BL Game Review – Sweet Pool

Alternative Names: スウィート プール

Company: Nitro+Chiral

Release Date: 19.12.08

Official Site:


Platform: PC, PSP (unofficial chinese port by otomedream)

Genre: 18+ BL, romance, angst, drama, meat monsters, guro, rape, violence, tragedy x 6

Plot Summary: To put it accurately yet crudely, our protaganist Sakiyama Youji, starts shitting meat monsters from his bum bum one day.  Shironuma, an ice bitch classmate of his begins to feel him up for no comprehensible reason, a crazy ass sempai does the same, and  Youji’s bff  Makoto turns out to be gay for our meat shitting protagonist.  So Youji’s life starts getting fucked up by those 3 nutjobs – and the fact that he’s a freak who menstruates from his ass.  Amazing, Nitro+chiral.  I give you full marks for being original and completely disgusting at the same time.

No like seriously, SHITTING MEAT?? That’s what Nitro+Chiral comes up with after Togainu no Chi and Lamento??  How did street fighting and kitty boys go over to meat monsters?? My fucking lord.

That aside, just as a side note: Unlike most porno games, Sweet Pool doesn’t have the whole ‘chasing after eligible guys and getting a happy ending with them’ thing – there are NO HAPPY ENDINGS, the OTP is Youji x Shironuma, and in the two other endings that Youji doesn’t end up with Shironuma, he gets raped and eaten alive (yes eaten.  him and his bloody ass).

Shironuma Tetsuo

Essentially, the one for Youji (4 of the endings belong to him).  Is tall, somewhat tan and has blonde hair ie hot hot hot.  Even more stoic and aloof than the protagonist, he barges his way unasked into Youji’s life, and though Youji initially hates him and finds him creepy, Shironuma becomes the one person in his life who he can relate to, and is always there for him (ie there to get him off and help him clear his bowels of guro meat).

Most of his routes are the same until the ending, and all the routes have a different ED to them.

The game begins with a prologue of some sort, talking about the meat monsters I’m guessing, about how they shall reign over every living creature, but must not touch human beings as God created humans in his image.

Youji is held back a year due to constant hospitalization, and the only person he knows is Makoto when terms begins again.  He meets Shironuma who’s always been checking him out and as Shironuma walks past him, he catches a distinct fragrance from him, but soon vanishes.

He heads home with Makoto after school and they meet Zenya who’s being retarded at the school gates but he leaves after his gangsta driver, Kitani, picks him up. While on the train, Youji suddenly feels nauseous but suppresses the urge to throw up till he gets home and gets a call from his older sis, who is now married and pregnant, and like Youji, has a weak body, thus is staying at the hospital.

Next morn on the train, he feels sick again and nearly topples over, but someone grabs his arm and stops him.  Youji stills, and the hand on his arm causes a strange wave of calm to wash over him, effectively dispelling his discomfort.  However, before he can thank or see who the person is, the doors open and he’s pushed out along with the crowd.

Shironuma tells Youji he has
cleaning duty with him after school.  Tense, Youji hurriedly does his job but Shironuma suddenly places a hand on the back of his neck while he does so.  Unable to get a reason from Shironuma, Youji finishes up, leaves, and after discussing some rumors with Makoto about 『夕焼け小焼け』 (some bell that rings at 5pm every day) and Zenya always disappearing at that time, Youji goes home and takes a bath.

Whilst in the bath, he remembers how Shironuma had touched his neck and he lightly puts his fingers there, only to withdraw his hand and see blood.  Bewildered and in shock, Youji speculates that this is why Shironuma touched his neck, and suddenly, the bath water all around him turns crimson.  Despite the terror he felt at this sight, Youji feels himself getting horny, closes his eyes and jacks off in the blood (dude like wot?).  When he opens his eyes again, the water is clear again and there is no sign of any blood.

From then on, Shironuma keeps relentlessly popping up in Youji’s life, appearing most unexpectedly and disappearing without another word.  When Youji masturbates in a science lab that mysteriously elicits uncontrollable desire in him, Shironuma is the one who catches him in the act.  When Youji needs to take a ‘dump’ (ie release some meat monsters), it’s Shironuma who realizes it and forces him to do it, despite Youji’s unwillingness to do so.  Whenever Youji gets another of his panic attacks, Shironuma seems always to be able to calm him down.

Too bad for Youji, Zenya won’t stop trying to rape him
either.  He orders Kitani to investigate Youji , and shortly after Youji shits his first meat monster in the boys toilet, he snidely remarks to Youji that he isn’t human, kidnaps both Youji and Shironuma and dumps them into a creepy TV room of his, hoping that the two would rape each other or something.  Instead, Youji wakes up and involuntarily touches Shironuma’s face, causing the latter to give him a handjob lol.

His plan having failed, he tries to talk to Youji again but Shironuma shows up and warns him to not touch Youji, prompting Zenya to go “you sayin’ Youji’s belongs to you?”, but leaves when it hits 5:00pm.  Though still wary of and intimidated by Shironuma, Youji relaxes somewhat, only to have Shironuma grab him from behind and rape him against the wall.  Youji enjoys it pretty fast so it’s not some violent crazy Zenya shit at least

When Youji gets home, he’s fatigued, sore all over and feverish.  After responding to his sister’s text about having successfully given birth, he collapses on his sofa and spends the night crapping flesh fiends, skiving school the next day.  However, Shironuma shows up at his door, causing Youji to flip out and yell at him to scram, but Shironuma replies calmly that he only came to give him his missed homework, then leaves.  As he closes his door, Youji breaks out into a humorless laugh, and watches the meat monsters climb into his fish tank and blow up his fish, then hears something drop outside his door and realizes that it was a bag of food someone hung on the handle.

