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Otome Game Review – Zettai Meikyuu Grimm

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Alternative Titles:绝对迷宫格林童, 絶対迷宮 グリム 七つの鍵と楽園の乙女

Company: Karin Entertainment

Release Date: 28.04.10

Official Site:

Platform: PSP, PC

Genre: Otome, fantasy, romance, big boss battle, Maou

Plot Summary: Heroine this time is an airheaded loli called Henrietta Grimm who lives her life out as a spoilt princess with her cousins, the 3 Grimm brothers who all have special powers cuz it’s in the blood. One night she hears a voice callin her from outside, and naturally like any other smart person, she walks out into the woods alone and searches for the owner of the voice.  However, the lil idiot gets lost, doesn’t know wot to do and meets a guy called Muma and when the youngest Grimm brother (Rui) shows up to save Henrietta, Muma pops em both sleeping pills.  The two finally wake up later on, but to their wtfuckery, 5 years have passed and their town has been nuked.  On top of that, the other two brothers have gone and from their research logs, they find out that they’ve been trying to get them to wake up but don’t know anything more cuz the next pages are gone.  Rui then finds a key on him and he and Henrietta hop off to find the Grimm brothers, encountering several ppl with the same key. Continue reading

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