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Proof that Japanese Otaku are amazing. ② – Bad Apple!!

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Once again, it’s about how amazing the japanese otaku’s can be. If they like something enough, they can do anything.

This post is all about Bad Apple!!

If you are a Nico Videoer, then most likely you’ve heard of Touhou. I myself don’t know much about it except that it’s this doujin shooting game and that it’s popular enough to get a whole category on Nico Vid called ‘Touhou’.

Well, there are loads of video’s online and one of the most famous ones would be ‘Bad Apple!!’. This is actually a song from the 4th Touhou game and is normally associated with the boss of that level called エリー [Elly] (the one on the left). Well, the PV for Bad Apple is absolutely amazing. Oh ya, the song is called Bad Apple!! and it says that it’s based off the line ‘One bad apple spoils the barrel’ or something. The song is nice too.

See how amazing this is?

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