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Otome Game Review – Mother Goose no Himitsu no Yakata

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Alternative Titles: マザーグースの秘密の館, Mother Goose’s Secret Mansion

Company: Quin Rose

Release Date: 23.06.11

Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, quiz, U.K Culture (lol)

Artist(s): 藤丸豆ノ介 –
Fujimaru Mamenosuke + others

Official Site:

Plot Summary: Erika Fleur (Name change possible) wakes up one morning and notices that a book on her shelf is glowing brightly. The book was a collection of nursery rhymes called ‘Mother Goose’ and it was given to her by her grandmother when she was small and yea, Erika had forgotten all about it. Since its glowing, she opens it and … finds herself in some mansion surrounded by 5 men who introduce themselves as the inhabitants of the book.

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