Next day, Youji forces himself to school and finds out Shironuma has been suspended from school for beating up Zenya cuz the latter insulted Youji.  Kamiya, a science teacher, tells him to give Shirounuma his homework after school, and though reluctant, Shironuma brought him his, so Youji takes up the request and hops over to Shironuma’s condo after school.  He is greeted by Shironuma’s mother who invites him for dinner and pushes him into the place before Youji can refuse.  Having no other choice, he gives Shironuma his homework and and has dinner with the Shironuma family.

Meanwhile, Makoto is becoming increasingly frustrated and jealous with Shironuma constantly approaching Youji.  He doesn’t understand why Kamiya gave Youji’s papers to Shironuma and not himself – after all, he cared most about Youji no?  And why won’t Youji tell him anything?



And why was he so bliddy pissed with Shironuma getting so close to Youji?


Coming to the above conclusion, Makoto realizes that he’s gay for Youji (like no shit sherlock.  took you long enough)

However, when Makoto sees Shironuma talking to Youji the next day, he flips out, puts himself between the two and snaps at Shironuma to bugger the fuck off.  When Youji tells Makoto to calm down, Makoto goes berserk and spews some jealous shit and has to be restrained by Kamiya.

Kamiya then tells Youji that he’s falling behind and needs to be tutored…by Shironuma, much to Youji’s distaste.  Kamiya says it’s a chance for Shironuma to make up for beating up Zenya and Youji goes along with it.

It rains after school and as Youji starts walking home, he finds Shironuma following him behind with a brolly, and after trying to get away from him, Youji finally realizes that he’s offering to share it.  Embarrassed, he silently walks over and Shironuma walks him home.

As Shironuma turns to leave, Youji suddenly grabs his arm in an impulse, and when asked by Shironuma what he wants, Youji doesn’t have an answer and only stands there, awkward.  Then, Shironuma pulls him in close and murmurs in his ear “Sorry for being so rough last time”, before walking away.


Then Youji gets a visit from Makoto.  He stands there, wet in the rain at his doorway and Youji, surprised, asks what’s up and all, but Makoto goes berserk again and starts shrieking about why it can’t be himself and why it has to be him.  When he finally calms down, he quietly apologizes but asks why it can’t be him and runs off before Youji can get him to explain what the hell is going on.


And then in comes Zenya’s old man, Kunihito.  He’s some sick nutjob who’s obsessed with dem meat monsters and he gets a call from Kamiya who rambles on about Youji being the “Mesu” (female) and Tetsuo being the perfect “Osu” (male) so Zenya, who’s an Osu, is no longer needed.  Point is, Zenya is a failure Osu and will not be able to produce a “Purebreed” with Youji, and has to undergo all this pain because it is a way for Kunihito to “redeem himself”.  All the while, Kunihito’s just fiddling around with some giant red meaty thing (DEAR GOD PLEASE TELL ME IT’S NOT WOT I THINK IT IS).

Zenya starts losing more of his marbles and gets all stalker obsessed with Youji.  Shortly after he gets his ass kicked, Kamiya walks past him and calls him 「できそこない」(trash, kinda) and tells him that he ain’t the only Osu around.  Zenya cracks up, laughing at himself and softly says that he understands that’s he’s useless.

Youji has his first tutoring session with Shironuma the following day at his place and finds that he can’t bliddy concentrate. Shironuma goes to get drinks and Youji finds him falling asleep.  When he wakes up, Shironuma too, is sleeping on his shoulder, and Youji goes home after he wakes up.

Next day, Makoto is all energetic again, apologizes about last time, and tells Youji that Kamiya wants to meet him after school in the lab.  Though relieved Makoto seems alright, Youji senses that his smiles were fake and he’s still pretty damn unhinged.

When Youji gets tothe lab, nobody is there. Suddenly, he’s attacked from behind, both arms pinned and sees none other than Makoto holding a box cutter to his neck.  Youji tells Makoto to knock it off but being yandere, Makoto starts yakking on about how Shironuma is always around Youji and how he wants Youji to be his.  When Youji remains silent for the most part, Makoto snaps and demands that he choose between him and Shironuma.  Youji refuses to choose and crushed, Makoto asks whether they’re friends or not.  Once again, Youji remains silent (because he doesn’t know the true meaning of friends and blar) and Makoto laughs about how this friendship must have been onesided then .  He says he’s already come so far, mite as well go ahead, and plans on killing Youji, then killing himself.  As Makoto raises the cutter to stab Youji, Youji can only close his eyes, and finds himself mentally calling out for Shironuma.

「……なんだよ、友達ですらないって? そっか。やっぱり全部、俺の勘違いだったってことか。あはは、ダセー。俺、死んだ方がいいんじゃねーの? ははは は」

Next thing he knows, Shironuma’s in the room and has pried Makoto off Youji.  More pissed off than ever, Makoto screams that it’s all Shironuma’s fault and that he should never have shown up, before running out of the room.

After school, Shironuma drags Youji to his home.  After feeding a stray cat, Shironuma pushes Youji down onto his bed and makes out with him.  Remembering what Shironuma did to him before, Youji’s terrified and tries to push him off, but calms down, and pulling back, Shironuma says to him “Call me, anytime, anywhere ;)” “Call me, whenever.”


Remembering that his sister gave birth, Youji bunks school and goes to the hospital to see her.  She breaks down and confesses to him that he already died once but was revived somehow in the car crash with his parents.  Whereas their parents were all bloody and cut up, Youji had not a single scratch on him save for a weirdly shaped scar on his chest.  He was covered in a red liquid that appeared to be blood, yet wasn’t blood.  His sister hugs him and apologizes for not telling him this earlier, and then shows him her baby, named Yuuji – the Yuu from her hubby’s name, and the Ji from Youji.

Youji plans on leaving after seeing his sister, but recalls that Makoto is in the same hospital and decides that he has to set things straight with him.  Makoto is shocked to see Youji in his room, but Youji assures him that he’s not here to bash his face in; he’s only hear to talk to him.


Hearing this, Makoto breaks down into tears and repeatedly apologizes.  He remembers how they first met, then says that being with Youji made him happy, till Shironuma came along.


