Otome Game Review: Hana Awase – Mizuchi hen

img_hanaAlternative Titles: 華アワセ 蛟編

Company: Enterbrain

Release Date: 05.12.12

Official Site: http://hana-awase.net/

Platform: PC

Genre: AVG, Otome, YURA <3, SAD SHIT, YUGIOH

Plot Summary:


In this world, people play this super edgy hardcore game called HANA AWASE, where they use HANA FUDA to kill each other for shits and giggles.  Only a special few get this totally bamf power and those kids get put into special schools where they hone these skills – for what purpose I don’t know it’s like they’re tryna breed killer children who wield nuclear weapon cards.  The general public doesn’t know abt this though and just thinks that these are schools for rich kids who spend all their time playing card games.  Our heroine decides that she wants to play Yu gi Oh too like all the other cool kids and enters the school.

Okay I can tell I’m going to get so many fucking things wrong in this game – I have no idea how to play Hana Awase for one thing and know nothing the poems.  Anyway, this is the first game in the Hana Awase series and the main guy is MIZUCHI so he gets all the good stuff.

Our heroine is Mikoto and we start off with her presumably dreaming, where a voice tells her he is the other half of the moon – the other half is her.  I’ll call him THE MOON.

When Mikoto wakes up, her entire bod hurts like balls and there’s a man in front of her, telling her that she’s been in an accident. The man asks her whether she remembers him and she tells him no and he leaves.  Mikoto finds a HANAFUDA and she wishes she could have thanked the man.  The nurse comes in and is surprised that the man wasn’t Mikoto’s bf – he was the one who carried her here after the car accident and held her hand the entire time. Mikoto’s two buds, AI and SHOU rush to see if she’s okay and the next day, end up accompanying Mikoto to KAEN school to return the Hanafuda to the man.

KASEN/KAEN is this elite school where the students (KAEI) have the special ability to draw powers from HANAFUDA or some shit like that…i have no fucking clue.  They have these girl partners called MINAMO who support the, but a KAEI needs multiple MINAMO to become stronger.  While a KAEI can strike up contracts with more than one MINAMO, a MINAMO can only serve one KAEI.  Mikoto is a giant fan of the game these students play so she’s super excited to see the school.  The mo she steps into the school, some okama sounding girl glomps her and is all excited to see her.  The man comes out as well and Mikoto immediately thanks him and tries to return the Hanafuda she found.  The man tells her he was only doing his duty and says that the hanafuda has chosen her so she must come to this school now.  The girl introduces herself as MOMOTOSE and is the no1  MINAMO of the man, IROHA.

all1_thumbMikoto decides to go to the school and meets the two twin principals.  They hold an initiation ceremony for her and bring out the GOKOU (lit. 5 LIGHTS, the top 5 KAEI), IROHA, MIZUCHI, KARAKURENAI and, HIMEUTSUGI.  This ceremony is to see whose MINAMO Mikoto is going to become and when she touches the seal, some trippy shit happens and it’s revealed that she’s chosen MIZUCHI.


Mizuchi.600.1078399Mizuchi is the main guy this game and is traditional, serious and disciplined and scares the shit out of anyone with his towering height, eyepatch and general >:( ness. He treats all his MINAMO super well and equally so tons of girls are dying to become his MINAMO and hate on newcomers and are basically like the bitchy fangirl clubs in anime.  He comes from an old noble family that has always served the king, the king being anyone with two moons in their eyes (MOCHIZUKI) and because Iroha has those eyes, he defaults to Iroha.  He’s also pretty big a neatfreak, with his room being impeccably tidy and everyone describing him as “pure and clean”.

mizuchi_thumbMizuchi, dutiful as he is, takes Mikoto before awkwardly apologising and telling her to close her eyes for this part of the ceremony.  Mikoto agrees and Mizuchi leans in to kiss her on the cheek, finishing the contract.

Lol Mizuchi immediately apologises afterwards again for being a pervert but Mikoto dgaf and asks what this “ONIFUDA” all the other MINAMO were freaking out abt means.  Momotose explains that those chosen by the ONIFUDA are to become SENKI – basically, the most powerful OP MINAMO who can support a KAEI all by herself.  There are no SENKI atm so it’s become sth of a legend, and Momotose explains that to give power to the KAEI, the MINAMO and KAEI must make physical contact like kissing…though doing more’ll be more effective ;)  Mizuchi tells em all to stfu and stop making everything sound so dirty – MINAMO are PARTNERS, not tools or lovers goddamnit!  Anyway, Mizuchi tells Mikoto that he won’t touch her so don’t be so afraid.

A shadow monster thing called the UTSUROHI (lol it’s like HnK) busts in.  The UTSUROHI is targetting SENKI Mikoto and the UTSUROHI are actually the negative thoughts ppl and they consume people.  The only way to reform them is to play a game of HANA AWASE.  Mikoto quickly becomes Mizuchi’s MINAMO and plays a game of HANA AWASE against the UTSUROHI ie me not knowing wtf is going on and randomly swapping out cards and shiet OH WAIT NVM THE GAME’S SUPER EASY ACTUALLY I GOT THIS!

hentai_thumbAnyway, Mikoto wins and the next day, meets AOI, Mizuchi’s no1 MINAMO.  In pops this pervert lech of a teacher who flips Mikoto’s skirt for the lulz and tells her that Aoi is feeling threatened by Mikoto.  Hentaisensei decides to make Aoi have a HANA AWASE match with Mikoto and the winner gets to go on a date with Mizuchi lol and if Mikoto loses, she gets kicked outta skl.

aoi_thumbMikoto starts training like mad, tries to learn the skl rules and not antagonise queen bitch Aoi any further but Aoi keeps trashtalking the shit out of Mikoto.  Mizuchi steps in and apologises to his MINAMO cuz of Aoi’s bitchiness and tells Aoi to apologise too before walking off.  Aoi instead, throws a hissy fit and bitchslaps Mikoto and swears to chase her out of the school.  Then all the other MINAMO start bitching at Mikoto too

Next day, Mikoto wins against Aoi.  Aoi goes nuts and flips out and in pops some weirdo called ADABANA who tells his UTSUROHI to feed and they eat Aoi.  The ADABANA are fallen KAEI who have succumbed to their darkness and thus have the power to control UTSUROHI.  The head of the ADABANA is some big bad called GOTO. Iroha decides they’re gna have to have a HANA AWASE match to purify Aoi…and kill her.  KAEI who’ve have been tainted by UTSUROHI can be saved but the MINAMO are like water – once contaminated by that shit, that’s it for them. Mikoto sees that Mizuchi doesn’t want to kill Aoi so she tells Mizuchi that together, she and him’ll save Aoi cuz there are things more important than soem stupid code.  The two of em assrape ADABANA and save Aoi.  Mikoto gets faint and this time, Mizuchi catches her and tells her she did great

mizuchi4_thumbAoi’s kicked outta school and sent to another KAEN.  Cuz Mikoto’s won, she has to go on a date with Mizuchi who protests but in the end, ends up asking her out to the park after and even asks Momotose how much earlier he should arrive – “I usually arrive 30 minutes early before any appointment and I was wondering if it was any different for a date.  5 hours you say?  Alright” LOL.  Mikoto finds Mizuchi watering the plants at the greenhouse and ends up tripping and hurting herself cuz she’s some dojikko so Mizuchi carries her.  He tells her to close her eyes and apologises cuz it must be gross for him to be touching her and cuz he broke his promise in to never touch her.

