thanks for bringing her here. she makes him a wreath of white clovers and they spend the night talking.

u5Anyway, Utsutsu takes everything Mikoto says literally and to heart.  When she asks to hold hands when she’s lonely (as she seems to be the only one who remembers anything about the past fate), he does so well into the next day and then locks himself up in his room when she tells him that he can let go and leave now.  She resorts to scaling the exact same tree to get to him and they promise to never make the other feel lonely or rejected again. If being an inorigo makes him unhappy, then she’ll help look for ways to get out of being one and if it’ll make her happy, Utsutsu agrees to stop being an inorigo.

u6Mikoto then witnesses how the school use Utsutsu like a tool, using his utsurohi to send the tainted to the underworld.  Iroha’s like “monsters have no feelings -_-” (LOL LIKE YOU’RE ONE TO TALK) , Mikoto’s ain’t ok with it and starts crying alone in the park. Utsutsu is nonplussed as to why Mikoto is shedding tears for filth like himself, like dude he doesn’t even have body warmth, that’s how far from being human he is. Mikoto responds that it’s not about being human or having physical warmth, IT’S ABOUT HAVING HEART  GODDAMNIT and anyone who dares accuse Utsutsu of not having one can suck a lumpy dick.  Utsutsu cries and tells her that he never thought he’d have Mikoto like this with him.

u8In the morning, Mikoto bumps into Kurenai who ain’t buying her good girl Senki shit because the night of the Senki ritual (APRIL 19TH), he saw her go into Amsterdam with some beefcake  He also warns her not too fall for Utsutsu cuz u know, who knows if monsters have dicks LOL. Well in the end, Mikoto confesses to Utsutsu but that can’t be because inorigo are not allowed to love another human being, having thrown away their humanity for death.  Whenever inorigo use magic, they have to do that fma equal exchange shit.  Utsutsu wished to become human again and wished for life (Mikoto) which requires him to sacrifice the lives of the students here.

u9Kurenai tries to kill Utsutsu before his wish is complete but fails so everyone is to die.  Mikoto awakens her Senki powers and ends up shielding everyone, telling Utsutsu to live his life as a person from now on.  Utsutsu loses his shit and ends up making one final wish to bring Mikoto back.  In exchange, he sacrifices his heart, vowing to never wish for her again and on top of that, no one else can have Mikoto especially Kurenai who, like Utsutsu, will now only end up killin her off.

Mikoto wakes up in the hospital with a half dead Kurenai but u know, he’s alright and shows her this by grabbing her tits and going “OHOHOHOHO VICTORIA’S SECRET D” rofl.

OKAY so this is where things get really convoluted SO FROM MY SHITTY JAPANESE, this is what I got;

  • Someone has created a CAGE OF FATE  in which everyone here will continue to live in a loop.  This was created for the purpose of keeping Mikoto alive but for some reason, Mikoto still ends up dying prematurely.
  • FAULTS: these are created when certain laws of this Cage of Fate are violated
  • There are two universes: World 1 (which is the one Mikoto is from) and World 2 (in which there is another Mikoto and another everyone else) but the two versions still share one soul.
  • If the two versions meet, then one will die e.g Kurenai 1 meets Kurenai 2 in World 1? Then Kurenai 1 dies.
  • Utsutsu somehow managed to fiddle with fate and bring Mikoto 1 over to World 2, then back to World 1 now.
  • The issue now is: where is Mikoto 2?
  • As for the multiple moons and fate, I’ll assume that these are the different possible outcomes of the Worlds but there are only really two versions of any one person – one in World 1 and one in World


Chalice shows them a box called THE FAULT OF KARAKURI, where he has keept  fragments of the distorted fates in. Mikoto and Kurenai are to head inside, back to the other world and face that fate in order to fix the cycle of rebirth.

They head back to World 2 where Utsutsu is on a killing spree.  With Mikoto gone, Utsutsu believes that he didn’t wish hard enough so continues to shit out utsurohi and eventually takes over World 2 searching for Mikoto lel. Not to fear, says Chalice.  You could argue that the outcome in World 2 now only exists because of Mikoto.  Had she not gone there and fallen in love with Utsutsu, none of this would have happened, but that isn’t to say that Mikoto x Utsutsu would always = DOOMSDAY!!!  You make your own fate.  If done correctly,THE FAULT OF KARAKURI allows the Senki to make what it holds reality or a dream and Mikoto has awakened already.

Mikoto is terrified of fucking up and suddenly she meets Utsutsu but this isn’t the Utsutsu she fell in love with: this is the one that has been in her dreams in every other route.  Dream Utsutsu is neither alive nor dead, living only in dreams.  In every other fate, she has forgotten about him but in this one she had the courage to remember.  If she wills it, this Utsutsu can come into existence and take out the other Utsutsu.  They make another pinky promise, that this time they will change fate together.

The first fault that Mikoto has to fix is Utsutsu continuing to desire her despite having sworn not to anymore.  Next is the Senki Ritual. Mikoto never chose Utsutsu but Utsutsu made it so that she did, creating a fault here. Utsutsu tries to leave in order to fix that but Mikoto chooses him again anyway, of her own volition this time.

Finally, the last fault: the fate in World 2 where she dies and Utsutsu goes berserk.  As Utsutsu will hold all their souls captive (I think?), no one will be reborn and everyone will be continue to be trapped in the Cage of Fate.  The two principals become inorigo then commit suicide to wish for hope, and that’s why Mikoto is  here now.


u10Mikoto finds crazy Utsutsu and purifies him with Dream Utsutsu.  Crazy Utsutsu dies, then the worlds start to crumble as she has finally found the last fault and now, the Cage of Fate can be broken.  Mikoto doesn’t want Crazy Utsutsu to die so she creates a completely new moon herself.  Crazy Utsutsu lives again and they find the end of the world, a clusterfuck of death and utsurohi, Utsutsu’s inorigo.

They destroy that shit and Mikoto is able to close this chain of fates and forge a new one.  TSUKI tells her that this time around, the other half of her is Utsutsu and that if they wish hard enough, surely the two of them will meet again in this new moon.  Before she goes, Mikoto asks TSUKI what his name is, wanting to remember at least something from this Cage of Fates.  Though TSUKI can’t go with her as there’s someone waiting for him, he does tell her his name.  TSUKI is glad Mikoto wanted to know and hopes that if they meet in this new moon, that Mikoto will remember who he is.

uendIn this new moon, Mikoto has just entered HS with her buds.  Iroha and Bromotose drop by to take her into KAEN but for some reason, Iroha doesn’t have the ONIFUDA now, meaning that Mikoto isn’t the next Senki.  Utsutsu transfers into her class, then brings her to see the sunset again because they promised as kids.  He apologises for taking so long to be reborn here before they do the Senki ritual and Mikoto awakens as the Senki.  He thanks her for remembering him and the two live happily ever after.