He explains that Youji’s smell drove him mad and he couldn’t control himself.  Though he doesn’t deserve it, Makoto hopes that they can still be friends, and Youji tells him he’ll be waiting back at school.

All seems good but Youji meets Kamiya outside.  Kamiya says  that though it obviously wasn’t intentional, it’s all Youji’s fault.  Youji has been releasing pheromones to attract Osu but Makoto got affected as well.  When asked who the hell he is, Kamiya reveals that he’s part of an organization called 『自由なる民』and they worship and observe the meat monsters (wtf of all the things to worship you guys pick butt meat??).  The meat monsters are actually punished/cursed souls of ppl who dint believe in god and so their human forms were taken away from em and now they’re ass meat.  They apparently can’t reproduce without a human host or summin (unlike “Fred” from Splice lol) so they rape the insides of poor unsuspecting ppl.  The gender of the host don’t matter, only the meat itself and those inhabited by male meat (osu) are given crazy regenerative powers SAVE THE CHEERLEADER SAVE THE WORLD whereas those with a female meat parasite (mesu) are given nutin but the totally gross condition of SHITTING MEAT when they’re ready to mate, kinda like a signal that they’re in uh heat.  And also both genders release aforementioned pheromones to attract each other and for the Mesu, that tends to have the rather inconvenient side effect of bringing out the primal urges in those close to em or summin ^^;;

These meat dudes have some god of their own, His Meat Majesty, who’s of a super high god class iePurebreed and he’s somehow gotten over the punishment of having no form and actually has some human form or summin.  Eating  his meat flesh makes the eater a host and the 『自由なる民』’s goal is to create another Purebreed, which is done by mating a a highly compatible coupling of a HQ osu and mesu (see where this is going?).  I’m guessing that the 『自由なる民』 have been infecting people with His Meat Majesty’s flesh in hopes that the infected will turn out to be the HQ osu and mesu required to make a Purebreed but the thing is, they’ve been hacking off too much meat from His Meat Majesty so now the guy is reduced to a buttfugly block of dried meat (OMFG EW EW EW THAT’S WOT KUNIHITO WAS FONDLING BACK THEN EEEEEEEEW).

See where this is going?  The 『自由なる民』 have been waiting for a Mesu host to show up for ages and finally, out comes Youji.  At the same time, Shironuma’s a perfect Osu and seeing how those two are actually pretty good together, Kamiya’s trying to get the two to mate and make a Purebreed.  Proof that a successful Purebreed has been born = red eyes.  But there’s a catch: the parents die *HINT HINT*.  Youji’s just like “WTF GTFO U SICK SHIT” and leaves the place.

When Youji goes over to Shironuma’s place for tutoring, he finds himself confessing that he hated Shironuma in the beginning, but doesn’t know how he feels now.  He asks him why he keeps helping him, and when Shironuma doesn’t answer, Youji tentatively asks how Shironuma feels about him.

Before he can finish his question however, Shironuma pushes him to the ground and kisses him, stopping to say that he was the one who found Youji.


Which is why he won’t hand him over to anyone.


Still, Youji presses on and asks him what he is to him.  Shironuma goes:

「お前は、俺の……」<--- "You're my..."

But this time, Youji cuts him off with a kiss.  He doesn’t need to hear his answer because he already knows, and they go on to screwing each other.  When they’re done, Youji feels a strange sense of bliss, but that disappears when he feels a meat monster starting to come out of his bum.  He closes his legs and tries to hold it in, but Shironuma pulls his legs apart and forces it out.  Utterly mortified to be seen by Shironuma, Youji grits his teeth and covers his face, but Shironuma pulls him into an embrace, and that is when Youji realizes, that the person who helped him on the train in the beginning, was Shironuma.

It’d have been awesome if Zenya and his dad Kunihito died before they can fuck up Youji’s life after this, but too bad they don’t and Youji gets a text from Zenya saying that he’ll tell him everything so come to the science lab.  Youji goes sees  the whole school covered with gut gremlins and shit, and when he gets to the lab, meat tentacles wrap around him and capture him.  He sees Kunihito who’s praying to the meat god or summin and holding His Meat Majesty.  Kunihito plans to use Youji as a sacrifice for his meat god cuz sacrificing a Mesu can bring back His Meat Majesty back to his former meat glory and Zenya comes in with a knife to kill Youji.  Kunihito tells Zenya to hurry up but instead of killing Youji, Zenya takes a stab at Kunihito and carves up His Meat Majesty. He screams that it’s all because of this meat shiet that he had to suffer so much, and after stabbing to his heart’s content, he tells Youji he’s his important Mesu and he’s gonna kill him.

「じゃあね? 大好きだったよ。……ばいばい」

Yeah, a no brainer for what happens next.  Shironuma appears and punches Zenya.  They have a brawl, with Zenya stabbing Shironuma but the wounds always healing as Shironuma is a ‘perfect Osu’, and Shironuma relentlessly punches Zenya and would have killed him had Youji not intervened.  Shironuma stops, but Zenya sees this as an opening and stabs Youji’s leg.  Pissed off as hell, Shironuma yanks the knife out and jabs the knife into Zenya’s gut, the woundbeing fateful.  With Zenya dying on the ground, Shironuma takes Youji’s hand and tells him they’re going home.

The main entrance of the school is so overstuffed with meat monsters that the two can’t get out, so they try another way and head up to the roof.  Youji hears voices inside his head and realizes that it’s the gut gremlins and he’s given a choice to accept his fate with Shironuma as being non-human or to reject the meat monsters and try to continue living as a human being.

Meanwhile, the sedative Zenya gave Kitani has worn off and Kitani has arrived at the school.  Frantically searching for Zenya, he enters the and finds a half dead Zenya clutching his own guts.  When he shakily approaches him, Zenya hands him his guts, calling his innards his baby.


As Kitani represses the urge to hurl, he takes the bloody mess and Zenya murmurs how he hopes the child won’t turn out to be useless and like him.


