Otome Game Review: Hana Awase – Himeutsugi hen

himehAlternative Titles: 華アワセ 姫空木編

Company: Enterbrain

Release Date: 26.02.2014

Official Site: http://hana-awase.net/H/index.html

Platform: PC

Genre: Otome, YURA <3, SAD SHIT, YUGIOH

Plot Summary: Kids playing Yu Gi Oh


I finally got a break so decided to tie up some loose ends and this was one of the games still on my PC.

Some of you who have had the misfortune to burn your eyes reading my shitty review of the first game may already know this but fuck yo, I think Hana Awase is THE SHIT.  Therefore, I’m prolly gna be more biased than usual and suck plenty of dick fanboying so hard that when I’m done, the walls in my room be painted white from my MANY GLASSES OF MILK!  Ugh, what were u sickos thinking?


Anyway, the general gist of things is that there are these cool kids who go to school to learn how to play Yu Gi Oh. Some so strong, that their trap cards and monsters actually come to life and kill things.  So you know, they’re in school to learn how to kill each other with their magical powers.  I don’t fucking know, I don’t think anyone ever explains the purpose of the school and what sorta job prospects it offers these demented children.  Our heroine, wonderful adorable Mikoto enrolls cuz playing Magic the Gathering all day long beats vanilla lessons like maths and english.  A quick overview of things:

all1_thumbKAEN is this elite school where the students (KAEI) have the special ability to draw powers from HANAFUDA cards or some shit like that…i have no fucking clue.  They have these girl partners called MINAMO who support them with their uh “pure water”  so that the Kaei can fight impurities called UTSUROHI/UTSURO.  While a KAEI can strike up contracts with more than one MINAMO (and can have a primary Minamo, their “partner”), a MINAMO can only serve one KAEI.  The top 5 KAEI are HIME, MIZUCHI, IROHA, KURENAI and UTSUTSU, with Utsutsu being mia ( the “5 Lights” or “5L” for short).  

There is one super rare shiny Minamo called the SENKI and her lore is that she’s kinda like Kaguyahime: the Senki is a princess from the moon who came down to earth one day and met 5 princes. She does the forbidden and falls in love with a human being (one of the princes) so when her attendants come to retrieve her, she is unwilling to leave and there is war between the princes and the moon.  The princes die, are resurrected by their followers with KOTODAMA (magical words) and the princess returns to the moon.  Some shit like that. The parallels are obvious: Mikoto is the Senki and the 5L are the 5 princes who fall in love with her and consequently end up cray cray if things don’t go well.

Also, there’s a main guy in each game and it’s all pretty much about him.  There are routes for the other guys but those basically serve as the main guy’s bad ends.  Judging from what happened in the first game. Mikoto will be in love with Himeutsugi in all routes and only he will get a happy ending.

Himeutsugi = HIME

himeThough I liked all the guys, I remember being pretty torn with Hime nonetheless. On the surface, he’s the princely, gentle type who’s popular with everyone but really, he’s a closet pervert who then becomes a nutty yandere. His yandere was more of the creepy, whiny sort, stalking Mikoto and making her his sex doll as opposed to the axe crazy “kill-the-third-wheel-and-his-family” kind so he sorta just gave me the heebie jeebies.  Since they made Mizuchi so sexy and brilliant in the first game, I’m sure I’ll be dying to lick Hime’s bum at the end of this one. Strangely enough, he’s also best friends with Mizuchi who is his polar opposite.

The game starts with Mikoto talking with THE MOON (TSUKI) again.  In the first game, she sometimes has conversations with this dude in her head who tries to guide her and talks about her as his other half (of the moon).  The 5L are squabbling in the background and the voice tells her that he in hell right now and that she does not belong here.  She is to reach towards the light and hold onto it and when she wakes up, she’ll be holding onto the hand of her new KAEI master.

16496d02When she comes to, she’s on the train, holding hands with none other than a sleeping IROHA (IROHA X MIKOTO IS CANON).  Utsuro suddenly appears but she is rescued.  Iroha hands her the ONI FUDA (op card) and tells her that it will guide her.

Now she’s back at home with some black Electro bitch attacking her.  Hime busts in and guess what the first thing this pervert does is?

33fab237Burrow his face in between Mikoto’s boobs.


Such class.  Really now?

The ONI FUDA appears and Hime realises that Mikoto is the SENKI.  Blabla card games blabla everyone else appears and Iroha knocks her out and she is taken to Yu Gi Oh school.

She wakes up, gets dragged around the school and then has to Hana Awase with…



I swear my nuts were bustin from joy; fuck, did I mention that I LOVE Mizuchi? ARGHHH  I don’t have enough human depth to start adoring Hime the same way at the same time!  It’s too much!

So they Hana Awase, then Mikoto sees dead bodies.  Before she can ask any questions, Hime apologises and then punches her stomach roflcopter 

So far, this game is doing a pretty bad job of making me like Hime.  First he rolls around in Mikoto’s chest like it’s his territory and now look what this crazy fucker does, he slugs a little japanese schoolgirl in the gut and knocks her out!  We can’t let this delinquent run loose in our neighbourhood, he’ll be a bad influence.  Think of our children!

131987c6When she comes to, the two little pervert principals are all over her.  They summon the 5L and tell Mikoto to choose  one of them.  Nothing happens though and her ONIFUDA won’t choose.  This is cuz they aren’t following the proper ritual rules (wrong time,wrong place and wrong people) so the principals postpone the ritual to next month and says that for now, Hime will take Mikoto. They’ll then run the ritual and see who’s group she’ll go to then.

In the morning, Mikoto calls her friends AI and SHOU but they act like Mikoto applied to KAEN herself and has always wanted to go. Turns out Iroha changed reality with a KARAKURI (lit. kaleidoscope): it looks like some antique toy but depending on who uses it (is meant to be only for Iroha atm), grants  special powers. In this case, it is KARAKURI MIKOTO (mikoto as in “life” or “fate”) and it changes the life (mikoto) of a person.  He blabs on about how it was necessary and justified and when Momotose flips her shit at him, he just says to Mikoto that he’s told her once already that he’s not going to let her escape anymore.  She’s not to leave the school grounds either, in case she gets killed by UTSURO

Hime then challenges Iroha to a Yu Gi Oh duel – if Hime wins, Iroha grovels at Mikoto’s feet for being a pube eater and gives permission for Mikoto to return home. If Hime loses, then Hime leaves the school.  Hime’s no.1 Minamo, HANAGAMI, jumps in and says that it’s senpai’s orders, Iroha is to duel, Momotose his MINAMO and Mikoto as Hime’s.  Oh and the winner gets a victory kiss from Mikoto ;)

Mikoto goes to Hime’s room to uh learn some stuff from him hueheu but Mizuchi is with the guy and Hime’s just going on about how cute Mikoto is and wonders about whether she’s had sex before and how her big rack must be soft and- WAIT WHAT THE FUCK???  I always knew that Hime was a closet hentai but lords, at least he was subtle about it in the first game…Mizuchi calls him out on it like “Yo man stop talking about her like that, it’s indecent” but Hime just brags about how he’s gonna have some lovely studying session with her now.

188b2856The day of the match comes and FINALLY Kurenai shows up (right, did I mention that I ALSO LOVE KURENAI? Not as much as Mizuchi but certainly way more than Hime lol) and being the typical arrogant chauvinistic pig he is, the first thing he does is tell Mikoto what a great fuck she’d be and he starts eating her face out.  He says that Mikoto is his (the Senki contract is sealed with a kiss) now, who gives a fuck about the ONIFUDA, Kurenai just beat Iroha in a fight anyway.  If Hime wants Mikoto, he gotta beat Kurenai in a duel.

Utsurohi show up so the duel is postponed again.  That night, TSUKI visits Mikoto and introduces himself as the half of the moon.  He tells her that he can’t physically meet her since he can’t move, his body sealed and bound by something.  Talking to her makes him feel better though and he holds her hand.

Mikoto wakes up in a hospital bed after passing out from the UTSUROHI x Kurenai rape and Iroha is the one holding her hand, sleeping.  Turns out Iroha fainted during the match with Kurenai because he was “dry” – these Yu Gi Oh kids fight using what they call “WATER”. Like how blood gives us life, this WATER gives them the power to fight.  MINAMO provide a supply of water through physical contact and partnership but the prob with Iroha, is that most of the time, he refuses to take WATER from Momotose or his other MINAMO and even when given, it drains from him stupidly fast like he has urinary incontinence.