My gods.  My vision is so blurry right now lol.  I fucked up all this timeleaping stuff so hard and probably made up so much shit but man if that shit don’t make me tear up fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

tl;dr Mikoto creates a new future where she can hook up with Utsutsu without destroying the world


i1Still a massive cuntnugget who only cares about making sure the Senki awakens and is ready for the Mikado’s mounting.  This much has been obvious from the get go but from the other games, we’ve been learning that Iroha’s emotions have been sealed for some reason and that he actually has no idea why he’s so loyal to the Mikado; nor does he have any clue that his obsession with the Senki doesn’t all stem from duty.  In any case, I’m all set to get completely gutted in his route and have tissues ready.

tsuki1His route is basically a continuation of Utsutsu’s route and is told from his own POV.  We are back to the beginning, where the games all open with Mikoto talking with TSUKI, only that this time, it’s inside IROHA’S head and he’s talking to MIKOTO’s TSUKI.  Like with Mikoto, Iroha has no idea wtf this TSUKI shit is but Mikoto just tells him that when he opens his eyes, he will be holding hands with his other half.

Iroha wakes up but isn’t holding hands with anyone. Things have changed this time round with Utsutsu having replaced Ime – Utsutsu is never supposed to exist in the Cage of Fate so a new fault should have been created.  The Fault of Karakuri has not reacted, implying that the old Cage of Fate no longer exists but for some reason, faults still remain in this world.  In any case, Iroha is to awaken the Senki and sort shit out.

i5He helps Mikoto from some perverts on the streets but since she doesn’t have the Onifuda yet, he isn’t supposed to meet her yet.  However, Mikoto knows his name already and has actually already awakened as the Senki. Utsutsu is her partner and just like in the beginning, Iroha gets hit by a car pushing Mikoto out of the way

He dreams of kiddie Mikoto meeting a boy in front of her house who has forgotten everything: IROHA-KUN. Mikoto’s granddad says that he is an “INOKO”.  Grandaddy can’t tell Iroha anything in fear of creating a fault and that neither should Iroha speak to anyone who has timeleaped, but he teaches Iroha the words for changing fate in case he ever needs them.

Iroha wakes up in the hospital, holding hands with Mikoto. He stops her from telling him the truth as it’ll only lead to her creating a fault. Utsurohi appear, they Hana Awase and then Utsutsu punches Iroha for partnering with his Mikoto rofl like wtf are u thinking punching a patient who just got hit by a car??

Iroha dreams again.  Iroha-kun asks whether he’s an INOKO and Granddaddy says possibly – most bearers of Mochizuki were Inoko and Inoko basically = your other self.  There are many worlds, created by the sacrifices of Inoriko with the aim of reaching Olympus.  If different versions of a person meet each other, then either one will be destroyed.  If Iroha is an Inoko who has come from another moon, then when he meets his other self, will he die?  Grandaddy assures him that whether he is an Inoko or not, he can stay here with his family as long as his parents don’t come looking for him lol.

i6Iroha wakes up back at Kaen where Mikoto is his partner because she wants to investigate shit.  Minamoto comes to kill Mikoto but flees, with Iroha getting injured again.  He wakes up on Mikoto’s lap as she heals him with her water.  For the first time, he feels alive and asks what it means to live.  To live is to live with sin.  Should a person live without sin, without creating faults, then they’ll become gods.  When the Senki came to earth, she sinned and was unable to return until she forgot all her memories of being in the mortal realm. Mikoto refuses to do this for she doesn’t want to forget all the people she met.  Iroha replies that he wants to meet the other half of his broken moon and cries. He has never been able chosen so is now afraid to live but Mikoto tells him that there must be someone out there for him so until then, he can take her hand and live with everyone else.  For the first time, he smiles and wants to live.

Anyway,some shit gets explained.  Everyone has been trapped in the Cage of Fate for 16 years that won’t end until the Senki dies. This Cage was created by the principals in order to keep the Senki alive – outside of this Cage, she dies the day of the Senki ritual (APRIL 19TH).  This is weird as shit bc I thought they destroyed the Cage of Fate already in Utsutsu’s route…?  Even after endless eighting though, they still haven’t found out who killed her in the first place but if they can, then they can return to the first moon where Mikoto originally dies, save her and break this cycle. Chalice activates the Fault of Karakuri to show Mikoto what happens on the night she dies but Iroha dives in instead.

He appears in Mikoto’s flat and sees that it is April 19th, the day of the Senki ritual where Mikoto chose Utsutsu, and the day she dies.  There are text messages in her phone, with the sender saying that they know the truth behind the deaths of Mikoto’s parents.  They didn’t die in a fire accident – someone plotted all that shit and she is to bring the family album and meet the sender in Goto Amsterdam so the sender can show her who it is

This coincides with what Kurenai says in Utsutsu’s route, how he saw Mikoto go into Goto Amsterdam the night of the Senki ritual with some beefcake dude. Indeed, when Iroha rushes to Goto Amsterdam, he bumps into Kurenai who says the same thing and together, they find Mikoto dead.  Utsutsu shows up shortly, starts shitting bricks everywhere so Kurenai decides to use his family’s ultimate technique which removes someone from the game since Utsutsu can’t be killed.  The first time, both Iroha and Kurenai ended up exiling Utsutsu into the space between reality and dreams but Utsutsu continues to exist.  To bring Mikoto back to life, the principals suggest that Utsutsu make an inorigo wish so they let part of him back into this world as Ime.  So, the Cage of Fate was created.  This time though, Iroha is to save Utsutsu or the Cage of Fate will be created again.

Iroha fixes this fault, then returns and immediately hugs Mikoto, relieved that she’s alive.  He meets Iroha-kun again, now knowing him to be his TSUKI but unlike Iroha-kun, he isn’t in love with Mikoto.  While TSUKI is a part of him, he’s never been WITH him since Iroha refuses to remember and refuses to accept Iroha-kun.  The first time, Iroha managed saved her from a train.  The second time, from utsurohi.  This time though, Iroha couldn’t save Mikoto.  Through the Cage of Fate, Mikoto  gets to live and in one ending, ends up with Kurenai.  In the other, she gets Utsutsu by ”breaking” the Cage of Fate.  However, one fault remains and that is the fact that Mikoto has died once already.  If this isn’t fixed, she will continue to get killed off prematurely in each fate.