mizuchi1_thumbAnyway, Mizuchi and Mikoto go on a date but she gets hit on by some perves and blacks out cuz she’s so scared and it reminds her of the time SOME OTHER PERVERT, KARAKURENAI tried to grab her crotch.  When she gets up, she’s is Mizuchi’s arms and he tells her that she shut down or some shit as some MINAMO defense mechanism to purify and clean cuz the MINAMO are easily tainted wtf idk.  Mikoto has to uh recharge so Mizuchi just holds her and tells her to close her eyes cuz he’s embarrassed lol.  The date ends, he takes her back and then tells her if she doesn’t mind, they could do this again next wk

mizuchi3_thumbTheir date plans are cancelled though cuz the ADABANA are out again hunting for Mikoto and there have been deaths.  Mizuchi decides to watch over Mikoto 24/7 so they study together etc.  KARAKURENAI hands Mikoto a jar of pills that he says Mizuchi dropped and warns her that Mizuchi isn’t so different from all the other perves.  During a study sesh, Mizuchi’s eye goes nuts and Mikoto remembers that she dreamt of this before.  She pulls out the pills but the eyepatch falls off and suddenly Mizuchi goes all “I WANT U MIKOTO” and pinning her down, begs her not to move.  He starts making out with her, then licks her neck and JESUS IS THAT HIS HAND AT HER CROTCH?  WHAT’S THE RATING FOR THIS I THOUGHT THIS WAS ALL AGES OMG IS THERE GNA BE RAEP-

mikoto_thumb…and no turns out I’m just getting all excited on my own and after Mizuchi tells Mikoto that he can’t stop, he wants her so bad, in comes Iroha to save the day and he knocks the shit outta Mizuchi.  Mikoto begs Iroha to stop and in swoop the UTSUROHI and they start raping all the students in the library.  Iroha dgaf if Mizuchi dies cuz he be mad that sicko broke the code and tried to rape the SENKI so Iroha’s all ready to purify/kill everyone in the library.  Mikoto’s ONIFUDA glows and she tells it to give her power to save everyone and she seals Iroha’s power.  Mizuchi snaps outta his cray shit and overjoyed to see him normal again, Mikoto glomps the guy, making Mizuchi super flustered.

Iroha reports what happened to the two headmasters and they all have a meeting.  The headmasters say that too much UTSUROHI shit has been happening so they’re commencing some…mission thingy who cares I forgot.  Oh and since Mizuchi tried to rape her, she’s no longer his MINAMO and she’s free to choose another GOKOU.

mizuchi5_thumbMikoto’s gone over to Mizuchi’s but the guy just tells her to gtfo cuz he doesn’t want to go bonkers and try to rape her again.  Mikoto refuses to and says that she doesn’t want anyone else to touch her.  Mizuchi’s like “CRUEL BITCH U GON MAKE ME GO NUTS AGAIN EVEN THOUGH I BE TRYIN SO HARD-” but Mikoto jus kisses him and tells him to defile her HUEHEUHEUHEUHEUHEU.  She flashes her boobs at Mizuchi and tells him to give her another hickey there before she falters from embarrassment.  Mizuchi caves, hugs her and tells her they be partners again

mizuchi7_thumbStill though, Mizuchi is all “WE ONLY PARTNERS NOTHING DIRTY LIKE LOVERS” and continues to be the master of mixed messages, resulting in a horribly confused Mikoto who tries to get closer.  Ofc, Mizuchi is just suppressing his feelings, shown by this wonderful CG where it looks as though he’s fapping to the thought of Mikoto.  A voice in his head though, tells him to just go and fuck Mikoto already like he wants to and tells him to release MIZUCHI.

mizuchi8_thumbSome weirdo white guy photographer called WALTER starts getting all close to Mikoto and hands her a picture of Mizuchi and Aoi.  Mikoto gets jealous some more and avoids Mizuchi a bit and when the two of em are out patrolling or some shit, ends up wandering off herself.  She’s attacked by two ADABANA who try to taint her with their dirty MINAMO water but in comes Mizuchi to save the day.  Mizuchi rages before dragging Mikoto into an alley and licking her thigh LOLWUT.  He tells her this is to uh clean the dirty MINAMO contamination so he tonguemolests Mikoto before giving her a hickey on her thigh, mumbling that it’s a mark to clear the pollution.  Walter then interrupts and says that that is obviously a hickey done out of sheer horniness don’t lie cherry boi!

The two defeated ADABANA report their failures to a KOIN-SAMA and says that BOSS GOTO hates useless scum.  That night, both Mizuchi and Mikoto are visited by the voice and he tells em that Mikoto is nearly ready to be Goto’s bride.  When Mikoto wakes up, she gets a call from Mizuchi telling her to go to his place cuz his grandpa, head of the richass old MIZUCHI fam, is dying to meet the Senki.

Mikoto goes and bumps into Iroha along the way who insists on tagging along.  Mizuchi’s gramps, Creepy Old Man, invites em in before Iroha voices his suspicions of Creepy Old Man being the culprit behind all the UTSUROHI attacks in school.  Creepy Old Man then unleashes brainwashed Aoi and  Mizuchi who knock out Mikoto and Iroha.

mizuchi9_thumbWhen Mikoto awakens, Creepy Old Man tells her that she must be made presentable in order to be Goto’s wife so he orders Mizuchi to clean her.  Zombie Mizuchi brings Mikoto to the bath and washes her down.  Mikoto totally freaks when Mizuchi starts cleaning her and ends up calling him a giant ecchi hentai before bitchslapping the mofo.  Mizuchi snaps out of it and HE starts freaking out like a little girl, going “OMFG WHERE ARE MY HANDS TOUCHING” and immediately closing his eyes and telling Mikoto to just put sth on.  anything!  He then kicks Mikoto out of the bathroom and tells her to leave him alone for 10 minutes so he can uh calm down lol.