206e73efHime gets faintheaded so Mikoto lends him her lap to sleep on.  It’s hinted that Hime has something that he “must do” but is  hindered by some physical affliction.  He regrets not being able to protect Mikoto, especially when that victory kiss was meant to be his (nice priorities).  If he was a real prince and not a princess, he’d had been stronger, like the one he read about in a fairytale:

One day, the prince saved a girl who was attacked by a monster.  The girl turns out to be a beautiful princess from the moon and the prince ends up falling in love at first sight.  He kisses her chest (LOL, typical Hime) and swears an oath of eternal love.  At the same time, the prince has a curse set on him, a curse that renders him unable to bring the princess any happiness, a sad, sad curse….


Fuck you Hime you troll. He kisses her quickly and tells her that he’ll tell her the rest of the story if the ONIFUDA picks him.  Meanwhile, the principals have decided that the ONIFUDA ritual has been fucked up twice already so now it’s time for operation BACHELORETTE: the 5 LIGHTS compete for Mikoto’s affections and she’ll choose her guy herself.   Mizuchi’s pissed off at this since it’s like making a sport out of Mikoto’s feelings (omg Mizuchi <3) so he refuses to participate. Since Iroha technically lost the duel, Mikoto is now allowed to go outside as long as Hime accompanies her.

Mikoto returns home to see her two buttbuddies and Hime tells her to contact him once she’s done (he’s at least polite enough to not intrude on their reunion).  When dinner is over, Mikoto texts Hime who replies that it’s chilly tonight so she should take care, nite.  Mikoto’s like “aw he’s so nice! …WAIT A SEC how does he know it’s cold outside???” so she takes a look outside her window…


…and sure enough Hime’s camping outside her house like some creepy hobo.


…LOL oooohhhfuckingkay….

0d68718eMikoto tells him to get his freezing ass inside da house but he goes on about how he doesn’t belong there in the warmth  and starts being all melodramatic about how he’s a failure and is always so dase like how is someone as uncool as him ever going to be like a prince?  Mikoto’s like “where the fuck is all this emo shit coming from m8″ and when Hime’s affliction comes again (something about having too much power? idfk), she throws herself on top of him like “I’M A BLANKET!!!”

Then the next day he’s like “k I’m not doing this proposing thing too bye”.  I really have no fucking idea wt kinda drugs Hime is on.

The day of the proposal comes and Kagami has brought her cameramen cuz this shit be going on national telly!  Instead of seducing Mikoto, Iroha and Kurenai talk about the Utsurohi attacks and conclude that Kagami is behind it with her cameras and shit.  Sure enough, her cameraman is an ADABANA (bad guy Utsurohi sth) and is working for the big bad GOTOU.

106c62e0The Gotou were royalty who rebelled against the Emperor.  The head of the Gotou family and the Emperor himself were apparently both in love with the Senki in the past or some shit.  Mikoto partners up with Hime to duel after getting permission from Iroha but Mushi uses thunderbolt and electrocutes the MINAMO (cuz their WATER conducts electricity like drinking water rofl idk otome physics man I guess sure).  Mikoto blacks out after seeing Hime use his powers to draw the current to himself.

21604476She dreams of a young boy crying about how he’s lost everything.  A curse has been cast on him and now he can’t be the prince who saves the princess: he will become a demon and kill the princess.  Mikoto comes to and finds out that Hime has basically drawn all the UTSUROHI filth and confined it to the school hall, where he’s trapped the ADABANA and some unfortunate students in there with him.  The principals have sealed off the area for now as everyone inside has probably been tainted and Iroha plans to bomb the place and bury it to contain the contamination. Mikoto leaves and Momotose then goes on about how the poor thing doesn’t even realise that she’s in love with Hime

images (1)


When did Mikoto fall in love with Hime? WHEN THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN??  She had more shipping with with even bloody brick wall IROHA ffs.  All Hime did to Mikoto was whine and whinge about being a princess boohoo and make inappropriate comments about her big tits.

Mikoto runs off and starts hammering on the  door for Hime.  A reply comes and he chides her for being a silly girl, going so far for him.  He’s heard about the bomb plan and he’s given the thumbs up since he’s already tainted, might as well take the contamination with him when he kicks the bucket.  In truth, he’s a demon and he is the one who brought the UTSUROHI here.  Funny though, his powers were the very thing that allowed him to hold the contamination and keep the school and Mikoto safe…so he is sort of like a prince, isn’t he?  It’s a blissful thing, being able to finally become a prince at the end, it’s enough.

289ff123As he dies, the ONIFUDA tells Mikoto to say the words and she chants the KOTODAMA words of Resurrection.  The utsurohi clears, leaving the two of them.  Mikoto holds Hime hand because she had a feeling that he’s been reaching for her the entire time, and tells him that she’ll accept him and any more of his weird shit.  Even if the ONIFUDA says otherwise, she has chosen Hime as her partner and likes him. Hime snogs her and then ruins the moment when he suddenly grabs her tit and is like “always wanted to feel these bazookas cuz they biiiiiiiiiiiig” LOL WTF HIME CMON YOU’RE NOT HELPING YOURSELF AT ALL.  Ugh.  He decides that he’s gna fight his shitty destiny cuz boobs.

Next morning, he immediately starts showing some yandere cray cray when he asks about this “SHOU-KUN” of Mikoto’s and goes on about he doesn’t want to hear Mikoto talking about some other guy when she clearly likes him, Hime. Anyway, they break the news but the ONIFUDA hasn’t stopped glowing, meaning that it is not accepting Hime as her partner (HAHAHAHAH CUZ IROHA X MIKOTO IS CANON)

No sympathy for Hime cuz he then flirts with all his MINAMO as usual, kissing them and telling them how much he loves them all.  Mikoto’s like “wt the fuck” and Kurenai comes over, telling her to come to him and ditch this sleaze.    They hide when Hime shows up and another MINAMO who has come to return his lost phone.  He thanks her by embracing her and telling her that he likes her, asks if he can have her body.




Anyway, the reason why some of Hime’s MINAMO dropped out last year and recently was because of this: MINAMO are meant to be pure as far as I know and sexy times disqualifies them.  Kurenai tells her this is what Hime really is like (most unfortunately for me, I have to suffer this shit now yay) and that Kurenai would take much better care of her…Hime comes back and is like “wtf are you two doing here in the dark??”, immediately implying that Mikoto  is cheating on him and even Kurenai can’t stand his nerve and calls him out on his hypocritical bs.  Hime’s like “I’m not some shameless skirtchaser like you, I’m just rewarding my MINAMO like I’m supposed to”   Now get back over here Mikoto, that’s a good girl…Mikoto is creeped out and hesitates but thank god the Utsurohi interrupt.

UM EXCUSE ME PRINCESS, if we’re going to be playing the blame game, at least Kurenai doesn’t actually screw his Minamo because he knows it’d ‘sully them’ and get them kicked out from the school.  As far as I know, he’s super kind to his Minamo and he’s only this creepy with Mikoto.


Hime goes on about how he wants to be no.1 for Mikoto and wants her to have no contact with other men.

Yeah. Not happening while you still be manwhoring.

273befa7Mikoto speaks up once and says that he’s been feeling up all his other MINAMO so it’s not fair for him to demand that of her.  She’s willing to do whatever it takes to make him happy and uh wants to “warm him up” or sth.  Wtf Mikoto is way too good for Hime.  He doesn’t deserve her at all. They kiss like everything’s okay now er alright and in the morn, Kagami leaves the school and kisses Mikoto good bye.

2c2f68e8During break, Mikoto tells Ai about Hime but is pretty sure they aren’t technically dating so it’s nothing too big atm.  Hime shows up and bear hugs Mikoto and suggests that they become lovers, since Mikoto likes him anyway right?  He doesn’t care about the SENKI bs as long as he has Mikoto and asks her if she wants to have sex with him right now.  Mikoto freaks and shoves this sicko away, telling him that she can’t risk losing her MINAMO powers and not being able to support Hime so please, wait for now.  Hime gets pissy and says that fine, he’ll just be her partner and won’t touch her and then storms off

download (3)He then bitches about his boohoos to Mizuchi, how Mikoto doesn’t understand him and his neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds!!! He’s so sick of thinking about other people all the time, of being this perfect princess that he doesn’t care anymore and just wants Mikoto but thanks to Mizuchi’s advice, he’ll try to understand her POV.  lykomg sooo considerate.