Next morning, Bromotose throws a party to celebrate fixing the April 19th fault but Iroha runs off with Mikoto instead and goes to the old church where all the kids used to hang out at. Though Mikoto can remember the other 4 kids, she can’t remember Iroha at all and Iroha wonders why he can’t remember her either.  Iroha-kun replies that he never forgot Mikoto which is why he sacrifices his own life in Mizuchi and Hime’s games to save her.

i7Then he hears Mikoto’s voice in his head, reciting the words that she uses each time to awaken/change fate, words that Iroha (Iroha-kun) taught her.  She’s been wanting to meet him and this time, she’ll show him the moon that he really wants so just wish hard.  When Iroha opens his eyes, he’s with a Mikoto who is clearly in love with him.  Shit don’t make sense, like she’s supposed to be with Utsutsu but fuck whatever and Iroha ends up making out with Mikoto anyway lol.  Mikoto calls him her TSUKUYOMI (moon god) and tells Iroha that she’ll be waiting for him on August 15th.

minamotoAnyway, they find Minamoto who’s clearly a Karakuri robot.  Iroha shows her a picture of young Mikoto and she reveals that her master ordered her to kill this girl so she can be used as a sacrifice.

i8The 3 arrive on the day that Mikoto’s parents die.  She got into a fight with her mother, didn’t pick up her call which was probably her mom wanting to tell Mikoto about the fire.  The fault here is that Mikoto continues to blame herself for her parents’ deaths.  Mikoto lets it all out, then Mikoto checks the album and now that she knows who the killer is, shouldn’t have died in the first place on April 19th in the future because she wouldn’t have been baited by the text message.  However, she did go to Amsterdam anyway, meaning that she probably trusted the sender anyway. Turns out the culprit was IZURU, Mikoto’s HR teacher and also Minamoto’s husband, Mizuchi’s father.

Finally, see what happened on August 15th.  Mikoto and Iroha go back in time to the church where Dream Utsutsu tells them that this is the day Mikoto dies.  Hime-kun is being a little bitch again, whining about how he can’t be the prince and-



Izuru kills Mikoto because legend says that killing the Senki will allow him to open the door to the other world, where maybe there he’ll be able to be with Minamoto and Mizuchi and not get torn apart by the Mizuchi family – some FMA shit here.  He’s about to take Mizuchi-kun to the other world but Minamoto’s like “wtf r u doing man” and Mizuchi-kun goes crazy and stabs Minamoto.  Minamoto gives Mizuchi her GENGETSU before she dies, making Mizuchi forget about this shit.

izuruIzuru ended up joining Goto, developing the Utsurohi virus etc so he could use their connections and find out how he could bring Minamoto back.  He’s been replacing Minamoto with Karakuri but that ain’t enough and then he finds out that the Senki could be used as a sacrifice to bring someone back so that’s why he’s still been trying to kill Mikoto.  Um yeah something like that lol

i9So this is where the problem is: Mikoto is clearly dead here as well so while the principals fixed the April 19th death in the future, who fixed this one?  Iroha-kun and Utsutsu-kun.  Utsutsu-kun used his inorigo powers and the price was that Utsutsu-kun would lose his humanity, becoming an inorigo and Iroha would forget that he ever loved Mikoto.  Neither will be allowed to love Mikoto again.  Utsutsu-kun tells him that the “INOKO” song that Iroha sings is the song that the gods sang when they came down to the mortal world.  In fact, Utsutsu-kun can feel neither life nor death from Iroha, which would imply that Iroha is a god.  Iroha states that he is human because gods can’t love and Iroha-kun will one day, remember that he loves Mikoto.

So that’s the shit that went down on August 15th.  I’M PROBABLY SO SO WRONG but what I got was that there were actually TWO Cage of Fates because Mikoto was revived at two different points of time.  The whole purpose of these Cage of Fates was to keep Mikoto alive but at a price and only if certain conditions are met. While they fixed one in Utsutsu’s route, there still remained the Cage that Iroha-kun and Utsutsu-kun made and Mikoto continues to die because the conditions of that Cage of Fate would always get violated through Iroha loving Mikoto.  This implies that the events of the previous two games and all earlier routes in this game can be considered canon and to have taken place, only that in any route that Iroha does not die in, the Cage of Fate will be breached, Mikoto will get killed off and things will reset again.

i10Iroha cries, understanding now that he just wanted Mikoto to live.  However, in each fate, he would always fall in love with her and that can’t be.  When he revived her, the price was that he would forget his feelings AND that he could never fall in love with Mikoto again.  As long as he keeps violating this, Mikoto will continue to die.  The only way Mikoto can be safe is if he doesn’t exist anymore so he asks Dream Utsutsu to make a wish so that he would never be able to meet Mikoto again.  Dream Utsutsu intends to do the same to himself in case he does some stupid shit in the future that’ll jeopardise the wish they made.  Utsutsu dies, then as motherfucking butterflies come to carry Iroha away, Mikoto clings to him and begs him not to go. No matter what fate it is, Mikoto will never forget Iroha and will always search for him.  The next time they meet, she will be the one to save him.

Back in the present, Iroha has died but everything is otherwise ok.  Everyone’s pretty amazed that Iroha has the same powers as the Senki and there is only one other person who is meant to be as powerful as the Senki: the child of Amagi and Ren.  The game ends with Mikoto heading over to the other world to find Iroha, reaching for her partner.

tl;dr: Iroha dies again to make things right but this time, Mikoto promises to save him in the next moon they meet in



Karakurenai-hen?  More like IROHA NO KANASHII NETORARE MONOGATARI LOL.  Kurenai got shafted so hard that the “bad ends” weren’t even about him anymore and he had like what, 5 minutes of screentime in Utsutsu and Iroha’s routes.

But I’m not even mad.  Just Iroha man



Iroha just completely stole the show.  This wasn’t so much “Otome diary of Mikoto” anymore as the game just kept shoving up my  poor asshole that it was “IROHA X MIKOTO = CANON AND THIS IS WHY”.  Kurenai’s route might as well not have happened and Hime and Mizuchi?  Who the fuck are they?  Only Utsutsu’s route had any weight to it but then Iroha’s route is basically a continuation of Utsutsu’s route where Mikoto seems to end up dumping him for Iroha lol…so I guess who I really should be feeling sorry for is Utsutsu – he’s the only one who never really gets the girl.

