lolol wtf 6 courses what was i thinking


jusss wanted to saaaay there ain’t gon be anything new on ere for the next aeon or so prolly –


ai so sorryyyyyy my doves </3 <— there goes me bring all self important again roflcopterwtfbbq

i swear the first thang I do after this shitstorm’ll be writing my uh *much awaited* (LOL WHO AH BE FLATTERIN) diabolik wifebeaters since a fair few of you lovelies seem to either

a) want to see more of my usual rubbish writing rofl

b) are super angry about my bigoted prelim first impressions on the game and want to see me be completely wrong and take my chichinashi bitch chan shithole comments right back up my constipated asshole and then rave about how completely moe moe the game was

I won’t be able to live down option B lord have mercy on meh plz don’t let it be that one_(_ _)_

Anyone here like me suffering and slaving and toiling away like dumb buttfucks? <:’D

27 Responses to “WAT EM AH DOOOOOOING????”

  1. Choice a) for me haha
    All I can do is hope you’ll be able to at least have a good night’s rest..or any sleep at all… it sounds like you’re so busy you wouldn’t even have the time for that. really? Two jobs?
    And I’m just sitting here reading manga like an idiot.
    Good luck!

  2. Jesus. 6 courses and 2 jobs. I need anal reconstruction doing just 4 courses and NO JOB even though I need one. Christ how are you even managing HOW DO YOU HAVE TIME. That’d literally mean you’re working all hours of the day, when do you eat, sleep, rest, etc.?!

    I really don’t know what to say. I was really anticipating some new reviews from you but hearing this I want to build your a cloning device because holy fucking hell. Good luck, and I really hope you survive because I had breathing difficulties just trying to process “6 courses and 2 jobs”. May the force be with you and all that. Jeebus lawd almighty

  3. Diabolik Lovers is coming out with a fandisk and an anime soon so be prepared lmao. p.s. i don’t think anyone expects you to praise the game unless they’re one track minded idiots.

    in other news, I’d actually love to see your take on Hadaka Shitsuji lmfao.

    • domshiki Says:


      rofl I need to play that game it looks ridonkulously funny

  4. Ahyup. Although I’m only taking 15 hours this semester (holy crap it’s so easy) I’m also working two more jobs than last semester, which cultimate in abou a 30-40 hour work week. Although happily since once of my jobs involves me basically sitting around and doing nothing but homework/my other job/goofing off I’m not all too stressed and occasionally have time for the FUNNS

  5. what is your division on lol?

    • domshiki Says:

      TERRIBLE as I spend most of my time on LoL doing troll builds like tank teemo, adc orianna etc rofl

  6. LiloMi Says:

    Ahahahahahahaa, what are you doing with your life
    — too much obviously!

    ehehehe. Your DiaLovers review is something I’ll look forward too for the next EON. 8DD

  7. 6 COURSES? 2 JOBS? Are you sure that you are still alive lmao?

    If you’d go moe moe with dem wifebeaters then I would say that you hadn’t grown any brain cells and instead had lost them all lol

    You don’t need to worry about us. Just try to survive the massive cocks and come back when you have time (=

  8. Alice~ Says:

    omg ILY MAN<3
    haha i think theres gna be an anime??:O
    omg id love to see you do AMNESIA OMG.

  9. WTH am I reading asdfkl I had to read twice to understand what are you talking about xD

    But man, are you sure you have only 24 hours a day in your life?Because it doesn’t seem like it.. How you even manage to do ’em all? Do you have enough rest too? o_0

    Anyways, don’t worry. Just come back when you’re ready :)

    Oh and choice a) for me as usual. ‘Sides, I only like adult looking vampires :B

  10. domshiki Says:

    I feel so loved tyvm – for u guys i will take all the massive assraping uni can give me and come back alive and write prolly a ragepost or sth on diabolik wifebeaters <3

  11. Woooah, good luck! I’d been wondering what had happened to you. I was a bit sad to see it wasn’t an new review, but damn, 6 courses and 2 jobs DD: Of course that comes first. Actually I’m kind of amazed you ever even had time to write reviews in the first place O.o I’m a 2nd year in college and I pretty much only get to game about 30min~1hr each day. I want to start a review blog too, but I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time lol. What are you studying?