2d179f45The two go out to clear UTSUROHI in the city the next day when Mikoto gets a call from a livid SHOU who has heard about this playboy bastard from AI and demands to know where they are right now so he can whoop that shitsack’s ass.  Shou arrives and starts pummeling the daylights out of Hime, fuck yes fuck yes and roars that he didn’t protect Mikoto all this time so that he could give her away to some shallow gigolo like Hime.   UTSUROHI then flock to his negativity and turn him into ADABANA.

06ad2dbeThey purify him but he blacks out and Mikoto faints too from fatigue and taint. When she wakes up, she’s naked and so is Hime and great, more of this shit. He claims it’s to maximise body contact for him to better purify her.  Hime confesses that he’s a coward and he’s been running away from his feelings, terrified of getting overwhelmed.  He’s done running though, he wants to become a man worthy of Mikoto so he confesses that he loves her, loves her so much that it’s killing him keeping her just as a MINAMO.  Mikoto tells her that she feels the same but she has to stay a MINAMO.  He won’t go all the way then and spends the night kissing her all over ugh Hime. just no.

Hime reveals to Mikoto that “UTSUKI” in his name means a dead, hollow tree and true to his namesake, Hime can’t retain WATER so he’s always pissing his pants thirsty for some MINAMO loving. Tbh, he doesn’t know what happens to the cursed prince.  It was a book his dead parents left but the pages after that are missing.  He always wondered how the prince could fall in love at first sight since love at first sight is unrealistic as hell.  Over time though, because of his desperation to become a prince, he started believing that since the prince fell in love at first sight, if Hime falls in love at first sight too then he’d become a prince (such logic).  He’s been trying  that but that only made him a princess who loves everyone equally.

28fcd899Then the irresponsible fucker runs off  and they find out that a bunch of his MINAMO are cut to pieces in the greenhouse.  They all have a text from Hime saying “ay bby yu want sum fuk?” so they suspect Hime and Kagami (she has a katana).  Adabana come to take Mikoto but Iroha kicks their ass and then takes Mikoto to his room. He ties her to the bedpost because she’s a stupid SENKI who doesn’t understand her importance or the fact that a bunch of ADABANA want her.  This is to make sure she doesn’t run off and get herself killed.  He’s going to go and kill Hime now: because of him, Mikoto has chosen the wrong path and has caused this shitstorm.  When Mikoto declares that she loves Hime and dgaf, Iroha notices the hickeys and tears up her clothes in rage, roaring that the SENKI must not be tainted.  Then he falls asleep cuz it turns out he got drunk off some rum chocolate or sth rofl.  TSUKI visits her that night and mentions that he’s got a headache cuz that guy got drunk

*Note: picking this up again after a year and I completely forgot about everything*

Mikoto and Kurenai sneak into Kagami’s broadcasting company tournament as contestants.  Halfway through, theres a blackout and everyone is knocked out.

When Mikoto wakes up, Hime is there but she can’t move or speak.  He confesses that he and Kagami did indeed, kidnap the principal and kill the Minamo.  He tells her that WATER is essentially your essence so if it’s all drained, you die.  Where he was a kid, his powers ended up killing a little girl called MATSURIKA who is the younger sister of KAGAMI.  Her body was destroyed and her drifting soul became consumed by hatred, wanting to return to a body and has been creeping on Hime.  Hime has been trying to find a vessel for the girl to inhabit.  A man named CHALICE (descendant of the Gotou, leader of the Gotou family rn I think) taught him how to do this so now he (Hime) and Kagami are obeying Chalice’s orders.  Chalice has also ordered Hime to bring him one of the principals (AWAHANA): apparently, this one has the key to resurrection.  For the ritual to work, Awahana has to leave the school so the barrier he put up will weaken.

03091295Meanwhile, Hime has been secretly draining the powers of everyone in the school.  He was surprised at Mikoto’s powers, how clean and perfect she is – the exact opposite of himself.  He’s been acting like a little twat, fighting his feelings for her but it’s no use because she is his first love and he wants her so bad.  As he confesses this to Mikoto, he begins to cry. Awahana’s body wasn’t compatible with Matsurika so Chalice ordered Hime to sacrifice everyone here, including Mikoto but he doesn’t want to.  He’s terrified of living without Mikoto. The Onifuda glows and Mikoto then awakens and tells him that she’s here to stop him, to accept him and shoulder his sins with him.

2767ca88Well now’s not the time so the two of them head out to fight.  Matsurika (who is now bound to some statue) calls Hime, saying that it’s time to kill all these girls here and give her a body back. Specifically, she wants Mikoto’s body.  Mizuchi comes to take down Hime but ends up warning Hime of Iroha’s approach and wishes Hime the best in his mission.  Hime finds Kagami, who in actuality is gay for her sister so is mad at Hime for killing Matsurika. Kagami hates men but because her beloved Matsurika told her to become a man, she did that too. Matsurika powers up Kagami, asking her whether she remembers that in the past, Matsurika used to choke her sister because it was weird that Kagami sounded like a woman even though she became a man. Anyway, Hime gets stabbed and falls off the balcony or sth but Mikoto awakens her Senki powers and heals him and saves everyone else in the building.

Meanwhile, Matsurika meets Chalice, who actually wants Matsurika’s statue to use as an immortal vessel (rocks can’t die).  Matsurika on the other hand, wants to get out and take Mikoto’s body – they should work together.

06675555Mikoto wakes up at school, looks for Hime and the first thing the pervert says is “GET NAKED” so they make out the entire day before running off to purify Matsurika. Hime opens up a portal to a world called “Seaworld”, where lost souls hang or something so Matsurika has been stuck here since she was a child, unable to grow up and going pyscho.

02ca8d9aKagami tries again to kill Mikoto but ends up stabbing herself when she loses a card game lol and Iroha shows up to finish the job.  They hear Awahana’s voice come from Matsurika’s statue, then Matsurika fucking teleports her statue down to fight them. Hime ofc, has a mental breakdown halfway through cuz Matsurika won’t die – her hatred and his guilt can’t ever be erased.  Tsuki speaks to Mikoto and she sees Hime when he was a child, crying over Matsurika’s death.  Mikoto tells Hime that he is her prince and that she, his princess, is waiting for him to save her.

0692a890blablabla they defeat Matsurika, some plot stuff, I zoned out but anyway, Sensei comes in and reveals himself to be Chalice.  What he wants is tsuki, the moon but Momotose tells him the moon won’t return to him as now, the moon is Mikoto. And anyway. his real body in the real world will be under threat if he doesn’t gtfo now so he books it and says he’ll come again the next moon.

0556dcad…and then we’re suddenly shown an epilogue where Kurenai has won the Hana Awase tournament, everything is well and Hime and Mikoto have taken the day off to have dinner together at her place.  Blabla they kiss and talk about how the story of the princess and the prince is their story now and they live happily ever after.

Huh?  That’s it?

K idk if it’s because I’ve come back to this game after a year but holy shit that was abrupt.  I swear Chalice-sensei said he’d be back too so I figured the game was setting up for a final showdown between him and the 5L.  We also didn’t get to hear much about this tsuki everyone and Chalice kept talking about and I have no idea what Chalice is really up to.

BUT idc anymore because I’m sick of Hime.  Time for…

Mizuchi <3


Fuck I still love this guy even after so long.  He’s pretty much the same as in the first game: serious, a cleanfreak and still super cute and we find out that he’s actually horrible with technology and can’t text to save his life lol

0ae7548aHis path splits when Hime seals the school hall shut with the Utsurohi and Minamo.  Mikoto decides to team up with Mizuchi to help Hime but she ends up getting tainted by the Utsurohi so Mizuchi strips off her clothes to uh purify her.  LOL look at the two of these dorks. Mizuchi is the one who goes “MIRU NA!!” though he still gets all excited while licking her lololol

Anyway, some plot stuff happens but it concerned Hime, meaning that I zoned out again and didn’t give a fuck.  The principals (as commanded by the Hana Awase king, MIKADO) order Mikoto to become the Senki under Mizuchi’s guidance.  Mizuchi decides to tell Hime about this himself, feeling that it’s the right thing to do and not surprisingly, Hime just goes on about how Mizuchi should just screw Mikoto while he’s at it and decides that he’s going to play matchmaker to help Mizuchi lose his cherry boy status.