I loved it nonetheless.  I didn’t really care for Iroha until the last game where they dropped the whole IROHA CANON bomb on me and since then, I just had to know what the hell’s all this changing fate shit.  He was just so precious especially since he spent most of the time not understanding why but just knowing that he HAD to save Mikoto .  Even Iroha-kun alludes to this, that despite not remembering shit, Iroha ends up dying in all 3 games to protect Mikoto.

OH RIGHT let’s talk about the other characters.  There wasn’t really anything new with Kurenai as Hime’s game already drove home how stupid tsundere cute he really is with Mikoto.  The blood ritual was a nice touch but again, it didn’t mean shit because



and I kinda wish they went into more detail with his Tora family.  Same with Utsutsu, where it’s shown that the two hate each other and their families are beefin hard but not much more.  I loved Utsutsu because he reminded me of Kaonashi rofl and because his story was as hard on the heart as Iroha’s.


As for Hime? I’m just glad I didn’t have to hear him bitch about being a princess anymore because


Other points of interests:


  •  This is the Shinto god of the moon which is what Mikoto calls Iroha.  Apparently, there is only one moon god and no moon goddess so if that’s the case, what would Mikoto be?  It’s been assumed that she’s from the moon and all that but if she’s meant to be on the same level as Iroha, then it would make sense that she’s actually AMATERASU, the sun goddess.  Utsutsu does mention that the only light he is okay with is the moon’s light but that Mikoto shines too brightly for him.  Either that or the Tsukyomi reference was meant to be poetic and I’m just reading too much into this LOL


  • This has been alluded to numerous times by  TSUKI saying that Mikoto is his other half and Iroha searching for his other half.  This game has Hime-kun commenting that Iroha has the same water that Mikoto has.  He wonders if they’re siblings at first but then notes that it’s more like they’re the same person.  There’s also the issue of them possibly being siblings as near the end, Bromotose mentions that only one other person can have Senki powers and that person would be the child of AMAGI and REN.  If I’m not high off my rocker, Amagi = Mikado and Ren = Mikoto’s mother.  It’s further implied that Mikoto’s mother wasn’t in love with her father as their relationship is awkward af and she did leave the Mikado’s court “for some reason” so as far as I can tell,so it’s possible that she was bonking the Mikado.  Again, I might just be making shit up here.
  • edit: thanks to commenter Phii, I fucked up and Amagi is apparently the old head of Goto who is presumed to be dead.  Additionally, Tsukuyomi’s full name is TSUKUYOMI NO MIKOTO which hints further at Mikoto being the same person as Iroha


  • This is apparently a concept in Shinto – we have the earthly realm and the realm of gods.  The kanji used for these two in the games are the same as those used in Shinto but that would suggest that one of the worlds they’ve been in was basically Olympus and that everyone there is a god.  Yeah I have no fucking clue.


  • My gods she is the ultimate girlfriend in otoge.  This time, it’s shown that she was in on this Cage of Fate shitfest right from the beginning and has been hopping between the two world.  It’s also implied that she knows AMAGI, who I believe is the MIKADO (edit: or the head of GOTO, thanks to Phii) so really, who is she?
  • edit: again, thanks to Phii: if we go with the theory that Iroha = Tsukuyomi, Mikoto = Amaterasu, then Bromotose could possibly be Susanoo.  Bromotose obviously knows a lot more than she lets on, is very close to Iroha and Mikoto, and also is not affected by Iroha’s mochizuki eyes.  The only people who are not affected are supposedly bearers of the mochizuki (which is why Mikoto is immune) and while they never mention Bromotose having mochizuki, she isn’t affected at all and an explanation could be that she herself is a god and possibly Susanoo.


  • Why did loli Mikoto’s powers show her pulling a sword out of the other kids?  Why a sword?  This could be a reference to the Imperial Regalia of Japan, 3 artefacts used in the enthronement of the emperor.  One of these artefacts is none other than a sword called KUSANAGI (also the name of Mikoto’s father as far as she knows), apparently a gift from none other than AMATERASU, the sun goddess.  Legend says that these artefacts prove that the Emperor is a descendant of Amaterasu herself.  This implies that Mikoto is a descendant of the Mikado and Amaterasu herself, if she isn’t Amaterasu


  • It is mentioned that the old Goto head, AMAGI has died and that new, younger head has taken over but nothing more is known cept that he/she is teenaged.  Assuming that the game isn’t going to throw out a new character, I can only think of KARAKURI being a likely candidate.  In the past two games, he has shown up and as a major antagonist in Hime’s game but I don’t remember ever seeing Karakuri much in this game.  Seeing Izuru and Chalice make Karakuri copies of existing people has made me wonder whether Karakuri himself, has an original.  Perhaps this original (seen in Hime’s game?) is the new Goto head.  I don’t have much basis for this though cept that Karakuri appears young and was an antagonist in Hime’s game.


  • I’m not the only one who finds the whole “Senki slut pheromones” thing to be fucking hilarious right?  The way EVERYONE magically got 12inch dongs everytime they so much as looked as Mikoto including Bromotose.

omg so much horseshit @ >10000 words.  On a final note, I apologise for the sheer amount of PLAIN WRONG that is in this post.  If there’s anyone out there who actually know what went on, PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  I WAN’T TO KNOW but I’m way too fucking dumb to understand all the plot points especially with everyone was constantly mooning each other and going on about this world and that world and this world and that world and this world and that penis and this world and that world and-

y’all get the point?  Now excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep for a wank

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  1. Mikoto wakes up in the hospital with a half dead Kurenai but u know, he’s alright and shows her this by grabbing her tits and going “OHOHOHOHO VICTORIA’S SECRET D” rofl.

    (´゚ω゚)・*;’.、ブッ He sure is lively enough to grab dat fuckin titty tho lol

    I’m curious how did you find the whole card system? Was it tedious to constantly do card battles or was it just a minor side mini game?

    • domshiki Says:

      Lolol kurenai never misses a chance to grope Mikoto, that pervert.
      You do have to grind a fair bit (recommended that u get to #6 ranking from 300) but you can keep your Mikoto’s stats each time u finish an ending so you only have to grind once. There are also card matches scattered throughout the story ie NO CHOICE MOFO U PLAY but after playing shit like LET’S MAKE DIAMONDS from WOF, this was a cakewalk. You don’t even need to know the card combos because they do it FOR you lel

  2. Still love Iroha even after the game tried to make him the MAIN CHARACTER even though this was suppose to be Kurenai’s game. XD

    I thought that was hilarious though. MIZUCHI is my second bae. I want a cute boyfriend like him. All blushy and cute and horny (in a good awkward, I’ll-Teach-You-Everything-You-Need-To-Know-My-Cherry-Boy.)

