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Otome Game Review: Jooubachi no Oubou – Menou hen

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , , , on 10/04/2014 by domshiki

Alternative Titles:女王蜂の王房

Company: Pure Wool

Release Date: 28.02.14

Official Site: 8==D

Platform: PC

Genre: Bee porn, bugs, porn, all the guy’s are fuckin weirdos

Plot Summary: Lol bees. nuff said.


The first post after an ass long hiatus is none other than a PORNO GAME!!!  OMG GUYS IT’S YOUR FAVOURITE!!

(ok it’s my favourite huehueheu)

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BL Game Review: Taishou Mebiusline

Posted in BL Game with tags , , , , , , on 28/07/2013 by domshiki

tumblr_m89wj6ajqR1qcq6jaAlternative Titles:大正メビウスライン

Company: LoveDelivery

Release Date: 21.12.12

Official Site: 8==D

Platform: PC

Genre: Gay porn, dead things, Misaki the best

Plot Summary:

Country boi Kyou goes to Tokyo for university, meets 4 sexy manz, fights zombies and saves the world.

I think this is my best plot summary yet.  Short and succinct.

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Otome Game Review: Hana Awase – Mizuchi hen

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , , , , , on 22/12/2012 by domshiki

img_hanaAlternative Titles: 華アワセ 蛟編

Company: Enterbrain

Release Date: 05.12.12

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: AVG, Otome, YURA <3, SAD SHIT, YUGIOH

Plot Summary:


In this world, people play this super edgy hardcore game called HANA AWASE, where they use HANA FUDA to kill each other for shits and giggles.  Only a special few get this totally bamf power and those kids get put into special schools where they hone these skills – for what purpose I don’t know it’s like they’re tryna breed killer children who wield nuclear weapon cards.  The general public doesn’t know abt this though and just thinks that these are schools for rich kids who spend all their time playing card games.  Our heroine decides that she wants to play Yu gi Oh too like all the other cool kids and enters the school.

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Otome Game Review: Koezaru wa Akai Hana

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , on 14/10/2012 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: 越えざるは紅い花

Company: Operetta Due

Release Date: 07.09.12

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: PORN, hot fucking brill heroine, Arabian shit, kidnapping, sexy guys, didimentionPORN

Plot Summary: 



I’m so thoughtful I know <3

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Otome Game Review: Dicks and Alice

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , on 24/09/2012 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: トリック . オア . アリス, Trick or Alice

Company: little cheese

Release Date: 04.08.12

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: Alice in Wonderland Rape, hiyo


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Otome Game Review – PersonA ~ Opera Za no Kaijin ~

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , on 24/08/2012 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: PersonA ~ オペラ座の怪人~

Company: Mirai Soft

Release Date: 27.04.12

Official Site: PHANTOM PORN

Platform: PC

Genre:  PORN

Plot: A dirty otoge take on The Phantom of the Opera.  Join me, my loves, as we see how much of a slut Christine Daae is made into in her steamy, porn filled adventures.  Nope, sadly there aren’t any sex scenes of Gerard Butler but at least we don’t have to shield our eyes from Emmy Rossum’s retarded poodle afros in this game.

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BL Game Review: DRAMAtical Murder

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , , on 20/06/2012 by domshiki

Alternative Titles:  ドラマティカル マーダー

Company: Nitro+Chiral

Release Date: 23.03.12

Official Site: GAY SHIT AHEAD

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, ADV, gay shit, funky cyber shit, mind fucking shit, wifebeater character alert

Plot: Aw yee, Nitro+ Chiral’s newest game.  From post apocalyptic, to kitty boys to meat shitting high schoolers,  the setting’s a futuristic cyber one this time, many many many many years into the future.  Our protagonist, Aoba, works in a Junk Shop and lives a relatively normal life but slowly finds out that his constant headaches are key to a giant ploy on the island.  Kay it’s better than it sounds rofl trust me on tha.  Anyway, it’s been a long time since I done a BL game innit eh?