0a0de69bAnyway, Aoi (Mizuki’s ex partner) runs off after hearing Mikoto has become Mizuchi’s new partner.  While hunting for her, Mikoto faints from overexertion and Mizuchi holds her for a while to recharge her water lol.  Hime mentions that the two of them suit each other.  Mizuchi confesses that he feels guilty for stripping her the other day and while he’s not trying to justify things, there’s a sweet smell coming from Mikoto that makes him go a little nutty.

Hime then tells Mikoto to stop talking about finding Aoi because to Mizuchi, it sounds like she wants Aoi to come back so Aoi can become Mizuchi’s Minamo again thus freeing Mikoto from that position.  Mikoto calls Hime a hypocrite because that’s like what he’s doing to her: going on all day about how she should hook up with some other guy when she’s clearly in love with Hime!  Hime laughs and straight up tells her to give up because he doesn’t feel anything towards her.

The next day, Mikoto feels like absolute shit thanks to fuckwad Hime so Mizuchi suggests they take a break from Hana Awase and grab some food.  He sits through a full course meal of sweets despite not being to handle sweet things very well (to the point that it makes him nauseous) because he sees that Mikoto likes sweets.  Mikoto muses that their relationship has become a comfortable one, where she no longer sees Mizuchi as intimidating and knows that he is a kind person.

2b954e3eThen she remembers Hime being a prick and finds herself crying, telling Mizuchi that it isn’t because she’s in pain but because her chest is so full right now. Mizuchi holds her until she stops and says that he knows she’s crying because of assfart Hime.  Mizuchi’s family craves the Senki who has mochizuki so has been willing to resort to any means to attain the Senki.  The Mikado’s orders that Mikoto become Mizuchi’s partner are in his family’s favour but it doesn’t sit well with Mizuchi: the Onifuda did not choose him and neither did Mikoto, as she was originally Hime’s partner.  He suggests that in order to set things right, Mikoto return to Hime.  Mikoto refuses though, saying that Mizuchi is her partner now and that though it is unfair to Aoi, she wants to stay with Mizuchi.  In response, Mizuchi kisses her on the forehead as it is a ritual that seals the Senki contract and asks if they can remain like this a little longer.

sadkjfsdfndsafnadslfnlskfndskla Mizuchi sdflndsflndsaflndsalf <3<3<3 I am actually enjoying this game now that I don’t have to see Hime 90% of the time

09fff601The next day, Kurenai goes missing too.  After Hana Awase-ing, Mizuchi takes Mikoto to a playground where they both used to come to as children so it’s possible they’ve met before. He takes her higher up to see the sunset and tells her that when he was a kid, he met a girl who said to him that it’s the last day so that they should see the view together.  The girl took him here and for the first time, Mizuchi broke his curfew and stayed out till the sun set.  He forgot about this for a long time but recently, it’s been surfacing again, almost like a seal being broken. The girl resembles Mikoto and when Mikoto says that she understands how the girl felt, how the view washes away all the sadness, he tells her that now, he’s looking at her and not the girl he met before.  Though Mikoto might not want this now and though it might destroy what they have now, he has to say it and can’t keep it in anyway.

...aaaaaaaaaaaaaand just as he’s about to confess, Hime sucks them both away with his magical Minamo portal powers.

We then get a flashback scene of Mikoto’s childhood, where she’s taking Mizuchi up to see the view.  Kurenai is there too and oh look,there’s a sack of shit  Hime sitting in a corner making sandcastles, going on about the princess and the prince BLABLABLA no one cares.  When asked to come see the view together, Hime guilt trips Mikoto, ranting about how this was THEIR secret place but now she’s gone and brought Kurenai and Mizuchi and has RUINED EVERYTHING!!!!!! Mizuchi tells him to stfu while riles Hime up some more because now Mizuchi, who already has everything unlike himself, is going to take away Mikoto, who is the only one who understands him :'( The two then fight over Mikoto who’s just confused af

Well, good to know that Hime was already a little bitch back in the day.

26e6986bWhen Mikoto comes to, she’s in the other world that Hime created with his op powers.  Mikoto sees in the real world, her unconscious body in a wedding dress with Hime, where the guy is talking to himself about how beautiful she looks and how great a couple she makes with Mizuchi.  Mizuchi is there too along with Aoi, Kurenai and Iroha.  Iroha is blindfolded because his MOCHIZUKI see too much and if he probed any further, he might’ve ended up killing Hime and Hime can’t let that happen now – he’ll get rid of anyone who stands in the way of his Mikoto x Mizuchi ship.   Of all the people in the world, why did Mizuchi have to be the one to take away his Mikoto?  Hime begins crying (AGAIN) and yelling about how much he hates Mizuchi, then chokes as his body cracks under the strain of his Minamo powers (he has been taking in too much water or some shit fuck idk).  He decides that he doesn’t want to die alone so will release all the Utsurohi inside him and take everyone down with him.  Since Mikoto likes him, she’ll totally be fine with dying with him right?

07b4333bMikoto is then back at the park with Mizuchi where Mizuchi says Hime is his best friend so he hopes he can save him together with Mikoto.  Then back in they go into Hime’s world, where the utsurohi Hime released are fucking everyone up.  They find Hime who’s ready to take down Mizuchi and Mikoto with himself but before he dies (GOD BLESS) he just has to bitch and wangst some more and this time, we get a “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME! NOBODY UNDERSTANDS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” speech that pisses even Mizuchi off.  Like cut the bullshit dude, it’s clear he’s boohooing inside.  Why couldn’t Hime just admit to all of this and be upfront with Mizuchi instead of wangsting by himself?  Clearly Hime doesn’t know either, the dumb fuck just wants Mikoto now


As Hime dies, he tells Mizuchi why he couldn’t say anything of this: because Mizuchi is his best friend.  He apologises for being a twat and hopes that next time, he can finally be sincere and face Mikoto honestly.


After Hime dies, the water he drained from everyone is returned and purified.  Everything is peaceful at school and Mikoto speculates that perhaps Hime did some Jesus thing where he died for everyone’s sins (to purify everyone’s utsurohi) or sth.  The sound of waves is always in her head now, the voice of Hime.

0613733dFast forward half a month and Mikoto has completely forgotten who Mizuchi is, believing Mizuchi to be Hime due to shock.  Mizuchi puts up with it and pretends to be Hime even though it’s obviously killing him especially when Mikoto wonders who this “Mizuchi” person is in her old texts. Mizuchi replies that if it’s for her, he’d do anything.  So, she asks him to tell her that he loves her since it’s always been her saying it and it’s strange that “Hime” hasn’t been saying it at all.  Mizuchi recites a poem for her which he says means the same thing.  I obviously did not understand squat but how other players interpreted it, I THINK,  was that it meant something alone the lines of “I am in a living hell that is unbearable to watch.  I wonder what sin I have committed.  This burning pain, like flames, is perhaps punishment for having this forbidden love.”  Mizuchi tells her that he is the one who chose this path of destruction and that he hopes someday, he can confess to her the words he has always wanted to confess.

Then it ends with Mikoto on the verge of remembering but forgetting as soon as the sound of waves return.  Mizuchi recites another poem, hoping that someday, he can clear the haze in Mikoto…or sth lol shitty japanese.

omg i am so sad now


0162362bI actually didn’t play this route and that’s because the requirement for it was for me to forfeit the final battle.  And I fucking tried.  I fucking tried so hard to let Hime win but at this point, my Mikoto was so broken that despite me basically skipping my own turn to do jack shit, Mikoto was so bloody tanky that all of Hime’s attacks did like 10% damage.  Hime typically shat out about 300 damage per turn but my Mikoto ended up taking like a paltry 30 and she had almost 8k health.  I managed about 15 turns but I still had 7.2k health at that point.