    The cage of fates really made the game confusing, but at the same time, unlike many Otome games, it gave a reason why there are so many games catered to one guy.

    BTW, do you have a picture of Mikoto’s parents? I’ve always wanted to see their pictures if they had one in the game.

    • domshiki Says:

      LOLOL you are amazing. Now I’m hoping we get an ending with Mizuchi where Mikoto suddenly becomes all femme fatale seme (instead of being just as dorky as Mizuchi) and see how the stupid cherry boi reacts.

      Oh ikr this game would not stfu about Iroha so I had no choice but to love him too. I mean if I’m not plain wrong, all this cage of fating showed that if Iroha falls in love with Mikoto, she will die so in every happy ending where she ends up with someone else, Iroha HAS to die if he wants her to live happily ever after. The poor thing

      And no I believe we ever see Mikoto’s parents this game. Probably sth they’re saving for Iroha’s game… 2 years from now HAHA

  3. (I think I have never commented here before, so this is my first time, I am sorry if I sound rude or anything! And I’m really sorry for the long comment ;;)

    First of all, good job in finishing this game! Now, about Mikoto and Karakurenai’s relationship, I personally disagree with you because I didn’t feel like it was because he did “one or two nice things”. I do agree it could have developed a bit better (I had a feeling Karakurenai barely had any screentime in the common route…) but I think it was also a bit “on purpose”. Mikoto, until Karakurenai’s route, she didn’t love him- but she did had an interest in him. She got angry at him a lot of times (for good reasons), but he also helped her many times, not only one or two. For example, the scene in the hospital, where nobody there thought of how nervous she was, only Karakurenai. He also trusted her and let her do as she pleases- this was something significant for Mikoto, considering that no one else but Momotose did this. Not to mention how he helped her when she was feeling weak afte the fight in the school and also sacrificed himself for her. However, she didn’t exactly love him because she didn’t even know him well (she also says this, she says she can’t say if she likes him or not because she barely knows him), so she slowly learns more about him AND HIS PAST (which is very important, because she didn’t regain her memories so well like this in Hime-hen neither in Mizuchi-hen) and then she notices that she does love him, now that she knows him a little more well. They had a bit more of a tsundere relationship in the beginning of his route, so maybe that didn’t show well (OF COURSE that’s only my opinion!)

    About Karakurenai’s father, I may be wrong and I might have to replay the scene where Karakurenai talks about his family again, but wasn’t him actually the head of the Tiger/Tora family? I think that was what caused the whole conflict. Karakurenai’s grandmother is clearly from Tora family as far as I remember, I think it was only his mother that was from the Ushi family. Also, since you mentioned some references, it’s nice to remember that Karakurenai’s mother is Konohana Sakuya and Ime/Utsutsu’s is Iwa-naga and there’s also a symbolism behind them http://japanesemyth.firespiritdesigns.com/html/prosperity.html, since the Tora family meant prosperity, Karakurenai represents the cherry blossoms… While Ushi family had their inorigos, immortal entities.

    And I agree that Karakurenai was shafted (this is understandable though, but I also felt a bit sad with this) although I do think Mizuchi and Hime’s end were, in a way, about him… I am confused what the world mean in the actual chronology though, I might have to make a diagram or something like that. (I also found interesting how their onifuda ceremony in their childhood was exactly in the order of the games; first Mizuchi, then Hime…)

    About Amagi, again, I have to replay it, but wasn’t it hinted to him being Goto and/or Mikoto’s actual father? I don’t remember about him being Mikado, I think I missed something…. I seriously need to replay Iroha’s route because so much happened.

    • domshiki Says:

      EYYYY WELCOME :D no comment too long and I’m glad that you could shed some light on this game.

      Good points about Kurenai. I actually never saw it as Mikoto being tsundere (even tho Kurenai was totally being tsundere lol) but their relationship makes more sense that way. He doesn’t baby her like everyone else either. I was focused a lot on the less gentlemanly things Kurenai does like molesting Mikoto in front of the school, groping her melons and forcing kisses on her, making dirty comments and basically acting like a shameless horndog around her so I figured it would be a longer path of “redemption” for him lol. I mean, things like that usually kill your impression of a person no? That and all the blatant Iroha shipping made Kurenai seem less important.

      Oh jesus you really did do your research HAHA THANK YOU. I got really lost playing this and if there’s a reference to that myth, then Kurenai’s angry mom makes so much sense now.

      Hm I thought Kurenai could have been more involved in the Mizuchi and Hime ends beyond simply being a lost soul that Mikoto needed to save. Mizuchi’s ending was more about how Mizuchi was cracking under the strain of upholding family values and his caveman side; how he doesn’t have gengetsu (not too sure about this one) and so feels unworthy; and how he actually hates Kurenai because he encompasses what Mizuchi wants to be (strong even without minamo, confident and popular just by being himself) and what Mizuchi hates about himself (lusty and violent). As for Hime, his route was where we start to see the real plot of the game. Chalice was revealed, so was the Cage of Fates. The point was always to save Kurenai yes, but beyond that I didn’t feel that Kurenai got much exposure.

      Nice catch with the onifuda ceremony! I think in terms of chronology, we’ve simply been going through potential fates for Mikoto in one world, the one caught up in the Cage of Fates.

      Was that who Amagi is? I only caught Bromotose mentioning him in Iroha’s route but didn’t think he was important until they talked about him in the end so I think you’re right (Bromotose does say that Amagi loved the Senki more than anyone else which makes sense if he’s her daddy) . I assumed he was the Mikado because his name seemed pretty kingly. I didn’t think about him being Mikoto’s dad, only that he could be Iroha’s dad but holy shit these possibilities. Would explain why Mikoto’s mom acts like she’s not in love with her Kusanagi dad. What do you think of the Amagi X Ren (Mikoto’s mother I think) = Senki powers thing? That’s what I got at the end and if Amagi is Mikoto’s dad and Iroha also has op powers (not too sure now but I do think they talked about him about senki powers) , then what would that make Mikoto and Iroha?