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Otome Game Review – Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on 17/06/2011 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: 蝶の毒 華の鎖

Company: Aromarie

Release Date: 27.05.11

Official Site:


Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ Otome, romance, historical, drama

Plot Summary: YEAAAAH finally another Aromarie game!  This was really anticipated and tells of the story of our heroine, Yuriko.  She’s a noblewoman in the Taisho Era and it’s her bday so her family’s throwing a giant party for her.  Yuriko finds the party a tad much for just a bday and course there are underlying motives to this and turns out her dad’s tryna wed her to some rich guy to cover their money probs.  Yes, sounds like some cheesy ass cliche Kdrama bs BUT THERE’S A LOT MORE TO IT ;D

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BL Game Review – Omerta ~ Chinmoku no Okite ~

Posted in BL Game with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on 02/06/2011 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: オメルタ~沈黙の掟~

Company: Karin Entertainment Chatnoir Omega

Release Date: 22.04.11

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ BL, mafia, rape, hitmen, romance, awesome protagonist <3

Plot Summary: The debut game of Karin Entertainment’s gay buttsecks branch company lol xD  In JJ’s town, everyone’s a giant sleazeball and he’s no exception; he’s a pro hitman.  Naturally since he’s all BAU5, he draws the attention of the two major gangs in the town” Dragon Head (DH) and King Caesar (KC) and gets wrapped up in all the shiet between em.


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Otome Game Review – Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on 28/03/2011 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: 黒と金の開かない鍵

Company: little cheese

Release Date: 04.12.11

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: AVG, 18+ otome,  romance, yandere

Plot Summary: YANDERE.  This is wot this game is essentially built on – that should give you an inkling of wots gonna be in ere ;D  Heroine Kanade is a hikki who spends all her time sleeping and having random 妄想 to escape from reality, using a HENTAI ONIISAN figure in her dreams to keep her going through life lol.  However, a haircut from a mysterious pervert x changes her for the better and gives her the courage to get the fuck outta her house…and thus begins our brave warrior’s adventures into the real world…summin like dat xD

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Otome Game Review – Starry Sky in Autumn Portable

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on 10/01/2011 by domshiki

Alternative Titles:
Starry☆Sky ~in Autumn~Portable

Company: honeybee

Release Date: 22.12.10

Official Site:

Platform: PC, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, stars, teacher x student, even more happy 4somes

Plot Summary: Wait for it…YES IT’S OUR DARLING TSUKIKO!!!  like omg.  Back for the 3rd installment of the Starry Sky series, our dear heroine has once again achieved another level in in her whore stat – not only has she ditched her osananajimi from the spring game, she’s done the same to her archery homies from summer and guess wot, is now targeting her TEACHERS.  Oh Tsukiko you XD

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Otome Game Review – Starry Sky in Summer

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on 17/10/2010 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: Starry☆Sky ~in Summer~

Company: honeybee

Release Date: 26.06.09

Official Site:

Platform: PC, PSP

Genre:AVG, otome,  romance, archery, moar happy 4some

Plot Summary: Hoorayz it’s more stupid Tsukiko!! =.=”  Now she’s gone and ditched her previous osananajimi to go whore with 3 other new guys in the archery club – good on you bitch.  Much like the first one, she’s originally in a happy3some with 2 archery guys but a new kid comes in and starts fucking things up by hitting on Tsukiko 24/7.  OH NOEZ WHAT SHOULD TSUKIKO DO?? Continue reading

BL Game Update – Omerta

Posted in BL Game with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on 11/08/2010 by domshiki

Alternative Titles:オメルタ Omerta ~沈黙の掟~

Company: 花梨シャノアール オメガ

Release Date: 2010 Winter

Official Site:

