BL Game Review – Kimi no Naka no Palladium

Alternative Names: 君の中のパラディアーム

Company: Chat Errant

Release Date:02.10.09

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, comedy, fantasy

Plot Summary: Protagonist Aile (No name changing as usual for BL games) is the only wingless person in a land of winged beings – Palladium.  He’s picked up by Ventvert, who claims that the identical tags they both carry prove that they’re brothers, and they decide to go to the other half of Palladium to look for their other brothers, who all have an inexplicable infatuation with Aile.


He’s the one who finds Aile when he’s all messed up and out of it.  Tan with red hair and black demon wings, he’s an outgoing, brazen, horny big baka brother who’s got the hots for Aile an spends all his time groping the poor kid XD  Badass fighter who’s also surprisingly reliable at times.

He takes care of Aile and one day decides to go to 白き翼の国 – Fuonteenu to look for their other brothers.  Having an obsession with being called “Oniichan”, he makes Aile call him that and decides to grope his dicky for fun lol.  However, crossing borders from 黒き翼の国 – Riberute to Fuonteenu is prohibited and soldiers soon come, but Vent is so badass he kicks all their asses and runs away with Aile.

Upon reaching Fuonteenu, they get caught and taken to their leader, Infini.  Turns out he’s actually the God ere but what does Vent care, he’s all whatever to that and chucks rude comments at the guy.  Infini being a tolerant saintly God, finds Vent amusing, says he’ll help find their bros and gives the 2 a room.  Though Vent trusts Infini, Aile belives he’s suspicious, but lets it go for the while.

Aile meets one of his long lost brothers, Zephyr,  the next day and is surprised when he tries to take him out of Fuonteenu.  He ignores Zephyr and tells Vent he saw him and Vent is overjoyed to hear this, but when Zephyr comes at night to get Aile, it is quickly made evident that Zephyr is anything but happy to see Vent.  Guards come and Zephyr flees.

Next day Infini brings in Blancert, the other long lost brother, but Blancert doesn’t remember ever having any brothers, but Infini orders Blancert to spend some quality family time with them.  Blancert still claims not to know of them, and nearly makes Aile cry when he tells him that though Aile would be good for experimenting on in the lab because he has no wings, it’d ruin his reputation to have a wingless brother.  Blancert leaves and Aile starts to question what exactly happened 12 years ago between him and all his brothers.  However, Vent doesn’t tell him and makes out with Aile instead lol.  Then Vent says that they’re going back to Riberute, and when Aile refuses, Vent hugs him and tells him everything’s gonna be alright.

They leave that night and go to the crossing but Inifini and Blancert are already there.  Infini ‘asks’ Blancert to tell the brothers not to leave, but Blancert is unable to say it and Aile hears Infini’s voice in his head, summin about not letting him escape and how is body belongs to Infini.  Blancert then grabs Infini and screams at Vent and Aile to run, and the two escape.

Throwing a fit about not being to save anyone, Vent finally explains what happened 12 years ago.  Blancert risked his life to get his 3 lil bros out and stayed behind to deal with the guards while Vent concentrated on getting Aile and Zephyr out.  However, Zephyr always had a weak body and collapsed from all the physical exertion.  Unable to save both brothers, Vent left Zephyr behind, but Aile falls into a crevasse somewhere and Vent loses him too.   Vent apologizes over and over again, then confesses to Aile again, this time not as a brother and as a horny little bugger XD

Aile goes WTF and calls him “最悪”  (for such a normally docile, girly uke, Aile’s choice of dialogue sure has some sharp edge to them lol) but Vent assures him that he won’t rape him so he can relax; he just wanted to be honest with Aile.

When they get out of the sewers/tunnel, soldiers from Fuonte come and arrest Aile and they say “we arresting this kid for MURDER”.  Aile then turns into ‘other Aile’, a snide, sadistic, secondary persona of his and admits this, but Vent’s all “don’t know don’t care don’t give a shiet abt dat” and Zephyr conveniently appears and tells the soldiers that he’s a subordinate of Bellenoir and the soldiers all bugger off.

Zephyr hates Vent as he blames him for ditching him when they were kids but Aile sticks with Vent in the cell.  He tells Vent about his past, about how he went into an orphanage that had shit everything.  Things were bad but not unbearable until half a year ago, when a new owner came.  Turns out the owner was a shotacon and raped Aile and made him into his sex slave.  Though completely ew, the guy generally was nice to him but when Aile realized he was gonna kill him on his birthday, ‘other Aile’ was born and he grabbed a knife and pulverised the bastard.