Mikoto tells him all that’s happened and Mizuchi decides that he’s gta quit school cuz his fam is connected with Goto.  He tells Mitko to gtfo and he’ll never bother her again but before she can, cray as fuck Aoi shows up and gets consumed by the UTSUROHI.  Mizuchi says that they’re gna have to kill her off for realz this time cuz not only is there UTSUROHI, but Aoi’s also getting overwhelmed by the cursed MIZUCHI blood of their fam.  Some shit about how long ago, the MIZUCHI fam were blessed with the power of the moon but then it’s so powerful it had to be sealed.  The seal has been weakening over the years and if the MIZUCHI ppl can’t control their emotions, they’ll get overwhelmed by the power and go nuts.  All the heads of the MIZUCHI fam are to have eyes of the moon, MOCHIZUKI, but Mizuchi only has one moon eye, GENGETSU so he’s not really qualified or anything.


mizuchi10_thumbKoin shows up to retrieve Mikoto and decides to give Mizuchi a giant headache for the lulz and turns him into his puppet.  Before he can do shit though, Iroha and Momotose come to save the day and Koin flees.  Mizuchi though, has to be killed now cuz he’s technically a traitor and a threat.  Mikoto is locked up but Momotose ofc, lets her out and she runs to Mizuchi.

mizuchi11_thumbMizuchi’s all “NO IM DANGEROUS LEAVE I’LL RAPE U” but Mikoto just tellls him to whatever he wants cuz she ain’t leaving.  Thus begins their sloppy makeout session which is sadly interrupted by Koin.  Koin tells em of the deal that he made with Creepy Old Man: in return for giving him Mikoto, Goto’ll give Mizuchi MOCHIZUKI.  Well in truth, Mizuchi’s gramps wanted MOCHIZUKI so Koin gives it to him – if his bod is strong enough to stand it anyway.  Creepy Old Man becomes a bamf dragon (MIZUCHI is a name for a dragon) and kills Mizuchi.

mizuchi14_thumbMikoto freaks and finally awakens as a SENKI and revives Mizuchi.  Koin is mad now cuz Goto was sposed to be the one to awaken Mikoto but now his plans are botched and he doesn’t want Mikoto anymore.  Creepy Old Man gets defeated and lies dying on the ground and refuses to be healed by Mikoto, saving that he deserved this shit and that he wants to die so he can meet his daughter.  He leaves the shitty MIZUCHI fam in Mizuchi’s hands and dies.  Koin buggers off for the time being

mizuchi15_thumbMizuchi and Mikoto return to his condo and there, he tells her a bit about his past.  His mom was a GENGETSU like him too and got a lotta shit from it from Creepy Old Man.  One day, she ran off with some regular guy and Creepy Old Man brought her back but it was too late and she was preggers already.  After Mizuchi was born, Creepy Old Man tried to get her to remarry a Hana awase dude to make a son with MOCHIZUKI but shortly after, there was an accident and she died protecting Mizuchi.  Mizuchi can’t rmb what happened no matter what and to atone in a way, wears the eyepatch – it covers the same GENGETSU he had with his mother and reminds him of his sin.  He then tells Mikoto, 「君が、愛しい。。。。愛しくてたまらない」and that he wants to be with her.  Mikoto replies that she feels the same before they go to sleep together in the same futon UHEUHEUHEUEHUEHEHEUEHUE.

Mikoto has a dream where she’s a kid and is telling her friends that she has to move away and realises that she KNOWs Mizuchi etc from the past.  This doesn’t play a big role yet tho so whatever.

The Moon visits her that night and tells her that he’s been dumped.  Still though, he’ll continue to protect her and the next morn, when she and Mizuchi return to school, everyone’s under the control of KOIN and nutty as balls.  Turns out WALTER is Koin and he and everyone are too powerful to fight against so The Moon tells Mikoto that she’ll have to give her MOCHIZUKI to Mizuchi.  She gives up one of the moon eyes to Mizuchi and The Moon bids her farewell. The two rape everyone and end up saving the school

Mizuchi doesn’t get executed and announces to everyone that he’s gna marry Mikoto but needs permission from Iroha.  He and Mikoto go on a double date with Shou and Ai (Ai secretly likes Shou but Shou’s only got eyes for Mikoto) and damn here is where I realise how alpha male Mizuchi appears…


LOOK AT THAT HEIGHT DIFFERENCE B/T HIM AND SHOU!  Jesus he’s gotta be 2m tall or sth that monster!

mizuchi16_thumbAfter Shou and Ai leave, Mikoto is left alone with Mizuchi, who kisses her and tells her he loves her.  He tells her that he wants him bad and if Iroha doesn’t approve of their marriage, well then he can go fuck himself cuz he’s gna marry her anyway :D


Karakurenai/ KURENAI

Karekurenagi.600.1078402The gigantic hentai oresama character who refers to himself as “KURENAI-SAMA”.  Normally I’d squee after dirty old men types like him but after playing Diabolik Lovers, I’m pretty sick of this abusive shit so I was pretty torn between going “LOLOL PERVE <3” and “OMFG JUST STFU U SICK SHIT” whenever I saw him never mind scratch that I was grinning like a lecherous fool whenever he showed up lol.  His rapist tendencies make him super popular with the girls and though the prereq to becoming a MINAMO is chastity, he fools around with all his MINAMO regardless and wants Mikoto bad.  He always goes on about how it’s so obv that all the other GOKOU want Mikoto bad and how he’s different and just wants to bone Mikoto but secretly, Kurenai wants more than just Mikoto’s bod…

Hana.Awase.600.1175085_thumbKurenai’s awfully disappointed that Mikoto belongs to Mizuchi but that doesn’t stop him from hitting on her and feeling her up whenever he bumps into her in the hallway.  Once, he pins her down and starts fondling her crotch, scaring the shit outta her till Mizuchi shows up to save her.  He hates Mizuchi for being a pretentious DOUTEI YAROU LOOOOL and says that Mizuchi’s no different from himself.  Kurenai also likes to slap Mikoto’s ass whenever, something that the two headmasters do as well and tell Mikoto to just let em do it cuz HERUMON DEMO NAI!!