Zenya holds Zenya and swears that he’ll definitely kill the two ‘culprits’ and calls Zenya by his name as he dies in his arms.

Having given the meat monsters’ an answer, Youji then asks Shironuma what they’re to do.  Shironuma answers that t’s alright as long as they’re together, and that he hasn’t thought about anything else.

「ずっと、一緒にいればいい. 他のことなんて考えてねぇよ」

When asked by Youji why he’d go so far for someone like him, Shironuma repeats that he was the one who found him.  It was true that he went after Youji only because he was a Mesu, but as time went along, Shironuma couldn’t understand why he was going after him anymore.  Screw the Mesu Osu crap, screw whether he was human or not; all he knew was that, he wanted to be with Youji.


Youji in turn, says that he found Shironuma to be creepy and wanted him to leave him alone, but then realized that he might be the only one who understood him in the world.  He’s alright with what they have now, because he knows that no matter what he is, there’s one person who understands him in this world, and that’s already enough – even if they were the only two left in the entire world.


Shironuma then calls Youji’s name and tells him to be with him, and the two share a kiss.


Their moment is effectively ruined when Kitani appears at the roof door and shoots Shironuma.  This is where the 4 Shironuma routes split:

the red road:

Youji accepts his fate of being the mesu and decides to procreate with Shironuma.  Shironuma punches Kitani and he and Youji drive back to Youji’s place.  There, his flat is filled with meat monsters everywhere, but screw that, that doesn’t stop them from fucking like rabbits.  As they both climax, they feel themselves literally fusing with each other, and whilst holding each other, Shironuma quietly asks Youji whether he believes in forever.  As Youji’s conscious begins to slip away, he lightly muses that, if forever existed, he’d be in sheer bliss: ずっと、一緒に。 永遠に、そばに。本当にそうであったなら、どんなに幸せなことか。With this thought, he closes his eyes and replies that there’s no such thing as forever, and still in each others’ arms, the two die.


After their  deaths, Kitani shows up at Youji’s place and barging in, readies his gun to shoot the both of them.  However, he sees not Shironuma or Youji, but their child sleeping on the ground (who is a miniature Youji and supposedly to be some sort of Jesus for the meat thingies).  Thinking it’s a trap, he tries to shoot him but finds himself unable to shoot a defenseless child, so deciding to only shoot him if he proves to be a threat, he picks up the child, and the child opens his eyes – red.

diving deep:

Shironuma punches Kitani and drives Youji back in this one as well, but it turns out Youji is unable to fully accept his fate with Shironuma as the meat Mary and Joseph, and before they can get it on and make a bebby, Kitani catches up with them and shoots em both dead.

Kitani speaks with Kamiya later on, who explains to him most of the meat monster crap, but there is still on thing Kitani doesn’t understand: Zenya.  Kitani tells him that Zenya used to be a normal child, but Kunihito fed him the meat monsters, forcing Zenya to become a host.  However, his body wasn’t compatible and instead of becoming a perfect Osu, he became a failure, having to live the rest of his life in extreme pain as the meat monsters destroyed his body from the inside.

Miracles May (Violin Version):

Kitani shoots both Shironuma and Youji, and the two fall off the roof and plunge into the pool.  Whilst falling, Youji remembers the car crash and why he lived on: his father was a meat monster host as well and sacrificed himself to save him.  Youji decides that he wants to save Shironuma the way his father saved him, and with this thought only, he holds Shironuma.

A couple of years after, Shironuma is alive and well and living with Youji, the latter’s speech now being shown with dashes instead of any speech marks. Shironuma now has a job and leaves the house to work, leaving Youji alone in the house.  Youji’s health seems to be worse than ever and doesn’t appear to ever get out, and it’s shown that though Youji did indeed sacrifice his humanity to save Shironuma, he is alive now, but it’s made apparent that he shouldn’t be here at all.  Youji knows this himself and that he doesn’t have long, but doesn’t care, as being with Shironuma these past few years has been the happiest period of time of him and he’s satisfied.  He closes his eyes, and calling Shironuma’s name, wishes for his happiness.



Miracles May

The ‘grand ending’ in Sweet Pool.  After completing all other endings, an extra choice appears when Youji chooses to sacrifice himself.  Going with reason, Youji still decides to give himself up, but finds that he can’t ignore his desire to keep living with Shironuma.  He wants to hear Shironuma call his name again.




Shironuma wakes up, and the rest of the route is told in his POV.  He can remember everything that has happened to himself, apart from why he is in the hospital right now.  The doctors tell him that he fell off the school roof and into the pool, but Shironuma knows something is off, and that on the exact same day that this happened, Zenya and Kunihito were killed at his school as well.  However, he can’t remember anything.

One day, when returning from college, he involuntarily gets off at Youji’s stop on the train.  Confused by his own actions, Shironuma suddenly gets flashes of Youji: black hair, white skin, distrusting eyes, forever.  He numbly calls out Youji’s name, but snaps out of his reverie and is unable to remember anymore, feeling only a faint pain.  He steps back onto the train and his life goes on.

After the credits roll, there is one last cg shown, and it is Youji, standing alone on the train platform.  There is no text.  I’m not completely sure on wot it symbolises, certainly it’d be a nice thought if it meant that Youji really was still alive but given the completely morbid, depressing nature of this game, I can only veer towards the belief that Youji really is dead and this cg simply represents what Tetsuo has lost.

Mita Makoto

The only person who spoke to Youji in his class before Shironuma showed up, Makoto is much like a orangey haired Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke; refreshing, outgoing and popular.  Well that is, until he becomes a clingy, jealous girlfriend and turns full blown out yandere.

The Hunger

As mentioned above, Makoto gets affected by Youji’s pheromones, gets crazy jealous of Shironuma and holds a box cutter to Youji’s neck.  Choosing reason instead of going with instinct prompts Youji to nod, meaning that he picks Makoto over Shironuma and follows Makoto’s route.