During the night, Aile gets a nightmare about his past and wakes up strangling Vent.  Zephyr runs over to see what’s up, and spots the tag they all carry, used as an earring on Vent’s ear.  Bellenoir shows up and tells Vent that he’s gonna die soon and locks em both in the cell.

However, Aile realizes that the cell isn’t locked and they can get out.  Vent the runs off to save Blancert, leaving Aile behind with Zephyr.

Zephyr explains to Aile that they were dolls made by Infini under a series of cruel experiments, in an attempt to find the perfect vessel.  He himself, was weak and died when Vent tossed him, but Bellenoir split his life to bring him back.  Aile says Bellenoir could do the same thing for Vent, but Zephyr says Bellenoir doesn’t have long to live either – Gods have limited lifespans as well.  Then he realizes that Bellenoir is gone; he’s gone off and followed Vent.

Meanwhile, with Vent and Bellenoir:

Belle:  Call me Bellenoir SAMA.“俺のことはベルノワール様と呼べ。”

Vent:  Ew, calling yourself “sama”, acting all high and mighty.  Who you think you are?“げぇ、自分で自分のこと様づけしろとか、どんだけ偉いんだよ。 つーか、なに様だよ。”

Belle: “神様だ。” I am god >;D

Lol Bellenoir.

At the crossing, Infini and Blancert show up.  Aile and Zephyr catch up soon and Infini tells Aile to join him and save Palladium – Aile is his vessel.  The ‘waving Palladium’ tactic fails as Aile hates this world and he retorts that Palladium can blow up for all he cares, and after failing to convince Blancert to join him, he returns to Bellenoir’s condo, with Bellenoir splitting his life again to lengthen Vent’s.

Aile confesses to Vent and while feeling each other up, Vent goes “Shit man, being called .oniichan while doing this to you feels so dirty…dang I’m gettin’ turned on” XD Aile refuses to go all the way due to his trauma but it doesn’t matter cuz in the epilogue, they do and we find out that from Aile, that Vent’s “hetakuso” at gay sex anyway.


The younger twin of Vent and is the opposite of him appearance wise – has long light blue hair, is pale and looks a tad on the feminine side.  Unlike Vent, Zephyr is of a more refined character and shows his affections for Aile the way an overprotective brother would  instead of grabbing his balls lol.

Choosing to run away from the soldiers in the beginning instead of letting Vent whoop ass leads to Aile getting separated from Vent and Zephyr finding Aile.  Zephyr claims to be Aile’s brother and takes him to Bellenoire’s lair.  Aile tries to find Vent but when Zephyr obviously doesn’t give a shit about Vent despite them being twin brothers, Aile realizes something is up and it turns out Zephyr loathes Vent and would like nothing more than to ram his fist down his throat and yank out his guts.

However, Bellenoir captured Vent and put him in a cell so Aile goes to see him.  Vent is overjoyed to see both his brothers but Zephyr tells him to eff off and that Aile doesn’t need a shitty brother like him, and the 2 decide to have a deathmatch the next morn.  If Aile decides to talk to Vent, the 3p ending with Aile, Vent and Zephyr will play, and choosing to talk to Zephyr goes his path.  Uh, in the 3p ending, it’s just the twins fighting over Aile and trying to show off their skills in bed lol.

In Zephyr’s ending, Aile fails to talk Zephyr out of it, and before the fight commences, Bellenoir decides to chain their wrists together just for kicks.  Seriously man, gotta give Vent credit for his awesome way of fighting – halfway through the match, Vent starts molesting Zephyr and the latter gets so turned on by it that he loses all his willpower and is unable to fight XD  Zephyr ends the fight when Bellenoir gets all weak and the the twins sleep with Aile (NORMAL sleeping) that night.

During the middle of the night, Vent needs to go to the loo, and being chained, Zephyr has to go along.  They piss in the bushes or summin and whilst doing so, have a “my dong is bigger than urs” competition and being the hilarious dick he is, Vent zips up his pants and runs off while Zephyr is still pissing.

Gradually, Aile falls in love with Zephyr and gets jealous of the relationship between him and Bellenoir.  Zephyr runs off to Fuonteenu to find a way to save Bellenoir as in this game, gods aren’t immortal and Bellenoir doesn’t have long to live.  Aile follows him and tries to get Zephyr to screw him but Zephyr says that he can’t as his body belongs to Bellenoir.  Well, Aile would have done summin anyway only to have Blancert show up and go “WTF BROTHERS CAN’T DO THIS KIND OF SHIT” but his expression says otherwise ;)  Blablabla same thing happens with Infini and Aile rejects Infini and they go back to Bellenoir’s condo, have sex and live happily ever after.