      Additionally, do you think there’s any significance in the kanji used for the two worlds? 常の世 and 現の世 I believe. What I got from wiki was that 常の世 was either the underworld or olympus and 現の世 is the mortal realm, where most of this took place. Would this imply that Mikoto is heading into olympus at the end? Lol I might have gotten the kanji wrong sorry. And any idea who Bromotose might be? She did seen distraught when Amagi died.

      Holy shit this got long! Sorry about that. Definitely going to add all this to the “points of interest” section. There
      was just so much in this game that I missed and we probably have two years before Iroha’s game comes out so plenty of time to speculate :D

      • It’s ok! Your long comment makes me feel better about my long comment after all haha \o\ and yeah, two years… Although it’s supposed do come out next year, I have a feeling that it’ll end up getting delayed since it has so much to explain sobs.

        Yup yup you’d think it would have “a longer path”, but I guess they also wanted to focus a bit on Ime in his route, so it couldn’t be helped (also Iroha shipping). And I think they also didn’t want to put all the Kuremiko shipping right in the common route because that would make it difficult for Mikoto falling in love with Utsutsu in his route then, I guess?

        You’re welcome!! When I saw her name, I was like “HUH THAT’S FAMILIAR” (I was really slow) and then after replaying his route I was “…….omg I’M SUCH A SLOWPOKE” and went to research about the myth. I also got confused at first why she was so angry (like I could understand, but at the same time I thought I missed something) and with the myth I could see it better. It’s just like with Kuzuryuu, Mizuchi’s grandfather, because he is also from a myth too.

        Ohh, yeah, I agree with that, looking at it that way. In a way, it sounded like they did it to make it emphasize how Karakurenai and Mikoto hardly can get tied together (Maybe as a reference to Narihira, Karakurenai’s assigned poet?). Mizuchi and Hime’s routes were deeply involved in the main plot, so Karakurenai ended up not having much space… I do agree, it was kinda “about him” but it wasn’t like how it was in the other games. (I also found interesting how Hime and Mizuchi actually are different in eacch game. As if they really developed from the previous worlds and are slowly regaining their memories).

        I think so too, although this all is a bit confusing too (the Cage of Fates still makes my head spin…). I hope they will show more of their childhood (not only because everyone were cute babies cough) but because we don’t know very well about Mikoto’s power (like we know that she came straight out from Utena, taking out swords from the guys //shot).

        I think so? I MIGHT BE WRONG TOO but I think Momo clearly said his name and then refereed him as a Goto… And I think Kintoki and Awa also said Goto’s real name was “Amagi”, and Amagi was the one who was with Mikoto’s mom… Although I am a bit confused too because apparently there is a new Goto who is around at the age of them, so this Amagi would be the previous Goto who apparently is already dead. About Mikoto and Iroha, yeah, I’m also wondering about that. I’m not sure if they are brothers or something like soulmates? Or even the same person… (after all, she calls him her Tsukuyomi… And if I’m not mistaken, isn’t Tsukuyomi also known as Tsukuyomi-no-MIKOTO?) i think all of these are possible ;_; (so confusing). At least, for sure, we know Iroha is from the moon apparently and is something like a god… and Mikoto might also be or just be a descendant. There is also the whole Kaguya-hime reference from the Senki legend thing (which I think it may explain why she attracts everyone with her water? Kaguya was considered a really beautiful woman who made many men fall in love with her, right?)

        Oh, I think you are right about those! 常の世 would be either underworld or olympus, it is a place of where the souls go after their death (if I understood it right). I do think that implies she is going rather to the olympus (which would be the moon?) since Iroha is there, after all (would that also imply even more that he is a god?). And no, I don’t think you got the kanji wrong at all! (although it has been a month since I finished this game, but from what I remember everything is okay XD). AND MOMO IS THE BIGGEST MYSTERY FOR ME orz. I even thought of the possibility of her being Mikoto’s mother, but no, I don’t think that could be……. But Tsukuyomi had two siblings, right? Amaterasu and Susanoo… If Mikoto isn’t really Tsukuyomi and rather Amaterasu, would that mean Momo would be Susanoo? I mean, it looks rather like Momo does have a strong relationship to Iroha and Mikoto and nobody knows about her family, her lineage, nothing……. We do know though that she acts like an watcher and she is there since the beginning of everything, so it kind of sounds that she is somehow a divine entity as well. Also, she never reacted to Iroha’s moon’s eyes and everyone else did, the only ones who didn’t were Mikoto AND Momo…


      • domshiki Says:

        Sorry about the slow reply, been caught up with midterms qq

        Yeah I was thinking it might get delayed. Didn’t this game get pushed back a year too or something? I’m really hoping that Iroha’s game comes out next year though. It’s been a long time since a game has got me going “BSHFIYHUADSJOFN ASHDIJF WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?!?!”

        LMAO the game really took every opportunity it had to shove some more Iroha shipping into our faces. Everytime Iroha showed up in a route that was not his own (IE ALL THE TIME), I’d be like 「来るな!!!」because he kept stealing the show.

        Oh and Mizuchi’s grandfather? If you don’t mind, could you explain what this Kuzuryuu myth is? I did a quick search and got a lot of dangan ronpa results so I figure it’s not a very well known myth in the West.

        Oh man you even got it all down to the poets? You are amazing. I didn’t even think to look into the poets, just the poems and got pretty much zilch for english results (my Japanese is nowhere near good enough to understand the poems or a Japanese analysis of them). Yeah I was really surprised to see Hime in Mikoto’s school, acting like he’s just a regular sempai, and also with Mizuchi’s family all dead. Definitely reinforced the whole “different paths” thing.

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who was baffled by the sword thing. I was wondering what the significance of that could be, like why specifically a sword? Did some research, think it might have been been a reference to the Imperial Regalia of Japan, where there’s a sword used for enthronement purposes or sth. The sword is also called KUSANAGI and its ties to the emperor seems to cement the fact that Mikoto is the Mikado’s daughter. I never really considered that Mikoto could be the Mikado’s daughter because everyone in the game kept harping on about how the Mikado covets the Senki, making it sound a little creepy and I just assumed it was because the Mikado either wanted to marry the Senki or to use her as a tool. The Kaguyahime myth also has the Mikado seeking Kaguyahime’s hand in marriage. It does make sense though if he’s her father and simply wants her back. I think in Mizuchi’s game, they mentioned the Mikado loving the Senki in the past so again, I assumed he was IN LOVE but if the Senki is always of royal blood, then no shit he’d love her. Now I’m curious about how the Senki is chosen – is it something that runs in the Mikado’s family?

