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Otome Game Review – Hiiro no Kakera 3 Soukoku no Kusabi

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Alternative Titles: 蒼黒の楔 緋色の欠片 3

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 07.08.08

Official Site:

Platform: PS2, PSP, DS

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, moar teenage angst

Plot Summary: Nope it’s not over yet people – BITCH TAMAKI IS BACK XD  After the sealing of the Onikirimaru, all’s good and a year has passed with Tamaki and co but then Otomate thought’d it’d be funny to drop some more shit bombs on the group so people start disappearing and Logos and the gov. paranormal faction dudes pop back in to rape the world. Continue reading

Otome Game Review – Shin Hisui no Shizuku Hiiro no Kakera 2

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Alternative Titles: 真・翡翠の雫

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 01.10.09

Official Site:

Platform: PS2, PSP, DS

Genre: Otome, romance, less teenage angst than the first

Plot Summary: The ‘upgraded’ version of Hisui no Shizuku.  Heroine Takachiho Suzu’s family is the Tamayorihimie (TM) line, but no worries for her, cuz she’s only the backup TM in case anything happens to the TM, her mom.  Of course it’d just suck balls if she remained a backstage chara so her mom and “Mao neechan”  ditch her and so, Suzu has no choice but to take on the hell of being the next TM.  As with the first, 6 hot guys at her beck and call ;D
Continue reading

Otome Game Review – Hiiro no Kakera

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Alternative Titles: 緋色の欠片, 緋色之欠片, 绯色的碎片

Company: Idea Factory

Release Date: 06.07.06

Official Site:


Platform: PS2, DS, PSP

Genre: Otome game, romance, teenage angst, bitchy heroine

Plot Summary: Heroine Tamaki goes back to her old village cuz her parents ditched her for a job, and there, she gets attacked by sludge monsters.  Her gran then tells her that she’s the Tamayorihime, meaning that she has to guard some sword called Onikirimaru.  If she fails, world go kablooie, but on the plus side, she gets 6 hot guys to protect her. Continue reading

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