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SO! GENDERBEND! Since everyone loves it.. … … I hope?



(Felpurr – Wizardry Series)

shota O.o not bad actually… XD

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Otome Game Review – Uta no Prince sama♪

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Alternative Titles:うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪, The Prince of ☆ Songs♪ (lol)

Company: Broccoli

Release Date: 24.06.10

Platform: PSP

Genre: AVG, Gakuen, Idols, MUSIC GAME~~

Artist: 倉花千夏 – Kurahana Chinatsu (chara design)

Official Site:

Plot: Nanami Haruka (Name Change Possible) has always been alone and the only friend she ever had was music. Her daily routine is to wake up and watch her favourite idol HAYATO’s TV show. She takes an exam for Saotome Gakuen which is a school for students who want to be an idol or a songwriter. She passes and there pairs up with someone to win at the final exam and debut together. But there’s one problem, dating is forbidden at the school and whoever gets found out is expelled unless they break up.

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