However, Makoto knows Youji don’t got the hots for him, so Youji’s plan of calming Makoto down backfires, and instead, Makoto flips out some more and rapes Youji.


After raping Youji, Makoto licks the protagonist’s wounds and finds out that he likes the taste of Youji’s flesh (dear god).  Thus, he stabs Youji repeatedly, digs his hands in and eats Youji alive – yes the meat monsters as well *pukes*


Couple of weeks after stuffing himself silly with Youji, Makoto looks a tad like a zombie and it turns out Youji wasn’t enough to sate his loopy hunger, and this causes him to start snacking on his own arm at home.  He laments the loss of Youji and wants to see him again, but knows that it’s all his own fault, and calling Youji’s name once more, he begins to cry.

 もう一度、会いたい。  でも、もう会えない。  そうしたのは自分だ。 「……蓉司……」 乾ききって掠れた声で、二度と戻らない名前を呼んだ。



The long haired, eye patch blonde insane sempai of Youji’s.  He has a playful, teasing exterior, but is definitely cuckoo in the head and is extra douchey in his own route.  The only person who cares about him (and vice versa prolly) is Kitani, his bodyguard/cook/driver/maid/everything, with their relationship exceeding that of regular master servant ones (what servant licks their master’s guro eyeball??), and though never actually made an official couple or anything, one can really only assume that these 2 are pretty much togetherish (had Zenya not died and shiet).  He approaches Youji after catching his scent and realizing he is a Mesu.

Youji agrees to listen to what Zenya has to say, only to get knocked out and wake up, bound, in the weird tv room he was in with Shironuma before.  He realizes Zenya lied to him and Zenya explains parts of osu mesu thingy, and then proceeds to rape him over and over again over a period of god knows how long, turning Youji into his prisoner sex slave.  Youji refuses to eat and grows numb to all the crazy screwing, but still doesn’t understand Zenya’s creepy thing about making babies with him – a scene of Youji with a bloody ass covered with meat monsters shows and Youji remarks that the stuff coming out of his bum can’t possibly be any stupid baby of any sort.  Presumably, he stays as a sex slave forever with Zenya, unless he starved himself and died.

Afterthoughts and Conclusion

Dude.  Wow.  I believe Key has found a rival in producing tear jerking games.  Damn Nitro+chiral.

Firstly, I loved the characters.  Nobody was normal here and everyone had their own little fucked up quirks.  Youji was pretty strong a lead character and didn’t whine 24/7 about how the meat monsters were shittifying his life.  Shironuma is probably the most kickass guy I’ve ever come across in any gay porn game.  I just loved Makoto cuz yandere cannibals are win and when he doesn’t eat Youji, he’s shown to really treasure his friendship with the latter and does his darn best to make things up to the guy.  As for Zenya, he creeped me out at first and he still does but I’ve got some sympathy for how shitty his childhood was.  I’m glad he had Kitani by his side, who was a steadfast friend to the end despite being kept in the dark about all this fucked up meat shit too.

Kunihito can go burn in hell and Kamiya can join him.

Storywise, I understood a hell lot more than True Blood but still couldn’t get the full story.  The guro stuff was just WTF, but pretty well executed (ALL THINGS CONSIDERED I MEAN) and I had a good couple of jokes with the shitting meat monsters thing.  I have a thing for tragedy and bitterweet so having 6 non happy endings was something I enjoyed.  At the end though, I found myself wanting at least one happy ending with Shironuma and Youji – their relationship was really, the best part of the game and the perhaps the one thing that could save it from the disgusting menstruating meat plot.

The game emphasises that romance and love are not the focus of this game LOLOL OBV THE FOCUS IS MEAT MONSTERS.  The tagline itself, is「恋ではなく、愛でもなく。 もっとずっと、深く、重い」and it very accurately sums up the relationship between Youji and Tetsuo.  It wasn’t above falling in love with prince charming or having some sweet highschool love story.  It was about finding that one other person in a fucked world who would accept you for who you are.  Both Tetsuo and Youji share a trait of being loners and for good reason: neither have had happy childhoods, both losing their parents early on and probably realising that something was very wrong with them (Youji’s pathetic constitution, Tetsuo’s superman powers).  Then shit really hit the fan, with Youji getting periods and Tetsuo himself, being inexplicably drawn to and affected by Youji’s pheromones.  Fucking weirdos start springing up all over the place doing weird shit, there’s a shit ton of confusion and meat but there ain’t anyone around who they can confide in.

…Except for each other.  

The two realise along the way, that the other is the only one here who really understands how fucked up all of this is and they’re the only other person who can really understand them completely.  No words are needed.  In fact, not once do they tell each other “I love you” or explicitly express romantic lines.  They’re just happy to have found each other and don’t ask for anything more to be by each other’s side.  Their deaths in the red road ending are especially poignant, where as they embrace each other, Tetsuo asks if Youji believes in a forever.  Both are having the same thought, that there wouldn’t be anything more blissful than to be together forever.  But, Youji knows that can’t possibly be something so good in such a crapsack world so he replies that there forever doesn’t exist.

I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard at a game ending before.

As for the voices, I have no complaints.  Pretty funny that I could totally hear Shiki when Zenya was talking XD

The soundtrack was brill and I’ve put it on loop since playing the game.  The piece that played during red road fit the atmosphere real well and made me cry even more, and the song that played when Shironuma’s whooping ass just made him that much more bad ass. Favourite song in Sweet Pool had to be Miracles May – Itou Kanako was amazing as usual

In terms of art, it was a nice change from ‘bishounen’ – the guys in Sweet Pool are REAL MEN, broad shoulders, taut muscles and all that, but not so buff that they just looked like 40yr old boxers or shit.  In short, I like =D

Though I can’t recommend this to most seeing as it’s fucking disgusting and PEOPLE SHIT MEAT, no other game has hit me this hard.   Sweet Pool  made me lmfao, “OMFGWTFBBQ CAN’T UNSEE” and cry so hard at the same time.