Anyway the route splits after Mizuchi almost raped Mikoto and the headmasters tell Mikoto to pick someone else.  Mikoto hears that Kurenai told his MINAMO to gather cuz he’s gna tell them a great story about Mizuchi.  Mikoto rushes to Kurenai’s room and demands to know what he’s planning.  Kurenai says that he’s gna tell everyone about how Mizuchi forced himself onto the poor SENKI, resulting in an enraged Mikoto who tries to slap Kurenai and yells at him for being a giant douchewad.  Kurenai tells her to stop being the martyr and tells her to do what she came here for.

kurenai1_thumbImagine my disbelief when I realised that I had to make Mikoto BEG Kurenai to not spread the rapestory around!  It was hard, swallowing my pride goddamnit and in the end, Mikoto begs Kurenai not to cuz it wasn’t Mizuchi’s fault, he’d never do that, getting Kurenai all irritated cuz it’s always Mizuchi this Mizuchi that.  He tells her that if Mikoto becomes his woman, he’ll stfu and not spread the tale.  Mikoto agrees to become his PARTNER so Kurenai tells her that she’s gna seal the contract with a kiss.  Mikoto kisses Kurenai on the cheek but that ain’t enough for Kurenai so he grabs Mikoto and shoves his tongue down her throat.  Mikoto’s terrified and when Kurenai doesn’t stop, the MINAMO defense mech activates and she shuts down.

kurenai2_thumbWhen Mikoto wakes up, she’s in bed, stripped down to her undies rofl.  Next day, she’s to go patrol with Kurenai but the guy completely forgets and is too busy kissing all his amorous MINAMO.  Mikoto’s maaaaad and angrily denies being part of Kurenai’s gang of MINAMO or being his MINAMO – she’s just his partner for the time being.  All the MINAMO are disappointed that Mikoto doesn’t want to bathe in Kurenai’s sexiness with them but suddenly Kurenai is mad and he pulls Mikoto away and angrily demands to know what she meant by “I’M NOT KURENAI’S MINAMO”.  Mikoto says she agreed to be his partner, das all, not his woman but this just pisses Kurenai off and he tears her uniform open and starts raping her face again.  When her defense mech activates again, Kurenai stops before stomping off.  Hime and Mizuchi come onto the scene seconds later and horrified to have been seen in a dishevelled state with her uniform torn open, Mikoto flees, leaving her uniform ribbon on the ground which Mizuchi picks up.

kurenai3_thumbThe next day, Kurenai refuses to patrol again so Mikoto goes off alone.  She gets attacked by the UTSUROHI and is saved by Mizuchi who HANA AWASEs with her.  He’s all worried and gives back her ribbon but the two are interrupted by a furious Kurenai who smacks the shit outta Mizuchi for breaking the code and HANA AWASE-ing with his MINAMO.  Mikoto begs him to stop but Kurenai only makes out with her in front of Mizuchi, triggering her defense mech again and she blacks out.

Next morn, Mikoto looks for Kurenai but he’s too busy romping around with his MINAMO.  Kurenai says if she wants him to patrol, then ask in a more cutesy way.  Rmbing, Hentai-sensei’s advice to try and get along with Kurenai, Mikoto sucks it up and does it and Mikoto’s pleased so he goes with her.  Kurenai’s crazy OP and draws all the UTSUROHI in the area to him and he and Mikoto have HANA AWASE battles in rapid succession.  Mikoto’s exhausted but doesn’t say anything, resulting in her fainting. 

kurenai4_thumbWhen she wakes up, she’s in a hotel room, down to her undies again and sleeping next to Kurenai.  Kurenai wakes up and for once, he doesn’t perve on her and instead, tells her not to be a dumbass and to tell him if she’s tired next time.  He then tells her to let him hug her, chill he won’t do anything, he just wants to take in that goddamn sweet smell of hers.  He gets so horny just smelling her rofl and each time she blacked out, he stripped her and wanted to bang her but always found that he couldn’t.  Mikoto then asks what being “his” means – does it mean she’s just an object and he just wants her body and not her heart?  Kurenai tells her to stfu and they sleep with him hugging her.

Hime and Mizuchi catch sight of Mikoto returning to school with Kurenai in the morn and later on, Hime confronts Mikoto and tells her that Mizuchi’s been super depressed recently, holing himself up and everything.  He tells her that Mizuchi’ll be in the greenhouse at night.

Since then, Kurenai’s r/s with Mikoto’s has gotten btr and the two go patrol errday like they’re sposed to.  Kurenai no longer tries to have his way with Mikoto and instead, has taken to teasing her with the surprise peck and grope here and there and likes pranking her too.  Mikoto asks why he’s gta pick on her all day and Kurenai’s like “Well that’s cuz I obviously-!….J-JUST CUZ UR EASY TO TEASE OK” LOL SUDDEN TSUNDERE?  Suddenly, he asks her whether they’ve met before long ago but Mikoto doesn’t think so Kurenai can’t rmb either

That night, Mikoto goes to the greenhouse to see Mizuchi, who tells her she’s not allowed in here.  She drops off some sandwiches she made for him and is abt to go before Mizuchi tells her that sharing is caring :D  Mikoto then tells Mizuchi that she’s here to tell him that though she is now Kurenai’s partner, she still belongs to Mizuchi’s group and is her MINAMO.  When all of this shit has blown over, she wants to return.  Mizuchi tells her she has no reason to stay with his rapist self, to which Mikoto replies that Mizuchi is special to her.  Mizuchi hugs her here and tells her that he’s been driving himself nuts, thinking about whether she’s okay and whether Kurenai has defiled her not.  He asks if he can “purify” her and tongues her then, saying he wants to clean everywhere Kurenai has touched.

kurenai5_thumbNext day, Mikoto goes out to patrol with Kurenai again where the guy gets bored and sneak attack gropes her chest from the back.  An arrow flies in and almost hits Kurenai, and the guy immediately flips tables, whips out a knife and demands this pussy come out and fight him.  Mikoto holds his hand and with her MINAMO powers, manages to calm him down and coaxes him into going somewhere safer.  Kurenai starts freaking out again, this time cuz he’s realised that he’s in love with Mikoto and  he angrily confesses to her like “MAJI KA YO”, ranting on abt how she’s so soft, smells so good, never listens to him and is always seducing him.  Mikoto doesn’t return his feelings cuz she has Mizuchi and tries to break it to him gently but wen Kurenai goes on abt how he doesn’t need his other MINAMO and just her, Mikoto tells him that she’s got Mizuchi and will always be Mizuchi’s MINAMO.

Mikoto dreams that night about her childhood with a kiddy Kurenai.  The two are hanging together when Kurenai tells Mikoto not to invite “that guy” tmr cuz he’s dangerous.  Mikoto refuses cuz they all buds but Kurenai demands to know what she’s doing with “that guy” when she’s sposed to be his bride!  He pulls her over and hugs her, saying that she’s so soft, how she smells so good, and that she belongs to him and that cuz she’s his bride, she’s to stay with him forever.

omg this is so sad poor Kurenai omfg


mizuchi12_thumbMikoto wakes up at night and gets a call from Mizuchi, telling her to come out.  She does and he gets all rapisty on her, demanding to know how she feels abt Kurenai.  He starts feeling her chest, saying he’s gta cleanse where Kurenai touched and says that he’s gotten rid of his GENGETSU that suppressed his MIZUCHI blood. Now he can do whatever and he wants Mikoto.  Kurenai kicks Mizuchi off Mikoto but cray cray Mizuchi summons UTSUROHI and they fight.