    • domshiki Says:

      another reason i post these “omg no time so sry” posts is to troll my readers hurheuheuehrue :p lol same ere, this blog started as a joke thing and somehow we managed to get readers so we stuck with it. WHERE DID THE GAMING TIMEZ GOOO?? haha u will have time – one post every 3 months prolly like me LOL
      crim atm cuz i love law but thinking of transferring to bio or phys cuz i hate all the bs theory stuff abt crim. u?

      • Woah I never realized I got a reply here even though I wander through your blog a couple times a week lololololol
        Woah crime! Fancyyyy ;w; Biology’s also a good choice, though. I’m doing animation/illustration but it’s weird ’cause I’d never intended on being an art student (I was going to do biology as well lol) but in my senior year of high school I was all I’M GOING TO BE AN ARTIST HERP DERP DERP so here I am wtf was I doing lol I don’t even know. Maybe I’ll try and find a way to do biology as well ;w;

      • domshiki Says:

        duuuuuude that’s brill! Way btr than what I’m doing…I never had the balls to go into illustration (even though I love the arts, like drawing, drama and writing) cuz of all the horror stories u hear, like how it’s an underappreciated skill and how everyone just wants business and doctors and engineers nowadays. I think you’re amazing, keep it up! :D

  12. Whoa 6 courses and 2 jobs?! Well, good luck and don’t forget to get some rest! And for me, I’m going with choice a) ^^

  13. LilGamerGirl Says:

    Yh do amnesia after your done with everything_^ (that is if u have nuff energy XD but wish you luck and do ya bests)

  14. Rokuro Says:

    Do your best :) I’ll be rooting for ya!

  15. Mary Says:

    Woow, college seems really anus-breaker! I’m starting to get scared since I have just one year left until I start it! uuahfsudhfui
    I read all of your reviews and they always make me laugh! Good luck with everything! :P

  16. Dangobokki Says:

    Bro do you even sleep? Life is tea bagging you hard I see, well good luck and take care of yourself, I will be waiting patiently for your next post. Also, if you ever get overwhelmed, take this advise http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyy00j5O9z1qzzxz8o1_r1_500.png

  17. Ariya Vanna Says:

    okay.. :) just hurry to come back with more otome… love your review so much :D its make me LOLINLOLIN to read it XD spectacular language!

  18. 6 courses and 2 jobs?? Dang you must good!

  19. Cray-Cray Says:

    That must be hard :3 d-(-3-)-b G’luck
    On the other hand are you going to do a review on Amnesia?

    • domshiki Says:

      Oho another touma fan I see eh. I’ve been hearing so many things about him lol makes me want to pick up the game and play. Yes I am going to (just don’t know when LOL) and I’ve gotten through Shin, Ikki and most of Kento’s routes so far. I just made the mistake of playing when my internet was down and when I was touching the skies high so I completely forgot to write down my thoughts and stuff when I was playing. So now my memory of what happened is super spotty rofl. Thanks, I’ll try to get sth out by the end of this month!

      • Cray-Cray Says:

        haha ok ^_^
        also do you know any, aaaaaaaaaanyone who has played Yandere Heaven~ Affection Bunny Cage :P I am so curious weather its a otome game or a cd thingy (thanks to a post on tumblr :3) and if its a otome game I wanna have a look~ so fair I found nothing (:3

      • domshiki Says:

        The r18 otoge right? I don’t think it’s out yet, it’s due later this yr. There’s also drama cds out for it, 2 BL ones and an otome one if I rmb right. I listened to one of the drama cds, it was ok, not scary enough Imo haha. Defs gna play the game when it comes out though, I love me some yandere ;)

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