        Oh shit yeah I remember them mentioning that there’s a new Goto head in town but being bummed when the game doesn’t reveal who it is. I thought maybe it could be Karakuri since I don’t think he really showed up this game and he did in the previous two. When Izuru made a Karakuri out of Minamoto and when Chalice made one out of Kurenai, I was thinking that maybe there was an original Karakuri too and he could be the new Goto head (though I have little basis for this cept for the fact that Karakuri was absent from this game – they could just introduce another character in Iroha’s game).

        OMG TSUKUYOMI NO MIKOTO YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Can’t believe I missed that while wiki-ing Tsukuyomi lol. This seems to give more support to Iroha and Mikoto being the same person then doesn’t it? Hime-kun did reference it too and they kept talking about being two halves of the same moon. And the whole Amaterasu thing – apparently the Imperial Regalia (Mikoto’s sword possibly) were gifts from AMATERASU, who sent down her grandson to give them to the emperor. Her grandson is also said to be the ancestor of Japan’s first emperor so it’s believed that Japan’s emperor is a descendant of Amaterasu. I’m not sure what this could mean but it implies that Mikoto would have something to do with Amaterasu? …Or Mikoto’s magical Utena powers have absolutely nothing to do with the Imperial Regalia and I’m just getting all excited here by myself xD

        AND YES BROMOTOSE. WHO IS SHE?? Her being Susanoo would explain her close relationship with Mikoto and Iroha though I don’t remember Susanoo having a good relationship with Amaterasu. They said that only bearers of the mochizuki would be immune to Iroha’s sexy eyes right? But they don’t ever talk about Bromotose having mochizuki so if she is Mikoto’s mother and if Iroha = Mikoto then I guess it’d make sense that they wouldn’t work on her lol, falling in love with your own son is pretty weird. I cannot think of who else Bromotose could be D’:


  4. I love you.Marry me plz

  5. hawke Says:

    I love your reviews soon much thank you!! if i may ask how are the previous games of hana awase related??

    • domshiki Says:

      No worries, thanks for dropping by! Each game basically focuses on one guy and only he gets a good route. You get routes with the other guys but they’re basically just bad routes of the main guy.

      Now I’m not too sure about this (shitty japanese and all) but I believe the general gist of things is that the games are all linked through the revelation that everyone has been trapped in a loop where the heroine will always end up getting killed off and then things keep resetting. Everything that happened in the previous games can be considered canon and to have taken place. However, it is implied that Mikoto will inevitably get killed off (offscreen) in all those routes, even in the happy ends

      This game is about finding out WHY Mikoto keeps dying especially since the loop everyone is trapped in was created for the sole purpose of keeping her alive, in that as long as the loop exists, Mikoto should never get killed off.

      Sorry about the convoluted answer but basically, the first game introduces you to the world of Hana Awase, the second one starts hinting at the time looping fate stuff, and this game is really where you begin to see some real meat of the story. I highly recommend this series and if you do play, please let me know what you think :D


    In any case, you basically had the same understanding of what I had of the game, but I think you probably pieced it together better than I did. I like all the extras you wrote in the end with the theories. My mind was running so much after playing this I took basically a month to recover and even then when I like…hear the OST or something it sets me off again. (Also, I like how you translated “toga” as faults. I pulled my hair out trying to figure out how to make that make sense in English and when I read it I was like OH THAT’S A GOOD TRANSLATION).

    I gotta read this conversation you’re having with Phil, since there were so many edits you made to the original post as a result of this dialogue so I’m curious. I was theorizing myself, but I didn’t get quite as far as you guys sound like you did.

    I’m laughing at how you’re staying loyal to Mizuchi. Seriously though, I loved Karakurenai but he really did get shafted in this game. This game was basically a prequel to Iroha-hen and…yeah, the thing that says “IROHA X MIKOTO IS CANON AND THIS IS WHY”

    I also need to go back and read what you thought about Hime’s game later (although I can kind of picture it from your comments on this one hahaha). Reading it might give me a better idea of what happened because I thought I understood it at the time, but Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen basically made me want to replay everything now that a lot of stuff has been revealed.

    • domshiki Says:

      I BEEN SO SWAMPED WITH WORK AND SCHOOL D: shit just keeps on coming qq

      LEL I was going to go with “sin” or sth for “toga” but then that didn’t make much sense in context so i google translated it and got “fault”. Yeah I had the same reaction, mind running wild and just going “WTF IS GOING ON????” and I think I went overboard with my theories. Watch Eroha’s game come out and the explanation be “oh we’re all dreaming btw” or some shit like that.

      BUT MIZUCHI!!!!!! Please tell me I’m not the only one. Something about how he’s so humble and straitlaced – I mean, whenever anyone implies that he and Mikoto are boning each other or whatever, he even goes 「ご婦人に失礼!!!」. He’s such a stupid doutei yarou that I can’t help grinning whenever he shows up and makes a fool out of himself. I was really disappointed that Kurenai got shafted so hard too. I liked him a lot in the last 2 games so when it became motherfuckin Iroha’s Kanashii Monogatari…. ==

      Playing Hime’s game a few weeks prior definitely helped me understand this one since Hime’s game is where you see hints of the plot and ofc, IROHA X MIKOTO IS CANON.

      • Hahaha that’s understandable. I’m glad you managed to get some gaming time in between!

        OMG THAT WOULD BE SO AWFUL DON’T EVEN SAY THAT LOL. That would be a huge cop out so I really hope something like that doesn’t happen. I’m not going to put any dream theories aside, but I hope it’s not used in that way hahaha. They do play a lot with the idea of dreams and reality and stuff so it could come up again. I’m going to have faith that the game creators won’t let us down that way since they’ve managed to do a good job so far.

        Hahahaha. I’m sure you’re not the only one, I just don’t like him quite as much as you do. I do appreciate his character and the moments you mentioned (because his reactions are just super hilarious because he’s so straight-laced), but I think he just might not be my type. I honestly feel like I should like him more than I actually do.

        Seriously though. It really was Iroha’s Kanashii Monogatari LOL. I actually think I didn’t expect as much stuff to be revealed in the game as they actually did reveal. It was probably because on their website they mysteriously labeled the last game as ??? rather than Iroha-hen…and then they went around and actually named it Iroha-hen. What was the point of that?

      • domshiki Says:

        LOL IKR but like you said, they kept talking about dreams and shit so in the back of head, I was like “no they’re not fucking going down that path…are they???”