kurenai6_thumbMizuchi then disappears and his execution is ordered.  Mikoto gets a call from Mizuchi again so she rushes off to see Mizuchi but the guy has gone cray and tries to kill her cuz he has failed to keep her clean.  Kurenai comes in again to save her but Mizuchi summons more UTSUROHI and Kurenai ends up getting mortally wounded.  Kurenai laments that he never got to bone Mikoto rofl and hands her his knife, telling her she’s gta finish Mizuchi off and he tries to tell her that he loves her but he dies before he can.


kurenai8_thumbCrying, Mikoto takes the knife and stabs Mizuchi, apologising over and over again but she can’t let him hurt anyone anymore. In his last moments, Mizuchi sobers up, saying that he’s been in a horrible nightmare ever since Mikoto’s left him but he’s thankful he’s able to touch her once more before kicking the bucket.  He’s about to say some more mushy stuff but GODDAMNIT IROHA WHY U GTA RUIN SHIT AND STAB MIZUCHI IN THE BACK?!!?!?! Iroha tells Mikoto that her moon has changed, meaning she’s made the wrong decisions.  Mikoto leaves the school and in the end, brings flowers to Mizuchi and Kurenai’s graves, where Hime hands her a little poem or sth that Mizuchi told him to give to Mikoto.


ED 2

kurenai7_thumbDumb bitch Mikoto decides to side with Mizuchi instead and dumps poor Kurenai.  Mizuchi defeats Kurenai in a fight and then goes onto shooting the shit outta the guy.  Mizuchi then decides that Mikoto’s too unclean and prolly rapes her or some shit.

ED 3

Mizuchi kills Mikoto

Himeutsugi/ HIME

Hana.Awase.600.1078401The gentleman nice guy, voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke <3  Being the gentlemanly guy he is, Hime gets a shitton of fangirls too and gets along with pretty much everyone.  However, like many other characters of his type, he’s actually very perceptive and enjoys subtly hitting on Mikoto.  Similar to Kurenai, he acts as though he’s above  the whole squabble for Mikoto but is actually in love with Mikoto and just says love is more romantic if there’s some dude who hides his feelings and keeps it a secret or some shit like that.  YANDERE ALERT? :D  He’s also bff with Mizuchi.

hime1_thumbAfter Mizuchi tries to rape her, Mikoto decides to become Hime’s partner cuz Mizuchi’s too busy guilting himself and it would only make him feel shittier if she just ran back to him all chipper.  Hime accepts and Mikoto’s thankful cuz Hime would never molest the fuck outta her like Kurenai…OR NOT.  Hime says they gta do the contract thing too and at first, just gives her a peck like Mizuchi did, leaving Mikoto relieved but then Hime swoops back in and licks her UHEUHUHEU and tells her he’d do anything for her

The two go patrol the next day, where a bunch of gyaru swarm Hime and start doing mating dances around him.  Hime tells em that he already has a gf and kisses Mikoto to show em and the gyaru all bugger off.  Mikoto is furious that Hime’s effing arnd and shit so she stomps off, gets attacked and Hime saves her.  Mikoto thanks Hime but is still mad till Hime stops her and tells her he wasn’t joking.  Mikoto retorts that Hime might be used to shit like that but she hates that shit.  Hime tells her that a KAEI is sposed to have physical contact with his MINAMO and she should stop being so anal abt sth like a kiss.

hime2_thumbThat night, Mikoto gets a text from Hime telling her to come out cuz he wants to apologise so he’ll be waiting outside.  Mikoto tells him to gtfo but gets the feeling he’s actually waiting out there so after 3 hours or so, she dashes out and Hime grabs her…BOOB.  LOL GREAT WAY OF APOLOGISING U PERVE.  Anyway, he’s sorry for not thinking abt her feelings and tells her not to push him away, before going on about how great she smells.  He tells Mikoto not to freak cuz this doesn’t mean anything before he bites her neck and gives her a hickey.

hime3_thumbMomotose sees the mark next day and goes over to Mizuchi to chew him out for being a lech.  Hentai sensei does the same, going on about how both Mizuchi and Mikoto are secretly horny sluts and since they have so much to be boning each other, both of em can do all his paperwork for him!  TOODLEZ SUCKERSSS.  For the next few days, Mikoto has to go do 5hrs of paperwork after her patrolling with Hime.  Hime can tell that she’s horribly exhausted so he gets her to rest a bit on his lap.  He apologises again and asks if they can make up for real and Mikoto finally relents.  She tells him that she thinks that kissing is only for the person you really like and when she falls asleep, Hime kisses her but laments that since he’s not her prince and is a princess, sleeping beauty won’t awaken.

hime4_thumbAs thanks for lending her his lap, Mikoto takes Hime to see the sunset and the two mess around in the playground for a bit, where Hime confesses to her but then tells her he was just kidding.

hime5_thumbHentai-sensei gives Mikoto and Mizuchi 1298371298378912 extra papers to do and the two of em end up falling asleep while working on em.  When Mikoto wakes up, Mizuchi’s jacket is over her and she’s alone and the door is locked from the inside.  She opens the door to find Mizuchi sleeping outside.  Mizuchi stirs and bids Mikoto a good morning but then falls asleep again and Mikoto hnngggs at how adorable Mizuchi is.  She can’t hold it in anymore so she confesses to a sleeping Mizuchi.  She then gets a text from Hime that only has the word “Why” and suddenly Hime is behind her.  He tells Mikoto that he planned on surprising her ytd while she was doing her paperwork but imagine his anger when he saw that she was with Mizuchi (Mikoto didn’t tell Hime that she had to do paperwork with Mizuchi cuz she didn’t want Hime to be guilty that it was cuz he made the hickey on her)!  So guess what he did?



He tells Mikoto that he’s sick of being this perfect princess that everyone wants him to be and wants to become a prince.  Mikoto suddenly feels woozy and Hime says he’ll take her before Mizuchi wakes up.

hime6_thumbMikoto goes missing and everyone frantically searches for her.  The only person who suspects Hime is Kurenai cuz Kurenai knows Hime isn’t the perfect princess everyone thinks he is.  Hime returns to his room, where he’s drugged up Mikoto or sth and has put her into a dress.  He kisses her and feeds her blabla while Kurenai goes to Mizuchi to tell him that one of his MINAMO saw Hime carrying Mikoto away and tells Mizuchi to wake up and stop this friendship game with Hime.

mizuchi13_thumbMizuchi comes to Hime’s room at night to ask where Mikoto is.  Hime responds that he doesn’t know and Mizuchi leaves but the guy busts open the door a minute later and he and Iroha see Mikoto.  Hime flees with his UTSUROHI and Iroha gives chase, leaving Mizuchi behind with Mikoto.  Mikoto won’t snap out of it no matter what Mizuchi does so in desperation, he kisses her and she wakes up, much like Hime said sleeping beauty would if her prince kissed her.  Mizuchi’s relieved and kisses her again and again and is about to confess but stops.