Shironuma x Youji is now my OTP.

50 Responses to “BL Game Review – Sweet Pool”

  1. ah, thanks so much for the overview! meat monsters coming out of the butt….lol wow. it still sounds like a good game regardless of everyone having psyc issues. if i ever get a chance to play this, i know i’ll be crying at the end. i like the “miracles may” ending best. it leaves hope that the two will meet again, or that Shironuma will remember Youji one day. the title is “miracles may” (happen), after all ;) “the red” ending is ok too.

    • domshiki Says:

      totally is an awesome game, my current fave BL one anyway =P miracles may = bittersweet much? goddamn this whole game is bitterbitterbitterbittersweet T.T

  2. Miyo Says:

    Can’t believe it took me this long to find this summary! XD

    Loved reading this! Provided me both a summary and a funny perspective! lol!
    Working in a project where we’re translating Sweet Pool, so this seriously helped me see how it all fits together


  3. sookybabi Says:

    i wish more people left nice things about your summary…it was the most enjoyable one i read ^^ great work

    • domshiki Says:

      why thank you XD nice knowin that there are people who appreciate my rushed, hastily written LQ posts lol

  4. midori Says:

    bookmarking this blog!!!
    this review really helped so much on my game play for sweet pool…
    Youji Tetsuo OTP

    can’t wait for Chiral’s new work too ^///^

  5. banana-kun Says:

    yeaaaaah… was pretty sicko XD BUT i really got attached to the game by the time while reading your post

    i was somehow like this °u° the whole time
    and yeah some parts seem really gross…i mean how on earth would you get such an idea like shittin meat monsters XD just readin that gave me LOLLOLWTHLuuLZsoob superb insane but still it has a really unique plot.
    thats why i think its still cool and very interesting.
    and the guys are hot. (most important thingXD)
    i really wished they wouldve done at least one happy ending for Shironuma & Youji…….i mean wtf after going through the hell they deserve to reach the heaven or sth at least XD doesnt Nitro+Chiral have any sympathy for them after coming up with somethin that tragic (& yeah dayumn yuck) ?! these men endure this hardcore stuff ..they deserve gods bless

    i really liked your post XD you tried your best! and at least you made it funny…so i could endure this hardcore shit LOL

    (((and sry for my poor english ^o°)))

    • domshiki Says:

      haha i kno wot u be sayin SHIT MEAT MONSTERS AAKRSFASDFASLDFKJANSDKFJNSLDKF WTF XD. “unique” aint the word i’d use to describe the plot, summin more along the lines of “OMGWTFBBQ GROOOOSS XD” seems more fittin lol.

      yeah wtf aside from makin it gross, they make it a giant tragedy thing with no happy ending for dem two T.T love tetsuo n youji man. lol thanks for readin my shitty post =P

  6. Mishi Says:

    I love Sweet Pool, because I love bittersweet things xDDDDDDDD. I think we can think that Miracles May (violin version) is the “happy ending”, Youji and Tetsuo are together, maybe for not much time, but Youji is happy for those two years that he spent with Tetsuo and he can rest in peace, hoping for Tetsuo’s happiness. I know, that bittersweet too, but it’s the happy ending to me xP.

  7. MaoFish Says:

    Hell, that was one hell of a summary. It had everything I was looking for, witty, hilarious, effing funny……….yet totally conveyed this…this….GODDAMN LAME ASS AMAZING SHIT that made me bawl like a baby.
    YoujixTetsuou, OTP. I swear, I’ll never meet a story that’s as effed up, disturbing, creepy, disgusting, depressing story like Sweet pool.
    AND THEY HAD to use that damn song ‘Miracles May’….it’s such a nice song, till you think about Youji and Tetsuou, and then another sobfest…..

    • domshiki Says:


      that is all i can say xD

      • MaoFish Says:

        YES FTW.

        Btw, I loved the way you summarized the whole thing up in such a candid, hilarious way.

        I enjoyed it immensely.

  8. tk04 Says:

    Wow how I don’t know how to thank you…I have to be honest I love the choices of words you used for this summary. I enjoy it every minute of it. I can picture the game very clearly like a movie. It just sad me that there no happy ending. Now I understand why there some people that play the game end up crying.

    I must say this Sweet Pool is one mess up, disturbing, interesting, and sick BL game I every encounter. But I still find myself enjoy reading you summary and still want to play the game. Thanks again! I look forward to more of BL summary from you.

  9. taki-desu Says:

    I love your summary!

  10. kuroame Says:

    Wow. I started playing this game not knowing virtually *anything* about it, so imagine my surprise as I got to the gory bits! As I tried to make sense of the plot (with the help of translation engines and dictionaries, natch), it became more and more fascinating, and frustrated at not being able to read the original text, I searched and found your summary. Boy, am I glad I found it, ’cause nothing could have prepared me for these endings (not even Togainu no Chi).

    Honestly, I was expecting something better, plot-wise – not just less WTeverlivingF, but free of age-old BL clichés (especially the fetishization of rape). This way, it feels like they crossed Slither (or Dreamcatcher, LOL) with the Sex Pistols manga, and that’s not an attractive combo, to my mind. I think I might still “soldier” through it. but it’s good to know what to expect story-wise.