Gotta love this guy’s character design, what with the awesome bone wings, tattoos and naked torso.  He’s the god of Riberute and unlike Infini, is downright dirty, always cracking perverse jokes and making lewd comments 24/7 365, but that vulgar leer and suggestive look belie the fact that he’s actually a good, a tad tsundere guy.

Instead of talking to Vent or Zephyr about stopping their fight, Aile goes to Bellenoir instead.  Enjoying ‘interesting shit’, Bellenoir sees no reason to stop them from fighting but says that if Aile sleeps with him, he’ll consider it.  Ignoring the trauma he has from his past, Aile sucks it up and strips.  However, just as Bellenoir is about to stick it in, there’s a couple flashes of light and out pops…chibi Bellenoir XD  Completely adorable form (Aile thinks he’s cute too lol).  Bellenoir is irked to have been seen in such a form and leaves the room.

Bellenoir then orders Aile to wipe him down and Aile does so grudgingly, cuz Bellenoir ‘threatens’ to rape Vent and Zephyr.  However, as Aile wipes his back, he brushes the part where his wings come from and that turns Bellenoir on and though he tells Aile to stop feeling him there, Aile acts stupid and continues doing it for fun which in turn, causes Bellenoir to grab him and try to bang him.  Aile starts calling for Vent and Zephyr to save him, and when Bellenoir doesn’t stop, he breaks down into tears and starts baaawing. Lol, Bellenoir gets all o.O;; and goes “あ~~よしよし、泣くなって。もうしねぇから” – “Ah, yosh yosh.  Don’t cry.  I won’t do anything.”  He then reveals that he knows about Aile’s past and tells him he doesn’t have to keep pretending about it anymore: he knows all about Aile, and in front of him, he can drop the act.  Following that, he pulls Aile down and they fall asleep together.

When a soldier comes in the morning knocking for Bellenoir, Bellenoir tells Aile to say that he’s not there and make up a cover story for himself:

Aile: Uh…I’m a prostitute Bellenoir bought.   “えっと。。。僕はベルノワール様に買われた男娼です。”

Belle: WTF PROSTITUTE? I’M NOT INTO THAT SHIT!  IM GONNA FUCKING RAPE YOU!!  “オレが買った男娼ってなんだ。そんな趣味ねぇよ!! 本当に犯してやろうか”

My respect for you Aile, has just tripled XD

Bellenoir then brings Aile to the center of Palladium (デル二エ – Derunie) to show that the world isn’t going to last long and is going is to be swallowed up.  When asked why he showed Aile this, Bellenoir goes “お前を困らせるためだ。” (“just to rain on your parade”)  Too bad for Bellenoir, Aile doesn’t give a shit about this world.  Bellenoir tosses Zephyr’s tag to Aile and explains that it’s black because Zephyr died 12 years ago and he split his life to save him, and he doesn’t want to let Zephyr see him get weaker as Bellenoir treasures him as his own son.  Aile tells him to give it back to Zephyr himself and when Bellenoir goes “You refusing my orders?  I’ll rape you!”, Aile sniggers and goes “With that puny body?” XD

Later on, Blancert gives a letter to Bellenoir from Infini which is chock full of shit like “ご飯食べなくちゃだめだよ” (“Skipping meals is a nono!”) but it’s asking Bellenoir to meet up with Infini and give a reply within 24 hours.  Blancert has been brainwashed and can only remember Aile, and Bellenoir writes a letter in reply saying “バーカ、死ね” (“Reeeetard.  Die”) Obviously Zephyr doesn’t approve and rewrites a proper letter, complying with Bellenoir’s wish for war and not peace with Infini.  Aile then realizes something and comments to Bellenoir how there used to be a black cat with red eyes at his orphanage he always played with…oh Bellenoir >w<

At night, Blancert forces Aile to go to Fuonteenu with him by giving him poison, but Bellenoir follows in his chibi form, pretends to be a random Riberute kid, and lies to Blancert that the original route to Fuonteenu is sealed off so he can ‘lead the way’.

Upon reaching the crossing, Bellenoir refuses to hand over Aile but Infini smashes one of the two vials of antidote intended for Blancert and Aile – if Aile doesn’t come over to Fuonteenu, Blancert dies.

In the bad ending, Aile decides to give himself up for Blancert.  Bellenoir doesn’t let go of him, saying it’s because it’ll sadden Zephyr, but then admits “cuz I don’t want to let you go.”  Still, Aile doesn’t waver and leaves after looking once more at Bellenoir (holy shit, Bellenoir’s crushed expression is win).  Bellenoir goes over to Fuonteenu to get Aile back after a while, but Anthony kills him, and Bellenoir’s last words are “Don’t cry, I’m gonna die soon anyway”.

