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Otome Game Review – Iza, Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa

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Alternative Titles: いざ、出陣! 恋戦

Company: QuinRose

Release Date: 26.05.11

Official Site:


Platform: PSP, phone

Genre: AVG, Otome, romance, historical,

Plot Summary: After playing Nise no Chigiri, I’m all up for historical games so when I saw this I went:MOAR SENGOKU BASARA JIDAI??  SO THERE XD

…Sadly this is nowhere near as good as Nise no Chigiri but more abt that later.  It’s dem Sengoku times in JP atm and our heroine’s papa suddenly breaks his spleen or summin and can’t do shit in the war.  Seeing as she’s a princess, it’s her duty or some shit to go and do her part in the wars so her dad tells her to gtfo and go seduce the main players in the wars (lolol not really he jus sent her out to see which side they should follow) and so, along with her faithful bitch KOJIROU, Hana goes around the world in 80 days to find these hot sexy manbeasts.

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