        Nah to each his own! I just have a thing for idiot cherry boys :D That and probably because his game felt the most romantic so far out of the three

        Same here I was surprised there was actually so much plot. Was expecting a lot less the moment I saw that they put Kurenai’s game with Utsutsu’s but instead of focusing on them and the romance, they did Iroha’s sad story xD I’m thinking they probably pushed the game back so much that they forgot to even call it “Iroha-hen” or sth

      • Well if they do…they better do it well. Because if not that would basically ruin the series.

        Mizuchi’s game definitely felt more romantic. I don’t even know what they were doing in Hime’s game because he was basically trying to shove her off on Mizuchi/kept telling her she didn’t mean anything to him and I was just sitting there like…ummm okay? I really expected more romance from Karakurenai’s route though. It was there but it wasn’t as prevalent. Like, he seemed to have more “romance” in Mizuchi and Hime’s games when Mikoto was rejecting him all the time hahaha.

        That’s possible. I think they were just trolling us. Everyone was making all these theories of why they couldn’t reveal the title. My theory was that something would happen or some character would be revealed in Karakurenai/Utsutsu’s game so they couldn’t name it yet because spoilers. Obviously I was wrong lol.

      • domshiki Says:

        “I don’t even know what they were doing in Hime’s game”

        ^LOL THIS. Hime couldn’t make up his mind at all,one minute being all over Mikoto and the next being like “you know, you should really bone my best friend instead” and I was like “yo man if you want to make this Mizuchi-Hen part II I’m all up for it”. Yeah I felt like Kurenai was more aggressive I guess in Hime and Mizuchi’s games so that lead to more “romance” *coughKurenaithrowinghimselfonaterrifiedMikotocough* and at first, I couldn’t really see when Mikoto and Kurenai really fell for each other but another commenter said it was a tsundere relationship and more about trust so I’ll take that.

        Omg if they did reveal another character, we could get a 5th Hana Awase game :D …now that I think about it, I’m going to be pretty bummed when this series comes to an end. I hope that in Iroha’s game, we at least get an extra mini ending for Bromotose <3

      • HAHAHA. Mizuchi-hen Part II. You’re killing me xD. I think I agree about the trust thing. I guess it’s basically saying that a healthier relationship between Mikoto and Karakurenai would be built on trust and mutual understanding? Which is a nice message. I guess I just felt like his feelings were…not stronger in the other games, but more evident. Perhaps because it was more heartbreaking since you could see how much he cared for her and yet she kept rejecting him and wouldn’t take him seriously at times.

        I wouldn’t mind a 5th game. I felt like it would’ve been nice to have five, because then each guy could’ve gotten their own game. I can see why they combined Utsutsu and Karakurenai in one, but it did feel like they got the short sticks as a result (especially in light of the Iroha route). I’m also going to be bummed when this series is over. It’s one of the first things that got me super excited/into gaming and finding something that’s at the same level of story and character complexity will be hard. Also…just all the feels. It took me weeks to get over this game lol. I wouldn’t mind something for Momotose either!

      • domshiki Says:

        Yeah it was a nice change from overprotective Mizuchi and two-faced bitchy Hime – Kurenai just didn’t give a fuck about making a good impression and didn’t treat Mikoto like she was a newborn baby. Nnow that you say it, I kinda missed watching Mikoto scream and run from Kurenai in the other games and then see how Mikoto stopped being so scared once she realized that Kurenai was a big stupid softie.

        As much as I hate saying this, I can at least see why Iroha’s route took over Utsutsu’s at the end. Utsutsu’s path ties in so well with Iroha’s the whole Iroha path even though it shafted the fuck out of his ending (Mikoto dumps him for Iroha hurrdurr) though I’m not too sure why Kurenai’s story had to be packed in with Utsutsu – I can’t see too many links between their paths except for the family stuff and that seemed to be more about Ime than Utsutsu himself.

        I feel you man. I’m going to be so crushed when this all ends. It really is rare to find an otome game SERIES that has some seriously immersive plot and not just the usual shoujo romance. I think Iroha’s game when it comes out in 18297382193 years, I’ll have to replay the first three games (HA WHO AM I KIDDING HIME CAN GO FUCK HIMSELF) to ensure that I don’t fuck up anything because there’s bound to be more fating/faulting shit

      • He really didn’t xD. Even though he acted that way though, he was always pretty spot-on with his observations of people and the situations when it came up. HAHAHAHA you would miss that. I actually missed it as well. I think it’s because the contrast wasn’t as strong this time around. She didn’t like him in the beginning because he was up to his usual antics, but I guess since she had more opportunities to get to know him (versus trying to get along with a different guy), her dislike changed faster so it didn’t have the same impact. Or I could just be biased because I had so many feels every time Karakurenai would confess to her seriously and she would reject him to run after some other dude. I wouldn’t say their relationship was smooth in this game, but the conflict was such a different feel in their relations that it felt…tame? And I guess I expected something more exciting. It seems like I complain about his route a lot in this game, but it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as riveting as I would have liked it to be.

        I really think they needed to combine Utsutsu and Karakurenai’s games because of the concepts of hare and ke since they needed to exist in a balance. I mean, if they wanted to, they probably could’ve still divided it into two games and addressed some of it in Karakurenai’s game and the rest of it in Utsutsu’s games, but then I think both games might’ve been too short and there wouldn’t have been enough new information to add to the overall mystery. They could’ve handled it several different ways but just from the way they did things in this game, I can see that could’ve been a problem.

        Iroha’s game is advertised to come out next year, but I’m expecting delays like how this game was supposed to come out in spring but ended up coming out in fall. So I would say maybe end of 2016, possibly beginning of 2017. I feel like the wait for each game feels like 21465165 years though hahaha. I’m kind of hoping Hime redeems himself somewhere. I really want to like him, like I almost feel bad that I don’t really do, but yeaaaaah.

        If your rank is really high from playing originally, it might be a good idea hahaha. Especially since we learned about THE STUPID FORFEIT BUTTON (and you can view that one ending you never saw in Hime’s game if you wanted).

  7. Cereza Says:

    Just wondering if you plan on finishing Jooubachi no Oubou Kaguya?

    • domshiki Says:

      Aye, hopefully sometime next week. Either that one first or Yoshiwara no Higanbana

  8. r00n Says:


    despite the fact that you wrote it in such a funny way (for me at least), I love how you diligently checks on the story. even people nowadays doesnt seem care about the story and either begs for oppais, gays, and/or fanservices. tl;dr I love you. yep.

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