Platform: PC

Genre: 18+, BL, AVG, mafia hitmen dark shit

Plot: Debut game of Karin Entertainment’s branch company (name of which I cannot romanise lol – Karin Sharnoir Omega? Dunno) =D BL game I’m most looking forward cuz the art’s smexy (reminds me a tad of Sweet Pool <3)and KE hasn’t disappointed me with their Zettai Meikyuu Grimm and Animamundi games.  That and the guys ere are all hitmen lol.  Follows the story of our main hitman JJ, his life in his sleazy hooker, druggie, mafia filled part of town and all his other hot bad guy friends. Continue reading

Otome Game Review – D.C. Girl’s Symphony

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on 31/07/2010 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: ダ・カーポ~ ガールズシンフォニー, D.C. Girl’s Symphony Pocket (PSP ver.)


Release Date:26.09.08

Official Site:

Platform: PC, PSP

Genre: Otome, magical sakura, romance, i can hear your thoughts

Plot Summary:

Heroine Koujou Shio meets the 4 Shinomiya bros on the DC series sakura island blablabla, pick which you want, go for him.  Oh that and she can go for her bro or a dog *sniggers*.  In short, a DC game for chicks =D Continue reading

Otome Game Review – Riddle Garden

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on 16/07/2010 by domshiki

Alternative Titles: リドル・ガーデン

Company: Calamelia

Release date: 26.03.10

Official Site:


Platform: PC

Genre: 18+ Otome, rape, romance, bachelors tryna get rich bitch heroine

Plot Summary: Hey guess what, this is a branch company of Will, the guys who made Sugar Beans who made Ijiwaru my rapist and Under the moon!  What does that say about this game I wonder.  So heroine Colette has never been outside her giant mansion before and life’s all good for her.  Then 5 guys show up to fuck up her peaceful way of living and she’s forced to marry one of them and get the hell out and never come back.  In a failed attempt to make things more interesting, one of the guys is actually some assassin who ain’t one of the chosen candidates, some lame shit like dat.  Gee this is gonna be so fun. Continue reading

Otome Game Review – Zettai Meikyuu Grimm

Posted in Otome Games with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on 06/07/2010 by domshiki

Alternative Titles:绝对迷宫格林童, 絶対迷宮 グリム 七つの鍵と楽園の乙女

Company: Karin Entertainment

Release Date: 28.04.10

Official Site:

Platform: PSP, PC

Genre: Otome, fantasy, romance, big boss battle, Maou

Plot Summary: Heroine this time is an airheaded loli called Henrietta Grimm who lives her life out as a spoilt princess with her cousins, the 3 Grimm brothers who all have special powers cuz it’s in the blood. One night she hears a voice callin her from outside, and naturally like any other smart person, she walks out into the woods alone and searches for the owner of the voice.  However, the lil idiot gets lost, doesn’t know wot to do and meets a guy called Muma and when the youngest Grimm brother (Rui) shows up to save Henrietta, Muma pops em both sleeping pills.  The two finally wake up later on, but to their wtfuckery, 5 years have passed and their town has been nuked.  On top of that, the other two brothers have gone and from their research logs, they find out that they’ve been trying to get them to wake up but don’t know anything more cuz the next pages are gone.  Rui then finds a key on him and he and Henrietta hop off to find the Grimm brothers, encountering several ppl with the same key. Continue reading

Otome Game Review – Starry Sky in Spring Portable

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Alternative Titles: Starry☆Sky ~in Spring ~ Portable

Company: honeybee

Release Date: 24.06.10

Official Site:

Platform: PC, PSP

Genre: Otome game, romance, stars, happy 4some

Plot Summary: Heroine Tsukiko is the only girl in a recently turned co-ed all boys school that has astronomy as it’s main curriculum.  The poor bitch would have gotten raped the minute she set foot in the school had it not been for her two bff osananajimi, Kanata n Suzuya.  These guys are the golden trio and like it that way but one day, a new transfer student called Tomoe shows up and threatens the happy 3some by getting all cosy with Tsukiko.  Oh god this sounds so generic and stupid, I’d btr stop the summary here. Continue reading

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