Mikoto then has a dream about her childhood with Hime, where the kid was retarded and could see monsters.  Mikoto would tell him to stfu cuz she’d protect him if there rly were dumb monsters and Hime says that likes Mikoto and would do anything to protect her.

ED 1

hime7_thumbMikoto slips out to hunt for Hime and tries to talk to him but he’s nuts and instead, does his funky voodoo magic on her again and turns her into his living doll.

ED 2

hime8_thumbOrders are given to Mizuchi to kill Hime and Mikoto begs Mizuchi to take her too to see Hime.  She tries to talk to Hime but the guy’s too far gone and they HANA AWASE.  Hime is fatally wounded and Mikoto rushes to him, apologising for being insensitive and apologising for taking advantage of his kindness even though in truth, she knew all along that he  liked her.  Hime tells her not to cry and that it’s kay and that god she’s so cute he doesn’t want to die yet fuck it.  Dying, he tells her that in his next life, she’ll definitely choose him and that he’d be able to live just for her without having to pretend for all these other people.

Hime dies and Mizuchi is expelled cuz he took Mikoto along to Hime and wasn’t sposed to.  Mikoto tries to leave school too but the headmasters won’t let her rofl so she graduates without becoming the SENKI.  She goes back to where she took Hime to see the sunset and there, talks to an imaginary Hime and tells him how his MINAMO are very lonely without him etc.  Iroha shows up and tells her that Mizuchi was here but left the mo she showed up.  He hands her Hime’s phone and tells her there are unsent texts to her on there.


Hana.Awase.600.1078397Number one of the GOKOU.  Iroha is 2847239487239x more stoic than Mizuchi and is the Ice Princess.  Like Mizuchi, he sees the MINAMO as partners ONLY and is even more anal about rules than Mizuchi is.  He acts like a cold ahole to everyone but really, is in love with Mikoto like everyone else (lol which is why he was so reluctant to sign the marriage papers for Mizuchi and Mikoto).  He’s also got a huge sweet tooth and is actually very very sloppy and very childish

iroha1_thumbAfter the almost rape thing, Iroha hasn’t spoken to Mizuchi.  Mikoto feels terrible for fucking their r/s up so she goes to Iroha to apologise but the guy just tells her to stop being so self important cuz it has nothing to do with her.  Mikoto is abt to leave but suddenly finds herself crying at how pathetic she is, a SENKI failure blabalbla.  Iroha touches her cheek and tells her that he doesn’t understand her: she’s always crying, that part hasn’t changed abt her but everytime, Mizuchi was always beside her.  If she’s going to cry cuz of Mizuchi and for him, might as well become his (Iroha’s) partner instead.  If it were himself, he’d never get her all depressed like this and she’d be able to learn to control her feelings btr.  He then licks away her tears (WHAT IS IT WITH THIS GUYS AND LICKING??) and tells her to see only him in her eyes.  If she agrees to become his partners, he’ll stop perving on her.  Mikoto agrees only if Iroha makes up with Mizuchi.

mizuchi6_thumbMikoto becomes Iroha’s partner but while patrolling, she falters and needs Momotose to step in.  Iroha berates her for being a shitty MINAMO so Mikoto goes to Hentaisensei everyday after school to hardcore train.  Meanwhile, Momotose is furious with Iroha for having no tact and tells him to be nicer to Mikoto.  After one training sesh, Mikoto’s so tired she falls asleep and super awesome Hentaisensei calls Mizuchi over and leaves him to bring Mikoto back to her room.  While Mikoto’s sleeping, all Mizuchi can think about it 「この体勢は。。。当たるな。。。しまった」rofl this stupid cherry boy!  He bumps into Iroha along the way, who’s furious cuz Iroha’s told Mizuchi never to go near Mikoto again, lest he want to rape her.  He demands Mizuchi to give him Mikoto but Mikoto mumbles in her sleep abt wanting Mizuchi to stay with her so Iroha relents just this once and leaves.

The next patrol, Mikoto is able to stand her ground but gets tired fast.  Iroha hands her a bag of apple chips and tells her sweet things are good for when she’s tired.  This reminds her of all the times before when Iroha would pretty much force feed her his sweet stuff after she told him abt how her gramps used to feed her konpeito.  Mikoto makes apple chips herself as thanks for Iroha but the guy gets jealous and leaves when she gives some to Hime and Mizuchi too.

iroha2_thumbIroha becomes increasingly cold and ditches her a fair bit right after patrolling and one day, they’re attacked by ADABANA, leaving Mikoto tainted.  Iroha drags Mikoto to a hotel and tells her to strip and shower and that he’ll help.  When she refuses to, he tries to rip off her clothes, making Mikoto cries.  She says that she doesn’t mean anything to Iroha and that he doesn’t even care if she’s embarrassed or hates what he’s doing to her.  Iroha replies that it’s because he doesn’t need all these unnecessary feelings and that if she’s gna be the SENKI, she’s gta stop being a pussy who cries at everything.

Anyway, Iroha soon works out that Mizuchi is the cause of all the UTSUROHI shit cuz he’s being manipulated by KOIN and shit.  Iroha decides that he’ll have to kill Mizuchi and gets permission to detain him for the time being.  Mikoto’s pissed cuz Iroha’s being such a douche but Hime tells her he’s prolly just jealous that Mikoto likes Mizuchi so the guy’s hating on Mizuchi.  Talk about being bratty lol.

iroha3_thumbMikoto goes off to see Mizuchi and to her horror, sees Iroha knockin the stuffin outta Mizuchi, demanding to know where Koin is.  Mizuchi ofc, doesn’t know shit but Iroha thinks he’s lying and tells him that he’ll start punishing his MINAMO too…even Mikoto.  He sees Mizuchi getting worried and even more pissed, smacks him some more and orders him to forget about Mikoto – he can’t even think about her and he has to forget abt her and erase her from his heart.  If not, he’ll kill Mizuchi.  Mizuchi tells Iroha to kill him then cuz there’s no way he can ever forget about Mikoto -no matter how much distance is b/t them, he’ll never be able to get rid of teh feelings he has for Mikoto so go ahead Iroha, you can take my life but not my heart BIIIIITCH. GAH MIZUCHI WHY <3  Before Mikoto can run in, Hentai sensei shows up and tells her to leave it to him

Jesus Iroha…男の嫉妬は見苦しいぞ

Suddenly, the school is attacked by UTSUROHI BUTTERFLIES and Mizuchi disappears.  Iroha HANA AWASEs with the butterflies but like srsly?


iroha4_thumbIroha and Mikoto try to go out and find Mizuchi but the butterflies flock to em, forcing them to hide in Iroha’s room.  Iroha says that it’s Mikoto’s fucking slut pheromones drawing all the butterflies here and it’s what caused Mizuchi to go nuts.  He tells her that the moon is wrong and that he knew that he wasn’t sposed to take her as his MINAMO but the minute he saw her cry, he couldn’t help himself and had to have her.  Now that it’s come to this, the only thing they can do is die, but before that, he’s gna “become one with her” and kisses her.  

