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Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayorihime Denshou – Piece of Future –

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Alternative Titles:ヒイロノカケラ 新玉依姫伝承 ―Piece of Future―

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 23.03.12


Platform: PSP

Genre:  ADV, otome game, romance, future stuff, Tamayorihime, awesome twins

Plot: No I didn’t really want to play this since it the HnK3 FD sucked but I figured if I was going to clear out the rubbish, I might as well do it all in one go.  Same as with the HnK3 FD, the first part of this FD has Saya not ending up with anyone after the main game’s events, and the second part is a continuation of routes with the guys.

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Otome Game Review – Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayorihime Denshou

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Alternative Titles: ヒイロノカケラ 新玉依姫伝承

Company: Otomate

Release Date: 01.10.09

Official Site:                                                                                                                            hiironokakera/

Platform: PS2, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, futuristic, moar HnK, PIGTAILS

Plot Summary: One wud think that Otomate’d be done milkin the HnK series no, wot with 3 games and a fandisk but apparently not cuz we got this lol.  Thank fuck it’s a completely different settin cuz i was gettin pretty bored with Tamaki so this time we got ourselves a Fujimori Saya  who’s happily living out her high school life.

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