So yeah no, I give up.  I saw the CG for it and I guess Hime basically makes Mikoto and Mizuchi into his sex puppets and murders the entire school.


kurenaiLolol it’s this pervert again. Something about the way he is so confident about BEING a rapist douchewad makes me unable to hate him. I mean, least he’s UPFRONT ABOUT BEING A HORNY DEVIL and doesn’t play stupid mind games like somebody….that and he’s the only one who calls the other 5L out on their bullshit and knows that everyone wants Mikoto for themselves.

2acfa8f3Anyway, this time Mikoto chooses Kurenai as her partner but before she’s even reached that conclusion yet, one of his Minamo drag her to his room and locks the door lol.  First thing he goes on about is how dare she not be happy to receive a kiss from him! DID SHE THINK KURENAI-SAMA WOULDN’T NOTICE????  Mikoto screams that she hates Kurenai and he’s shocked but just for a moment because then he’s like “Lol impossible all the bitches love me” and then he proceeds onto eating her face, commenting on how he’s really good in bed UNLIKE SOMEBODY rofl.

Anyway, Mikoto gets affected by the utsurohi so Kurenai tells her to strip so that he can heal her with body contact.  Right before she has to though, Mikoto hears Hime’s voice saying that he’ll help her from this pervert and suddenly, she and Kurenai are at an amusement part and see Awahana, apparently tainted and now potentially an Adabana.  Hime appears. calling Mikoto to him but Kurenai won’t allow her to go so Hime disappears and the two fight some Adabana. When they win, the world collapses and Kurenai gets hurt protecting Mikoto as they are returned to the real world.

23769234Kurenai remain unconscious, everyone else trapped in the hall has disappeared along with principal Awahana.  Mizuchi and Iroha both have their hands full with fighting the remaining utsurohi.  Kurenai stirs and the minute he wakes up, ofc he starting eating Mikoto’s face again and then gets on top of and starts on her ear, hunting for the source of that Senki smell.  Hentai-sensei comes in to save Mikoto, where he explains that her Senki pheromones are probably driving Kurenai nuts.  His robo assistant, Karakuri, begins mimicking Hime, saying that Hime is angry that Mikoto did not come to him and instead stayed with Kurenai.

30c1b5e6That night, Mikoto hears Hime’s voice again, saying that Kurenai is in the way and must be removed. Mikoto rushes to Kurenai’s room, finding a shit ton of utsurohi so the two of them Hana Awase and Kurenai hugs her in relief afterwards

Anyway, the 5L are tasked with exterminating Awahana and Hime who are both presumed to be Adabana now.

Kurenai accidentally cuts Mikoto with his hidden knife one time when he’s trying to drag her off to a hotel (typical) and that’s when Awahana/Hime show up again to kill him with Utsurohi but stop when Mikoto tells Hime not to kill people so senselessly.  Following that, Iroha and Mizuchi both vote to remove Kurenai as Mikoto’s partner, seeing as her purity is constantly under threat and now he’s gone and stabbed her.  Strangely enough, Kurenai doesn’t argue and instead runs off to hunt down Hime and his lost Minamo and doesn’t return for a week.

2643f070 Mikoto gets captured by his Minamo who get her all dolled up in an attempt to use her as bait to bring Kurenai back lol.  Confused, Mikoto asks why they don’t all just go out and use themselves as bait, seeing as everyone is “Kurenai’s woman” but they disagree and say that Kurenai is too nice to say otherwise but that they know that Kurenai has been searching for THE ONE who they say is obviously Mikoto.  Mikoto finds Kurenai sleeping on a bench outside the school and in his exhausted, groggy state, he mumbles about how dream Mikoto still smells good and man she looks extra fine today. When asked who “his woman” is, he replies that “his woman” is his bride from back in the day.  Mikoto wakes him up in an hour, where she feeds him some pancakes she made but all he can think about is her and he asks her to become “his woman”.

2e7da6ce……………AND AGAIN Hime shows up to cockblock, this time saying that he’s not Himeustsugi anymore but “Hime-kun”.  Mikoto is dragged into Hime’s world, this time it is RENGOKU, the state between death and life.  There she finds the real, sane Hime and Awahana who explain that if she stays here, she will die.  Hime can’t return because his physical body has been taken over by the other him, Hime-kun. Awahana’s old man body has also died as Hime-kun forced it to Hana Awase too many times. So back in the school hall where Hime was trapped with other Minamo and a shit ton of utsurohi, he tried the Jesus thing but there was too much utsurohi and part of his soul basically became tainted and became Hime-kun.  Back in the real world, Hime-kun has gotten rid of Kurenai and has taken Mikoto’s body.

29c1aa31Mikoto returns and it turns out Hime-kun trapped Kurenai in a world with Kurenai’s lost Minamo, who have all gone crazy and now take turns to beat the shit out of Kurenai. She dives into the portal to save Kurenai and the two Hana Awase again.  Kurenai holds his Minamo as they die, telling them that they were all his women.  Hime manages to regain control of his body for a moment and he tells the two to run as the world begins to collapse.


039bec55Mikoto wakes up in Kurenai’s arms, the two of them half dead.  Kurenai kisses Mikoto as she freaks out, thinking Kurenai will die and begs him to draw all her water from her.  He tells her that he wants her, not just her water and hands her bloody hand in his own to create  a blood bond between the two of them.  It is a promise that they’ll meet again and he tells her to swear her own blood to his.

Hime shows up before Mikoto can say anything and he begs them to destroy his vessel before Hime-kun comes back.  That way, Hime will take down Hime-kun with him and the two of them will sit in Rengoku until they die. When the fight ends, Kurenai dies, having sustained fatal injuries when Hime-kun’s world collapsed and he only managed to make it this far with Mikoto’s water. Mikoto’s body has died too and any moment now, she’ll follow Kurenai and Awahana through the cycle of rebirth and be born again. Hime’s body apparently didn’t die (?? I’m not sure) but in any case, he stays in Rengoku and is unable to leave.

Back at school, robo Karakuri reports to Kintokihana.  Mikoto’s body was found and along with Kurenai and Awahana, the three are presumed dead.  When Karakuri tries to search for Hime, he finds Hime’s voice.  Hime says he’s been replaying the events over and over, the ones with Kurenai and Mikoto.  He regrets having given up from the start and letting utsurohi be born from this regret – Hime-kun wasn’t crazy because of the utsurohi because all of the darkness was Hime’s. Hime ends up returning to his body but what’s the point? Mikoto is dead.  Since then, he has been waiting at that place, hoping that next time, he can put up a good fight from the start like everyone else.


057f625cMikoto wakes up with Hime but he’s got bonkers and has killed everyone in the school and now wants all of Mikoto’s water. She ends up becoming his sex slave


irohaPhew, finally down to the last one.  Iroha is the leader of the 5L, the most powerful Yu Gi Oh player in the entire school and has the MOCHIZUKI in his eyes.  Generally comes across as an unfeeling bastard who cares only about preserving Mikoto’s Senki status but like everyone else, he really is head over heels in love with Mikoto.

Like with the last two guys, Iroha’s route deviates from Hime’s one when Hime and a bunch of Minamo all get trapped inside the school hall with Utsurohi.  Well before the deadline, Iroha gets inside the hall and starts destroying all the students who have become Adabana.  Curiously, he is unable to locate Hime or any of the Minamo despite the hall having been sealed. Right on time, Hime’s portal opens and Iroha dives in, hellbent on exterminating Hime and Mikoto follows.

2ce8a035Mikoto ends up in a train where Hime calls for her.  Iroha appears and kills him, then blames Mikoto for all this.  Her indecisiveness as the Senki has brought hell to the school and as long as she is free to act, she will wreak more havoc.  Thus, he initiates the Senki ritual once more and declares himself to be her partner.  When she protests, he chomps down on her shoulder and orders her to accept him or he won’t stop.  She is to bend to his will and with Hime gone, now Iroha can lead her back onto the path that fate intended for her. Iroha then handcuffs Mikoto to himself, demanding that the two of them be together forever lol.