In the good ending, Aile refuses to go over and demands Infini give Blancert the meds.  He and Infini play tug of war with Aile, and they don’t stop until Blancert smashes the last vial of antidote and grabs Infini, forcing him to let go of Aile.  Blancert shouts at Aile to run and reveals that he never gave him any poison (“There’s no way I’d do that to my own little brother!”).

Bellenoir drags a crying Aile away, and in Fuonteenu, Inifini heals Blancert so he can slave away in the labs again.  Back at Bellenoir’s condo, said owner of condo tells Aile to reveal his true self as he needs him for something and he makes him come out by molesting him.  Soon, the other Aile tells Aile that he’ll get rid of everyone who threatens him, and  he comes out and gives Bellenoir a blowjob, and Bellenoir bangs him.  After they’re done, other Aile says he’s thirsty and walks away, only to grab a knife and repeatedly stab Bellenoir.  When Aile regains control, he sees Bellenoir still alive and out of relief, cries, saying that other Aile wasn’t him, but Bellenoir tells him it was, and that he’s only trying to cover up his real self.  Bellenoir then tells Aile to stop crying and just sleep.

In the morning, Bellenoir is titchy again and Aile cries again and apologizes. Bellenoir tells him he’s able to accept Aile for who he is and kisses him.  He becomes normal, and goes:

Bellenoir: Become mine alright? “俺のものになれよ?” *kiss*

Aile: I might stab you again though.

Bellenoir: Only I can handle someone as fucked up as you.  So stay with me. 「おまえみたいな変な奴、相手に出来るのは俺くらいだぜ。だから傍にいろ」

Aile:  You saying you like me? “好きって事?”

Bellenoir: No, you dumb shit.  I’m saying “I love you.” “バーカ、ちげぇよ。 愛してるって事だ”. *kiss again*

He then reveals that he’s been trying to help Aile since he knew about him – the owner of the orphanage Aile was in was picked by Bellenoir cuz he knew that the owner was a good guy, but then he couldn’t do anything about the new owner cuz he’s not supposed to meddle in mortal affairs even though he wants to help his people so he’s sorry.

Bellenoir then pushes Aile down and gropes him, but before he can get any further, in come Zephyr and Vent.  Both extremely pissed off.  Bellenoir nervously says it’s mutual but Aile starts screaming “NIICHAN, HELP!!  BELLENOIR’S TRYNA RAPE ME!!” Aile you bastard XD.

“お兄ちゃん、助けてっ!! ベルノワール様が僕にエッチな事するよぉ”

「俺が怒っていたり、恐い顔してるからって俺の傍から逃げるなよ? 俺の愛情だって思え」 – “Don’t run away from me even if I make some shit scary expressions alright?  Think of it as my way of showing my love”


The eldest brother who saved all of their asses 12 years ago, and ALWAYS ends up saving Aile’s ass again one way or another in pretty much every route.  Upon first meeting, Aile gets the impression that he’s a cold, brainwashed douche, but as the story progresses, one can only arrive at the conclusion that he is probably the most selfless, awesome brother anyone can ever have in a fucked up crumbling palladium. Well, at least in my opinion.

His path starts out as Vent’s one up till Infini gets Aile and Vent a room: instead of walking around Fuonteenu and meeting Zephyr, Aile takes a short walk outside his room and bumps into Blancert.  Much like in every other route, he’s a pompous prat and goes “wt stupid brat doin ere” and struts off.

At night, Aile wakes up to someone poking things into his bum bum, and restrained and gagged, can only watch the pervert feel him up, who turns out to be none other than Blancert.  Blancert tells to cum cuz he wants to experiment with the jizz of a wingless being but Infini walks in and is all “o.O;;” and tells Blancert to stop experimenting with everything he sees and to leave the kid alone.

The next day, Infini formally introduces Blancert to Vent and Aile, and Blancert doesn’t know them and Vent tells Aile they’re going back to Riberute.  Aile chooses to stay instead, and when Blancert sees him again, he snaps at him to go the hell home.  Aile goes to see Infini but Infini goes all berserk and “I.WANT.AILE.NOW”.  Blancert walks in to give Infini his meds and stops Infini from raping Aile. While outside, Aile overhears Blancert talking about how he has concluded from the jizz, that Aile is a failure and can’t be used as a vessel.  Blancert goes out, sees Aile still standing there and insults him some more till Aile runs to his room and cries.  Blancert pops in and comforts him, mentioning that he saw the hickeys and shit all over his legs and crap and knows that it wasn’t Vent who did them, cussing some more about how useless he is as a brother, revealing that he does know Aile and blar.  Still, he tells Aile to get the hell out of Fuonteenu first thing next morn.

