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Otome Game Review – Shinigami to Shoujo

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Alternative Titles: 死神と少女, The death reaper and the girl

Company: TAKUYO

Release Date: 28.07.11

Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, stories, death reaper, picture book, tales

Artist(s): すみ兵 – Sumihei (Chaos Head manga artist)

Official Site:

Plot Summary: Toono Sayo (First-name name change possible) is a beautiful girl (the game says so, the site says so, the characters say so) who lives with her older brother, Toono Touya who is an author. Her brother tells her of his next story; one called ‘Shinigami to Shoujo’. He tells her of how it’s going to be about a lonely shinigami and a girl, and their search for the most beautiful word that exists.

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