2824ddcdMomotose explains to Mikoto that Iroha is forever in a state of thirst no matter how much water from his Minamo he takes in, which explains why he’s like a robot – nothing can fill his heart and only Mikoto can. Anyway, Iroha falls asleep and Mikoto is forced to sleep in his room too, being unable to wake him up.  When Iroha wakes up, Mikoto is sleeping on his lap and is confused to see what she has been crying.  There is no reason for her to cry if Mikoto is with him.  All she has to do is forget about Hime and Iroha will take care of the rest, including killing everyone who makes her cry.

2a1f5978In the morning, Mizuchi tells Iroha that the amusement park nearby has been giving people strange hallucinations.  When Iroha and Mikoto go, they see Mikoto in a bunny girl costume LOL.  After fighting her, Mikoto goes dry and when she wakes up, she’s in a bathtub with Momotose to uh refill her bottle rofl i have no idea but MY YURI GOGGLES LASUIFHASIOGRHAW9FBASIOFHBADSKJFHASODFASIDOF

29691ea6The next day at the amusement parks. they fight fucking butterflies (HOW DO BUTTERFLIES PLAY YU GI OH??!??!) and after they win, an announcer tells Mikoto to reach out her hand and she’ll get a present. She does and out pops Hime, sane and whole.  The touching reunion is cut short by Iroha who goes absolutely apeshit and swears to kill Hime, regardless of whether he is an Adabana or human.

289321f8Mikoto is suddenly transported back onto the train with robo Karakuri.  Robo Karakuri used the kaleidoscope to change fate.  Mikoto sees Utsurohi come onto the train and flood the next carriage, in which sit her bff Ai and Shou.  When she opens the door, the two are dead and Karakuri asks if this was what she wanted.

He turns the kaleidoscope once more and this time, she’s back at the amusement park with Momotose and Hime, with Iroha gone.  Neither of them know who Iroha is.  Awahana then gives Mikoto the kaleidoscope and tells her that there are two uses left and that the price to pay for using it is losing certain memories between the user and  the targeted. Iroha, for some reason, he probably used it on everyone else which wipes their memories of him but Mikoto remembers.  Mikoto decides to use it once more to correct fate

2ea22068Sure enough, Mikoto returns to the day she was with Iroha in the amusement park but when she tells him Hime will appear, Iroha vows to kill him all the same.  After they beat the butterflies, Mikoto does not reach out her hand when the announcer asks her to and instead, asks who the announcer is.  The announcer realises that Mikoto used the kaleidoscope and shows her a third option: Utsurohi butterflies killing everyone in the school.

Iroha realises that the announcer is robo Karakuri, having seen him endless times in other futures, where Karakuri always ends up making Mikoto cry.  Iroha kills Karakuri, breaks the kaleidoscope he has and then takes Mikoto’s one in order to save everyone in school. Doing so though, would destroy important memories between Iroha and everyone he uses it on – HEY WAIT.  That’s exactly what happened the first time round!  Iroha  used the kaleidoscope to save the school so that’s why everyone forgot about him.  He says that he did it because the way fate is now, Mikoto wouldn’t smile.  Seeing everyone die at school made Mikoto cry and Iroha swore to never let that happen so he changed fate as many times as he needed to stop that.  However, it’d mean that everyone would forget about Iroha and Mikoto starts to cry at that too, confusing Iroha again, who says he believes he’s happy because Mikoto is here with him.   , he’ll be happy.  He never knew what that meant but now he realises that he’s been happy all along with Mikoto. He never really understood what it meant to be sad either until he saw Mikoto with Hime, though he doesn’t understand why.

053a28ccBefore he uses the kaleidoscope, he tells Mikoto to close her eyes and give him her hand.  He kisses her and says that must be the best present. Though Mikoto will forget about him, no matter how many times he is reborn, he will always yearn for the moon.  Ever since he met Mikoto, he’s been hearing a voice from hell and this time, it is saying “Thank you. Thank you for finding me”.   Mikoto finally realises who Iroha really is before Iroha bids her farewell, turns the kaleidoscope and fades away.


Mikoto returns to a peaceful present where everything is well though Awahana has died, using up all his powers to purify the Utsurohi in the school hall and along with him, Hime died protecting the rest of the students.  There is one more person who saved everyone but no one knows.

180d144dSomeone turns the kaleidoscope again and Mikoto is then back on the train. She sees Karakuri telling Hime that he can change Hime’s fate if Hime agrees to join the Gotou, seduce the Senki and bring her to them, to which Hime agrees. Mikoto then falls asleep again and stirs to the sound of Iroha’s voice.  Now, in this world, Mikoto won’t cry.  The kaleidoscope will work only once more and he’ll save the last use in case he needs to protect Mikoto again one day. For now, he will sleep with her here. When she wakes up, she sees Iroha, who is a stranger to her, sleeping on her shoulder JUST LIKE HOW SHE FIRST MET IROHA AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME. For some reason, they’re holding hands and though Mikoto does not know who he is, he feels familiar and for now, she too will sleep.

My heart can’t take this.

END 2:

Iroha kills Hime, then locks Mikoto up in his room.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion


Sorry, Hime ain’t got nutin on Mizuchi.

In the end, I couldn’t get into Hime the way I did for Mizuchi, which was unfortunate as this game was all about Hime so I felt like I had to SIT through Hime’s story and was relieved to finally finish his route.  I don’t hate him but in a nutshell, there were just too many fucking hurdles to jump through for Mikoto to get Hime and honestly, he wasn’t worth all the work.

Everyone else abused Mikoto in some way in their own routes – Kurenai was rapey af, Iroha just plain violent and Hime was emotionally manipulative – except for Mizuchi.  In the first game, I could say that perhaps it was because Mizuchi was the main guy and maybe in Hime’s game he’ll show some shades of grey but no, he was as gentlemanly as ever and always put Mikoto first. I still found Kurenai to be highly entertaining despite his forceful nature.  As for Iroha, I wasn’t sold until the last part of his route where it turns out he’s been changing fate over and over again for Mikoto’s sake.  Gah <3  I guess in terms of ranking, it’d be this: Mizuchi > Iroha = Kurenai >>Hime

Storywise it was interesting but you’re still going to be in the dark for the most part when it came to the Mochizuki stuff as well as who the Mikado is, who the Gotou head is and what his aims are, and who Tsuki is k no I think we all know who that one is now.  Barring that, all the tragedy do make a man sad and for that alone, I’m more than satisfied.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for anything that can rip at my dusty heartstrings.  My favourite route is surprisingly not Mizuchi’s but is Iroha’s.  Mizuchi’s one was definitely more otoge but Iroha’s one really had weight and added to the story quite well, cementing that for Iroha, Mikoto really is everything.  I shat bricks when the game implied that Iroha was Tsuki because MAN I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN WITH IROHA’S OBSESSION WITH MOONING

On its own, this game was pretty damn good especially Iroha’s route.  It was just a shame for me because one of the main selling points of this game is Hime and I expected him to carry the game, which was something that he couldn’t do in my POV.  I found him to be quite mediocre a character and the number of times I went 「うわ、ウザイ」easily tripled the number of times I squeed over him.

On a closing note, my apologies again that HOLY SHIT IT’S BEEN OVER A YEAR since I’ve done anything here.  Blablaschoolworkblablanoonecares and I also am completely out of the loop when it comes to what is currently out in the otome market.  In any case, I’ve got some catching up to do and I hope I’ll be able to shit out another post not a year from now.

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  2. Welcome back! Honestly speaking I havve ZERO interest in Hime since it’s pretty obvious that he’s a yandere. So I never bothered playing his game. I’m about to start playing Karakurenai’s game which I’ve been looking forward to the most. Despite Karakurenai being a douchebaggy pervert I really like his character.
    Thanks for the post, now I[‘m convinced once again that I don’t wanna play it, lol.

    • domshiki Says:

      I played Hime for the sake of completion and I really hoped that his title would make him seem less creepy and more lovable but yeah no. I’m super excited for Kurenai’s too, though I’ve heard it’s a little disappointing compared to the the first two games (tbh i don’t see how it can get worse that Hime). Kurenai will at least be super entertaining at least <3 Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Omg baeee welcome back (´ε` )💕
    I almost thought you ragequit blogging cause of diabolik wifebeater fangirls harassing you (;ಠ益ಠ;)

    He claims it’s to maximise body contact for him to better purify her.

