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Otome Game Review – Will O’ Wisp

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Alternative Names: ウィル・オ・ウィスプ

Company: Otomate (Idea Factory)

Release Date: 06.09.07

Official Site:


Platform: PS2, PSP, DS

Genre: Romance, otome game, fantasy, mystery

Plot Summary: Set in 19th century London, there are dollmakers who can make sophisticated, human like dolls who talk, have feelings, blablabla.  Our heroine, Hanna, is a dollmaker in training who can see things and hear things no one else can- lol no she’s not on drugs.  Her uncle or grandpa, whoever he is, dies and she sees this as a chance to sneak into his private chambers and snoop around.  Feeling a strange air in the place, she finds a coffin and a key, opens it, only to find a ‘sleeping’ doll, and as any other sane person would do, she jacks the key into the guy, waking him up, and the story goes from there. Continue reading

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