  11. Riku Rei Says:

    Man your review is somewhat unconventional as the game itself… But talking about unconventionality, do you know that Sweet pool is actually the ‘shounen ai’ ver of Saya no Uta? (that one is really full of meats and guts, and I really love it)
    Actually Saya no Uta is related to the Cthulhu Mythos, and similarly Sweet pool uses the Sephirothic system/Qabalah tree of life as the symbol for 自由なる民. (It seems that linking your anime or game to a existing system can always bring it up to a new level huh~ Although EVA has complete ruined the whole concept of Judaism.)
    One last thing, I really admire you for heari Shiking from Zenya… It was only when I read the staff list that I realised Zenya=Shiki and Youji=Asato. (Nitro+ Chiral really like these casts)
    P.S: This drawing style is INDEED better than those ‘bishounen’ style, although I really can’t figure out how does someone as weak as Youji get his eight-pack abdominals…

    • domshiki Says:

      ” although I really can’t figure out how does someone as weak as Youji get his eight-pack abdominals…”

      ^ LOLOLOL damn i was thinking that too whenever Youji appeared shirtless cuz honestly? Dude is srsly WEAK. doesn’t eat doesn’t work out. oh well i guess nitro+chiral dint want to make Youji life threateningly anorexic though his lifestyle would suggest that he’s supposed to be like 10 pounds xD

      and wow i never knew that this was actually connected to Saya no Uta. I never played the latter but i know it’s abt meaty stuff as well haha…i can’t believe i missed the connection. i agree knowing that really does bring sweet pool to a new level (lol eva => judaism).

      haha i couldnt stop hearing shiki in zenya fo real xD

  12. Riku Rei Says:

    I now can see that you are really a fan of Shiki :D…
    Anyway, Saya no Uta is produced by Nitro+ 6 years before Sweet pool, and its scripter gave a lot help and inspiration to the scripter of Sweet pool when she was drafting.
    This is my personal view:As to Judaism, EVA was just using the concept of sephirothic system to divide their world into layers (and they also use that system to arrange their mechas LOL…).

  13. Hey, I just took your web as a reference link ;D thanks for the info, I’m already playing the game :D! <3!

  14. Crazey Says:

    I almost cried while reading, imagine if I played…
    And I enjoy reading your review. =)
    I dun think I will be able to play this though, i think my stomach can’t handle this. Or maybe next time? I dunno.


    I just died reading this.

  16. eliza Says:

    Omg hahahaha!!! you’re so funny and original. love your summary.How I wish to play all these crazy, sexy, perverted, disgusting and sadistics games, but can’t. Don’t understand a freaking thing, oh well one day a will. Thanks for a great reading experience.
    Sorry if my english suck, greetings from mexico.

  17. troololololol Says:


    You know what, I think i’ll go back to reading Saya no Uta if i was looking for cannibalism, procreating alien tentacle monsters and other weird fucked up shit, k

  18. Empjuhh Says:

    Wow, you’re review is just perfect <3 !
    I just recently played this game (way too late, i know) and maaaan, i love it so much! i actually framed the rooftop scene and put it on my wall (not obsessed at all, nope). and miracles may, most beautiful song i ever heard, and then youji and tetsuo's story…too many emotions xD.

    I was wondering one thing though, who is Tetsuo's seiyuu? he didn't sound familiar to me…he was amazing though <3

    • dameningen Says:

      Tetsuo’s seiyuu is Kawahara Yoshihisa. I only heard some samples from the official site, but he sounded ♥ to me (too)

      By the way, try listening to Watanabe Kazuhiro’s Miracle May too *.*

      I saw how everyone said it had no happy ending or guessed one or the other – in my opinion, from reading your review (which was very entertaining by the way; I read it all at once :D I think it took me an hour or more lol I know I’m slow), the endings that can be called ‘happy’ were the ones when they fall into the pool (sweet pool haha)- the first one when they live together after that, like Mishi says, and the very last one you wrote, because maybe Youji was actually there-and his wish of being called by Tetsuo again might come true eventually-like, maybe they both forgot the whole thing and could have a normal relationship in the future or something. At least that’s what I want to think sob

      PS: you made the whole eat monsters thing less disgusting in the way you wrote about it :D Your reviews are always fun and interesting even though I have never played any kind of game and have no hopes of being able to T.T

      • Kokoro doki doki Says:

        I agree yes.

      • empjuhh Says:

        Thank you!
        I never heard of him before, explains why I didn’t recognize him.

        Totally agree with you about the WK version of Miracles May, you can just feel the emotions with his voice and the song… (I hope that made sense xD)

        I just wanted to say, I thought the exact same thing as you about the last ending!!! That they would meet again and have a happy life together <3. But, I was wondering one thing though… Youji wished for Tetsuo to call his name again, so what if they're back together and Tetsuo calls Youji's name, maybe Youji will disappear? That would be so sad. But maybe I'm just overthinking it.

        I hope you didn't mind my rambling :) .

      • Tyger Says:

        I actually completely agree with what ur saying xD Not to mention the ending, “miracles”. It’s great and give that sign that the two will meet again (kinda like what u said about “sweet pool” :3) and all that stuffz… but the fact that the last scene is of Youji standing there as you hear the train go by… it’s a very typical symbol of “Crossing paths again” ^_^ afterall, Youji wanted to “hear his name called out again”. I’ll just stick to the subtle hints at a happy-ending for the two.

      • domshiki Says:

        Omg “crossing paths again” I really like that interpretation! I entertained that possibility but I just assumed Youji really was gone forever and it was just Tetsuo’s memories and all – after all, Urobutcher was involved in this game lol. I really wish these two did get just one happy ending though qq

  19. Megumi Says:

    Do you know where I can find the walkthrough for this game as well as for the many other popular yaoi games? Thank you!

  20. Megumi Says:

    But before that, I’m having problems trying to start the game. When I click the game to start I receive a popup error saying “[2100] 正規ディスクを入れデプレイして下さい”. Does that mean I have to mount it into a disk and re-install? In my other otome games, that choice was optional.

  21. Jacob Says:

    I have to take a shit now. =.=’

  22. BlackRose Says:

    I feel like I just played the game… And I never want to go through that heart-ache of them dying again.

  23. Cezart158 Says:

    L.O.L. You have just destroyed a valid portion of my brain XD although Shironuma and Youji do indeed make a good couple, the rest of the game is repulsive and disgusting XPPP Shitting bloody meat? Do not want lolololol

  24. Mona Says:

    This is quality literature! I’m in tears of joy. Meat monsters coming out of a guy’s ass is the best thing’s ever happened to me.

