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Otome Game Review – SoraYume Portable

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Alternative Titles: ソラユメ portable

Company: TAKUYO

Release Date: 28/05/09

Platform: PS2, PSP

Artist(s): 仁神ユキタカ – Nikami Yukitaka

Official Site:

Plot Summary: As the heroine, Morinaga Satsuki (name can be changed), is looking through her attic, she finds a ring and when she puts it onto her finger, suddenly a guy with a sword stuck into him appears. After she pulls it out for him, she notices that there is no blood coming out. The guy says that that’s because he is a devil. He forces you into helping him find a different ring which when worn, drives the bearer to insanity.

Okay, just re-reading the summary makes me think that it’s quite similar to Lord of the Rings except that Frodo is kinda pathetic as he can’t survive without Sam.

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