    Is that the new rape excuse now? xDDD Man this game is some weird shit, I’m glad you suffered through it for me lol.

    As far as otome gameosphere, everything is pretty much on the Vita now. There’s a few terribad PC releases here & there but like 85% is now on Vita. I’m currently struggling through a disaster called Reine des Fleurs (it has the Wand of Fortune team but the plot is ballsacks similar to this game lol).

    • domshiki Says:

      OH BAE I’VE MISSED YOU <3 Sorry I've been afk and not been dropping by – I haven't so much as looked at anything otoge-related in a year.
      ugh and no crazy fangirls are going to keep us apart. I personally think it's a great honour to have a tumblr hatepage dedicated solely to my shitty review lol

      Yeah this game was fucking weird especially with all the random excuses to get naked and horny but I LOVE DRAMA AND I'M A PERVERT SO IT'S PERFECT FOR ME <3

      aahhh fekk. I don't plan on getting the Vita so I guess I'll be playing these terrible PC releases then. That's a real shame – I just looked up Reine des Fleurs and the art is beautiful so at least you have something nice to look at while you cry your way through the game :p

  4. Great to see you back!

    Sadly I had to mostly skim this review as I wanted to avoid spoilers, but I still enjoyed what I read all the same. I’ll definitely come back to read this from top to bottom!

    • domshiki Says:

      It feels great to be back for now too! Yes please, then we can hopefully tear apart Hime together for being super kimoi ;) thanks for reading <3

  5. Steel ball runs Says:


    I felt like this game was pretty shit tbh, and it was a close favorite to beating that BEES one. I mean, the stories are BAD but I like them?? Very entertaining. 12/10 points for this review i love it

    • domshiki Says:


      OMG that sums up my feelings perfectly: like the plot of this game was ridiculous and there was so much random “almost-rape” going on but I ended up enjoying it anyway. I’m currently playing part 2 of the beautiful Beesex game and I’m pissing my pants doing Sumeragi (HE’S FUCKING TERRIFYING). Thanks for reading <3

  6. I’ve never played otome games so I mostly just read reviews about them. Your review are pretty funny, and although I think the plot for me is not that interesting, reading this was worthwhile. Hope you’ll continue making them in the future :)

    • domshiki Says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review at least :D Yeah, story is definitely not this game’s selling point. It’s more about seeing 5 guys go crazy over our heroine (tbh I still wonder why I enjoyed this game so much lol)…i guess? XD thanks for reading!

  7. darthnyanchan Says:

    OMFG YOU’RE NOT DEAD YAAAY *\( ; ▽ ; )/*
    I waited for a post over a year and it was so worth it. Thanks for the post, it was awesome as always.
    It would be as nice as Mikoto’s tits to know you’re not dead every once in a while and stalk you lol
    Y U NO LET ME STALK U (yಠ,ಠ)y
    Just let me stalk you somewhere

    • domshiki Says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA oh you’re making me blush ^///^
      I’m just glad you enjoy reading my horseshit <3 I'll try to update a little more frequently so you won't have to stalk me ;)

  8. tofupatty Says:

    I thought something happen to you son! I love your shit! Welcome back!

    We totally missed you like we miss porn in our lives. xDDD Good, to see you back!

    I need to read this review and shit bricks while doing so at home and not at work. xDDD

    • domshiki Says:


  10. Welcome back! I missed your funny blog posts! ^_^ Please make more okay?

    Oh god, I knew I never liked Hime. I’m still waiting for my bad, Iroha. He’s the one on my list!

    • domshiki Says:

      I will do my best to not be away for like a year again :3

      rofl ikr he’s so fucking creepy. I didn’t really like Iroha either until playing his route and hsbfhiasjkldnashudlfndsihulfs HE IS SO SWEET i can’t wait for his game either

  11. wb to the great world of otoge reviews :3c

    I admire your dedication to writing summaries as I tend to skip routes/charas that don’t appeal to me orz. Although I’m looking forward to Kurenai’s game a lot even though still not totally sure what’s going wrt plot.

    Anyways gl w/work & classes.

    • domshiki Says:

      am glad to be back with y’all ;)

      i sometimes question my own sanity while doing that too especially since I didn’t really like Hime and this game was basically me having to sit through a heroine going “BUT HIME </3" the entire game :/

      I've started playing Kurenai's game and I'm just as confused as you are. It deviates from the first two games in terms of story telling and kinda feels all over the place atm so I'm hoping things get a little more cohesive soon.

      Thanks <3


    • -cri- never reply to me #1stWorldProblems

      • domshiki Says:

        HAHAHAHAHAH IM SO SORRY I was afk – getting taken over by work and school again.

        and stahhhhp you’re making me blush ;p I’m honoured to be one of your two favourite blogs and in return, will try to shit out another review before the year is over <3

      • my lif is complete

  13. popo Says:

    Your review is interesting and funny as usual XD but damn, why there is so much rapey scene in otome game? -_-

    • domshiki Says:

      EYYYYYYY <3

      lmao tell me about it. This game went as rapey as it could get without it being r18 rape. They uh *explain* it by blaming it all on Mikoto's "slut pheromones" or some shit like that. So creative mirite

  14. Ohmahgawd you’re back from the de– you’re back! Yay! *( -^^-)* Never finished Hana Awase so got no clue what this game is albout, but imma read n’ enjoy me this review like a fluffy kid with chocolate cake heeheehee

    And no, as a long time avid reader of this blog, apology not accepted. I want me somma dem darn lotsalaughs otomegameporno review n’ AM REALLY LOOKIN’ forward on your take on Yoshiwara Higanbana huehuehue :D

    Sorry if I seem like a creep. Believe me, it’s intentional bwahahahaha j/k but you n’ your blogposts have been missed :)

    • domshiki Says:

      HAHA i’m home for now, enjoy <3

      Again, I am so sorry. I will do a porno review next for sure, either Higanbana (just because you recommended it ;)) or maybe I'll finish Jooubachi no Oubou: BEE SEX OKAWARI.

      Creep? That's my favourite babe and I've missed you all too <3

  15. Ahhhhhhhh yeeeeah. I now remember everything from this game after reading your review. Guess I don’t have to replay it now hahaha. I understand what you mean about Hime. For a game that’s supposed to be “his” game, it didn’t make me like him very much. And as someone who did actually lose to Hime (I saw in the guide it was going to be necessary so I think I actually played Mizuchi’s route first so I could be underleveled and would be able to lose easier. Let me tell you though, it was STILL hard even though I purposely went in underleveled), the way you described that end is pretty much what happened hahaha so you didn’t really lose out on that one.

    Iroha’s route didn’t steal the show in this game quite as much as it did in Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen, but it still was the best route because it revealed the most info and gave the game a lot more depth. I have to ask though…did you really not realize that Iroha was the moon until the end? That made me laugh so much.

    I just chance-viewed that you might be playing the next Jooubachi soon. You’re in for a ride on that one.

    • domshiki Says:

      Awesome, glad I’m no the only one who wasn’t a huge fan of Hime’s character.

      I’M SO STUPID – I didn’t realise until Kurenai’s game that there is a bloody “FORFEIT” button for them card games but thanks for telling me what happens, I was dying to know because I knew it must’ve been really deep and touching /s

      FUCK I AM REALLY SO STUPID. I never cottoned on in Mizuchi’s game because I was all up in Mizuchi’s pants, then I took a year long break from Hime’s game so when I came back, I didn’t remember shit and only realised when the game spells out everything for me near the end. #idiotoftheyear #worthless

      I started the first ten minutes of it and I didn’t take anything away except onii-chan Sumeragi sex. Sumeragi scares me way too much.

      • I wanted to like Hime because he is interesting (and I like his voice hahaha), just like all the characters are but I don’t like yandere characters all that much even if I can kind of understand their motivations. He was just being a major ass in this game and also super bipolar. I realize that each premise needed to be different for each game but I was kind of sitting there like…is this seriously going to be about the Onifuda not choosing anyone because that’s not going to go well; it gives Hime more reasons to gripe about life lol.


        You’re not that bad hahaha. Honestly, the biggest hint to me was the Moon had the same seiyuu as Iroha (he just used his higher voice) and then it was basically confirmed in that one scene where Iroha ate (or smelled? Forget already) the alcoholic candy thing and the Moon was talking about how sick he felt because “that guy” went and got drunk.