  25. 4 Years later I am still replaying this game over and over. I don’t know what I’m hoping for. At first I thought “Dayum, dat Shironuma guy is fkin awesome.” and then he really grew on me to the point where I started collecting merch. H’yes.
    I love ShironumaxYouji too. All of those ends had me sobbing into a mess of an endless ocean of cut onions. Good thing the people at work knew I read a lot of books so I could blame my tears on literature (even though it was so much more then that). I want more games like this. Manly men, (yet I found Youji absolutely gorgeous AHH), men that don’t bitch and whine… and weirdly enough I was able to look past the shit monsters to see a lovely little love story there unlike other love stories (I blame the meat babies, that’s some serious wtf were you guys on shit. Seriously).

    Great review!! I’ve been re-reading this several times since it posted so I thought I’d poke my head in… after 3-4 years to say, you’re awesome, and funny and this definitely contributes to my OTP ShironumaXYouji.

    • domshiki Says:

      Thanks for dropping by! I’m glad you found this entertaining enough to reread <3

      I completely understand about how the relationship between Youji and Shironuma was just so heartbreaking. I loved that it didn't have that typical romance story vibe with "i love you"s thrown around and grand romantic gestures – not once did they confess to each other but that's because like the game's tagline said, it was so much deeper than that. I cried like a little bitch too ahahha but rofl meat monsters man. This is the only reason why I can't tell people about this game

  26. Great summary, I can’t get enough of the awesome cgs. The endings were so painfully angsty I resorted to reading fanfiction to soothe my aching heart…

    • domshiki Says:

      Oh I know what you mean about the aching heart…This fucking game just crushed me so bad and that’s the only thing stopping me from replaying it haha

  27. Says:

    Thank you for your summary. From what I read and saw in the CGs, I understood the game was messed up and along the lines of “fuck you, you’re not allowed to be happy ever”, so I tried to forget about it, but knowing the details gives me a better appreciation for it.

    I’m still kind of confused at what Youji did differently between the 3rd and 4th ending…

    The 3rd one felt kind of like a miracle since he’s still alive to some extent despite sacrificing himself, but bittersweet since it’ll end soon.

    But the 4th one…it’s like wanting to be with Tetsuo is what fucked him over in the end :/

    (Unless he’s still alive, but like you said, it’s unlikely ;_;)

    • domshiki Says:

      “fuck you, you’re not allowed to be happy ever”

      ^ yeah man that really sums it up well. This game was fucked up (urobutcher as consultant lol no shit it’s going to be sick) with all the shitting meat but goddamned it was powerful and made me outright CRY, not just sniffle a bit.

      I never really understood the difference between ending 3 and 4 either and it’s especially hard to recall since I played this a few years agO (NO WAY IN HELL AM I GOING TO GO THROUGH THE HEARTBREAK AND PLAY IT AGAIN) so now I only have my shitty memory and shitty post to work off on, but here goes nothing:

      The only two possible outcomes were either Youji sacrifices himself, live as a semi-vegetable (sorry for being politically incorrect) and Tetsuo lives; or that Youji sacrifices himself, die and remove all trace of himself from Tetsuo (who gets to live)

      In ending 3, he’s alright with being just *sort of alive* as long as it meant that he could see Tetsuo alive and well. That’s enough for Youji.

      In ending 4, that’s not enough for him. He wants to BE WITH Tetsuo, fully alive and well, and since the game doesn’t give him that happy option, Youji chooses to sacrifice himself and wipe himself out from Tetsuo’s memories. I think it would have been too painful for Youji if he could only *sort of* be with Tetsuo as opposed to really be with him (and it prolly would’ve saved Tetsuo from the burden of knowing that Youji’s only *sorta alive* because he sacrificed himself for him (Tetsuo))

      Anyway, that’s my take on it. Ending 4 Youji wanted a true happy ending of sorts with Tetsuo and couldn’t bear to settle with what he saw as a half-assed life with Tetsuo (ie ending 3) so he decided to get rid of himself completely. That way, Tetsuo gets to live normally and not be guiltridden for life and neither does Youji have to make do with a sort of false happiness.

      Fuck, writing that only made me remember all the shit that those two had to go through in the game. FUCK THISSSSSSSSS but I regret nothing. Sweet Pool was worth all the tears and rage (LOL WT AM I, A MASOCHIST NOW?).

      • Says:

        Thanks for the reply. I think I get what you mean, Youji couldn’t deal with ending 3 so he just went “fuck it” and made a new ending, lol
        But seriously, poor guy. The minute you start the game, it’s over for him…And if not, he would be dealing with meat monsters for the rest of his life anyways D:
        There’s a lot of details that make me curious about the game story and lore, though…It times like these I would welcome chip implants if it could download Japanese into my brainz :/
        Thanks again ^^

  28. reiya Says:

    Haven’t played the game yet, and decided to take a glimpse so I know what to expect… I can say without a doubt I’m completely terrified to go on now LOL

    • domshiki Says:

      If you can stomach the utter “WTF I’M HAVING PERIOD MEATS!!!!”, I absolutely recommend Sweet Pool especially if you have a thing for tragedy like me. To this day, this game has remained a favourite of mine, mostly thanks to all the fucking feels but also because now, having played the game and gotten all the weeping and the gross stuff over with, I find the shitting meat thing absolutely HILARIOUS. Dude fucking menstruates from his ass lol.

  29. I have played this game 3 times, but I stopped half way all 3 times. I am very interested in the plot, it is very unique and I love the characters too, especially Youji. But after reading some reviews and spoilers, I became too scared to finish the game, none of the ending is good end, and it makes my heart aches every time I continue playing the game, because I keep on thinking how they will end up. I wish Nitro + Chiral had made at least one good end for Youji and Tetsuo, a kind of ending that they can live happily with each other. I really like your review and I will try my best to finish the game without sobbing and desperating too much ;;;__;;; (sorry for my bad English, it’s not my mother language)

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