Mikoto screams for Mizuchi and in bust Mizuchi and Hime and Mikoto immediately runs to Mizuchi.  Hime reveals that he was the one who let Mizuchi out and Iroha goes nuts, summons the UTSUROHI butterflies and they fight.

iroha5_thumbIroha loses and tells Mikoto that he should have killed her, that they’ll meet again with the power of her moon, and then he collapses.  With Mikoto crying over him, Iroha himself, cries too and dies.

After that, Mizuchi leaves the school cuz he thinks it’s all fault and Mikoto tries too but the headmasters make her stay.  I’m not too sure whether this is a flashback of when Mikoto gets in an accident or in the present but there is then a scene where Mikoto’s waiting for Ai and Shou cuz they’re gna hang that day.  Mikoto’s suddenly hit by a car and blacks out.  She dreams about a boy who holds her hand and tells her that she’s important to him so he’d protect her from anything that’d threaten her.  She sees a light in the boy’s hand and the game closes with Iroha saying, rather fittingly, the Iroha poem: 浅き夢見じ 酔ひもせず.

Aferthoughts and Conclusion



Fuck this shit man this was even more emo than HnK4, the game that has “OMGAD SINNNN” as its bloody tagline.  I can’t even…just…FUCK THIS SHIT.

I know I’m bitching like a baby but that’s also partly because for one of my classes, my final mark was a B and u know what asian parents say, “B IS FOR BITCH!!” and in truth, god fuck it I loved this game.  U guys know me, i love me my yandere, drama and tragedy boohoo shit and this game had all 3.

GODDAMNIT MIZUCHI, FUCKING MIZUCHI.  This guy is made of pure moe no shittin u guys. GOD HE’S JUST SO SKBFSAKLDBFASKLBFASKLDF.  I loved Kurenai too cuz I LIKE MY RAPIST WITHOUT BEING REALLY A RAPIST CHARACTERS OKAY THERE I SAID IT LET THE FEMINAZIS AND OTOMES GELD ME NOW.  Hime was aite.  And Iroha…I had high hopes for him cuz I loved him in everyone else’s routes but he acted like an angry mouldy bag of pubes his own route for the most part and was so horribly childish and bratty when it came to Mizuchi.

The side characters weren’t ignored either and both the headmasters, Hentaisensei and Momose were awesome.  All 4 of em were hilarious and perved on Mikoto all day, slapping her ass, biting her ear and massaging her big boobs.  And I loved Mikoto.  Yes, she made some pretty dumb choices which killed everyone off in the end and yes, she had this good girl act for the first bit of the game but it was all well intentioned and she tried her darn best everytime, all the time.  She says adorable things, knew how to cook, was so single target sexual for Mizuchi and so true to him, that it’s pretty much impossible to not just like her (it was also justified cuz she’s the SENKI and releases dem sweet pheromones smell so people are sposed to be drawn to her).  And she has a nice rack, I mean look at this:



The art’s brill, admit it everyone Yura’s the shit fuck yeah.  For once we have an all ages otome heroine who has nice tits too, so thumbs up ;)  God and the music…JUST HOW MANY THINGS RIGHT CAN YOU DO IN A GAME GUYS STAAAHP.  The OP was prolly one of the coolest ones I be seeing – minimalistic, no horrible singing like with most other otoges.  FukuJun is amazing and so is Mizushima Takahiro for playing Momotose – he actually sounded a tad like a girl.

Though there were routes for the other characters, they were all just basically Mizuchi’s bad routes and I thought this worked well cuz this is a Mizuchi centric game and it really got across that in this game, Mizuchi x Mikoto is the OTP.  Yes I was disappointed and wanted more with everyone else but that’s for the other games right?  Goddamn this is genius marketing: instead of having it all be just ONE character, they slip in little routes for the other characters too to give you a taste of what’s to come. Just a bit though, or there won’t be enough material for the other games, but enough to get you hooked onto the series.

I found it pretty dumb how ALL the guys tried to rape Mikoto – I’m not horribly against all rape shit in otome games like most other players (i’m a perve k i kno), only against brainless unnecessary rape and it was pretty random in Hime’s and Iroha’s routes and kinda ruined the characters a bit.  Minor detail though whatever, guess they wanted to get across how much of a seductive senki slut Mikoto was lol.  Another gripe is with the HANA AWASE plot and I know I said this already but HOW THE FUCK DO BUTTERFLIES PLAY HANA AWASE?!?!?!  I got a shitton of things wrong I know and I didn’t completely understand the whole HANA AWASE thing and it’s a shame how my  jap is too shitty for me to understand the poems – the game had a nice poetic air to it and the romanticist in me loves that kinda shit.  I wonder how the childhood pasts tie in and I’m also curious as to why there isn’t a game announced yet for Iroha.

Yeah so fuck all dem bitches who were like “eh this game is 1500 yen for one character rip off bs” cuz this game is worth every loonie and toonie spent.  It has a CG count that exceeded what I expected, fab art, fab music, fab characters, a sleek system where there is no super tedious HUNTING FOR ROCKS or MAKING WEAPONS (*coughkanuchiwofcough*) shit and I actually enjoyed the HANA AWASE game tbh – it was a piece of cake compared to grinding in Pokemon and FF lol.  Yes I’m biased because it’s Yura and cuz I like all the drama but


Oh and happy holidays, my loves <3

24 Responses to “Otome Game Review: Hana Awase – Mizuchi hen”

  1. Gawddannggit!!! I keep losing at da hana fuda game I couldnt go on so I quit and went for Chou no Doku FD…. I guess I needa pay attention on how to actually play the card game lol kinda skipped dat part

    • domshiki Says:

      same here i lost the first 2 games till i decided to finally read the instructions and somehow, i managed to get it with my broken japanese LOL

      how is the chou no doku fd? i havent had time to play it yet

      • It’s not that bad… okay I’m not sure what you’re expecting but to me I still liked it. It’s kinda short and really more of an epilogue-ish type. No option thingies to unlock routes, at least not like in the first one. This time they’ve got some fun added features like a fortune-telling thing. As for the pr0n, well it didn’t miss any step from the trendy pr0n they’ve got for otoge recently lol

