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Otome Game Review – Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi

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Alternative Titles: 黒と金の開かない鍵

Company: little cheese

Release Date: 04.12.11

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: AVG, 18+ otome,  romance, yandere

Plot Summary: YANDERE.  This is wot this game is essentially built on – that should give you an inkling of wots gonna be in ere ;D  Heroine Kanade is a hikki who spends all her time sleeping and having random 妄想 to escape from reality, using a HENTAI ONIISAN figure in her dreams to keep her going through life lol.  However, a haircut from a mysterious pervert x changes her for the better and gives her the courage to get the fuck outta her house…and thus begins our brave warrior’s adventures into the real world…summin like dat xD

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Otome Game Review – Kiniro no Corda 3

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Alternative Titles: 金色のコルダ3

Company: Koei

Release Date: 25.02.10

Official Site:

Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre: Otome, romance, classical music, violin

Plot Summary: First Corda game I’ve played so scuse mei if I get the basic shit wrong. Protagonist Kohinata Kanade has two childhood brother bffs and one day, the older one decides to ditch em both and go become a pro violinist so our heroine stalks the poor guy and enrolls in the same school as him, dragging the unfortunate younger osananajimi along with her.  From there on comes the whole La Corda thing of classical music and violin shitz. Continue reading

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