        That’s a pretty apt view of the beginning. If you don’t like Sumeragi, his route is going to be hard to get through. I actually started a compiled Jooubachi review between the two games because I really wanted to comment on the WTF that went on but I didn’t finish it up when it was fresh so I feel like I’d have to at least replay bits of Kaguya’s game and I just don’t want to so that post might be in limbo forever lol

      • domshiki Says:

        YES HIS VOICE! His saving grace gah Tachibana Shinnosuke <3 I'm generally quite fond of yandere characters myself but yeah, he was way too bipolar and was more of little bitch than straight up axe crazy. LMAO yeah I was laughing so hard because EVEN THE ONIFUDA REFUSES TO CHOOSE HIM until way into the game unlike with Mizuchi where it chose him right off the bat if I remember correctly.

        AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA WE ARE BOTH IDIOTS. I thought the button would just end the game the first time I saw it and only realised it was a surrender button after trying to use it to return to the title page.

        Wow you picked out the voices? I couldn't tell at all. Yeah I just realised I actually wrote about that drunk thing in my post…and never connected the dots #fuckinggenius

        Oh jesus so Sumeragi doesn't get any better? I don't think I'll be able to see him as anything but a terrifying rapist. YOU SHOULD FINISH IT omg I want to see what you thought of it in full. I guess this game is even more stupid than Menou's one? I say that but I loved Menou-hen just because of the bee x monkey time travelling shit. Took balls to go maximum shitty like that.

      • Yeah, the onifuda chose Mizuchi right away because the ceremony progressed “properly” in that game. I would say poor Hime but…meh he was too annoying in his game for me to feel sorry for him really.

        I think I actually pressed that button on accident when I meant to actually play a combo so I lost the game and was like…OMG WHAT DID I JUST DO. So perhaps I blocked it out hahaha

        I can’t do that with everyone. It just happened because Terashima Takuma is one of those people I heard in a lot of genki roles so he always used his higher voice. HA is the first game series I know where he uses a lower voice so I was only able to pick it out because of that. I don’t have a super seiyuu radar or anything.You did write about the drunk thing, but that’s ok. We’ll chock it to raging about Hime ^_^

        Better? HAH. He gets worse imo. He’s kind of interesting in a way, but he’s basically a terrifying rapist. There’s actually one scene is his game that really stands out in a WTF bad way that made me want to comment on the whole game hahaha. I don’t think time traveling was in this Kaguya’s game but the bee x monkey thing definitely comes back. Since you’re asking, I’ll try to finish it, but if you’re playing it now, you’re probably going to finish before I even get back to it. I have another game I’m trying to finish first and then perhaps I’ll go back to Jooubachi just so I can get it done since I already wrote at least half the thing.

      • domshiki Says:

        HAHAHA right? We didn’t need to feel sorry for Hime because HE WAS SO BUSY DOING IT HIMSELF with all the “oh boohoo I’m a princess and not a prince :'(” thing

        lmaoooooo like your brain was like “fuck it let’s pretend that never happened” and forgot about the forfeit button.

        YEAH he usually uses a higher voice right? I’ve never heard him use a lower one before so I was like “who the eff voiced Iroha” and was so surprised when I found out it was Terashima Takuma. I did really like it though, he does it pretty well :D Ugh yeah, raging about Hime. Feels like that’s all I did in his game lol

        ARE U SRS. HE GETS WORSE??! I think another commenter said something about ripping out a uterus or sth and I’m guessing only Sumeragi is terrifying enough to do something like that. omg I can’t wait for more bee x monkey sex cuz that one revelation in Menou’s game made me shit my pants laughing, like WHO THE FUCK CAME UP WITH THIS SHIT? AND WHO THE FUCK APPROVED OF THIS? Yes! Please lmk when you are finished with it! And no, I haven’t made any progress with Kaguya-hen, have been distracted with Yoshiwara Higanbana which so far, is actually pretty good though I haven’t touched any bad ends yet and some of them are called “MENTAL BREAKDOWN” or some shit and I’ve read some kansou about how the bad ends are fucked up.

      • Basically, yeah. Maybe he should’ve just changed his name so he wouldn’t develop a prince/princess complex LOL.

        Probably xD. Also could just be my bad memory granny brain.

        I like his low voice as well. I have a friend who hardcore loves Terashima so she even told me like…3 or 4 animes where he uses his low voice and I hadn’t seen them so that explained it.

        HE DOES. AND YES THAT SCENE. That scene is the reason why I wanted to even review this game because it was just so WTF. When I was just thinking about restarting it while I was still playing it to check if that actually happened or if my Japanese was failing, CG appeared where he’s holding it in his hand and I was like…okay then, confirmation acquired.

        I know. The bee x monkey thing was so bad it was hilarious. If I had taken the game seriously before that, it flew out the window at the point….but I think from Takanaemaru’s route it lost its seriousness (I played his route first) so there wasn’t much left by the time we learned about this in Hakuoh’s route.

        I’m going to be busy the next week (sister’s wedding) so you really might finish Kaguya-hen before I even get a chance to get back to it. Looking forward to your review on that game. I was mildly interested in it but was short on cash so decided not to get it. Good luck getting through those bad ends yo. They sound hardcore.

      • domshiki Says:

        LOL should have just called him “Queen Bitch” instead and give us a heads up.

        Oh damn your friend is good! I can only pick out voice actors who are really famous and even then they’d have to be using their usual voice like HanaKana or sth

        OMG PLEASE NO I thought people were joking when they were talking about the womb ripping shit. I can totally see people doubting their own Japanese and then hoping they read things wrong…but yeah no if they really did draw us a beautiful bloody cg of that. #amsoexcitednow

        Ikr? I played Hakuoh first and he was alright up until the point where he had random SM sex with Menou where I began to think “hm…I did hear that the writing goes to shit…”. Then out comes magical snake, bee x money sex and then Takanemaru’s motherfucking tardis shit. It’s a little sad that Ruby’s route is probably the most “sane” since he was already cuckoo anyway so I just went with all the weird shit there.

        HAHAHGADHAHAHAHA I HAVEN’T EVEN TOUCHED ANY OTOME GAMES SINCE, been so busy with school and work sorry. How was your sister’s wedding? :D I was about halfway through Yoshiwara if I remember correctly and tbh it’s not really worth the money. It’s not BAD, certainly no random rape in the non-bad ends yet or any super abusive womb-destruction shit but it’s meh. Story is boring af although the characters are cute. I think all otome game plots are going to be extra boring now after Hana Awase :p

      • OMG hahaha.

        Yeah, she’s hardcore. She’d probably recognize his voice in one word. I’m more in the same boat as you. Some voices of well-known seiyuu I can pick out really quickly but others I can recognize but not quite place.

        They sure did give us a CG of the scenes. It saved me from replaying it but I actually burst out laughing because I was really just considering replaying from the beginning of the scene. That scene isn’t even like a bad end scene, I think it’s just part of the route if I remember correctly?

        Yeah, I liked Hakuoh pretty well until that scene. I should’ve expected it though because I had read a translation of the Hakuoh drama CD before the game came out and it involved ropes LOL. I guess because Ruby was kind of insane his route had to make more sense hahaha.

        Nah, if I could finish the review before you got to it, it would be nice but I really haven’t been in the mood. I played some other games and then got really into an indie-developed game from the demo, but that actual game isn’t out yet. My sister’s wedding was good! It went pretty smoothly and her and her husband looked happy. Thanks for playing Yoshiwara for me so I know what I didn’t have to play haha. Always appreciate you taking one for the team! Seriously though, they need more well-developed plot games like HA.Although if all game stories were up to that standard I’d be dirt poor…or…poorer. Already pretty poor Dx

  16. Arashi Says:

    Even though it wasn’t porno review, I still read everything cause you are hilarious. Can you please review Ijiwaru my master.

    Many thanks :)

    • domshiki Says:

      Glad you enjoyed my horseshit reviews :D I actually have played Ijiwaru my rapists a few years ago but took down the review because apparently I didn’t play the “true ends” and just touched pone or two. If I ever get the time, I’ll try to fullcomp the game and finish the review!

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