  2. Mary Says:

    Can’t believe everyone died… I won’t play this game D:>

  3. Hell Yeah! Hana awase is a great game!
    All the “rape” elements in this game could be explained ’cause of Mikoto’s sedusive aroma waterXDDD and all guys are in love with her from their childhood. Hime and Iroha are just crazy O.o
    Well… how butterflyies of Utsurohi could play a card game is a biiiig question…

    • domshiki Says:

      it topped my expectations that’s for sure :D
      LOL yeah i was like “goddamnit mikoto u big slut” and i really want to find out about their pasts. funny innit, how iroha and hime seemed the most normal but turned out to be utterly cray…while Kurenai turned out to be pretty normal – IN COMPARISON haha
      I hope i wasn’t the only one who questioned the mechanics of butterflies playing cards

    Tbh those butterflies clearly can play hana awase better than I do cause fuck I SUCK AT THE CARD GAME T____T. I always do dumb derp shit and fuck up the entire game for myself LOL
    But it’s okay seeing as how the rest of the routes are depressing as hell and tragic (in.. a good way? what) but still are about Mikoto and Mizuchi I think I WILL ENDURE IT and hopefully get better lmfao. I’m also curious though, cause they only have 3 games announced for Mizuchi/Hime/Kurenai/Utsutsu (2 in disc 3)…. THE MYSTERY CHARACTER UTSUTSU GETS A GAME AND IROHA DOESN’T? WHY argh I also feel like Enterbrain left enough of the storyline a mystery too so we’ll eventually find out in the later games the whole story which really makes me look forward to the rest of the games.
    But Iroha. Where is the Iroha game, Enterbrain?

    • domshiki Says:


      loool the game’s pretty easy after the initial “WTF AM I DOING” haha but yeah i overextend a lot and try to do combos and get buttraped in the end.

      It’s well worth the deaths and hana awase dwbi cuz Mizuchi x Mikoto is adorable lol. It’s so obvious who Utsutsu is rofl but yeah why doesn’t Iroha get a game?

      Though tbh, Iroha turned out to be such a fucked up shit I’m not too excited to do his route anymore

  5. Mondhase Says:

    GAHAAWH I’m finally done after 4 sleepless nights muaharr hararr~ And what should I say? What about… where is the next game?! This game is so addicting, I still think about it, which is kind of unusual for me. I EVEN BOUGHT IT!! (?!?)
    And MORE LOVE for Iroha!! His end made me almost cry. Actually, I kind of pity him since it’s obviously how much he is in love with her <3 (I mean, c'mon… it's so obvious who the moon in her dreams is…; not to forget all those hints in the other routes), and his strange behaviour surely will be explained in the later games. But maybe I'm only biased since I played his route first XDD but oh well, his envy towards Mizuchi was sometimes a little bit over the top… and Mizuchi is my second favorite!
    I am also curious about Utsutsu rofl. Actually, I didn't have any clues AT ALL who he might be until I downloaded the wallpaper-set from the official site. Thanks to his background. rofl.

    • domshiki Says:

      I KNOW WHAT U MEAN :D wen i was done I cudnt wait for the next game to come and I think it’s just announced for thisyear without a precise date.

      i LIKED Iroha before he became so petty with his jealousy…it kinda ruined his character a bit, i liked how he was so stoic and acted so “above it all” but then it turned out he was just nuts and kinda bratty I thought. I still like him, but Mizuchi definitely came out top for me in this game anyway.

      LOL YEAH utsutsu’s bg, like way to go spoil it guyssss. though it was stillpretty obv who he was I thought imo anyway

  6. Matsuri Says:

    FINALLY! Someone who knows spending on this one character’s route isn’t a waste! I completely agree with you, I loved this game! When I played Karakurenai’s route, his assholery+mood swings had me thinking “Ah, this is the Hino Effect”. I was WRONG. Because the true batshit insane character was actually HIMEUTSUGI.

    It was AWESOME!! I love all the boys…But my first love is Utsutsu!!! I can’t wait to finally play his game when it comes out!

    • domshiki Says:

      HAHA i know what u mean, i was pretty sceptical myself like “wtf this game is just for one character?” but overwhelmingly positive reviews convinced me to try this out and yes, it was brill. lolol funny innit, how Kurenai turned out to be the most ‘normal’ one and was the only one who didn’t have an ending which had him going nuts and killing everyone or raping everyone. I’ll admit, Hime was pretty cray but you cud totally see it coming cuz he’s *that* kinda character but Iroha? i think he was just nuts, i didn’t see any of tha cray stuff coming

      Utsutsu sure is mysterious :3 my faves so far are Mizuchi and Kurenai but I’m dying to play Iroha just cuz there’s no game announced for him yet lolol

  7. sona buvelle Says:

    graphics are really weird

  8. I don’t know why I keep playing Otome games, your reviews are all I need, Shiki. Really, why do I keep buying them?

    • domshiki Says:

      HAHA IT’S A TRAP! Dem otome game companies know how to make us spend big bucks on their 2D men ;) Though for games like this one, u really do need to play them to appreciate how fab they were!

  9. sisy Says:

    hello.. I recently stumbled to this blog and I was so ecstatic to see there’s so much otome game review.
    I just know about this otome game/visual novel nit too long ago, and I really love it(a lot).
    but I find it very hard to get one nowadays.
    I can’t speak Japanese, so I just wanna ask if you know where or how to get this game with English translation? a few days prior, I fell in love with hiiro no kakera(anime)
    I tried tp find the game, but only end up fail Miserably.
    could you please help me?
    by the way, I started to trad all your game review :)

    • domshiki Says:

      Why thank you very much :D
      I actually don’t think HnK is out in english; from what I’ve heard, only Hakuouki is getting translated. I hear there’s a translation project though so maybe you can see if you can find anything there. Sorry I can’t be much help since I’ve never looked for patches or english versions.

      • hakuouki and starry sky in spring is english also otometeki koi is has english version on ds too,you can use atlas+agth/ith+aggretor for translate games on ENGRISH

  10. Jasmine Says:

    After reading your review (some of it, don’t want to spoil myself TOO much haha), I’m really contemplating getting this game. Even though I don’t know Japanese, people have written detailed summaries, so I think I’ll get the gist. However, the main thing stopping me is the card game. I really don’t want to play it and even though someone has made a video giving instructions, I still DON’T wanna play the card game LOL.
    Basically, I was wondering, is it mandatory to play the card game in order to progress in the story? Or is there an option to skip it something? Thanks

  11. Blue Says:

    I haven’t played this game because I don’t know Japanese that well yet (and I’m learning as fast as I can while having NO TIME!) but I did hear that the sequel for this game is out today (now that it’s past midnight) and thought you might be interested to know that… considering that you liked this game!
    UH! I wish I just magically understood Japanese already!

  12. sweet jesus, I’m cracking up at your reviews.. thanks tho for writing this XD you made my day

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