As usual, Infini shows up at the crossing and tries to kill Blancert for being a traitor, and this time, Aile merges with Infini to save Blancert.  However, seeing how torn up the two brothers are over this, he lets Aile go but keeps him in the lab for experimenting.  Thus, now Aile spends his days inside those giant liquid filled cylinder thingies that always show in creepy sci fi movies.  Rubbish ending?  No shit.

Infini / Normal End

Ah, Infini.  The divine god of Fuonteenu who manages to end up being the antagonist in every route.  This isn’t a Infini x Aile route; it’s more of a ‘true end’ and leans more to the Bellenoir x Infini  and Vent x Aile side.

His route follows Vent’s route for the most part till the confrontation with Infini at the end.  Aile chooses to sacrifice himself to save Vent and the world, only to have Bellenoir interrupt.  When talking Infini out of this proves useless, Bellenoir walks up to him, hugs him, and thrusts a hand through his chest, killing Infini, with Infini’s last words being “thank you Belle…the days I spent with you were fun”


From that day on, Bellenoir has fallen into a deep slumber after telling everyone he’s tired, and has never woken up again.  Day by day, he grows weaker and smaller, and mutters Infini’s name and cries during his sleep, but nothing more.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Holy hell was this game fun.  Though the plot wasn’t in any way original or anything, it was short, to the point and didn’t have any giant mythical backstory and long crazily twisted plots like tsubasa from CLAMP.

Character wise, I LOVE BELLENOIR.  He was the one I was most interested in from the start due to his character design and his route was so much better than I thought it’d be.  His “I rape you bitch” thing and penchant for making sick comments about Zephyr were completely hilarious and had me lmfao out loud several times.  What I loved most, was that he really was a nice guy underneath everything, and his lines are so fangirl worthy.  Vent was another hilarious character, especially during his fight with Zephyr where he grabbed his balls to win, and when he was completely shit at sex at the end, and how straightforward he is with everything.  Zephyr was alright, I found his reason for hating Vent completely immature and bratty but how he deals with Bellenoir was most amusing to watch.  Blancert = super man older brother who risks everything to save his brothers time after time again, so I was pretty pissed off that his story was so short and meh.  Infini’s death at the end made me a tad teary cuz it’s around there that you realize that he’s actually trying his best as a god and that he’s not a malicious bastard: “私はこの世界を愛していた。。。お前と創った世界を守りたかったんだ。。。ずっと、ベルと一緒に生きたかった。。。未来永劫。。。” – “I loved this world.  I wanted to protect the world I made you with…I wanted to live on together with you Belle…Forever and always.”  And of course, Aile.  Your typical knife wielding uke ;)

In terms of voice, Aile sounded as though he was hyperventilating during sex in a not so hot way but he was alright most of the time.  As for Bellenoir, I loved his voice.  True I was a tad taken aback by the scratchy, somewhat pervy hobo sounding thing, but it grew on me and worked real well for everything.  Everyone else wasn’t very memorable though they sounded good.

And i loved the music xD  it fit real well with the atmosphere and had some really nice pieces especially the ones during sad/touching scenes and the like.

Bad points are that, Blancert’s ending was completely SHIT and there wasn’t really anything between him and Aile so fuck that.  Infini’s voice also creeped me out most of the time and I didn’t like it so meh, but that’s nothing compared to the rest of the game, which admittedly isn’t completely “WOW BEST GAME EVR!!” worthy, but is extremely enjoyable, with a lovable cast, hilarious scenes, and of course, Bellenoir =D


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2004年2月11日 「同じ割合で」といった意味を持つ「ずつ」を「づつ」と表記することは、現代仮名遣いとしては間違いなので

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  1. aiLuvbeaSt Says:

    haha…that’s sure one bloody awesome review…
    just started playin’ but got stuck…
    any hint or clues to share..thanks ~~,

  2. Do you know how many endings are there? I got a threesome VentxAilexZephyr ending just now. 8Da;;

  3. Thank so much for this I love this Zephyr to death and don’t get me wrong I like vent and the death between the 2 good thinking on vent I wouldn’t think molesting Zephyr so good thinking on vents part.

  4. Excuse me, I’m having problem while installing this game, the installment process is suddenly frozen by itself. Is it because of language problem? I need some solutions, thanks.

    • domshiki Says:

      I think you need to change ur system language and get applocale not too sure since I’ve never run into any problems sry

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